Top Healthy Snack Brands in Singapore

Top Healthy Snack Brands in Singapore

What Are healthy Snacks?

Snacking is a habit most of us have, and it’s often associated with calorie-heavy junk foods that are high in sugar and fat content. These include potato chips, cookies, pastries, and crackers – most of these snacks have little to no nutrition in them. However, it is possible for snack foods to be healthy, and all this is dependent on the type of snacks you choose as well as the ingredients they are made with.

Healthy snacks are snacks that are chock full of nutritional value, loaded with protein and fibre that can help you keep healthy and even lose weight – as long as you keep the snacking to a reasonable amount! These snacks help stave off hunger cravings, so you’re less likely to reach for that bag of unhealthy chips instead.


Types of Healthy Snacks.

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Nuts top the list for the most popular and conveniently procured healthy snack food. Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia, pistachios etc) are high in good fat, protein, and fibre. Many snack brands often create their own nut mixes and flavours – Boxgreen sells mocha almonds and sweet curry cashews, so there’s no end to variety for consumers to choose form.

Dried fruits and fruit chips also make popular snacks. These are full of vitamins and antioxidants, and include apple chips, dried and unsweetened coconut slices, etc.

While cookies and crisps are often known to be high in sugar, healthy versions of these are also best-sellers, made with wholesome ingredients like coconut flour and organic quinoa – all without compromising on flavour. Amazin’ Graze sells brownie chips made with dark cocoa powder, almond flakes, chia seeds and coconut shreds.

Other healthy snacks created by top brands include nut butters, granola packs, breads, crackers, cakes, healthy meat jerkies, and even ice-cream, which Kind Kones is known for.

Below, we present to you the top brands for healthy snacks in Singapore.


BoxGreen Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks


About Boxgreen is on a mission to promote better snacking by delivering natural and nutritious snacks straight to you, hassle-free, with over 50 amazing options to choose from, there’s something for everyone! All our snacks ingredients are natural and free from artificial flavouring and coloring. they are constantly reviewed by our in-house nutritionist and tagged with easy to read health badges to suit your lifestyle. A portion of the proceeds of every snack sold goes towards providing meals for the needy.
Pricing Snack packs start form $3.90, while subscription boxes start from $9.90 per box for up to 5 different snacks
Telephone +65 9771 6648
Types of snacks available
  • Build-your-own box option available
  • nut-free
  • baked yums
  • nut, seed, fruit mixes
  • chocolate
  • granola & toppers
  • chips & crunchies
  • savoury
  • low sugar
  • source of protein
  • source of fiber
  • below 120 calories
  • vegan
  • paleo
  • gluten free



Kind Kones Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks

Kind Kones

About In 2017… we started out by experimenting with vegan ice cream recipes in a no-frill family home kitchen. Our goal was to develop a nice cream that was better-for-you (and the planet!) than the conventional options available… and to prove that the vegan label or a healthier option does not mean you have to compromise on taste.

Our ice creams are now handcrafted in small batches (in a fancier kitchen!) from all-natural ingredients. Every flavour is free from dairy, soy, refined sugar, egg, preservative, and any artificial additives. The support for our product has been tremendous and we hope to be able to reach more people.

Pricing From $18.50 for a pint of ice-cream
Telephone  +65 9152 8855
Types of snacks available
  • Ice-cream
  • Cakes, breads, spreads
  • Plant-based nut mylks
  • Cookies and Kones



Seriously Keto Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks

Seriously Keto

About Seriously Keto is a wonderland of all things sugar-free. We are in the business of improving the overall wellbeing and quality of life for our peers, which begins with the omission of sugar from the everyday diet. Since we began this pursuit on the 14th of February 2019, we have created an increasingly large variety of products that all contain no added sugars, and are keto and paleo compliant, low-carb, diabetic-friendly, and gluten free.

Our highest priority is to provide products that embody both healthy nutrition and delicious taste.

Pricing From $4.40 for Ketobun sticks, $5.90 for cupcakes and $10.90 for a black sesame loaf
Telephone +65 9838 4047
Types of snacks available
  • Breads
  • Cupcakes/cakes
  • Condiments/spreads
  • Crisps, cookies, pretzel sticks
  • Drinks



BenBanter Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks


About We believe low carb is the future of healthy eating. Our BenBanter Singapore keto snacks and meal alternatives are fully compliant with low carb/keto principles. They’re also easy to prepare and great tasting. Whether you’re on the go or at home, BenBanter makes low carb living easy.

If you are what you eat, you want your food to be simple and honest. Our keto-friendly products are natural, with as little sugar and carbohydrate as possible. That’s what low carb living is all about. Here’s to the healthiest possible you.

