Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Transforming your hair with extensions is a marvelous way to instantly enhance your look without the long-term commitment to dyes and chemical treatments, which can lead to hair damage. Hair extensions offer a versatile solution, allowing for an exciting change in color, length, and style, perfectly aligning with your fashion sense and lifestyle needs. They come in a vast array of hues and lengths, enabling a seamless match and integration with your natural locks.

Exploring Hair Extension Techniques

The beauty of hair extensions lies in the diversity of application methods available, catering to different hair types, preferences, and lifestyles. Here’s a deeper dive into some popular techniques:

  • Clip-Ins: The Effortless Transformation
    Clip-in hair extensions are the epitome of convenience, providing an instantaneous makeover with pre-styled options that clip directly onto your natural hair. This method is ideal for those seeking a temporary style change or an occasional boost in volume and length.
  • Tape-Ins: The Gentle Alternative
    For a semi-permanent option, tape-in extensions offer a balance between durability and ease of use. Applied using single or double-sided tape, they distribute weight evenly across the scalp, minimizing strain. They’re a fantastic choice for those seeking a longer-lasting solution without the commitment of more permanent methods.
  • Sewn-Ins and Weaving: The Durable Choice
    Sewn-in extensions, or weaving, involve braiding the natural hair into cornrows, then sewing the extension wefts into the braids. This method is well-suited for those with thicker hair, providing a secure and gapless enhancement to your hairstyle.
  • Micro-Ring Extensions: The No-Heat Option
    Utilizing tiny metal beads, micro-ring extensions are clamped onto small sections of hair, offering a secure fit without the need for heat or adhesive, making it a healthier option for your scalp and hair.
  • Fusion or Pre-Bonded Extensions: The Long-Term Solution
    For those seeking a more permanent transformation, fusion extensions use a keratin adhesive for bonding, promising durability and a natural blend with your existing hair, though requiring professional application to avoid damage.

Proper maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your hair extensions. Regular washing with sulfate-free products, gentle drying, and careful brushing can keep your extensions looking fabulous. For certain types, like tape-ins or fusion extensions, special care should be taken to avoid direct heat and ensure the adhesive remains intact.

Opting for hair extensions opens up a world of styling possibilities, allowing you to experiment with your look while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural hair. Whether seeking a temporary flair or a more permanent change, understanding the various methods and their maintenance can lead you to find the perfect match for your hair needs and lifestyle.

Top hair salons in Singapore that provide hair extension services:


Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Hair Salon

Hera Hair Beauty

About Established as a key player in Singapore’s hair care scene, Hera Hair Beauty specializes in premium hair extensions that celebrate the natural beauty and diversity of each client. With over a decade of dedication, the salon has partnered with elite brands to offer unparalleled hair enhancement services.
  • Innovative Collaboration: Partnership with leading brands like Great Lengths and Beauty Works, ensuring access to high-quality hair extensions.
  • Expert Team: A skilled team with over seven years of experience in hair extension application, guaranteeing professionalism and expertise.
  • Customized Solutions: Personalized consultations to explore the best hair extension methods and styles that suit individual preferences and styles.
  • Commitment to Excellence: A focus on natural-looking results, using 100% human hair extensions that promise durability, shine, and a seamless blend with your natural hair.
  • Client Satisfaction: A comprehensive approach from consultation to aftercare, ensuring each client enjoys a transformative and positive hair extension experience.
  • Tape-In Extensions: Offering quick and natural-looking volume and length enhancements, suitable for a wide range of hair types.
  • Weave/Weft Extensions: Specializing in real hair weaves for instant volume and length, providing a transformation that feels and looks natural.
  • Micro-Ring / Nano-Ring Extensions: Utilizing discreet micro-bead technology for those seeking a durable and natural-looking addition to their hair.
  • 163 Tanglin Rd, #03-08A, Singapore 247933, Singapore
  • #01-20, 31 Ocean Way, Singapore 098375, Singapore
Telephone 92371254
Operating Hours Mondays – Saturdays: 10am – 7pm
Sundays: 10am – 6pm
Review 1 “I never believed my hair could look this amazing! The blend is flawless, and the quality is beyond my expectations. Truly transformative.”
Review 2 “Monica – Artistic Director. She was so friendly, wonderful and really very talented. She gave me the right suggestions for my hair extensions and also helped to pick the colour well. Explained everything very clearly even before getting my hair extensions done. Highly recommended artist, thank you for the beautiful hair. LOVE IT MONICA!”
Review 3 “Leah is an absolute gem of a hairstylist! From the moment I walked in, she took the time to genuinely listen to what I wanted. The results were beyond perfect – she transformed my vision into reality, and I couldn’t be happier. Leah’s skill and attention to detail truly shine, and I’m leaving not just with a fantastic haircut but with a huge smile. If you want a hairstylist who gets it right and makes the experience enjoyable, Leah is the one! Thank you “


