Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore [UPDATED 2023]


Feng shui, originating from China, aims to create balance and harmony between humans and their environment. Let’s explore what feng shui is all about, how it is practiced, and what are the top Feng Shui shops & masters in Singapore.

What is Feng Shui? 

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The Chinese words “Feng” means wind, and “Shui” means water. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placing your surroundings to allow positive chi (life force) to flow freely. The goal is to promote health, wealth, knowledge, career growth, and good relationships.

In Singapore’s urban landscape, feng shui masters help create this flow and balance through interior design, placement of furniture, use of colours, lighting, mirrors, plants, and symbolic decor.

Now, let’s explore the fascinating world of Feng Shui shops and masters in Singapore, where pursuing positive energy and balance is their priority.

Top Fengshui Masters in Singapore 

Adelina Pang Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Adelina Pang

Adelina Pang is a highly respected Fengshui master in Singapore with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in analyzing the energy of spaces and providing customized recommendations to optimize them for personal and professional success.

Adelina combines traditional Fengshui techniques with modern knowledge in a holistic approach to create tailored solutions for each client. Her consultations are known to be insightful, displaying empathy and understanding of clients’ unique situations.

Adelina’s thorough assessments and steadfast commitment to her client’s well-being explain her stellar reputation. For those seeking discerning Fengshui mastery in Singapore, Adelina Pang is a premier choice.


Adelina Pang

  • Consultation for home business, overseas for Singaporeans and travellers abroad
  • Site selection
  • Online consultation
Contact Details Tel: +65 6430 6766


Address The Penthouse #44-01
Suntec Tower One
7 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038987
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 We hired Adelina’s service on 12 April to improve things in our family. She was very open & friendly & most important very professional. We applied whatever instruction she has instructed us to do. Wow, we could see improvement, especially for my son. She pointed out one area which is the ideal area for my son to study and we got him to always study in that particular area. Guess what? Results speak louder than words.

We can see that he is now more focused and able to concentrate for a long period of time. The joy for us is to see him achieve good and improved grades in his recent school exam. Besides that, there is now more harmony in the family. We are just grateful that we have got the right Feng Shui master. What we like about her is she does not force sell and that made us very comfortable with her. Thank you once again for improving our lives. – GS Soon

Review 2 My family and I have been working with Adelina for more than a decade. She is not only professional and dedicated in her work, but at the same time, easy-going, and treats her clients like her friends. I enjoyed the little chit-chat sessions I had with her. Most importantly, she gives recommendations and provides alternatives (so that we have a choice). All the items can be found easily and also add on to the aesthetics of our home. Our experience with Adelina has been very pleasant and it is always a joy to work with her! – Adeline Heng
Review 3 No one can tell if Feng Shui works for them till they experience the change and help in their lives. Adelina has done that. Not only she help change the Feng Shui in my house, it has also changed our lives. Thank you again for bringing this change. Thank you is so simple but it means so much. – Angelina Chia


reviews of imperial harvest fengshui

David Goh – Imperial Harvest

David Goh is a renowned Fengshui master and founder of Imperial Harvest, a premier consultancy firm in Singapore. With extensive knowledge and experience in traditional Fengshui, David has helped many high-profile clients unlock substantial success personally and professionally.

Taking a personalized approach to every client, David provides tailored solutions based on their unique needs and situations. His consultations are praised for making complex Fengshui principles comprehensible. Known for his dedication to excellence and impressive track record, David Goh is a leading choice for expert Fengshui mastery in Singapore.


David Goh – Imperial Harvest

Services  Home feng shui consultation
Contact (65) 9122 1826
Address 402 Orchard Road, #02-07/08 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876
Operating hours
  • Monday to Friday: 12 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Client Testimonials


Divineway Fengshui

Louis Cheung –  Divineway Fengshui

Master Louis Cheung has had a lifelong passion for Chinese culture and history. In his early twenties, he began practicing Fengshui and Taoist rituals to help people, guided by his motto, “Enhance Wellness, Avoid Calamity.”

2010, Master Louis established his fengshui consultancy in Singapore’s Joo Chiat neighborhood. His business has expanded steadily, including the 2018 opening of a Fengshui retail store at 374 Joo Chiat Road.

