Top Interior Design Firms In Singapore

best interior design firms in singapore


An interior designer in Singapore can translate your tastes and ideas into a home design that suits you and your space. If you are not sure of what you want for your space, interior designers are adept at perfecting people’s styles to give you the end-result that you need.

Equipped with contacts and resources, the interior designers in Singapore can also save you money and time when it comes to buying furniture and home décor. Therefore, for an aesthetically charming home that is also efficient and practical, look for an interior design firm in Singapore to help you attain your goals.

However, searching and settling for interior designers in Singapore can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know how to go about it. There is always the risk of being scammed or getting substandard services. The options for interior designers in Singapore are also plenty and can be confusing to choose from.

Luckily, we took on the hard task of finding everything you need to know about interior design in Singapore.

This post will not only highlight the best interior design firms in Singapore but also how to shortlist the best interior design companies in Singapore as well as questions to ask your interior design firm in Singapore. Included in this article is how to budget for interior design and styles of interior designs to choose from. Also is how interior design companies in Singapore should market themselves.

How to Select the Best Interior Design Companies in Singapore

The difference between having a home whose interior oozes with magnificence and one that is a total shame to the owner lies in choosing the right interior designer. Interior designers have the expertise and know-how to turn an average looking home into something nothing short of splendor.

There are numerous interior design companies in Singapore; however, not all of them can live up to your expectations. You probably have heard of stories of homeowners being stuck with half-done renovations when the firms they hired fled with their money. This leaves them with the dual headache of losing a lot of money and having to search for another firm to complete the work.

Therefore, you need to be cautious when hiringan interior design firm. The good news is that you are going to be introduced to the ways of selecting the best interior design companies in Singapore to turn your home to a haven. Below are crucial factors to take into consideration when selecting interior design companies in Singapore.

1.   Certification

The first step in choosing the best interior design firm is to make sure they are certified. Designing a home does not require basic knowledge about it but skills and expertise. This can only be achievable when competent designers are given the task.

There are specifications to be followed when designing a home, and only a certified designer can understand that. More so, certified designers will never tamper with your home as they know what is expected of them.

2.  Communication

A successful interior design project starts with open communication between the homeowner and the firm. The interior design company should be able to provide regular updates more so if you are occupied by other things.

At the same time, you should take into account testimonials from former clients to access the firm’s accountability and attentiveness. All proficient interior design companies in Singapore are keen on this.

3.  Innovation

All interior design companies in Singapore have some basic knowledge of the art. However, only the best can design a home that is unique to your lifestyle. These top firms can create a space that tells a story through unique design elements and different customizations.

That said, be wary of regular interior design firms that offer basic interior design services.

4.  Experience

A well-established interior design company in Singapore should have experience in commercial and residential markets. Take into account a firm’s retail portfolio, even when you need residential renovations.

A firm that has worked with various frontages such as ceiling décor and displays windows across different industries points out flexibility and skill. It also indicates that the firm has a strong grasp on a brand’s identity and story. The insights will be translated to your residential home. This is what gives such a firm the edge that lacks other firms.

5.  Quality

A firm’s blueprints do not authenticate its credibility. As a client, you should not be deceived by fancy blueprints offered to you. Instead, find out the quality of the subcontractors and how the firm operates with them.

Mostly, quality artistry and incomparable service are the marks of the best interior design firms in Singapore.

Best Interior Design Companies in Singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer from architecture that’s recognized globally to great interior designers and interior design firms.

We have thoroughly researched and come up with the best interior design companies in Singapore to save you the trouble of doing the work yourself. Featured below are the top interior design companies in Singapore whom we think are inspiring, passionate, and imaginative to provide impeccable interior expertise you are looking for.

1.  Designed Design Associates

Established in 1997, the award-winning interior company has vast experience with commercial and residential projects. The firm has worked with commercial spaces such as Bistro at the Supreme Court and Keck Seng Tower. Catering to a diversity of clients from various countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Kuala Lumpur, this firm is the best at what they do.

The firm is founded and headed by an award-winning designer who exemplifies keenness to every space, unique to every client. The firm has also received numerous accolades since its establishment. Their services include space planning, design conceptualization, project construction, and management.

Designed design associates are situated along 22 Sin Ming Lane #07-78 MidView City Singapore 573969. Contact them via 65 6338 8368 or fax 65 6684 6635 for free quotations.

2.  Dwell

At Dwell, they believe that everyone should live in a beautiful space. As such, every decision is made by your needs and wants to fulfill your space desires. As a full-service interior design company in Singapore, they provide a comprehensive package from concept to completion.

They have a close working relationship with the best suppliers and artisans to ensure that every aspect of the project is a success. Their aim is also to build strong and lasting relationships with their clients.

