Top International Schools in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top International Schools in Singapore

Singapore, a hub for international education, has been consistently ranked among the top destinations for expatriates. In 2020, a study by ECA International positioned Singapore as the 14th most costly place globally for expatriates, highlighting its position as the sixth most expensive in Asia. Despite these financial considerations, the allure of Singapore remains undiminished for many looking to relocate, largely due to its safety, stability, and exceptional educational standards.

Singapore’s reputation for safety and high-quality education makes it an attractive destination for expatriates from around the world. This has led to a significant expatriate community and a diverse selection of over 50 international schools, catering to various nationalities including Chinese, Koreans, Australians, and Europeans. Each school offers its unique blend of curriculum and programs, designed to meet the varied needs of its international student body.

International vs. Local Schools

The choice between international and local schools in Singapore is significant, with each offering different curriculums, teaching methodologies, fee structures, and academic calendars.

Curriculum Differences:

  • International Schools: These institutions typically adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB), International Primary Curriculum, or IGCSE. Some also offer a blend of local and international curriculums, aiding students’ transition to their home countries’ educational systems.
  • Local Schools: Focus more on the Singaporean curriculum, heavily emphasizing Mathematics and Science, with education heavily subsidized for locals.

Teaching Methodologies:

  • International schools often adopt a holistic approach, incorporating diverse teaching methods and regular field trips.
  • Local schools may concentrate more on academic achievements and traditional learning methods.

Fee Structures:

  • International schools are known for their high fees, reflecting the premium facilities and international curriculums they offer.
  • Local schools, conversely, are substantially more affordable, especially for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents.

Academic Year and Holidays:

  • The academic calendar in international schools usually aligns with Western standards, starting in September.
  • Local schools follow the schedule set by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, with different holiday periods.

For expatriates considering local education for their children, Singapore offers structured application processes. International students can enroll in local schools, but they face a competitive process, particularly for entry at the primary level. The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) and Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS) are critical steps in this process, assessing the child’s readiness for the Singaporean educational system.

Choosing the right educational path for your children is a crucial decision for expatriate families moving to Singapore. With its vast array of international schools and the possibility of enrolling in local schools, Singapore offers diverse educational opportunities to meet different needs and preferences. Understanding the nuances between these options is essential for making an informed decision that best suits your family’s requirements and aspirations.

Here are some of the top international schools in Singapore


OWIS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

One World International School

About One World International School (OWIS) is a culturally inclusive and non-denominational institution in Singapore, catering to a diverse student body. The school is committed to fostering a supportive and interactive learning atmosphere, emphasizing teamwork, discussion, and the holistic development of students.
  • Culturally Inclusive Atmosphere: Welcomes students from various backgrounds, promoting a global perspective.
  • Holistic Education Approach: Balances personalized learning with community building to prepare students for global leadership roles.
  • Comprehensive Curricula: Offers a range of programs including IB Primary Years, Cambridge IGCSE, and IB Diploma.
  • Dedicated Educators: Staff includes experienced professionals from across the globe, ensuring a supportive and nurturing educational experience.
  • Innovative Learning Environment: Focuses on critical thinking, collaboration, and hands-on learning to equip students with 21st-century skills.
  • Diverse Academic Programs: Offers IB Primary Years, Modified Cambridge, Cambridge IGCSE, and IB Diploma Programmes, catering to the varying educational needs of students aged 3 to 18.
  • Bilingual Education: Provides a Chinese-English Bilingual Programme for younger learners, enhancing linguistic and cultural fluency.
  • Extracurricular Engagement: Extensive after-school programs and Co-scholastic Learning Programmes encourage students to explore beyond the traditional curriculum.
  • Global Community Integration: Supports expatriate and local families, ensuring a seamless transition to the Singaporean educational setting.
  • Future-Proofed Learning: Prepares students with the skills and values needed for success in an interconnected global society.
  • 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075
  • Block G, 231 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 397999
Contact 65 6914 6700
Operating Hours 9 am to 4.30 pm | Monday to Friday
9 am to 1 pm | Saturday
Review 1 “My son recently joined OWIS. At first we were worried in terms of adaptability to the new culture but in a short time he opened up like a flower. His favourite class is English and he loves playing football at school. It was our best decision to send him to OWIS.”
Review 2 “The teachers at OWIS understand what a parent wants. Your child’s schoolwork is well communicated to parents. It’s a wonderful feeling to see my kid doing well in school.”
Review 3 “I am in Secondary and I have been attending One World International School for more than a year. My teachers are always available to answer any questions and provide me with extra material to work on when we’re not in class. They also help students with doubts regarding choosing right university and career.”



