Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024)

top hardware sales singapore

The right technological infrastructure is not just an option but a necessity for businesses aiming for the forefront of innovation in Singapore. As we step into 2024, understanding the nuances of hardware sales and support becomes crucial. This guide aims to shed light on the essential components, services, and strategies to empower businesses with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Computer hardware forms the backbone of any IT infrastructure. It includes both internal components like CPUs, hard drives, and motherboards, essential for processing and storing data, and external peripherals like monitors and keyboards, which facilitate input and output. This understanding helps businesses make precise decisions on what hardware is indispensable for their operations.

The HaaS model has gained traction, offering businesses a way to access the latest hardware without heavy upfront costs. Providers take charge of maintenance and upgrades, allowing companies to focus on growth without hardware constraints.

IT support services are vital for maintaining and troubleshooting a company’s technology infrastructure. From on-site repairs to remote network management, these services ensure that technology issues are resolved swiftly, minimizing downtime.

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Models of IT Support Services

  • Managed IT Services: Ideal for SMEs, this model offers a comprehensive suite of services for a monthly fee, helping businesses manage costs while ensuring their IT needs are met.
  • On-Demand Support: This model allows companies to request IT support as needed, paying only for the services used, providing flexibility for businesses with varying IT demands.
  • Proactive Support: Aims to identify and resolve IT issues before they become problems, ensuring the smooth operation of business technologies.

Choosing the right hardware involves more than just picking the latest technology. It requires a balance between performance, cost, and future-proofing. Businesses should consider both established and emerging vendors, focus on essential over optional upgrades, and ensure compatibility with existing systems.

Benefits of IT Support Services

Proactive IT support can transform a business’s operations, offering benefits like:

  • Operational Efficiency: By monitoring and maintaining IT infrastructure, support services can prevent downtime, improving overall efficiency.
  • Predictable Budgeting: Flat-fee structures allow businesses to plan their IT expenditures without surprises.
  • Focus on Core Operations: Outsourcing IT support lets businesses concentrate on growth and development, knowing their IT needs are in expert hands.

Different pricing models offer flexibility to fit various business needs:

  • Monitoring-Only: Offers basic services like network monitoring and reporting, ideal for businesses with minimal IT requirements.
  • Per-User and Per-Device: These models provide straightforward billing based on the number of users or devices, simplifying budgeting for IT support.
  • Tiered Pricing: Offers varying levels of support, allowing businesses to choose a package that fits their needs and budget.

Selecting an IT support provider is a critical decision. Consider factors like the range of services offered, industry experience, and the provider’s reputation. Understanding the terms of service level agreements (SLAs) and pricing models will also ensure that the chosen provider aligns with your business’s needs and expectations.

By focusing on these key areas, businesses in Singapore can effectively navigate the complex landscape of hardware sales and support. The goal is to create a technology infrastructure that not only meets current needs but is also scalable for future growth.

Here are the Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore:



Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Hardware Sales & Support Service

SYSNET System And Solutions

About Sysnet System and Solutions Pte Ltd stands as a distinguished provider in Singapore’s Information Technology sector, specializing in advanced technology solutions since 2004. The company thrives on a foundation built by a dedicated team of certified engineers, committed to surpassing customer expectations with innovative solutions.
  • Established Expertise: With nearly two decades in the IT industry, Sysnet has developed a comprehensive understanding of market demands and technological advancements.
  • Certified Team: A diverse team of IT specialists brings a wide range of skills to the table, ensuring tailored solutions for every client.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The company’s guiding principle is to exceed client expectations, a commitment that has shaped its services and client relationships.
  • IT Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions: Offering robust IT infrastructure and cloud computing services to ensure businesses operate efficiently and scale seamlessly.
  • Cybersecurity Measures: Providing cutting-edge network and IT cybersecurity solutions to protect client data and systems against evolving threats.
  • Around-the-Clock Support: With a 24/7 HelpDesk, Sysnet ensures that businesses receive immediate assistance whenever they need it, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.
  • Custom Software Development: Specializing in creating bespoke software solutions that align with specific business needs, enhancing operational efficiency.
Address 237, Pandan Loop, #03-07, Westech Building,

Singapore 128424.