Dwell is located at 11 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239326. You can contact them via +65 6883 1005 or fax +65 6883 1006. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them through email address [email protected] for quotations.

3.   Ciseern

Established in 1997, Ciseern is an award-winning interior design company that has served more than 15,000 homeowners since its establishment. Their services cover personalized design proposals, project implementation, and selection of quality materials, purchase of home furnishings, and household merchandise.

Over the years, Ciseern has established itself as a leading interior design in Singapore with a long line of satisfied clients. The company has managed to scoop several awards, including Singapore Prestige Brand Award 08, BCA Registered Contractor, and several others.

You can visit them at their headquarters on 13 Kaki Bukit Road #03-15/16 Bartley Biz Centre Singapore 417807. You can also contact them on telephone number 6552 0078 or through their email address [email protected] for free quotations.

4.   U-Home

The U-Home interior was established in 1999 and has a dedicated team to deliver the best services and advice. Their services include not only interior design but also construction, consultancy, and renovation for both residential and commercial projects.

U-Home has in-depth knowledge in this industry to exceed your expectations. They combine both the core principles and latest renovation perspectives which they share during consultation sessions.

You can call on them at their main office at 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #01-20/21 UB. One Singapore 408830. You can also contact them via their phone number 65-62857373 or [email protected] for free quotations.

5.   Three-D Conceptwerke

Three-d-conceptwerke is a leading interior design company in Singapore that specializes primarily in interior design, interior styling, and furniture craftsmanship. Their designs have an antique touch, and creativity is at the top of their priority to create unique and personalized spaces.

With a core aim of sustainability, this company is all about reinventing vintage pieces and crafting new into pieces that would otherwise be disposed of.

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Three-d-conceptwerke is situated at 24 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169774. You can call them on +65 62938001 or via email [email protected] for free quotations. They are open on Monday-Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on weekends by appointment only.

6.  OMUS Living

OMUS Living is an award-winning interior design Company in Singapore that offers a wide range of interior design services. They are especially particular on design and space planning to retain their fundamental aspect of design philosophy.

OMUS Living services include design consultation, interior design, space planning, project management, renovation works, A&A works, and renovation loan services. OMUS Living was the winner for Editor’s Choice Award 2014 RenoTalk.

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You can contact OMUS Living on 67472035 0r via email address [email protected] for quotation and inquiries.

7.   Arête Culture

Established in 2010, Arête Culture is an interior design firm specializing in fast and affordable home makeovers to create a beautiful and functional space. Having worked with over 750 clients across Southeast Asia, their award-winning team is known for its versatility, efficiency, and custom furniture solutions.

This firm operates two lifestyle showrooms and a warehouse cum assembly line comprising a wide range of soft furnishings. Their services include accessible design, color consulting, furniture selection, home staging, lighting design, space planning, living room design, home theatre design, interior design, and much more.

They are located Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, S 169074. You can also contact them on +6596403829 for a free quote.

8.   Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Design 4 Space Ltd was established interior design firm in 2002 and has since evolved from a simple set-up into an accomplished company. With a dedicated team of talented individuals, each with outstanding professionalism and expertise, this firm has won several awards, including CASE TRUST-RCMA Accredited, RCA Licensed Builder, Bizsafe Level 3, and many others.

Their services include 3D rendering, bathroom design, space planning, bedroom design, dining room design, drafting, color consultation, closet design, custom built-in cabinets, custom bathroom vanities, and much more.

Their offices are situated in 140 Paya Lebar Road Singapore at the AZ @ PAYA LEBAR building. You can contact them via their contact number +65-63859919 or fax number +65-67023713.

9.  Starry Homestead

Starry is one of the best interior design companies in Singapore, offering a wide range of design services. Other than design solutions, they also furnish clients with contacts to source for lighting, furniture, and other items.

Their services include 3D drawings, furniture selection, wallpaper, and curtain furnishings, and retail and F&B solutions. They also offer customized interior design and renovation services to create beautiful and stylistic and harmonious working spaces for you.

Starry Homestead is located on 18, #01-101 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21, 609966. Contact them via phone 65 6778 6866 or email [email protected] for a free quotation and inquiries.

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10.  Home Guide Holdings

Established in 1992, Home Guide Holdings has been designing and renovating many clients’ homes. Other than residential projects, they are also involved in commercial and retail projects. This firm has also received numerous accolades over the years.

Home Guide Holdings is located along Leng Kee Road, #01-06 Thye Hong Centre Singapore 159086. You can contact them through email [email protected] or telephone 65 6253 2539 for a free quotation.

Questions You Need to Ask your Interior Design Company in Singapore

Hiring interior designers in Singapore is a huge commitment and it should reflect your style and personality. An interior designer should cooperate with you to bring out who you are most harmoniously. Other than that, a good designer should also bring their expertise and inspiration to play with the space for the desired effect.

