Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore

Hair care transcends the mere act of cleansing; it’s an art and science dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of hair’s natural beauty. Whether seeking to rejuvenate dull locks for a special occasion or embarking on a long-term quest for lustrous hair, the importance of a tailored hair care regime cannot be overstated. In Singapore’s humid embrace, where frizz is an uninvited guest, the right professional intervention can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your hair.

Modern hair treatments are akin to personalized potions, designed not just to coat the hair superficially but to penetrate deep, revitalizing from the inside out. Unlike everyday conditioners that offer temporary respite, professional treatments are potent elixirs, targeting the hair’s cortex to restore its integrity and luster. From moisture infusions to scalp therapies, these treatments are tailored to address specific concerns, guided by the expert hands of hair artisans.


A Guide to Selecting Hair Treatments

  1. Scalp Treatments: The foundation of healthy hair lies at the scalp. For those battling dryness or dandruff, targeted treatments can restore balance, encouraging hair growth and vitality.
  2. Moisture Treatments: Expose your hair to a surge of hydration, ideal for rescuing dry and brittle strands from the brink, fortifying them against breakage.
  3. Detox Treatments: Eliminate the residues of urban life with a treatment that purges chemicals and pollutants, restoring your hair’s natural sheen.
  4. Hair Glossing: For instant dazzle, glossing treatments cloak the hair in a reflective sheen, enhancing its color and texture without the commitment of permanent dye.
  5. Keratin Treatments: Combat frizz and welcome smoother, straighter hair with Keratin’s transformative power, harnessing the protein already present in your hair for lasting sleekness.


Keeping the Splendor Alive: Aftercare Tips

The journey doesn’t end with the salon visit. Maintaining the vitality of your hair requires a commitment to a healthy routine and lifestyle. From gentle combing of wet strands to regular trims that banish split ends, every step contributes to the longevity of your salon’s work. Embrace shampoos and conditioners that match your hair’s needs, and don’t underestimate the power of a balanced diet rich in hair-loving nutrients.

With Singapore’s unique climate challenging the vitality of our tresses, understanding and accessing the right hair care is more than a luxury—it’s essential. This guide not only navigates through the intricacies of hair treatments but also serves as your compass to the finest salons in Singapore for 2024, ensuring your hair’s brilliance is not left to chance.


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore

As we turn our attention to the sanctuaries of hair care excellence, the following salons stand out not just for their mastery in hair treatments but for their commitment to transforming hair care into a bespoke experience. Each salon is a haven where science and aesthetics converge, ensuring your hair not only looks but truly is, at its best.



Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Hair Salon

Yann Beyrie Hair Styling

About YANN BEYRIE combines Parisian elegance with modern hairstyling techniques, situated in the heart of Singapore. Founded by the visionary stylist Yann Beyrie, the salon offers a sanctuary for transformative hair experiences, employing cutting-edge technology and personalized approaches to hair care.
  • Cultural Fusion: A blend of Parisian chic with Singapore’s cosmopolitan vibrancy, offering a unique salon culture.
  • Expert Team: Staffed by internationally trained stylists with a passion for tailoring the perfect look for each client.
  • Innovative Techniques: Utilizes the latest in hair care technology to deliver exceptional results.
  • Luxurious Environment: Designed to offer a relaxing, indulgent experience for every visitor.
  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods.
  • Customized Haircuts and Styling: Tailored to complement individual face shape, lifestyle, and hair texture, ensuring a perfect cut every time.
  • Advanced Coloring Techniques: Offers vibrant, long-lasting colors that define character, utilizing premium dyes for radiant finishes.
  • Rejuvenating Hair Spa: A selection of treatments designed to hydrate, protect, and strengthen hair, including the exclusive Plumeria Trinity by YBP for deep nourishment.
  • Transformative Texturing Services: Expertise in permanent and temporary straightening treatments, including the formaldehyde-free Genesis anti-frizz treatment.
Address 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria #03-01D, Singapore 238877
Contact +65 9086 8848
Review 1 “After my visit, my hair has never felt more vibrant and healthy. The custom color is exactly what I wanted, and the overall experience was incredibly relaxing.”
Review 2 “The Plumeria Trinity treatment transformed my dry, brittle hair into soft, luscious locks. I’m amazed at the difference!”
Review 3 “From the moment I stepped in, I was treated with exceptional care. The haircut not only suited my style but also enhanced my hair’s natural texture.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Hair Salon