CIS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Canadian International School

About The Canadian International School (CIS) in Singapore offers a nurturing educational setting that focuses on individual growth, preparing students for future challenges yet to be defined. This institution fosters a culture where questioning, analyzing, and exploring are at the core of learning, enabling students to adapt and navigate through an ever-changing global landscape.
  • Community Engagement: CIS fosters a sense of community engagement, encouraging students to connect with their surroundings and contribute positively.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning: The school champions an inquiry-based approach, promoting curiosity and self-driven exploration among students.
  • Supportive Environment: Students learn in a secure and supportive setting that champions risk-taking and innovation without fear of judgment.
  • Diverse Curriculum: Offers a varied curriculum including STEAM, languages, arts, and an internationally-minded program, catering to different interests and strengths.
  • Bilingual Programs: Unique Chinese-English and French-English bilingual programs to enhance language proficiency and cultural understanding.
  • Digital Literacy: Emphasizes digital literacy, preparing students for a technologically advanced society through targeted programs and resources.
  • 7 Jurong West Street 41 Singapore 649414
  • 371 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437128
Operating Hours 7:45 am – 6:00 pm (M-F)
Review 1 “CIS has provided an inclusive and nurturing environment in which my daughter has begun her formal education. My daughter is currently finishing KG2, and I have been very happy with the differentiated, professional, and fun education she’s receiving. We are proud to be part of the CIS community. Thank you, CIS!”
Review 2 “CIS has been a great place to learn. We have been enrolled at this school for many years and it has grown from strength to strength, without ever losing its caring and supportive family feel. My children have been guided and nurtured both academically and emotionally. They have been encouraged to build life skills such as resilience, pride, determination, empathy, tolerance, team work, and a broader understanding of the world. Although CIS is relatively small in size, a consistent commitment is made to upgrading and updating school facilities. Teachers have regularly given their all to supporting my children and we have found great success here as a family. The Albertan philosophy of learning is excellent and the multi-cultural student cohort and staff body mean we can learn from each other in a caring, safe and positive environment.”
Review 3 “My children have always felt welcomed and cared for here. CIS has a great family feel and teachers are committed to supporting students with both academics and social/emotional growth.”


OFS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Overseas Family School

About Founded in 1991, Overseas Family School (OFS) offers a comprehensive international education for expatriate families in Singapore. The school encompasses a diverse community with students from over 70 countries, providing a unique and culturally enriching learning atmosphere.
  • Diverse Community: Embraces students from more than 70 nations, promoting global friendships and understanding.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Offers the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and International Baccalaureate (IB) to cater to students aged 2 to 18.
  • Experienced Faculty: Boasts a team of dedicated and experienced educators from around 40 countries, ensuring high-quality teaching and support.
  • Language Opportunities: Provides extensive foreign language options, including Mother Tongue studies within the school timetable, fostering linguistic diversity and proficiency.
  • Accreditations and Certifications: Fully accredited by WASC and authorized by the IB, ensuring adherence to high educational standards.
  • Global Education Framework: OFS employs renowned curricula like IEYC, IPC, and IB, catering to the developmental and academic needs of students from early years to high school.
  • Cultural Integration and Support: Initiatives like the Mother Tongue Program and Study Preparation Program (SPP) help maintain cultural identity while supporting English language acquisition.
  • Innovative Facilities: The campus features advanced facilities including state-of-the-art classrooms, art and design studios, and an auditorium capable of seating up to 3,000 individuals.
Address 81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292
Contact +65 6738 0211
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed
Review 1 “I happened to visit this school along with my granddaughter and was impressed after seeing the infrastructure and facilities of the school. Apart from academic, the school also focuses on the overall development of a student through a 360 degree approach.
Keep it up OFS !!!!!”
Review 2 “I remember studying at OFS as a young international student. The teachers here are extremely supportive. Besides, there are a multitude of activities that one can be a part of. “
Review 3 “Excellent school, curriculum is good. Teachers are very dedicated. Generally a good fun school for kids with excellent learning environment. “