Telephones (65) 67730273
Review 1 “One of the best companies in the world and can learn a lot of technology as they are one of the comprehensive IT solutions providers ,Management are very friendly and a Lot of professional people are working in this company”
Review 2 “Good staffs to work around with them”
Review 3 “The perfect place to start”


apixel Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service


About Founded in 2004, Apixel IT Support Services has been steadfast in its mission to provide unparalleled IT support to businesses in Singapore. Transitioning from the traditional break-fix support model to managed IT services in 2005, Apixel has continually evolved to align technology solutions with business goals, setting a new standard in proactive IT management.
  • Dedicated to Quality: From its inception, Apixel has been focused on delivering high-quality IT infrastructure services, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.
  • Proactive Approach: Recognizing the limitations of reactive IT support, Apixel pioneered managed IT services in Singapore, ensuring businesses enjoy uninterrupted operations.
  • Core Values Driven: Every decision and action at Apixel is guided by core values emphasizing trust, swift action, and custom solutions, fostering long-term client relationships.
  • Managed IT Support: Transitioning businesses from reactive to proactive IT management, ensuring operational efficiency and preventing downtime.
  • Custom IT Solutions: Tailoring specific IT strategies that align with business objectives, Apixel crafts bespoke solutions for each client.
  • Data Security & Theft Prevention: Specializing in robust security measures to protect businesses from data breaches and cyber threats.
Address 10 Marina Boulevard#39-01 MBFC Tower Two

Singapore 018983

Telephones (65) 6639 1839
Email E-mail:
Operating hours Mon-Sat 830am-530pm
Review 1 “Apixel It support team is really amazing and handle my requirements and solve all the issues. THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS REALLY AMAZING… I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.”
Review 2 “I’ve had so many ‘a-ha’ moments with Apixel. Like, when I first discovered how it was possible to lower hardware purchase costs, how we didn’t need to buy all the hardware by shifting to the cloud and many others.”
Review 3 “Best IT support service provider. Highly recommended.”


Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Hardware Sales & Support Service

D&S Solutions

About D&S Solutions Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based IT solutions provider, is committed to aligning business visions with smart technology investments. With a focus on delivering professional and quality services, the company harnesses the best of skills and technology to meet the diverse needs of its clients, ensuring excellence in every solution offered.
  • Comprehensive IT Services: Offers a broad spectrum of IT services tailored to meet the specific demands of businesses, ranging from network management to custom software development.
  • Qualified Team of Experts: Employs a team of well-qualified IT engineers dedicated to providing technical consultancy and innovative enterprise solutions.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Partners with Asia’s leading distributors to supply a wide range of hardware and software solutions, ensuring quality and scalability.
  • Custom Web and App Solutions: Specializes in the development of bespoke websites and software applications designed to give businesses a competitive edge.
  • Enterprise IT Consultancy: Offers comprehensive IT consultancy services, leveraging a team of experts to deliver turn-key development and proof of concept.
  • Hardware Sales and Maintenance: In collaboration with top distributors, provides an extensive selection of IT equipment and commercial software, supported by expert maintenance and implementation services.
Address 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1,#02-96 North Spring Bizhub

Singapore 768089

Telephones (65) 6369 9920

Operating hours Mon – Fri: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Review 1 “Their bespoke web solutions have transformed our online presence, driving growth and enhancing our brand visibility.”
Review 2 “D&S Solutions’ IT consultancy services have been instrumental in streamlining our operations and improving our IT infrastructure.”
Review 3 “The level of support and maintenance provided for our IT equipment has been exceptional, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.”


cex corporate Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service

NEX CorporateIT

About Since its establishment in 2002, NEX CorporateIT has been at the forefront of revolutionizing IT outsourcing for businesses across Singapore. With a focus on providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions, the company serves a wide array of industries, leveraging a skilled team to offer sustainable IT strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  • Broad Industry Service: Tailors IT solutions for sectors including financial, healthcare, and manufacturing, demonstrating versatility and specialized expertise.
  • Client-Centric IT Outsourcing: Adopts a proactive approach to IT management, aiming for operational excellence and cost efficiency in client services.
  • Innovative Technology Implementations: Constantly evolves its service offerings with new technologies to enhance client network optimization, security, and infrastructure.
  • Integrated Communications Services: Ensures seamless internal and external communications through advanced, encrypted communication tools and infrastructure.
  • Project Management and Consultancy: Delivers projects efficiently with a dedicated team, emphasizing agility and adherence to realistic timelines and budgets.
  • Customized Enterprise Solutions: Focuses on crafting IT solutions personalized to each business’s requirements, balancing network security with operational needs.
Address No.1 Pemimpin Drive,#04-04 / #05-04 Singapore 576151
Telephones (65) 6296 0703
Review 1 “One of the best local cybersecurity services company. I had the privilege to work with them. Definitely a valuable business partner.”
Review 2 “I’m so happy with this company service.. Recommend for who need a good IT company”
Review 3 “Excellent IT support. Responsible and proactive team.”


Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Hardware Sales & Support Service

Win-Pro Consultancy

About Win-Pro Consultancy Pte Ltd, established in 1993, stands out as a dedicated and innovative IT managed services provider in Singapore. With operations spanning across three major cities and plans for further expansion, Win-Pro is committed to creating high-value job opportunities while delivering top-tier IT support, consulting, and solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.
  • Pioneering IT Solutions: Since its inception, Win-Pro has been pivotal in transforming IT managed services with a focus on reliability and cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • Expansive Industry Coverage: Catering to a broad spectrum of sectors including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, showcasing their versatility and industry expertise.
  • Commitment to Expansion and Community: Continually seeking to extend their reach, Win-Pro aims to open new city center offices to foster job creation and contribute positively to community development.
  • Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Support: Win-Pro excels in offering holistic IT support including desktop, server, network, cloud, and security support, ensuring seamless operational workflows.
  • Expert IT Consulting Services: With a keen focus on bridging the gap between business strategy and technological execution, Win-Pro’s consulting team offers bespoke solutions that drive organizational success.
  • Advanced IT Solutions: Embracing the latest in IT advancements, Win-Pro provides solutions like remote monitoring and management (RMM), cloud endpoint security, and unified communication systems to keep businesses ahead of the technological curve.
Address Blk 1003 Bukit Merah Central#05-17 Inno Centre

Singapore 159836

Telephones (65) 6717 8729
Operating hours Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “The Win-Pro team led by Ronald provided a very high value-add full suite service of IT infrastructure services including deep dive discovery, audit, recommendation and execution to allow our firm to transit to M365 without hiccups. The IT support team is prompt and knowledgeable as well. In particular I would like to commend Kelvin Kuah for his patient guidance and service! Highly recommend!”
Review 2 “Bought a Jabra speak phone 510 from Win-Pro as lot of places were out of stock. Communicate via email with Vivian. She was very professional and replied to my email almost immediately. Guidance and alternative payment methods was also provided to me when I faced challenges making online purchases. All-in, got the speaker phone within 24 hours after making initial enquires. Thanks, Vivian!”
Review 3 “I am completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Prompt in response. Every issue arise is being solved in patience manner and ensure that customer is contented with the result. Keep up the good work! Highly recommended.”


connect bit Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

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Hardware Sales & Support Service


About Connectbit Pte Ltd is a dynamic force in the IT industry, renowned for delivering tailored technology solutions that simplify and enhance workplace operations. Recognized as the go-to partner for startups, SMEs, and MNCs in Singapore, Connectbit combines a passion for solving complex IT challenges with a commitment to technology that is both accessible and engaging.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Dedicated to providing technology that works for every client, making operations smoother and more efficient.
  • Expert Team: Boasts a team of technology enthusiasts with over a decade of experience in mastering and implementing effective IT solutions.
  • Proven Track Record: Trusted by esteemed organizations, indicative of their reliability and expertise in the IT field.
  • Tailored IT Services: Offers comprehensive IT solutions, ensuring each client’s IT infrastructure operates seamlessly.
  • Quality & Reliable IT Maintenance: Provides dependable maintenance services, guaranteeing minimal downtime and optimal performance.
  • Website Growth Strategies: Employs innovative strategies to enhance website visibility and reach, catering to the digital needs of businesses.
Address 192 Pandan Loop #06-05Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128381
Telephones (65) 6776 0016
Review 1 “Thank you Cheefoo and team for all your help and patience on IT matters, especially most of us are not too IT savvy.”
Review 2 “The team created an awesome ecommerce website design. Prompt response and understand our requirements well. Thumbs up.”
Review 3 “Very sincere and willing to do more than its required for my service , really try to understand our trade before doing the project which i personally feel its important .”