Taking that into account, we compiled a list of must-ask questions when searching for interior designers in Singapore to help you out.

Question #1: How do you communicate your design ideas?

If you are hiring interior designers in Singapore, you need to understand how your space will look like. An interior designer should visualize a space and know how the area will look like from a 2D floor plan and fabric swatch.

A good designer should communicate the design ideas to you in a way that you can understand before you spend money on the items or construction.

What to Expect:

Are the drawings systems used software or pen and paper? Are they 2D or 3D? are the drawings colored or a black and white sketch? Ensure that you are comfortable with the illustrations before proceeding with the project.

Other than that, the perfect firm should have a system of communicating all the actual products with you. As such, you should ask to see samples of tiles, fabrics, etc. in person. Also, ask for a demo to any project management software.

Question #2: Do you Welcome Client Opinions?

Your opinion matters when it comes to designing your home because after all, it is your space.

What to Expect:

Good interior designers in Singapore always put your opinion and taste into consideration. Your firm should want to bring your vision to life and help you with new ideas and concepts to work with yours.

Question #3: What is your Budget Priority?

You should know beforehand what the firm prioritizes in the budget plan.

What to Expect:

The designer should have a clear plan for what your budget is and how to achieve your design ideas.  They also need to communicate how they will track the budget, whether on a software program or an excel spreadsheet.

A sample worksheet should look like this:

Estimated budget











Actual Cost

Link to Product



Floor coverings






























Question #4: How do you Charge?

Interior designers charge differently. Some charge by the hour; others include a mark-up on products, while others charge a flat fee. 

The table below highlights the average cost of interior design in Singapore in 2019.



3-room BTO renovation


4room BTO renovation


5-room BTO renovation


3-room resale renovation


4-room resale renovation


5-room resale renovation


Condominium renovation



What to Expect:

Your designer should communicate how they will charge. Ensure that you are comfortable with the process, as well. Weigh the pros and cons of each approach to determine the one that works for you.

Question #5: when there are problems during the project, how do you resolve them?

Like any other project in every industry, it is common for some issues to arise during your project.

What to Expect:

Your designer should clearly articulate how they resolve these hiccups based on their past experiences. They should also assure you that you have hired the best, and any problem that arises will be handled professionally with minimal disruption to you.

Question #6:  Who else is in your team?

You need to know who the team comprises of and how the team handles the project.

What to Expect:

The design team should communicate all contractors, installers, artisans, and other specialists who will be working in the project. Also, determine the working relationship between them to give you an insight into what to expect from them.

Question#7: What’s your Timeline?

Are you in a rush to get the project completed in the shortest time possible? Knowing when you need your space to be completed is something your designer needs to know.

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What to Expect:

If you are in a hurry to get the project completed, your designer needs to work with retail store items that are in-stock or ready-made.

Question #8: Are you ready to Buy Everything Now?

Some interior designers in Singapore source the trade materials and will not work with your purchasing plan.

What to Expect:

Ensure that the designer you hire the same page as you are if you intend to purchase items when you have the money to do so. Also, confirm if your designer will resource any things that go out of stock.

Question #9: When can we start the Project?

This is a trick question to gauge the designer’s authenticity.

What to Expect:

A good designer should explain that it is essential to have a design plan in place before they can get started. You should know what to anticipate before you can make any big decisions regarding the project.

Question #10: How do you manage a project like this?

Interior designers in Singapore are different with various working plans. It is, therefore vital that you understand how the particular design firm works.

What to expect:

The designer should explain that they work closely with their clients throughout the process and that they trust their team to make any adjustments when necessary.

Top Five Interior Design Styles in Singapore

One of the daunting tasks when it comes to interior design in Singapore is choosing the best style for your space. However, we got you covered on this one, as well.

Below are five of the top interior design styles to choose from for interior design in Singapore.

·   Contemporary

Contemporary essentially means ‘of the present.’ So this interior design style emulates all the present day trends. Important to note though is this style does not necessarily mean modern.

Contemporary style is fluid and doesn’t have to be formal and rigid like modernism. It can be artistic and flamboyant with bold statement accessories, unique lighting fixtures, vivid colors, and even graphic art.

·     Scandinavian

Scandinavian is a top style interior design in Singapore. Its main elements include simplicity, lighting, wood, white [with pops of color], and inviting space for guests.

The Scandinavian style key principle is just right-meaning, not too much or too little. Hence, a Scandinavian style would focus on creating simple, cheerful spaces with clean lines.

·     Minimalist

The minimalist style has become very popular due to its clean, simple, and pleasing design. Important aspects include white spaces and clutter-free spaces. Every piece of furniture harmonizes with the other to give a balanced and inviting look.

