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What is financial planning?

Financial planning is an in-depth analysis and review of your financial situation and develops a plan from the information to reach your financial goals. Financial planning typically includes details about income, savings, expenses, debt, investments, and insurance. 

Here are some financial planners to consider:



Financial Planning

Singapore Financial Planners

Address 10 Anson Rd, #33-03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

By Appointment only

Review 1 They provide a good, personal service. They are extremely helpful and I am satisfied with the results they have delivered financially! Highly Recommended

By Hannah Coppel

Review 2 Got connected to Xavier and he was a pleasure to talk to. Patient and understanding of my needs, and most importantly didn’t try to hard-sell anything to me. Felt comfortable throughout the entire process that I don’t get with any other FAs I’ve met

By Lachlan Chan

Review 3 5 stars for the financial advisors in their network!! Typically, there is this stigma that revolves around people in this industry where they focus on hard selling and being pushy, but the service I received was genuine and sincere as they recommended what was suited for my needs. Was really impressed, and I felt comfortable with the whole process as well. Would 100% recommend it!

By Tan Yuan Tian




Financial Planning

Karen Tang

Address 133 New Bridge Rd, #22-01 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Telephone +65 6252 8500
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 1 PM

Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Karen has been an invaluable source of financial advice for our family for over 10 years now. She understands what is most important for the family and always provides sound advice. She never pushes unnecessary products to you. We are so glad to have met Karen. You only need to meet her once to know that she genuinely wants to look after you.

By Ahmad Nazri Ghaffar

Review 2 Karen is currently a client of mine & I handle her personal branding & marketing projects. I have been working with her for over 5 + months and my experience has been quite pleasant & enriching.

In all of my interactions with Karen, she has been extremely professional & courteous.

I have personally learned a lot about personal finance just by reading dozens of blog posts on her website. She really possesses specialized knowledge & has a good grasp of her field.

What impressed me most about her, and still does, is the way she proactively, sincerely, and creatively prepares herself for her next line of tasks & milestones to accomplish.

Overall as per my observations, Karen displays unwavering commitment towards her discipline in everything that she does.

Glad to have a chance to know & work with her!

By Angad Singh

Review 3

Karen is a wonderful financial consultant who educates before making recommendations, in turn, empowering her clients to make the best decisions for where they’re at in life.

In a market that is still loosely regulated with low barriers to entry, Karen is a gem of a financial consultant who is equipped to assess and help improve her clients’ financial health holistically.

By Vera J. Li




Financial Planning

Global Financial Consultants

Address 14 Robinson Road, #10-01 Far East Finance Building, 048545
Telephone +65 6532 2711
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Deepak from Global Financial Consultants is very professional, sincere, and really knows his stuff when it comes to investing. I have followed him for many years and he has grown my portfolio for me impressively. He is young and eager, and here to stay for the long run, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to make their money work for them in good long-term investments. 5 stars! I would give a 6 if I could.

By Jonathan Lum

Review 2 Would highly recommend Jarrad Brown as a financial advisor. He has been our financial advisor for 5 years and is professional and personable. During that time, he has helped us create a financial plan based on our needs and execute with his knowledge of the market. We met Jarrad in Singapore in 2016, and he has been instrumental with our move back to Australia from an investment perspective; especially building a future legacy for our children. We continue to meet regularly (at a min. quarterly) to discuss the performance of our portfolio and any changes to our situation. Always very insightful and valuable discussions! Any Adhoc questions are answered very quickly via email or call. We have also seen the payoffs on the investment opportunities he had presented to us many years ago (based on identified growth areas) and have also been able to make the most of the recent downturn in 2020 to continue that growth for us.


Review 3 For the past 8 years, Jarrad Brown has been our financial advisor and during this time he has been nothing but professional. Within this period he has helped establish an adaptive financial plan with regular reviews and updates focusing on our ever-changing needs. As questions or concerns arise I can always look to call on Jarrad to help provide information and guidance in a timely manner. During this time I have recommended Jarrad to a number of friends and colleagues based on my experiences and he always represents himself truthfully without the hard sell.

By Andre S




Financial Planning


Address 38 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089616
Telephone +65 6309 2488
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 In my introductory meeting with client-advisor Chin Yu, I found him to be a knowledgeable professional who is helpful, honest, and easy to talk to. Based on my needs, he was kind enough to refer me to more suitable third parties for further consultation. He is very much a credit to his company. Thanks again, Chin Yu!

By Jamie Han

Review 2 A wonderful team of people, providing professional financial advice, and glad to have them with me on my journey. Definitely recommend it to anyone who needs another opinion on their financial matters. My advisor Eleanor is always a phone call or message away.

