Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

When it comes to purchasing fuel, whether for personal or commercial use, it is crucial to choose a supplier you can trust. With numerous fuel suppliers available in the market, it’s important to seek out the top fuel suppliers in Singapore.

In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of selecting reliable and reputable fuel suppliers and explore the advantages and benefits they offer. Let’s dive in!

The Assurance of High-Quality Fuel

When you purchase fuel from a top fuel supplier in Singapore, you can be confident in the quality of the product you are receiving.

These reputable suppliers go the extra mile to ensure that their fuel meets the highest standards. They adhere to strict quality control measures, which involve rigorous testing and inspection of the fuel to ensure it is clean, pure, and free from contaminants.

By opting for top fuel suppliers, you can rest assured that you are getting high-quality fuel that will keep your vehicles or machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

Access to a Wide Range of Fuel Options

Top fuel suppliers in Singapore offer a diverse range of fuel options to cater to different requirements. Whether you need petrol, diesel, kerosene, or aviation fuel, they have you covered.

This variety allows you to select the type of fuel that best suits your specific needs. Moreover, reputable suppliers often stock fuel from trusted sources, ensuring that you have access to reliable and consistent fuel options.

Reliable and Consistent Supply

One of the significant advantages of choosing top fuel suppliers is the assurance of a reliable and consistent fuel supply.

These suppliers have a robust distribution network in place, ensuring that they can meet the demands of their customers efficiently.

Whether you require fuel for personal use or for your business operations, relying on a reputable supplier means you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel.

They prioritize timely deliveries and have the resources to handle both small and large orders effectively.

Efficient Delivery Services

Fuel suppliers at the top of their game understand the importance of timely and efficient deliveries. They have well-established delivery services in place to ensure that your fuel reaches you when and where you need it.

Whether you require regular scheduled deliveries or on-demand services, top suppliers can cater to your specific requirements. Their experienced delivery personnel are trained to handle fuel safely and professionally, providing you with peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing and Cost Savings

Contrary to popular belief, seeking fuel from top suppliers doesn’t necessarily mean paying exorbitant prices.

In fact, many reputable fuel suppliers in Singapore offer competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality standards. By choosing a reliable supplier, you can benefit from cost savings in the long run.

Efficient logistics and strong relationships with fuel providers allow top suppliers to negotiate better prices, which they can pass on to their customers. This means you can enjoy competitive rates without compromising on the quality of the fuel you receive.

Excellent Customer Service

Another compelling reason to opt for top fuel suppliers in Singapore is the exceptional customer service they provide. These suppliers value their customers and strive to establish long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

From prompt and friendly responses to inquiries and concerns to personalized assistance with your fuel needs, top suppliers prioritize customer satisfaction.

They understand the importance of delivering excellent service at every touchpoint, making your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Environmental Responsibility

In today’s world, environmental consciousness is crucial. Top fuel suppliers in Singapore are committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

They actively participate in initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote cleaner fuels. By choosing a reputable supplier, you contribute to these efforts and play your part in protecting the environment.

Many top suppliers also offer eco-friendly fuel options, such as biodiesel, which further reduces the carbon footprint associated with your fuel consumption.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Handling and storing fuel require strict adherence to safety regulations. Top fuel suppliers prioritize safety and maintain robust safety protocols throughout their operations.

They ensure that their facilities and equipment are regularly inspected and meet all safety standards.

By purchasing fuel from a reputable supplier, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with professionals who prioritize the safety of their employees, customers, and the surrounding environment.

Industry Expertise and Knowledge

Top fuel suppliers in Singapore possess extensive industry expertise and knowledge. They stay updated with the latest trends, advancements, and regulations in the fuel industry.

This knowledge allows them to provide valuable insights and guidance to their customers.

Whether you have questions about fuel efficiency, storage requirements, or the best fuel options for your specific needs, reputable suppliers can offer expert advice to help you make informed decisions.

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Humans require energy for almost all forms, variations of activity they engage in.

Residences need heat warming; energy is in constant demand for Industry and Agriculture or further within the human body, an endless distribution of energy happens constantly.

