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The Top Event Companies in Singapore

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Singapore has a competitive events management industry. As such, event companies keep positioning and repositioning themselves to gain market traction. Some have assumed the all-inclusive event management format while others love to specialise in corporate or social niches.

What Is An Event Company?

In Singapore, an event company is an establishment that specialises in the planning, coordinating and execution of business or social events. As a company, it comprises of experts with a range of skills needed to coordinate product/brand launches, organise conferences, and manage weddings, concerts and a myriad of other events.

An event company is a marketing, advertising and branding powerhouse. Armed with competent organisation skills, it has the potential to:

  • Research a brand
  • Identify the targeted audience.
  • Devise a compelling event concept
  • Plan the logistics
  • Synchronise technical aspects
  • Launch a successful event

Critical Event Management Processes Every Event Planner Needs

From a business perspective, event management is an essential function. It provides brands; big and small with the opportunity to promote and position themselves up there. If your event is popular compelling and convincing to your target audience, they won’t have to think twice about using and recommending your products and services to others.

In Singapore, you must identify an events company understands your industry, objectives and ROI goals. The ideal company should demonstrate prowess in planning, event conceptualisation, funding and other aspects that lead to a successful event.

Event management best practices and tools can only yield results when paired with diligent planning. There are numerous processes and tech solutions that guarantee the success of an event. Some useful steps in this regard include:

Sync Tech Suppliers with Event Objectives

When selecting an event’s technology supplier, ensure that they can provide tech solutions that align with the objectives of the event. Spell out what you want the technology to do. Also, learn and understand the pros and cons of the tech solutions and devices you intend to use.

Analyse Registration

Registration tools enable event planners to gather sign-ups. When sourcing registration technology, check whether the event requires specific options such as payment systems, bookings or pre-event surveys. Getting it right from the onset save you time and creates excellent impressions.

Focus on Attendee Education

If you intend to use event apps or smart badge technology, consider offering attendees some support. Communicate proactively with participants and providing pre-event insights can improve the event experience. Remember, if potential attendees are frustrated, it could hurt the outcome of the event.

Day-of-Event Communication

Attendee satisfaction is easy to achieve if you have a way of engaging them with direct messaging. Instant messages keep participants updated on the event’s schedule. Also, it makes it easy to manage the proceedings as visualised.

AV Support and Training

Before D-day, it’s essential to have an idea of how the support and training equipment in the appointed venue works. It pays to learn how their audio-visual equipment works and how to handle issues if they arise.

Trends Shaping the Singaporean Event Management Scene In 2020

The present event management scenario in Singapore keeps evolving, like in any other global city. There are new opportunities and innovations seems to influence the sector significantly. Since modern-day events are tech-driven, the Singaporean industry is taking new shape courtesy of the trends below.

Data-Driven Activity Suggestions

Event management and planning in Singapore is leveraging data more than ever. Data can be used to customise a participants experience based on their preferences, demographics and the like. Multi-session events are easy to coordinate with data-driven activity suggestions as a critical component of your event management apps.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology works similar to Radiofrequency ID (RFID). It enables the tracking of participant behaviour and trends. Event planners can leverage findings to drive attendee engagement and personalised event experiences.

Unique Venue Experiences

A majority of event companies have turned to new venues for their events. The conventional ballroom venue is no longer the rage. Brands are willing to host events in enriching sites that resonate with the theme of the event in hand. By thinking outside the box; venue-wise, it becomes easy to provide unique event experiences.

Increased use of Check-in apps

The use of check-in technology is growing significantly in events. Singapore recorded an 18% growth in the use of these apps. These applications are now available as part of an event management software platform. They facilitate the smooth, seamless and hassle-free check-in process. Additionally, face recognition technology seems to be inching these apps further with facial recognition instead of replacing them.

Top Benefits of Event Management Companies

Event companies take on magnanimous challenges as they assist brands and individuals in holding successful events. They play significant roles that their clients would sweat to handle. They provide a host of benefits, including:

Smooth event idealisation and execution

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Event companies idealise and execute convincing event concepts. They have contingency plans for every event they coordinate. They have a backup of expertise that ensures a business or casual event goes as planned.

