Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data visualization: Definition, uses, functions.

Data visualization refers to the translation of data and statistics into certain graphs, charts, and alternative visual formats.

This conveys the relations found in captured data with a visual representation.

These functions are highly important as these illustrate patterns, trends for viewers to grasp data with greater ease, speed.

To leverage the exploding growth of big data at present, many could benefit by gaining abilities to analyze large volumes of data.

Machine learning facilitates the ease of performing data analyses, for instance predictive analysis, that could then compute very comprehensive visualizations for interpretation.

Still, data visualization software is not just instrumental for data scientists or data analysts, it is, in fact, instrumental for performing, conducting data visualization functions in most occupations.

Applying to occupations within Finance, Marketing, Tech, Design, or more options, one must visualize data. Such broad requirements highlight the overall imperative for Data Visualization.

What does data visualization get used for?

One requires data visualization as some visual representation of statistics renders general identification of recurring patterns or trends more convenient, easy to detect as compared to manually scouring huge chunks of data over from spreadsheets.

These are designed to imitate, simulate the general processes of human brain functions, tasks, mechanisms.

As general goals for data analysis are for computing data-analytics, data climbs in value upon being turned into a data visualization.

In case the data analyst may derive readings from data without visualization, more broad applications of data analysis become more difficult to communicate without employing the use of data visualization.

Charts or graphs render communicating data analysis results much less tedious in the event one can identify general patterns without using these.


SAS Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty SAS leads in data analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS’s software enables deep learning construction. As a data scientist, business analyst, statistician, or forecaster, discover the real power of SAS® to explore, analyze and visualize data.

Services: Machine learning, Visual Analytics, Visual text analytics, Visual data mining, Visual forecasting

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Wallich St, #16-01/02 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078881
Telephone +65-6398 8988
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


Tableu Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. With visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. In the world of big data, data visualization tools and technologies provide precise data analytics.

Services: Data visualization, charts, graphs, maps, data visualization tools

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address South Beach, 38 Beach Rd, tower level 10, 189767
Telephone +65-67685000
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm


Datavis Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty They aim to make the use of data accessible in everyday planning and decision making, taking away the heat of technicalities and putting into frontstage, your ideas. Their aim is to make the use of data accessible in everyday planning and decision making, taking away the heat of technicalities in publishing ideas.

Services: Data visualization module, healthcare, finance, marketing, retail, data analysis

Pricing  Request a quotation:
Address 201 Henderson Rd, Apex@Henderson #04-09, 159545
Opening hours 10 am to 6 pm


IBM Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Collaborate across teams, use the top open-source tools and scale at the speed your business requires with this leading data science platform. IBM Watson Studio: An on-premises, private, public cloud solution, cloud-pak providing collaborative machine-learning platform for teams to explore, model and deploy data solutions, using the top open-source tools.

Services: Data System, AI platform, data platform, data visualization, Data System infographic

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 9 Changi Business Park Central 1 The IBM Place Singapore 486048
Telephone +1800 3172 782
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 Home of Big Blue
Review 2 IBM, one of the most famous corporations
Review 3 IBM – one of the oldest companies. Best workplace


Next One Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service

NexTone Partners

Specialty NexTone Partners provides business and technology consulting as well as talent solutions. With offices in Singapore and in Hong-Kong, their experienced consultants help their clients to shape and deliver projects by providing them with technical expertise and business knowledge blended with consulting discipline and know-how, from consulting, finance, analytics backgrounds.

Services: Data visualization, data exploration, data analytics, data science, data analysis

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 20 McCallum St, Tokio Marine Centre, #19-01 Singapore 069046
Telephone +65 6823 8300
Opening hours 9 am to 7 pm


KMS World Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty KMS technical teams have delivered Data Analytics applications and Business Intelligence systems that serve more than 10,000 end users. KMS has designed, developed, and deployed Data Analytics applications and Business Intelligence systems for more than fifteen years. KMS have architected, deployed Business Intelligence systems that integrating with enterprise IT platforms.

Services: Analytics Data Management, data platforms, Big Data, IoT, social media information

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #04-03, Singapore 159471
Telephone +65-64114901
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


CTC Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service

CTC Global

Specialty Headed by experienced management staff and staffed by over 200 qualified IT professionals, CTC Global Singapore supports integrated IT solutions expertise in Big Data Analytics, Cloud computing, Enterprise Mobility, Network, Virtualization and containers, Security, Hyper-converged infrastructure, Middleware & IOT, Client Computing, Data Management, Information Life Cycle Management & Infrastructure Management.