About Art-Noise Singapore, a jewel in Holland Village, is the celebrated international extension of Tokyo’s esteemed Art-Noise Beauty Salon. Established on 1 September 2014, this salon brings a touch of Japanese hair artistry and innovation to Singapore, promising an unparalleled hair care experience.
  • International Heritage: Originating from Tokyo’s competitive Ikebukuro area, Art-Noise boasts a legacy of excellence and innovation in hair care since 2003.
  • Expert Team: The salon prides itself on a team of six highly skilled stylists, each bringing the finest Japanese hairdressing techniques to Singapore.
  • Customized Solutions: With a deep understanding of Singapore’s climate and diverse hair types, Art-Noise offers personalized hair treatments and styles.
  • Innovative Products: Utilizing in-house developed shampoos and treatments, the salon ensures a unique and effective approach to hair care.
  • Non-Damaging Practices: Commitment to non-damaging chemical products, all made in Japan, guarantees the health and beauty of your hair.
  • Personalized Consultation: Every client’s journey begins with a thorough consultation to understand individual preferences, hair condition, and lifestyle needs.
  • Masterful Color Services: Whether seeking vibrant colors, subtle highlights, or grey coverage, Art-Noise’s stylists excel in creating the perfect shade for you.
  • Tailored Hair Treatments: A wide range of treatments are available, each designed to address specific hair concerns, ensuring your locks remain in optimal condition.
  • Exclusive Japanese Products: The salon’s commitment to using its own specially formulated products ensures that each treatment is both unique and effective.
Address 38A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277694
Contact +65-6463-3651
Review 1 “The personalized consultation really made a difference. My stylist understood exactly what I needed and the results were amazing.”
Review 2 “Never have I seen such attention to detail. The color service was exceptional, and my hair has never looked better.”
Review 3 “Art-Noise’s treatments have transformed my hair. It’s healthier, shinier, and the condition has improved remarkably.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Hair Salon

Aube Beauty Salon

About AUBE BEAUTY SALON, a distinguished Japanese beauty salon in Singapore, emerges from the expansive AUBE hair network, which boasts over 250 salons across Japan and 14 internationally. This salon exemplifies the pinnacle of Japanese beauty culture, offering unparalleled services in a serene atmosphere designed for ultimate relaxation and satisfaction.
  • Global Legacy: Part of a vast network with a solid foundation in Japan’s beauty industry, ensuring world-class standards.
  • Expert Japanese Stylists: A team of seasoned beauticians from Japan, bringing their profound expertise to Singapore.
  • Authentic Japanese Products: Commitment to using exclusively Japanese-developed treatments and products for all services.
  • Innovative Techniques: Introducing unique hair care methods, including the AUBE original cuts and organic head spa treatments.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Special lie-flat “YUME” shampoo stations designed to offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
  • Personalized Hair Solutions: Tailored cuts that enhance your natural bone structure and personal style, courtesy of AUBE’s original techniques.
  • Organic Head Spa: A serene treatment experience using all-natural Japanese products, aimed at maximizing your hair’s health and shine.
  • Sensitive Care: A selection of products and treatments specifically designed for those with sensitive hair or scalp, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • Authentic Japanese Experience: From equipment to chemicals, every element is sourced directly from Japan for an authentic beauty salon experience.
Address Check here
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “The transformation was beyond my expectations. The stylist not only understood my needs but also introduced me to the best hair care routine.”
Review 2 “Relaxing in the YUME shampoo station was a highlight. My hair has never felt this rejuvenated.”
Review 3 “Finally found a salon that caters to my sensitive scalp without compromising on style. The organic head spa is a must-try.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4