Saves time and money

Companies can’t deny that event companies help them to save money. These entities have direct connections with a diversity of suppliers. These networks are aligned to help event companies to achieve their best with every event they patronise. Additionally, they save brands a lot of time so that they can concentrate on their core mission.

The introduction of creative ideas

Event company work with experts who inject new insights into the event management process. They offer an innovative backup depending on event-specific requirements. These experts can breathe life into a dull event to give outstanding results that were previously invisible.

Increased customer satisfaction levels:

With an event company working for your brand, there is a guarantee of increased customer/attendee satisfaction in the end. Prudent event companies will go the extra mile to impress their clients. The consistency in quality makes hiring such a company a win-win situation.

Expert planning and budget management

Event companies provide event sensitive master plans that ensure your event is executed professionally. They plan and stick to a reasonable budget that facilitates your objective. With proper planning and logistical integrity, these companies offer peace of mind that your event will end successfully.

Post-event analysis

Measuring the performance of an event is paramount. Onboarding an event company makes it easy to determine the event’s success through the post-analysis process. This offers insights and lessons that assist a business to plan impacting events in the future.

Augmented risk management capabilities

Events are fraught with a myriad of uncertainties. These can range from security, medical emergencies, or equipment failure event companies have the expertise and contingency plans in place. Professional event managers are competent at formulating a risk management plan. They are adept in determining, risk occurrence, magnitude and response prioritisation.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Event Company

Assess your budget

From a budget perspective, event companies are a dime a dozen. You need to ensure that the one you want to hire can help you manage an event within your budget scope.

Event Company’s Experience in Your Industry

Event management in any vertical demands, meticulous planning and coordination. Always ensure that the company has in-depth knowledge of your niche. Check their portfolio and performance with their past clients.

Do they have a ‘3A’ Manager?

The event manager assigned to your event has a direct impact on its success. Assess the manager’s attitude and their commitment to delivering the best results. Always prioritise on a manager who is 3A-accessible, available and approachable.

Can They Represent Your Company Competently?

Researching an event company’s personnel gives you foresight whether they’re the right fit for your event. Don’t hire a company that has been poorly reviewed for their customer handling, communication and misappropriation tendencies.

Verify Their Logistic Capacity

Some event companies are all-rounders meaning they offer back end services together with the primary management function. If you require a bundled package, check whether they have the professional capacity to handle logistics. If you need a niche-specific company, consider hiring back end services on the side.

What to Know About Event Management Software

Event Management software automates essential function in an event. EMS facilitates event scheduling, registration, coordination, marketing and activity tracking. These applications come with benefits for attendees, planners and the company involved. Some must-have event management software to invest in include:


Idloom offers event-specific features such as registration, badge creation ticketing and billing. It’s an all in one application that lets you focus on achieving the best results for your event. It works best for exhibitors, government depts., communication agencies and event companies. It’s a globally acclaimed user-friendly event management software. doubles up as a project management tool that has a fully-fledged event management feature. It helps to sync tasks and deadline on a personnel wide basis. Team members can see what their colleagues are doing and preview the planning via one dashboard. It presents built-in templates that assist in managing timelines, managing budgets, and coordinating speakers. Through the pulses, you can check event dates, registration details and event space.


EventBank facilitates event planning, promotion and execution. It lets you promote one or tens of events from ideation to the execution stage. It’s the application the powers events run by numerous multinationals including Facebook. Eventbank’s full stack of features drives revenue, streamline event-based operations and maximises engagement. It comes with apps for planners and attendees.


Over 35% of the fortune 500 brands recognise RSVPify as a fully-fledged event management platform. It helps you to consolidate event planning for small and major events while keeping the focus on your brand. It presents powerful features including email invitations, guest list management, check-in, online registration and custom data collection, among others.