Hairdreams Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

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Hair Salon

Hairdreams Singapore

About Hairdreams Couture Salon Singapore stands at the intersection of luxury and innovation in hair care, providing bespoke hair thickening, lengthening, and hair loss solutions. Nestled in the heart of Singapore at 51 Cuppage Road, the salon brings together the world’s finest hair extension technologies and personalized service, making every client’s hair dream a vivid reality.
  • Global Recognition: Trusted by millions worldwide, the salon is part of a network across 60 countries, emphasizing its global appeal and trusted quality.
  • Customized Hair Solutions: Offers tailored hair enhancements, from thickening to lengthening, utilizing patented systems for personalized results.
  • Exclusive Hairdreams Quality: The salon prides itself on using Hairdreams® hair, renowned for its exceptional quality and natural appearance.
  • Advanced Techniques for Men and Women: Catering to both men and women with solutions for hair loss, thinning, and the desire for fashionable effects.
  • Innovative Hair Loss Solutions: Utilizes cutting-edge, patented systems to offer effective and invisible solutions for various hair loss challenges.
  • Hair Thickening and Extensions: Specializing in adding natural volume and bespoke extra-long hair extensions, using the world’s best extension technologies.
  • Fashionable Effects: Creating stunning, trendy looks with a wide range of hair colors and styles, from Peach Fuzz to balayage, without the need for dyeing.
  • Hair Loss Solutions: Offering invisible, innovative solutions to hair loss with patented systems like MicroLines, providing a seamless and natural appearance.
Address 51 Cuppage Road, #01-09, Singapore 229469
Telephone  6653 5500
Operating Hours Mondays – Saturdays: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sundays
Review 1 “Wow! I mean this is just AMAZING 💫 this salon is without a doubt the best experienced salon and masters when it comes to Caucasian hair. The blonde experts here are extremely talented and personalized a beautiful hair makeover for me! I couldn’t be happier! The stylist Mai was the most friendly, funny, and kind stylist I have ever met. They use state of the art techniques and our leaders in their industry. I am so happy I chose to go here and will never make the mistake of going to another salon again.”
Review 2 “Hairdreams are not just excellent in their hair services, a group of friendly team and most importantly they provide me with a solution for my hair thinning that I had been facing for the past 10 years. They give me healthy, fuller and longer hair in just 2 hours using 100% real human hair and im totally amaze by the way I look and the technology was impressive, not just giving me my confidence back but also my youth. I’m whole again with their creation on is feel just like my own and totally worth it. Thank you Hairdreams!”
Review 3 “I did hair extensions here a few months ago and they informed me the removal was $50. (April or May) A few months later (Sept) when I came for removal, they told me the charges were $98 inclusive of wash and blow. This wasn’t what I was told months ago.”


Angel Xin Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Angel Xin Beauty

About Angel Xin Beauty revolutionizes the way we think about hair transformations in Singapore, offering a unique method to achieve longer, thicker hair without the use of hot tools. By pioneering the “Braiding” technique, the salon ensures a safe and comfortable experience for all clients, providing 100% real human hair extensions that blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Innovative Technique: Utilizes the latest “Braiding” method for hair extensions, standing out as a safer alternative to traditional hot tool methods.
  • Quality and Safety: Prioritizes the health and safety of the client’s natural hair, making it a top choice for those seeking damage-free extensions.
  • Versatility in Style: Offers the freedom to wash, style, and treat the extensions just as one would with their natural hair, ensuring versatility.
  • Rapid Transformation: Capable of delivering dramatic changes in both length and volume within a single appointment, promising instant satisfaction.
  • Real Human Hair: Only uses 100% real human hair for extensions, ensuring the most natural look and feel.
  • Hair Extensions: Angel Xin Beauty excels in providing extensions that offer instant length and volume, using only 100% real human hair for a natural appearance.
  • Braiding Technique: Specializes in a unique “Braiding” method that avoids the use of damaging hot tools, ensuring the safety and integrity of the client’s natural hair.
  • Customizable Styles: Offers the ability to fully customize the look, allowing clients to wash, style, and care for their extensions as if it were their natural hair.
  • #02-36, 810 Geylang Road, S409286
  • #03-1078 , 32 New Market Road, S050032
  • #02-11, 101 Upper Cross Street, S058357
Telephone 6747 0205
6538 3886
6534 3886
Operating Hours Daily: 11am – 9pm
Review 1 “The transformation was incredible! My hair looks and feels so natural, and the braiding technique really made a difference in how comfortable the extensions are.”
Review 2 “I was amazed at how quickly I could have longer, fuller hair. Angel Xin Beauty truly delivered on their promise, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Review 3 “Finding a salon that uses real human hair and cares about the health of my natural hair was important to me. Angel Xin Beauty exceeded my expectations in every way.”


