Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Navigating the legal landscape in Singapore, particularly when faced with criminal charges, can be a daunting experience. The significance of choosing the right criminal lawyer cannot be overstressed, as the outcome can dramatically impact one’s life and freedom. As we step into 2024, the legal fraternity in Singapore continues to evolve, with numerous law firms and attorneys offering specialized services to cater to diverse legal needs.

The hallmark of a top criminal lawyer lies not only in their ability to provide robust defense strategies but also in their commitment to upholding the principles of justice and integrity. In Singapore, a city renowned for its stringent legal system, finding a lawyer who aligns with these values while offering effective legal representation is paramount.

This article aims to guide individuals through the intricate process of identifying and engaging top criminal lawyers in Singapore for 2024. We delve into various aspects that set these legal professionals apart, from their track records and areas of specialization to their approach towards client representation and legal advocacy.

  • Legal Expertise and Specialization
    A distinguishing feature of top criminal lawyers is their depth of expertise and area of specialization. Whether it’s white-collar crimes, drug offenses, or violent crimes, understanding the nuances of each legal professional’s specialization can significantly influence the choice of representation.
  • Client-Centric Approach
    Another critical aspect is the lawyer’s approach to handling cases. A client-centric approach, characterized by personalized attention, empathy, and transparency, is indicative of a lawyer’s commitment to their client’s well-being and legal success.
  • Strategic Defense and Representation
    The strategies employed by a criminal lawyer in defense and representation of their clients are also vital. It involves not just a thorough understanding of the law but also the ability to apply it creatively and effectively in various situations.
  • Reputation and Track Record
    Lastly, the reputation and track record of a lawyer or law firm can offer insight into their effectiveness and success rate. This includes their standing within the legal community, feedback from past clients, and their history of case outcomes.

In the following sections, we delve deeper into the profiles of notable criminal lawyers in Singapore, their areas of expertise, and how they stand out in their approach to legal defense. Whether you are seeking representation or simply looking to understand more about Singapore’s criminal law landscape, this article aims to provide valuable insights and guidance.


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Here are the Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore for 2024


Kalidass Law Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Kalidass Law Corporation

About Kalidass Law Corporation is a distinguished legal firm in Singapore specializing in criminal defense and regulatory matters. The firm prides itself on its deep-rooted commitment to justice, anchored by the vast experience and professionalism of its founder, Kalidass Murugaiyan, and his dedicated team.
  • Experienced Legal Team: The firm boasts a collective reservoir of legal expertise, having successfully navigated a wide array of criminal cases, ensuring informed and robust representation for all clients.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Kalidass Law Corporation operates on a foundation of integrity, compassion, and respect, offering personalized support and clear, actionable advice throughout the legal process.
  • Commitment to Affordability: Understanding the financial strain legal battles can pose, the firm is dedicated to providing high-quality services at reasonable rates, ensuring access to justice for clients from all walks of life.
  • Diverse Criminal Defense: Specializing in a broad spectrum of criminal charges from white-collar crimes like embezzlement and money laundering to serious offenses including murder and drug-related charges.
  • Regulatory and Compliance: Expertise in navigating the complex landscapes of regulatory matters, ensuring clients are well-represented in quasi-criminal areas such as family, labor, commercial, and corporate law.
  • Strategic Legal Solutions: Employing a detail-oriented approach to craft tailored defense strategies, focusing on thorough consultation and effective problem-solving methodologies.
Address 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center, #19-10, Singapore – 068914
Contact Tel: 6345 5001


Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “Since our case, we have found Mr Kalidass & his team who very knowledgeable & well versed in the current law context. We were advised adequately on our options & procedures. They were very honest in their opinions and we have found them to be very reliable throughout the whole case, which lasted close to a year.We are very lucky to have found them to represent us, and the case ended very well! Thank you for your efforts and support Mr Kalidass, Mr Chua and team! :)”
Review 2 “We would like to express our genuine gratitude to Mr Prakash Otharam and Kalidas Law Corporation for providing exceptional legal assistance. He managed to get the best possible outcome regarding my family member’s case. His expertise, professionalism, and unwavering dedication had a significant impact, and we are truly thankful for their invaluable support.”
Review 3 “Extremely grateful to Mr Kalidass and his team during the most trying years of my life so far. Even when all the other lawyers whom I’ve consulted did not believe in me and my case, Mr Dass did. He managed to turn a potential jail term to a discharge amounting to an acquittal outcome for me. Thank you Mr Ashvin and Mr Koh Boon Yang too for your assistance towards my case. God bless!”