Services: Big Data Analytics, Cloud computing, Enterprise Mobility, Network, Virtualization, Client Computing

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 315 Alexandra Road #02-01 Sime Darby Business Centre Singapore 159944
Telephone +65 6701 1600
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Best IT proficiency
Review 2 Nice place to work


Data Spark Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty DataSpark are leaders in processing large geo-spatial temporal mobility data to deliver intelligence on people and places using the highest data privacy standards. Understanding how people move, where they go and what they do enables organizations to map their strategy around where people live, work and play, optimizing data analytics.

Services: Data insights customized, Mobility Intelligence, data analytics, data visualization, footfall traffic data

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 31B Exeter Rd, Comcentre, Atrium 239732
Telephone +65-6838 3388
Opening hours 9 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Great startup working culture. Now with awesome coffee 😆
Review 2 Nice company with an open office space


Arctan Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service

Arctan analytics

Specialty A professional services company converting data and analytics into tangible business value. Arctan Analytics provides services and solutions to drive digitalization and data science initiatives. Their team consists of business consultants and quantitative minded professionals which provide exceptional customer success, offering companies reliable digital solutions and advanced data analytics technologies.

Services: Data analytics, data science, data analytics technologies, digital transformation, data visualization

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148954
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Oracle Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service

Oracle Singapore

Specialty Traditionally what occurs is people not being able to collaborate. Adding machine learning to Oracle Analytics Cloud helps people organize their work and build, train, and deploy these data models. It is a collaboration tool whose value is in accelerating processes and allowing different parts of the business to collaborate.

Services: Business intelligence, augmented analytics, AI- and ML-based analytics, data analytics, data visualization

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Fusionopolis Place, Level 12, Galaxis Singapore 138522
Telephone +1800 672 2531
Opening hours 8.30 am to 7 pm
Review 1 Great software company
Review 2 Great company
Review 3 A cosy and digital workplace and technology tools for digital selling for cloud solution.


Tigernix Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Fuelled by passion, built with expertise, and focused on customer delight, Tigernix is a leading software development company that offers state-of-the-art software across all technology platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures to global clientele. Since inception in 2006, Tigernix has grown leaps and bounds, expanding its services to many nations globally.

Services: Data Analytics, business intelligence, data unification, data visualization, data sourcing

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 21, Woodlands Close, #05-47 Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854
Telephone +(65) 6760 6647
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 No other company exists like Tigernix, for providing the exact requirements as the customer wanted.
– School Management Solution with all the features, including special assistance kids schools
– Warehouse management system for a typical warehouse to an advanced automated warehouse
– ERP systems, and more.* I have approached Tigernix for a fully secured video conferencing (web conferencing) system. Due to the COVID-19 situation, all companies and institutions started moved for work-from-home and online video conferencing software. But there are many consequences such as data privacy, vendor locking issues, monthly subscription payments with existing giant software Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft Team.TigernixJoin is a simple to use web & mobile based web conferencing software. And they host the server within Singapore to ensure data privacy. Also, local support in Singapore is a massive advantage for us.
Review 2 Tigernix provide Good Quality and Premium Services.


Dell Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Services


Specialty They know the importance of having the right equipment for working remotely. At Dell, more than 65% of their global team members work in a flexible capacity. They retail award-winning monitors to docks and everything in between. Save on business class electronics, accessories to fit your work from home needs.

Services: Data science, Data Analytics, predictive models, machine learning skills, data visualization

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 2 International Business Park Rd, #01-34 The Strategy, Singapore 609930
Phone +1800-3947486
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 I will like to commend Mr Ezzat, the Technical Support for Dell, for his high level of customer service provided to me. He has been extremely customer-oriented and patiently guided me from A-Z. Kudos to Dell & Mr Ezzat, plesse continue to keep up the very good work!
Review 2 like it, they are professional
Review 3 Still better than HP :))


Sartorius Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty The Umetrics® Suite of data analytics software gives you access to powerful yet easy-to-use tools to optimize your manufacturing processes and bring quality products to market faster. Use the data analytics software to develop robust, high-quality products, continually improve processes and maintain control during manufacturing. These tools enable digital transformation.

Services: Data Analytics, data optimization, data visualization, digital transformation, Multivariate Data Analysis

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Science Park Rd The Alpha #02-13/14 Singapore Science Park II Singapore 117684
Telephone +65-6872 3966
Opening hours 24/7


Qlik Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Qlik helps enterprises around the world move faster, work smarter, and lead the way forward with an end-to-end solution for getting value out of data. Their platform is the only one on the market that allows for open-ended, curiosity-driven exploration, providing data analytics, real outcomes, and transformative changes for companies.

