The Top Influencers In Singapore: The Definitive Guide

The Top Influencers In Singapore_ The Definitive Guide

Influencer marketing is defined as using celebrities, persons, companies or organisations who have a significant online presence and follower size in order to influence decisions, thoughts, opinions and trends via their actions over mass media, particularly internet channels and social media.

Once a new concept to Singapore’s digital marketing scene, influencer marketing has now become a mainstay in many brands’ marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing blossomed from the emergence of social media platforms, whose popularity gave rise to a number of well received content creators–who we know as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers! Their presence and clout on these platforms meant they could directly command and “influence” their audiences.

Brands saw an opportunity and decided to collaborate with some of these aspirational fashionistas, stunning makeup artists, and talented photographers, all in the hope of reaching and engaging thousands of consumers who relate and look up to these influencers.


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In fact, in a publication made by SocialMediaToday, about 81 percent of marketers agreed that they have been using social media influencers to bolster their marketing effort and that it was one of the most effective marketing strategies they’ve ever employed.

Singapore just happens to be one of the countries where the word of an influencer could mean the difference between real business and failure for a mass market brand.

MediaOne has researched and rounded up 20 top influencers in Singapore. Our influencer list include Instagrammers, models, YouTubers, bloggers, DJs, entrepreneurs, reality TV stars, these are Singaporeans making waves on social media. Here is our compilation.

The Top 20 Influencers In Singapore As Compiled By MediaOne Are (not in order):

  1. Yoyo Cao

  2. Brad Lau

  3. Wendy Cheng

  4. Christabel Chua

  5. Benjamin Kheng

  6. Dharni

  7. Daniel Ang

  8. Carrie Wong

  9. Isabel Tan 

  10. JianHao Tan 

  11. Soh Pei Shi

  12. Andrea Chong

  13. Naomi Neo

  14. Munah Bagharib

  15. Sonia Chew

  16. Xenia Tan 

  17. Rachel Lim 

  18. Nathan Hartono

  19. Nichole Chang Min

  20. Mongchin Yeoh


Yoyo Cao

fashion blogger yayo cao

Yoyo Cao is a celebrated star in Singapore, widely known by her cross-platform social media handle, yoyokulala. She’s a fashionista, a trendsetter that devoted followers of fashion look up to. And her influence stretches far beyond Singapore to the Asian community at large.

Yoyo, also widely known by her handle, yoyokulala, is every modern fashionista’s Instagram inspiration both locally and internationally.

Yoyo stands out for her unique sense of style, one she’s proud to describe that she borrowed from the boy’s sartorial playbook. She has agreed that she dresses like a guy some times, but not in the literal sense of packing a man’s wardrobe. Her idea still has much of that, but what she means is that she borrows the idea that dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean going out of your way to stand out or working so hard to be ‘that girl.’

In other words, there’s no inner logic to how she dresses. She has a more individual sense of style, carefully balancing between simplicity and elegance, and the world loves her for it.

Yoyo Cao makes everything look so easy. Her tailored looks are far from try-hard, and everything she does or wears is an iconic signature that the world can’t help but emulate or take a cue from. Her tailored looks, and balanced sihlouettes are effortless, chic and iconically signature.

Her bold sense of choice, combined with her confidence to experiment with all sorts of styles has made her the darling of many major fashion brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Chanel, and Dior! Let’s also not forget that she has her own label, Exhibit Store, that brings modern “made in Asia” pieces to the fashion forward women of Singapore. 


Followers: 425K

Niche: Fashion

Brad Lau

brad lau ladyironchef food blogger

Brad Lau is a food blogger that rose to fame by leveraging on SEO. At a time when the term SEO was flying over the heads of even the most knowledgeable of the SEO experts you know today, Lau knew how to optimise his blog for SEO and secure topmost slots in SERPs.

That explains why his blog still ranks atop even today. Google for anything related to food or one of Singapore’s cuisines, and odds are Brad Lau’s blog will be among the top results presented.

So every time someone types something related to food, his blog pops up among the top results. Speaking of which, his blog still enjoys a tremendous amount of traffic through search engines even with minimal effort on his part.

Billed as one of Singapore’s most hardworking bloggers, Brad decided to also venture in the world of photography. He takes amazing photos, which opened doors for Instagram success, as well. Though he started his wildly popular website, Ladyironchef, as a personal project, it’s grown to a full-fledged online destination for foodies today!


Followers: 591K

Niche: Food Blogging

Wendy Cheng a.k.a Xia Xue

wendy cheng xiaxue singapore blogger

Wendy Cheng, more affectionately known as Xia Xue, is a witty and fun blogger that’s still widely regarded as the reigning queen of Singaporean influencers. She also happens to be one of the most consistent bloggers in Singapore, attracting not less than 40,000 views per day, her words.