Gloria James Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Gloria James-Civetta & Co

About Gloria James-Civetta & Co (GJC Law) is a respected law firm in Singapore, known for its client-focused approach and practical solutions. The firm excels in understanding the unique circumstances of each case, ensuring personalized service and clear communication.
  • Client-Centered Approach: Commitment to understanding and meeting individual client needs for personal, business, or criminal legal issues.
  • Personalized Services: Detailed attention to immediate needs and long-term objectives with a tailored approach for every client.
  • Clear Communication: Emphasis on explaining legal processes in understandable terms, ensuring clients are well-informed of their options.
  • Family Law Solutions: Specializing in local and expat cross-border divorces, including all family law matters from prenuptial agreements to child custody.
  • Criminal Legal Expertise: Handling both white and blue-collar crime cases with a thorough and skilled approach to defense.
  • Civil and Corporate Guidance: Expertise in corporate, commercial, and civil dispute resolutions, backed by a deep understanding of business law.
Address 3 Church Street #15-04, Samsung Hub, Singapore 049483
Telephone 6337 0469
Operating Hours Weekdays 8.30AM – 6PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “Was late for my appointment with Ms Gloria but she was still friendly when she greeted me. She went through my case step by step very patiently with me explained everything in detail. She is very sincere in helping me and for the first time in 19years, I was ready to trust a Lawyer to do
the divorce for me. I walked out of her office feeling that I am lucky to find a good honest lawyer”
Review 2 “Very appreciative and satisfied with the legal services provided. A caring and supportive legal team who have walked closely with me to achieve a fair outcome.”
Review 3 “Aside from the great experience with this firm, I would like to commend Emily for her proactivity and courteous service. Thank you!”


IRB Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

I.R.B Law

About I.R.B Law LLP was established to provide efficient legal services accessible to a broad audience, from individuals to large entities. The firm has expanded significantly, now employing over 50 staff members, ensuring a personalized service across a wide array of legal areas.
  • Personalized Legal Services: With over 50 employees, the firm offers customized legal advice across various sectors, ensuring each client receives detailed attention.
  • Cost-effective Solutions: Utilizing technological advancements and information access, I.R.B Law LLP offers quality legal services at reasonable rates, passing on the cost benefits directly to clients.
  • Diverse Legal Expertise: The firm covers extensive legal areas including family law, criminal defense, corporate law, and international arbitration, catering to a wide spectrum of legal needs.
  • Family and Syariah Law: Offers comprehensive services in family law, including divorce and adoption, and holds a leading position in Syariah law practice in Singapore.
  • Criminal and Civil Representation: Expertise in handling criminal cases and civil disputes, ensuring robust defense and client representation at all judicial levels.
  • Corporate and International Arbitration: Specialized services in mergers, acquisitions, start-ups, and international arbitrations, especially in construction and commercial disputes.
Address Check website here for locations
Telephone 6298 2537
Operating Hours Weekdays 9.30AM – 6PM
Weekends 9.30AM – 1PM
Review 1 “I engaged IRB Law Jalan Sultan a few years ago for my divorce proceedings, and I am incredibly impressed with the level of professionalism and efficiency they demonstrated throughout the entire process.Not only did they handle my case with expertise and care, but they also recently went out of their way to assist me when I lost my divorce certificate. The firm provided me with copies promptly and without any additional cost, showcasing their commitment to client satisfaction. I want to express my gratitude to Ms. Lilia for her prompt assistance.

