Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Have you ever come across a restaurant on the internet but not sure whether it’s worth visiting? That’s where food blogs come into the picture. From restaurant reviews, food pictures, recipes, and more, food blogs are a great resource to seek inspiration for your next dining experience or homemade recipe. 

What you can expect to see on a food blog 

There is no one-size-fits-all definition for what a food blog is—it is absolutely versatile and ever-evolving according to the latest food trends. If you’ve never read or came across a food blog before, here are a few things that you’ll see. 

Interesting recipes 

One of the most apparent things that you’ll always come across on a food blog is, of course, recipes! These could be original recipes from the vloggers themselves or recipes from different chefs that they’ve tried to replicate. Most food blogs will specialise in a niche topic. 

For instance, they could focus on a specific cuisine such as Chinese or Western delights. But they can also specialise in a type of food like baked goods, pasta, desserts, and the list goes on. Food blogs are a great resource for interesting recipes that home cooks like you can try. 

Honest reviews 

For most Singaporean food blogs, food reviews are the most common type of content that you will come across. These bloggers are constantly on the hunt for the best restaurants and eats in town and in turn, they’ll give their honest review and opinion on the experience. Not only do they rate the dishes at the establishment, but they would also discuss other factors that make up a dining experience such as the ambience, customer service, and general location of the restaurant. 

Actual pictures 

Along with these reviews, bloggers will always include the actual pictures of the food establishment. This allows readers to have a closer look at the dishes served, setting of the restaurant, which will help them decide if they should pay a visit and give it a try. When searching for a place to have dinner through the Internet, or perhaps a cafe to enjoy a noontime dessert, it always helps to see actual pictures in order to have a glimpse of what to expect. 

Cookbook recommendations 

With the overwhelming amount of cookbooks out there in the market, how does one choose which to purchase? Some food blogs include cookbook recommendations based on their own experience and feedback, and these bloggers would usually weigh in on whether you should purchase the cookbook itself. 

How can you start your own food blog? 

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The best thing about food blogs is that there are absolutely no rules—anyone and everyone can start their own! If you don’t have the slightest clue on where to start or how to begin, these tips can help you with that extra push. 

Write well 

Without words, you wouldn’t have a blog. Well-written articles will show your readers that you are knowledgeable about food and know what you’re talking about. If you are not as confident in your writing, remember that practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn how to develop your own writing style. Try reading other blogs for inspiration and reference. Alternatively, you may acquire the help of a writer who can create written content for your blog. This could help lessen your workload and allow you to focus on other tasks. 

Take great pictures 

Visuals are an important element when starting a food blog. Without it, it would just be words on a blank canvas. Having pictures to compliment the writing will allow your readers to visualise what you’re trying to describe. Pictures can add motivation to the post, which can include encouraging them to try out a recipe or inviting them to visit a particular restaurant in their area. 

Be authentic 

Adding a little bit of your personality in your blog is always a great way to connect with your readers and let them know that there is a face behind the screen that they see. When you show your authenticity to your readers, they’ll definitely come back for more. 

Make sure your content is original 

That last thing that you want to happen is one of your readers realising that your blog posts are actually copied from another food blog. When it comes to running any type of blog, plagiarised content is a huge ‘no’. It’s perfectly fine to seek inspiration from other bloggers and get ideas, but make sure that you are not copying others’ content. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Whether that’s learning how to set up a website, or taking food pictures for your blog, there is no harm in asking for help. Chances are you’ll get more things done with the help of others instead of trying to figure it all out for yourself. People often perceive asking for help as a sign of weakness or amateur, but seeking advice and reaching out actually takes a lot of guts to do. If you need ideas for your food blog, ask your friends for help. If you need someone to take great food shots, reach out to a photographer. Don’t be afraid! 

How to Start a Successful Blog for Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Food makes the world go round, which is why we know that food blogs will be around for a long time. Get reading on some of the top food blogs in Singapore, or learn how to start your own!

Seth Lui Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

Seth Lui 

About Originally started out as a blog by Seth himself, SethLui has evolved to a team of multiple writers covering eating, travelling and drinking. Having a keen interest in eating, travelling and drinking, they cover everything from hawker food to premium fine-dining restaurants to give our readers the best food, drink and travel recommendations they can find. With over 1 million unique visitors a month, is one of Singapore’s most-read food blogs.
Address 625 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, General Magnetics Building #05-01


Lady Iron Chef Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog


About Despite its online moniker, the person behind LadyIronChef is Brad Lau, who has been blogging since 2007 about food and travel, and was described as “one of Singapore’s most prolific food bloggers” by TimeOut Magazine.

It started by reviewing local eateries, and now, they also do travel reviews in which you can have honest digital reviews of all the tourist destinations and famous restaurants. Each review about a certain cuisine is enhanced by enticing photos of full course meals and sweet treats.

Address 8 Burn Road, #17-03, Trivex


Miss Tam Chak Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

Miss Tam Chiak

About brings a true sense of the delicious cuisine and incredible local culture of Singapore and all around the world. From street vendors and hawkers to cafes and fine restaurants, you will be able to discover some of the most palate-pleasing dishes in the world, and there’s always a new foodie adventure waiting just around the corner.

The website is considered one of the top blogs in Singapore with more than a million page views per month.

