Top Hair Salons In Singapore

There are plenty of hair salons around Singapore. You might be surprised to know that hair salons aren’t just for women, men can benefit from visiting hair salons too! 

Can Men really benefit from visiting Hair Salons? 

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Yes! Tell it to your husband, boyfriends or brothers! If they prefer sticking to the same, short, easy-to-maintain haircut, barbers will reign as the kings. However, if they plan to keep a long hair for a more striking style, with colours dyed onto the strands, salons would win, hands-down. 

The hairstylists at salons would usually provide better advice to help him choose the most suitable hairstyle to his face shape. 

6 Ladies Hair Trends that will Radiate Brightly in 2020 

Before we present to you the top 20 hair salons in Singapore, why not check out these 6 hairstyles for some inspiration? A change of hairstyle could also add a boost to your self-image and confidence! 

French Bob

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Starting off the list, we present something for those with shorter hair. Sophisticated and filled with sass, the French Bob gives off an independent, intellectual and creative look. This short hairstyle is excellent for ladies with a heart-shaped face. 

Asian Pixie Cut 

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Here’s another bonus for those of you with short hair! An Asian Pixie Cut will make you look youthful while maintaining the playful and independent spirit in you! 


If you have medium hair length and have no idea whether to grow it longer or take a risk to cut it short, why not maintain it and add some bangs? 

Never underestimate those locks of hair dropping over your forehead, different types of bangs can help accentuate many parts of your face! Why not check with your hairstylist to find out which bangs best suits you, or should I say “bangs” for your buck? 

Mermaid Waves 

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The Mermaid Waves is excellent for ladies with longer hair. It brings out a cheery disposition in you. 

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For the daring ones who wish to stand out from the crowd, try dying your hair burgundy or purple and braiding it with cornrows on the side! Of course, these extra steps comes with lots of maintenance! 

One Length 

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Made famous by Asian-American Comedienne Awkwafina and Style Icon Kim Kardashian, this is what a Bob Cut would look like on someone with long hair. It’s an opportunity for you to flaunt your rich and silky hair.

The Rachel  

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The 90s make a comeback with one it’s most recognisable sitcom characters, Rachel Green of Friends. Characterised by the use of layers, The Rachel has roots from the 70s Shag hairstyle. 


Jin Hair Beauty Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Jin Hair

  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Perm
  • Hair Treatment
  • Scalp Treatment
Pricing Click here to view

Address 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre #B1-63, Singapore 058357
Telephone +65 9687 7613
Operating Hours 10am–8pm daily
Review 1 Brilliant service and all round attentiveness to details. A personification of professionalism.
Great customer service and experience from the get go.
Great follow up as well to make sure that my recently bleached and dyed hair fades well.
All in all an excellent experience and certainly my go to hair salon located right in the heart of Chinatown.
A certain recommend. Keep up the excellent work!
” –Justin Lu
Review 2 “Dropped by Jin Hair for the first time for a bleaching + dyeing session. Initially, it was quite unfortunate because the hair colour did not turn out as intended & failed to meet expectations. However Pris was super responsible & nice about it… and she provided me a (2nd) free toning session to correct & fix the colour. Appreciate the customer service here. Recommend 💯

Ps: Walk round the corner if you happen to be standing in front of a travel agency and can’t seem to find the shop!! I had a hard time too.” –Mei Xi Tan

Review 3 “Great mother daughter team! Very professional and friendly. Would recommend!!” –Beth Y


Lee Kaja Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Leekaja Beauty Salon 이가자 뷰티 살롱

