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The digital revolution has redefined not only how we communicate and get information but also how businesses market their products and services. A recent study revealed that 62% of United States citizens who are above 18 years old rely on social media for news and updates about issues and topics that matter to them.

 Here in Singapore, MDA carried out research that found out that 90% of citizens who are between 15 and 34 years old watch their favourite TV shows online.

These two statistics prove that the digitalisation has a significant impact on our lives. Digital marketing has shifted from traditional marketing techniques to online marketing campaigns that are more effective in capturing the attention of the target audience and packing the intended message in the best way possible.

The demand for professional digital marketing services in the country has skyrocketed over the last five years. Businesses are now aware of the potent power of robust digital marketing campaigns and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on top-notch marketing services.

It is no secret that this industry is yet to be fully exploited by businesses and service providers despite the increase in digital companies. You can join the industry today, but first, you need to be certified. Note that businesses are only interested in the best digital marketing services. Anything short of that will eventually push your agency out of business.

Below are details of top certifications that you need to operate as a professional digital marketing service provider in Singapore.

A.D School – Diploma in Digital Marketing

This diploma course is offered by M.A.D school. The institution was opened by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy in 2003. Its best known for providing Specialist and Professional Diplomas as well as communication, photography, and advertising courses.

Course Length: Ten months

Accreditation: This institution is CPE licensed

Curriculum: This digital marketing diploma is tailored to address all industry relevant areas such as content creation, copywriting for social media sites such as Facebook, business branding and much more. To qualify for this course, you need to have General Certificate of Education ‘N’ Level qualifications and at least three credits. Applicants without these qualifications are required to undergo an exclusive interview and pass to be allowed to do the course.

Tuition Charges: 5,900 SGD + miscellaneous expenses

Prospects: So far, M.A.D graduates and students have participated in many competitions and events in Singapore and abroad. The expected roles include Head of Digital Marketing, Executive Online Marketer and the list is endless.

Lithan Hall Academy – Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

This learning institution is subsidiary of Lithan Education, a renowned learning institution that has six campuses across Asia. The academy focuses on providing ICT courses and has different mastery levels.  

Duration: 9 months part-time, 3 months full time

Accreditation: Lithan Hall Academy is CPE accredited and legally recognised as a CETT

Curriculum: Students are taught how to use multiple resources such as AdWords and Google Analytic. Information and skills acquired will help you create and manage successful social media marketing campaigns for businesses in various industries.

Tuition Charges:  923.00 – 4,173.00 SGD (miscellaneous fees not included)

Prospects: After successful completion of the diploma, you stand a better chance of been employed as a digital marketing specialist.

PSB Academy – Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing)

PSB Academy also popularly referred to as “the Future Academy” has introduced new courses meant for students who work in the digital marketing sphere. The classes are held in the new generation learning facility located in Marina Square.

Duration: 24 months part-time and 12 months full-time

Accreditation: This learning institution is CPE accredited

Course details: We recommend that you inquire directly with the management

Prospects: The diploma will empower with all the knowledge and expertise you need to be employed to head the Online/internet marketing department. You will also acquire additional skills that will come in handy when not working in the marketing department.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic – Specialist Diploma in Digital Branding & Social Media Strategies

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is among the top five highly rated polytechnics in Singapore. It focuses primarily on helping students get a global perception of digital marketing and technology.

Course Length: 1-year (this is a part time program)

Curriculum: By enrolling for this course, you will get in-depth information about Data Analytics and management of brands on various online platforms. Concisely, you will be empowered with the skills required to leverage data analytics tools and help businesses in Singapore market themselves on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Persons who want to take this course must have a degree from a recognised university or a Polytechnic diploma in any discipline.

Tuition Charges: Singapore citizens who are below 40 years old only pay SGD 720.

Prospects: The diploma will give you the knowledge and skills that you need to work as an Online Marketing Executive.

Bit-Sized Courses

Kaplan Singapore – Fundamental Digital Marketing Program

This is the largest private learning institutions offering higher education in digital marketing. It has won numerous awards such as “Best Private Education Institution in Singapore” by BERG Icons of Learning 2017 and HRM Asia’s Readers Choice Awards in 2015.

Course Length: 4 days

Accreditation: This private learning institution is duly CPE accredited

Course Details: This diploma course teaches students how to make use of AdWords tools/platform and Google Analytics.

Course Fees: Please enquire from Kaplan management

Prospects: After successful completion of the course, students are awarded certification that shows they can create a campaign using AdWords and Analytics. Graduates can also opt to take the institution advanced/next level programme to hone their skills further.