Master Louis achieved significant recognition in 2015 when his firm became the only Fengshui consultancy to be named in Singapore Prominent Brands. He received the Singapore Enterprise Awards 2016 and Asia Prestige Award 2016/2017.

Today, Master Louis is a pioneering leader in the field, offering comprehensive one-stop consultations addressing all aspects of Fengshui. With decades of experience and expertise, he skillfully directs energies to circumvent misfortune and optimize success for his devoted clients. Master Louis Cheung excels at and finds deep fulfillment in his work.


Louis Cheung –  Divineway Fengshui

  • Fengshui / 风水
  • Life Analysis/ 八字
  • Consecration/開光
  • Ritual & Blessing / 祈福改運
  • Date & Name Selection/ 命名择日
  • Divine Magic Academy/ 六壬仙法
  • Bespoke Talisman/六壬靈符
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony 動土化煞旺宅
  • Appeasement Ritual 謝土入火旺宅
  • Consecration Ceremony 安神開光
Contact Details Telephone: +65 8488-6100


Operating hours  Click here
Reviews Thank you master and team for the guidance on this. It was very nice experience. Definitely I will visit again. Keep up the good work towards society. – Pankaj Santhe


Kevin Fong Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Kevin Foong 

Kevin Foong is a highly respected Fengshui master and founder of Singapore’s renowned Kevin Foong Consulting Group. With over 20 years of experience, Kevin has helped countless individuals and businesses succeed through his expert Fengshui and astrology guidance.

Known for his comprehensive consultations, Kevin takes an analytical, detail-oriented approach to providing personalized recommendations tailored to each client’s unique situation. He skillfully blends traditional principles with modern concepts to develop practical, easy-to-implement solutions.

Kevin offers Chinese metaphysics advice and lectures on BaZi analysis and Fengshui applications to top executives, management, and business owners through his firm. His reputation for excellence precedes him as a leading authority in the field.


Kevin Foong 

  • Bazi consultation
  • Home and commercial consultation
  • Prosperity live burial
  • Cesarean birth selection
  • Adult name selection
  • Baby name selection
Contact Details Telephone: 65 8700 8988


Operating hours  By appointments only
Client Testimonials


Way FengShui Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Way Fengshui Group

Way Fengshui Group is a premier consultancy in Singapore staffed by a team of highly qualified masters. They offer various services, including residential and commercial Fengshui, auspicious date selection, and Bazi readings.

Way Fengshui takes a personalized approach, working closely with each client to understand their unique needs and goals. With over 30 years of collective experience, they expertly apply Fengshui principles to benefit their clients across sectors.

Way provides materials, advice, and vital training from homes to offices to optimize spaces and educate on possible enhancements. Their comprehensive services and dedication to meeting every Fengshui need have cemented their reputation as leaders in the field. Way leverages their expertise to spark insightful conversations about how customized Fengshui can facilitate success.

Sign on their channel here:


Way Fengshui Group

  • Residential fengshui
  • Commercial fengshui
  • Personal services
Contact Details Telephone: 65 6338 3800


Address Fu Lu Shou Complex, 149 Rochor Road #02-11, Singapore 188425
Operating hours  Way Fengshui Consultancy & Academy
  • Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

Way Fengshui Lifestyle

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Saturdays & Public Holidays 12 pm to 6 pm
Clients Testimonials


Hui Master Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Master Hui

Master Hui is a highly respected Fengshui authority in Singapore with over 30 years of experience. He founded Master Hui Fengshui Consultancy, providing personalized consultations tailored to each client’s needs.

Master Hui offers a range of services for residential and commercial spaces and Bazi readings. He is known for skillfully adapting classical Fengshui principles into accurate, pragmatic recommendations for modern-day application.

As a trusted expert who has helped countless clients optimize their environments, Master Hui has become Singapore’s go-to master for discerning Fengshui mastery. His commitment to surpassing expectations one consultation at a time has cemented his sterling reputation.