AIS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Australian International School

About The Australian International School (AIS) in Singapore provides a holistic educational journey from early childhood to pre-university levels, embracing students from over fifty diverse cultures. Established to furnish students with a well-rounded experience, AIS integrates academic excellence with a nurturing community ethos, fostering each individual’s potential in a supportive setting.
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: At AIS, the convergence of more than fifty nationalities offers a rich cultural tapestry, promoting global understanding and respect among students.
  • Academic Excellence: The school boasts a record of high academic achievement, including an above-average International Baccalaureate score and exceptional value-added metrics reflecting the quality of its educational approach.
  • Holistic Development: Committed to the comprehensive growth of students, AIS emphasizes the importance of arts, sports, and moral development alongside academic learning.
  • Innovative Curriculum: AIS provides a distinctive blend of the International Baccalaureate, Australian Curriculum, and Cambridge IGCSE, catering to diverse learning needs and stages from two months to 18 years.
  • Global Learning Environment: The school’s multicultural environment enriches students’ educational experience, fostering global citizenship and mutual respect among diverse student bodies.
  • Well-rounded Education: Beyond academics, AIS places a strong emphasis on the arts, sports, and holistic development, ensuring students achieve personal excellence in all areas of life.
Address 1 Lorong Chuan Singapore 556 818
Contact Tel: +65 6653 2958 (admissions)
Tel: +65 6664 8127 (general enquiries)
Operating Hours Early Learning Village operates from 8.30am – 3.00pm
Elementary School operates from 8.30am – 3.15pm
Secondary School operates from 8.30am – 3.30pm
Review 1 “Even after a couple of weeks our daughter has settled in so well and achieving great growth in the Early Learning Village. The staff are caring and the facilities and program are fantastic, even at four she’s taking swimming as part of her regular classes.
Review 2 “Teachers are great and top learning and there are 100 pictures hidden all around the school its amazing”
Review 3 “Plenty of fake 1 star reviews below. Go to the school itself to see its quality la. I love the place for the kids I’m with, and it’s many facilities are conducive for learning. A flaw would be the lack of a print shop lol.”


Dover Court Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Dover Court International School

About Dover Court International School, part of the Nord Anglia Education family, stands as a welcoming and inclusive educational institution in Singapore. It prides itself on fostering every student’s talents and achievements, providing personalized pathways to success in a globally aware community.
  • Inclusive Community: Celebrates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring every student feels heard and valued.
  • Personalized Education: Offers tailored learning pathways to meet the unique needs and strengths of each child, promoting confidence and resilience.
  • World-Class Facilities: The campus features heritage buildings alongside modern sports and creative spaces, set within lush, tropical surroundings.
  • Global Academic Standards: Boasts impressive International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme scores, reflecting the school’s commitment to high academic achievement.
  • Nurturing Environment: Maintains a focus on students’ well-being, supporting them in achieving their personal and academic goals.
  • Holistic Learning Approaches: Adapts curricula to each student’s individual learning requirements, supporting diverse educational needs from early years to sixth form.
  • Exceptional Teaching Staff: Learners benefit from highly qualified educators who deliver innovative and personalized teaching experiences.
  • Unique Learning Spaces: The school’s distinctive campus offers an inspiring environment for academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Diverse Educational Programs: Incorporates British and international curricula, supporting a broad and balanced education.
  • Community Engagement: Strong emphasis on social responsibility, encouraging students to contribute positively to their local and global communities.
Address 301 Dover Road, 139644 Singapore
Contact General Enquiries +65 6775 7664

