Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

top economics tuition agencies in singapore

What Is Economics Tuition?

Economics tuition is a service offered by some tuition agencies in Singapore and is mainly aimed at students preparing for their GCE ‘A’ Levels or the International Baccalaureate certification.

As one of the most popular subjects taken at the pre-university level, there is an intense amount of competition to overcome in order to do well, and many students have taken to tuition agencies, which provide additional coaching in the subject, to supplement their lessons in school.

Sample Prices and Lesson Structure

The pricing structure for Economics tuition in Singapore is rather straightforward, with most agencies charging a fixed fee per month (or more specifically, every 4 lessons). Many places also charge a one-off registration fee and recurring material fees for printed notes and miscellaneous resources provided.

Prices range from $300 (for 4 lessons) on the lower end and can go up to $640 (for 4 lessons) at some agencies. Lessons are often conducted in groups of less than 20, with some agencies charging a premium for even smaller groups of 6 and below. Some agencies also offer 1-on-1 tuition, but this is often for a much higher fee.

Lessons in tuition agencies often follow the school syllabus, and most courses are geared towards exam preparation.

The Tuition Industry in Singapore

The number of tuition agencies in Singapore has grown exponentially over the years, with more than 950 tuition centres in the market today.

Most of these agencies are staffed by teachers who have had decades of experience teaching Economics in schools, and some have even achieved the status of ‘super tutors’. These tutors have high success rates and exceptionally long waiting lists. Most of them charge higher fees as a result, but they can also almost definitely guarantee an ‘A’ grade during exams.

There have been worries that high-quality tuition only comes with high rates, but many of these tuition centres offer lessons at greatly subsidised rates for students under financial assistance plans.

JC economics Top Economics Tuition Agencies In Singapore


Tuition Agency

JC Economist Education Centre


A top economics tuition provider, and holding multiple degrees, Mr. Anthony Fok was a former MOE teacher. It was a job he enjoyed, but he wanted more out of being an educator. He wanted to reach out to more students, craft his own programs, and have more independence. He started JC Economics Education Centre in the hopes that it can help him and his students achieve more, and it has. A top economics tuition provider, Mr. Anthony Fok knows the Economic syllabus inside out, understands what Cambridge expects from students, and is able to help his students do the same through his down-to-earth explanations. The learning resources he personally compiled are valuable to his students who find them easy to understand, comprehend and utilize.

Beyond all of these, Mr. Fok is also humourous, caring, and dedicated. His lessons are never monotonous or dull. He keeps his students interested by sharing anecdotes from time to time. He is generous with his time, helping his students even after tuition hours so that they know that someone is always there for him. All of these make him a well-loved, popular tutor amongst his students, almost like a friend.

Pricing Drop a message to enquire
Address Bukit Timah Branch:

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-54
Singapore 588179

Tampines Branch:

Block 201E Tampines Street 23 #02-106
Singapore 527201

Telephone +65 8251 3684
Testimonials “Mr Fok is a very engaging and understanding teacher. He understands how his students feel and perform. Whenever hete students are not focusing, he has his ways to wake us up and highlight the important things that we might have missed out. This makes his lessons effective and easy to follow.” – Ya Chu (River Valley High School)


Economics Cafe Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

Economics Cafe


Economics Cafe is an MOE-registered leading and premier economics tuition centre in Singapore which specialises in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition which includes both H2 economics tuition and H1 economics tuition. It is widely regarded as one of the best economics tuition centres in Singapore which was founded by the highly sought after economics tutor, Mr. Edmund Quek, who has produced several economics publications which are recommended readings in many colleges around the world including those in Singapore, neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and countries far away such as Mauritius.

Pricing $360 for 4 lessons with no additional fees
Address Block 505B Bishan Street 11 #01-422 Singapore 572505
Telephone (65) 8268 8918
Testimonials “HCI: Mr. Edmund Quek taught us the relevance of economics to our everyday lives. His economics tuition class was always engaging and peppered with humour, and he did it while explaining key economic concepts clearly and precisely in a professional manner. While teaching the topics in the syllabus, he drew references to current economic affairs as well as economic events of the past to help us understand the real-world applicability of economic concepts and this enhanced our understanding of the subject substantially. Under his tutelage, I improved dramatically and finally achieved an A for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics paper. Thank you Mr. Edmund Quek.”–Thomson Wong,


JC Economics Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency



The founder of is Mr Anthony Fok, a zealous educator who is both qualified and experienced.