Shunji Matsuo Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

About Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon, established in 1998, redefines the art of hairstyling by blending Japanese-influenced techniques with international trends. The salon is renowned for its ability to transform the natural challenges of Asian hair into styles full of body and movement, reminiscent of Caucasian hair textures, through the use of premium hair products and cutting-edge services.
  • Innovative Hair Solutions: Specializes in transforming dark, coarse, and heavy Asian hair into styles with natural body and movement.
  • Premium Quality Products: Utilizes superior hair products to ensure optimal results across all services.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a wide range of styling services including cuts, coloring, perming, extensions, and specialized treatments.
  • Affordable Excellence: Maintains a commitment to delivering high-quality services at accessible prices, honoring the brand’s ethos set by Mr. Shunji Matsuo.
  • Expertise and Innovation: Reflects a legacy of pioneering hair technology and innovation since its inception.
  • Transformational Styling: Expertise in international styling techniques to achieve a complete makeover for Asian hair, emphasizing body and movement.
  • Advanced Coloring Techniques: Provides a spectrum of coloring services, from subtle highlights to full-color transformations, ensuring vibrant and lasting results.
  • Customized Hair Extensions: Offers hair extension services tailored to enhance length, volume, and style with a seamless finish.
  • Specialized Hair and Scalp Treatments: A suite of treatments designed to nourish both hair and scalp, addressing individual concerns with customized solutions.
2 First Street, Siglap V, #01-07, Singapore 278980
6604 6366
6604 6466
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9.30am – 9pm
Weekends: 10am – 7pm
Review 1 “Jessica did a great job doing up my daughter’s hair for her prom night. We were very pleased about it. She enjoyed the whole experience, from hair-washing to hair-styling. It was a real treat. After that, another lady staff came and even helped me apply light makeup on my daughter’s face. Thank you all for making this experience so enjoyable.”
Review 2 “I’m a regular of the flagship Shunji Matsuo salon at Ngee Ann City. So this review is kind of overdue for one of the most professional, meticulous and amiable hair colour specialist the salon has ever seen — Sylin. Not only does she give astute colour recommendations, she has great techniques to boot, so I never need to worry about a bad hair day whenever I make my bimonthly visits. Not to mention that she’s the go-to for some Mediacorp artistes too. Book her early though; her schedule’s usually packed.”
Review 3 “Second time here, I always have a good time and exceptional experience with John. He will always give the authentic advice based on my hair condition, and offer the best advise on the haircut that suits my style, face shape and preferences as well. Highly recommend!”


Expat Hair Studio Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Expat Hair Studio

About Since opening its doors in 2014, Expat Hair Studio has quickly become a cherished name among Singapore’s expat community, winning Expat Living Gold awards four consecutive years. Located in two picturesque shophouses on Joo Chiat Road and Boat Quay, the salon is committed to providing exceptional hair services in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized with Expat Living Gold awards for four years, highlighting its esteemed position in the community.
  • Strategic Locations: Situated in scenic shophouses that enhance the salon experience with their charm and accessibility.
  • Dedicated to Client Satisfaction: Aims to leave every client feeling pampered, valued, and more confident with their hair.
  • Global Expertise: The salon team, led by Scotland-native Kat, brings international experience and advanced styling techniques to Singapore.
  • Wella Colour Team Ambassadorship: Owner Kat’s role as a Global Ambassador underscores the salon’s commitment to using top-quality products and color techniques.
  • Coloring Mastery: From vibrant global colors to subtle highlights and balayage, the salon excels in creating personalized color transformations.
  • Advanced Haircuts and Styling: Offers expert cuts and styling services that cater to both contemporary trends and classic looks.
  • Hair Extensions: Specializes in high-quality hair extensions that add volume and length, perfectly matched and styled to blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments: A range of treatments to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect hair and scalp, tailored to individual needs.
  • 422 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore, 427642
  • 40B Boat Quay, Singapore: 049829
Telephone 6444 7929
6219 3117
Operating Hours Check website for operating hours for each outlet
Review 1 “I have had one of the best hair experiences at Expat Hair! I had a colour trim and extension install completed by Kat as well as Remy. They are fantastic, the whole experience from start to finish was so focused on me and achieving my hair goals. I love long blonde hair but years of over bleaching I am now trying not to damage my hair further. I had some foils and root colour applied and some bonded extensions installed and I absolutely love how it’s turned out and my whole experience from the beginning. Im pretty new to Singapore too so was conscious of not spending money unnecessarily, the team were extremely considerate and didn’t try to add services I didn’t need. Kat is fantastic I absolutely loved my experience and I’ll be back definitely.”
Review 2 “Highly recommend this Salon, Kat and the team are fantastic! Kat always gives me the best colour along with her team for the additions (love the head massages). Any time I am there there is always a group chat and giggle with other clients with a lovely buzz and fantastic atmosphere it’s always a joy to go in and leave with a great colour and cut! Love it here!”
Review 3 “Booked this salon on a whim to finally transition from long hair to short – and man, I am so happy I did! Eason talked me through the best style options for my hair type and hair regiment, gave me tons of great styling tips, and delivered me the bob of my dreams. Infinitely grateful and excited to have finally found my go-to hair dresser and salon after searching for 5 years in Singapore ✨”
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The Parlour Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