Many operations that supply humans with the privileges of mundane living, that most cannot live without, demand high volumes of energy generation.

These are industrial processes which derive energy supply by drawing from reserves.

Such reserves might count as renewable or non-renewable.

Renewable energy reserves get replaced over time; therefore, these do not get depleted easily.

Still, non-renewable energy reserves now risk running out, depletion, if humans’ degree of consumption rises too high.

Currently multiple renewable energy reserves are ready for tapping, examples being solar or wind energy with waterpower.

However, humans mostly derive much of their energy from non-renewable energy sources, referred to as fossil fuels.

The non-renewability of such reserves may likely push prices to swell up to rates that become less economically feasible, too costly.

Fossil fuels comprise of deposits from previously living organisms.

Such organic substances take centuries to sediment.

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Fossil fuels are composed of carbon with hydrogen bonds.


interion Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier


Specialty Looking for fuels and lubricants? Interion Pte Ltd was established in 1995. Over the years, the company has achieved constant growth and establish herself in the market. The goodwill and reputation allowed the company to obtain dealerships from various oil majors. They are authorised dealers for oil majors, chemical brands.

Services: Diesel in Drums, Petrol / Gas, Ultra Low Sulphur (0.005%, 50ppm) Diesel, Near Sulphur Free (0.001%, 10ppm) Diesel, Isopropanol (IPA)

Pricing  Request a quotation:
Address 64 Senoko Road Singapore 758126
Telephone +65 69337206
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5 pm


union gas Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

Union Gas Holdings

Specialty Union Gas Holdings Limited (优联燃气控股有限公司) is an established provider of fuel products in Singapore with over 40 years of operating track record. Their businesses comprise Retail Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Diesel. They gained large scale client confidence.

Services: Retail Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Diesel, fuel products, Gas Retailer Licensee

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 3 Lorong Bakar Batu #07-04 Union Industrial Centre Singapore 348741
Telephone (+65) 6316 6666
Opening hours 7 am to 8 pm
Review 1 This morning called the office for delivery.. was delivered within 30mins.  Fast & good service from the staff who answered my call. The delivery guy  was also nice 🙂 . My family has used their services for few years.. recommended 👍👍


clipper oil Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

Clipper Oil

Specialty Clipper Oil is a worldwide wholesaler of marine fuels and lubricant oils specializing in supplying vessels throughout the Pacific Ocean. Operating internationally from their headquarters in San Diego, California, USA, they serve bunkering needs of sectors of marine markets. This includes fishing fleets, ocean-going yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships etc.

Services: Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF/UREA), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Propane/LPG/LP Fuel

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 3 Coleman Street #03-24 Box #8 Singapore, 179804
Telephone +65-6646-5367
Opening hours 24/7


exxon mobil Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier


Specialty ExxonMobil, one of the largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. They hold an industry-leading inventory of resources, and they are one of the world’s largest integrated refiners, marketers of petroleum products, chemical manufacturers, natural gas suppliers.

Services: Fuels, lubricant base stocks, 592,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) refinery, low-sulphur diesel, natural gas

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 18 Pioneer Rd, Singapore 628498
Telephone +65-66606000
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


psg digital marketing

emf Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

Equatorial Marine

Specialty  Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services Pte. Ltd is a leading marine fuel logistics company. They physically supply and market bunkers to all types of vessels (including offshore platforms). They procure their stock from reputable and reliable sources (including oil refineries, producers, and suppliers), break bulk, resell and deliver the bunkers.

Services: Marine Fuel Oil, marine fuel needs, oil trading, bunker tankers, Mass Flow Meter data

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 38 Carpenter Street, #05-01 Singapore 059917
Telephone + 65 6259 1314
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


mecpec Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

MECPEC Trading

Specialty Mecpec Trading Co Pte. Ltd started out as a sole proprietorship founded by their managing director Philip Oh in 1978. Their business then was the sale and distribution of special lubricants to Singapore’s fledgling industries. They converted into a private limited company in 1989 and achieved ISO certification in 1998.