Hair Salon

Trimmings Salon and Spa

About Trimmings Salon & Spa, established in 2008 by Amanda, is a sanctuary dedicated to beauty and well-being. With a philosophy centered on the simplicity and purity of beauty, the salon offers a range of exceptional hair and spa treatments, guided by Amanda’s global experience and passion for excellence.
  • Foundational Philosophy: Embracing the natural beauty of every client with a focus on simplicity and honesty in beauty treatments.
  • Experienced Leadership: Amanda, with her international training and passionate approach, ensures a high standard of service.
  • Comprehensive Services: A blend of superior hair care and spa treatments designed to pamper and rejuvenate.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Continual upgrading of skills and services to meet the evolving needs of clients.
  • Personalized Care: Every treatment is tailored to reflect the individual’s unique beauty and preferences.
  • Tailored Beauty Treatments: Customized services that cater to the individual’s unique beauty needs, ensuring each client feels their best.
  • Expert Hair Care: From cutting-edge haircuts to nourishing treatments, each service is designed to enhance natural beauty.
  • Holistic Spa Experiences: Spa treatments that go beyond the surface to offer a deep sense of well-being and relaxation.
  • Passionate Team: A dedicated team, personally trained by Amanda, delivers exceptional service with every visit.
Address Check here
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “An oasis of calm and beauty, Trimmings Salon & Spa has transformed my approach to personal care. Highly recommend their holistic approach.”
Review 2 “The attention to detail and personalized service at Trimmings is unmatched. Amanda and her team truly make you feel beautiful.”
Review 3 “From the moment you step in, the experience is of pure relaxation and professional care. Their spa treatments are a must-try.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5

Hair Salon


About Urban Hair by Eugene Ong is a premier salon that champions the fusion of beauty, luxury, and style, under the experienced guidance of founder Eugene Ong. With four decades of international experience, the salon stands as a beacon of excellence in Singapore’s beauty landscape, offering a wide array of premium hair care services.
  • Distinguished Leadership: Directed by Eugene Ong, a stylist with international acclaim and decades of industry experience.
  • Exclusive Clientele: Known for serving A-list clients, including celebrities and business leaders, ensuring an elite service experience.
  • Innovative Space Design: Features private sanctuaries and stations designed for privacy, offering a luxury experience in a meticulously sanitized environment.
  • Holistic Beauty Services: Beyond legendary hair services, the salon now includes a hair spa, makeup, and nail services to meet all grooming needs in one visit.
  • Sustainability Focus: Committed to eco-friendly practices, offering organic products through an e-store for convenient access to quality care.
  • Expert Styling by Eugene Ong: Tailored hair solutions crafted by Eugene, drawing on his vast experience and creative vision.
  • Comprehensive Beauty Care: A full range of services from haircuts to makeup and nail care, ensuring clients receive holistic treatment.
  • Personalized Luxury Experience: Each client enjoys a private, tranquil space for their treatment, embodying the salon’s dedication to privacy and comfort.
  • Advanced Sanitation Practices: Ensures a safe and hygienic environment, reflecting the salon’s commitment to client well-being.
Address Check here
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “Very good service provided by the salon. I have an awesome stylist, Tea, who is skillful in making me look 5 years younger.”
Review 2 “I came to know Ms Sarah Lee by recommendation. I needed someone to fix my wrong hair dye tone and bad bob cut. So glad I came to Sarah, young but very professional, sharing with me how she diagnosed my hair situation and proposed to me the solution after hearing my needs too. She very carefully mixed a new color to get it right to suit my skin tone better. And to my amazement, she cleverly did a modification of my previous bad cut (already shorten when I see her) and transformed my hair into a great stylish bob.”
Review 3 “Janet has been providing me quality haircuts since 2011 when she was in Lush until working here as one of the stylists. She is best known for her precision haircuts, and I am always satisfied with the hairstyle everytime. As a customer, I feel pampered and valued whenever I visit here from the start until the end. Nice ambience too, although the previous location at the top floor of Tangs was way better and classier.”
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Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 6