The Parlour

About The Parlour Singapore is a welcoming hair studio nestled in Kovan, known for its commitment to ensuring a delightful experience for everyone who visits. Offering a vast array of services ranging from cutting and custom hair colouring for all hair types to specialized treatments and occasion styling, The Parlour stands out for its dedication to crafting the perfect hairstyle for each client.
  • Diverse Services: A full suite of hair services including cuts, color, treatments, and styling for every hair type and need.
  • Expert Team: Globally-trained stylists and colour specialists passionate about transforming your look.
  • Boutique Brand Partnerships: Exclusive collaborations with boutique brands like Kevin Murphy and Bellami Professional ensure top-notch haircare.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Emphasizes understanding and personalizing each service to fit the client’s desires and lifestyle.
  • Advance Booking Recommended: Due to high demand and the salon’s popularity, advance booking is advised to secure your desired appointment time.
  • Custom Hair Colouring: Tailored color services that cater to the unique preferences and styles of each client, using premium products.
  • Cezanne Smoothing Treatments: An effective solution for combatting humidity-induced frizz, making it a popular choice in Singapore’s climate.
  • Olaplex Treatments: Strengthening and repairing treatments that restore hair integrity and vitality.
  • Special Occasion Styling: Expertise in creating stunning looks for weddings, events, and special occasions, including makeup services.
Address The Parlour, 33 Lowland Rd, 00-H, Singapore, 547429
Operating Hours Daily 10am – 7pm
Review 1 “I absolutely luved the haircut Lee gave me. I have curly hair & was struggling to find an experienced hairdresser (since a decade to be precise). My sister discovered The Parlour by chance & I booked an appointment wz Ms Lee (chose her after doing a lil reading on her achievements). She is fantastic, good sense of humour & did an excellent job wz my hair. (My family is finally accepting me back coz I look civilized now 😂) Keep up the brilliant work Lee & will see u again for my next haircut 😊”
Review 2 “I always have an amazing experience at The Parlour! I have had a number of treatments from
a trim, to a cut & style, and highlights and always been very happy. The staff are friendly and efficient (which I love as never have the luxury of time for a long salon visit)! They also offer great products for after care and styling accessories. And they’re reasonably priced (a challenge for hair treatments in Singapore).”
Review 3 “Tidy cosy place. The staff are friendly and approachable. Joanne who does my hair did a great job and would go the extra mile for you. Love it !”


Number 76 Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon


About Number76 Hair Salon, established in the heart of Tokyo in 2001 and expanding to Singapore in 2016, is rooted in the philosophy of transforming hairstyling into a promising career path. With a mission to offer polite, honest, and kind service, the salon has grown from a single hairstylist’s vision to a trendsetting presence in Asia, known for its ability to catch and create hair trends much like the waves its name suggests.
  • Diverse Origins: Born in Tokyo and expanded across Asia, including Singapore, showcasing global influence and appeal.
  • Unique Concept: Integrates a café and salon environment, making it a popular hangout while providing top-notch hair services.
  • Multicultural Embrace: Founding in Malaysia as a testament to the salon’s adaptability and appreciation for diverse fashion cultures.
  • Trendsetting: Known for riding and beckoning the waves of hair trends, including those that shape the stylish district of Omotesando.
  • Commitment to Satisfaction: Ensures every client leaves with a sense of happiness and satisfaction, underpinned by a mission of politeness, kindness, and honesty.
  • Custom Hair Coloring: Specializes in bespoke coloring services that range from vibrant hues to natural shades, using only premium haircare brands.
  • Trendy Haircuts and Styles: Offers globally influenced haircuts and styles by a team of internationally trained stylists, catering to a diverse clientele.
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments: Provides customized treatments including the celebrated Olaplex, aimed at revitalizing and nurturing both hair and scalp.
  • Hair Extensions and Smoothing: Expert in Cezanne Smoothing treatments and high-quality hair extensions, perfect for combating Singapore’s frizz and adding volume or length.
Address #02-23, Orchard Gateway, 277, Orchard Road, Singapore 238858
Telephone 6385 6776
Operating Hours Daily: 11am – 9pm
Thursdays: 11am – 5pm
Review 1 “My first time here was done by Adam. He was very friendly, provides good advice on styling and care. He was attentive to my concerns on having thin hair and glad that the results came out beautifully. Got a hair cut again today with him and will continue to get my hair done here in the near future.”
Review 2 “Absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service I received from Adam at Number76. His expertise in hairstyling is truly commendable, and my experience was nothing short of fantastic. He took the time to understand my preferences and delivered a hairstyle that exceeded my expectations.
I wholeheartedly recommend Adam for anyone seeking a skilled and personable hairstylist. Five stars without a doubt!”
Review 3 “Really enjoyed my experience here. The staffs are very friendly, professional and attentive. Did the new Milton Premium Hydration treatment, hair is so smooth thereafter! Treatment includes take home weekly booster kit too.”