He lives by the saying that “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” and hopes to inspire as many young minds as he possibly can.

He is the author of GCE ‘A’ Level Economics H1 and H2 Ten-Year-Series and Consultant to numerous GCE ‘O’ Level Social Studies books and magazines. 

Pricing JC 1: $420 / 4 lessons + one-time $120 material fee per year (non-refundable)

JC 2: $440 / 4 lessons + one-time $120 material fee per year (non-refundable)

Address Bukit Timah Shopping Centre: 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #05-54, Singapore 588179

Tampines branch: Block 201E Tampines Street 23 #02-106, Singapore 527201

Telephone  Bukit Timah branch: +65 8251 3684

Tampines branch: +65 9861 0186


“Attending Mr Fok’s Economics tuition was indeed very helpful. With limited time to study, his concise and comprehensive notes helped me to revise thoroughly and quickly especially during the final exam periods. Loads of worksheets and exam papers also ensured that I had enough practice! Thanks Mr Fok for helping me achieve an A!” –Samy, JJC


That Econs Tutor Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency



Mr Melvin Koh has accumulated a decade of experience as an econs tutor in Singapore. After scoring straight As for all subjects in the ‘A’ Levels (including a distinction in Economics ‘S’ paper (aka H3 Economics)), he was awarded a Scholarship by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2002 and went on to study Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He graduated with a First Class Honours in Economics and was awarded a placing on the prestigious University Scholars Programme President’s Honour Roll. He also topped the entire Economics Honours Batch in his year and was awarded the Economic Society of Singapore Gold Medal.

Pricing JC1: $360 / 4 lessons + one-time registration fee of $90

JC2: from $380-$560 (depending on when the student registers) / 4 lessons + one-time registration fee of $90

Address #03-14, Coronation Plaza, 587 Bukit Timah Rd, 269707 (next to Hwa Chong Institution)
Telephone +65 9070 6248
Testimonials “I have been attending Mr Koh’s lessons since the first lesson in J1. Mr Koh made learning Economics a much more enjoyable process for me. His classes are interesting and effective.The notes given are also concise and easy to remember. Whenever I have queries or doubts on schoolwork or lesson materials, he is always available to answer them in an effective and efficient manner. Aside from Economics related stuff, he also helped a lot by giving me life advice. Thank you very much Mr Koh! ” –Theresa, NJC


The Economics Tutor Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

The Economics Tutor


Economics is a content-based and concept-based subject. Understanding is Key. Application will follow with deep understanding. Through this top-notch Economics Tuition, students build a rock solid foundation. Mr Hong’s real-life experiences as a Government policy-maker & successful entrepreneur have enabled many students to understand Economics at a level that others are unable to deliver. Government Policies & Business Decisions are very critical aspects of the current Economics syllabuses.

Pricing From $395 – $640 monthly for small group tutoring and $1600 / 4 lessons for 1-on-1 tutoring. Registration fee of $80 and material fee of $90 per semester.
Address Bukit Timah, Bishan and Kembangan
Telephone +65 9336 7511
Testimonials “My experiences in Mr Hong’s lessons have been very enjoyable and enriching. Every lesson, he pushes us to think and work hard for the answer and furthermore, he provides different perspectives for each question we encounter. He also never fails to clarify our misconceptions quickly and ensures that we understand what is being taught by providing us with regular assignments and even arranges tests for us to use our knowledge and check our understanding of the topic. Mr Hong has definitely helped me gain confidence in scoring my distinctions for economics in school and finally helped me get my A in the A Levels.” –Max Lee, NYJC


Econslab Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency



EconsLab provides JC Economics and IB Economics tuition programme in Singapore. EconsLab is founded by Ms Foo Soo Yee, a highly experienced and professional lady Economics tutor. Ms Foo has been teaching Economics since 2005. We provide various tuition class options for both JC and IB students in the form of group, small group, individual and online tuition.

Pricing From $320 / 4 lessons with no registration fees for a normal group of 8 students
Address Bugis branch: 420 North Bridge Road, #04-30 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

Bishan branch: Blk 235, Bishan Street 22, #B1-144, Singapore 570235

Telephone +65 9723 5149
Testimonials “It has always been a pleasure to be taught by Ms Foo because of her undying patience to impart her Economics knowledge to us.