Hair Salon

Chez Vous

About Chez Vous is a distinguished hair salon in Singapore, celebrated for its comprehensive approach to hair and scalp care. With over a decade of excellence, the salon is dedicated to delivering bespoke hair solutions using state-of-the-art technology and innovative treatments, ensuring every client leaves looking and feeling their best.
  • Dedicated Expertise: A team of stylists with at least ten years of experience, offering unparalleled skill in every treatment.
  • Innovative Hair Treatments: From the Synchronised Advanced Hair Rebuilder to Sugar Hair Lamination, Chez Vous pioneers in treatments that restore and enhance hair’s natural vitality.
  • Custom Scalp Care: Personalized scalp treatments addressing a variety of concerns, ensuring a healthy foundation for beautiful hair.
  • Luxury Spa Experience: An exclusive hair and head spa that promises not just aesthetic improvement but a serene escape for rejuvenation.
  • Award-Winning Services: Recognition in prestigious beauty awards, validating their commitment to excellence in hair care.
  • Bond Strengthening: The Synchronised Advanced Hair Rebuilder utilizes cutting-edge formulas to fortify hair’s structure.
  • Hydration Technology: Advante Water Treatment, known for its rapid absorption, delivers deep hydration and resilience to hair.
  • Revitalizing Treatments: Express Revitalising Supreme offers a quick yet profound infusion of moisture and smoothness.
  • Protective Lamination: Sugar Hair Lamination provides both internal repair and external protection, enhancing hair’s manageability and shine.
  • Advanced Scalp Care: A suite of scalp treatments, including the Double Scalp Treatment, tailored to individual scalp health needs.
Address Check here
Contact  Contact here
Review 1 “Eddy fixed my hair flawlessly after a horror hair-job-gone wrong crisis I ended up with from Bali. Highly recommended. I think I’ve found my regular go-to hair salon in Singapore, now!”
Review 2 “A huge amount of time was spent during consultation to understand my hair history, lifestyle, fears and hopes for my hair; while assessing my hair’s condition and face features. Really appreciate that.”
Review 3 “I’ve had bad experiences with hair colouring so many times at other hair salons. But, I loved the end results of my hair colour today. I am really glad that I’ve entrusted them with my pre-wed colouring!”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 7

Hair Salon

Bada Hair

About Bada Hair Singapore, nestled in the prestigious Mandarin Gallery, embodies the essence of innovation and creativity in hair styling. With a name that evokes the serenity and boundless possibilities of the sea, the salon is dedicated to transforming your hair experience, leveraging the expertise of world-renowned stylists and premium Japanese products.
  • Innovative Approach: Drawing inspiration from the vastness of the sea, Bada Hair is synonymous with limitless creativity and cutting-edge hair solutions.
  • Global Expertise: A team enriched with international exposure ensures every hair treatment is an amalgamation of global trends and techniques.
  • Premium Products: Commitment to quality is evident through the exclusive use of premium, carefully selected products for all hair services.
  • Comprehensive Services: From transformative haircuts to luxurious hair and scalp treatments, Bada Hair caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring personalized care.
  • Holistic Experience: Beyond hair care, the salon offers an array of services including Korean makeup, ensuring a full beauty makeover in a single visit.
  • Custom Hair Styling: Tailored haircuts and styles that reflect your individuality and enhance your natural beauty.
  • Advanced Colour Techniques: Expert application of vibrant colors, balayage, and creative coloring to elevate your look.
  • Revolutionary Treatments: Signature treatments like the Bada Cinderella Treatment and the Japanese Botanical Repair, designed to rejuvenate and fortify hair.
  • Scalp Care Excellence: Specialized scalp treatments, including intensive care and relaxation spas, to promote hair health from the roots.
Address 333A Orchard Road,
#03-13 Mandarin GallerySingapore 238867
Contact +65 8133 0818
Review 1 “I’ve never felt more confident about my hair. The transformation was not just visible but also deeply rejuvenating.”
Review 2 “The attention to detail and personalized care at Bada Hair made my experience truly exceptional. Highly recommend their services.”
Review 3 “From the serene ambiance to the expert styling, every aspect of Bada Hair speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 8