Speciality Cinderella Treatment
Pricing Click here to view
Address 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery #03-13, Singapore 238867
Telephone +65 8133 0818
Operating Hours 10am–8pm daily
As Seen On
  • Sonia Chew (Mediacorp Artiste)
  • Ju Ann (Influencer)
Review 1 “Had a haircut and Cinderella Treatment (CT) (gentle keratin) with Jun today, first time. Originally I came here for the treatment but my hair was in dire need of a trim so I thought why not. And I love the result. My hair feels silky smooth but not flat. I liked that Jun took the time to understand my expectation and explained the difference between regular keratin and CT. To me that’s important. I would definitely come back. Doesn’t hurt that the ambience and service are great as well. Loved the little coffee biscuits baked in house.”
Review 2 “Lovely hairsalon! 😍 What a pleasure to have Ted looking after my hair, spontaneously booked an appointment and I am very satisfied with the results.. Korean hairstylists just know what they’re doing 🤷🏻‍♀️😉”
Review 3 “First time at 이가자 salon, and it was truly a different experience. The customer service was great from the moment I entered the salon. Although the place was rather unknown to me, they told me where to go in a polite manner and the experience was just amazing. The hairstylists assigned to me was Zia, and she did a great job of fine tuning my hairstyle, and I can easily say that my hair has never been so well cut. You can really see the effort she puts into cutting the hair. Would really recommend to try this salon at least once if you intend on getting a good haircut that you’ll be happy with :).”


Hair Salon

Kelture Aved

Address #05-07 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Telephone +(65) 6735 6468
Review “The service is amazing, with kind and helpful staff. My stylist, Fish was particularly experienced and talented in shaping my hair”
Yuolmae Ang


Black Hair Salon Top Hair Salons In Singapore


Hair Salon

Black Hair Salon

Speciality Hair Services
Pricing Click here to view
Address 13 Stamford Rd, Capitol Piazza #B2-44, Singapore 178905
Telephone  +65 68359976
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 11:00am to 8:30pm
Sat, Sun & P.H: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Review 1 “Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I first came to Black Hair Salon to get my hair bleached after having been black. I was initially very worried thinking it might get damaged going through a harsh process but Natasha took great care of it and the end results were beautiful. Since then I’ve been coming back without ever worrying about how my hair will turn out. Thanks ~~”
Review 2 “Positive: Professionalism
My first visit there, cutting my long hair to a short bob. Natasha was my hair stylist. She was amazing! She got the hairstyle correct and gave me some useful tips while drying my hair. I’ll be back! Thank you Natasha!”
Review 3 “Positive: Professionalism, Quality
This is my first visit to Black Salon and I am bless to have met Frankie, who I feel is one of the most ethical, professional and honest hairstylist I have come across. When he realised how sensitive my scalp was during colouring, he quickly stopped and rectified it without any hesitation. He even went the extra mile of applying scalp lotion after that. Despite the salon being quite busy, Frankie was very patient and understanding. Thank you so much for the excellent service and professionalism, Frankie. Will be back again for a hair cut/ treatment!”


Salon Vim Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Salon VIM

Speciality Bespoke Hair and Scalp Solutions
Pricing Click here to view
Address 435 Orchard Rd, Wisma Atria #02-01B, Singapore 238877
Telephone +65 6734 6404
Operating Hours Tues-Sun: 12pm – 7pm
As Seen On
  • Cheyenne Chesney
  • Natalia Yen
  • Aimee Cheng Bradshaw
  • Jamie Pang
Review 1 “Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

Been with jay since almost 13years plus ago since then he had never disappoint me with his talent and skills each time I visit him. He always had his ways to make me satisfied with his works and always trust him with my hair. He is always so passionate and professional with his work and thrive his best when I always give him difficult task on the colour I want and the haircut that suit my face and he always never let me down and give me surprises. Which is why no matter where he goes to, up till now I will still find him for my hairdo. Anyone who is looking for a change or just want to keep that classy look and explore something different, believe me Jay will never ever disappoint you!


Review 2 “Followed Allen from Salon Vim 313. He’s skilled and knows what’s suitable for his clients. The decor is posh and i was worried that services would be more expensive but it was comparable to the one at 313. I created this google location and was surprised that the opening hours end rather early as I put in the hours. But I remember that the shop at 313 would close late for clients who were provided long services (treatment or colour) “


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Art Noise Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon


Speciality Japanese Hair Salon
Pricing Click here to view
Address  38A Lor Mambong, Singapore 277694
Telephone +65 6463 3651
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 10am – 9pm

Sat: 10am – 8pm

Review 1 “I first visited this saloon for my scalp. The head spa is very enjoyable and the condition of my scalp has improved after it and after using their own shampoo brand. Takumi is very skilled and professional. He also listens to your preference. He is very attentive to details and I like my hairstyle after each visit. Now that my scalp is fine, I still continue going to this saloon because the entire experience is really good.”
Review 2 “I am always satisfied with the haircuts. My hair stylist, Takumi is very skilled in making the hairstyle frame my face shape and the hairstyle can last me for months. Its such a treat to go there for styling and pampering myself <3”


