Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore

Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore

What is Food delivery

Food delivery is a service that delivers food to consumers in the comfort of their own home or workplace, without them having the need to dine in at the physical restaurant or queue for food takeaway. 

The food that is offered on food delivery services is mostly intended to be consumed as soon as possible, as they usually prepared freshly and are hot food that can’t be kept overnight.  

Different types of food for delivery 


Fun fact: pizza delivery is one of the largest and most popular food delivery industry. 


Did you know that there are snack boxes filled with delicious treats that you can order online for yourself or your colleagues? You can also opt for recurring deliveries through subscription if you really like the snack boxes. 


Get your favourite bubble teas and other drinks through delivery service to satisfy your sweet tooth craving, right to your doorstep or office door. 

Hawker food 

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Love hawker food but too lazy to queue at the stall? Well, now your favourite hawker food is available for food delivery. Save yourself from standing under the hot sun and waiting for your turn to order. 

Cakes and desserts

Is a special occasion coming up? Why not order cakes and desserts online and opt for the delivery service? With a swipe and tap, you can get the cakes and desserts delivered while you sit back and relax. 

Restaurant food main courses

Craving for a meal at a particular restaurant? With food delivery, you can get to enjoy the same tasty meal at the comfort of your home or office. 

Here are some food delivery services to consider: 

FoodPanda Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About  When you look for some continental pizzas, sandwiches, sashimi, or perhaps Chicken rice, their restaurant order platform can complete the total transport to you. Their initial online delivery was a pioneer order service in Singapore, even from timed that market was saturated with pizza or fast-food dining, their pink panda with their riders sends pastries, local delights, or vegetarian dining to home residence.

Foodpanda, online order.

Delivery fee From $1.99 to $4.99
Address 143 Cecil St, #26-01 GB Building, Singapore 069542
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm 

Saturday and Sunday: Closed 

Review 1 Always had a great experience, and when I get an order wrong customer service are quick to fic it n sort it out. Love the new addition of panda mart so quick fast and reliable especially in this virus season. I love that foodpanda always had exciting promotions and that’s why they are better than grab. Thank you foodpanda! 

By Samitta A. Chowhury 

Review 2 I love that foodpanda cares for the environment and rewards me for caring g too! I always opt-ut of cutlery and get vouchers that I can use for free delivery on subsequent orders. How cool is that? I don’t see any other food delivery platform doing so much good! 

By Jia Xin Lee

Review 3 Love foodpanda because I can get discounts and also earn kisflyer miles when I order which is good because now I can save up the miles for my next trip. Stay at home can save money for now and spend on a good trip. Maybe foodpanda can bring in more travel partners too. 

By Dorothy Lan 


Grab Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Grab Food

About  Consolidated for convenient access on the Grab app, the food delivery arm of the company stretches its reach island wide to bring you everything from local cuisine to fast casual grub to bubble tea. Plus, users can chalk up reward points for each order to redeem future goodies. Say goodbye to long waits when you have got the likes of Guzman Y Gomez, Shake Shack and 40 Hands at your fingertips.

GrabFood, online orders.

Delivery fee From $3 to $5 
Address 138 Cecil St, Singapore 069538


Deliveroo Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About  One can hardly miss using Deliveroo, owing to their user-friendly interface or vast array of engaged diners. Any craving that you seek, were this Ramen, Chicken Rice with Pizza, one can just reach them there. Online restaurant sending selections vary according to your surroundings, having premiums including Blu kouzina, Pizza express or Sushi tei. Also, with regular clients that reduce overall delivery charges with registration completed to obtain subscription option, Deliveroo Plus ($16.90/month), for getting bonus reductions or cost-exempt deliveries using the lowest bills with $18.

Deliveroo, online order

Delivery fee Varies for distance between restaurant and destination
Contact [email protected].


Grain Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About  Top food delivery platform within Singapore: Grain

In the case you have no idea what to eat from time to time, go visit Grain, that gives out a daily changing list of meals taken from food and cuisine spanning many cultures. One can get meals from far, dining suggestions, catering options or festive meals there.