Pricing From $11.50 for a box of seeded crackers and $15.50 for a pack of granola
Types of snacks available
  • Crackers
  • Desserts
  • Drink mixes
  • Granola
  • Keto bars



Amazin Grace Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks

Amazin’ Graze

About This is the story of three young women that came together because of their belief that food should be life-giving and empowering.

After working in many demanding corporate roles in Asia, Amy, Ching and Sabrina became increasingly frustrated at the unhealthy lifestyles and food options around them.

So one day, the three girls decided to take things into their own hands. After leaving their corporate jobs, they decided to create healthier food alternatives for this growing group of urban, ambitious & conscious community.

They began in their home kitchen and created a classic range of granolas and nut mixes that are still available today.

Today, a small dedicated team of food lovers work together to produce fresh, delicious foods and constantly innovate to take everyday food to a new level using only the best, most nutritious ingredients. The result? Food that nourishes, empowers, and gives consumers the confidence to discover themselves and the vibrant world around them.

Pricing From $5.90 for brownie chips and $7.90 for granola/nut butters
Telephone +60 17962 0758
Types of snacks available
  • Granolas
  • Nuts
  • Nut butters
  • Goodness bowls
  • Brownie chips



Snack First Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks


Snack later, diet first. It has always been known that snacks are bad for health and give you unnecessary calories, such as bah kwa, chocolates and egg rolls. We want to change your mindset as snacks do not have to be unhealthy.
Think about nuts, seeds, dried fruits and granola. They are so packed with goodness and able to supplement or even substitute a meal. The natural occurring antioxidants and other vitamins found in them can help to delay aging, fight cancer and lose weight. Of course, they have to be tasty too yet able to provide lots of nutritional benefits.
For people who are health and weight conscious, these super food are much more natural than taking vitamins. From pregnant mums to kids to bodybuilders and senior citizens, if you are taking a proactive effort to improve your health, then we are doing this for you.
Pricing From $6.90 for 20og of dried fruits and $7.90 for 200g of nuts
+65 6684 1769
Types of snacks available
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Beans/seeds
  • Cookies
  • Biscuits/rolls/puffs



Renew Snacks Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks

Renew Snacks

About I started experimenting hand-crafted healthy snacks at home for family and friends in my free time, choosing quality ingredients that I would feed them with. Receiving good feedback, I sold them at pop-up stalls and farmers’ markets. With customers’ encouragement and positive response, my first shop opened in 2017.

RENEW is my aspiration to be more thoughtful about our environment, bodies and spirituality. Hence, I am conscious about my products’ sources and packaging.

I dedicate RENEW to busy people who are always on the go and need that bit of nourishment to regain themselves. I’m always at corporate roadshows, pantries and at my shop to customise fresh snacks – so that an experiential approach will help us all become aware how our choices are better for us!

Pricing From $5 for a 100g of snack mixes, $7.90 for 100g of artisan nuts and $13.90 for gourmet nut butters
Telephone +65 8713 7037
Types of snacks available
  • Artisan snacks (gourmet nut flavours)
  • Nut butters
  • Trail mixes



Edible Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks

The Edible Co.

About The Edible Co is a Singapore based company with a passion for natural food made by hands, not machines. It started when founder, Genevieve, decided to recreate her father’s favourite pantry staple with less sugar after he underwent a triple bypass. She continued experimenting with wholesome ingredients to create healthier foods and soon became the catalyst for change in the way her family ate.

After ten years of crafting honest breakfast foods for her family, Genevieve decided it was time to dream a little bigger. The Edible Co was established in 2014 to share her passion with the community.

From the popular Coconut Gula Melaka granola to the pantry staple Cranberry Almond granola, TEC has since expanded its collection to include a range of nut snacks, kids biscuits, biscotti and paleo-friendly crunch, all with the heart of feeding people right.

We treat our hand-selected ingredients like family, with respect- that means no added nasties, colourings or in Genevieve’s own words, things her Momma wouldn’t put into their food. Just real honest eats for you and your loved ones.

Pricing From $5.90 for nuts/cookies and $11.90 for granola
Types of snacks available
  • Granola
  • Kids’ snacks
  • Nuts, nut mixes, cookies


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Wow Lah Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks



Wowlah is Singapore’s one stop shop for the diet you have chosen. May it be Keto, Paleo, Vegan or Gluten free.

Wowlah was born from our frustration of spending hours finding the right brands for our chosen diets and then realising the claims of some foods are not that same as the ingredients on the back of the packet. When searching for transparency we decided we needed to intervene and find a place where you could come and shop by your chosen diet and bring you and local suppliers together.

For those who are looking to transition to a new diet, why not try our Starter kits which will give you the basics that will transition your pantry over to your chosen diet.