How to Choose the Best Event Management Software

There’s too much noise in the event management software market. To find the perfect solution, you need to sift through the applications available to pick one that is tested and proven in your industry.

Prioritise your needs

Consider whether you’re looking to save time on dreary management tasks such as creating conference schedules repeatedly. Verify whether you want to increase attendance rates or you want to bring in a seamless registration or ticketing system.

It’s essential to check the software that meets your needs in the best of ways. When checking the list of available Event Management Software, it helps to weigh up aspects such as:

What’s the best software for my event?

  • What’s the potential strengths of the application- is it task-specific or all-inclusive
  • Is the application mobile ready-do they have an app for participants
  • Are there realistic reviews from users or app stores?
  • Is the software easy to adopt
  • Can I get a live demo, free trial or a test in advance?

Check Budget-friendliness

Event organisers need to have an idea of what they want to spend on the tech part. It’s foolhardy to make money the topmost factor. Cheap is expensive and generic software can delay, frustrate and hamper quality communication.

Check Reliability

The reliability of an EMS and that of the product provider can make or break an event. By researching the software vendor and product itself, you’ll discover whether it’s as dependable as its recommendations.

Standalone Software or EMS linked?

Event management software providers are likely to restrict the development or linkage of their application to external software. If you want to connect it in-house, check whether the provider is lenient regarding event management software expandability.

Starting an Event Management Company in Singapore

Singapore’s global repute as a leading International Meeting City and Top Convention City means that events, conferences and conventions happen round the clock. Authorities are unrelenting in their bid to make the lion state a leader from a cultural, infrastructural and entertainment leader.

Such a trend means that events management business is headed for more significant growth. As individuals and companies wrestle to grab a foothold, it’s essential to know the steps needed to legitimise an events company in Singapore. Some of the significant events that make this business lucrative in the country include:

  • MICE events- Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions events
  • Performing arts events-Concerts, live music performances, plays
  • Leisure and Lifestyle events- mainstream sports, fashion, Adventure or and community-based events

Minimum red tape and easy access to government services make incorporating an event company easy in Singapore. However, event companies have to apply for numerous permits and licenses the step involved are:

Register the Business on ACRA

The initial step involves registering the event company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) upon approval, the company is issued with a business license that reflects the Unique Entity Number (UEN).

The two are needed for the application of other permits that include:

Arts Entertainment License:

It authorises the company to facilitate entertainment art events, including music concerts, gallery exhibitions, musical and dance performances and plays.

Copyright Permit

Authorises the company to replay and reproduce copyrighted content such as music or videos.

Public Entertainment License

Enables event companies to organise entertainment events for public access- these don’t include entertainment arts events.

Trade Fair Permit

It allows a company to organise trade fairs.

Animal Exhibition License

It authorises the company to hold events where animals will be exhibited or in a circus.

Other licenses that may be temporary include:

  • Advertising License
  • Fire Works Display License
  • Fire Safety Work on Premises
  • Non-Residential TV License
  • Lucky draws Notification permit
  • Approval to sell selling food and beverages

Different Types of Event Management Services in Singapore

Different Singaporean brands resort to even management as a formidable marketing tool. Hosting an event can stimulate brand positioning and customer engagement. However, different event companies provide various event management services to a cross-section of clients. These cater to:

Personal Events

A personal event management company handles private events. They are best suited for casual events like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. The event company is responsible for booking a venue, organising a guest list, decor and design and catering, among others.

Leisure Event management

The leisure event management company is charged with managing facilities such as stadiums, recreation parks, and concert and entertainment venues. They handle contests, competitions or festivals.

Organisational Events

An Organisational event management company caters to the marketing, communications and brand building plans of an organised event. These could be political, product launch, commercial or charitable events. Here, the events manager must demonstrate special logistical, technical and creative skills. They need to be proactive in driving the event’s message to the target audience.

Cultural Events

A cultural events management company should be proficient in presenting artistic and cultural messages to the public. The event manager must be creative enough to showcase thrilling festivals, unique arts and exciting outdoors spectacles. They liaise with local government departments to plan, advertise and coordinate cultural events from start to finish.