Grain, order online

#SaveF&BSG, order online

Delivery fee Maximum delivery fee is $6.70 for minimum $10 order. Free delivery for orders $60 and above. 
Review 1 Love the freshness of their food, and the portions are just right! The first time after I ordered from them, I knew it was going to be an ongoing thing. 

By Shernielle

Review 2 Everything was perfect from start to end. Customer service was excellent. Food arrived at the right time, still piping hot and packed in a pretty signature Grain warmer bag.

By Esther

Review 3 We are using grain for our weekly catered team lunches – and it is always the highlight of our week to select the exciting dishes from the menu. Grain on Fridays is a reprieve from fighting for seats in hot and sweaty hawker centers. It is delicious team lunches in the comfort of our air-conditioned office. 

By Gabriel 




Kemono Chicken

Services islandwide home delivery; food for office events
Contact Telephone: (65) 8600 5997

Email: [email protected]

Address 171 Selegie Road, #01-01, Singapore 188323


WhyQ Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About The initial beginnings in form of hawker delivery platform within Raffles Place eventually reached far to cover breakfast orders, office catering or an added subscription option taking orders out every month. Thus, were you having certain thirst over Singapore goodies inclusive of wanton mee, Nasi Lemak or Carrot Cake, you might just discover several of top hawkers at Maxwell food centre, Amoy food centre or Chinatown complex there.

WhyQ, online orders.

Delivery fee $1.50


KetoMei Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About  Singapore’s pioneer keto-cantered food subscription platform. Started a year ago, their Singapore business seeks to aid many client’s trim down food intake through serving keto food straight to client’s residence. Ketomei delivers 3 versions of food selections, from extremely basic weekly menus charged for $180 containing12 meals. To read their website, every of delivered sets holds “about 60 to 80 per cent fat, 20 to 35 per cent protein, and only 5 to 15 per cent carbs”.
Delivery fee Delivery fee is included in subscriptions 
Address 1 Paya Lebar Link #04-01 Paya Lebar Quarter, 408533
Telephone: (65) 8338 6383


AMGD Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About AMGD was started by 3 friends seeking to deliver, cater healthy meals with flavour and access. AMGD refers to AHHMAHGAWD, which makes you feel awed, delighted upon your tasting their healthy, yummy food.

Many adore AMGD as it operates upon some pay-per-use billing platform, thus you simply buy a set of meals, then consume these at any timing.

Food listing is set – lacking ingredient choices – still the potential bonus is the available choice from 20 food choices from all timings. Thus, one gets multiple, varied options available. Less optimum options to many that require some special caterings, still best were you seeking a fixed selection of rather green options.

Delivery fee Delivery is free on orders above 2 credits to the same location; otherwise delivery fees start from $1.50 to $5 depending on your location and if you require specific delivery timing.
Address 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-08, Singapore 139955
Contact [email protected]
Operating Hours Monday to Friday – 7.30 am to 7.30 pm
Review 1 I used to not eat regular meals as sometimes to busy to cook or even to buy the food which took a toll on my health. Now with AMGD, I can have healthy meals delivered to me and at a regular timing and this also made sure I don’t skip my meals. 

By Joanne Kam

Review 2 I eat healthier and feel healthier! It’s great coming back after a long day of work to healthy and delicious food hanging on my door. Saves me the hassle of getting dinner. my family enjoys AMGD as much as I do!

By Felicia Liu

Review 3 So happy that I found AMGD when I decided to start eating healthy! Love the healthy and delicious food delivered to me! Like the wide varieties of meal choices too!

By Sally Yap 


Wafuken Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About Wafuken eatery holds two addresses within Singapore, 1st within OUE downtown gallery mall (6A Shenton Way) or next at Asia square (12 Marina view).


