Top Dog Trainers in Singapore

Who are dog trainers 

Dog trainers are trained professionals who work with dogs and their owners on their dog’s behaviour issues. 

What do dog trainers do 

A dog trainer’s job scope mainly involves teaching the dog owners how to command their dog and foster a strong bond and relationship between the dog and owner. Dog trainers can provide basic obedience lessons, or specialised issues such as aggression, anxiety, excessive barking. 

Here are some dog trainers to consider:

Sunny Chong Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Sunny Chong Training School

Pricing Group training: $580 for 8 sessions (1 hour each)

Home training: $980 for 6 sessions (1 hour each)

Address 54 Kim Keat Rd, Singapore 328824
Telephone +65 8448 8388
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 7 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1
Rescued 2 dogs with behavioural issue ( 7 years and 2 years )
Enrolled both for Obedience Class
Sunny personally came to the house to listen to their needs
The class gave me handles to manage both of them
It is encouraging to see them responsiveAlso sent them to Sunny’s day school
where more healing is happening
very grateful for that
dogs have an opportunity to learn how to swim, socialise with many other species of dogs in a controlled environment, have obedience training.what I appreciate most is the constant communication, videos to show how the dogs are progressing
and the team listens to feedback and yearns to keep improving.The photo was taken this morning. They can now sit and stay with me hiding and will not escape. there are residents walking around with their morning trolleys and kids going to school
By d l
Review 2 I sent my 2 Welsh Corgis to Sunny for training a few months back. For my bigger dog, Zap, he had behavioral problem so needed correction. Sunny came to my apt and did one on one training and taught me how to handle my dog. It was effective and very helpful so now I enjoy walking my dog a lot more. I sent my smaller Corgi, Cupcake, when she was 5mos to Sunny for obedience training, I could see remarkable result in 2 months time. As my puppy was very energetic, the swimming and daily walking routine helped a lot to release her energy.

By Shirley Kan

Review 3 Sunny and his team are amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable and informative.

During training, they help us to correct our training methods and most importantly, they followed through with the training at home. My puppy showed tremendous improvement. They also educated us in better understanding our puppy’s behaviour and actions.

Thank you Sunny and Team!

By Charles Ng


Waggies Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Waggies Dog School

Address 25 Moonstone Ln, Singapore 328465
Telephone +65 6463 1066
Operating Hours Daily: 9 AM to 9 PM
Review 1 Patrick’s training and technique are well proven by many. Have used them for the last 10 weeks and experienced the tremendous change to my dog’s behaviour and obedience level. Fantastic automatic sit and stay! Group training helped my dog to focus on the handler amidst the other dogs in the class. Highly recommended!

By Sam Lee

Review 2 My husband and I enjoyed Waggies dog training course to the fullest. Patrick is a very experience dog trainer. The course is very well structured. Patrick is very clear with his explanation, he also have a great sense of humour. We are very glad that we enrolled our dog in the best dog training school in Singapore.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a well trained dog !!By Sonia Lim
Review 3 Patrick is truly the dog whisperer! From a wild and energetic golden puppy who used to pounce on everyone, Patrick’s training and tips managed to tame him into an obedient boy who listens to all commands (though still very energetic). Thank you Patrick!

By Eugene Ang


Dog Training SG Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Dog Training Singapore

Address 64 Flora Rd, Singapore 506911
Telephone +65 6871 4245
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed



happy Dog-Training Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Happy Dog Training

Address 530 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329857
Telephone +65 9183 3009
Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Friday: Closed

Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM to 5 PM



Paws in the city Top Dog Trainers in Singapore

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Paws in the city

Address 463 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248348
Telephone +65 9863 2591
Operating Hours Daily: 9 AM to 8:30 PM
Review 1 Fuzzy and I absolutely love Theresa. We signed up for Paws in the City’s Puppy Start Right programme and loved every minute of it. All the way from learning how to instill the right behaviours using clicker training, to identifying our puppy’s body language and looking out for signs, to having lots of fun through the puppy socialisation session and the barrier course, it was time well spent and invested in. Theresa always tells us the ‘why’ before showing us the ‘how’, so we understand the basics well enough to build on and have lots of practice sessions at home. Moreover, she’s kind enough to answer questions outside of the training sessions and support us throughout. She’s capably supported by Janice, and together they bring so much positivity and energy to the sessions – we wish the course was longer! Post the course, Fuzzy continues to learn lots of new things and is always positively rewarded and reinforced thanks to all the training for paw-rents. Surely recommend 🙂