Even though she got into blogging as a way of killing time, her humble blogspot became the talk of Singapore when blogs were just becoming a thing! She now gets sponsored for almost everything she does. From annual car rentals to home renovations, there’s always a brand waiting to cash in on her popularity.

Wendy is a great example of how an influencer can be real, outspoken and even a little controversial, while still building a wide and consistent follower base. In a digital world where we’re all getting more savvy about how influencer marketing works, it pays to be authentic! 

Wendy is also one of the most consistent bloggers around. A day hardly passes without her posting something new. Plus she’s just as controversial as she’s hardworking.

She’s one of the few bloggers who thrive on being authentic. She’ll say it as is, without sugar-coating anything or caring a wit if it’s shedding a bad light on her.

Just see this AsiaOne article where she said she “not sorry for calling Greta Thunberg ‘so damn cringe'”.

xiaxue article on greta thunberg 2019


Followers: 586K

Niche: Beauty and Parenting

Christabel Chua

Christabel Chua bellywellyjelly social influencer singapore

Christabel’s winning smile says it all. Look at her smile, and you wouldn’t need to ask why the world is so obsessed with her. She’s everything every girl aspires to be, and it’s so contagious.

Asked to describe her, and the only words that come out of my mouth are ‘she’s got a positive affective presence.’ She’s easy to be around, and her personality oils the gear of social interactions.

Christabel Chua’s bubbliness and infectious personality hits you instantly–from her adorable Instagram handle bellywellyjelly to her smile, it’s easy to see why she’s loved by so many online.  While she does work with a ton of fashion and beauty brands, the thing that many love about Christabel is her “girl next door” vibe that makes her feel like more of a friend than an influencer.

Everything seems to be ingrained in her DNA. A simple look at her Instagram handle, bellywellyjelly, tells you that Singapore loves her to bits.

Fashion brands love her too. And the best part is that none of this gets into her head. She’s still got that humble, next-door-girl vibe that somehow makes her easy to talk to and relatable.

 When she’s not busy being an influencer, she also runs her own lifestyle brand, kāi that sells trendy and cute lifestyle products targeted at millennials! 


Followers: 261K

Niche: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle

Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng TheSamWillows singer and singapore influencer

Benjamin Kheng, better known as one of the frontmen of The Sam Willows, is a household name in Singapore. Talented singer, actor and comedic YouTube star, he’s won the hearts of Singaporeans with his versatility and talent.

Fans may be surprised to know before Benjamin became a household name in the music scene, he was a celebrated national youth swimmer since the age of 6.

Catch him mostly on Instagram uploading behind-the-scenes footage of the films he’s in or with his band either rehearsing or performing. He’s also become a figure in men’s fashion, so check out his latest outfits for some wardrobe inspiration!


Followers: 227K

Niche: Entertainment



Dharni found his passion for beatboxing at just 14 years old after discovering Michael Winslow and Rahzel, and is a outstanding beatboxing phenom as of today! Wanting to hone his beatboxing skills when he was young, Dharni went onto the online beatboxing community, Human Beatbox, to seek the feedback of other like-minded individuals.

Dharni has taken part in various major beatboxing competitions, such as Grand Beatbox 7 TO SMOKE Battle in 2019, and Grand Beatbox Battle Championship in 2013 and 2014 where he was the consecutive winner for both years. In addition, he was part of start-studded singers’ tour concerts, such as Lady Gaga and Kanye West. He moved to Poland in 2011 to further his beatboxing career.

His Instagram feed showcases videos of him beatboxing, as well as fashionable portraits of him in front of picturesque backgrounds!


Followers: 264K

Niche: Entertainment, Music 

Daniel Ang

danial ang danielfooddiary food blogger singapore

Daniel Ang was a mass communication associated lecturer at the Republic Polytechnic and Ngee Ann. But that’s just a side hustle compared to what he earned when his food blog, Daniel Food Diary burst onto the scene. The reviews on his blog are refreshingly honest, which has helped build a followership that really trusts his reviews.

Daniel has revealed he pays for every plate of food he posts, establishing he’s not paid to offer biased opinions of what’s on the ground. If something has to be said or harshly critiqued, Daniel is the man to say it as is.

His popularity spans to Instagram as well, where he mostly posts videos instead of pictures as with many Instagram influencers you know.


Followers: 264K

Niche: Food Blogging

Carrie Wong

carriewst social media

One of the most influential actress of Mediacorp Channel 8, Carrie Wong is an influencer that is difficult not to notice. She rose to stardom after being scouted by Mediacorp’s competition program, Hey Gorgeous! in 2013 despite her not winning the competition.