Her attentiveness towards us students especially in a small group setting makes us feel more comfortable to ask more intellectual (and sometimes lame) questions.

Thank you Ms Foo for your teaching and encouragement for the past two years! I got an A in the final exam! “–Noreen, HCI


Tuition Genius Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency


About Mr Eugene Toh started tutoring students in Economics on a 1-1 basis in 2007 and is the founder for Economics at Tuitiongenius. Within a year, he gained a significant following and moved on to do group tutoring due to overwhelming demand. Since then, he has been tutoring around 200 students on an annual basis. His students generally do well in Economics with at least 6 months of tutoring, with most going on to place >90th percentile in school examinations and the proportion of students who score As & Bs at the A Levels is maintained at around 90 – 95% since 2007.
Pricing J1: $350/ month with one-time registration fee of $50 and annual materials fee of $80

J2: $380-$480/ month with one-time registration fee of $50 and annual materials fee of $80

Address Bukit Timah branch: 587 Bukit Timah Rd #03-01B, Coronation Plaza, Singapore 269707

CCK branch: Blk 306 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-681, Singapore 680306

+65 8182 3036
Testimonials “Mr Toh offers in-depth insight into how H2 Economics concepts are applied in the world around me. He also helps me structure my learning by highlighting key areas to focus on during the course of my revision, and hence, streamlines my learning for econs. Overall, he has really helped me cultivate learning for the subject.” — Kenneth Koh


Econs Actually Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency



EconsActually is an established premier tuition programme in Singapore, specializing in ‘A’ Level Economics Tuition. The programme is helmed by Principal Economics Tutor, Mr. Clive Foo who holds a 1st Class Honours Bachelors Degree in Economics (BSSc) from National University of Singapore. During his post-graduate period, Mr. Foo has also acquired management and entrepreneurial experience which he would love to share with his students. Armed with a strong passion for teaching and more than 10 years of tutoring experience, Mr. Foo hopes to share the secrets to learning economics, and bring the fun back to the commonly-dubbed boring and impenetrable subject.

Pricing $360 / 4 lessons with no additional fees
Address Toa Payoh Central, Bedok Central, Bukit Timah , Woodlands, Lakeside
Telephone +65 9337 3874
Testimonials “Jumping from a U in prelims to an A in A’s in 2-3 months says it all – Mr Clive Foo, the economics tutor @ EconsActually, works miracles! His unique teaching methods during his economics tuition classes embedded new concepts and writing styles in my head which I then applied during the A Levels which enabled me to attain an A.” –Nikhil, SAJC


Eekonomics Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

Eeek!onomics by Roots & Shoots Education Hub


The centre which specializes in economics tuition and enrichment is founded by Mrs Michelle Tan who was previously an Education Consultant of Economics in Hwa Chong Institution (JC). She has coordinated both the H1 and H2 curriculum and has also taught the IB syllabus in an international school.

Unlike other centres that conduct mass lectures, all lessons are conducted in small groups for effective learning and to ensure students receive timely feedback. Mrs Michelle Tan was trained directly by the Cambridge chief examiners and she is thus well-equipped to teach the syllabus. She is most known for her ability to understand the weaknesses of students and value-add to their learning to produce stellar results despite working with students of differing abilities. She has also written a summary guidebook for the new A Level syllabus.

Pricing JC1: $360-$380 / 4 lessons with an additional $80 annual registration fee

JC2: $380-$400 / 4 lessons with an additional $80 annual registration fee

Address Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #11-04 S(588179)
Telephone +65 9639 7517
Testimonials “Mrs Tan puts in a lot of effort preparing resources and covers a broad range of questions to ensure we are fully equipped for the A Level examinations. I am grateful to have her journey with me the past 2 years!”  –Valerie, HCI


Learner's Lodge Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

Learners’ Lodge


The JC Economics tuition programme at Learners’ Lodge is a comprehensive program aimed to help students understand and analyse economic concepts and terms in a simplified manner. Students will be able to apply the terms in ease using the skill enhancement techniques and case studies taught to them.