How to Get into Event Management in Singapore

Incorporating an events management company in Singapore isn’t the only requisite. To succeed, you and your team need to know the tricks that lead to success. If you have all the tips, and you want to master how to start and grow in the event company industry. Here are some tips.

Gain Experience

Diving blindly into the event management scene is committing suicide. You can’t succeed in planning or executing the smallest of events if you barely know the ropes. It pays to get mentored or volunteering in events to know the tricks of the game.

Create Your Brand

It’s crucial to start by working out an event management niche where you feel comfortable. You need to identify your market and target clients. Always start small, offer quality and earn the much-needed recommendations.


The events management business calls for intense networking. It’s useless to set up a compelling events business website if you have no connections, contacts and recommendations.

Market yourself

Events management requires one to be great at planning. However, you’ll need to be a good marketer as well. Consider exploiting the power of social media and proven digital marketing channels and resources to get your event company in the eyes of potential customers.

Top Qualities of Successful Event Managers

An event management company earns recommendations based on the competency of the event managers they employ. These experts are the unsung heroes of the Singaporean event management industry. Here are the top qualities of effective event managers.

·      They have persuasive people skills

Polished event managers come with op people skills. They can connect with high flying brand executives, and they get well with the lowest cadre of employees in a company. An event manager must be agile when interacting with people with different demeanour and personality.

  • They’re flexible

Event managers can wear many caps. They’ll oversee janitorial duties and switch to floor managers effectively. They can problem-solve on the fly and still run the show.

  • They’re good listeners

Listening makes a great event manager. Part of succeeding with an event comes from understanding and remembering every detail that a client specifies. You cannot do that without excellent listening skills.

·      They’re organised

Managing a product launch or a wedding requires a manager to juggle more than ten tasks. Adept event managers are exceptional at multitasking. They can keep track of the little details and still ace the bigger picture. Such makes excellent organisational skill.

·     They have passion

Acing the events management job comes with mountains of stress. The average manager is likely to lose it and call it to quit in such pressure-cooker situations. The best managers come with passion and creativity. It helps them to make the right decisions in times of desperation.

An Events’ Company Guide to Building an Event Budget

Working out and balancing an event budget is every event manager’s nightmare. To ensure an event goes as visualised, it’s crucial to design the event around available financial resources. Reviewing and reconstructing budgets from the outset saves money and keeps frustrations away.

Draft Event Planning Expenses

Event Expenses can be diverse, given the berth of aspects needed to stage a great event. Instead of concentrating on the major costs, consider analysing all expense categories. It helps to allocate adequate amounts to every planned segment.

Interrogate Your Clients

Event managers and planners are charged with advising clients diligently. They provide the leading light to issues regarding finances and overall coordination. A client wants a perfect event, and it can conflict with what they can provide financially to achieve such ends. A manager needs to ask the right questions to keep the client thinking realistically.

Build a Basic Event Budget

With a vision and an estimate of the money needed to run a successful event, it’s crucial to sketch a tentative budget. Both parties must realise that the budget can change as events change. Always, buffer the budget with more than 10% of the estimates to remain safe.

Calculate Event Planner Fees

An event company needs to factor their fees in the budget. There must be consensus with the client on how these fees are calculated. Some will charge on a fixed basis while others go for a percentage figure. The best way out is to arrive at a middle ground without forgetting a formal contract.

Trim Event Costs

A majority of events don’t enjoy the luxury of an unlimited budget. It’s normal to review the budget downward when necessary. Always maintain the budget for key impression factors and trim the cost of trivial necessities.

Exploit Low-Cost Marketing Options Online

Marketing costs can bloat an event’s budget significantly. It can hurt projections if there no tangible results. If you don’t market creatively, people will pass your event. To remedy the situation, consider inexpensive and highly impacting online marketing channels and platforms.

Event Management: 5 Tips to Set You Apart From the Rest

To reserve your company a slot in the list of top event management companies, you need to do things differently-or creatively so. Here are proven tips that set your event management outfit apart from the average.