Influencers have fast become the new age celebrities that we follow and check up on in our free time. Carrie Wong bridges those two worlds, as an actress and media personality with a major Instagram following.

Besides giving her a fans a glimpse at her personal life, her Instagram is all about fashion, fitness and beauty tidbits that she shares with her followers. 


Followers: 344K

Niche: Fashion, lifestyle, beauty

Isabel Tan

The Top Influencers In Singapore: The Definitive Guide 1
Isabel Tan, better known as prettyfrowns, has an amazing feed full of picturesque beaches, or breathtaking city scapes — so it’s a no brainer why she’s one of Singapore’s top influencers, especially when it comes to travel.
Recognised for her fashion sense, natural beauty looks, and killer physique, she’s worked with tons of brands, and often shares her own tips and tricks to nailing her fashion, makeup and skincare. Lately, she’s also gotten into featuring her own recipes, DIY and life hacks on her Instagram account proving how versatile she is as a content creator!
As of May 2020, Isabel has relocated to New York. Recently, she spoke up against Anti-Asian Violence on her social media platforms after she experienced first-hand racism during her stay in the States. 

Followers: 252K

Niche: Beauty, lifestyle, fashion

JianHao Tan 

JianHao Tan social influencer online singapore

As one of the first Youtubers in Singapore, JianHao remains unsurpassed in the local Youtube scene and his channel has amassed to almost 3.51 million subscribers. His videos are all about funny and relatable content for the millennial crowd, filled with nuggets of wisdom and topics of discussion.

As the founder and CEO of Titan Digital Media, JianHao has been managing the highly successful content and influencer marketing agency which was incorporated in 2018. AS of August 2020, Titan Digital Media is overseeing over 10 Youtube Channels.

His most popular series has reached nearly 30 million in views for a single video. He often collaborates with his best friend, Ridhwan Azman, as well as other familiar local Youtubers for vlogs or talkshows. As a newlywed, and a recent father in recent years, JianHao has grown up very much in the public eye, and his content has also evolved to reflect this.

Followers: 632K

Niche: Entertainment

Soh Pei Shi

Pei Shi is a well-known Singaporean lifestyle blogger and influencer. She rose to fame in 2011 after her blog posts and Youtube videos caught the attention of the public. Since then, she has worked with other Singaporean creators such as JianHao and famous brands such as Love, Bonito and Neutrogena.

As of August 2021, Pei Shi’s most popular Youtube video posted in 2015, “3 min Natural Curl + See-Through Bangs” has gained more than 643,000 views. Most of her Youtube videos are about fashion and beauty.

Pei Shi was invited by major beauty brands to their events, such as Laneige – where she was present at both their Taiwan and South Korea event back in 2017. She has also appeared on various TV shows such as CBN and JBTC4.


Followers: 342k

Niche: Beauty 

Andrea Chong

singapore based local influencer andrea chong
Local Instagram celebrity, Andrea Chong, is well known for her jet-setting lifestyle and modest, yet fashionable sense of style. She was voted and presented with the Fashion Icon of the Year Award during Singapore Social Media Awards in 2015.
Born and based in Singapore, Andrea is a true influencer cum boss babe. Besides being a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger who has gained hundreds of thousands of fans across multiple platforms, she is also the founder of her own Digital Advertising Agency, DC Creative. Outside of fashion and blogging, she holds a blackbelt in Taekwondo and is a certified scuba-diver and lifeguard.
Followers: 303K
Niche: Fashion, lifestyle, beauty

Naomi Neo


Naomi Neo first entered many Singaporeans’ lives through her Youtube channel after her write-ups and blogs became popular on the Internet when she was just a teenager.

Since her beginnings on YouTube, Naomi hasn’t stopped being candid and real with her audiences. She’s been vocal and open about how she’s transitioned into being a young mum, and how her life has changed! Not to mention, she has over 653,000 followers on Instagram, making her one of the youngest and most influential female influencers in Singapore.


Followers: 653K

Niche: Fashion, lifestyle

Munah Bagharib

munah bagharib singapore influencer

Munah is a Singaporean host and actress who is of Arab descent. She has been acting both on television and theatre, such as in productions such as Girl Band Called Girl Band (2020) and Potong (2018).

Her sunshine and fun-loving personality is one that draws attention and the interest of many. She embodies not being afraid to be herself perfectly and exudes confidence in all that she does.

Check out her Instagram for behind the scene posts from her acting sets, as well as a wide range of lifestyle photos and partnerships with brands such as Grab, Fresh, Zalora among many others.