Services: Financial analytics, data visualization, data integration, Sales Analytics, data analytics

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Suntec Tower 2, 9 Temasek Blvd, #27-01/03, 038989
Telephone +1 888-828-9768
Opening hours 24/7


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Active Viam Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Atoti+ is a unified platform for enterprise data analysis. Within a single environment, it provides everything for data science, modelling, visualization, and business dashboards, from early design and research up to apps in production. Based on their proprietary ActivePivot technology, leveraging Python and Java with a strong focus on collaboration.

Services: Data science, data modelling, data visualization, business dashboards, data analytics

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 80, # 02-01 Amoy St, 069899
Telephone +65-6816 4988
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Pixel M Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service

Pixel Mechanics

Specialty Pixel Mechanics is an award-winning web agency in Singapore. Focused on user experience, they strive to create meaningful user connections through compelling digital space strategies and innovation. They are an eCommerce solution provider; they fuse art with science for intelligent products, engaging experiences, and outstanding results for amazing clients globally.

Services: Complete systems integration, retail membership, marketing campaigns, EDM, ecommerce payments, data visualization

Pricing Request a
Address 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Tower B #06-04 Singapore 408868
Telephone +65 6802 9677
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Very patience and professional. Thank team pixel for the wonderful digital journey so far. Looking forward to the years ahead under your care
Review 2 No doubt an A star web development agency, a great team behind providing end to end support services. Definitely a to-go amongst local agencies.


Hiverlab Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Hiverlab drives digital transformation with emerging technologies to redefine human interactions for an innovative and inclusive world. Their platform and solutions cover a range of latest technologies, including data analytics, AR / VR / MR, cloud computing, etc., to empower organizations around the world to build their future digital infrastructure.

Services: Data analytics, data visualization, cost effective prototyping, AR storytelling, immersive data visualization solutions

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1008 Toa Payoh North, #04-12/14/15 Singapore, Singapore 318996
Telephone +65-6816 0391
Opening hours 10 am to 7 pm
Review  Leon and Zhengyu are extremely efficient in delivering quality results in their work.

Leon is responsible to see things through, constantly providing professional advices/ suggestions to help us solve problems and overcome challenges. Zhengyu went the extra mile and worked tirelessly to ensure satisfaction for the same project.

Overall working experience was really pleasant and I would hundred percent work with them again 🙂


Dataiku Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Dataiku was founded in 2013 on the principle that to succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving data ecosystem, companies – no matter what their industry or size – must use data science, machine learning, and AI to continuously innovate. Enterprise AI embeds data systems and competencies organization wide, integrating seamless data analysis.

Services: Data analytics, data science software platform, data visualization, predictive analytics, data modelling

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address WeWork City House 36 Robinson Road Singapore 068877
Telephone +65-6681 6768
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Nice… and fantastic company
Review 2 Great company, awesome product
Review 3 Fashionable machine-learning business start-up.


Web Puppies Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty Webpuppies is the trusted technology provider for multiple government organizations and some of the biggest brands globally. With 20 years of experience and over 2500 projects, Webpuppies has unparalleled credentials in change management, technological disruption, and business innovation. By enabling companies to advance forward in the technology spectrum, Webpuppies enhances profitability.


Services: SAP Integration Services, Employee Engagement Software (EES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Management Software (IMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Oxley Towers 138 Robinson Road, #22-01 Singapore 068906
Telephone +65 6741 1708
Opening hours 10 am to 8 pm
Review 1 I love this team! We’ve done a number of projects that started as raw concepts, and they’re great at chewing through idea clutter to design things that actually run simpler and scale better. Brilliant web service with a professional delivery.
Review 2 Creative minds and brilliant team to work with! Always looking out for your best interests.
Review 3 Great people to work with, developers are proficient with Yii PHP and WordPress. Great for small-medium scale projects!


Appzgate Top Data Visualization Services in Singapore

Data Visualization Service


Specialty APPZGATE is an IT Solution provider company with creativity, innovation, and technology. They specialize in Consultancy, IT System Strategy & Planning by advising organizations on how to best use Information Technology in achieving their business objectives. They estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems, maintenance for optimizing client businesses.