By Ling-Ling Lee

Review 3 I have been using Providend services for more than 15 years. And I am very happy and satisfied with their professional, competent, reliable, caring, and “conflicts-free” approach in serving their clients. I especially like their “clients-centric” values as they always focus on meeting our individual and family needs and place our interests above anyone else interests. With Providend as my trusted financial adviser, my family and I can sleep well at night!

By Hong Richard




Financial Planning

Money Owl

Address 23 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089130
Telephone +65 6329 9188
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 I found out about MoneyOwl by word of mouth. Right off the bat, I was very comfortable with them because I was guaranteed an unbiased professional review, having paid for the service. My adviser Jeffrey Low was highly competent in explaining all financial matters in a way that I could understand and never tried to push his own agenda. The review was comprehensive and I walked away satisfied and more empowered to plan for my future. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who has not gotten a proper financial review yet / just has trust issues.

By Soh En Han Haniel

Review 2 Getting my policy from Money Owl is a great decision. They provide an unbiased and objective opinion on the policy that I am interested in. Royce Tang is very professional and knowledgeable. He is able to answer all my questions patiently and even shared some useful information. I feel very comfortable when he mentioned that I can contact him when I needed further advice, or should I need to make a claim or upon advice from a doctor and I need to make some decisions. It is important to know that someone professional and experienced will be able to guide you. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend my friends to contact Royce should they need to get a policy as well.

By Gladys

Review 3 Had a great experience with moneyowl.

My advisor, Miya, was competent and helpful in addressing all my queries. Will highly recommend anyone who wishes to seek unbiased advice to try out moneyowl services. They do not try to hard-sell your products (like other FAs do) but instead approach financial planning from a first-principles point of view by first understanding your goals/needs and thereafter tailor their proposals according to these requirements.

By Celest Anna




Financial Planning

Unicorn Financial Solution

Address 538 Geylang Rd, #02-09 The Arizon, Singapore 389493
+65 6887 3885
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 My financial consultant, Peter Tan, is trustworthy and a person of integrity. He has not only been supporting me for the past 3 years as a customer of Unicorn through managing my finances but has also invested extensively in a genuine friendship of care & concern. I have full confidence that my finances are secure and entrusted in good hands. Highly recommend seeking him out for great financial advice and plans!

By Evelyn Tan

Review 2 William has been my family’s planner for close to 10 years. He has been an awesome planner who listens to our needs and recommends what is the most beneficial for my family’s financial growth. He is very responsive and we truly appreciate his very practical and sound advice. Thumbs up to the services we have been receiving thus far. Keep up the good work!

By Foo Jit Choon

Review 3 Been with Unicorn since 2012 and have not looked back since. Jason tailors his recommendations to meet my needs and makes complicated terms easy to understand. He is someone I am comfortable sharing my goals and concerns with and he never fails to provide his knowledge in a professional manner whenever I need it.

By Joyce Foo




Financial Planning

PromiseLand Independent

Address 7500A Beach Rd, #02-312 The Plaza, Singapore 199591
Telephone +65 6505 4100
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 PK Chia is very professional and responsive to my insurance needs. He had helped me compare all the plans in the market and explain the plans that with different feature. Finally, I am satisfying his service and his recommendation plan! Quite flexible and no need to worry about uncertainty!

By Kian Siang Daniel Liew

Review 2 Well, the representative met me yesterday. She was very well-versed in the investment plan. She was quick to make calculations on the somewhat intricate interest calculations. She was well-mannered. Still considering.

By Raymund Francis

Review 3 Graham is very helpful and responsive to my insurance needs. His assistance is detailed and he always gives me several options to consider. He also gives me regular updates on my insurance and highlights possible gaps in my coverage. All in all, I’m greatly appreciative of his service in caring for my insurance needs.

By Lincoln Mao




Financial Planning

Financial Freedom

Address 78 Shenton Way, Singapore 079120
Telephone +65 8408 8945
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 8 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Andrea was a delight to work with. He showed me great understanding, knowledge, and patience. I am happy to recommend Andrea to my family and friends for their financial planning needs.

By Sunshine Curtis

Review 2 Andrea has been successfully helping me with my investment and financial planning to make sure that I will achieve my goal, I would recommend Andrea to anyone interested in retirement planning.

By Siang Ru Du

Review 3 Andrea has been supporting me with my investments, and so far his advice has proven to be extremely fruitful. I would recommend Andrea to anyone in need of a competent and trustworthy financial consultant.

By Davide Alfonso




Financial Planning

Billy Tan

Address 1 Pickering St, Singapore 048659
Telephone +65 9475 6701
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Of all the financial advisors I’ve known, Billy is the one I trusted most. Although the first health insurance plan recommended by him was not approved by the underwriter, Billy is still very encouraging and supportive. He worked very hard, reviewed my case, and tried his very best to find a plan that I will be eligible for. Since then, whenever there is any plan that I am eligible including investment I will go to him as I know the recommendation he made to me is for my well-being. He is very detailed, patient, and efficient. Highly recommended!