Followers: 85.5K

Niche: Entertainment, Lifestyle

Sonia Chew

Sonia Chew singapore DJ and influencer

Sonia Chew is one of Singapore’s most influential radio DJ and social media personality – with a following of over 144,000 on her Instagram account. She has been with 987FM after winning the 2012 987 Radio Star competition. As of August 2021, she co-hosts The Shock Circuit from 4-8pm daily with Joakim Gomez.

She has been invited to many major nationwide events such as the New Year’s Eve countdown, and Mediacorp New Campus Opening Red Carpet. She has also worked with major fashion brands such as Fenty by Puma, Dior and Chanel. Her bold and creative personality certainly enables her to stand out from the rest in her field!

In 2019, Sonia started her own restaurant-bar, IZY FOOK, alongside a co-founder. IZY FOOK is a pop culture modern Izakaya serving quality Japanese food and drinks.


Followers: 144k

Niche: Entertainment

Xenia Tan 

Xenia is a well-known Singaporean host, actress, and social media influencer. She shot to fame through taking up hosting and acting opportunities with TheSmartLocal (TSL) – a local media production company – between 2017 and 2019, notably hosting the Youtube series, Hired or Fired. As of August 2021, she has over 110.000 followers on Instagram.

She often posts quirky and entertaining Tiktok videos which have similarly gained massive following on the platform. Her cheerful, outgoing and real personality has gained the attention and like of many. She has received much attention for her acting in various short films by TSL and TV shows by Mediacorp Channel 8.

As for brand representation, Xenia has partnered with numerous lifestyle brands such as Under Armour, Milo, Vicky – a skincare brand.


Followers: 110k 

Niche: Lifestyle and Entertainment

Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim is the co-founder of home-grown fashion brand Love, Bonito. Love, Bonito is one of Singapore’s leading fashion brand that has drawn the attention of many young females who are looking for chic yet comfortable clothes – be it for work or for the weekend parties. As of August 2021, Love, Bonito has opened four physical stores islandwide, reflecting its high success and popularity.

Rachel strongly believes in giving back to the society, which is reflected by her constant mentorship and public speaking events that she guest speaks at, including the Asia Retail Leaders Conference (2019). In addition, she has also spoken at workshops and events organised by Love, Bonito, such as the “DO IT LIKE A #WERKINGWOMAN” event back in 2019.

She shares about her own lifestyle on Instagram – with posts about fitness, fashion, and most recently, motherhood!


Followers: 116K

Niche: Fashion

Nathan Hartono


This influencer is someone you might have seen on your television screen before. Nathan Hartono who is born to Indonesian Chinese parents, is a Singaporean singer-songwriter and actor who became famous after he took part in the first season of Sing! China, where he clinched the first runner-up – an incredible feat indeed!

In addition to his singles that he has been releasing over the years, an interesting fact is that the 2020 Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) theme song “Everything I Am” was performed by Hartono.

Other than singing, Hartono also took up acting opportunities with HBO Asia and Mediacorp.


Followers: 121K

Niche: Entertainment

Nichole Chang Min 

nichole changmin social media influencer singapore

Nichole runs a successful Instagram account that supplements her personal blog. Her ability to captivate more followers has earned her 69.7K followers on Instagram, besides netting tens of thousands of views on her blog every month.

She’s also solidified her Youtube presence with regular updates about lifestyle topics. She’s the person to follow if your interest spins around fashion, dogs, boyfriend woes, and beauty pointers to name a few.




Followers: 69.7K

Niche: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle

Mongchin Yeoh

Singapore Social Media Influencer Mongchin Yeoh

As active Instagramers, there is no reason NOT to follow Mongchin Yeoh. The kind of effort she puts into photography, churning out those quality photos on her Instagram feed and blog transcends any expectations. You’ll find yourself falling in love with Mongchin’s girlish charm and adventurous attitude over and over again. 

With fashion tips that are inspirational and easy to recreate, her content is definitely worth a read. Mongchin’s posts primarily revolve around beauty and fashion, although you can still check out her blog for regular updates about her life affairs.



Followers: 284K

Niche: Fashion, beauty


Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown, born Lee Kin Mun

Mr. Brown, born Lee Kin Mun, is a Singaporean blogger widely known for standing bold amid tight media restrictions in Singapore. He usually publishes humorous yet sharp social and political commentaries.

Commonly christened as the Blog Father of Singapore, Lee is considered one of the most influential blogger in the country. He boasts more than 400, 000 active social media followers with a monthly estimated traffic of 50, 000 visits on his blog.

He’s also the chief producer and host of one of the most watched shows in Singapore, “WTF”, which is an acronym for “Wow, That’s Fierce.” The vodcast covers the latest craze around electronic gadgets, games, and technology at large. It has reviewed a vast range of mobile phones and gizmos, with guest visitors occasionally sneaking up on Mr. Brown during shows to make it even more interesting.