Hair Plus Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

HairPlus Singapore

About Since its establishment in June 2018, HairPlus SG has pioneered Nano Hair Restoration in Singapore, offering innovative hair aesthetic solutions for hair loss and thinning problems. Embracing revolutionary technology that is safe and non-invasive, HairPlus SG has empowered numerous individuals to reclaim their hair and confidence, marking their #newbeginnings with visible, rapid results.
  • Innovation in Hair Restoration: Introduced Nano Hair Restoration to Singapore, a groundbreaking solution for hair enhancement.
  • Expertise and Care: Specializes in non-invasive, safe treatments for hair loss and thinning, tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • Revolutionary Technology: Utilizes Robotic AI Scalplus SMP for efficient, natural-looking hair density improvement without downtime.
  • Immediate Results: Offers solutions like Nano Hair that provide instant volume boost without harming the scalp or existing hair.
  • Dedicated to Confidence: Focused on restoring not just hair, but also the confidence and self-esteem of their clients.
  • Nano Hair Restoration: Utilizing synthetic hair that mimics real human hair, this technique instantly boosts hair volume with a proprietary attachment method that is delicate and effective.
  • Robotic AI Scalplus SMP: A cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment using AI technology for scalp micro pigmentation, creating fuller-looking hair without any discomfort or recovery time.
  • Personalized Hair Aesthetic Solutions: Expert hair aestheticians provide tailored advice and treatment plans for individuals facing hair loss or thinning issues.
  • Comprehensive Hair Care: Beyond restoration, HairPlus SG offers a range of hair care products and advice for maintaining healthy, vibrant hair post-treatment.

281 South Bridge Road, #03-01 Singapore 058830

Telephone 8751 7620
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9.30am – 6.30pm
Weekends: By appointment only
Review 1 “HairPlus SG gave me more than just my hair back; they restored my confidence. The Nano Hair Restoration was a game-changer for me.”
Review 2 “The Robotic AI Scalplus SMP treatment was quick, painless, and the results were beyond my expectations. Highly recommend!”
Review 3 “From the moment I stepped into HairPlus SG, I felt understood and cared for. Their approach to hair loss is truly revolutionary.”


Iconique Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Iconique Hair & Beauty Salon

About Iconique Hair & Beauty Salon is committed to delivering unparalleled beauty experiences, drawing upon a team of seasoned professionals to cater to every client’s unique style and preference. Established with the vision of providing comprehensive beauty solutions under one roof, Iconique offers a wide array of services, from hair extensions to eyelash extensions, nails, and embroidery, ensuring each visit leaves you feeling radiant and self-assured.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our team’s extensive expertise guarantees top-tier service across all offerings.
  • Wide Range of Services: From lush hair extensions to detailed embroidery, we cater to all your beauty needs.
  • Personalized Care: Tailored solutions to enhance your individual style and beauty.
  • Feel-Good Atmosphere: A welcoming salon environment where feeling good is as important as looking good.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Dedication to achieving your beauty aspirations with exceptional care and attention.
  • Hair Extensions: Expertly matched and applied extensions to enhance volume and length for your ideal look.
  • Eyelash Extensions: Customizable eyelash services to add that extra pop to your eyes with natural-looking fullness.
  • Nail Services: From classic manicures to intricate nail art, ensuring your nails are as stylish as you are.
  • Embroidery Services: Precision eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery to frame your face perfectly, reducing your daily makeup routine.
Address 14 Scotts Road, #03-51A, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Email Tel: (65) 6735 3896


Operating Hours Daily 11am – 9pm
Review 1 “I came to do my hair extension and white toe nails pedicure, just wanna say the hair extensions till now didn’t drop! And it’s comfortable. I will come back again for my next session :)”
Review 2 “I did my nails at Iconique Hair & Beauty Salon a few months back. I was very satisfied for my very first manicure service. The nails lasted me for a month and was in good condition. The staff was also very patient and even engaged in a light-hearted conversation with me :)”
Review 3 “They are very friendly and even though it took like four hours but they were very helpful and do nicely for me. And guarantee me that the hair extensions won’t fall off. I really hope to go back there again!!”


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Action Hair Salon Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Action Hair Salon

About Founded in 1998, Action Hair Salon has become a hallmark of prestige within Singapore’s hair and beauty sector, renowned for its professional and exemplary services. Managed by Executive Director Sonnie Tan and Master Stylist & Managing Director Vinn Wong, Action has captivated an elite global clientele with its blend of innovation and excellence.
  • Prestigious Heritage: Over two decades of exceptional service has cemented its status among the elite salons in Singapore.
  • Expert Leadership: Under the guidance of industry veterans Sonnie Tan and Vinn Wong, Action offers unmatched expertise.
  • Global Recognition: Esteemed by a discerning international clientele for its superior styling and beauty solutions.
  • Comprehensive Services: From cutting-edge hair styling to advanced beauty treatments, catering to all client needs.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of Singapore at the Paragon Shopping Centre, offering convenience and luxury.
  • Professional Hair Styling: Expertise in contemporary and classic hairstyles, tailored to individual preferences and trends.
  • Advanced Beauty Services: A full spectrum of beauty treatments complementing its hair services for a holistic approach.
  • Exclusive Products: Utilization of high-end products to ensure the best care and results for clients’ hair and skin.
  • Personalized Consultations: Dedicated sessions with seasoned stylists to craft personalized beauty and hair care regimens.