Wafuken, with branding that comes originally derived WAFU – Japanese interpretation of western cooking – or KEN – Kenko, that translates wellness from Japanese, delivers unique meals which nourish physical wellbeing to perfection.

Helmed by Jake Pang with Edmund Goh, the eatery realizes such by undertaking some Sous Vide cooking to get desired cooking from their red-meat or Fish – typically just accessible at pricey fine-dining eateries. Sous vide (french describing “under vacuum”) describes some style of heating food in which ingredients take baking within insulated, vacuum-sealed bowls with subsequent dipping within a set temperature-controlled water boil – ending with steaks which have been baked within tip to tip or Salmons which have baked until some see-through pink, containing some soft or grainy feel. Also, in Wafuken, one may attain access to tailoring the cooking options by picking certain protein, greens, or carbohydrates or extra food, also you get the choice for requesting your green meals sent to fixed address.

Delivery fee Free delivery over $100

Delivery fee follow food delivery app

Address Asia Square

  • 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, #02-05 Singapore 018961


  • 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery, #02-23 Singapore 068815
Contact Asia Square 

  • +65 9459 6073


  • +65 9459 6074
Operating Hours Asia Square 

  • Monday-Friday 11 am-3 pm


  • Monday-Friday 11 am-8 pm
Review 1 Awesome awesome awesome! Pick as many proteins or sides you want. Each item is priced individually so you just pay for what you want. I had the chicken breast and my friend had the smoked duck. Chicken breast was tender and juicy, but no taste. Smoked duck was delicious, full of flavor and chewy. I definitely recommend getting the smoked duck. The sides were good too, especially the mushroom medley. Generous servings for the sides too. Overall a very decent and filling meal.

By Gladyn W

Review 2 I had a great lunch at Wafuken! Ordered their niku chirashi don and it tastes amazing! I was really in love with the garlic soy sauce and will definitely recommend my friends here! I also wanna take this chance to thank Jake and Deon for their outstanding attention and service!

By Vanessa Kwa

Review 3
Tender sous vide chicken! Loved the customisation options for various carbs and vegetables! Meal cost $13 which was really filling. Will be back again! Best to come before 12 to avoid lunch crowd.
By Brian He


eatfit Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Eat Fit Meal Prep

About  Eat Fit Meal Prep found initiation as some accessible and budget meals to let all access – an independent Chef catering to many people that do not get driven within chauffeured Bentley. All have rights to get green meals in times craved, with no exclusions, denial.

Their distinct signature assures that all cooked food gets direct sending for individuals Fresh – not frozen, or cooked using all-natural ingredients, the green range for natural food, good servings with just straight, direct service to … consume, get Fit or savour.

Many all remain appreciative of their Friends @AnytimeFitness MP for food help. Most food arrives within microwavable sets to store well or heat. Food kept for taking in 3 days may be stored within the refrigerator and much that need extended storage might be well kept in a chilled freezer or defrosted just the day prior to eating.


Viva Vista Mall, 3 South Buona Vista Road, #B1-04, Singapore, 118136

Contact +65 9669 7909
Operating Hours Pickup 

  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun
  • 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM


  • Mon, Wed, Fri
  • 05:00 PM – 07:00 PM


  • 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Review 1 Received my 5 day meal order and am pleasantly surprised by the choices offered! Some background – received my health screening report. Which says I have food intolerance issues with yeast, rice, wheat, dairy and the list goes on. Essentially bye bye, for three months at least, to most “regular” food and basic condiments such as soy sauce, miso and anything fermented. Eatfit was able to design meal options based on my dietary restrictions and taste bud. Can’t wait to receive my next delivery!

By Makiki Ng

Review 2 I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality, variety & taste of the food! Starting on with Eat Fit freshly prepared food packed with healthy & nutritious ingredients have made my life much easier. I no longer have to think about what I am going to eat!