Followers: 46.3K

Niche: Entertainment

Irfan Fandi

Footballer Irfan Fandi Singapore influencer

Irfan Fandi is a professional Singaporean football player and the eldest son of Singaporean football legend Fandi Ahmad and South African model, Wendy Jacobs.

Apart from training professionally in football and keeping fit, Irfan also collaborates with various lifestyle and fitness brands such as Adidas, Off-White and Cartier. Given his good looks and his expertise in football, he is one of the up-and-coming versatile social media influencers in Singapore you need to look out for!


Followers: 79.2K

Niche: Fitness

The Smart Local

thesmartlocal social media singapore

The Smart local started out as a personal travel blog for like-minded readers and followers. But after three years of operation, it managed to scale up into one of the most sought-after publishing companies in Singapore.

As we speak, the company treads the fine line of blogging and serving as a magazine. Its workforce consists of journalists and a team of experienced photographers as well as video producers whose work is to showcase the best of what Singapore has to offer. Its website is among the most frequented in Singapore, receiving an upward of 1.5 million hits per month.

Smart Local stands out from all of its competition thanks to the editorial standards they brilliantly fulfil. They have managed to strike a balance between the professionalism associated with journalism and the conversational style of writing that has proven to be quite essential in the world of blogging.

Their Youtube channel also showcases a variety of topics that the employees engage in, from silly games to serious conversations. The Smart Local is your one-stop destination to all things informative and entertaining.


Followers: 173k

Niche: Entertainment, lifestyle

Preeti Nair

Singaporean YouTuber and comedian Preeti Nair

Preeti Nair or more commonly known as preetipls, is a Singaporean comedic online influencer.

She is not one who is afraid to voice her opinion on various social phenomenon in Singapore, with the most notable one being the NETS E-pay “Brownface” saga in 2019 – which gained massive public criticism for insensitive portrayal of Singapore’s racial minorities. Preeti and her brother, Subhas, filmed a satirical video in response to the saga but was removed subsequently after a police report was made against the video for portraying “offensive content” towards another race.

Despite this setback, Preeti Nair has bounced back quickly and her followers count has been growing ever since. 


Followers: 38.9k

Niche: Entertainment

Seth Lui

Seth Lui food travel blogger Singapore

Seth Lui is a blogger and influencer that has built a considerable following of hungry foodies, travel buffs, and party freaks. His blog,, features popular as well as hidden delightful food items and deals from all corners of Singapore. Check out his recommendations on the local electrifying nightlife as well! 

Impressively, Seth goes beyond the chief food writer role on his blog, conducting online classes on social media influencing and effective ways to carry out digital marketing.

His blog has over a million views every month, enduring as one of the most visited food blogs by Singaporeans.


Followers: 128k

Niche: Food

Sophie Willocq 

Sophie Willocq fashion travel blogger Singapore

Sophie Willocq is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in Singapore, having ventured into the world of blogging in 2005, when she was just 15 years old. That was way before the age of Facebook and a great majority of the social media platforms we now know.

Sophie blogs about everything from fashion, to her travels and relationships. Her group of close friends are also in the influencers sphere, some of whom you’d know as Xia Xue and Mong Chin!

With more than 10 years of blogging experience, Sophie has had the privilege of collaborating with well established brands such as Canon and TK TriochôKare. She’s also appeared in several magazines including Seventeen and Cleo.


Followers: 85.4K

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty

Rathi Menon

Rathi Menon singapore influencer

Rathi Menon is a Singaporean model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned the Miss Singapore Universe 2014 and represented Singapore at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.

She is currently a fitness influencer on Instagram where she posts about her workout routines and challenges, which has helped her gain over 65,000 followers.


Followers: 66.4K

Niche: Fitness

Sandra Riley Tang 


Sandra Riley Tang, or more commonly known as RRILEY, is a Singaporean artist and musician in the local pop band The Sam Willows. As a member of the band , she has toured numerous festivals and events including Ultra Singapore and Summer Sonic in Japan.

Besides her music career, RRILEY =also co-founded local yoga studio, The Yoga Collective, and pursued Evolve MMA in the form of Brazilian Jiujitsu. She is also an active Tiktok influencer where she shares her interesting daily events and happenings.

Having an outgoing personality, it is no surprise that she is popular among the general public as well as brands. Fullerton Bay, Food Panda and Louis Vuitton are among the numerous brand which have partnered with her to promote their products and services. 


Followers: 86.4k

Niche: Entertainment, Lifestyle 

Ng Ming Wei

singapore taekwondo and influencer Ng Ming Wei

Ng Ming Wei is a Singaporean taekwondo athlete and social media influencer. Among numerous competitions that Ming Wei has represented Singapore in, he took part in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games Men’s Taekwondo -58 kh Kyorugi category and clinched the silver medal.