Admissions +65 6775 7664

Operating Hours School Hours: 8.30am – 3.00pm

Office Hours: 7.45am – 5.00pm

Review 1 “It’s good and academic. My friends told me about the school. Then today I visited for my son as I am very keen to change his school. Looking for a British school. IB score also overall very good.”
Review 2 “Lovely and supportive environment where our three children are thriving. We have been parents of the school for almost seven years and couldn’t be happier! Caring and engaging teachers and a real sense of community. Academically strong and yet inclusive, something that you don’t see often in the expat world!”
Review 3 “A wonderfully rich and diverse academic environment. It feels more like a proper community school and less like a overpopulated University. Our son has thrived there, and we’ve been very pleased with all aspects of his learning and personal development.”


Chatsworth Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Chatsworth International School

About Established in 1995, Chatsworth International School stands as a seasoned educational institution, fostering a holistic and excellent education for students aged 3 to 18. The school’s enduring mission, ‘Inspire, Educate and Enlighten,’ underpins a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to achieve their best selves.
  • Community and Inclusivity: Chatsworth is celebrated for its welcoming, close-knit community, embracing students of all nationalities and backgrounds.
  • Personalised Learning Experience: With small class sizes and a low teacher-to-student ratio, the school ensures individual attention to foster each student’s unique potential.
  • Global Recognition and Accolades: The school’s dedication to quality education is affirmed by multiple awards and full accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • International Baccalaureate Programmes: Chatsworth offers the full continuum of the IB curriculum, nurturing critical thinking, and a global perspective from an early age.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, the school prioritizes holistic growth, integrating arts, sports, and service learning into the curriculum.
  • Nature-Inspired Campus: Set near the Bukit Timah nature reserve, the campus provides a serene environment conducive to learning and personal growth.
  • 72 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289760
  • 37 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 22931
  • 3 Piccadilly Circus, Singapore 797641
Contact View respective campuses’ contact details here
Review 1 “Amazing and caring people!!!!!! Teach great values to our kids!!!!!!!!!! Impressed with the academic progress my boys have achieved while loving to go to school!!!!!”
Review 2 “bukit timah campus has excellent facilities and has lots of space teachers are very kind and nice pool is the best part your kid will enjoy P.E (sports) “
Review 3 “Chatsworth is so friendly and awesome! I love going to school everyday! Everyone is so nice. school is cool.”


UWCSea Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

United World College South East Asia

About UWCSEA in Singapore, part of the unique UWC Movement, has been fostering a united and welcoming community since its inception as Singapore International School by Lee Kuan Yew in 1971. Today, it stands as a vibrant K-12 international school, hosting over 5,600 students from around 100 nations across two campuses, dedicated to shaping a better world through education.
  • Diverse and United Community: UWCSEA is home to students from approximately 100 countries, fostering a global perspective and mutual respect.
  • Historical Legacy and Growth: From its beginnings in 1971, UWCSEA has grown into a renowned institution, continuously expanding its impact and scope.
  • Mission-Driven Education: Every aspect of UWCSEA’s programming is guided by the UWC Mission to educate individuals to take responsibility for shaping a better world.
  • Commitment to Service: The school’s emphasis on service mirrors its academic rigor, with students engaging in numerous projects that contribute significantly to the community.
  • Holistic Learning Approach: UWCSEA integrates academic excellence with service, creating well-rounded individuals who are ready to contribute positively to society.
  • Intentional Diversity: The school’s admission and staff recruitment policies are designed to enhance learning outcomes by increasing the richness of ideas and fostering deep respect for various cultures.
  • Global and Local Engagement: Students are encouraged to engage in activities that address global challenges while understanding and appreciating local contexts.
  • Mission-Guided Curriculum: UWCSEA’s educational approach is uniquely aligned with the UWC Mission, ensuring that students are prepared for the complexities of the contemporary world.
  • 1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654
  • 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704
Review 1 “This is truly an amazing school that continues to better itself. We are constantly in awe of the quality of the education, the commitment of the school as an organization, and the incredible teachers. “
Review 2 “Really is a wonderful school. The education is as good as anything I’ve come across. My children are happy and learning every day.”
Review 3 “3 years in the Seventies. It was a quite unique experience as a Forces kid who had never been out of the UK. Was called Singapore International School initially and was fabulously international. Loved it.”