IT Desktop Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service

IT Desktop Support

About IT Desktop Support Services, headquartered in Singapore, is a premier provider of comprehensive IT solutions, dedicated to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of business IT infrastructures. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, their experienced technicians offer unparalleled support for technical issues, ensuring businesses can operate without interruption and maintain a stable computing environment for their staff.
  • Expertise Across Industries: Demonstrates a deep understanding of various technical challenges and solutions across different sectors, ensuring tailored support for every client.
  • Comprehensive Support Solutions: From desktop management to complete virtual server replication, they cover all aspects of IT infrastructure maintenance.
  • Focus on Efficiency and Reliability: Prioritizes creating a consistent and stable computing environment, addressing issues before they impact business operations.
  • Managed Desktop Services: Ensures businesses have smooth operational IT systems, including software, hardware, and network support.
  • Migrations and Operating System Upgrades: Offers expert assistance in rolling out new operating systems or updates, ensuring minimal disruption and optimized performance.
  • Anti-Virus and Backup Management: Provides robust anti-virus solutions and secure data backup strategies to protect against data loss and security breaches.
  • Remote Desktop Support: Delivers comprehensive remote support services, enhancing control over IT infrastructure and facilitating business growth through efficient IT resource management.
Address Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-06E, Singapore 308900
Telephones (65) 6690 3275
Operating hours Mon-fri 9am-6pm
Review 1 “They are able to deliver professional office relocation services. Everything was well-organised. My IT equipment was well-setup in my new office. People are easy to work with. Highly recommended for SMEs who are looking to relocate their office.”
Review 2 “Their dedication to preemptively tackling IT issues has transformed our workflow, significantly reducing downtime.”
Review 3 “The level of customized support and attention to detail provided by IT Desktop Support Services is unmatched in the industry.”


managed IT Asia Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service

Managed IT Asia

About Managed IT Asia has been at the forefront of IT service provision in Singapore, consistently ranked among the world’s most elite Managed IT Service Providers since 2021. Their dedicated team focuses on offering comprehensive IT solutions and support, emphasizing proactive prevention and reactive support for small businesses across various industries.
  • Award-Winning Service: Celebrated for excellence in managed IT services for three consecutive years, showcasing their commitment to quality and innovation.
  • Comprehensive IT Solutions: Offers a broad spectrum of IT services, including managed cloud services, data backup, and IT outsourcing, catering to the diverse needs of small businesses.
  • Specialized in Small Business IT: With over 80% of their clientele being small businesses, Managed IT Asia has tailored their services to meet the unique IT needs of this segment effectively.
  • Managed IT Services: Delivers all-encompassing IT asset management for a monthly flat fee, combining proactive prevention with responsive support.
  • Cloud Management: Expert advice and support on cloud integration, ensuring businesses make informed decisions before transitioning to cloud-based solutions.
  • Data Protection and Backup: Prioritizes data security through robust backup management services, safeguarding against data loss and supporting disaster recovery efforts.
Address 60 Kaki Bukit Place#06-02 Eunos Techpark, Singapore 415979
Telephones (65) 6748 8776
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-5:30 pm
Review 1 “Happy with them. They care for the technology and the business. Built good relationships.”
Review 2 “Would recommend. They care for the small business”
Review 3 “They provide us with single point of contact for all my IT needs. With a dedicated professional, its like having my own IT team at my fingertips. You can’t ask for anything more.”


eVantage Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service

eVantage Technology

About eVantage Technology is a leading IT solutions provider based in Singapore, renowned for offering bespoke and effective IT services to businesses across Asia. Known for their commitment to exceptional service, they leverage extensive technological experience to deliver solutions that precisely meet the diverse needs of their clients, ensuring their IT infrastructure is robust, secure, and efficiently managed.
  • Trusted IT Solutions Provider: Renowned for delivering customized IT services that enhance operational efficiency and security.
  • Diverse Industry Expertise: Possesses a broad understanding across various sectors, ensuring solutions are tailored to specific business needs.
  • Dedicated to Exceptional Service: Prides itself on providing outstanding service, with a focus on quality and relevance.
  • Comprehensive Cloud Solutions: Offers expert cloud migration services, ensuring smooth and hassle-free transitions to cloud computing.
  • Effective IT Project Management: Provides turnkey project management for ICT disciplines, simplifying complex projects with professional oversight.
  • Robust IT Security Services: Delivers a wide array of security services, protecting data and minimizing vulnerabilities to cyber threats.
  • Responsive IT Support Services: Backed by a team of experienced engineers, they provide extensive IT support, ensuring businesses can focus on their core objectives without IT distractions.
Address 1 Sims Lane, #04-08 Singapore 387355
Telephones (65) 6749 5450
Operating hours Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Review 1 “eVantage Technology has significantly transformed our IT landscape. Their approach and solutions have brought about a new era of efficiency within our operations.”
Review 2 “The professionalism and expertise eVantage Technology brings to the table are unmatched. Their IT support has been a cornerstone of our business’s success.”
Review 3 “Choosing eVantage Technology was a pivotal decision. Their dedication to understanding our needs and delivering tailored solutions has been instrumental in our growth.”


Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4

Hardware Sales & Support Service

A-ChieveMent Solutions

About A-ChieveMent Solution (S) Pte Ltd (ACM) stands as a distinguished Corporate IT Solutions Provider in Singapore, catering to a diverse clientele across various industries. With a strong commitment to making IT systems work efficiently for businesses of all sizes, ACM aims to deliver top-notch systems at an affordable rate, ensuring pleasant interactions and keeping clients abreast of IT world changes.
  • Comprehensive IT Support: Offers a broad range of IT services, including maintenance, solutions, and cloud computing support, tailored to sustain business objectives.
  • Client-Focused Approach: Known for rapid remote desktop support and personalized service, ensuring a satisfying and productive partnership.
  • Advanced IT Solutions: Utilizes cutting-edge technology like Cloud Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to deliver seamless IT operations.
  • Managed IT Services: Features a monthly Managed IT service that allows businesses to focus on growth while ACM handles IT maintenance.
  • Cloud Computing Expertise: Provides full support for cloud computing adoption, including design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Offers Virtual Desktop solutions that deliver a comprehensive range of applications in one easy solution.
  • Customized IT Maintenance Plans: Tailors IT Maintenance Plans to cater to diverse IT needs and budgets, ensuring flexibility and affordability.
Address Blk 18 Sin Ming Lane#08-01 Midview City Singapore 573960
Telephones (65) 62-9559-62
Operating hours Open 24 Hrs
Review 1 ‘The service provided by ACM is exceptional. I was struggling to manage my domain, accounts, and email for a few days, so I engaged their service. Their helpdesk assisted me in the whole process and managed to fix it within 10 minutes after the phone call. Everything was done perfectly. I would highly recommend their services to everyone.”
Review 2 “ACM provides professional office relocation services. Everything was perfectly organized. In my new office, my IT equipment was well-organized. Highly recommended for SMEs wishing to relocate their offices 👍 👍”
Review 3 “A great IT outsourcing partner that you can trust for your company. A-ChieveMent is not only a managed IT outsourcing company but also one that has professional and good IT consultants whom you can trust.”


cordeos Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service


About Cordeos, a pioneering IT consulting and outsourcing firm, originated in Tokyo, Japan, and has expanded its exceptional services across nine countries, including a significant presence in Singapore. Dedicated to revolutionizing IT consulting, design, and outsourcing, Cordeos focuses on a customer-first approach, providing enterprise-level solutions with a touch of local expertise to industries like Finance, Advertising, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Energy.
  • Regional Expertise with Local Insight: Offers unparalleled IT services across Asia, catering to a diverse industrial clientele with tailored IT solutions.
  • Comprehensive IT Outsourcing Services: Embraces a next-generation service model to redefine business perspectives on IT outsourcing.
  • Security-First Approach: Implements all services with paramount security, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.
  • Cloud Solutions and Storage: Guides businesses through cloud adoption, optimizing networks for cloud efficiency and security.
  • MAS Compliant Outsourcing: Delivers service agreements and support meeting all Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requirements for IT outsourcing.
  • VoIP and Telephony Systems: Designs and supports a wide range of VoIP solutions, catering to diverse communication needs.
  • Support for Mac-Based Businesses: Provides comprehensive management and support for Apple ecosystems within businesses.
Address 19 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089485
Telephones (65) 6372-8660
Operating hours Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Review 1 “We really enjoy working with Cordeos and appreciate their quick and accurate support. Thanks to the team our system has been very stable so far and we could concentrate to grow our business.”
Review 2 “It was great working with (Cordeos) and we appreciate everything you did for us… I know it wasn’t easy but you guys pushed through it and made it happen.”
Review 3 “Absolutely amazing. Thanks for the hard work, diligence and thinking everything through for us. The performance and impact of our regional systems are much better than we ever expected.”