In a bid to attract sponsors to support his dream of competing in the 2020 Toyko Olympics, Ming Wei started using Instagram to grow his social media presence. Subsequently, he began using Tiktok to get more young people to be interested in Taekwondo and his creative videos that he has filmed with his father, who is also a social media influencer, gained astonishing level of attention. To date, Ming Wei is the first Singaporean Tiktok creator to hit 1 million followers. 


Followers: 226K

Niche: Entertainment

Rachell Ng

Rachell Ng social media influencer singapore

Rachell Ng is a local model and content creator, an up-and-coming influencer who is gaining her presence in the social media scene in recent years. She enjoys sharing about beauty and fashion tips with her followers in a friendly and engaging manner, making her all the more relatable.

Being fun-loving and spontaneous, Rachell has had the opportunity to partner with many famous brands such as Superga, BlueSG, and Neutrogena. She has recently been posting on Tiktok account about her beauty tips, which makes it all the more interesting!


Followers: 28.4k

Niche: Beauty

Jamie Tan

Jaime Tan beauty lifestyle blogger influencer Singapore

Jamie Tan is a guru in the beauty and cosmetics industry, with followers from Singapore as well as beyond. Both her Youtube and Instagram boasts a remarkable following and she’s arguably one of the finest beauty and lifestyle influencer in our country. 

Majority of her content involve testing skin improvement methods as well as OOTDs and occasionally food recommendations. She has also partnered with a few beauty brands like Liese and Minon, featuring their products on her Instagram posts. You’ll also see some simple makeup routines for her audience on YouTube and IGTV.


Followers: 43.3 k

Niche: Beauty, lifestyle

Jamie Pang 


Jamie Pang is a social media influencer in Singapore. With an outgoing and sunshine personality, Jamie frequently poses for the camera in the outdoors such as parks. She also shares about her fitness workout routines and tips, and embodies the healthy lifestyle.

Besides her love for fitness, Jamie also shares OOTDs with her 149,000+ followers. If fitness, fashion and lifestyle posts are what you enjoy viewing on Instagram, don’t miss out Jamie’s account!


Followers: 1749K

Niche: Fitness, Lifestyle

Heman and Cheryl

Singapore Influencers TodayWeExplore Heman and Cheryl

Heman and Cheryl is a lovely couple who have been carefully crafting dreamy holiday pictures on todayweexplore on Instagram. Hemandra Tanapalan and Cheryl Chua have been working on their highly popular travel account based in Singapore.

Their posts will never fail to leave you in awe as they explore amazingly breathtaking places around the world that seem like shots out from a move or TV show!

 Immerse yourself in the beauty of these pictures as you wind down for the day and recharge. Also, you might find the next interesting destination to explore for your next holiday!


Followers: 90.5k 

Niche: Travel

Cheryl Tay 

Cheryl Tay Fitness Entrepreneur Singapore

Cheryl Tay is a Singapore based fitness entrepreneur and body-positivity advocate. She is the leader of the body-positivity movement #RockTheNakedTruth, which aims to encourage the general public to embrace their insecurities and become more confident in their own skin.

This achievement did not come easy for Cheryl – she had experienced negative body image of herself in her younger days, and eventually hit a turning point in 2015 where she decided to embrace her body and become stronger, both mentally and physically from then on.

She has garnered over 44.4k followers on her Instagram account, where she shares about her workouts and spreading awareness on body positivity. 


Followers: 44.4K

Niche: Fitness

Yina Goh

Yina Goh travel lifestyle influencer Singapore

Yina Goh runs a top travel, beauty and lifestyle blog, The Velvet Dolls, and is one of the top influencers in Singapore. Her blog showcases her travelling adventures, having essentially seen every part of Singapore as well as other countries in Southeast Asia. She writes about her itineraries and introduces exciting activities to try overseas, with her cute and captivating pictures to delight.

What’s more, Yina is working with several tour companies to help Singaporeans plan for their travels and vacations. She usually offers discount coupons for her followers, and all it takes is to watch out for new content releases.

Yina goes onto Twitter to engage with her community of over 4,000 fans and followers, so be sure to catch her there for more personal interactions!


Followers: 66.6K

Niche: Travel, food

Bonnie Loo 

Bonnie Loo Singapore mediacorp actress and influencer

Bonnie Loo is a Malaysian actress and singer based in Singapore. Her road to stardom began in 2013 where she participated in the fourth season of Campus Superstar, one of the Chinese singing competitions by Mediacorp. After a tough fight, she emerged as the winner.

Since then, Bonnie started acting in various Mediacorp Channel 8 Shows such as How are you today? (2020) and Crouching Tiger Hidden Ghost (2021). In 2018, she held her first music showcase at the 2mm Talent Hub in Singapore.