By Angelias Lim

Review 2 Billy has been my Financial Consultant for a few years already. He always keeps me updated on my policy and answer to my inquiry promptly.
Billy is a trustworthy Financial Consultant and I will recommend him to my friends! By Aaron Tay
Review 3 2 words. Transparent and efficient. Billy has been managing my plans actively (also my son’s as well recently) for over 10 years now, and more to come. He shares his recommendations thoroughly, with no hidden information. He is responsive and executes fast. A professional financial consultant and a true friend to have. Thank you Billy for your help all these years!

By Max Jap




Financial Planning

Sing Capital

Address 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #11-01 East Wing, HDB Hub, Singapore 310480
Telephone +65 6801 4088
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 My agent is efficient, helpful, and responsive to my queries.

By Renice Koh

Review 2 My agent is very responsive and professional. Does not hard sell.

By Yanzhen Chen

Review 3 Great service with short response timing. Good!

By Jessie Chua


When to start financial planning 

Financial planning is not an overnight process but an ongoing process to help reduce worries about your finances, support your current financial needs and help reach your long-term financial goals. 

How to start financial planning 

You can either seek help from a financial planner or do financial planning on your own. 

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Risk management

Risk management is one of the most critical aspects of financial planning. Covid-19 has taught us the importance of savings and preparing for the unexpected. Other risks should be considered when doing financial planning, such as contracting diseases, accidents, unexpected retrenchment. If you fail to take these risks into account when planning, your financial plans will be derailed. 

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Long-term retirement goals 

The easiest way to set your long-term retirement goal is to determine your desired Income Replacement Rate (IRR). IRR is the percentage of your current income that you wish to get when you retire. At an average timeline, your retirement income should ideally last until the age of 85 to 90. As a rule of thumb, 70 percent of IRR helps you enjoy the same lifestyle presently. You should also consider your desired age for retirement to determine the sum of money you need to save up before retiring. 

Consider your assets

After you have determined your long-term retirement goals or any other long-term financial goals, you can start to consider assets to invest in. Some assets to invest in are our bonds, insurance endowment plans, and unit trusts. 

Control your debts

If you own credit cards and borrow a loan to finance your car and house, you should prioritise personal loans payment first. As a general rule of thumb, your monthly debt payments should stay within 30 percent of your monthly income. If your monthly debt payments currently have exceeded this ratio, then focus on paying your debts off first before thinking about investing. 

Why is financial planning important 

Financial planning is important because it allows you to overview your current financial situation and analyses better if you are on the right track with your long-term financial goals. Other than that, financial planning can also help reduce uncertainty and stabilise your funds over time with careful planning and risk management. 

Types of financial planning 

Cashflow planning 

Cashflow planning is one of the most important types of financial planning. Individuals or companies can do cash flow planning to forecast short-term and long-term expenses against the projected cash flow. Cashflow planning should also take into account unexpected circumstances which need to tap into emergency funds. 

Insurance planning 

As the name suggests, insurance planning is a type of financial planning that includes insurance packages and coverage. Insurance planning varies and depends on individuals’ lifestyles, so there is no one-size-fits-all insurance plan. For instance, if you travel many times in a year for business-related matters or leisure, you can consider getting travel insurance. 

Retirement planning 

Retirement planning is something everyone will have to plan for and include in their financial planning. It is arguably the most important planning in financial planning. Due to rising inflation and a high standard of living, you will have to start saving and investing early in life to ensure the best quality of life during your retirement years. 

Investment planning 

Investment planning is not necessary for financial planning, but it can help grow and make your money work. An investment plan is based solely on your savings. With your savings, you can approach financial advisors for investment opportunities. You can choose to invest a huge lump sum at once or go with an investment plan to achieve long-term financial goals. 

When to start financial planning 

The best time to start financial planning is now. The earlier you begin financial planning, you will have time on your side and use it to your advantage. Time is one of the most crucial elements that make it easy to meet your financial goals and become financially independent. 

While it also means that it is never too late to start financial planning as long as you take the first step, starting later in life puts you at a disadvantage because time is working against your favour. When you start financial planning at an older age, you won’t have much time left before retiring compared to when you began ten years younger. You will also have to save more aggressively each month to compensate for the time you lost. 

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Should you engage with a financial advisor for financial planning 

You may want to consider working with a financial advisor for financial planning if you are not familiar with investments and wealth management in general. While you can certainly research these topics online, a financial advisor can tailor advice for your unique financial situation. A financial advisor may also give you tips and tricks based on their experience working with different clients over time which can help prevent mistakes and minimise risk in investment. 


Financial planning is something everyone should start as soon as possible to let time work in our favour. There are different types of financial planning to note, and we should always prioritise our debt payments before thinking about making investments. Financial planning can either be done on your own or together with a financial advisor. 

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