I am truly grateful for their outstanding service, and I highly recommend their legal services to anyone seeking dedicated and reliable representation.”

Review 2 “I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Subra during a recent case, and I couldn’t be happier with the exceptional service provided. From beginning to end, he demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for my situation even though it’s considered a simple case. Thanks to the diligent efforts, my case was resolved smoothly, and I am incredibly grateful for his guidance and support throughout the process.
I highly recommend IRB Law and its team of lawyers. Their positive reviews are for real and you’ll be in great hands.”
Review 3 “Senior Associate Lydia Lee handled my daughter’s & helper’s RTA claim. It was a very good experience working with her. She meticulously followed through on both claims and always patiently kept us updated till the case came to an end. She has our heart felt gratitude for helping us. Thank you Lydia!”


Foo Cheow Ming

Law Firm

Foo Cheow Ming Chambers, Advocate & Solicitor

Abuot Mr. Foo Cheow Ming brings nearly three decades of legal expertise to the table, beginning his career in Singapore’s Legal Service before transitioning into private practice. His extensive experience includes roles as Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court, Deputy Public Prosecutor, and dedicated defense counsel, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of both prosecution and defense perspectives.
  • Comprehensive Legal Background: Transition from significant public sector roles to impactful private defense work, reflecting a broad understanding of the legal system.
  • Dedicated Criminal Defense Practice: Years of focus on criminal defense, providing clients with specialized and effective legal solutions.
  • International Recognition: Appointment to the List of Counsel for the International Criminal Court, reflecting global acknowledgment of his legal acumen.
  • Criminal Defense Expertise: Deep understanding and experience in handling cases across the spectrum of criminal offenses, from white-collar crimes to more severe charges like robbery and murder.
  • Technical and Complex Cases: Proficiency in managing cases with intricate technical details, including those requiring substantial accident reconstruction or expert testimony.
  • International Legal Work: Experience with international legal matters, including representing clients in arbitrations and serving as counsel recognized by international bodies.
Address 20 Havelock Rd #02-35 Central Sq S(059765)
Contact Telephone: 96563319 (also WhatsApp & WeChat)


Review 1 “Mr. Foo’s detailed approach and dedication were instrumental in navigating my complex legal situation. His expertise and thoughtful strategy made a significant difference.”
Review 2 “From the moment I engaged Mr. Foo, I felt assured and understood. His focus on my case and his clear communication helped me through a challenging time.”
Review 3

“Choosing Mr. Foo as my defense counsel was the best decision. His reputation and commitment to justice were evident throughout my legal proceedings.”


Thuraisingam Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Eugene Thuraisingam

About Eugene Thuraisingam LLP stands out for its commitment to resolving disputes and handling both international arbitration and criminal defence litigation. The firm, celebrated for its commercial and pro bono legal practices, operates with a client-first approach, ensuring dedicated and effective legal representation.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Acknowledged for its outstanding dispute resolution and litigation practices.
  • Independent Advocacy: Known for a lean, responsive team that confidently addresses complex legal challenges.
  • Pro Bono Commitment: A firm commitment to justice, representing underprivileged clients and advancing fundamental liberties.
  • Specialist Trial and Appeal Experts: Proficient in handling intricate trial and appeal processes, ensuring comprehensive legal representation.
  • International Arbitration: Skilled in navigating cross-border disputes and representing clients in high-stake arbitrations across various industries.
  • Commercial Litigation: Expertise in handling complex commercial cases, including misrepresentation and contractual disputes.
  • Criminal Litigation: Renowned for defending clients in high-profile criminal cases, with a focus on thorough investigation and robust defense strategies.
Address 1 Coleman Street, #07-06, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Telephone 6557 2436
Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Closed on weekdays
Review 1 “Eugene Thuraisingam LLP provided unparalleled service and representation, turning a daunting legal challenge into a manageable situation.”
Review 2 “The team’s dedication to justice and mastery of legal strategy were evident throughout my case. Their commitment made all the difference.”
Review 3 “Thanks to Eugene Thuraisingam LLP, I experienced the highest standard of legal support and advocacy. Their expertise in criminal litigation is unmatched.”