Pricing From $320/ 4 lessons
Address AMK branch: Blk 161 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4,
#02-500 S(560161)Bishan branch: Blk 236 Bishan Street 22,
#B1-154 S(570236)Bukit Timah branch: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
#B2-01 S(588179)Kovan branch: Blk 221 Hougang Street 21,
#B1-100 S(530221)Jurong branch: Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road,
#02-309B S(600134)Kembangan branch: 14D Jalan Masjid, #01-04
Kingston Terrace, S(418935)\Marymount branch: Blk 255 Bishan St 22
#B1-462 S(570255)
Telephone AMK branch: (65) 6803 5763

Bishan branch: (65) 6458 1764

Bukit Timah branch: (65) 6468 6620

Kovan branch: (65) 6387 4366

Jurong branch: (65) 6336 2037

Kembangan branch: (65) 6842 4634

Marymount branch: (65) 6970 5650

Testimonials “Mr Harry Tiew is super kind and patient, so I never felt silly asking questions in Economics class. His lessons are well-paced and he gives clear explanations, helping me climb from an E in promos to an A in the ‘A’ Levels. Something I find useful is how he provides detailed feedback on exam scripts and accepts corrections on them so we won’t make the same mistake in the next test. Thank you. ” –Siqi, RI


iEconomics Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

iEconomics Tuition 


With a proven track record of at least 90% of students scoring As and Bs in A Level Econs, Ms Ang has many success stories to share!

Under the guidance of the highly qualified Economics tutor, Ms Ang, students will be well-versed in and capable of handling the mathematical, analytical and critical aspects to excel in the subject. Junior College students will get the help that they need in the subjects of Economics, at the appropriate level for which they require assistance in.

Pricing $340/ 4 lessons with one-time refundable deposit of $70
Address Yishun branch: Blk 102 Yishun Avenue 5 S760102

Bishan branch: Blk 513, Bishan Street 13 S570513

Telephone +65 9732 9931
Testimonials “Ms Ang is a patient and experienced Economics tutor who does her best in explaining very complex Economics concepts to us. Her lessons are always engaging and interactive, and her teaching style keeps my mind active throughout the lesson.

Ms Ang identifies concepts which I am weak in and helps to bridge my learning gaps effectively allowing me to tackle each question with greater confidence. I am thankful for Ms Ang’s dedication in helping me improve my grades.

Thanks to iEconomics, I achieved an “A” grade in the A Levels!” –Jasper, AJC


Economics Focus Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency


About At EconomicsFocus, the learning problems faced by students are addressed with our uniquely prepared learning materials that improve the critical thinking, essay writing and case study answering techniques. We also make learning interesting and meaningful as we enrich your knowledge to be a competent decision-maker in your career.
Pricing From $300 / 4 lessons with an additional $100 for registration and material fees
Address Blk 283, Bishan Street 22, #01-185, S570283
Telephone (65) 9689 0510
Testimonials “Economics Focus’ clear teaching methodology has changed the way I am learning Economics as the tuition focuses on the latest exam techniques. Compared to what I learn in school, this tuition is truly effective in productive learning and revision!” –Tan Yan Hao


Social Scientist Academy Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

Social Scientist Academy


The Social Scientist Academy aims to meet the learning needs of students taking the Singapore GCE A-Level Economics examinations. While there are plenty of online economics resources, few cater specifically for the latest Singapore GCE A-Level H2 9757 and H1 8823 syllabus.  

Our team is made up of Singapore based economists and educators well versed in the latest syllabus, examination structure and learning needs of students. Articles and resources are written using our carefully designed framework with the sole intention of enabling students to learn the various economics topics and issues in a purposeful and meaningful manner.

Pricing $400 / 4 lessons
Address Block 265 Serangoon Central Drive #02-271
Singapore 550265
Telephone +65 9177 9356
Testimonials “I started Mr Ben’s class in J1. His lessons helped me build a strong foundation since JC1. Mr Ben always prepared me well for test and exams in school, allowing me to achieve consistently good results in school. Eventually, with his help I achieved an A for Econs for my A levels. He never fails to clear my doubts and queries that I have, be it through texts or during lessons. He is definitely an amazing Econs tutor!” –Marcus, Tampines JC


Inspire Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

Inspire Education Centre


Bernard Ng has been a financial industry professional for over 18 years. He shares his passion for the world of economics, business and finance with his students. He has been teaching Economics, Management of Business and General Paper for more than 10 years. According to his students, Mr Ng is ‘awesome’ when it comes to the application of economics theory to real issues facing the world. He helps his students understand the world of economics through his insightful and up-date perspectives. Mr Ng has taught many students who face tremendous obstacles between them and their dreams. There were students who came with U (ungraded grades) but ended up scoring an A grade for their A levels Economics.