The Grange Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

The Grange Institution

About The Grange Institution in Singapore offers a nurturing setting for students aged 6 to 12, emphasizing a balanced and innovative education. With its commitment to fostering global citizens, the school integrates the Cambridge Primary and International Primary Curriculum, enriched with arts and environmental respect.
  • Holistic Education Approach: Embraces a comprehensive educational model integrating academic, artistic, and environmental dimensions to develop well-rounded individuals.
  • Creative Learning Environment: Situated amidst natural surroundings, providing an enriching outdoor extension for practical and engaging learning experiences.
  • Community and Respect: Cultivates a strong sense of community and mutual respect among students of diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and personal growth.
  • Innovative Curriculum: Offers a unique blend of the International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Primary, fostering intellectual, creative, and physical development.
  • Cre8tors-in-Action Philosophy: Encourages students to develop core competencies such as teamwork, environmental respect, and service leadership through real-world applications.
  • Personal Growth and Leadership: Aims to instill self-discipline, respect, and responsibility, preparing students to become proactive and caring members of society.
Address 449 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 805946
Contact 65 68173630

Review 1 “We thank you for being so passionate about teaching young children. Under your guidance, our child has developed well, and we are happy.”
Review 2 “We cannot express enough thanks to all the teachers at The Grange for supporting our child with extra kindness and care. It is hard to imagine how much effort and patience are required during these difficult times. Thank you so much for being there for our son.”
Review 3 “Your school has not only taught my child about the academic subjects but also about being a better person. We have noticed significant improvements in his understanding and respect for different cultures and environments.”


SAIS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Stamford American International School

About Stamford American International School in Singapore stands as a nurturing ground for students from infancy to young adulthood. It integrates the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme with American educational standards, creating a unique framework that prepares students for global challenges.
  • Global Curriculum: Offers an integrated IB Programme complemented by American educational standards to provide a comprehensive global education.
  • Inclusive Community: Fosters a culture of belonging and community engagement, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all students and families.
  • Modern Facilities: Equipped with advanced facilities including state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and sports complexes, supporting a well-rounded education.
  • Diverse Academic Pathways: Offers multiple learning options including IB, AP, and BTEC, catering to different student needs and aspirations.
  • Commitment to Well-being: Prioritizes student well-being with a school-wide commitment, ensuring a supportive and positive learning atmosphere.
  • Professional Development: Attracts and retains top-tier educators through competitive recruitment and provides ongoing professional learning opportunities.
  • Woodleigh Campus: 1 Woodleigh Lane (Off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore 357684
  • Early Learning Village: 3 Chuan Lane, Gate 4, Singapore 554350
Contact +65 6602 7247 (Admissions)

+65 6709 4800 (Parent Helpdesk)

Review 1 “Both of my children have graduated from Stamford, got into the American universities of their choosing and are thriving. I truly believe that this is due to the amazing faculty and administrators, the diverse student population and the mulitple pathways that students can follow. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a diverse experience for their children.”
Review 2 “I worked at Stamford for 3.5 years and will recommend it to anybody that would like to either study or work there. I miss my work everyday and would go back in a heartbeat. Go Lions!”
Review 3 “This school is a very good school for lots of students to make new friends and learn new things. The Teachers are great! They celebrate all kinds of things in this school and is an international school. Everyone is nice to each other and I’m Glad I’m here.”