Services: Diesel, fuel, Shell Lubricants Distributor, high-quality premium lubricants, Visolube

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 104 Gul Circle, Singapore 629590
Telephone +65 6560 7660
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Did some business with mecpec, customer service was top notch and were very accomodating (: thanks!


herculean Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

Herculean Oil

Specialty Herculean Oil Transportation & Trading was established in 2008 under the name of Hock Ki Trading. Their main services back then include supplying engine oil and lubricants to our clients. In 2013 their company went through a major revamp, changing their company name to Herculean Oil Transport, Trading PTE. LTD.

Services: Diesel Transportation, Diesel Fuel Delivery, Fuel top-up services, fuel management, Emergency fuel supply

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 19 Tuas Avenue 6 Singapore 639306
Telephone +65-6592 3476
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm


swiss singapore Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises

Specialty Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises Pte Ltd (SSOE), is a part of US$ 48.3 billion Aditya Birla Group and a leading bulk commodity trading solutions provider to clients across the globe. Incorporated in Singapore in 1978, it has grown to achieve an annual turnover US$ 5.4 billion, 34.5 million tons trading.

Services: Coal, Petroleum, fuel, lubricants, Petro Products

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 65 Chulia Street, #48-05, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
Telephone +65 – 62218455
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


mabanaft Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier


Specialty It provides its customers with innovative energy solutions for their transportation, heating, and industrial needs. Mabanaft proactively engages in the energy transition and is committed to conducting its business in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible way. Through its subsidiaries and offices, Mabanaft is well positioned in important regions worldwide.

Services: Heating oil, diesel fuel, petrol, gasoline, kerosene, marine fuels

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 8 Temasek Boulevard #13-03 Suntec Tower 3 Singapore 038988
Telephone +65 6305 8000
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


ps energy Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

PS Energy

Specialty As one of the leading fuels and lubricants distributor in Singapore, they see an opportunity to leverage technology to transform and digitise the fuel and lubricant industry. They seek innovative solutions for their customers that provide them with better service and value to their business, helping them make smarter decisions.

Services: Automotive Diesel Oil, Marine Gas Oil, Kerosene, Petrol, fuels, lubricants

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 8 Bulim Avenue #05-02A Innovate Building Singapore (648166)
Telephone +65-6861 3311
Opening hours 8.30 am to 6 pm


a link Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

A-Link Petroleum

Specialty A Link Petroleum has its roots leading back to 1987. From their modest beginning with less than five customers, keeping prices low and providing reliable service has always been a focus for the company. Now more than 200 customers from industries such as F&B, construction, agriculture, maritime, engineering and transportation.

Services: Diesel Fuel, Sulphur Free Diesel (NSFD), SPC, ExxonMobil, diesel

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 44 Eastwood Drive, S486140
Telephone +65- 6442 5050
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


sg fuels Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier

SG Fuels

Specialty Fuels are an integral part of our everyday life. Powering generators, trucks, buses, and salon cars to solvents for chemical ingredients. There are so many types of fuels that many will be confused by the industrial and common names, not to mention the specifications. They ship, sell, store fuel in Singapore.

Services: Petrol, Gasoline, gas, fuel, High-Speed Diesel

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Anson Rd, #16-09, International Plaza, 079903
Telephone +65 69337200
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


shell Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier


Specialty Shell is an international energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. Their strategy is to lead as an energy company by providing oil and gas, low-carbon energy as world’s energy system changes.

Services: Natural gas, cleaner-burning natural gas, renewable energy, lower-carbon fuel, cleanest-burning hydrocarbon

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address The Metropolis Tower 1, 9 N Buona Vista Dr, #10-01, 138588
Email +65-62353261
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 Convenient location outside the city center.
Review 2 Shell @ Metropolis office is a great place to work!
Review 3 Nice!


bp Top Fuel Suppliers in Singapore

Fuel Supplier


Specialty Delivering value for BP, their shareholders and society. Their new business model is more integrated and faces the energy transition head on. They believe it can deliver for the changing demands of stakeholders, with an absolute focus on operational excellence, so that their businesses are efficient, an integrated energy business.