Pricing Contact them for more info
Address 50 East Coast Road #02-144 Roxy Square Singapore 428769
Telephone +65 6345 3147
Testimonials “Inspire Education Centre provided a lot of content required to prepare me for my examinations and even provided tips that helped me boost my marks. More importantly, I managed to see economics in a bigger picture, thus making my studies for economics more purposeful and efficient.” –Martin, Temasek JC


Sophia Education Top Economics Tuition Agencies in Singapore

Tuition Agency

Sophia Education 


Mr Wong  has 13 years of teaching experience specialising in Business & Economics. He has experience with IB, IGCSE & A-Level Business & Economics students. Students from Nexus International school, Hwa Chong International School, NPS, AIS, HCIS, OFS, ACSI,

Pricing JC1: $580 / 4 lessons ; $145 / hr for 1-1 tutoring

JC2: $640 / 4 lessons ; $160 / hr for 1-1 tutoring

Address #04-20 Singapore Shopping Center,
190 Clemenceau Avenue, 239924
Telephone +65 9810 6666
Testimonials View their testimonials page


For other recommended tutors, you can click here.

Benefits of Economics Tuition

  • Additional notes and resources

One of the biggest benefits of Economics tuition in Singapore comes in the form of notes. These notes include model essays, case studies and detailed resources that help students understand difficult concepts. The additional information provided by tuition agencies gives students an edge during exams – the more case studies they encounter, the more examples they can provide when discussing the application of policy measures and economic growth in real-world situations.

  • More attention given

Unlike in school where a teacher’s attention is split between a large number of students (with some teachers even double-hatting by teaching different subjects), the Economics tutors in tuition agencies focus solely on one subject and teach in a small groups. They are therefore able to give each student more time and attention when addressing their concerns.

  • Tailored learning

Many tuition centres offer customised notes for different students according to the areas they are weak at. A student who is weak in Microeconomics, for example, might receive extra homework related to the subject, while one who is weak in the understanding of Monetary and Fiscal policies might be assigned extra reading material on the subject. This tailored learning approach also ensures that no student is left behind.

  • The chance to interact with students from other schools

Students in tuition centres are often encouraged to participate during lessons, and this mode of active learning allows them to bounce ideas off each other. The mixing of students from different schools also allows for different perspectives which can contribute to a richer learning experience.

Besides the academic benefits of mixed groups, students can also improve their sociability and learn to operate outside their comfort zone when interacting with other students of different backgrounds.

  • Crash courses

Some students might not have the time or funds needed to attend Economics tuition regularly – and some might find that they have no need for it during their first year of pre-university education.

However, when the exam season approaches, they might find that they need the extra help. Tuition agencies help cater to this group of students by offering ‘crash courses’ and short-term tuition. This means students can simply sign up for lessons whenever they need the help, instead of forking out a hefty sum every month.

  • Online learning

Traveling to and fro every week for tuition lessons might prove time-consuming and difficult, especially if the tuition agency is located far from a student’s home. Some agencies have addressed this issue by providing courses that are primarily conducted online. These online courses are offered at rates cheaper than face-to-face sessions, and students can fit these lessons into their hectic schedules more easily.

Other than online courses, many tutors are open to after hours consultations from their students – this means that they are available online (via a messaging service like Whatsapp) to answer any urgent or last-minute questions from their students. This is especially useful in the lead up to exam season and allows students to directly address their concerns to their tutor.

How Do I Choose an Economics Tuition Agency?

  • Cost

One of the biggest factors in choosing a tuition agency is the cost, and students should especially consider miscellaneous fees like registration and materials fees. Some tuition agencies charge slightly higher rates per month, but do not collect any additional fees.

Furthermore, higher tuition fees do not always mean a better quality of education, so cost should not be the main factor when choosing an agency.

Agencies also offer discounts for friends who sign up together, or for referrals.

  • Availability & Accessibility

The lesson schedules for different tuition centres are often available on their websites, and students should look through this information to determine the availability of classes a week – the more classes a centre offers, the more likely the student is able to pick a class that best fits their schedule. Should a student miss his or her lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, they would also have a higher chance of attending a make-up lesson within the same week.

Some tuition centres also have multiple branches, which makes it easier to access.

  • Results/ Testimonials

A good Economics tuition agency will be upfront about their success rate – look through their testimonials and students’ results to determine how effective their teaching and resources have been.

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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