Top Finance Blogs in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Finance blogs in Singapore are rapidly becoming indispensable resources for residents looking to navigate the complex terrain of personal finance. As the cost of living rises, understanding how to manage and grow one’s finances has shifted from a mere advantage to a necessity. Amidst the complexity of finance, blogs emerge as beacons of clarity and guidance. They are not just repositories of information but are dynamic platforms where theory meets practicality. The emergence of these blogs is timely, providing Singaporeans with much-needed insight and strategies to tackle financial challenges head-on.

Why Finance Blogs Matter

  1. Empowering Informed Decisions: Beyond presenting financial products, these blogs delve into the nitty-gritty of economic trends and fiscal policies. They demystify investments, analyzing stocks or bullion with a keen eye on historical performances and market conditions, enabling you to make educated investment choices.
  2. Savings and Retirement Planning: They address one of life’s biggest puzzles – saving for retirement. From offering savings strategies to breaking down the “million-dollar net worth” dream, these blogs serve as your financial mentor, guiding you toward a secure future.
  3. Decoding Financial Jargon: The world of finance is laden with complex terms. Finance blogs cut through the clutter, translating dense financial lingo into understandable language. This educational aspect is crucial for enhancing financial literacy among Singaporeans.
  4. Introducing Financial Innovations: Despite some skepticism, the promotion of new financial products on these platforms can be incredibly beneficial. Awareness of the latest tools and services can be pivotal in diversifying and strengthening your financial portfolio.
  5. Fostering Community Engagement: These blogs provide more than advice; they offer community. They enable interactions with peers in similar financial situations, allowing for the exchange of ideas and experiences. This communal aspect can be a powerful motivator and educator on your journey to financial independence.


However, while finance blogs offer numerous benefits, discernment is key. It’s essential to remember:

  • Subjectivity of Content: Posts reflect the bloggers’ personal opinions and experiences. They provide perspectives, not prescriptions. Your financial situation and goals are unique, and strategies should be tailored accordingly.
  • Non-Transactional Nature: Typically, these blogs don’t sell financial products directly. Even when products are featured, it’s often through sponsored content. This does not diminish their educational value but is a factor to consider when evaluating recommendations.

As finance blogs in Singapore gain traction, they serve as vital tools for financial education and decision-making. They can significantly contribute to your financial well-being, provided you engage with them critically and thoughtfully. Remember, in the realm of personal finance, knowledge is not just power – it’s profit.


Here are the Top Finance Blogs in Singapore:


financial horse Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

Financial Horse

About Financial Horse aims to demystify complex financial concepts using clear, understandable language. Founded on the principle that financial advice should be straightforward, the platform commits to offering insights based solely on personal investment experiences.
  • Simplifying Finance: A commitment to making complex financial topics accessible and understandable for all, adhering to Albert Einstein’s philosophy.
  • Experiential Insights: Offers advice based on real-life investment experiences across various sectors including equities, S-REITs, and CPFs.
  • Community Engagement: Open communication channels for readers, companies, and media agencies, fostering a collaborative financial community.
  • Diverse Investment Coverage: Detailed analyses and insights into equities, Singapore Real Estate Investment Trusts (S-REITs), Central Provident Fund (CPF) investments, and effective saving strategies.
  • Education and Guidance: Guides and series on property investment, providing users with actionable and informed decision-making tools.
  • Regular Market Updates: Timely discussions on current market trends, including REITs, fixed income, and global investment opportunities, aimed at informed investment strategies.
Review 1 “This blog has completely changed the way I understand investing. Everything is explained in such a clear manner that it makes complex concepts easy to grasp.”
Review 2 “I’ve followed the advice on various investments and have seen a positive change in my portfolio. Highly appreciate the practical and experience-based approach.”
Review 3 “The community and openness of Financial Horse have been invaluable to me as a new investor. It’s more than just a blog; it’s a financial companion.”