Picasso Hair Studio Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Picasso Hair Studio

Speciality Volume Perm & Hair Colouring
Pricing Click here to view
  • 662 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188798
  • 146 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068909
Telephone +65 6291 0691
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 11am – 9pm
Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 10am – 7pm
Review 1 “Tiffany is an excellent stylist and very patient. Service is great, from phone booking to the hair service, and the aftercare. Amenities provided, such as a tray of cookies and snacks for customers who had to rush there and missed their meals. Drink menu included (complimentary hot beverages).”
Review 2 “They put in so much effort to make the clients feel welcome. From the moment you step in, there are plenty of welcoming smiles. They will lead you to your seat with great courtesy.
A basket of snack and sweets, drink menu, hand towel and hand cream are offered after you’ve been seated.
After my payment, i was given a piece of paper to guide me in taking care of my hair and using products.
I also received a sms a day or 2 later, inviting me to contact them if I’m not satisfied with my hairstyle.
Their sincerity and earnestness in being a great salon is impeccable. No hard selling at all.”


Ruler SG Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Rule R

Speciality Japanese Hair Salon
Pricing Click here to view
Address  76 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058706
Telephone +65 9787 4118
Operating Hours 10am – 8pm daily
Review 1 “This is my third time here and I like the way the stylist listens and provides advise on the hairstyles and colours suitable for me. Will definitely make Ruler my go-to hair salon. Highly recommended!”
Review 2 “I wandered into this salon about a year ago and keep coming back! Everyone here is great. Most recently, I had some dramatic colors done by Teppei (who is not only a great stylist but also handsome and so much fun). I highly recommend salon ruler to everyone!”


Chez Vous Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Chez Vou

Speciality Haircut & Chemical Services
Pricing Click here to view
Address 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B #05-05 & #14-04, Singapore 238874
Telephone (65) 6219 3558
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 11am – 8.30pm
Sat: 10.30am – 7pm
Sun: 11am – 6pm
Review “Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Director Luis Wee: the undisputed Master of short stylish, simple yet contemporary haircuts is back with yet another fashionable creation – this time a modern, chic, uncomplicated hairstyle with an added touch of softness and femininity!

I absolutely love this new piece of art that accentuates my facial features, lifestyle and disposition!!! Best part is: it requires minimal to nil maintenance.

Since my first haircut by Director Luis Wee, I knew this would be my go-to salon for fabulous hair cuts. Congratulations Chez Vous for the possession of an exclusive GEM in your team!”


Prep Luxe Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Prep Luxe

Speciality Hair & Makeup
Pricing Click here to view
Address 15 Stamford Rd, Capitol Piazza #01-62, Singapore 178906
Telephone (65) 6384 1406
Operating Hours 10am – 7.30pm daily
  • Harper’s Bazaar Best Treatment 2018: The Triple Resistance Treatment
  • Harper’s Bazaar Best Blowout 2018: Ashley & Co. Blowout
  • Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2018: – Best Hair Colouring – Metallic
Review 1 “I always have great experience with PREP. Google map took me here for the first time and the hairstylist gave me a great haircut. I have been sticking with this saloon since then. Maurice did my haircut exactly like what I wanted today. Thanks!!”
Review 2 “Had this beautiful hair done by Den Ng – his technique in achieving such a smooth yet nuanced transition of colors from brown to purple was really something different from my previous few rounds of highlighted streaks (see last photo for the “before”), he managed to cover up difficult dyed parts that really stained the previous bleached parts and also cut the hair in a better shape than before. The whole process took almost 7 hours from start to end but totally worth it! Also, they used L’Oréal’s SmartBond on my hair and not Olaplex, apparently it’s an upgraded treatment from Olaplex :)”