Tembusu Law Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

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Law Firm

Tembusu Law

About Tembusu Law is a distinguished law firm in Singapore specializing in criminal defense and litigation. They commit to defending individuals and corporate entities facing various allegations, ensuring comprehensive legal support and representation.
  • Client-Centric Services: The firm prioritizes client needs, ensuring holistic legal strategies that protect both personal and business interests.
  • Expertise in Diverse Fields: With a focus on both general and regulatory offenses, the team handles cases from white-collar crimes to complex litigation matters.
  • Advancing Legal Access: Committed to justice, they offer support for significant issues like freedom of speech and right to counsel, reflecting their dedication to societal values.
  • White-Collar Crimes: Expertise in managing cases of fraud, corruption, insider trading, and money laundering, among others.
  • General Criminal Offenses: Handling a range of charges from violent crimes to regulatory breaches, ensuring thorough representation.
  • Legal Advocacy and Negotiations: Skilled in plea negotiations, trials, and appeals, aiming for favorable outcomes through strategic defense.
Address 11 Keng Cheow St, #02-05 The Riverside Piazza, Singapore 059608
Contact Tel: +65 6974 0068


Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “Jonathan was very helpful and supportive throughout my ordeal. He showed a great deal of sincerity, sympathy and understanding for my situation and quickly provided an array of direct answers and options that put my deepest concerns at ease. From our first consultation which he didn’t charge for, he was professional and instantly willing to accommodate to my financial challenges as well. His passion to help and expertise have been greatly appreciated and I would like to thank him and his team for everything they’ve done. Will 100% recommend Tembusu Law LLC to anyone looking for legal counsel.”
Review 2 “Jonathan was incredibly helpful, understanding, kind and patient in explaining the case my mother was facing. He guided us through scenarios to help us better understand the situation as well and he gave very sound advice and solutions (next-steps) according to our situation. The first consultation with him over the phone was free, and he simply went above and beyond. My mum and I feel really touched and grateful.”
Review 3 “I am incredibly impressed with the team’s exceptional patience and promptness in their responses. I want to express my sincere gratitude, especially to Johnathan, whose reassuring demeanor and insightful guidance were invaluable.”


Trident Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Trident Law

About Trident Law stands on the foundation of unwavering tenacity, meticulous rigour, and inventive solutions. The firm is distinguished by its relentless pursuit of justice and commitment to crafting innovative legal solutions for its clients.
  • Client Commitment: Demonstrated dedication to going above and beyond for every client, ensuring personalized and detailed legal representation.
  • Innovative Solutions: Known for developing novel and strategic legal approaches to complex issues.
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Offers a wide range of services from criminal law to corporate and commercial law, catering to diverse legal needs.
  • Medium-Sized Agility: Combines the personalized service of a smaller firm with the resources and expertise of a larger practice.
  • Criminal Law: Expertise in all aspects of criminal defense, providing vigorous representation and strategic defense tactics.
  • Family and Divorce Law: Compassionate and comprehensive support for sensitive family matters, including divorce, custody, and matrimonial assets division.
  • Corporate and Commercial Law: Tailored advice for businesses, covering all facets from establishment to compliance, contracts, and dispute resolution.
  • Personal Injury and Accident Claims: Dedicated to securing fair compensation for victims of accidents and negligence.
  • Intellectual Property and IT Law: Protecting clients’ creative and technological assets with forward-thinking legal strategies.
Address 1 Coleman St, #05-15 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Telephone 6836 1550
Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “I would like to thank Ms Tan Jun Yin for her efforts and helping me for my case. She has been there to guide me on the process from the start. She handled the case very well and shared with me the possibilities and outcome for my case. Will definitely recommend Trident Law Corp. to those who needs legal assistance or advice! Once again thanks Jun! :)”
Review 2 “I highly recommend my lawyer Jun Yin for her exceptional legal expertise and unwavering commitment. Communication was clear and timely, keeping me informed at every stage. Her strategic approach and dedication resulted in a favourable outcome. I am grateful for her professionalism and would confidently choose her for any future legal needs.”
Review 3 “I really appreciate Trident staff, Ms. Aida for being very professional and incredibly helpful, understanding, patient and showed deep knowledge of the case at hand. She guided us through to help us better understand, and gave solutions according to our situation. We feel very touched and I would recommend Trident to anyone who needs legal assistance. Thank you so much for your help.”