Hair Salon

Hair Studio Flamingo

About Hair Studio Flamingo offers a bespoke hairstyling experience tailored to thrive in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Infused with a mission to hand-pick the finest Japanese products, the salon ensures each style is not just visually appealing but also easy to maintain, reflecting a commitment to professional and personalized care.
  • Customized Hair Solutions: Focused on delivering hairstyles that are both attractive and manageable, regardless of Singapore’s challenging weather.
  • Quality Japanese Products: A curated selection of shampoos and treatments, chosen for their eco-friendliness and effectiveness.
  • Tranquil Salon Atmosphere: Designed with natural and green interiors, the salon invites relaxation and comfort, akin to a nature resort.
  • Expert Stylists: A team of professionals passionate about crafting the perfect look that suits your face shape, hair quality, and lifestyle.
  • Holistic Beauty Experience: Beyond hair, Flamingo extends its services to eyelash studios, offering meticulous customer service and techniques.
  • Professional Hair Styling: Tailored haircuts that enhance your individuality, suited for the local climate.
  • Premier Japanese Products: Exclusive use of top-tier Japanese shampoos and treatments for a customizable hair care routine.
  • Natural and Relaxing Environment: A unique salon experience under natural sunlight, promoting a serene escape from the bustling city life.
  • Comprehensive Beauty Services: From cutting-edge hair treatments to delicate eyelash services, ensuring a complete beauty makeover.
Address Check here
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “I got natural rebonding and a cut by Tomo. She’s a lovely, friendly and professional hairdresser. She understands customers’ needs/requirements well and knows trends very well. She’s also very friendly so sitting for more than three hours was not boring at all!”
Review 2 “Love this Hair Salon that is predominantly managed by Japanese Hairstylists. Every single hair stylist is extremely thoughtful and gentle. Tomo selected the colour for me and it turned out great!”
Review 3 “I have been going to Tomo at Flamingo Hair Studio for almost two years. She is very good at helping me find a good style and color for my hair. She is very responsive and pleasant. I always look forward to my hair appointments.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 9

Hair Salon

Kelture Aveda Hair Salon

About Kelture Aveda is a pioneering hair salon in Singapore, celebrated for merging the latest beauty trends with botanical innovations to prioritize client satisfaction. The salon is renowned for its personalized hair color services, expert advice, and a commitment to using premium Aveda products, aiming to deliver an exceptional hair salon experience that is both high-quality and accessible.
  • Botanical Innovation: Utilizes Aveda’s eco-friendly products, focusing on natural ingredients for hair care.
  • Customized Services: Offers personalized hair treatments, color services, and styling, tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Expert Team: A dedicated team of stylists with expertise in the latest hair care techniques and trends.
  • Affordable Luxury: Provides high-end services at competitive prices, making luxury hair care accessible to a broader audience.
  • Sustainable Practices: Committed to environmental care, aligning with Aveda’s global philosophy for wellness and sustainability.
  • Aqua Detox Treatment: A signature service designed to detoxify and rejuvenate hair, restoring its health and vitality.
  • Advanced Coloring Techniques: Expert color services that offer everything from trendy hues to natural shades, using Aveda’s innovative color products.
  • Holistic Hair Care: From precision cuts to nourishing treatments and rebonding services, all aimed at enhancing the hair’s natural beauty.
  • Undergrad Discounts: Special offers for undergraduates, ensuring students can enjoy premium hair care at reduced prices.
  • Men’s Grooming: A range of styling and grooming services catered specifically for men, reflecting the latest in men’s hair trends.
Address #05-07 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “Kelture Aveda transformed my hair with their Aqua Detox Treatment. My hair has never felt healthier.”
Review 2 “The color service at Kelture was exceptional. They helped me find the perfect shade, and my hair looks vibrant.”
Review 3 “Visiting Kelture Aveda is always a pleasure. Their team is professional, and the results are consistently fabulous.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 10