By Happy Lim

Review 3
Healthy eating, good vegetable taste and the taste of the vegetable stay in your mouth for a long time because it is so fresh. Recommended for people who wish to lose weight!
By Lai Sijun


boxgreen Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore



About Singaporeans adore dining, labour extensive intervals with many growing in health awareness. There remained just the progress over time for their new enterprise leveraging upon such by taking green snack orders. BoxGreen eventually achieved this step, giving clients a weekly, fortnightly, perhaps monthly snack containers for $19.90 per serving. The menu covers Mocha-layered Almonds, Yuzu Cookies or Vegetable Chips.

Privately, they own an independent kitchen to perform experiments. They hire the nutritionist to check that some health reports printed on snack bags have empirical roots in science.

They have menus of customized snacks. To show, we hold some item named Cheng Tng, that contains warmed lotus seeds or Goji berries or Dried longan, or they hold an item called laksa-taste peanuts.

They hold up to 50 options on hand, or all users get to get four for putting in their choice. This reaches to 50,000 extended permutations. Still all tech is at hand to assist. They may utilize tech to project their inventory or adapt in a unique style for newly created material to arrive new or for products to ship fresh to customers.

Contact (65) 9771 6648
Review 1 The prices are reasonable and I love that you donate a meal for each box bought! I am so excited!

By Glenda

Review 2 I signed up with boxgreen because I love to snack but I find packing my own packet taxing; more so since it has to be healthy. I love that you have a variety of fruits, nuts, and pretzels. It’s easy, convenient, and healthy.

By Farlene

Review 3 I signed up for boxgreen because having snacks delivered to my home is such a nice treat after meeting the needs of small children all day!

By Serene 


Nutrition Kitchen SG Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Nutrition Kitchen

About  Nutrition Kitchen forms just one of multiple green food shipping companies within Singapore that emerged in recent times just you could get any eater spanning office workers to gym enthusiasts hit the fitness ends.

If you seek to just tone up, shed fat or optimize weight handling, the week to week set menus holding 2 or 3 meals within day-to-day timings, sent to fixed address or commercial site, reduce all complications, trouble just to perfectly reach to the perfect mix for meals.

The distinctive sell for Nutrition Kitchen remains their providing “restaurant quality” food with S.H.A.R.K. (Swire Hotels and Restaurants Kitchen) or some nutrition reports (reduction to units) for clear labels for every set.

Contact (65) 9105 2001
Review 1 It’s nice to be able to eat a good variety of tasty food and healthily at the same time. Definitely a great option for the health-conscious foodie.

By Shu Yen Kor

Review 2 Healthy yet tempting. Good place for those who want to eat something wonderful yet healthy. recommended.

By Lim Yan

Review 3
Amazing variety of food, always delivered on time and probably the best customer service you will find in Singapore. Highly recommended for all!!
By Eddie Stefanescu


LeanBento Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Lean Bento

About  Yummy or green bento sets, protein bars for island wide sending, early orders, or food delivery app collaboration.

Established within 2014. Filling bento meals @ Buona Vista making yummy organic food, protein shakes or gourmet shakes to dine-in, order home or delivery.

Lean Bento markets distinctly their “Japanese inspired healthy cuisine”. Aside from their interiors, there is no hint of any Japanese traits in the outlet. Not unless “protein waffles” or chocolate muffins your desired notion of Japanese. After qualifying, the eatery does deliver decent deals, while they are not very distinct over the numbers of green dining eateries that have emerged out from the city in previous 5 years or so. You could try Chilli Chicken, which is very distinct in taste and branding at any length- it is not on offer any other place. It tastes like sweet sambal put on grilled chicken- unique, but not distinctly Japanese. The chicken also comes on hand along whipped scrambled egg yolk, pickled small tomatoes, Edamame (slightly Japanese) or Mesclun. Taking the serving, it delivers great nutrition. Not very distinct or special where flavour or taste goes.