Services: Market and competitive analysis, data analysis, data visualization, Stock and Inventory Tracking, data integration platforms

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 5 Little Road, #05-01, Cemtex Industrial Building, Singapore (S536983)
Telephone +65-63932234
Opening hours 10 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Very professional and reliable company, the IT team listened to our needs, optimizing a user-friendly website. It was awesome experience working with them. Highly recommended!
Review 2 They are very professional to customize websites and applications according to the special requirements of our company. Very nice IT solutions team!
Review 3 Great IT service provider ! Appzgate Solution Pte Ltd and their professional team proved to be experts in their field with a keen understanding of our clients’ needs and resolving issues quickly and professionally. With their assistance, business owners can focus on driving the profitability of their businesses up.

Data visualization: Uses, functions, performance.

Data visualization contains multiple functions.

Distinct forms of data visualization may get deployed with distinct methods.

Further detail is elaborated on varied forms in further paragraphs, for present purposes, mentioned further are several of recurring, regular methods in which data visualization gets deployed.

Modifications with time

These are probably very foundational, necessary, or regular functions of data visualization, still this fails to imply these have no value.

The cause for this recurring regularly is mainly due to much data accounting for the factoring, counting in of time spent.

Thus, an initial grounding in most of processed data analyses remains to test, predict the manner in which data trends in the future.

Recording frequency

Frequency also functions as the foundational utilization of data visualization as this may apply to data which takes place gradually over extended intervals.

If time is a factor being observed, it seems natural that one records the occurrence of related, connected events taking place over progressive stages.

Recording connections (correlations)

Recognizing correlations are some very pertinent, practical uses of data visualization.

So, it remains difficult to detect the links between 2 factors with no visualization, but it remains very useful to attain records of connections found in data.

These remain a relevant example of the overall benefits of data visualization found in data analysis.

Inspecting single networks

An instance of examining some network using data visualization may be found in Market Research.

Marketing professionals must determine what audiences to rally using conveyed communications, hence these examine full market data for recording audience clusters, links spanning between clusters, influencers over clusters, or outliers.

Time tabling

For drafting a final schedule, timing plan for some advanced projects, certain factors may seem hard to determine.

The Gantt chart resolves this complication through distinctly delineating every task used within projects or predicting the time span projected to be taken to complete.

Detecting value or risk

Determining complex metrics inclusive of value or risk demands multiple distinct factors to consider, count in, making this impossible to review precisely with just basic spreadsheets.

Data visualization could remain as simple as color-coding a formula for revealing what openings have potential, or those having risks.


Forms of data visualization charts

Line chart

The line chart reveals alterations over extended periods.

The x-axis is often an interval, whereas the y-axis is numeric.

Thus, such may record a company’s sales over an annum recorded by distinct months and the number of units a factory produced daily over the previous week.

Area chart

The area chart refers to adaptation of the line chart over which portions within the line are filled in for highlighting the implications.

Bar chart

The bar chart may reveal alterations between intervals.

Still, were one to locate over one variable, the bar chart may make it easier to contrast the data over distinct variables between distinct periods over time.

For instance, the bar chart may contrast the company’s sales over present year and last year.


The histogram resembles, mirrors a bar chart, but assesses frequency, not the trends in time.

The X-axis of the histogram revealing the “bins” or spans of the variable, while the y-axis records frequency, hence every bar displays the frequency of distinct bins.

Bubble chart

The bubble chart is the improvisation of the scatter plot, revealing distinct points being animated through a bubble in which area holds added signification to the location on distinct axes.

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The pain point shown through bubble charts reveals the limits on sizes of bubbles owing to strict limited space between the axes. Thus, some data may not fit well within such forms of visualization.

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Pie chart

The pie chart is the top choice for animating percentages, as these reveal distinct factors as segments of the whole.


The gauge could be used to represent the distance between periods.

These may be animated as a round clock-like gauge or with the animation of a tube type gauge looking like a liquid thermometer.


Most of the data engaged over from businesses hold a location factor, that makes it simple to display upon the maps.

An instance of the map visualization is mapping the number of purchases customers transacted over every state from the USA.

Heat map

The heat map is essentially a color-coded matrix.

A formula gets employed to color every cell of each matrix gets shaded for displaying the compared value or risk of distinct cells.

Frame diagram

Frame diagrams are essentially tree maps that distinctly display hierarchical relationship structure.

Tableau: Data visualization cloud software

Tableau’s powerful analytics platform empowers everyone across your organization with data.

Tableau Creator

Price: $70

user/month | billed annually.

Discover insights with a powerful suite of products that support your end-to-end analytics workflow.

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Package includes: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and one Creator license of Tableau Server.


Top Data Modelling Services in Singapore

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