·     Make data Your Friend

Making key event management and planning decisions based on data gives you a head start. Using data collection and analysis tools can give your company a bargaining edge. Specific data from participants, venue or industry trends helps to create unique event experiences. It positions you as the go-to event planner.

·     Creativity pays

Having organisational skills and great communication skills won’t make your company stand out. If you align your skills to an outside the box perspective, you’re likely to make a head start. Attendees crave for new experiences and creativity can deliver that.

·     Leverage Specialized Software

Beating your competition requires new industry trends. Instead of using the run of the mill software, go for the newest applications, apps, and infographic makers.

·     Find Unique Venues

Events held in the usual place don’t offer a pull to attendees. To be recognised as a game-changer, consider hosting events in unique and spellbinding venues.

·     Tap into Social Media

Social media platforms are perfect for an events company that wants to gain prominence. Use them to sign up for events. Consider engaging influencers to keep more people talking about your event.

Top Event Companies in Singapore

Perfume Workshop 

Their motto   –Scentopia – Let’s have fun with scents

Located at 36 siloso beach walk, Singapore 099007. Services include Scentopia – The latest tourist attraction at sentosa where you can have fun with scents; Couple Perfume Workshop – Try our personality test to get to know each other and make a perfume too. Get your name or quote engraved to make this a memorable event; Bridal Shower – Bring your wine, have fun and each person takes home 100ml of their signature scent with their name engraved on the bottle; Team Building – Truly enjoyable aromatherapy team building for your team’s wellness; Perfume Bar – For your client appreciation and Christmas parties. You can call them at (65) 9732 8004 or email them at [email protected]


Mercury MC

Mercury MC is an integrated event management agency. It provides an all-inclusive package of public relation, event management and marketing consultancy.

Ortus Club

Ortus club is a corporate event management firm specialising in round table and corporate events. It’s globally recognised and highly sought in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region

Event Lobang

Event Lobang is an event management company that caters to the event management needs of small scale brands. It provides back end services including entertainment, props, printing and catering

D2D Sports

D2D Sports offers events like : Football leagues and tournaments, Corporate sports events and sports days, Sports coaching for schools and teams, Sports coaching for kids and adults, Healthy lifestyle seminars and roadshows. Located at 22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969. You may contact them at [email protected] or call 91546091.


Procon is an integrated marketing agency with immense expertise in high-end event management. It provides event management for luxury brands, roadshows and immersion programs.

The Events Artery (TEA)

The Events Artery is an experiential marketing agency that manages big events and projects. It provides event planning for product experiential, government carnivals, award ceremonies and festivals.


FreemanXP is a global brand experience agency with a global presence. It offers expertise in conference management, events, product launches sponsorship and media events.

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The Live Group

The Live Group is a full-service event management company specialising in community events, gala dinners, MICE events PR product launches and social event management.


1MICE is an integrated corporate event management powerhouse. It focuses on blending technology into events management. It offers out of the box solutions in the corporate meetings, incentive trips, conferences and events (MICE) field. You can find them here : 180 Paya Lebar Road, #08-06E. Singapore 409032 or contact them through Telephone: (65)9488 6601 or Email: [email protected]

Milton Exhibits

Milton Singapore is an event marketing establishment. It offers a variety of creative events management, exhibitions, roadshows and indoor event coordination.

Essential Werkz

Essential Werkz is an integrated marketing and event management company. It caters to corporate event management, D&Ds product launches, media launches, exhibitions and roadshows.


V-concepts is a full-service professional event management company. It’s a one-stop-shop outfit providing event logistics, event design, and production and backend services. It has a reputation in the family events, gala dinners, corporate and award festivals forte.

Eventique Management

Eventique is an integrated event management outfit offering one-stop-solutions using a customised approach. It provides a bouquet of services ranging from social media management, road shows, corporate events, exhibition booth design and venue and equipment sourcing, among others.