RW Law Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

R.W. Law Practice

About R.W. Law Practice, founded and led by Mdm Rafidah A. Wahid, specializes in providing comprehensive legal solutions across a spectrum of areas including matrimonial disputes, personal legal matters, and commercial disputes. With a strong commitment to affordable and personalized legal services, Mdm Rafidah and her team work tirelessly to address and resolve the unique challenges of each client.
  • Client-Focused Service: Commitment to understanding and addressing individual client needs with patience and empathy.
  • Matrimonial Law Expertise: Extensive experience in handling contentious divorce proceedings, child custody cases, and related matrimonial disputes.
  • Personal Legal Matters: Guidance on wills, probate, and applications under the Mental Capacity Act, ensuring clients’ personal affairs are managed with care.
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution: Skilled in navigating commercial and contractual disputes, including bankruptcy and insolvency issues.
  • Accessible Legal Aid: Striving to keep services affordable while maintaining high standards of legal counsel.
  • Matrimonial and Family Law: Expert handling of divorce, custody, and matrimonial asset division, including cases under both Family Justice Courts and the Syariah Court.
  • Personal Legal Services: Assistance with wills, probate administration, and applications like Lasting Power of Attorney, tailored to individual needs.
  • Criminal Defence: Robust defence services for individuals facing criminal charges, ensuring their rights and interests are protected.
  • Civil Litigation: Proficient in resolving a range of civil disputes including tenancy disagreements and debt recovery challenges.
Address 390 Victoria Street #03-25 Golden Landmark Shopping Complex S188061
Telephone 6291 8043
Operating Hours Weekdays 9.30AM – 6.30PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “An extremely professional and reliable law firm. I would recommend this establishment to any company that needs any form of legal assistance. Five star ⭐️ credentials most definitely 💯”
Review 2 “I went for a consultation to see which instrument to choose for my inheritance distribution. I am very happy with the advice and service rendered. Lawyers with a heart, not just dollars and cents.”
Review 3 “The team at R.W. Law Practice turned a daunting legal process into a manageable one, ensuring I was informed and supported throughout.”


Ray Louis Law Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Ray Louis Law Corporation

About Ray Louis Law is dedicated to providing robust defense and comprehensive legal guidance in criminal law matters. Founded by Ray, a passionate criminal defense attorney and former adjunct lecturer in Criminal Procedure, the firm is recognized for its commitment to justice and detailed legal advocacy.
  • Client-Centered Approach: Ensures personalized attention and dedicated legal representation for each case.
  • Expert Legal Knowledge: Ray’s exceptional grasp of criminal law is reflected in his unique distinction of scoring an A+ in his law cohort.
  • Proven Track Record: A history of successful case outcomes, from white-collar crimes to road traffic offenses.
  • Community Recognition: Regularly featured in media and a trusted name in Singapore’s legal landscape.
  • Criminal Defense: Strong representation in a range of criminal cases, emphasizing strategic defense tactics and client advocacy.
  • White-Collar Crimes: Handling cases involving criminal breach of trust, forgery, and cheating with adeptness and expertise.
  • Road Traffic Offences: Extensive experience in providing defense and achieving favorable outcomes in traffic-related incidents.
  • Outrage of Modesty and Theft: Proven success in securing acquittals for clients wrongfully charged in sensitive cases.
Address 133 New Bridge Road, #16-08, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Telephone 6557 2725
Review 1 “Engaged Ray to negotiate a work injury claim filed by an ex employee. As the rest has spoken, Ray is an astute and knowledgeable lawyer who is not afraid to stand his ground. Despite the circumstances, we managed to obtain a favorable outcome. Kudos to Ray and his team!”
Review 2 “I’m extremely pleased with our lawyer’s outstanding service. Mr Raphael Louis and team demonstrated a deep understanding of our situation and approached all matters with confidence, openness and objectivity. Their invaluable assistance significantly contributed to the success of our case, resulting in a favourable outcome. We wholeheartedly recommend their services. Thank you for your excellent work.”
Review 3 “Because of the good reviews of the firm on Google, I made an appointment to seek for advice and guidance on cyber bullying. I was assigned to Mr Raphael Louis (Ray) for a consult. He was patient, attentive to details and provided alternative options on the said subject. He was not pushy and maintained that at this point, there’s no need to engage him. However, if I’ve decided to do it; he’ll go through the procedures and documents in details as needed. Ray is truly a professional! I appreciate his time and guidance. Thank you, Ray! I hope you’re always in the best of health so that you can continue to help whoever is in need. One again, thanks 😊”