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Hair Salon

Cote Mi Nam

About COTE MI NAM, inspired by the South Korean term “kkotminam” or “flower boy,” represents a beauty and lifestyle salon offering a comprehensive Korean makeover experience. Surrounded by a floral garden-themed interior, the salon boasts a team of handsome professional stylists dedicated to transforming your look with an array of services including haircuts, coloring, perming, and rebonding.
  • Inspired Design: The salon’s floral garden-themed decor creates a tranquil atmosphere for a unique beauty experience.
  • Korean Beauty Expertise: Specializes in complete makeovers influenced by the latest trends in Korean drama and K-Pop.
  • Personalized Service: Professional stylists like Sawyer focus on individual hair concerns, offering tailored recommendations.
  • Signature Treatments: Known for the Global Milbon Smooth Treatment, ensuring clients leave with silky, revitalized hair.
  • Thoughtful Touches: Ends each session with a complimentary bouquet of fresh flowers, adding a memorable personal touch.
  • Comprehensive Hair Services: Offers a wide range of hair care services from cutting and styling to advanced coloring and chemical treatments.
  • Global Milbon Smooth Treatment: A popular choice for deep nourishment, featuring a hair wash, treatment application, and a relaxing head massage.
  • Korean Makeover Experience: Provides a full “kkotminam” experience, aligning beauty transformations with the elegance and charm of Korean aesthetics.
  • Floral Finishing Touch: Unique to COTE MI NAM, a complimentary bouquet of fresh flowers is provided to each client, enhancing the overall salon experience.
Address 200 Victoria St, #02-01
Bugis Junction, Singapore
Contact Contact: +65 8887 8801
Review 1 “Never felt more pampered and understood. Sawyer took great care of my hair, leaving it smooth and revitalized.”
Review 2 “The salon’s atmosphere is unlike any other, offering a serene escape. My hair has never looked better.”
Review 3 “Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers after my session was the cherry on top. COTE MI NAM truly knows how to make an experience special.”
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Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 11

Hair Salon

Skye Organic Hair Spa

About Skye Organic Hair Services is a sanctuary for hair rejuvenation and scalp care nestled in the bustling heart of Singapore. With a profound commitment to enhancing your natural beauty, Skye Salon combines expert techniques with organic solutions to ensure every client leaves feeling refreshed and revitalized.
  • Expert Hair and Scalp Care: Specializing in treatments that nurture the foundation of perfect hair, from detoxifying scalps to hair reconstruction.
  • Organic Approach: Dedicated to using chemical-free dyes and organic treatments, prioritizing the health and well-being of your hair.
  • Customized Treatments: Offering tailored packages that address a wide range of hair and scalp needs, including hair loss, sebum control, and organic hair thickening.
  • Experienced Team: A team of seasoned professionals skilled in creative cuts, coloration, and specialized scalp treatments.
  • Recognition: Celebrated and featured in various platforms for their outstanding services and contributions to organic hair care.
  • Signature Scalp Treatments: Including Scalp Purity Treatment and Signature Scalp Comfort, focusing on deep cleansing and relaxation.
  • Creative Organic Coloration: Expert coloring services using safe, organic dyes to achieve vibrant and healthy hair without damage.
  • Intensive Hair Loss Solutions: Tailored treatments like the Intensive Hair Loss Treatment to combat hair thinning and promote healthy growth.
  • Organic Hair Care: Unique offerings such as the Ginseng Extract Hair and Scalp Treatment, aimed at enhancing hair vitality organically.
Address Check here
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “Skye Salon’s organic approach transformed my hair. The Ginseng Extract treatment left my scalp feeling rejuvenated and my hair lusciously vibrant.”
Review 2 “After the Scalp Purity Treatment, my hair has never felt cleaner or more alive. The difference is truly remarkable.”
Review 3 “The personalized care and expert advice from Skye’s stylists have made a visible difference in my hair’s health and appearance.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 12