IT Solution Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service

IT Solution Singapore

About IT Solution Singapore stands as a beacon for businesses navigating the complexities of technological advancement and digital marketing. Located at the heart of Singapore’s Island in Novena, this company boasts extensive experience in web development, network, software, and infrastructure optimization, distinguishing itself as a leader in providing integrated IT and digital solutions.
  • Comprehensive IT and Digital Services: Specializes in a wide range of services from domain registration and web hosting to advanced digital marketing and SEO strategies.
  • Optimization Experts: Known for their proficiency in enhancing network, software, and infrastructure efficiency, alongside crafting impactful digital marketing campaigns.
  • Central Location: Strategically located in Novena, ensuring easy access for clients across Singapore and offering support to global customers as well.
  • Web Development and Hosting: Offers end-to-end web development services coupled with reliable hosting solutions to ensure a strong online presence.
  • Digital Marketing Mastery: Employs cutting-edge digital marketing techniques including SEO, content creation, and social media marketing to elevate brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • IT Support and Cloud Solutions: Provides comprehensive IT support services, new office IT setup, office IT relocation, and innovative cloud solutions for streamlined operations.
Address 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-07Singapore 308900
Telephones (65) 6690 3275
Operating hours Mon to Fri 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 “What a mind blowing service this company gives, I am shocked they are too good in their profession. I don’t even want to think twice before recommending this company to other professionals. . I’ve taken their website security package, which includes web monitoring, maintenance, and also ssl certificates in Singapore. They handled everything so nicely and did everything so smoothly that I am still stunned. They have amazing knowledge of what they are doing. Hats off and keep up the good work.”
Review 2 “We wanted a google workspace reseller for our business; more than the product, we were looking for good customer services since we’re currently limited in the workforce. Up until now, IT Solution has made it easy for us, and it hardly feels like we’re outsourcing. They’ve blended effectively with our team, and their costs are also what startups like us can afford.”
Review 3 “Best Services Ever! Having to purchase ssl for my blog website, I was almost lost. I’m 50, and I don’t know much about security technology; sometimes I even struggle with my own WordPress. However, as I contacted IT Solution, they put everything on a plate for me. They told me what SSL was, what I should be looking at, and gave feedback and transparent information about the product I was buying. Finally, they helped me choose the SSL and install it.”


rammp Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

website design banner

Hardware Sales & Support Service


About RAMMP IT Solutions Pte Ltd positions itself as a pivotal technology-driven IT consulting and service provider in Singapore. Their expertise spans across hardware and software solutions, LAN & WAN network implementation, IT support and services, software & web development, cloud solutions, and IT office automation services, offering a holistic approach to meet the technological needs of businesses.
  • Versatile IT Solutions: Specializes in delivering a comprehensive suite of IT services, including project management and legacy systems migration, tailored to streamline business operations.
  • Cloud Solution Expertise: As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Google Cloud Partner, RAMMP offers robust cloud-based solutions to facilitate flexible work arrangements and enhance productivity.
  • Comprehensive Hardware and Networking Support: Provides a wide array of IT hardware and cybersecurity solutions, ensuring businesses have the robust infrastructure they need to thrive.
  • IT Hardware and Security: Offers an extensive selection of customizable hardware and software products, along with cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses from digital threats.
  • Software and Web Development: Delivers customized software and web development services, leveraging in-depth technical skills and practical experience to create solutions that drive business growth.
  • Cloud Solutions for SMBs: Provides affordable and scalable cloud solutions for small and mid-size enterprises, allowing them to leverage cloud technology effectively within their budget.
  • IT Relocation Services: Offers comprehensive IT equipment relocation services, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime during office moves.
Address #20-11 Tong Eng Building101 Cecil Street Singapore 069533
Telephones (65) 6908 0668
Operating hours Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm
Review 1 “I worked as a college intern at RAMMP IT Solutions.

This has been my best experience thus far. The director was very accommodating and supportive. I don’t have much experience in IT, but they were happy to teach me and impart their technical skills when I had questions. The organisation is all about people-first and are very transparent.

This organisation is moving forward in a majorly positive direction with an amazing work culture. This company is worth working and also for an internship.”