290 Orchard Road. #05-08, Singapore 238859

6732 1003
6738 9038
Operating Hours Daily 10am – 9pm
Review 1 “I first went to Action Hair on 30 Jan 2024. Brought my 6 yrs old daughter for a haircut, hair wash. I was in Paragon. I came back 2 Feb to do hair colour, highlight and hair treatment. My hair was heavy. After May cut for me it was light. Usually we will not know the hair cut good or not until a week later. The next day, 3 Feb I wake up.i was impressed by my hair waves. It means the hair was well cut. The hair treatment helped made my hair soft and hydrated. It is a bit pricy but they use balmain products. Overall I think it is worth a try if you have not try. I will definitely go back for touch up, hair cut and hair treatment. Thank you May Ong! 👍👏”
Review 2 “By far, the best experience for a haircut – stylist Kyo Lim listened to what I wanted and gave amazing tips on what haircut would look good on me and how to care for hair and scalp.Amazing service from reception and stylist; even had tea and was offered a manicure session. Came in for a haircut and I got princess treatment. Thank you for a wonderful experience”
Review 3 “Hairdresser May Ong is very talented. Since young, I have been going there for hair cuts and now as I grow up, I do visit there often to dye and bleach my hair, colours such as red, blue, purple. She ensures that my hair is not damaged and looks at its best. I will recommend her service and this hair salon”


Ocean Korean Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Ocean Korean Hair Salon

About Ocean Korean Hair Salon, originally known as Jiwon Hair Salon since 2003, distinguishes itself as the premier destination for Korean hair styling in Singapore. Nestled in the vibrant Orchard Road, the salon has not only catered to the Korean community but has also charmed a dedicated following of local clientele, thanks to its authentic Korean hospitality and cutting-edge hair solutions.
  • Pioneering Presence: First Korean salon in Singapore, setting the trend for Korean hairstyling since 2003.
  • Diverse Clientele: Welcoming a broad spectrum of clients beyond the Korean community, emphasizing inclusivity and versatility in services.
  • Authentic Korean Experience: Known for its genuine Korean hospitality, offering a slice of Korea in Singapore.
  • Natural and High-Quality Products: Utilizes products infused with nature’s best ingredients, ensuring gentle yet effective treatment for all hair types.
  • Modern and Comfortable Ambiance: The salon’s simple, modern design coupled with a natural atmosphere aims to provide clients with a serene and comforting experience.
  • Korean Hair Styling: Expert in creating styles that are popular in Korea, adapting them to suit Singapore’s climate and client preferences.
  • Advanced Coloring and Perming: Offering a wide array of coloring options from subtle highlights to complete color changes, along with Korean perms for soft, natural-looking waves.
  • Nano Hair Extensions: A revolutionary technique for hair extensions, promising instant volume without damaging the scalp or existing hair.
  • Robotic AI Scalplus SMP: Utilizing cutting-edge technology for scalp micro pigmentation, providing a fuller hair look efficiently and painlessly.
Address 3 Killiney Rd, #01-06, Singapore 239519
Telephone 6836 8419
9123 1204
Operating Hours Weekdays: 10.30am – 8.00pm
Weekends: 10.30am – 7.00pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Review 1 “An accessible Korean hair salon from Somerset MRT. Staff was really friendly and polite, and their attention to detail in the haircuts are really well appreciated. Gave practical tips to keep the hair in shape as well! We did a perm and a highlight, and it was done professionally. Highly recommended, we will definitely be back!”
Review 2 “I tried nano hair extensions at Ocean Korean Hair Salon and was very pleased with Michelle’s expertise and attentiveness to doing the service. She was very kind to accommodate my last minute request and I really appreciate. I highly recommend this hair salon for nano hair extensions and other hair services. I have tried their hair services previously and overall experience was great.”
Review 3 “I did a down perm here by Jina.The staff, including the boss (Michelle) are so friendly and professional.

They are very transparent with the price when I called to book for an appointment.”