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seedly Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog


About Seedly serves as a personal finance management hub, launched in Singapore in 2016 with a vision to assist individuals in making informed financial decisions. Evolving from an expense tracking app to a comprehensive resource, Seedly integrates community insights, product reviews, and comparison tools, fostering a well-informed financial community.
  • Community-Driven Insights: Leverages a robust community feature enabling users to gather diverse financial knowledge and perspectives before making decisions.
  • Comprehensive Reviews and Comparisons: Offers unbiased reviews and comparative analysis across a wide range of financial products, enhancing consumer choice and understanding.
  • Engaging Educational Content: Produces a variety of content formats, including articles, videos (SeedlyTV), and SeedlyComics, aimed at demystifying personal finance.
  • Personal Finance Tools: Provides a suite of tools including an expense tracker, community Q&A, and comparison engines for financial products, fostering smarter financial planning and decision-making.
  • Educational Initiatives: Hosts Singapore’s largest personal finance festival alongside other educational formats like SeedlyTV and comics, catering to varied learning preferences.
  • Community and Reviews Platform: Offers a collaborative space for user-generated content, reviews, and discussions, enabling informed consumer choices and shared learning.
Review 1 “Seedly transformed the way I manage my finances. The tools and community insights have been invaluable in helping me make better financial decisions.”
Review 2 “The comprehensive reviews on Seedly are a game-changer. They provide everything I need to know before choosing a financial product.”
Review 3 “Attending the Seedly Personal Finance Festival was an eye-opener. It’s amazing how much I learned and how I’ve been able to apply it to my daily financial decisions.”


the woke salary man Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

The Woke Salaryman

About The Woke Salaryman is established with the mission to empower Singaporeans towards making informed financial and life choices, challenging conventional paths. The initiative underscores the importance of financial literacy as a means to achieve personal and societal well-being.
  • Empowerment Through Education: Aims to equip individuals with the knowledge to navigate financial challenges, fostering a society of informed, rational decision-makers.
  • Philosophy of Balance: Advocates for a balance between accumulating wealth and contributing positively to society, emphasizing the value of kindness alongside financial success.
  • Sustainable Approach: Adopts a sustainable business model by collaborating with like-minded brands, ensuring the continuity and integrity of their mission.
  • Financial Education: Simplifies complex financial concepts to start readers on their journey towards financial independence, focusing on foundational knowledge.
  • Lifestyle and Money Management: Provides insights into smarter lifestyle choices that lead to financial betterment without compromising personal values.
  • Community Engagement: Builds a strong community through social media interaction, offering support and shared learning experiences.
Contact Contact via form here
Review 1 “The Woke Salaryman has drastically altered my view on money and savings. It’s not just about earning more but living better and giving back.”
Review 2 “I appreciate the honest and straightforward advice. It’s refreshing to see a finance-related platform with such a strong ethical compass.”
Review 3 “Thanks to The Woke Salaryman, I’ve started to take my financial health seriously without losing sight of what’s truly important in life.”


budget babe Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

SG Budget Babe

About SG Budget Babe is a comprehensive personal finance platform tailored for Singaporeans, aiming to impart essential financial knowledge from savings to investing. Established to navigate through the complexities of personal finance, the blog empowers individuals to achieve financial milestones effectively.
  • Holistic Financial Guidance: Emphasizes a broad spectrum of financial topics, from insurance and investing to budgeting and family financial planning.
  • Innovative Financial Solutions: Sheds light on modern financial tools and services like OCBC Money Lock, guiding readers toward safer banking practices.
  • Life and Health Insights: Discusses the impacts of modern lifestyle choices on financial and physical well-being, fostering a well-rounded approach to personal development.
  • Strategic Financial Planning: Offers actionable strategies for reaching significant financial goals, such as accumulating $100k by 30, through diligent saving and investing.
  • Budgeting Wisdom: Provides insights into managing personal finances effectively, influenced by recent policy changes like Budget 2024.
  • Investment Savvy: Analyzes trends and opportunities within the investment landscape, offering readers a compass for navigating market dynamics.
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Review 1 “SG Budget Babe has been my go-to source for practical and relatable financial advice. The insights on budgeting and investments have been particularly transformative for me.”
Review 2 “I never understood the importance of critical illness plans until I read an article on SG Budget Babe. It was a real eye-opener and prompted me to take action.”
Review 3 “The blog’s tips on achieving significant savings milestones have changed my approach to money management. Thanks to SG Budget Babe, I’m more financially confident and savvy.”
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sg money matters Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog


About SGMoneyMatters was established by Ivan, a financial adviser with over 16 years of experience, aiming to assist individuals in achieving financial independence and an early retirement. The blog serves as a beacon for those seeking to navigate the complexities of personal finance with clarity and wisdom.
  • Professional Expertise: Ivan brings extensive experience in financial planning, offering readers authentic insights and strategies.
  • Empowerment through Education: Dedicated to demystifying personal finance, providing readers with fundamental knowledge and tools.
  • Guidance Toward Financial Freedom: Aims to assist readers in achieving their financial goals through comprehensive planning and effective investment strategies.
  • Financial Freedom Planning: Offers a structured approach to achieving financial independence, incorporating various facets of personal finance.
  • Investment Portfolio Management: Utilizes a proprietary Global Momentum Compass to create portfolios with asymmetrical returns and limited downside risks.
  • Educational Resources and Workshops: Provides valuable financial education through blog posts, seminars, and workshops to equip readers with the necessary skills and knowledge.
Contact Contact via form here
Review 1 “SGMoneyMatters has been a critical resource in reshaping my approach to finance. Ivan’s straightforward and insightful advice has paved the way for a clearer financial path.”
Review 2 “The practical tips and strategies from the blog have significantly contributed to my understanding and confidence in handling my finances.”
Review 3 “Ivan’s dedication to educating his readers is evident in every post. His advice is always grounded in experience and delivered with the reader’s best interest in mind.”


the finance Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

About, established by Derek, an IT engineer with a fervent interest in finance and investing, serves as a centralized platform for local financial wisdom in Singapore. Initiated from a desire to simplify access to various financial insights, the site aggregates valuable content from trusted local finance bloggers.
  • Unified Financial Content: Consolidates top local finance blogs, offering a variety of perspectives and insights in one location.
  • Community Driven: Fosters a vibrant community for sharing and learning about different financial areas, accessible to novices and professionals alike.
  • Personal Finance Focus: Emphasizes personal finance and investing education, including topics like savings, spending, and insurance.
  • Investment Insights: Aggregates content on property, stocks, and trading, catering to a diverse range of investment interests.
  • Financial Education: Enhances understanding of personal finance concepts such as insurance, saving strategies, and responsible spending.
  • Community Engagement: Encourages knowledge sharing among individuals with varying levels of financial expertise, promoting collective learning.
Contact via form here
Review 1
“ has been a game-changer for me. The collective insights from different bloggers have broadened my financial understanding significantly.”
Review 2
“I appreciate the convenience of having all the top financial blogs in one place. It has saved me time and helped me stay informed.”
Review 3
“Joining’s community has been one of the best decisions for my financial education. The discussions and shared experiences are incredibly valuable.”


the simple sum Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

The Simple Sum

About The Simple Sum is dedicated to equipping young adults in Singapore and beyond with the necessary tools to navigate personal finance with confidence. Originating from a need to demystify financial concepts, it offers a wide range of engaging and educational resources across five countries.
  • Global Reach: Expands its educational resources across Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Indonesia, catering to a diverse audience.
  • Engaging Content: Utilizes articles, comics, podcasts, and videos to present financial concepts in an approachable and enjoyable manner.
  • Community Engagement: Boasts a strong community base of 350,000 members, fostering interactive learning and financial literacy.
  • Comprehensive Financial Education: Provides a variety of formats for learning personal finance, from visual comics to in-depth podcasts.
  • Brand Collaboration: Partners with multiple brands to create customized content that resonates with and educates the audience.
  • Creative Financial Solutions: Employs an in-house team to craft unique content that simplifies complex financial topics.
Contact Contact via form here
Review 1 “The Simple Sum has transformed the way I look at my finances. Their comics and videos make learning about money fun and easy to understand.”
Review 2 “I never thought I could manage my budget until I stumbled upon The Simple Sum. Their practical tips have helped me immensely.”
Review 3 “As a member of The Simple Sum’s community, I’ve gained invaluable insights into personal finance that I never got from traditional education.”