Services: Renewable energy, natural gas, Gas production, LNG supply growth, Inter-regional gas trade

Pricing  Request a quotation:
Address 31


The Future of the Fuel Industry in Singapore

Singapore’s fuel industry is constantly evolving to adapt to changing market dynamics, emerging technologies, and global energy trends.

Let’s take a glimpse into the future of the fuel industry in Singapore:

  • Embracing Renewable and Sustainable Fuels: As the world moves towards a low-carbon future, Singapore’s fuel industry is expected to embrace renewable and sustainable fuel options. This includes exploring biofuels, hydrogen, and other alternative fuels that have lower carbon emissions. Fuel suppliers will play a crucial role in facilitating the adoption of these cleaner fuel options by ensuring their availability, quality, and affordability.
  • Technological Advancements: Fuel suppliers in Singapore will leverage technological advancements to improve efficiency, safety, and environmental performance. This may involve incorporating advanced monitoring systems, smart logistics solutions, and digital platforms for fuel procurement and management. The use of data analytics and automation will streamline operations, enhance supply chain visibility, and optimize fuel distribution.
  • Energy Storage and Infrastructure Development: As Singapore seeks to enhance its energy resilience, fuel suppliers will contribute to the development of energy storage and infrastructure solutions. This may include the expansion of storage capacities for different types of fuels, the integration of renewable energy storage systems, and the development of infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. These initiatives will support Singapore’s transition towards a more diversified and sustainable energy mix.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Fuel suppliers in Singapore will forge strategic collaborations and partnerships to drive innovation and sustainable practices. This may involve working with fuel producers, technology companies, research institutions, and government agencies to develop and implement new fuel solutions, storage technologies, and environmental initiatives. Collaborative efforts will accelerate the industry’s progress towards a greener and more sustainable future.
  • Adapting to Changing Mobility Trends: The fuel industry will adapt to evolving mobility trends, including the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and other alternative modes of transportation. Fuel suppliers may diversify their offerings to include EV charging infrastructure, support services for EV fleets, and the development of EV-compatible fuels. This flexibility and adaptability will enable the industry to cater to the changing needs of consumers and the transportation sector.

Why Fuel Suppliers Play a Pivotal Role in Singapore’s Thriving Fuel Industry

Singapore, known for its bustling economy and strategic location, has emerged as a prominent player in the global fuel industry. Fuel suppliers in Singapore play a pivotal role in meeting the nation’s energy demands and facilitating the smooth functioning of various sectors.

In this section, we will delve into the reasons why the fuel industry is one of the biggest in Singapore and explore the importance of fuel suppliers in driving this thriving sector forward. Let’s delve into the world of Singapore’s fuel industry!

Singapore’s Strategic Location and Trading Hub

Singapore’s strategic location at the crossroads of major shipping routes has positioned it as a key trading hub for the fuel industry.

Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, the city-state serves as a gateway to both regional and international markets. Fuel suppliers leverage Singapore’s excellent connectivity, well-developed infrastructure, and efficient logistics to import, export, store, and distribute fuel to various parts of the world.

The nation’s strategic advantage as a trading hub has contributed significantly to the growth and prominence of its fuel industry.

The Maritime Industry and Bunkering Services

Singapore is home to one of the world’s busiest ports, and the maritime industry plays a vital role in driving the fuel sector. The demand for bunker fuel, used by ships for propulsion, navigation, and auxiliary power, is substantial in Singapore.

Fuel suppliers in Singapore provide bunkering services, ensuring a reliable and efficient supply of fuel to vessels calling at the port.

With stringent quality control measures and adherence to international standards, Singapore has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality bunker fuel, attracting ships from around the globe to refuel in its waters. This has further strengthened Singapore’s position as a leading fuel hub.

The Importance of Fuel Suppliers in Singapore’s Energy Ecosystem

Fuel suppliers in Singapore play a vital role in the nation’s energy ecosystem. They act as the crucial link between fuel producers, distributors, and end consumers.