Creme Hairdressing Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

crème hairdressing

About Crème Hairdressing is on its way to becoming one of the most distinguished salons in Singapore, renowned for its innovative approach to hairstyling and commitment to service excellence. With a team of professional stylists who are not only in demand for salon services but also for fashion shows and magazine shoots, Crème Hairdressing stands as a paragon of creativity and expertise in the hair industry.
  • Innovative Styling: Known for its forward-thinking and creative hair designs, catering to both avant-garde fashion and everyday chic looks.
  • Professional Expertise: Boasts a team of stylists celebrated for their individual expertise and contributions to fashion shows and editorial shoots.
  • Partnership with Redken: Offering premium hair care with the complete range of REDKEN products, ensuring clients receive only the best treatments.
  • Service Excellence: Commitment to unsurpassed service, providing personalized hair solutions that exceed client expectations.
  • Fuss-Free Styles: Specializes in creating chic, manageable hairstyles tailored to each client’s needs and lifestyle.
  • Cutting-Edge Hair Fashion: Leading in the creation of avant-garde and trendy hairstyles that set the pace for the industry.
  • Comprehensive Hair Care: Utilizes the full spectrum of REDKEN products to provide top-tier hair treatments and maintenance.
  • Customizable Styling: Expertise in tailoring hairstyles that are not only stylish but also easy to manage, ensuring clients look their best with minimal effort.
  • Fashion Industry Collaboration: Highly sought after for contributions to fashion shows and magazine shoots, showcasing their capability to deliver editorial-quality styling.

#01-65 Novena Square 2

Telephone 6397 2622
Operating Hours Mondays – Saturdays: 11am – 9pm
Sundays: 11am – 8pm
Review 1 “I had a wonderful experience as a WALK IN customer at Crème Hairdressing @ Novena Square mall.Sara my hairstylist was very friendly and welcoming. She asked me questions on what my hairstyle preferences were and also suggested suitable shapes for my bangs/fringe and back that suit my face shape and look best.

Sara even managed to make my dull and heavy long hair look very fresh and revived after just a haircut (no coloring was done), and my brown hair looked freshly colored with just a haircut!

Only $40 for a haircut (long hair length) with shampoo and blow.”

Review 2 “For anyone who is looking for a pleasant and satisfying haircut experience, Crème Hairdressing is one salon you should definitely consider! Conveniently located at Square 2 and accompanied by the friendliest hairstylist I know, Kim definitely will make your day and you can even learn a thing or two about hairstyling tips! I’m a repeated customer and because she always remembers my preferences, I completely trust her and I could just sit back and relax every visit. Kim is really very friendly and easily strikes a conversation with. I think the most important thing besides getting a satisfied haircut at the end is to be able to feel relaxed throughout the time spent at the salon. Thank you Kim! Kudos! 💯💯💯”
Review 3 “Been with Sara for around 10 years. Very experienced stylist who provides great advice and I usually leave it to her to decide on my hair colour, whether to touch up roots only or not, type of shampoos or hair tonics to buy. No hard selling of products and/or services.”


A Plus Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

A Plus Hair Boutique

About A+ Hair Boutique stands out as a haven for those seeking exceptional hair care and styling services, emphasizing the importance of understanding each client’s unique hair needs. Established to provide personalized hair solutions, the salon combines expert styling with high-quality, plant-based hair care products, ensuring clients not only look but feel their best.
  • Personalized Hair Care: Each client receives a tailored consultation, ensuring their hair’s unique needs are met with precision and care.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Committed to sustainability, A+ Hair Boutique utilizes plant-based, eco-friendly hair products from Davines, a brand known for its quality and environmental responsibility.
  • Skilled and Friendly Team: The salon boasts a team of expert stylists renowned for their creative talent and welcoming approach, making every visit a delightful experience.
  • Comprehensive Service Range: From cutting-edge haircuts and styles to advanced treatments, A+ Hair Boutique offers a full spectrum of hair services catering to diverse preferences and hair types.
  • Modern and Comfortable Ambiance: Located at Far East Shopping Centre, clients enjoy a contemporary, relaxing environment that reflects the salon’s commitment to quality and comfort.
  • Plant-Based Hair Care: Utilizing Davines products, the salon offers a range of treatments that nourish the hair and scalp with natural ingredients.
  • Custom Hair Styling: Whether seeking a fresh cut, color, or style, clients can expect bespoke services tailored to their individual look and lifestyle.
  • Advanced Hair Treatments: Specializing in rejuvenating treatments that address specific hair concerns, ensuring healthy, vibrant hair.
  • Sustainable Beauty Solutions: With a focus on sustainability, A+ Hair Boutique provides services and products that align with eco-friendly values.
545 Orchard Road B1-06-10 Far East Shopping Center, Singapore 238882
Telephone 6235 5188
6235 5318
Operating Hours Daily: 10.30am – 7.30pm
Review 1 “I had a fantastic experience at A+ hair Boutique. Andrew was very patient and helpful in explaining my hair condition and how I can better manage it. He also gave me great tips to solve my hair problem. Overall, amazing service and quality!”
Review 2 “Best hair ever, really appreciate Andrew’s hard work and he has good taste! Also the price is fair and good experience”
Review 3 “Andrew is a hairstylist with great skill and a kind heart and a listening ear. When you visit him at his saloon, you can pass on the hair problems and care to him. Without a doubt you are in good hands. He takes the joy of styling to another level where he is almost in w meditative state for a great outcome. I recommend him as a satisfied customer.. with him my hair received all the care. Do visit him”