SJI- International Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

St. Joseph’s Institution International

About St. Joseph’s Institution International, established in 2007, complements the group of seven Lasallian schools in Singapore, fostering a tradition of education excellence dating back to 1852. This non-profit organization thrives under a vision crafted by SJI Alumni, aimed at delivering life-changing educational experiences to both local and expatriate students.
  • Global Community: Embraces students from over 40 nationalities, promoting a rich cultural and educational exchange.
  • Values-Driven Education: Upholds the values of Faith, Service, Community, Excellence, and Respect, integral to student development.
  • Catholic and Lasallian Heritage: Offers a robust religious education and opportunities for faith exploration, rooted in the Catholic tradition.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Provides an all-encompassing educational experience combining academic excellence with character development.
  • Active Parental Involvement: Encourages a strong parent community, supporting the school’s ethos and students’ growth.
  • Holistic Education: Beyond academic excellence, the school emphasizes character building, moral values, and personal growth.
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: With a diverse student body, the school is a mosaic of cultures, offering a global perspective and mutual respect among students.
  • Faith and Service: Integrates the Lasallian Catholic values into everyday learning, promoting service, community involvement, and spiritual development.
Address 490 Thomson Road, Singapore, 298191
Contact Elementary School: (+65) 6871 5202
High School: (+65) 6353 9383
Review 1 “A school with the management seeing the end deliverance in mind and curating the students in line with its Moto and the vastful challenges with the present generation.”
Review 2 “Less than a year old, this La Sallian school has blended core values, high academic standards and modern educational methods well. Their elementary classes utilise flexible learning spaces. Top notch.”
Review 3 “This school has transformed my child into a confident, curious learner who is now passionate about helping others and understanding different cultures.”


NEXUS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Nexus International School (Singapore)

About Nexus International School in Singapore fosters a nurturing environment, emphasizing the holistic development of its students through The Nexus Way philosophy. This approach integrates critical thinking, relationship building, inclusivity, and innovation, preparing students for global citizenship.
  • Innovative Learning Approach: The school employs The Nexus Way, focusing on mindsets, relationships, inclusion, and innovation to enhance student learning and personal growth.
  • Professional and Experienced Faculty: Over 80% of teachers have more than five years of experience and multiple professional qualifications, ensuring high-quality education.
  • Multicultural Environment: A vibrant, multicultural setting supports language mastery and fosters a global perspective among students.
  • Holistic Curriculum: Offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Middle Years Programmes, ensuring a comprehensive and inquiry-based education.
  • Language Development: Provides extensive foreign language lessons, including French, Mandarin, and Spanish, supported by Bilingual and Multilingual Language Specialists.
  • Customized Facilities: School infrastructure designed collaboratively by educators to support innovative learning spaces and cater to the diverse needs of students.
Address 1 Aljunied Walk Singapore 387293
Contact +65 6536 6566
Review 1 “Great school for kids who need to be given room to find their own way to learn. Focuses on small group structures for teaching. Lets primary students sit as they please. Encourages independence and proactive community impact. Fantastic staff who are almost entirely positive and truly care about teaching. Strong community among parents, staff, students, and even administration. Great year round swim program. Two well-equipped maker spaces. This may not be the right school for everyone. In many ways it is the opposite of traditional Singapore schools and many of the international schools focused on creating “little elite future CEOs”. But it’s truly fantastic if you want to give your kids a wholesome, friendly, open environment to learn and grow.”
Review 2 “Very attracted to the ponds that’s streaming along common areas that’s filled with fishes”
Review 3 “An up and coming school with dedicated/dynamic teaching staff, supportive/welcoming parents and happy/engaged kids. Lots of space and good sports facilities, Gr8 new cafeteria, attractive/well-stocked library. Not a “one size fits all” sort of school: Children are treated as individuals and their education is “Taylor-made”! (NISS is a member of Taylor’s Education Group.)”