Review 2 “We did a website through RAMMP IT Solutions and they did an excellent job. We use RAMMP for our all IT needs, and their services are really good and consistent. I strongly recommend.”
Review 3 “RAMMP has been taking care of our IT network from 2018 and providing us their best possible support. Trustworthy,”


Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5

Hardware Sales & Support Service


About Amnet Technology has established itself as a premier IT solutions provider in Singapore, harnessing the power of technology to propel businesses forward. With over 30 years of experience and a commitment to client satisfaction, Amnet boasts a track record of success, underscored by a professional team and a growing list of more than 500 satisfied clients.
  • Established Expertise: With over three decades in the IT industry, Amnet Technology brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.
  • Microsoft Solutions Partnership: As a recognized Solutions Partner of Microsoft, Amnet excels in integrating Microsoft’s cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance data security and productivity.
  • Comprehensive IT Services: Offers a wide array of services including infrastructure solutions, cyber security measures, and IT managed support, ensuring a full spectrum of IT needs are met.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Dedicated to delivering personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements, Amnet prioritizes quality service and client satisfaction.
  • Microsoft Solutions: Expertise in consultancy and implementation of Microsoft technologies to bolster business productivity and security.
  • Infrastructure Solutions: Delivers end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions, including server, storage, backup, and disaster recovery plans tailored for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments.
  • Cyber Security Solutions: Constructs comprehensive security programs to protect businesses from cyber threats, including firewall, email security, endpoint protection, and more.
  • IT Managed Services: Provides exceptional IT support services, offering both helpdesk and onsite support to ensure seamless technology integration.
Address Amnet Technology Pte Ltd60 Kaki Bukit Place #06-10/11/12 Eunos Tech Park Singapore 415979
Telephones (65) 6741 9822
Review 1 “Amnet Technology has been a valuable partner in helping us transform our IT infrastructure.
Their team of experts is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to delivering quality solutions.”
Review 2 “We have been working with Amnet Technology for several years now and have always been impressed with their professionalism and expertise. They have helped us streamline our operations and improve our overall efficiency.”
Review 3 “Amnet Technology has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, affordability, and customer service. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for reliable IT solutions.”


advantech Top Hardware Sales & Support Companies in Singapore

Hardware Sales & Support Service


About Advantech pioneers in providing innovative, high-quality, reliable computing and embedded solutions. Adhering to the “Good to Great” principle, the company enriches the intelligent planet with IoT technology, focusing on long-term success by committing to its core principles.
  • Innovative IoT Leader: Leveraging IoT technology to transform industries and enrich the planet.
  • Core Values and Culture: Emphasizes developing talent, honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Global Presence: A well-established footprint with a commitment to community contribution and environmental sustainability.
  • Pioneering Technologies: Continuously ahead in adopting and innovating new technologies to meet future trends.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Focused on creating value for customers with tailored solutions and services.
  • IoT Edge Intelligence Solutions: Advantech excels in providing cutting-edge IoT solutions that drive intelligence at the edge.
  • Industrial and Telecom Servers: Offers robust servers designed for industrial and telecom environments, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems: Specializes in solutions that enhance the efficiency and safety of transportation systems.
  • Embedded Solutions & Design-in Service: A leader in delivering embedded computing solutions and services for varied industrial applications.
  • Design & Manufacturing Services: Provides comprehensive design and manufacturing services, ensuring high-quality, innovative products.
Address 6 Serangoon North Ave 5, #03-08, Singapore 554910
Telephones (65) 6442 1000
Operating hours Mon-Fri 830 am-530 pm
Review 1 “Good quality and customer service. Recommend!”
Review 2 “Advantech has revolutionized our operations with their IoT solutions. Their commitment to innovation and quality is unparalleled.”
Review 3 “The reliability and performance of Advantech’s industrial servers have significantly improved our system’s efficiency.”


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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Proven Ecommerce Sales Strategies

Navigating ecommerce sales in 2024 requires agility and informed strategy. This guide cuts through the clutter to give you the straightforward, no-nonsense advice you need

Social Media

Using Instagram To Improve Ecommerce Sales

Boosting ecommerce sales through using Instagram to improve ecommerce sales is simpler than you might think. This article provides straight-to-the-point insights on how to harness


Top Social Media Platforms In Singapore

Seeking the pulse of Singapore’s digital realm? Find out which social media platforms are capturing attention and driving engagement in 2024. This article zeroes in



Using Instagram To Improve Ecommerce Sales

Boosting ecommerce sales through using Instagram to improve ecommerce sales is simpler than you might think. This article provides straight-to-the-point insights on how to harness

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