Founded 15 years ago, Incepte ventured into the digital marketing and events management arena in 2010. It offers an out of the box package to clients in the SME and MNC sector. It provides corporate event organisation, team building, product launch roadshow events and dinner & dance (D&D) events among others.

Twist Media

Twist Media is an award-winning event company that provides event activation from scratch. It leverages technology to offer a comprehensive management and planning package in exhibitions events, gala dinners, outdoor festivals, awards events and conferences among others.

DMC Event Management Pte Ltd

DMC Event Management is a seasoned event management company with over 20 years in business, is one of Asia’s most respected event companies. It provides cost-effective solutions in the corporate events, exhibitions and roadshows conferences, consumer events and meetings, among others.

Their services include: Develop Immersive and Engaging Experiences, Design ATL & BTL Communication materials for Web & Print, Design Conceptual Office Interiors, Retail Shops & Pop-Ups Store, Create physical and virtual custom trade shows 3D exhibits, booths & displays, Transform Galleries, Museums and Restaurants into memorable experiences. 

Their clients include: Singapore Exchange, Changi Airport Group, People’s Association, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Singapore Management University. Located at 132B Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068599. Contact them through 65 6227 6911.

Macro Events

Macro Events is an experiential events management company with a passion for customised design and creativity. It provides customised solutions in the design and concept, on-site event management production and operations and general events planning field.

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Flow Events

Flow Events is a home-grown Singapore events management and activation firm. It caters to the event management needs of SMEs and MNCs. It boasts over 14 years of experience in the audience management, event management and production staging and design, among others.

Mojo X

Mojo X is a recognised corporate event planning and management firm in Singapore. It provides out of the box solutions in the brand activation, audience engagement, roadshow marketing, venue sourcing and general logistics fields.

TM Events

TM Events is a full-service event planning company with more than 18 years in the events field. It provides a one-stop-shop package in the event management, stage productions, talents management, creative works and logistics among others it caters to local and overseas clients.

SNW Events

SNW Events is a fully-fledged one-stop event management company offering a suite of event management solutions. With 14 years of experience, SNW offers creative solutions to diverse events. It offers corporate event planning, logistics, event promotion, exhibition set up and custom trade shows services, among others.

Vantastic Event

Vantastic Event was established in 2017 by founder Vanessa Nee. They first started out in 2012 with balloon sculpting. Spreading joy and bringing smiles. With over 7 years of experience in balloon services, Vantastic Event is here to help you put together your dream event and create memorable experiences for you.

From balloon sculpting, theyup expanded into providing other events/party services such as Magic Show, Carnival game stations, Live food stalls, and many more. They are located in 7 Mandai Link, #05 – 10 Mandai Connection Blk A, Singapore 728664, ypu can reach them at (65) 9684 4119

Derek Magic

Derek Magic provides Kids Magic Show ( Live or Virtual ), close-up magic show, balloon sculpting, face painting, caricature. They are located in 49 Waringin Walk, Singapore 416297. For more information, you can reach them at +65 9061 0766


JNR Entertainment Pte Ltd.

Incorporated in 2013, JNR Entertainment started out with providing entertaining kids magic shows and services such as balloon sculpting and face painting. Over the years, they also became involved in the execution of numerous indoor and outdoor events in Singapore, including corporate events like Family Days and Dinner and Dances, and community celebrations around the island. They have also amassed most of their event equipment in-house to provide better value for the customers; making it affordable and value for money!

JNR Entertainment is here to help you make your event the best one yet, ensuring that all your events are the most amazing experience for you!

Their offices are located at [email protected], 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #01-25 Singapore 569880. For inquiries, you can reach them via telephone at (65) 6100 0567 or Email at [email protected]

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Musical Touch

Musical Touch services includes live music for weddings, corporate events and private parties.  Their clients includes wedding couples and corporate event clients. Services includes live music for weddings, corporate events, private parties

You can contact them through email, and through telephone at 9888 3007.

Email: [email protected]


Upcoming Events in Singapore

All upcoming events are listed here: Singapore Events


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