Bishop Law Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

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Law Firm

Bishop Law Corporation

About Bishop Law is a distinguished boutique law firm in Singapore specializing in Criminal Defence and Commercial Disputes. Known for its commitment to quality legal representation at affordable rates, the firm stands out for its dedication to honesty, integrity, and lifelong client relationships.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Prioritizes building trust and maintaining lifelong relationships with clients, ensuring personalized legal care.
  • Accessible Legal Services: Committed to providing top-quality legal aid at affordable prices to make justice accessible for all.
  • Experienced Leadership: Led by Mdm Rafidah A. Wahid, known for her expertise in both family and criminal law, including high-profile cases.
  • Holistic Legal Solutions: Offers a full spectrum of legal services from criminal defence to personal legal matters like wills and probate.
  • Criminal Defence: Specializes in defending individuals accused of crimes, ensuring their rights are protected and presenting the best possible defence.
  • Family and Matrimonial Disputes: Experienced in handling contentious divorce proceedings, custody disputes, and applications for Personal Protection Orders.
  • Commercial and Civil Disputes: Expertise in resolving a range of commercial disputes, including bankruptcy, insolvency, and tenancy disagreements.
  • Personal Legal Matters: Provides guidance on wills, probate, and applications under the Mental Capacity Act.
Pricing Contact for quotation
Address Galaxis, #03-20 (West Lobby), 1 Fusionopolis Place
Telephone 8299 5966
Review 1 “Jaesh is really one of the best lawyers I’ve ever met. Besides his professional competence he is very empathetic. Last but not least he is one of these lawyers who don’t charge any single word and advice which is really rare….especially in Singapore. I will always recommend him!”
Review 2 “This guy is patient, compassionate and superstitious, also a lawyer. If you ever find yourself in any legal trouble, and you don’t look for jaesh Balachandran, you are missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Would give 6 stars if I could. 👍”
Review 3 “Jaesh is a person who is professional in his work , caring for his client and going an extra mile for them. I have been incarcerated for a detention order which will be reviewed yearly and does not have a release date with an indefinite period of time. But through his help , he managed to convince the judges with his powerful and strong deliverance of speech that helped me with my detention order. I would recommend Jaesh as a solicitor to whoever is looking for a lawyer.”