the 5th person Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

The Fifth Person

About The Fifth Person advocates for enhanced financial literacy and investment knowledge globally, with the aim of empowering individuals towards financial independence. Originating from a passion for beneficial and impactful financial education, the platform offers comprehensive resources designed to make smarter investment decisions accessible to everyone.
  • Global Impact: Strives to impart financial independence skills worldwide, enhancing personal livelihoods.
  • Investor Education: Provides a plethora of investment knowledge, from winning stock picks to strategic loss management.
  • Media Recognition: Acknowledged by prominent media outlets and awarded by the Singapore Exchange for outstanding investment education contributions.
  • Community Focused: Cultivates a space for investors to share insights, fostering a supportive learning environment.
  • In-depth Analysis: Offers detailed examinations of various investment vehicles, empowering users with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Investment Strategies: Shares successful stock investment strategies, showcasing both victories and lessons from losses.
  • Educational Resources: Provides memberships like Alpha Quadrant and Dividend Machines, designed to guide investors through market intricacies.
  • Community Engagement: Maintains a platform for interaction among investors, facilitating the exchange of insights and experiences.
Contact 65 6909 5405

Review 1 “Thanks to The Fifth Person, I’ve gained the confidence to make informed investment decisions and have seen significant improvements in my portfolio.”
Review 2 “The in-depth analyses and straightforward advice provided by The Fifth Person have been instrumental in shaping my investment approach.”
Review 3 “Joining the Dividend Machines membership has changed the way I view investing, providing me with a structured path to financial independence.”


heartland boy Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

Heartland Boy

About Heartland Boy embarked on a journey towards financial independence after a personal wake-up call, aiming to secure a stable future before turning 40. His blog chronicles the trials and triumphs of a dedicated individual navigating the complexities of personal finance, investment, and frugal living in Singapore.
  • Personal Journey: Shares a heartfelt narrative from financial obliviousness to savvy savings and investments.
  • Family-Focused: Balances professional commitments with quality family time, underscoring the value of financial planning for loved ones.
  • Community Contribution: Draws inspiration from the financial blogging community to educate others and document his pathway to financial independence.
  • Investment Analysis: Provides insights into stocks, REITs, and property investment, aimed at building passive income.
  • Value-for-Money Living: Advocates for a lifestyle that maximizes value without compromising on enjoyment and quality.
  • Financial Independence: Offers strategies and experiences aimed at achieving financial freedom ahead of traditional retirement age.
Review 1 “Heartland Boy’s honest take on financial planning has motivated me to reassess my own financial habits and goals.”
Review 2 “His detailed analysis and personal stories make complex financial concepts much more approachable and understandable.”
Review 3 “I appreciate the blend of investment advice and real-life anecdotes, which makes navigating personal finance less intimidating and more achievable.”