Delivery fee Min order $20 for islandwide delivery. Free delivery for orders above $85
Address Lean Bento Pte Ltd 1 Irving Place #03-01 Singapore 369546
Contact (65) 6750 4504 
Operating Hours
  • Weekdays 10am – 7pm
  • Saturdays & PH 10am – 6pm 
  • Sundays Closed
Review 1 When you enter, take a look at the extensive menu on the wall. You can also swap out options. After making payment at the counter, find yourself a seat.

I had menu B3 – Honey Chicken with Scrambled Eggs and Protein Waffle ($12.80). I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet potato tater tots. They were delicious and make it a great way for young ones to get this nutritional goodness. The scrambled eggs were average. The chicken was of a decent size and the marine was good. However, I did not enjoy my protein waffle. It was harder than your usual waffle, which made cutting into it a lot more difficult. While it was supposed to be a buttermilk waffle, it tasted more like a vanilla protein powder.

I will want to be back for a second visit to try out their other menus.

By Samuel Swee

Review 2 ordered a bento, 2 waffles and muffins via delivery. Arrived less than an hour after I placed my order. Thought it was a little pricey especially with the $10 delivery charge but the portion was so big!! 1 bento can feed 2 people. The taste was decent. Waffles a bit hard but as it is a dairy-free option, I’m quite satisfied with it.

By B Sherman

Review 3 Very generous portions and very tasty. If you are dining in, you should get a table first before ordering as you need to indicate your seat number on the order form (which is located at the tables). The ordering process was decent and the food came in about 10 minutes.

By Jordon Koh


NutrifyPrep Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Nutrify Meals

About  Nutrify Meals functions as online meal prep service keen on giving green weekly, incredibly special meals to let you hit the perfect desired weight goals – were this shedding, keeping, or advancing weight. You set menus, they cook and ship meals straight to fixed addresses. They seek to cut down time wasted on meal fixing just for you to pay more, better attention to other priorities.

Most clients understand the weight of nutrition or how their lives could decline in case of bad nutrition. The Nutrify Meals idea is basic: refer to then as your personal cooks, delivering the food that you require or delivering the food set for your ends and hopes. They take over all the cooking steps of the meal fixing process, and you just eat the meals.

From Nutrify meals, their idea is to transform users lives with their nutritious food.

You cannot control all, but you could select what to put in your meals. You have got to eat to grow.

Address 6 Everton Park, #01-18, Singapore 080006
Operating Hours Cutoff order every Friday 12PM for Sunday delivery and Monday 12PM for Wednesday delivery
Review 1 I’d like to highlight their customer service. On few occasions they have been kind enough to suggest earlier pickups and even allowed me to change my collection time at the Everton Park kitchen. Been an absolute pleasure NM!!

By Dominic David 

Review 2 Hands down one of the best meal prep service in Singapore I’ve tried so far due to them allowing me to customize my own meals for the week. A lifesaver, save me time and effort from prepping my own meals as my life is so hectic these days and their meals taste better than my own cooking. Food is delicious and macro-friendly. Thanks, Nutrify will recommend you to my friends. Please come out with more meals.

By Adam Stephen


Yummy Bros Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


Yummy Bros

About Started from April 2018 by owners Gerald Tan, Anson Lim, or Ben Leu, Yummy Bros gives green and good dining to many who seek to get a level of fitness. They do instant meal fixing shipping online Yummy Bros specializes for fixing Asian meals that are green, nutrition filled, budget friendly, or very yummy.

The custom sized meal sizing from Yummy Bros has balance and fullness, with options for special meals inclusive of minor carbohydrates or greens.  Fixed with the best mixes, the sets coming from Yummy Bros have good portions for all, with sufficient pedigree to be savoured from day to day. Yummy Bros has no direct halal-certification, still all the set meals come ready with a partner’s halal-certified main cooker.

Take note that Yummy Bros does not resemble any other food delivery platform, that sends meals upon order. The shipping and order timing from Yummy Bros works from three times from each week timing- this really refers to their delivery service exclusively sending orders in mass reaching till 3 times for each week, making some need for planning necessary for just about 2 days fill of meals before you get the order. To get orders in advance for food, users will likely end up with getting a greener intake. It is also green aware, holding far less boxing (just shipped in mass) with far lower Carbon footprint with pared down driving of vehicles.