Number 76 Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Number 76

Speciality Japanese Hair Salon
Pricing Click here to view
Address 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Getway #02-23, Singapore 238858
Telephone (65) 6385 6776
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11am – 9pm
Thurs: 11am – 5pm
Review 1 “Positive: Professionalism, Quality
Since visiting this hair saloon, I have never been to another saloon. The hair cut here has high quality and good experience , receptionist and service are great. Very comfortable place, no hard sales.”
Review 2 “Ambience is nice and the people there are warm and friendly. Nice environment to get your hair done. Blessed to have Steve as my dedicated hair stylist. Good job Steve 😊”


Expat Hair Studio Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Expat Hair Studio

Speciality Blonde Hair
Pricing Click here to view
  • 422 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427642
  • 40B Boat Quay, Singapore 049829
Telephone (65) 6444 7929
Operating Hours Mon,Wed,Fri: 9am – 6pm
Tues: 9am – 8pm
Thurs: 9am – 9pm
Sat: 8am – 3pm
Review 1 “Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I’ve been coming here for 6 years, have seen a few different people and have always had a great experience. Felt listened to and come out looking good! Very friendly and professional staff.”

Review 2 “Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Moved here from NYC/NJ 5 months ago and was so apprehensive to get my hair done. Heard great things about this salon from my girlfriend and saw her hair, so decided to book. So glad I did!!! Alexandra did my balayge touchup and color corrected my hair. It looks STUNNING!! Possibly the best hair I’ve had!! So extremely happy. Thank you!
The icing on the cake was how much fun I had there, felt like I was hanging out with old girlfriends. Will be back 😀”


Jeric Salon Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Jeric Salon

Speciality Bespoke Celebrity Hairstyles & Colouring
Pricing Click here to view
  • 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #B4-48, Singapore 238801
  • 200 Victoria St, Bugis Junction #02-01, Singapore 188021
Telephone (65) 63374343
Operating Hours 10.30am – 9.30pm daily
Review  “Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Jeric Hair Salon never fails to deliver. Their hair stylists are mostly very experienced and talented. I have been (tried and tested) to other saloons, Jeric is still the place where I can find the best hair stylists. Whether it is Jeric Bugis or Ion, they deliver quality results, beyond expectations. The Ion outlet is also able to accommodate my request to have the haircut in a private area.
I want to thank Maggie (from Ion) for being the best hair stylist (for many years) that I ever had and hopefully it continues.”


Yann Beyrie Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Yann Beyrie

Speciality Hair Treatments & Spas
Pricing Click here to view
Address  435 Orchard Rd, Wisma Atria #03-01D, Singapore 238877
Telephone (65) 6235 2476
Operating Hours 10am – 8.30pm daily
Review 1 “Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Hello! I recently cut my hair here and it was the best decision I have ever made! My hair was really long previously and I wanted to get it all off and needed a place where I could trust. Really happy with my haircut and my hairstylist, Jess— was a gem of a person. Really polite, fun, funny and she is really good at what she does. Incredibly thankful! The environment was really clean and the other stylists were friendly and welcoming as well. A very pleasant experience. Thank you!!”
Review 2 “My 2nd time coming back here and I’ve got to say this is probably the best salon I’ve been to in Singapore. 5 stars for the service, skills and experiences that the staffs at Yann Beyrie have. I had many bad haircut experiences where post-salon care and styling we’re nightmares because the stylist just didn’t understand my hair and how it flows. Yann understands my hair and what I’m looking for. I would bring reference photos of the hairstyle I want and Yann always delivered just what I was looking for. My colourists, Anthony and Lydia, did amazing job with my highlights that even after 7 months passed, the color still looks fresh and my hair feels healthy. I’d strongly recommend Yann Beyrie for anyone!”


Twist Hair Salon Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Twist Hair Salon

Speciality Japanese Hair Salon
Pricing Click here to view
Address  Tanjong Pager Rd, 83A, Singapore 088504
Telephone (65)  6909 6253
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 11am – 9pm

Sat-Sun: 10am – 7pm

Review 1 “The director of Twist Hair Salon, Shuhei did an amazing job. He is very skilled, always gives me what I’m asking for. The cut and perm have been impeccable. My hair was super dry and I thought it was ”unfixable” but with his magic touch my hair looks wonderful again. Walked out of the salon feeling fabulous!”
Review 2 “I have tried 4 different hair salons in Singapore over the past 7 years, but this salon is by far the best. They are accommodating to customer’s requests (both in Japanese and in English) and takes the time to discuss and build a plan just for you to reach the ideal hairstyle you are looking for. All the staff are very kind and friendly, highly recommend!!”
Review 3 “This cozy salon is very popular since they opened. Reservation is must if you go weekend. I have never requested any specific colour or cut, but they always make my hair better than I expected. They are really friendly and reliable team.”