Followers: 169K

Niche: Lifestyle, Entertainment

Cheryl Wee 

Cheryl Wee singapore entrepreneur and influencer

Cheryl Wee is the face behind Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management, a beauty salon she found in 2016. She started her business because she was motivated to help others who had weight concerns like herself years ago and want to make them feel more confident in their own skin. As of August 2021, Cheryl W Wellness and Management has five physical stores across Singapore. 

Occasionally, Cheryl assists in the business operations of Jean Yip Group, a leading beauty and hair salon company in Singapore run by her father, Melvin Wee.

Besides being in the limelight for running her own successful business, Cheryl captures the hearts of her followers with loving photos with her family and in recent times. with the addition of two children, we have been seeing many precious and endearing photos of her and her husband, alongside her bundles of joy!

Not forgetting her trendy fashion and snippets of her day-to-day life, Cheryl is certainly living a fulfilling life, making her a popular brand ambassador choice.


Niche: Lifestyle, Beauty 

Eswari Gunasagar

Eswari Gunasagar singapore actress and influencer

Eswari is a Singaporean actress, host, and entrepreneur. Being a versatile actress, Eswari has been acting in Mediacorp shows on both Vasantham and Channel 5 since 2012. One of her most notable TV shows is Tanglin, which was aired from 2015 to 2018 on Channel 5.

When she was 21, she took part in Miss Vasantham beauty pageant back in 2011, where she emerged as one of the finalist. From then, her popularity and prominence in the local showbiz began to climb steadily, and she was recognised by more and more people.

Other than acting, Eswari is also passionate about sustainability. She is the co-founder of Haus of Green a local start-up that distributes eco-friendly alternatives to plastics to various food brands in Singapore. IN 2021, Haus of Green also introduced reusable and environmentally-friendly masks in light of the pandemic. 


Followers: 109K

Niche: Entertainment

Saffron Sharpe

Saffron Sharpe singapore youtuber and influencer

Born to a British father and Chinese mother, Saffron Sharpe is one of Singapore’s most prominent influencer and Youtuber. In her early days, her Youtube videos were mostly travel and beauty related content. Over the years, she started exploring other aspects such as fitness, makeup tutorials, travel, and day-to-day vlogs. Her most viewed video on Youtube as of August 2021 was about her House Tour, which has garnered over 183,000 views.

She is also notably known as one of the host in the Youtube series, RealTalk since 2018. She left the show in September 2019 to further her studies in the UK.

As a lifestyle and fashion influencer, Saffron has partnered with international brands such as AirAsia, Adidas and Gentle Monster.


Followers: 192K

Niche: Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion 

Rosalyn Lee 

Rosalyn Lee, better known as Rozz, is a local actress and host. Since 2011, Rozz is the host of her own segment Rozz Recommends on Clicknetwork. The show features her exploring unconventional travel destinations around the world such as North Pole, Kazakhstan, and North Korea.

Apart from her own segment, Rozz is also the host for Weird Food Diaries by Mediacorp Channel 5 that premiered in 2018, where she tries exotic food from all over Asia. In an episode back in 2019, Rozz had her try at rat meat in Cambodia!

Famed for her distinct personality and interesting experiences, Rozz has garnered over 110,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares about her travel adventures and her favourite recipes to whip up at home, among many others.


Followers: 110K

Niche: Travel, lifestyle

Ghib Ojisan

Japanese YouTuber based in Singapore Ghib Ojisan

One of Singapore’s up-and-coming Youtuber, Ghib Ojisan is of Japanese descent and now currently lives in Singapore after he married a Singaporean lady. His videos depicts his life as a  Japanese living in Singapore – where he explores various neighbourhoods in Singapore, try out local versions of Japanese food, and recently his experience of buying an apartment in Singapore.

His honest and likeable personality has drawn much attention to him, despite having joined the Youtube scene only in 2017. Not to forget, he is also skilled at the guitar – he backpacked across 27 countries and performed with his guitar on the streets to cover his travel expenses!


Followers: 13.5K

Niche: Travel, Lifestyle 

Top Singapore Influencers by Niche [ NEW!]