sing saver Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog


About SingSaver simplifies personal finance for consumers by offering easy-to-understand resources, tools, and money hacks to make better financial decisions. As part of the MoneyHero Group, a leading fintech company in Greater Southeast Asia, SingSaver is committed to making financial literacy accessible and ensuring users’ personal data remains secure.
  • Simplifying Finance: Demystifies personal finance with straightforward reads and practical tools.
  • Secure and Trustworthy: Invests in high-level security to protect user data, ensuring a safe experience.
  • Wide Reach: Part of the expansive MoneyHero Group, impacting over 9.8 million consumers monthly.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: Covers a broad spectrum of personal finance topics from credit cards to investments.
  • Financial Education: Provides insightful content and comparisons to help users understand various financial products.
  • Rewards and Incentives: Ensures users are rewarded when signing up for financial products through the platform.
  • Personal Finance Tools: Offers comparison tools for credit cards, loans, insurance, and more, tailored to individual needs.
  • Partnerships: Works closely with over 270 financial institutions to bring a wide range of options to consumers.
Review 1 “I was very impressed with the customer service attitude of the agent who handled my ticket. She always follows up frequently and responds to me promptly. Thanks!”
Review 2 “It is satisfactory, thank you very much for responding so quickly and in detail. It’s my first time using your website, so it’s really helpful and useful.”
Review 3 “My enquiries have been handled professionally and promptly by the team. A five-star rating for their outstanding attitude. Thanks.”


dollars and sense Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog


About is a leading financial literacy website in Singapore that aims to help readers make better financial decisions. Through its comprehensive coverage on topics such as budgeting, investing, insurance, and property, it simplifies complex financial information into practical advice.
  • Financial Literacy for All: Provides clear, accessible content aimed at improving financial knowledge across various life stages.
  • Wide-ranging Topics: Covers a broad spectrum of financial areas including insurance, investing, and personal savings.
  • Practical Advice: Focuses on delivering actionable insights that readers can apply to their personal financial situations.
  • In-depth Guides: Offers thorough explanations and step-by-step guides on financial products and strategies.
  • Investing 101: Educates readers on the fundamentals of investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more.
  • Insurance Insights: Breaks down various types of insurance coverage and how they fit into a comprehensive financial plan.
  • CPF Understanding: Provides detailed guides and analyses on optimizing Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings for retirement.
  • Property Planning: Offers insights into navigating Singapore’s property market, whether for living or investment purposes.
Review 1 “ has significantly improved my understanding of personal finance. Their articles are both informative and easy to understand.”
Review 2 “I’ve used their guides to make informed decisions about my insurance and investments. Truly a valuable resource.”
Review 3 “Their clear and concise explanations have helped me to better plan my finances and prepare for my future needs.”


investment stab Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

Investment Stab

About Investment Stab is a Singapore-based financial blog founded by a group of local students passionate about increasing financial literacy. The blog focuses on educating the public, particularly the youth, about personal finance, investments, and Central Provident Fund (CPF) matters, aiming to demystify the financial sector and guide readers towards informed decisions.
  • Youth-Oriented Financial Education: Tailors content to young Singaporeans, addressing common misconceptions and financial challenges.
  • CPF Insights: Delivers detailed information and advice on navigating Singapore’s CPF system effectively.
  • Personal Finance Clarity: Breaks down complex financial jargon into understandable content, making finance more accessible.
  • Investment Guidance: Provides insights and discussions on various investment strategies suitable for the local context.
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) Knowledge: Offers in-depth explanations and strategies regarding CPF to help readers maximize their retirement savings.
  • Personal Finance Basics: Educates on fundamental financial principles, helping individuals manage and grow their finances.
  • Investment Strategies: Shares practical investment tips tailored to Singaporeans, covering both traditional and contemporary investment avenues.
  • Financial Literacy for the Youth: Focuses on raising financial awareness among young Singaporeans, guiding them towards making savvy financial choices early on.
Review 1 “Investment Stab has opened my eyes to the realities of personal finance and helped me avoid common pitfalls.”
Review 2 “Their straightforward approach to explaining CPF and investments has made financial planning much clearer for me.”
Review 3 “As a student, I found Investment Stab’s content to be incredibly relevant and useful for starting my financial journey on the right foot.”