ICS Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

International Community School

About International Community School (Singapore) is committed to “Educating Minds and Transforming Lives to Impact the World for the Glory of God,” fostering an environment where students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead change globally. By integrating academic excellence with a Biblical worldview, the school cultivates a caring community that champions personal excellence in every student.
  • Holistic Development: Fosters academic and personal growth within a nurturing, supportive environment.
  • Spiritual Foundation: Integrates a Biblical worldview, nurturing students’ spiritual growth alongside academic learning.
  • Community Focus: Emphasizes a caring community, encouraging strong, supportive relationships among students, staff, and families.
  • Global Outlook: Prepares students as global learners with a vision to lead positive change worldwide.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Upholds high standards in education, inspiring lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
  • Academic Rigor: Provides a challenging academic environment that promotes deep, meaningful learning across disciplines.
  • Faith-Based Approach: Offers a curriculum and community life grounded in Christian principles and values.
  • Comprehensive Growth: Encourages students’ development in interpersonal, curricular, and spiritual domains.
  • Global Citizenship: Empowers students to understand their global impact and equips them to lead with purpose.
Address 27A Jubilee Road, Singapore 128575
Contact +65 6776 7435

Review 1 “I have had the privilege of enrolling my two children in ICS, the third international school they’ve attended, spanning two different countries, with an American curriculum. I must say, ICS truly distinguishes itself in the realm of education.

One of the standout features of ICS is its dedication to building a solid foundation and pursuing academic excellence. Being an educator for 13 years and having experienced three different education systems, I greatly appreciate ICS’s K-12 rigorous American curriculum and its range of standardized testing and standards-based grading, which provides students with multiple opportunities and measures growth holistically.”

Review 2 “We chose ICS because of its strong community spirit. It is a school that cares not only about its students, but also about families, teachers, and staff.

The school also has a strong academic focus, and students are supported and encouraged to succeed academically. However, what drew us to ICS is that the ICS community cares about the character of its students and not just about their grades or achievements. Students are encouraged to succeed in and out of the classroom but are also given opportunities to make an impact on the ICS community and the broader community through acts of service.

ICS may not have all the facilities of a bigger school, but it has the spirit of Christ at the centre of everything – from admissions and administration to the teachers and the sports department.”

Review 3 “We have been part of ICS for the past 8 years! We now have 5 kids enrolled in the school and seen my kids grow and thrive from preschool to high school. In a transient and somewhat turbulent world, we are so thankful for the biblical worldview weaved into the curriculum as well as the attention, academic support and christlike love from teachers, counselors and administration through all the ups and downs of life! If you value your children growing up with christian foundations and character education and accountability, opportunity to participate in team sports on top of academic rigor – this is the school for you! “


Invictus Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Invictus International Schools

About Invictus International School, established in 2015, has expanded significantly from a humble beginning with 40 students to a large community of over 1,000 students across diverse international locations. This educational institution, part of the Sing-Ed segment under Chip Eng Seng Corporation, emphasizes quality, affordable education for students aged 5-18, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and excellence.
  • Global Expansion: From a single campus, it now operates across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Cambodia, demonstrating significant growth and a global educational footprint.
  • Holistic Education: Dedicated to nurturing each student holistically, ensuring their personal and academic development aligns with global standards.
  • Affordable Quality: Strives to make quality education accessible, balancing high standards with affordability.
  • International Curricula: Offers internationally recognized programs including the International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Lower Secondary, aimed at fostering a global perspective.
  • Bilingual Programs: Provides a unique English-Chinese Bilingual Programme, catering to diverse linguistic needs and cultural understanding.
  • Inclusive Learning Environment: Emphasizes a supportive and inclusive learning atmosphere, ensuring individual attention with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 25:1.
  • 73 Loewen Road, #01-21, Singapore 248843
  • 320 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218108

Review 1 “I could write an essay on the issues at the Invictus Centrium Campus – Teachers are great BUT the new Principal is deflecting all issues to the teachers or admin staff and doesn’t take any responsibility for the inexcusable way the school is being run! Comms are terrible and just stressful for parents. They also suspend students if a payment is more than 5 days late – even if this is an issue their side!!!”
Review 2 “The school has gone from bad to worse. Good teachers and support staff have left in frustration, leaving behind a school in chaos. The Board is only interested in making more money than providing a quality education for your children. Their Shenzhen school was closed down by the Chinese authorities for operating without a license. You and your children deserve a better education elsewhere”
Review 3 “The diverse and inclusive community at Invictus has made my child’s learning experience incredibly enriching and enjoyable.”