PD Legal Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm


About PDLegal LLC is a premier full-service law firm in Singapore known for providing tailored legal solutions across a broad spectrum of practice areas. The firm prides itself on a holistic approach, ensuring that clients receive expert legal advice tailored to their unique circumstances.
  • Comprehensive Legal Services: Offering a wide array of services from corporate to criminal law, ensuring all client needs are met under one roof.
  • Local and International Expertise: Deep understanding of both Singaporean and global legal landscapes provides clients with relevant and effective solutions.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Dedicated to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each client, offering personalized and detailed legal counsel.
  • Proven Track Record: A history of successful outcomes, demonstrating commitment to excellence and client success.
  • Criminal Law: Expert representation in both white-collar and serious felonies, emphasizing a robust defense and strategic approach.
  • Corporate and Commercial Law: Comprehensive support for business-related legal matters, from formation to compliance and dispute resolution.
  • Employment Law: Tailored advice and dispute resolution for both employers and employees in various workplace issues.
  • White-Collar Crime: Specialized defense against charges such as fraud, embezzlement, and bribery, with a focus on preserving client reputation and rights.
Address 1 Coleman Street #08-02, The Adelphi Singapore 179803
Telephone 6220 0325
Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “I highly recommend PDLegal LLC for their professionalism and expertise. Yzabel – the lawyer handling my case has been nothing but responsive and proactive in providing clear solutions and strategies to achieve a positive outcome. Solid team!”
Review 2 “I highly recommend this legal firm for their professionalism and expertise. They have extensive experience in dealing with corporate issues and litigations, and I was impressed with the honest advice they provided. They thoroughly assessed my situation and advised me on the best steps to proceed, giving me confidence that my case was in good hands. Overall, if you need legal representation for your corporate matters, I would definitely recommend this firm. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and will provide you with the guidance you need.”
Review 3 “I have a legal issue and called the PD Legal query line, Vincent Lee kindly called me back this evening and spoke with me at length to discuss and understand my issue! He gave me really good advice but what I value the MOST is he was honest in telling me that my issue won’t easily be resolved in the courts and it won’t really be in my best interest. THIS is the law firm to use! Other lawyers would have just said whatever I want to hear and taken my money but he was HONEST and acting in my interest! I will definitely call him if anything comes up in the future!Thank you, Vincent!”


Grace Law Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Grace Law LLC

About Grace Law LLC is a distinguished Singapore-based law firm specializing in a broad spectrum of legal domains, from Criminal Defence to Commercial Disputes. Led by Ms. Grace M, an accomplished lawyer with extensive experience, the firm is committed to delivering personalized and high-quality legal services to a diverse clientele.
  • Client-Focused Service: Tailored legal solutions that address the unique needs of each client with dedication and compassion.
  • Diverse Legal Expertise: A wide range of services covering criminal law, family disputes, and corporate matters, ensuring comprehensive legal support.
  • Affordable and Ethical: Committed to providing top-notch legal representation at reasonable rates while upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • Experienced Leadership: Led by Ms. Grace M, known for her proficiency in civil and family litigation across various courts in Singapore.
  • Criminal Law: Defending clients against charges such as DUI, assault, theft, and cybercrimes, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • Family Law: Expertise in handling sensitive cases like divorce, child custody, and matrimonial asset division with compassion and confidentiality.
  • Corporate Disputes: Providing strategic legal solutions for corporate entities facing commercial and contractual disputes.
  • Personal Injury: Assisting clients in obtaining rightful compensation for injuries sustained due to negligence or accidents.
Address 151 Chin Swee Road, #13-15, Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
Contact Tel: 6220 6364


Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 5.30PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “Ms Grace is professional, patient and empathetic. Her advice proved to be valuable and thoughtful. Ms Grace, Ms Wen Wen and Michael form an impressive team. I am very thankful for their effort and support. I would strongly recommend Grace Law for any legal advice.”
Review 2 “Very experienced, trustworthy and highly empathetic lawyers. Also very patient while handling my case. I would definately recommended Grace and team to anyone who need legal representation. Excellent work Grace, Wen Wen and Michael and thank you so much for the hard work and support!”
Review 3 “Recently engaged Grace Law LLC for their services. Provided good advice for my case. Had a very positive experience with Ms Grace and her team. Highly recommend Law firm for their services. Thank you Ms Grace and her team for their help.”