Hair Salon

Kim Robinson

About Kim Robinson Singapore, an extension of the esteemed flagship salon in Hong Kong, stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to beauty, skill, and innovation that the Kim Robinson brand is renowned for globally. Specializing in hair, makeup, and bridal services, the salon is celebrated for its unique ‘dry cut’ technique, which tailors styles to the natural flow of the hair for enduring elegance.
  • Pioneering Beauty: At the forefront of Asian haircare, leveraging over 40 years of research and innovation.
  • Signature ‘Dry Cut’ Technique: A bespoke cutting method that enhances the hair’s natural texture and flow.
  • Luxurious Experience: Known for providing a high-end, pampering salon experience in the heart of Singapore.
  • Expert Team: Led by Kim Robinson, a world-leading hair maestro, alongside a team of skilled stylists.
  • Central Location: Situated in Ngee Ann City, offering convenience and accessibility for clients.
  • Custom Hair Services: From precision dry cuts to tailored hair treatments, focusing on the unique needs of Asian hair.
  • Bridal and Makeup Services: Offering a comprehensive range of beauty services for special occasions.
  • Luxury Hair Care Products: A curated selection of premium hair care products designed to meet the specific needs of Asian hair.
  • Exclusive Salon Experience: A commitment to unparalleled service, ensuring each visit is memorable and transformative.
Address 391 Orchard Rd, #02 – 12E, Singapore 238872
Contact  Contact here
Review 1 “Kim Robinson Singapore has transformed my hair with their unique dry cut technique. Absolutely love the natural flow and style!”
Review 2 “The level of pampering and care at Kim Robinson is unmatched. My hair has never looked better, thanks to their expert team.”
Review 3 “Finding a salon that truly understands Asian hair was a gamechanger for me. Kim Robinson Singapore is in a league of its own.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 13

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Hair Salon

Salon Vim

About Salon Vim stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in Singapore’s hairdressing scene. Since its establishment in 2009, it has carved a niche for itself as a leading salon, partnering with L’Oréal Professionnel and styling for high-profile events like Audi Fashion Week & SG Fashion Week.
  • Commitment to Innovation: Regularly introduces new treatments and services to stay at the forefront of hairdressing trends.
  • Expert Team: Boasts a highly energetic and enthusiastic team, receiving and providing global training to ensure top-notch service.
  • Extensive Service Range: Offers a wide array of hair services including exclusive treatments like the Texture Control Anti Frizz Treatment and Scalp Revival Spa.
  • Customized Approach: Every service is tailored to individual hair texture and condition, ensuring personalized care.
  • Reputed Collaborations: Honored as one of L’Oréal Professionnel’s flagship stores and chosen stylist for renowned labels.
  • Advanced Hair Treatments: Including the Texture Smooth Double Hair Treatment and Texture Care Collagen Hair Treatment for comprehensive hair care.
  • Signature Scalp Services: Offers treatments like Scalp Revival Spa and Renewal Light Therapy, focusing on scalp health.
  • Creative Hair Styling: Known for innovative styles inspired by the runway, suited for Singapore’s cosmopolitan clientele.
  • Education and Training: Prioritizes ongoing education to keep the team’s skills sharp and up-to-date with the latest techniques.
Address 435 Orchard Rd, #02-01B, Singapore 238877
Contact +65 8868 4982
Review 1 “Salon Vim transformed my hair with their Texture Control Anti Frizz Treatment. A game-changer for managing my hair!”
Review 2 “The personalized approach at Salon Vim made me feel special. Their expertise in selecting the right treatment for my hair type was impressive.”
Review 3 “From the booking process to the final look, my experience at Salon Vim was seamless. Their team is truly at the top of their game.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 14