Marketing Institute of Singapore – Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies Course

Marketing Institute of Singapore was established in 1973 but only started offering courses related to marketing and sales in 1981. It is also one of the most popular non-profit organisations in the country.

Course Length: 2 days (9am to 5pm) Applicants are given four different date options

Registration and Licensing: Marketing Institute of Singapore is CPE registered

Course Details: This intensive digital marketing course introduces students to the industry before proceeding to discuss the complex topics such as how carry out search engine optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), eDM and many more. The tutor, Martin Ross, use the best digital marketing case studies as well as examples of companies that rely on this form of marketing to teach the topics.

Tuition Charges: SGD 795.00 and the program is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit.

Prospect: Martin Ross, the head tutor, has vast hands-on consulting and marketing experience and has a consultancy firm that specializes in providing digital marketing consultancy services.

Singapore Management University (SMU) – Course in Digital Marketing

Singapore Management University is ranked among the six leading autonomous universities in the country. It was established back in 2000 and has several subsidiary institutions namely; Social Sciences, Accountancy, Business Administration, Law, Economics, and Information Systems. Each school offers a broad range of both undergraduate and Ph.D. programmes that are in line with the job market trends.

Programme Duration: 1 day and two evenings

Curriculum: This short and intensive course covers all aspects of digital marketing strategies from SEM to SMM. It also teaches a conversion concept that is meant to give you insights on how to pitch potential clients.

Tuition Charges: 1,500 SGD

Prospects: By enrolling for this course, students get invaluable skills, which enable leverage various tools used for digital marketing purposes. If you decide to take an additional set of five short courses that are related to digital marketing, the institution will give you the prestigious Graduate Certificate in Management Communication.

Equinet Academy – Multiple Bit-Sized Digital Marketing Courses

Equinet Academy was started in 2013, it specialises in providing small marketing courses to business executives, and individuals are interested in venturing into digital marketing. So far, it has helped many executives from South East Asia and Singapore to get utmost ROI from marketing campaigns.

Course Length: Two days program that range from digital advertising, web analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation.

Accreditation: This learning institution is ATO approved

Course Details: The management team has created mini courses and instructional teaching methods that improve engagement and enhance the overall learning experience. You will get a clear perspective of digital marketing techniques used by businesses not only here in Singapore but also in other parts of the world. Later on, you can decide to progress and major in other digital marketing fields such as Email Outreach, Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Marketing.

Tuition Charges: SGD 990 per course

Prospects: The curriculum developers and trainers are conversant with the current digital marketing industry and determined to help you become a successful digital marketer. They are committed and determined to empower you with highly valued digital marketing skills and knowledge that you can use to steer any digital marketing campaign to success.

General Assembly – Digital Marketing Course

General Assembly started in NY, US in 2011. So far, it has spread its wings and established 20 campuses in different parts of the world. This private school focuses on empowering students with skills related to data, design, coding, and business.

The skills are particularly relevant to the modern world and in-demand. If you are not sure whether to take this course, consider trying out the free induction course that only takes one day.

Programme Duration: 1 week accelerate or 10 weeks if you opt to do it part-time

Accreditation: General Assembly is currently CPE licensed

Curriculum: The digital marketing course covers Content Strategy, SEO, Persuasion Marketing and much more

Tuition Charges:  4,000 – 4,500 SGD

Prospects: One of the highlights of this course is that it will equip you with the skills need to manage a marketing campaign successfully on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You will also learn how to leverage Google AdWords when creating Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Concisely, you will learn how to apply critical thinking when creating content production and planning marketing strategies.

Final Remarks

The above diplomas and short courses will equip you with all the information and skills that you need to become a professional digital marketer in Singapore. We did our homework to highlight only the legit and renowned learning institutions that offer courses that are relevant to the current competitive digital world. Take your time to compare and contrast the learning institutions and courses to identify one that best suits your interests and goals.

Finally, digital marketing is currently ranked among the most lucrative industries in the Singapore. Recent reports indicate that 84% of the total population in the country have access to internet and use it as the main source of information. The report also showed that there are approximately 4.3 million active social media users and most Singaporeans use smartphones to access the platforms.

Based on these facts, it is not difficult to see why businesses are willing to spend thousands of dollars on top-notch digital marketing services. As a certified digital marketer, you will get an opportunity to work with businesses in different industries as well as organisations that want to leverage internet to pass the intended message to the large pool of internet users in the country. Be sure to maintain high quality standards and ethics at all times to build your credibility and reputation in the market.

MediaOne is the leading digital marketing agency in Singapore. The company is fully accredited and is run by a team of certified digital marketers who have years of experience and all the skills that your business needs to thrive online. Call our customer care team at (65) 6789 9852 for more details about the digital marketing services that we offer.

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