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Master Hui

  • Residential and commercial fengshui
  • Name changing
  • Newborn name choosing
  • Fortune telling
  • Bazi reading
  • Choosing auspicious dates
  • Choosing dates for caesarean
  • Placement of Buddha statue at home and the consecration ceremony
  • Groundbreaking ceremony
  • Prayers for improving popularity
  • Money luck and clearing obstacles
  • Consecration for fengshui items
  • Tibetan dZi bead that matches Bazi
  • Fengshui seminars and courses
Contact Details Head Office
  • +65 6348 8888
  • +65 6345 1928


  • +65 6535 1928
Address Head Office
  • Blk 82 Marine Parade Central #01-604 Singapore 440082 (Beside Parkway Parade Building)
  • Blk 101 Upper Cross Street #B1-17J People’s Park Center Singapore 058357
Operating hours  Daily: 10 am to 6 pm
Client Testimonials


Fengshui Master SG Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd

Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd is a renowned consultancy in Singapore founded by the highly respected Master Lim Eng Cheong. With over 20 years of experience, Master Lim has helped numerous individuals and businesses achieve prosperity through personalized Fengshui mastery.

The firm provides comprehensive services, including residential and commercial consultations, Bazi readings, and auspicious date selections. True to Master Lim’s dedicated approach, they take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and objectives to offer customized recommendations for success.

Master Chan first studied Fengshui in 1994 when seeking guidance regarding the energy of his newly purchased home. While skeptical due to the prevalence of superstition over expertise in 1990s Singapore, rigorous self-learning revealed deep wisdom within authentic techniques. Today, as a consummate professional, he dispels myths and provides evidenced counsel to fulfill clients’ needs through conscientious practice.


Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd

  • Home and business fengshui
  • Auspicious Chinese name
  • Overseas fengshui
  • Pre-purchase
  • Birth reading
Address 7500 Beach Rd, business registration address, Singapore 199590
+65 9071 2121
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm

Sunday: Closed

Review 1 I am a 3rd-time repeat customer of Master Chan for Home fengshui assessment. His on-site explanation is very detailed, and the report is easy to understand. He is very practical in his approach which is what I needed. Additionally, his assessment of bazi is very accurate. – Cindy Lim
Review 2 We recently engaged Master Chan for our home fengshui service. He spent some time walking us through our house and showed us how we can alleviate the negative sectors of our house. I find that he is very practical in his approach to fengshui consultation and relatively easy to understand.

He presented a few options other than the traditional fengshui items and provided suggestions for improvement to our house fengshui. The solutions are simple and work. After 1 month I see improvements already. Would definitely engage his services again in the future. Thank you, Master Chan! – By Naz Latiff

Review 3 We are grateful with for Master Chan owner of Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd advice. He is very enthusiastic n patience in explaining to us the details n what’s myths n science, real. I have engaged several other feng shui masters before, many of whom either offered impractical advice or required to buy thousand-dollar statues/items in order to have the desired effect. We like Master Chan as his approachable and solution is simple, practical & effective. – Chew Family


CMG Consulting Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Chinese Metaphysics Consulting Global

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting is a respected Fengshui consultancy firm operating in Singapore. It prides itself on having one of the most talented and experienced teams of Fengshui masters. Each consultation is personalized to meet every client’s unique needs and concerns.

One highlight of the firm is that its recommendations are deeply grounded in classical Fengshui principles. The masters carefully tailor their advice to each client’s specific situation. Dedication and commitment to providing high-quality service are the pillars of this firm.

The founding and lead trainer is Master David Tong. His company, Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting (CMG Consulting), offers top-notch consultancy in traditional Feng Shui, Bazi destiny reading, auspicious date selection, and other Chinese metaphysics. Master David is an award-winning expert dedicated to excellence.


Chinese Metaphysics Consulting Global

Services Residential and commercial fengshui consultation, overseas fengshui consultation, property plan analysis, onsite property selection, annual assessment, bazi destiny analysis, date selections, luck enhancements
571 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534798
Contact Details Telephone: 65 9829 9670


Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 12:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am – 4 pm
Friday, Sunday & PH: Closed
Client Testimonials


Loshi Fengshui Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Lo Shi Fengshui

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Lo Shi Fengshui, led by renowned Feng Shui Master Jeff Lo, is a premier consultancy known for reliable, pragmatic guidance. Supported by experts, Lo Shi Fengshui ensures recommendations align with time-tested principles to optimize real-world outcomes.

Upholding an esteemed reputation built over years of discerning service, Lo Shi Fengshui conducts comprehensive assessments before proposing targeted enhancements.

Master Jeff Lo boasts extensive mastery cultivated since his youth when he began voraciously reading Chinese metaphysics volumes. His passion led him to learn foundational Fengshui theory at 19 before training intensively under top Hong Kong masters. That rigorous tutelage molded the skill and nuanced expertise that distinguishes Master Lo today.