·    Industrial

Interior design in Singapore has become very diverse and adventurous too. The industrial look, like the name suggests, emulates warehouse aesthetics. It emphasizes on unfinished ambiance and raw materials.

For this style, you need to use materials with raw aesthetic and use dull colors. To emphasize the raw finishes, brick walls and concrete flooring is used to give off a rustic vibe.

·    Eclectic

Eclectic style is perfect for those who love mix and match styles, trends, and colors. For instance, antique and attractive contemporary design looks are combined to give off a fresh and inviting look.

5 Budgeting Tips for your Interior Design in Singapore

cost of interior design in Singapore

Source: ValuePenguin

A common misconception is that giving a home a makeover doesn’t come cheap. Contrary to that, creating the space you want doesn’t have to put a strain on your finances. We’ve put together a few guidelines to give your home the makeover it needs without feeling out of control.

1.   Budget and Have a Game Plan

Lack of a game plan is the easiest way to go over your budget. You need to know what you are going for before making any purchases for interior design in Singapore.

Below is a simple table to illustrate how you can plan.

interior design Singapore budget

Having an idea of the aesthetic you want is not enough; you need to pinpoint it as well. Look at interior design magazines and websites to get a clear picture of what you are going for.

Also, consider breaking your projects into phases instead of throwing everything in together to make the project manageable finance-wise.

2.   Shop at Second-Hand Stores

Just because something is used doesn’t mean its poor quality. To cut costs on your project, you may have to consider second-hand stores. You can get stylish and unique furniture, accessories, and other items from these stores.

Go to local thrift stores, estate sales, and antique shops for affordable used items. You can also find a good second-hand shop and ask when they get new things in.

3.  Go Minimal

The minimalist style is not only unique and stylish, but cheaper too. It allows you to buy less without giving a sign of a let-up.

Instead of numerous pieces of furniture in a room, go for a few ones and work with them to create a harmonious and inviting look.

4.   Mix It Up

Instead of buying a complete set of furniture, create an aesthetic look using different styles. This gives your space an eclectic look without straining your finances.

5.  Paint

Painting is one of the effective and cheapest ways to give your space a new feel and look.  After you have decided what accessories and furniture to use, choose a complementary color for the walls.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers in Singapore

Interior design in Singapore is a massive industry with some very accomplished brands. Your firm is likely to get lost in the masses if you fail to market your business to get the exposure it needs.

That said, you need to employ some marketing strategies to make your company a hit and get clients coming your way.

Here are a few ideas and strategies guaranteed to make your interior design firm successful.

1.    Revamp your Visiting Card

Your business card is very crucial in getting new leads. Therefore keep it updated with professional highlights and accolades earned.

2.    Develop your Brand

Developing your brand is crucial in building a sustainable business. Build your brand based on what you stand for, how you would like your clients to identify you, with, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

3.    Identify your Clients

Knowing your clientele base allows you to market your services more effectively. Based on the findings, create a profile of your ideal customer and target those particular people when selling your services.

4.   Digital Presence

Living in a digital era, digital business presence is paramount. Get a well-organized website or create engaging blogs for your clientele. Once you have a digital presence, invest in SEO to gain rankings in search engines to boost your interior design business in Singapore.

5.    Social Media Presence and Marketing in Singapore

social media marketing in Singapore

Improving your social media visibility can be very rewarding for your interior design business.  Focus on image sites such as Pinterest and Instagram and B2B sites such as Facebook because most clients come from there.

Display your creative skills with interior design with new posts and images.

6.   Get Press Visibility

Another great marketing strategy is to expand your visibility online with great content. You can start a blog and speak about your client’s most desired interior design needs and point out how you can provide solutions. You can also talk about current trends in the industry to portray your domain authority.

7.    Competitive Intelligence

You need to research the market and find out what your competitors are offering. After that, offer everything your competition is missing out on.

For instance, in Singapore, if no one has covered interior designs with a South Asian influence, you can provide such themes to your clients. Being creative and competitive will land a lot of clients and expand your brand.

8.    Get published and Apply for Awards

One of the best ways to market your interior design business is to get it published. Get your work published in an interior design magazine to gain more exposure and cement your brand as one to look out for. Also, create a calendar of top awards in the industry and apply for them. This is guaranteed to give you exposure within the industry.


These are some of the basic things you need to know about interior design in Singapore. As a client or a business owner, you need to do your research when seeking or giving services if, after all, you are to succeed in your endeavors. Hopefully, the above information will provide you with a few pointers in the right direction.

For professional website design services in Singapore, get in touch with our team on +65 6789 9852. We will create a custom web design for your interior design agency at an affordable rate. 


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