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencers

  1. Naomi Neo – 653k – 
  2. Yoyo Cao – 425k –
  3. Debbie Soon – 407k – 
  4. Mongchin Yeoh – 284k – 
  5. Melissa Celestine Koh – 284k –
  6. Eunice Annabel Lim – 181k- 
  7. Xin Lin Khaw – 153k – 
  8. Jamie Pang – 149k – –
  9. Danil Palma – 76.7k – 
  10. Nicole Chang Min – 69.6k –

Beauty Influencers

  1. Soh Pei Shi – 342k – 
  2. Andrea Chong – 303k – 
  3. Qiu Ting – 282k – 
  4. Yina Goh – 66.6k – 
  5. Audrey Lim – 61.8k – 
  6. Michelle Sielman – 53.4k – 
  7. Rachel Wong – 41.1k – 
  8. Shina Toh – 39k – 
  9. Rachell Ng – 28.4k – 
  10. Shanthi – 7.9k –

Travel Influencers

  1. Edwin Hung – 179k –
  2. Amelyn Beverly – 133k –
  3. Rozz – 110k –
  4. Heman & Cheryl – 90.5k-
  5. Sophie Willocq – 85.5k – 
  6. Lindsay Voitton – 70.6k –
  7. Alvin Lim – 66.5k – 
  8. Bino Chua – 49.1k – 
  9. Keith Yuen – 37.7k –
  10. Karen Ashley Ng – 29.7k –


  1. Taufik Batisah – 344k – 
  2. Christabel Chua – 261k – 
  3. Dharni – 264k – 
  4. Sylvia Chan – 236k – 
  5. Jamie Yeo – 108k –
  6. Benjamin Toh – 70.9k –
  7. Sharmila Logan – 66.6k – 
  8. Aaron Lin – 49.1k-
  9. Taufik Batisah – 344k – 
  10. Roseanne Tang – 14.2k –  

Fitness Influencers

  1. Georgina Poh – 121k – 
  2. Ming Bridges – 116k – 
  3. Riley – 86.4k – 
  4. Irfan Fandi – 79.2k – 
  5. Rathi Menon – 66.6k – 
  6. Tyen Rasif – 53.8k –
  7. Cheryl Tay – 44.4k –
  8. Jason Chee – 42.9k – 
  9. Preston Sin – 33.6k –
  10. Darren Stephen Lim – 32.5k - 

Tik-Tok Influencers

  1. Ng Ming Wei – 18.5M –
  2. Daddy Ming – 8.7M –
  3. xwshawn96 – 585.5k –
  4. Low Zi How – 554.4k – 
  5. JianHao Tan – 513.4k –
  6. Glenn Yong – 336.2k – 
  7. Naomi Neo – 239.9k –
  8. SGAG – 228k –
  9. Ridhwan Azman – 206.5k –
  10. Debbie – 200.8k –

Up and Coming Micro-Influencers

  1. Sonia Tan – 58.2k – 
  2. Cavell Lim – 50.9k-
  3. Alfred Sng – 46.2k – 
  4. Chloe Chong – 35.8k – 
  5. Parisa bong – 25.4k – 
  6. Hannah Chia – 21.6k – 
  7. Daniel Tam – 17.7k – 
  8. Ghib Ojisan -12.4k – 
  9. Azura Goh – 9.9k – Radio DJ –
  10. Mandi – 9.5k – 

Celebrity/Artiste Influencers

  1. Carrie Wong – 283k – actress –
  2. Julie Tan – 276k – actress –
  3. Bonnie Loo – 169k – actress – 
  4. Sonia Chew – 144k – Radio DJ –
  5. Nathan Hartono – 121k – singer –
  6. Eswari Gunasagar – 106k – Actress –
  7. Munah Bagharib – 87.8k –
  8. Chen Yi Xin – 71.1k – actress –
  9. Iman Fandi – 71.4k – celebrity model – 
  10. Jean Danker – 65.2k – Radio DJ –

Entertainment Influencers

  1. Jian Hao Tan – 632k –
  2. Jade Rasif – 428k –
  3. Sylvia Chan – 236k – 
  4. Benjamin Kheng – 227k – 
  5. Narelle Kheng – 134k –
  6. Noah Yap – 127k –
  7. Xenia Tan – 110k –
  8. Yeo Tze Hern – 46.7k – 
  9. Preeti Nair – 38.6k – 
  10. Fauzi Aziz – 26.1k – 

It’s a Wrap

This concludes our list of top influencers in Singapore, many of whom have become crucial to businesses with their potential to sway public opinion and represent brands to a broader audience. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think someone else should be on the list instead? Write in to with your views, we’d love to read them! It’ll be most appreciated should there be any errors that you wish to point out as well. The information and figures on this list are according to the October 2019 data, and we endeavour to update regularly.

The list above features 20 most rated influencers and micro-influencers in Singapore. In the world of digital marketing, they’re the people you turn to to amplify your message beyond the kind of audience you’re exposed to. Looking to target a certain group? Supply your desired information to MediaOne and we’ll help you find the right influencer in Singapore for the task.

Contact us today for professional social media marketing services in Singapore. Our customer support team is on hand to give you a free and non-obligatory quote.

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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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