Hair Salon

Picasso Hair Studio

About Picasso Hair Studio, with its locations in Bugis and Novena, Singapore, is renowned for specializing in perms and creative coloring. The studio prides itself on a team of experienced hair designers trained to accentuate natural beauty by recommending hairstyles that complement individual face shapes, skin tones, and personal styles.
  • Personalized Hair Analysis: Tailored approach in analyzing face shape, height, built, and skin tone to recommend the perfect hairstyle and color.
  • Perms & Creative Coloring Specialists: Expertise in creating hairstyles that bring out each client’s natural beauty, using innovative techniques.
  • Comprehensive Service Offering: A wide range of services including haircuts, treatments, and styling for both men and women.
  • Unique Client Experience: Known for the Picasso Experience, where attention to detail and client satisfaction are paramount.
  • Award-Winning Salon: Recognized for excellence within the hairdressing industry and featured in various accolades.
  • Face Shape and Skin Tone Analysis: Utilizing detailed analysis to recommend hairstyles and colors that best suit the client.
  • Creative Hair Designing: Offering a variety of styles from classic cuts to modern perms and coloring techniques.
  • Signature Hair Treatments: Including the Scalp Detox, Luxury Treatment, and Keratin Treatment for ultimate hair rejuvenation.
  • Customized Hair Solutions: Tailoring services such as the Korean Wave Perm, Digital Perm, and Balayage Highlights to individual preferences.
Address Check here
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “Had my hair done by Wallace, he is super professional and did a great job!! Wallace did a super nice colour + C curl after taking into considerations of my preferences, lifestyle Definitely will go back!”
Review 2 “Evon’s expertise in hair coloring and styling is unmatched. The highlights she gave me were just perfect.”
Review 3 “My hair style and color was styled by the experienced and patient Evon. I really love the color she dyes my hair every time. Highly recommended.”


Top Hair Treatment Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 15

Hair Salon

Walking On Sunshine

About Walking On Sunshine offers a unique garden-themed salon and café experience, combining top-notch Korean beauty services with a relaxing atmosphere in Orchard Central, Singapore. Emphasizing a holistic approach to beauty, it stands out as a one-stop destination for those looking to indulge in hair and makeup services while enjoying the serene café environment.
  • Garden-Themed Ambiance: A refreshing and Instagram-worthy setting that enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Comprehensive Korean Beauty Services: Specializes in a wide range of hair services, including cuts, coloring, perming, and scalp treatments, alongside professional Korean makeup services.
  • Experienced Stylists: A team of skilled stylists trained to tailor services to individual face shapes, skin tones, and personal preferences.
  • Innovative Hair and Scalp Treatments: Offers treatments like the Global Milbon Smooth and Cinderella Treatment for revitalized and healthy hair.
  • Café Concept: Unique combination of beauty salon and café, allowing customers to enjoy delicious meals and drinks during their beauty treatments.
  • Personalized Hair Styling: Expert haircuts and styling services that are customized to enhance each client’s natural beauty.
  • Creative Coloring and Perming: Specialized in Korean perm and color techniques to achieve natural-looking waves and vibrant colors.
  • Advanced Hair and Scalp Treatments: A selection of treatments designed to address hair damage and scalp health for rejuvenated hair.
  • Korean Makeup Services: Professional makeup services for various events and occasions, ensuring a flawless and natural look.
Address 181 Orchard Rd, #03-07
Orchard Central,
Singapore 238896
Contact Contact here
Review 1 “Overall, very satisfied with my experience here. Luna is very detailed and paid attention to all my needs. Will definitely come back again to get my hair done with Luna. Thank you Luna. Highly recommend Luna!!”
Review 2 “Wonderful ambience. Excellent food quality! Really enjoyed ourselves. Special mention to Michelle Lee for taking so good care of us! Her recommendation of food was spot on! Thank you for such an excellent experience.
I will definitely come back.”
Review 3 “Good place. Great ambience. Love the place and the service staff were all very friendly and nice. The breakfast service was superb. All the items are very fresh and delicious. First time trying dalgona coffee and I really love it. The soufflé pancakes were off the charts. Great dessert after a mouth watering breakfast set. Definitely recommend this place. Please call and book for a table. Definitely would come back here again!”


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