For precise consultations from a Singapore leader, look no further than Lo Shi Fengshui and Master Jeff Lo.


Lo Shi Fengshui

  • Residential, commercial
  • Office
  • Retail shop
  • Factory
  • Fengshui consultation
  • Bazi analysis
  • Baby naming
  • Selection of auspicious dates
Address 1 Yishun Street 23, Singapore 768441
Contact Details


  • 65 6226 1700
  • 65 8128 8858


Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 10:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Sunday: Closed

Review 1 “Prior to meeting Master Jeff Lo, it has never occurred to us that Feng Shui could bring on such great effects to one’s luck, health and life. It is after hearing a couple of positive feedback from friends who have engaged him that we decide to give it a go.

Luck is never with us when comes to the lottery, however, this miraculously happened within three months after placing of the Feng Shui ornaments in our house by Master Jeff. Further, we observed improvements in our career path in terms of sales performance, opportunities and especially work environment.

Misunderstandings with peers which existed for about a year were resolved on an occasion when the opportunity arises to have an open chat. Solutions were also found for health problems which existed for almost four years.” – Eric / Jennifer

Review 2 “Jeff Lo was recommended to me by my brother-in-law who has seen improvements in his business and family health after engaging Jeff’s fengshui services. After consulting Jeff for my house’ feng shui, our finances have improved and I had good bonus and increment.

My children became more hardworking and their grades have improved. I even strike first prize in 4D. Jeff has asked me to watch out for gynaecological problems and advised me to go for health screening. It turned out I had a thickened endometrium and had to go for day surgery. Things are going well and we are happy with the result so far. Thank you, Jeff!” – Jesslyn Lee

Review 3

“Anyone who is looking to improve his/her life in career, health and luck, Master Jeff Lo is the one I will strongly recommend to you guys. Master Jeff Lo was introduced to me through my friend who is now doing very well in his business. One year ago, Master Jeff Lo came to my house and give me some advice and arranged some Feng Shui ornaments to improve my luck and good fortune. After 3 months, my earnings really improved a lot and the best thing was I strived lottery “First Prize”. – Benny


TCFengshui Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy

Classical Feng Shui Consultancy is an eminent Feng Shui firm in Singapore founded by Master Jon Sim. With over 20 years of mastery, Master Jon has helped thousands of businesses and individuals thrive through discerning guidance.

Services span auspicious date selection, Bazi divination, and tailored recommendations for residential and commercial spaces. True to Master Jon’s dedication, he and his team first comprehend each context to provide impactful, personalized counsel.

Similarly guided by service, Master Dennis Lai founded Classic Feng Shui Mastery School to enlighten students in Chinese metaphysics’ authentic techniques and profound wisdom. By imparting truth and care through education, Master Dennis aspires to empower others on inspiring journeys of spiritual growth and community uplift.


The Classical Feng Shui Consultancy

Address 10 Ubi Crescent,#07-86,  Ubi Techpark,  Lobby E, Singapore 408564
Contact Details Telephone: 65-9320 4100


Operating Hours Monday-Sunday: 9 am to 9 pm
Client Testimonials


Sherwin Tng

Sherwin Tng Geomancy Pte Ltd

Sherwin Tng Geomancy Pte Ltd stands out as a distinguished Fengshui consultancy firm in Singapore, boasting a decade-long legacy of providing invaluable services. Founded by Master Sherwin Tng, the firm takes pride in his extensive expertise, with over ten years of dedicated experience in the field.

Master Sherwin Tng’s proficiency and effectiveness are attested by the numerous businesses and professionals he has guided to achieve prosperity and success in Singapore and on the global stage. In addition to the conventional services offered by other firms, such as BaZi analysis, Master Sherwin Tng goes beyond by providing a specialized auspicious date selection service.

What sets Master Sherwin apart is his reputation for delivering honest, frank, direct, and logically sound readings. His astrology services are known for their comprehensiveness, accessibility, and practical application. Master Sherwin Tng is committed to assisting individuals and the public in unlocking their full potential through the principles of Fengshui.