Flamingo Studio Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Hair Studio Flamingo

Speciality Easy, maintainable hairstyles
Pricing Click here to view
  • 7 Neil Road, Singapore 088807
  • 55 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-55, Singapore 160055
Telephone (65) 87262116
Operating Hours 9.30am – 9pm daily
Review  “I love Flamingo because the environment and atmosphere was nice and comfortable. Ayumi was patient to understand my concerns about my hair and to provide solutions to it 🙂 I always have a great time everytime when I visit Flamingo!”


Walking on Sunshine Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Walking On Sunshine

Speciality All-in-one garden themed salon with restaurant and spa services
Pricing Click here to view
Address 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central #03-07, Singapore 238896
Telephone (65) 8877 8800
Operating Hours 10am – 8pm daily
Review 1 “The place was bright and the foliage decor so welcoming, it made me want to avail whatever service they offered. I got the chance on my second visit in the area and I was not disappointed. Service was excellent and the people were friendly. Hair wash was so relaxing, I was nodding off during my haircut. I got Luna for my stylist. She’s so stylish and hip, I felt confident under her care. I showed her a picture of the cut I’d like and she executed it perfectly. I’ll definitely come back perhaps for another treatment like a perm or hair color (just so I can stay longer 😃)”
Review 2 “It was yet another pleasant and relaxing experience at Walking on Sunshine this afternoon. As usual the staffs are ready and the service standard is there. Had my hair cut by Luna and I could really trust her expert opinion n trend sense. With her, i took the bold step to cut short my hair which i hv not had the courage to do so for more than a decade. No regrets and am enjoying my new look. Will be back in July for colouring😊😊”


Beauty Matters Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Beauty Matters

  • Haircuts
  • Waxing
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Makeup Services
Pricing Call to enquire
  • 214 Bedok North St 1, #01-183, Singapore 460214
  • 89 Bedok North St 4, #01-101, Singapore 460089
Telephone (65) 9227 0086
Operating Hours 10am – 8pm daily
Review 1 “I have gone to many hair salons and a few beauty parlour to get my threading done… But, Beauty Matters has been the best in my list! I’ve been getting my threading done at Beauty Matters for 3years plus… When Jothi took over the shop, she came forward to thread my brows being the boss… That’s how humble she is! And I will always find only for her because of my previous horrible experiences with my brows in different parlour and she knows the growth of my brows too well… And I will leave it up to her to decide! That’s how much of trust I have on her! And recently I tried cutting my hair and I was impressed with Mona’s s service! And got my hair rebonded with them today and they did an excellent job! Mona, Amar & Vaish! Thumbs Up for them!!! And now I’ve decided, I’m going back to Beauty Matters for every of my beauty needs… 😍 And a final note: Please don’t disrespect those Staff! They are not our slave… They are doing us a favour… Without them, do you think our skin, brows, hair and everything will be fine? If we are Proffesionals in our Proffesion, so are they! Everybody deserves respect… Give Respect & Take Respect… Things Will be Fine yeah! Cheers! 🤗🤬”
Review 2 “Nice Indian parlour. I am going there for many years now and the price is same as those parlours in Little India. Good staff and good services.”


Hair Inc Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Hair Inc

Speciality Frizz Control
Pricing Call to enquire
Address 76a Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555972
Telephone (65) 9003 9568
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 10.30am – 8.30pm
Sat: 10.30am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 7pm
Review 1 “Ivan of Hair Inc has taken care of my haircut needs for a few years already. He’s already moved to different branches of Hair Inc around Singapore over the years but my friend and I always go to him no matter the branch he’s in. He’s quite meticulous. I don’t have the best hair but he does his best to take care of it.”
Review 2 “Lanny was really helpful in mixing together a color I loved. I came back the next week because the color was changing (my hair just doesn’t take well to dyes) and he took the time to fix it for me without an appointment. Prices are reasonable and they have lots of hair products to choose from too. Thank you!”