the new savvy Top Finance Blogs in Singapore

Finance Blog

The New Savvy

About The New Savvy is Asia’s leading financial, investments, and career platform dedicated to empowering women towards financial happiness. It aims to transform women’s relationships with money by providing insightful and relatable financial information, emphasizing the unique financial needs and situations women face.
  • Empowerment through Education: Focuses on enhancing women’s financial literacy for better, more informed financial decisions.
  • Tailored Financial Advice: Addresses the distinct financial challenges and opportunities women encounter.
  • Engaging and Accessible Content: Offers financial information in an engaging, relatable manner that resonates with women.
  • Community and Collaboration: Encourages the building of a supportive community where women can share and learn together.
  • Women’s Financial Needs: Specializes in catering to the financial challenges and goals unique to women.
  • Comprehensive Financial Topics: Covers a broad range of subjects from investments and savings to career advice and life changes.
  • Personal and Professional Development: Provides resources not only for personal finance management but also for career advancement.
  • Accessible Financial Education: Breaks down complex financial jargon into easy-to-understand language tailored for a female audience.
Review 1 “The New Savvy has been a game-changer in how I approach my finances. It’s great to finally have a platform that understands women’s financial needs.”
Review 2 “I’ve gained so much confidence in managing my investments and savings thanks to the practical advice from The New Savvy.”
Review 3 “The career and financial planning advice I’ve received from The New Savvy has been invaluable in helping me navigate major life changes.”


Top Finance Blogs in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Finance Blog

Investment Moats

About Investment Moats, established by Kyith Ng since 2005, is a financial blog based in Singapore focused on sharing experiences and strategies in money management, investment, and wealth building. The platform is dedicated to demystifying financial concepts and helping individuals grow and manage their wealth effectively.
  • Experienced Insight: Offers seasoned perspectives on wealth management and investment strategies.
  • Wealth Building Focus: Concentrates on cultivating sustainable wealth through smart investing and money management.
  • Comprehensive Guides: Provides in-depth guides on financial security, financial independence, and creating a Wealth Machine.
  • Diverse Investment Analysis: Explores various facets of investing including stocks, REITs, and long-term market trends.
  • Wealth Management and Growth: Shares immutable truths about building and controlling wealth for long-term success.
  • Financial Independence Strategy: Advocates for creating a cash-flow generating Wealth Machine as a pathway to financial independence.
  • Investment Evaluation: Analyzes and evaluates businesses and investment opportunities, focusing on valuation, economic moats, and risk.
  • Income Investing: Discusses the benefits and strategies of investing in dividend-paying companies and other income-generating assets.
Review 1 “Investment Moats has transformed the way I approach my personal finances and investments. Kyith’s advice is both practical and insightful.”
Review 2 “The wealth-building strategies shared on the site have been a game-changer for my financial life.”
Review 3 “Kyith’s detailed analysis and open sharing of both successes and failures provide valuable lessons for both new and seasoned investors.”


dr wealth Top Finance Blogs in Singapore


engaging the top social media agency in singapore

Finance Blog

Dr Wealth

About Dr Wealth is an educational platform that provides comprehensive financial information and analysis to help individuals make informed investment decisions. Established with the mission to demystify complex market trends and strategies, Dr Wealth offers a range of resources aimed at enhancing investment knowledge and financial literacy among its users.
  • Expert Analysis: Delivers insightful stock analysis and essential market insights weekly.
  • Educational Resources: Provides a wide range of guides and courses on various investment strategies, including value investing and dividend building.
  • Market Updates: Keeps subscribers updated with the latest financial markets information.
  • Safety Awareness: Actively warns users against scammers and impersonators to ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Investment Education: Offers detailed guides on value investing, factor investing, and dividend investing to empower users with time-tested methodologies.
  • Market Insights: Shares crucial updates and analysis on trending stocks and global market shifts.
  • Financial Literacy: Aims to improve users’ understanding of financial markets and personal money management.
  • Cryptocurrency and International Markets: Provides educational content on investing in cryptocurrencies and international markets like China.
Contact 65-9812 0411

Review 1 “Dr Wealth has been instrumental in shaping my investment strategies. Their guides are incredibly detailed and informative.”
Review 2 “Thanks to Dr Wealth, I’ve become more confident in navigating the stock market and managing my investments.”
Review 3 The weekly market insights from Dr Wealth have become an essential part of my investment planning process.”


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