Yummy Bros sells with pride their very fresh fixed meals, to get all meals to keep nutrition, flavour, or spice. The chilled, instant food are next shipped straight to you, or may be kept well in the chilling freeze for up till a week. Starting a Yummy Bros set is easy, simply defrost in the fridge drawer for just about 12 hours, next microwave meal for medium top temperature for at least 3 – 5 mins. Note a min. of 5 m are suggested to fix a delivery via Yummy Bros.

Relative to all instant meal fixing delivery services, Yummy Bros scores for flavour, serving size, good pricing, or packing for their meals. There are long lists of food, maybe the longest in contrast to many alternate platforms, excluding a change of listings, with new food being added sometimes. Still food is usually cooked with full flavours. Many people love the food in Yummy Bros and retain repeat orders separate times.

Operating Hours Sun & Wed, 7pm-10pm
– Mon & Thu, 10am-1pm or 7pm-10pm


the edible Top Food Delivery Services in Singapore


The Edible Co

About They are a small SG company that makes granola and nuts for you to start your day right. We treat our ingredients like family, with respect! Try our goods.

The Edible Co functions as green, natural, nutty food company seeking to deliver natural meals. They regard your food like kin, showing care and this shows that they do not add trash. Just premium content for worthy clients. The Edible Co gives halal-certified food with granola, cookies, nuts with excluded preservatives, artificial sugar, or milk. You may seek to bill for 3-months’ full of food around $65/month. Their Just Granola ($195) 3-month order may cover monthly shipping of 6 granola packs (250g) of the choosing from tastes like some Coconut gula melaka or Honey chia pepitas. 

One may alternatively seek to delay your shipping if you travel overseas or any more causes.

More snack selections online cover Salted gula melaka almonds ($6.50) or Coconut cookies ($8.90). One may then buy options for feeding small children, including Biscuits for little hands ($8.90) that emerge in cute teddy bear cutting. Shipping costs zero for a minimum order over $60, or a charge of $8 applies generally.

Delivery charge: $8 for orders under $60. 

Their halal-approved, Singapore platform holding granola, nuts or confections originated from some family of founders until it grew larger in size. Started by Genevieve, starting out with natural ingredients to simulate her ancestor’s best confection bakes upon his undergoing a triple bypass, The Edible Co. took ten years to rise to repute and presently, retains their natural ingredients with all being created all personally.

The Singapore brand remains their end of baking natural snacks using green ingredients. Attempt Coconut Gula Melaka Granola ($11.90 for 250g, $23.90 for 600g). Maple Honey Pecan Granola ($13.90 for 250g, $27.90 for 600g).

Triple Dark Chocolate Granola ($11.90), or an unconventional Coconut Gula Melaka Granola ($11.90). Other snacks include Honey Cookies ($5.90) – perfect for kids! -, Cacao Nib Crunch ($5.90) and Roasted Almond Biscotti ($5.90). Or even, fill stocks with the packs, covering the Family Pantry Bundle ($180) that contains 6 distinct 600g bags of food.

Delivery fee Deliveries are FREE islandwide for orders above SGD 60

Alll other order amounts will be delivered at a flat rate of

SGD 8 – Door to door courier (Mon to Sat 9am – 9pm) daily. 

Contact [email protected] 

How to order

There are different ways of ordering food online. Consumers can choose to order via third-party food delivery apps such as Grab and Foodpanda or directly from the restaurant’s in-house delivery service on their website.  

Delivery Rider

The job of a delivery riders is not easy – they have to ensure that the food is well taken care of before it reaches the customer’s hands. Special care and attention are required so the food will be in its best state possible after leaving the restaurant. The riders should be careful to not let the food drop or tilt too much, and the food may turn cold quickly if left outside for a long time. 