By Aditi Sharma

Review 2 Theresa is an absolute joy to work with. I got in touch with her even before I brought my puppy Kishmish home. I wanted to make sure my Poodle-Chihuahua mix gets the right training from the get go and I couldn’t be happier. A massive thanks to Theresa, my puppy Kishmish LOVED the training sessions and always wanted to learn more. Both Kishmish and I used to look forward to our Sunday sessions because it was so much FUN! As a first time puppy owner, I was clueless about so many things. Theresa not only allayed my fears but taught me so much – from de-sensetizing my puppy to different sounds and scenarios and teaching her foundational cues, to leash walking and paying attention to the body language of my pup. Most importantly, Theresa made me realize that training need not be stressful. It’s one of the most effective ways to learn your pup’s language and communicate better with your fur kid!
Theresa was always available to answer any questions and used to send valuable reading material before sessions, which helped me help my puppy. I am grateful that Kishmish received positive training from day 1 and she got such a lovely teacher! Kishmish’s training is now over but had there been more sessions, I would have signed up asap.By Sonali Kamboj
Review 3 Paws in the city designed a bespoke curriculum for my special needs dog, Bronte. Bronte is a senior dog, rescued from a puppy mill. She had a lot of issues with reactivity and is also deaf.
Theresa created a sign language for Bronte- which is incredibly effective. We did a wide range of exercises and each session was impeccably prepared. I received follow up notes and homework assignments and Theresa gladly received my progress reports.She was so kind, patient and understanding, Bronte absolutely loves her. Initially, Bronte was more a problem for me than a pleasure, I had found it so hard to bond with her, I’m writing this review with her asleep on my lap, my best little friend and star pupil. Thank you, Paws in the city!By Natasha Peart


Pups Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


PUPS Dog Training

Address 50 Canberra Dr, Singapore 768438
Tel: +65 9027 6873
Operating Hours Monday to Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 10 PM

Thursday: Closed

Review 1 Dexter is very encouraging and patient with my highly-distracted pup! He also offered a lot of tips to help maintain the focus for pup and me! I also appreciate the undivided attention we get in class! Thanks for making this fun for me and pup! We will be back!

By Tremandy Ng

Review 2 Dexter imparted invaluable skills during the course of our training and laid the foundation for the way we train and engage our puppy. Our puppy continues to enjoy training even after graduation as the activities are fun to him. As owners, we are confident that we can manage our dog in different situations, for example, recalling our puppy after accidentally letting go of the leash.

Dexter did a wonderful job with our puppy. Even the vet thought our puppy was taking more advanced obedience classes. He continues to keep in touch after graduation and occasionally invites us to join the class. We look forward to taking up more classes with Dexter once our puppy is older.

By Kelly Low

Review 3 Trainer Dexter is able to share some good tips and advices to improve the problems shared. Appreciate your patience and advice! 🙂 thank you!

By Agnes Low


Pawrus Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Pawrus Animal Behaviour & Training

Telephone +65 8223 9340
Operating Hours Monday, Tuesday, Friday: Closed

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Review 1 Genie has completed her Good Dog Manners course with Pawrus. Kevin, the trainer is very knowledgeable and had shared a lot of wonderful tips with us. The tips have benefited us especially for 1st time dog parents. Kevin is very patient with Genie and we really enjoyed his training. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any pet parents who are looking for good trainer.