Sherwin Tng Geomancy Pte Ltd

  • Bazi Luck Analysis
  • Home & Commercial Feng Shui Audit
  • Newborn baby naming
  • Selection of auspicious dates for Wedding and Opening Ceremony
  • Adult name change
Address 1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton #02-01 Singapore 049213
Contact Details Telephone: (65) 8133 0250


Operating Hours Open 24 hours
  • Mindef
  • HDB
  • DHL
  • DBS
  • Dream Cruises

Geomancy Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore


Geomancy, an old Chinese practice, has been used for centuries to help people and businesses do well. It’s about setting up the surroundings so that good energy, called “qi,” flows better and bad influences are less.

This website provides various services. There’s BaZi analysis, which looks at your birth date and time to discover your future and potential. Also, there’s promising date selection, where we find good dates for important events.

One could get over many thousand in Authentic Traditional Feng Shui books & writing, Free Professional Feng Shui reading, all Feng Shui ON-THE-FLY reading (Ba Zi & Xuan Kong), extremely basic visits or virtual Professional Feng Shui reading, Certificate Online e-Learning feng shui lectures, Games for Chinese Astrology or Horoscope or more.



Services Singapore onsite home audit, bazi life reading, wedding date selection, personalised fengshui reports
Contact Details Master Cecil Lee
  • +65 9785 3171

Master Robert Lee

  • +65 9835 5734



MasterAng Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Master Ang

Master Ang, a renowned Fengshui expert in Singapore, has been practicing for over 20 years. He is highly respected for his deep understanding of classical Fengshui principles and ability to offer his clients effective solutions. Master Ang’s goal is to use Fengshui to help his clients achieve success, happiness, and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

Like other Fengshui experts mentioned earlier, Master Ang takes a personalized approach in each consultation. He carefully listens to his clients’ unique needs and concerns before providing tailored recommendations.

Master Ang is also known for his passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. He regularly conducts Fengshui courses and workshops for individuals and businesses, sharing his insights with those eager to learn more about this ancient practice.

Master Feng Shui Ang aims to bring hope to those facing challenges in relationships, employment, bills, legal disputes, business, health, stamina, and more. He is dedicated to listening to your concerns and providing guidance. Consult with Master Feng Shui Ang to improve your living conditions, material wealth, job prospects, overall well-being, and happiness.


Master Ang

Address 1 Park Road #03-32 People’s Park Complex Singapore 059108
Contact Details
  • +65 6538 6645
  • +65 6538 6428
Wechat: Masterang0705
Operating Hours Mon – Sat: 1300 to 1900 hrs
Sun & Public Holidays: Closed
Review 1 Did a great job for my house. Even call to ask if everything is ok after 6 months. – Tan Swee Ling


Janet Yung Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Janet Yung

Janet Yung, a well-respected Fengshui master in Singapore, brings over 20 years of experience to her practice. Known for her effective Fengshui solutions, she helps clients find success, happiness, and prosperity in various aspects of their lives.

Janet’s Fengshui method involves optimizing positive energy flow, or “qi,” in a space. This creates a harmonious and balanced environment that supports good health, wealth, and relationships. Her services cover residential and commercial Fengshui, BaZi analysis, and auspicious date selection. In each consultation, Janet takes a personalized approach to cater to the unique needs of her clients.

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Janet Yung

Address 1 Scotts Road, #24-10, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Contact (65) 8289 7959
Client Testimonials


8Treasures Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

8 Treasures

8 Treasures is a trusted Fengshui consulting company based in Singapore. They specialize in BaZi analysis and classical Fengshui. Alongside usual services like helping with Fengshui for homes and businesses, they also assist in choosing lucky dates for important events.

The personalized BaZi analysis from 8 Treasures helps clients improve their energy and reach their goals. Master Chew, a highly respected Fengshui expert with over 20 years of experience, leads the team.


8 Treasures

Address #03-139 (next to Fairprice Extra), Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre

#03-K05, L3 (opposite Popular Bookshop), Causeway Point

Contact Details Jurong Point
  • +65 6794 5772

Causeway Point

  • +65 6893 3788


Operating Hours Both outlets

Daily: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm


Joe Ng Top Fengshui Shops & Masters in Singapore

Joe Ng

Joe Ng is a well-known Fengshui expert with over 30 years of experience. During this time, he has become good at understanding Fengshui ideas and giving practical advice to help his clients succeed and be happy.

Joe Ng offers services like helping with feng shui for homes and businesses, picking lucky dates, analyzing BaZi, and more. He gets to know each client’s worries and needs to give the best suggestions.