Musubi Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon


Speciality Japanese Hair Salon
Pricing Call to enquire
Address 275 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437058
Telephone (65) 6702 7004
Operating Hours 10am – 8pm daily
Review 1 “Was a very good experience. I got the haircut by the director. He was patient, and understood well what I brief. The haircut was exactly what I want it to be. Thank you!”
Review 2 “Jonas is good stylist and did a great job on my highlights. Takuya gave me a light and bouncy hair cut , liked the layers and the way it felt .This is my second visit in 2 weeks . Salon is bright and clean and ample parking at the open car park behind them on Tanjong Katong.”
Review 3 “I have discovered my favorite hair stylist, Takuya Segawa San. He does an amazing job, especially with men’s hair styles. His service is top notch, the salon is very neat and minimalist. The best Japanese customer service. I am always here for my monthly hair cuts.”


Project Hair Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

Project Hair

Speciality Unisex Salon
Pricing Click here to view
  •  2 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange #02-36, Singapore 608526
  •  83 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428786
Telephone (65) 6344 1636
Operating Hours 11am – 8pm daily
Review 1 “Friendly warm owner and very talented stylists. Super happy with the hair cut @Katong outlet and my wife loved the pedicure!”
Review 2 “Project hair jurong provides excellent customer service. Eric Kong, my stylist is a fun loving, obliging and great stylist. Going to him for my hair treatment is never a dull moment. And I always come out from the salon feeling like a million bucks. Thank you, Eric and team, for the brilliant service and fantastic work :))”


De Arte Top Hair Salons In Singapore

Hair Salon

De Arte

  • Cuts and Styles
  • Color Treatments
  • Hight-Light
  • Straightening
  • Textures
  • Moisture and Repair
  • Scalp Therapy
Pricing Click here to view
  • 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines One #04-26, Singapore 529536
  • 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Square #01-22, Singapore 409051
  • 1 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City #B1-172/173, Singapore 768019
  • 23 Serangoon Central, NEX Mall #04-09, Singapore 556083
Telephone (65) 6481 6757
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 10.30am – 9pm

Sat-Sun: 10.30am – 8pm

Review “First time visiting and did a haircut. Very comfortable experience with the lady hair stylist (didn’t ask for name). Salon was neat and well organised. Overall very comfortable. Recommended!!”



What Services/ Treatments do Hair Salons provide?

Hair salon stylists perform styling, blowing, colouring, perming, hair extensions, hair re-bonding, perming, hair treatment, hair tinting etc. for groups and single-cuts—pre-nuptial or bridal parties, for instance. Clients visit to get hair professionally styled for big occasions, gatherings, reunions, wedding banquets, or basic regular hairdressing. For regular treatment, professionals also do haircuts and hair-colouring. Colouring treatments include accentuating colour, doing highlights or lowlights, concealing grey hair. Professional stylists could additionally add hair extensions to enhance volume or length, and most professionals provide extra beauty treatments, like cosmetics, in addition to styling hair. Charges vary according to which treatments are applied.



Updos are proper hair styles, such as chignons, French twists, or pin curls, for gatherings, special occasions, and celebrations. Certain hairstylists charge a fixed rate for formal updos. Prices may increase for extended tresses, woven tresses and added extensions.


A formal “blowout” is regular for hair of certain length. It may lead to regular, curly, or wavy hair, according to client’s requests. A blowout usually includes a formal shampoo and conditioning first and hairstyling (hair down) subsequently.


Extensions vary between artificial or authentic hair additions that enhance volume and depth in a short-term hairstyle or interwoven into normal hair to style a momentary look. The charges for extensions fluctuate according to their composition. (Authentic hair extensions usually are priced higher than synthetic extensions), the style in which attachments are inserted (woven-in extensions are more heavily priced than clipped-in), whether clients import the extensions, or if the stylist uses salon extensions, and the number of extensions applied. 

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Hair cutting and colouring

The price of haircuts, colouring, or highlights varies according to the stylist’s experience, training, salon affiliation.

Bridal hair

Hair stylists often offer styling packages for brides and wedding celebrations. Bridal hair is often more costly than an updo because of the grand, festive, upscale nature of the celebration. Hairstylists often offer discounts to customers who blend hair and make-up packages.