Most delivery riders carry a thermal bag that is usually made out of Nylon, Vinyl, or Cordura to trap heat and keep the food warm. Riders can choose to deliver by taking public transport, motor vehicles, scooters, bicycles, and even by foot if they wish. Riders are usually compensated on a per delivery basis.

Grocery delivery 

Food delivery service is not the only delivery service that exists. Many food delivery service apps such as Grab and Food Panda offer grocery delivery service as well. Other grocery delivery apps include RedMart, Cold Storage, and FairPrice. The groceries are usually delivered upon confirmation of a delivery timeslot, and limited timeslots are available during the day to ensure freshness of the groceries. 

Ghost restaurants

Ghost restaurants are also known as cloud or virtual restaurants. As its name suggests, ghost restaurants operate on a no dine-in basis, where only food delivery is made available to consumers. Ghost restaurants are more commonly found in European countries. However, it is not completely a rare sight in Singapore – food delivery services such as Grab and Food Panda have opened up several ghost restaurants in Singapore to work with over 10 new restaurants. 

The advantages of ghost restaurants

Reduced rent

Since ghost restaurants typically operate in a smaller space with no dine-in options available, restaurant owners will have to pay lesser rent which will save the costs much needed in this difficult time. They could have more cash to operate and survive their business for as long as possible.

Less labour 

Since ghost restaurants only focus on food delivery, there are plenty of positions such as waiter/waitress and cashier, which are no longer needed. This means that the restaurant is able to cut down on the salaries expense for the staff. 

No need for furniture and decorations

Ghost restaurants no longer need to spend a hefty amount of money on aesthetic furniture and extensive decorations in order to attract more customers. Now, it doesn’t matter if the walls are not painted because there is no one else to please. As long as there is a kitchen that functions well, the rest of the restaurant does not matter anymore. 


With advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages of setting up a ghost restaurant. 

Less control

If the restaurant decides to partner with third-party delivery apps to offer food delivery to its customers, the restaurant will have little or no control over the quality of delivery. Food delivery does come with its perks, with convenience being the most popular. However, there are instances whereby the food is delivered late, damaged, not warm enough or in worst-case scenarios: wrong order or missing items. While restaurants can take steps to prevent and reduce these unfortunate events, the punctuality of the delivery is one thing that is out of their control. 

Additional costs

If the restaurant decides to offer an in-house delivery service, there are a couple of additional costs such as petrol, salaries of delivery drivers, and the cost of motor vehicles. These extra costs will reduce the profit generated. 

More point of contact

There is also an increase in the point of contact with the food before it reaches the consumer. Unlike in a dine-in setting where the food is being served to the consumer directly after preparing, the food prepared for delivery will have to go through an external party – the delivery rider, before reaching you, the consumer. Since the delivery rider is an external party, they might not adhere to the food safety standards of the restaurant when handling the food. The extra point of contact also means that there are more germs transmitted. 

Should you order food delivery? 

Food delivery does have its perks, the most popular one being convenience. However, choosing to opt for the delivery option instead of dining in also means that you will have to fork out extra for the delivery fee – which basically means your food now costs more. Certain dishes might also not be available on certain third-party food delivery apps, and sometimes, the restaurant can decide to reject incoming orders if it gets too busy. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether food delivery service is worth the money. 


Food delivery services in Singapore 2021

Food Delivery Service

Low order / delivery charge Best sales premium

Deliveroo Minor order charge of reaching till $5 taking orders below $12, $3 to $5 delivery charges or $0.20 service charge $14.90 subscription option when you take unlimited orders with exempted delivery charges
Foodpanda Varies with restaurant Solo sender taking cash notes.
GrabFood No min. order. $2 to $3 delivery fee Solo subscription for McDonald’s May bill by GrabPay or redeem GrabRewards


Deliveroo credit card bonus & promo numbers.