At Wowlah we have no judgment about the diet you have chosen to live healthier; we understand each person is different and are here to support you by offering a one-stop shop to find the brands that are perfect for your chosen lifestyle.

Pricing From $3 for keto puffs, $4.80 for keto cookies, $7.90 for a pack of nuts, and $19.50 for gourmet granola

Contact  Tel: +65 6430 7721


Types of snacks available
  • Baking & Cooking
  • Beverages
  • Carb Substitutes
  • Condiments & Spreads
  • Grains & Bread
  • Meat Alternatives
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Oils
  • Snacks
  • Sweet Treats



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Snack Guru Top Healthy Snack Brands Singapore

Healthy Snacks

Snack Guru

About We go back to basics, and that means no refined sugar, cheap white flour, preservatives or additives in our products. From grass-fed beef jerky to delicious snack bars, our curated menu of gluten-free snacks represents our philosophy that great taste should not be compromised by eating clean.

Snack Guru is our way of sharing our lifestyle with you.
We help you keep to your high dietary standards while operating on beast mode/

Pricing From $4.95 for breakfast cookies, $7.90 for beef jerky and $8.90 for bread rolls
Types of snacks available
  • Bread
  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Desserts
  • Halal snacks
  • Beef jerky
  • Granola
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Sugar-free



Healthy Snacks


Pricing Contact here to inquire
Types of snacks available Healthy food and diet-friendly snacks!


Who should get healthy snacks?

In an ideal world, everyone should snack healthy, but that’s easier said than done. For those who find themselves trying to lose weight or trying to kick an unhealthy snack habit, getting healthy snacks is the way to do so.

More specifically, however, those on certain diets or with certain dietary requirements are the best consumers for healthy snacking. This includes those on keto, paleo and vegan diets – many snack brands have specific lines that cater to the strict nutritional requirements of such diets. Others who need their snacks sugar-free, gluten-free, halal or vegetarian will also find that these healthy snack brands offer them the best variety and flavour compared to the often-skimpy selection at supermarket aisles.

Delivery and subscription services

All the brands listed offer delivery services, and some, like Boxgreen, have even come up with subscription plans for consumers – for $9.90, a box of up to five different snacks chosen by you can be delivered to your address weekly or bi-weekly, saving the need for repeat orders.

The Edible Co offers a subscription plan for their granola packs, at $70 a month for six different flavours of granola.

Benefits of healthy snacking

  • Increasing nutrition and portion control

Having healthy snacks on hand is definitely beneficial for those who often get hungry between meals and find themselves reaching for junk food. Not only do they help you curb your cravings, they also help with portion control when you do eventually reach mealtime, because you’ll fill fuller and will therefore eat less. This contrasts with eating habits where you simply starve yourself till you reach mealtime, which is counterproductive to the goal of losing weight or eating healthy. Those on an empty stomach often go crazy packing on the calories during meals, which will only result in post-meal slumps and bloating.

Furthermore, healthy snacks are nutrient dense, especially with fibre and protein, and they can help you reach recommended intake levels for nutrients per day.

  • Providing energy

Healthy snacks help with replenishing blood sugar levels when they dip throughout the day, giving you sustained energy and focus to complete your daily activities. Sugary snacks like doughnuts and biscuits, while dense in calories, can only give you a short burst of energy (commonly known as a ‘sugar high’), but after the high inevitably comes the crash, leaving you feeling burnt-out and even worse than before.

Healthy snacks, on the other hand, contain healthy fruit sugars, whole grains and proteins that give you a sustained feel-good boost without the sudden dip in energy. Studies have also shown that foods rich in protein, healthy fats (like Omega-3) and vitamins lead to a boost in brain chemicals, increasing productivity and improving mood.

  • Convenience, accessibility and inclusivity

Those on diet plans or who have strict dietary requirements will find healthy snacks their best friends – not only do they break up the monotony of having the same kinds of meals daily, they’re also tasty and good for you. There’s something for everyone – whether you have celiac disease and are sensitive to gluten, or you’re vegan and lactose-intolerant, healthy snacks are made with the goal of catering to as many people as possible. This inclusiveness and ease of access with delivery services means you don’t need to face the same disappointment every time you look through grocery aisles at major supermarkets, only to find that there’s nothing suitable for your needs. Furthermore, healthy snack brands are brimming with variety – you’ll definitely find something that suits your tastes.

  • Good for kids

The growing child is active and requires a ton of nutrition to keep healthy and strong. Healthy snacks provide an alternative to the many junk foods sold at mini marts that might tempt your little ones. These snacks often come in small, individual bags, making it easy to store in your child’s lunchbox or school bag, and will help fill them up while they spend most of their day at school. Healthy snacks are full of essential vitamins and nutrients that will keep their energy going, and most importantly – it will foster good eating habits in your child.

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