Address 81 Ubi Avenue 4 #05-13 UB. One


Daniel Food Diary Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

Daniel Food Diary 

About Daniel And is a man of many trades. He first started blogging in 2008 under SPH’s’s celebrity blogging team, and later on, pivoted to DanielFoodDiary in 2011. The local food blog features local cuisine, gourmet food, international restaurants and introduces readers to some of the best food and dining experiences in Singapore and around the world.

When not blogging about food, Daniel is a corporate trainer and lecturer teaching Mass Communications and Social Media at various institutions



SG Food on Foot Top Food Blogs in Singapore

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Food Blog

SG Food on Foot 

About As its name suggests, Sg Food On Foot aims to help people find the best dishes and eating spots, by using the MRT line. The website is incredibly easy to navigate, as there are labels of each MRT station in alphabetical order, containing links to reviews of restaurants nearby.

This brings about a ton of convenience, allowing you to easily explore the places listed in his posts.



Camemberu Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog


About Catherine Ling’s award-winning food and travel blog are affectionately known as ‘Camemberu’ takes readers on a gastronomic tour around Singapore.

The best thing about Camemberu is that the blog is indexed based on dining types. If you prefer to eat according to the settings such as buffet, fine dining or basic street foods, then you will easily find them on this blog.



The Halal Food Blog Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

The Halal Food Blog 

About Founders Adam and Maryah started the blog in 2012 when they started noticing that there weren’t many blogs catered for people looking for Halal food. Unlike other food blogs, this one focuses on one specific type of cuisine, which is Halal cooking. They travel around Singapore and other countries to find the great places where you can explore the culture of the Muslim community.

This is the perfect blog for those who want to learn more about halal and the great dishes that fall within it.



i Eat and Eat Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

I Eat and Eat 

About Founded in 2013, IEeatandeat is a blog managed by the Chua family. It prides itself on sharing different tastes and voices across multiple generations – the mature, the teen and the adolescent. They also focus heavily on the food scene in Singapore.

For those who are planning to have a domestic vacation and explore different kinds of cuisine, this blog has the most passionate reviews about the multi-cultural restaurants in the country.



Rubbish Eat Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow 

About Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow is a travel, food, and lifestyle blog that writes about the finest local restaurants and hotels to help you create the ideal itinerary. Apart from that, they are also community-based food blog with writers that share a passion for great food and writing reliable reviews.

The name RubbishEatRubbishGrow is literally translated from “laip sab chiak, laip sab tua”, a Hokkien phrase meaning “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Taking a no-nonsense approach to food, RubbishEatRubbishGrow is a blog that prides itself as an alternative voice of honesty for food reviews in Singapore.



I eat I shoot Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog


About Dr Leslie Lim from ieatishootipost mostly features hawker places in Singapore. Unlike most food bloggers, his articles also detail the origins behind the shop and the ingredients used in each dish.

From the concept, history, art, and ingredients, you will learn the important details on what kind of food you are eating as well as the right way to eat and cook it. Having invested a great amount of time researching and scouting Singapore’s best hawker food, his website is a foodies delight!



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The Ranting Panda Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

The Ranting Panda 

About The Ranting Panda features what’s buzzing in Singapore. They talk about the latest food, lifestyle, and travel trends in town, including reviews of restaurants and hotels. They also categorised the restaurants they have reviewed by cuisine, buffet, cafe, and hawker food.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit, head over to their “tRP Trending Reviews” section located at the side of the blog. Here, you can gain access to some of the most recent and popular posts on the site and gain some inspiration for your next meal!



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Ms Skinny Fat Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

Ms Skinny Fat

About MsSkinnyFat is a blog managed by Cheryl, who describes herself as “a tiny food and travel blogger with a voracious appetite for life, a demanding eater who is on a perpetual holiday.” The author of Ms Skinny Fat shares critical reviews to help readers avoid wasting money and calories on an unworthy dining place.

The photography content is also excellent here. They’re consistently stylish, appealing, and even regularly provide zoomed-up snaps to showcase food texture.



Eat book Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

EatBook SG 

About EatBook offers gourmet food lovers a broad range of reviews categorised into specific sections. They have food reviews, news, guides, chef interviews, and even recipes! Unlike other blogs that are written by only one person, this blog consists of a group of writers who love food and are expert cooks!


Food Printz Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

Food Prints 

About Stemming from a blog called Eat.Read.Live, Food Prints provides reviews of eateries in Singapore, from restaurants to hawker fare.

While its reviews may not be as extensive as the other blogs mentioned in this articles, it is to be noted that the reviews on Food Prints are pretty direct and to the point, making it an easier read for those in a rush.



Keropokman Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog


About Yet another easy-to-navigate blog, Keropokman: Singapura Makan (which means Singapore Eat in Malay) guides its readers with reviews in accordance with area, cuisines, local favourites and locations. KeropokMan was started by Phillip Lim to document what he eats. The blog soon evolved into a full-fledged food blog, covering the latest eats and food-related news in town.


The ordinary patrons Top Food Blogs in Singapore

Food Blog

The Ordinary Patrons 

About The Ordinary Patrons write primarily about Singapore restaurants, cafes and other food & beverage establishments we visit – giving our frank opinion about the food, service, atmosphere of the place and whether we think the prices give good value.

Ultimately, this independent blog offers a lot of information that the everyday foodie needs. Definitely one of the best Singapore food bloggers around!


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