By Esther Quek

Review 2
We hired Kevin to train our new puppy Maple. His initial training course was well structured and easy to follow. We also found that he was highly responsive to any requests for help or clarification after the training sessions. I would highly recommend Pawrus for anyone looking for pet training in Singapore.
By Louis LaPorte
Review 3 Kevin & Jasline have been a great help in the induction of our family’s first puppy:)

Both are professional, approachable and able to offer practical solutions and advices for most of the daily challenges encountered in raising our first puppy:)

Glad that we have found Pawrus:)

By Giam Tan


Dog Listener Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


The Dog Listener Consultancy

Address 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585
Telephone +65 9145 4818
Review 1

My family and I attended Ricky’s training at Bishan Park over 6 weeks. We learnt SO MUCH during that time. Our dog (a rescue dog) had started to take over our home, and was becoming a threat to guests. That’s when we decided to enrol him (and ourselves) in training. Ricky’s instructions about pack leadership, using our voices, and the right ways to walk the dog were especially useful. Naturally, the learning phase was not simply restricted to the 1.5 hours during the weekend. Ricky insisted that we practice it every day – and that was a huge help.

Literally 2 days after the 6th lesson, we began renovations at home, and we were able to leave our dog unleashed while the contractors walked in and out to install cupboards and paint the entire house. In the past, our dog would rush to the front door when he heard the doorbell, but using the commands which Ricky taught, we were able to get our dog to adopt a crouching position and stay a good distance away from the front door. And because of the renovations, we kept the door permanently open also!

Our dog still has some way to go before he’s really social, but the fact that he’s not running straight to the door to attack a visitor/worker is a HUGE blessing!

By Dinesh Subramaniam
Review 2 Extremely experienced trainer who trains without causing any pain to the dog. Advised on nutrition for the dog also.

By Qi Qi

Review 3 Very good techniques. Both doggie and I enjoyed this class. Thank you Patrick!

By Lena Gole


Woofie Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Woofie Dog Training School

Telephone +65 8588 0034
Operating Hours Daily: 9 AM to 9 PM
Review 1 My trainer, Zee was very helpful and knowledgeable with regards to my dog’s behaviour. The sessions were very informative and has helped me in managing my dog’s excessive barking at home! We’re still a work in progress but my dog has definitely improved and she is now more responsive to my commands. Highly recommended!
Extra bonus: my dog likes the toy the trainer gave me!By Yvonne Lee
Review 2 Zee, the trainer that guided Brie was very patient and was always available to answer any queries we have (both during and out of lesson time!). He is always early for lessons, and would ensure that we are settled before ending each lesson. He is very detailed and sharp in correcting any mistakes that would promote naughty behavior. Feedback given to us was always very prompt and straight to the point. Effective and proven to have significant results in 5 lessons😊. 10/10 would recommend to dog owners!

By Jeslin Lim

Review 3 Special thanks to Trainer Zee for providing a great experience during the dog training. While selecting and reviewing different dog training, he responded quickly to our enquiries and we applied for Woofie Dog Training program. Despite our busy schedule, he accommodated to our timing that allowed us to train with our dogs. As our dogs were very active and playful, he was always patient and guided us with many tips while giving them time to calm down before starting the lesson. Our dogs were just too excited for the trainings and his visits. They are more well-behave and seemed to enjoy each session with smiles and wagging tails. Overall, the whole experience was a meaningful and enjoyable one! Highly recommended for doggy parents🤩👍🏻

By Petrina Lim


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Canine Solution Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Canine Solutions

Address 118 Tembeling Rd, Singapore 423617
Telephone +65 6802 4513
Operating Hours Daily: 10 AM to 6 PM
Review 1 Ken & Angie are very supportive, and helped soothe a lot of our worries as first time puppy owners! Very patient, and lots of insight gleaned from their years of experience. Highly recommended!

By Dawn C

Review 2
Ken and Angie are a passionate couple and trainers. Our dogs have benefited from their positive training and interactive.
By Wesley Nah
Review 3 Nice couple owner. passionate couple.