Master Joe Ng has worked with important clients, advising on Fengshui for homes and offices. He also helps with professional fortune consulting and astrology readings.


Joe Ng

Address 16 Arumugam road LTC building D #05-07
Operating Hours Daily: 11 am to 7 pm

By Appointment only



Feng Shui Da House

Feng Shui Da House is one of the leading Fengshui consultancy firms in the country. The quality of the residential and commercial Fengshui consultation services it offers is unequal to no other in the industry. 

The Fengshui masters in this firm take a holistic approach to Fengshui, considering factors such as the client’s birth chart, the energy of the space, and the surrounding environment to create a comprehensive plan tailored to each client’s unique needs and concerns.


Feng Shui Da House

  • Fengshui Audit (Residential/ Commercial / Pre-purchase)
  • Auspicious Baby/ Adult Naming Service (Chinese/ Christian naming)
  • Individual Reading (Bazi/ Western Astrology/ Numerology)
  • Business Setup using Fengshui
  • Auspicious dates selection (Wedding/ Moving/ Renovation/ Business Opening)
Contact Details Email:

Telephone: +65 8358 0492

Review 1 Chance upon Fengshui in Da House while looking through the web for newborn name selection. Dropped an enquiry and Daniel follow up through whatsapp was super prompt, follow by recommendation of Master.
Thank you Daniel and Master Anthony for the wonderful experience, will definitely recommend to my friends! – Ng Kwan Ming from FB Reviews
Review 2 Highly Recommended.  Both Daniel and Master Anthony services are extremely prompt. Most importantly is after “sales” services continue to be of great services (super prompt and helpful). thank you! – Mamamia T from FB Reviews
Review 3 Came to know about them from my younger brother as Master Seah was The One whom came up With my nieces names! Thus we follow suit and seek his advice!Daniel and master Seah were devoted professionals whom we never regret engaging. Humble, responsible and timely, they were very approachable who attended well to our needs of naming our newborn baby girl. Office well located near Lavendar mrt. Prices are reasonable too! Go ahead and give it a try! – Irene Seah from FB Reviews


Considerations for Choosing a Feng Shui Shop and Master

When searching for a Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore to assess your home or office, selecting is critical for optimal results. As you evaluate options, keep in mind that not all providers offer the same level of expertise or specialization. We will explore the top factors to help you determine the Top Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore for your needs and environment.

Credentials & Certifications 

Reputable Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore invests heavily in their professional certification and mastery training at accredited institutions. When meeting with a prospective Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore, ask detailed questions about their educational background, certifications attained, and the specific feng shui school they follow.

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The top Feng Shui Shop & Masters in Singapore have intensive classical feng shui knowledge from recognized Asian or Western academies. These qualifications form a strong foundation for reliable assessment and advice.

Personal Rapport 

Since feng shui consultations deal with private living and working areas, you will share intimate details about your life, goals, and challenges. It is vital to have a high comfort level with the Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore you select. Meet them first and assess if their personality and approach allow you to open up about sensitive topics. The best Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding.


There are many online reviews for Feng Shui Shop & Masters in Singapore available now through Google, Facebook, and other sites. While conducting research, read through feedback from past clients describing their first-hand experiences, and results attained, and overall satisfaction working with the provider—Cross-check multiple platforms to confirm consistency in remarks. Also, ask any potential Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore for client references you can directly discuss outcomes with.

Specialization & Experience

Seek out a Feng Shui Master in Singapore with ample, long-term experience auditing properties matching yours – private residences, commercial offices, business premises, or industrial buildings. Their custom recommendations will suit the dynamics of your exact property type.

Feng Shui Approach & Methodology

Research which specific tradition or styles your prospective Feng Shui Master is trained in, like Classical, Flying Stars, Eight Mansions, Black Sect, or BTB. Understand the core techniques each applies to evaluate their suitability for your needs and preferences.

Pricing Transparency

While top-tier Feng Shui Master commands premium consult fees apply due diligence in confirming exactly what personalized services and follow-ups your intended investment amount entails.

By rigorously evaluating your prospective Feng Shui Shop & Master in Singapore across all key facets, you can make the best choice for your needs and budget. Partner with one that inspires trust and confidence for optimal lifestyle outcomes.


Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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