John Salon Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

John Salon

About John Salon – Hair Extensions is recognized for its professional hair services, establishing itself as a prominent destination for hair extension enthusiasts in Singapore. Nestled on Arab Street, the salon prides itself on a strong foundation of expert styling, high-quality extensions, and personalized customer care, ensuring every visit leaves clients feeling transformed and rejuvenated.
  • Expertise in Hair Extensions: Specializes in offering a diverse range of hair extension options tailored to meet individual preferences and hair types.
  • Professional and Skilled Team: A team of seasoned stylists ensures that every hair extension application is executed with precision and care.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: With a rating of 4.1 from 64 reviews, the salon’s commitment to excellence is evident through its satisfied clientele.
  • Convenient Location: Strategically situated on Arab Street, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists seeking quality hair extension services.
  • Always Open: Offering flexible appointments to accommodate the busy schedules of its clients, ensuring that transformative hair services are just a call away.
  • Customized Hair Extension Services: Provides a variety of hair extension techniques to suit different hair conditions and desired outcomes.
  • Personalized Consultation and Care: Prioritizes understanding each client’s unique hair needs and styling preferences for optimal results.
  • Use of High-Quality Materials: Ensures that all hair extensions used are of premium quality, offering durability and a natural look.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare Advice: Offers expert guidance on maintaining and caring for hair extensions to prolong their lifespan and maintain hair health.
Address 180 The Bencoolen street #02-02. The Bencoolen S189646
Telephone 9113 2366
Operating Hours Daily 10am – 8pm
Review 1 “I have to say that John is super duper professional and I am AMAZED by the end results! He’s super good at styling and I feel v confident about their extensions. It’s way better than my previous one which I went to. Extensions came out so natural but not too heavy even though I added extra strands, Color came out perfect as well. Will definitely return! Thank you John and Team :)”
Review 2 “Yesterday,I went for my hair extensions.
Amazing!!! I was very happy with John and the rest of the team members. It was my first time to do the hair extensions nevertheless John made me feel comfortable and explained each point in detail and the pricing was reasonable and worth the visit.
Beautifully done to my request. Speechless when I looked at myself in mirror.
Love you all John and Team and see you all of you soon. Thank you 🙏😊
I also want to include this, highly recommended for hair extensions and for their sincere services.”
Review 3 “The staff at John’s salon were very knowledgeable and patient. They took the time to do up my hair and even recommended the appropriate length of hair that would suit me. The hair extensions even come with warranty till removed. Highly recommend the expert service! Thank you!”


Color Bar Top Hair Extension Salons in Singapore

Hair Salon

Color Bar Hair Salon

About Nestled in the vibrant Holland Village, Colour Bar Hair Salon has been a beacon of exceptional hair services since 2007. Renowned for its mastery in hair coloring, the salon combines the comfort of a cozy ambiance with the expertise of a dedicated team, ensuring every client leaves with vibrant, beautifully styled hair.
  • Coloring Expertise: Specializes in a wide spectrum of hair coloring techniques, offering personalized color transformations.
  • Quality at Great Value: Committed to providing high-quality haircuts, coloring, and treatments at competitive prices.
  • Inclusive Environment: Welcomes a diverse clientele, including LGBTQ+ friendly policies, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all.
  • Accessible Location: Easily accessible in Holland Village, equipped with amenities like free Wi-Fi and wheelchair-accessible facilities, making it convenient for every client.
  • Warm and Inviting Ambiance: The salon prides itself on creating a home-like environment where clients can relax while receiving their hair services.
  • Hair Coloring Mastery: From subtle highlights to bold, full-color transformations, Colour Bar is the go-to salon for all coloring needs.
  • Comprehensive Hair Treatments: Offers a range of treatments designed to nourish and revitalize hair, enhancing its natural beauty.
  • Tailored Haircuts and Styling: Provides expert cuts and styling services, customized to fit each client’s individual style and preferences.
  • Affordable Luxury: Delivers a premium salon experience without the premium price tag, making top-notch hair services accessible to more people.
Address 211 Holland Avenue, #02-21 Holland Road, Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967
Telephone 6977 7988
9336 4620
Operating Hours Mondays – Saturdays: 10.30am – 7.30pm
Sundays: 10.30am – 6.30pm
Review 1 “Color Bar Hair is a fantastic salon experience for those seeking vibrant and personalized hair color transformations. From subtle highlights to bold fashion shades, their skilled stylists cater to individual preferences with precision and creativity. i really like it.”
Review 2 “At Color Bar Hair Salon, they work their magic with a killer Balayage highlight service for that effortlessly cool look. Want some funky colors? They’re pros at bleaching with color service. And let’s talk about hair health – their ultra strength treatment is like a superhero for your locks. Smooth and sleek more your vibe? Get the Keratin hair treatment. Oh, and for those who love a bit of bounce, their hair perm service is where it’s at. Color Bar Hair Salon is your go-to spot for hair transformations that are as chill as they are fabulous!”
Review 3 “With top-quality products and attention to detail, Color Bar Hair consistently delivers stunning results that leave clients feeling confident and refreshed. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their hair game!”


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