By Don Tok


Apawz Top Dog Trainers in Singapore



Telephone +65 9322 3310
Operating Hours Daily: 8 AM to 9 PM
Review 1
Gone through some research before settled down with Jazz on our Shelties 2 years ago, one of the main reasons then is the positive force free approach she adopts. Jazz is very passionate, compassion and helpful, she will not hesitate to offer her help and advice when we need one.
Through her, we have a chance to meet up with some other ‘dog friends’ whom we can share the experience and seek advice from.
Though the training has ended, we still hang out often; bringing the kids to the park, pet cafe etc which is definitely one of the highlights the boys are looking forward to.
Jazz is a wonderful trainer and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for one.
By Eng Chen Koh
Review 2
3 years ago, I started puppy classes with APawz. The trainer, Jazz, proved to be a very experienced trainer and always have the welfare of the dog at heart. She never fail to give us advice even after classes, we can stay around to practice further.
I later continued lessons with her in dogsports. She is very patient (esp so, cos I’m quite a rigid handler..LOL) and often give advice during the trials. I’ve never looked back nor thought about changing a trainer since then.
Thanks Jazz!
By Janice Yeap
Review 3 Apawz is definitely one of the best dog training schools around and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to train their dogs. Whether you intend to teach your dog basic obedience skills, need some help with behavioral issues, or plan to compete in obedience or agility competitions, Apawz has something for you. Trained with force free methods, lessons are always fun and high emphasis is placed on building the bond between dog and owner.

When I first enrolled in the Basic Obedience course with my dog in 2013, I was extremely impressed with the way the trainer, Jazz, carried out her lessons. Besides being very informative, with clear explanations of each exercise, it was also not the typical one-size-fits-all instruction. I was very happy that individualized attention was given to each dog/owner in the group class, with sound advice on what were the best methods to use for each dog. The trainer was also very patient and more than happy to answer our 101 questions on dog care, training, and issues we faced.

Since then, we had signed up for competitive obedience and jumper classes and have not looked back. Our successes in the competition ring are due to the first-class education with Apawz.

By Le Ying Soon


Singapaw Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Singapaw dog trainer

Address 1b Ridley Park, Singapore 248648
Telephone +65 9187 5477
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM



Pokedog Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


PokéDog Training

Address 41 Holland Dr, #01-17, Singapore 270041
Contact Tel: +65 8792 2034


Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed



Pawsitive Top Dog Trainers in Singapore


Pawsitive Fur Kids Dog Training School

Address 11 Chai Chee Rd, Singapore 460011
Contact Tel: +65 9027 6873


Operating Hours Thursday: 9 AM to 1 PM

Monday to Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM

Review 1 I was searching for a positive reinforcement trainer for my puppy and delighted to have found Pawsitive Furkids.

We attended the 6 weeks puppy kindergarten course with Veronica and Patrick. They were professional and helpful. Through the 6 weeks, we learned how to execute cues in proper way. By the end of the 6 weeks, puppy has learned all the basic obedience cues – come, sit, down, stand, stay, leave it and more.

There are other activities which allowed the puppies to new things in a safe and fun environment. Also, the puppy play sessions which also taught owners how to manage the puppies and of course, the puppies had so much fun too.

I liked that it was a small class and kept to puppies only given their experience, which i found that it was more conducive.

Besides, Veronica and Patrick were very helpful in giving advice post classes too.

We really enjoyed the lessons and thankful to Pawsitive Furkids!

By Janet Wong

Review 2 Veronica and Patrick were great help in teaching us “humans” how to train our puppy. My partner and I have never had a dog before and they were a great help in teaching us basic commands for our puppy. Veronica and Patrick clearly love their job and have a massive passion for dogs, also helps they are incredibly nice and warm people. Couldn’t recommend enough.

By Neil Morton

Review 3 Patrick and Veronica are amazing, friendly and very helpful trainers. They were patient to answer my queries and always gave very good tips on how to bond with my little Bella. They helped me to understand Bella better, and kept in touch to check on Bella even after our training course ended. Patrick and Veronica are dog owners themselves and their love for dogs is genuine, my Bella was always very excited to see them.

What I love most about Patrick and Veronica is that they train dogs using positive and reward-based enforcement, which is the only way to train a dog in my opinion, the end result is always a happy dog and good bond with owners.

I would highly recommend Pawsitve Furkids to any new dog owner.

By Marisa Yap

Difference between dog trainers and dog behaviourist 

Dog trainer 

A dog trainer specialises in teaching your dog a wide range of actions and commands. The commands range from low difficulty such as sit and stay, to fetching newspapers and leg weaving. 