Dulwich Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

Dulwich College Singapore

About Dulwich College (Singapore) is a distinguished educational institution that emphasizes holistic learning and global citizenship. The school is dedicated to fostering a well-rounded development of its students by integrating rigorous academic programs with a strong focus on sustainability and community engagement.
  • Holistic Education Approach: The school offers a comprehensive education that combines academic excellence with emotional and social growth.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Emphasizes environmental stewardship and sustainable practices across all aspects of school life.
  • Global Citizenship: Cultivates a sense of global responsibility and interconnectedness among students.
  • Innovative Learning Methods: Utilizes forward-thinking educational strategies and tools to enhance student learning and engagement.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages active participation in community service and projects, promoting a spirit of collaboration and empathy.
  • Innovative Educational Programs: Offers unique and advanced curricular frameworks that encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Engages students in real-world environmental conservation efforts and sustainability education.
  • Global Citizenship Education: Prepares students to be conscientious global citizens through integrated learning experiences that highlight intercultural understanding and respect.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Provides exceptional facilities that support a wide range of academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors.
  • Community Service and Engagement: Fosters a culture of service and empathy, encouraging students to contribute positively to their local and global communities.
Contact 65 6890 1003
Review 1 “Great school. Lots of sports facilities. Lovely people (students and teachers) . Great community. Wasn’t big on the arts but from what I heard it was great. Sports is incredible there. One of the best schools for football, swimming, netball, basketball, cricket, rugby and athletics. Specifically Phuket 7s and FOBISIA is great fun “
Review 2 ““Seeing is Believing”. We had a tour of Dulwich College by our grandson recently. The school speaks for itself, excellent facilities throughout in all aspects of education. Wonderful as grandparents to have this opportunity to see is to believe, happy children coming out of school with friendly teachers. These are all good signs that Dulwich College made a good impression of a super school. Many thanks.”
Review 3 “Many schools talk the talk but at Dulwich College (Singapore) we actually walk the walk. It all starts with the teacher/student relationship. Dulwich prides itself on recruiting the very best teachers from around the world who help open the minds of our students, encourage them to believe in themselves and are helping to shape their futures by inspiring them to turn talent and curiosity into achievement.”


Holland Top International Schools in Singapore

International School

De Hollandse School

About Holland International School in Singapore has been nurturing young minds for over a century, offering educational programs for children from 1.5 to 12 years. The school, embracing the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), provides a dual-language learning environment in Dutch and English, designed to foster holistic growth, critical thinking, and collaborative skills in every student.
  • Centennial Heritage: A century-long tradition of educational excellence in Singapore, evolving with global and local educational needs.
  • Dual-Language Curriculum: Unique bilingual education in Dutch and English, catering to diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Holistic Learning Approach: Focuses on developing students’ personal growth, critical thinking, and collaborative skills.
  • Individual Attention: Small class sizes ensure personalized support, allowing each child to express themselves and thrive.
  • Engaged and Skilled Staff: A dedicated team committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment.
  • International Primary Curriculum (IPC): A comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum designed to inspire learners in an ever-globalizing community.
  • Bilingual Education Streams: Offers both Dutch and English educational streams to develop proficient bilingual speakers.
  • Extensive Co-Curricular Activities: A broad range of after-school programs including sports, arts, coding, and languages to enrich students’ educational experience.
Address 65 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289757
Contact 65 6466 0662

Review 1  “Pros: A small and cosy school. Good choice if you are planning to go back to the Netherlands in 2 or 3 years.
Cons: Unprofessional IB and Coaching management, poor communication, no anti-bullying program and poor knowledge of international school systems. Insufficient support for students with extra needs.”
Review 2 “I was bullied away by the preschool staff. Although they will deny it. Hope it got better. Highly competitive and overworked teachers. I work as a teacher elsewhere now. And much happier. “
Review 3 “Fantastische school. Kinderen groeien hier op als wereldburgers!”


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