Here are some key reasons why fuel suppliers are integral to Singapore’s fuel industry:

  • Reliable Fuel Supply: Fuel suppliers ensure a steady and reliable supply of fuel to meet the energy needs of various sectors, including transportation, aviation, manufacturing, and power generation. They work closely with fuel producers and leverage their expertise in logistics and distribution to ensure that fuel is available when and where it is needed. This reliability is essential for maintaining the smooth operations of industries and supporting Singapore’s economic growth.
  • Fuel Quality Assurance: Fuel suppliers in Singapore prioritize the quality of the fuel they provide. They adhere to strict standards and regulations to ensure that the fuel meets the required specifications and is free from contaminants. This commitment to quality ensures that consumers receive fuel that is clean, efficient, and compliant with environmental regulations. By partnering with reputable fuel suppliers, consumers can have confidence in the fuel they use, minimizing the risk of engine damage or inefficiencies.
  • Fuel Storage and Infrastructure: Fuel suppliers invest in robust storage facilities and infrastructure to handle and store large quantities of fuel. These facilities include storage tanks, terminals, pipelines, and blending facilities. The efficient storage and infrastructure network enable suppliers to manage fuel inventories, optimize logistics, and respond to fluctuating market demands. The availability of well-maintained storage infrastructure ensures that fuel can be readily supplied to customers, even during periods of increased demand or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Market Expertise and Risk Management: Fuel suppliers possess in-depth market knowledge and expertise in fuel trading. They closely monitor market trends, price fluctuations, and regulatory changes to make informed decisions. This expertise allows them to manage market risks effectively, such as volatility in fuel prices, currency fluctuations, and geopolitical factors that can impact fuel supply and prices. Fuel suppliers leverage their knowledge and risk management strategies to provide stable pricing and reliable supply to their customers, contributing to a stable energy market in Singapore.

The Economic Impact of the Fuel Industry in Singapore:

The fuel industry in Singapore has a significant economic impact on the nation. Let’s explore some of the key contributions made by this thriving sector:

  • Employment Opportunities: The fuel industry creates a wide range of employment opportunities in various sectors, including fuel production, distribution, logistics, storage, and retail. From skilled professionals to supporting staff, the industry provides jobs that contribute to Singapore’s overall employment rate and economic stability. The growth of the fuel industry stimulates job creation and fosters a skilled workforce.
  • Revenue Generation: Singapore’s position as a fuel trading hub translates into substantial revenue generation for the nation. The trading, storage, and distribution activities associated with the fuel industry contribute to government revenue through taxes, duties, and fees. The revenue generated helps support infrastructure development, social programs, and other initiatives that benefit the nation and its citizens.
  • Ancillary Services: The fuel industry’s presence in Singapore also gives rise to a range of ancillary services and businesses. These include fuel testing laboratories, fuel quality certification agencies, fuel equipment suppliers, and maintenance services. These ancillary services create additional economic opportunities and further contribute to the overall growth and diversification of Singapore’s economy.
  • Foreign Investments: Singapore’s robust and well-regulated fuel industry attracts foreign investments from global fuel companies. The nation’s stable political environment, efficient infrastructure, and business-friendly policies make it an attractive destination for companies seeking to establish their presence in the region. Foreign investments in the fuel industry not only bring capital but also foster knowledge transfer, technological advancements, and employment opportunities.
  • Regional Trade Hub: The prominence of Singapore’s fuel industry extends beyond its borders. The nation’s well-connected transportation networks, established trade relationships, and logistical expertise position it as a regional hub for fuel trade. Fuel suppliers in Singapore leverage these advantages to facilitate regional fuel trade, contributing to the growth and integration of Southeast Asia’s energy markets.


The fuel industry in Singapore plays a pivotal role in meeting the nation’s energy needs and driving economic growth. Fuel suppliers are vital players in this dynamic industry, ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality fuel, managing logistics and storage, and staying abreast of market trends and regulations.

Their contributions extend beyond providing fuel; they support employment, generate revenue, foster innovation, and attract foreign investments.

As Singapore continues to position itself as a leading fuel hub, fuel suppliers will remain integral to the nation’s energy ecosystem, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future.

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