Credit Card

Consumer Version

Promo Code



UOB New UOBNEWTOROO $4 off first 3 orders (lowest bill $12) 31 Dec 2021
UOB Current 4OFF[MTH]

[first 6 digits of card number] (i.e 4OFFNOV123456)

$4 off (min. spend $12) 31 Dec 2021
OCBC New OCBCNEW21 $4 off first 3 orders (min. spend $12) 31 Dec 2021
HSBC New HSBCNEW21 $4 off first 3 orders (lowest bill $12) 31 Dec 2021
HSBC Current HSBCOCT21 Get 50% off your first 3 orders (limit to S$6) with lowest bill of S$12 31 Dec 2021
HSBC Current HSBC[MTH]19 (e.g. HSBCOCT21, HSBCNOV21, HSBCDEC) Enjoy S$5 off with minimum spend of S$25 31 Dec 2021


foodpanda – Only food delivery taking cash notes.

Lowest order: $5
Delivery charges: $0 to $3, varies with eatery.
Monthly Subscription Service: Now in beta mode (“panda pro”)

Solo delivery service taking on cash on delivery.
Foodpanda is just the solo food delivery platform to take cash on delivery, which fares well for those not happy with epayment.

The lowest order or delivery fee changes from eatery to eatery. Many also are happy that you can check out with guest log-ins (no sign-up needed).


foodpanda credit card promotions & promo codes

The best noted Foodpanda promo codes are in DBS for the min. bill is the lowest. Still the promotion is only capped to the 1st 2,000 redemptions for month to month

Credit card User type Promo code Discount Expiry date 
UOB New UOBNC[first 6 digits of UOB Card number] (e.g. UOBNC123456) $15 off (min. spend $30) 28 Feb 2021
UOB Current UOB [month] [first 6 digits of UOB Card number] (e.g. UOBNOV123456) $6 off (min. Spend $30) 31 Dec 2021 
UOB Current UOB [month] 10 [first 6 digits of UOB Card number] (e.g. NOV10123456) $10 off (min. spend $40) on weekends 31 Dec 2021 
DBS New DBSNC[first 6 digits of credit card] e.g. DBSNC123456 $15 off (min. spend $30) 31 Dec 2021 
DBS Current DBSNC[first 6 digits] e.g. DBSNC123456  20% off (min. spend $30) 31 Dec 2021 
Citibank New CITINC21 $15 off (min. spend $30) 31 Dec 2021


GrabFood – No min. order, you can charge GrabPay and redeem points.

Minimum order: Zero
Delivery fee: $2 to $3
Monthly subscription fee: $9.99/month, no delivery on 50 orders with minimum order $10 each
No desktop version, app alone
Get Grab Rewards to redeem transport vouchers.


Food delivery platform contrast: Compare delivery charge.

Example of delivery:  Kraftwich

Delivery address : Outram Park

Delivery Time : 29 April 2019 1400

  • 1 x Turkey Ham & Cheese Kraftwich
  • 2 x Turkey Ham & Cheese Kraftwich



  • Charge for food: $8.90
  • + Low order fee: $1.10
  • + Delivery charge: $4.19
  • Total = $14.19 Price of food: $17.80
  • + Delivery charge: $4.19
  • Bill= $21.99 (most expensive)


  • Price of food: $8.90
  • + Min.  order charge: $5
  • + Delivery charge: $2.50
  • Total = $16.40 ( Most costly) Charge over food: $17.80
  • + Delivery charge: $2.50
  • Bill = $20.30


  • Price of food: $8.90
  • + Delivery charge: $3
  • Bill= $11.90 (Cheapest) Price of food: $17.80
  • + Delivery charge: $3
  • Total = $20.80


  • Price of food: $8.90
  • + Contrast amount to min.: $1.10
  • + Delivery charge: $1.99
  • Bill = $11.99 Bill for food: $17.80
  • + Delivery charge: $1.99
  • Bill = $19.79 (Cheapest)


Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at [email protected]. There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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