Dog behaviourist 

A dog behaviourist is an expert in dog behavioural issues that are in-depth and goes beyond the inability to sit or stay when told. Such in-depth behavioural issues include emotional problems such as separation anxiety, aggression or even self-harm. Behavioural issues can also be psychological issues such as destructive behaviours and predation. 

Should you engage in a dog trainer 

If you are a first-time dog owner, you may experience difficulty in training your puppy. A dog trainer can definitely assist you in directing your new puppy onto the right track. A dog trainer can also give you tips and tricks to work with your new puppy on housebreaking, potty training, grooming and behavioural issues. Sometimes, having a professional dog trainer teaching you in person is better than watching videos online and figuring out how things work on your own. 

Things to consider when hiring a dog trainer 


One of the most obvious traits of a dog trainer is their experience. Dog trainers who have many years of experience in training dogs often appeal more to dog owners as they are often associated with better quality. 


Hiring a dog trainer can be quite costly, especially if the dog trainer has many years of experience in training dogs. Group classes would tend to be less expensive per session as compared to 1 to 1 dog training.  


When you hire a dog trainer, you would definitely want to see results. Testimonials showcase the effectiveness of the dog trainer and are the only way It is always advised to go for dog trainers who have positive reviews. 

Mode of training 

There are different mode of training available. You can choose from online classes, group sessions or 1 to 1 house training at the comfort of your own home. Depending on your personal preference, you may find a certain mode of training more effective than the other. 

Flexibility of schedules 

Hiring a dog trainer would mean that you have to block out time once or twice every week. However, if you are a busy workman, blocking out time in your schedule might be almost impossible. Some dog trainers offer the flexibility of schedules which can be cancelled anytime. 

Advantages of hiring a dog trainer 

More personalised teaching 

Having a professional dog trainer means having a personalised teaching plan. This is something videos cannot give you. The dog trainer can base your training schedule and lessons on your dog specifically. For instance, your dog may need more specific lessons on obedience and listen to commands, so the dog trainer can focus more on those aspects. 

Learn to communicate with your dog 

Often, the main issue is the communication barrier between dogs and their owners. Professional dog trainers have been taught how to interpret dog language. Dog trainers know how to translate the dog language and help you to be fluent in the language too. Sometimes, your dog doesn’t understand what you are asking for. In this case, a professional dog trainer can help you bridge the gap. 

Assist you with problem-solving 

A professional dog trainer can provide you with creative solutions on how to change your dog’s behaviour. Dog trainers have been trained to view the problems in an objective light, and they can assist you with solving your problems. 

Service at your convenience 

If you are a busy dog parent with no time to attend extra classes on how to train your dog or have an unpredictable schedule, consider hiring a dog trainer. One of the modes of teaching is 1 to 1 home teaching where the dog trainer trains your dog at your home. Dog trainers usually offer flexible schedules that cater to different schedule needs. 

Improve the relationship between you and your dog 

Hiring a dog trainer can help boost your relationship with your dog and even bring it to the next level. As dog trainers understand dog behaviours and their reactions to situations, they can guide you on how to strengthen your connection with your dog. The dog trainer can facilitate some bonding activities that allow you to better understand your dog’s needs. 

Build your confidence in handling your dog 

If you are a first-time dog owner, you might be afraid to handle your dog and be too harsh on your dog. Dog owners need to be firm when giving commands to their dogs in order to be in control and correct behavioural issues when they arise. Dog owners should be the leader of the pack. A dog trainer can teach you how to handle your dog with confidence as a first-time dog owner. They will teach you how to establish yourself as alpha and take control when things go wrong. Having confidence is the first step of having a well-behaved puppy. 


Hiring a dog trainer is a personal choice and preference. It may incur additional costs and time as your dog adjusts to the dog trainer. However, if your dog has severe behavioural issues and you have not been successful in correcting them, hiring a professional dog trainer might be more advisable and worth the money and time invested. If you do consider hiring a dog trainer, be sure to check their credibility and experience before deciding on the best one that fits your needs. 

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

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