Hairstylists could offer mass discounts in the event of mass hair styling at a single event for many individuals —including bridesmaids’ parties or ladies’ night. Discounts add up to overall package discounts.

Beauty add-ons

Most hairstylists provide additional beauty services along with hairstyling. The overall charges for styling rise with extra beauty treatments requested.

Hair stylists typically offer extensive treatments for various occasions. They provide cutting, shampooing, and colouring treatments as regular hair maintenance services.

They could also provide styling treatments for special occasions, like weddings or ballroom dances. Regularly, stylists provide discounts for mass gatherings and packages, such as weddings.

The charges for certain treatments range widely according to various factors.

Formal Hairstyles

Formal hairstyles consist of “updos,” including buns, curls, or twists. Such styles are repeatedly called for on special occasions. Though certain stylists charge flat rates for formal hairdos, others charge fees based on the hairdo requested or other variables, including hair length, hair thickness, or add-ons.

Cut and Colour

Haircuts and colouring treatments are standard treatments offered by hair salons. The charges fluctuate from salon to salon. Usually, the haircut is priced a flat rate unless it is a complex, demanding styling. Colouring services fluctuate widely in charges according to level of treatment and treatment supplies utilized, provided.

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian blowouts are trendy treatments offered for individuals with lengthy tresses. Such hair softening treatment is applied to get regular tresses, but certain customers ask for a curly bob in place. Shampoo and conditioning treatment are usually included with the blowout, and the client’s crown receives added styling upon the end of the blowout. Brazilian blowouts come with standard pricing, though many stylists add extra fees for denser or lengthier hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are added to make hair appear extended and/or dense. They are often woven into your regular tresses, which is exceedingly complex, as the treatment requires specific training to prevent damaging the client’s hair.

The charges for the added extensions vary according to the material used for the extensions and the degree of extensions used. Naturally, if the client supplies the extensions, the service costs much less. If the stylist supplies the materials, they need to add extra fees for the extensions, and time added for the treatment.

Artificial and authentic hair extensions are usually provided in-house, with authentic hair extensions priced much more than artificial hair.

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Bridal Hair

Though certain hair stylists charge standard fees for all types of formal updo, most stylists add extra fees for bridal hair styling. Weddings are typically very grand in nature and scale, and the hairdos in demand are often of greater sophistication than hairdos requested for alternative events.

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Nevertheless, most hair stylists offer discounts for big events, like wedding parties. They could additionally provide package discounts for clients who request hair and cosmetic services simultaneously. Regularly, the bride’s hair treatment will be the priciest, with brides’ maids costing less.

Most salons perform add-on services for extra fees. These could consist of waxing, eyebrow contouring, fake eyelash applying, or tanning treatments.


Cost estimates for Hair salons in Singapore:

Hair salon in Singapore

Haircut price (women)

Haircut price (men)

CNY surcharge 2019

Apgujeong Hair Salon $20 onwards $15 None, but other discounts will not be valid from 1 to 4 Feb 2019.
Kimage $40 (or $20 for junior stylist) $40 None
Shunji Matsuo $43 onwards $38 onwards None
Next Hair Salon $45 (Holland Village) $45 (Holland Village) None
Black Hair Salon $48 $40 None
Picasso Hair Studio $48 $38 None
Salon Vim $50 $40 None
Number76 $56 $56 None
Chez Vous Hair Salon $70 $55 $5
Art Noise $86 ($68.80 for new customers) $86 ($68.80 for new customers) None


Cost estimates for standard hair salon treatments in Singapore:

  • Haircut for men: 35
  • Haircut for ladies: 40
  • Fringe cut: 10
  • Wash & Blow: 25~
  • Wash & style: 30~
  • Updos: 40~

Hair colouring:

  • Single tone colouring: 168~
  • Duo tone colouring: 198~
  • Balayage (no-bleach): 218~
  • Creative Colouring (Bleaching): 258~
  • Colours Refresh:168~
  • Roots Retouch: 100~
  • Scalp Treatment: $80.00
  • Shiny Hair Treatment: $70.00
  • Head Spa: $140.00

Editors Note:

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