Dhillon & Panoo Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Dhillon & Panoo LLC

About Dhillon & Panoo LLC is a Singapore-based law firm with a rich history, offering a wide range of legal services. With a combined experience of 39 years, the firm specializes in both dispute resolution and providing specialized legal expertise in various fields.
  • Expertise in Dispute Resolution: Proficient in handling both civil and criminal litigation, ensuring comprehensive support in legal disputes.
  • Diverse Legal Services: From family law to commercial law, the firm provides a broad spectrum of legal assistance tailored to individual and corporate needs.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Committed to delivering personalized, timely, and cost-effective legal solutions for every client.
  • Proven Track Record: A history of successfully representing a diverse clientele, from individuals to large corporations.
  • Criminal Law: Offering robust defense and comprehensive guidance through all stages of criminal investigations and charges.
  • Family Law: Expertise in handling sensitive matters such as divorce and adoption with care and professionalism.
  • Personal Injury and Commercial Law: Providing effective legal representation and advice in personal injury claims and commercial disputes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Assisting clients with issues related to employment, bankruptcy, casino law, and more, ensuring legal compliance and protection.
Address Shenton House, 3 Shenton Way, #07-01, Singapore 068805
Telephone 6323 2320
Operating Hours Weekdays 9AM – 6PM
Closed on weekends
Review 1 “Awesome lawyers good chance of having a favorable result”
Review 2 “Offered hope when there is no chance of winning, then dumps his client to his “friend” – with a friend like him, who needs enemies? In the end everyone loses, except you know who.”
Review 3 “Best service
Reasonable charges”


Prestige Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Prestige Legal LLP

About Prestige Legal LLP is a Singapore-based law firm with a commitment to providing the highest quality legal services while acting in the best interests of their clients. The firm is known for handling cases efficiently and with a personal touch, ensuring legal matters are resolved quickly to put clients’ minds at ease.
  • Comprehensive Service: Offers a wide range of legal services, catering to clients from all walks of life and corporate entities.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Dedicated to justice and personalized service for all clients, regardless of case size.
  • Experienced Team: Led by professionals with a strong background in various legal fields including civil litigation and criminal law.
  • Affordable Rates: Committed to providing top-quality legal services at reasonable prices.
  • Personalized Solutions: Pride themselves on understanding clients’ legal problems and offering practical solutions.
  • Criminal Law: Specializing in a broad spectrum of criminal offenses from minor misdemeanours to serious felonies.
  • Family Law: Expertise in handling sensitive issues such as divorce, custody, and adoption.
  • Personal Injury and Commercial Law: Providing effective representation in personal injury claims and commercial disputes.
  • Regulatory Compliance and White-Collar Crimes: Assisting clients with regulatory compliance and defending against white-collar crimes.
Address 151 Chin Swee Road #02-12 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
Telephone 9067 0235
Operating Hours Weekdays 9.30AM – 6PM
Weekends 9.30AM – 1PM
Review 1 “Prestige Legal LLP made a significant difference in my case with their meticulous approach and dedication.”
Review 2 “Worse ever lawyer. If you want to lost your case, you can use them, if you want to win your case, please find other lawyer, don’t use themAlways ask for money… money… money… but work never done at all.

The lawyer got many cases. So beware.”

Review 3 “The team’s understanding and personal touch in handling my family law case was beyond commendable.”


Farallon Top Criminal Lawyers in Singapore

Law Firm

Farallon Law Corporation

About Farallon Law Corporation is a boutique independent law firm in Singapore dedicated to delivering exceptional legal services across various domains, including commercial cases and criminal law proceedings. Recognized regionally for world-class legal solutions, the firm prides itself on achieving significantly favorable results for clients at all court levels.
  • Diverse Legal Expertise: Specializes in a wide array of legal issues, ensuring comprehensive solutions under one roof.
  • Client-Focused Approach: Puts clients’ needs and best interests at the forefront, ensuring personalized and effective legal representation.
  • Proven Track Record: Demonstrated history of success in both commercial and criminal law proceedings, providing clients with confidence and trust.
  • Regional Recognition: Known for high-quality legal services that meet the rigorous standards of the regional legal landscape.
  • Strategic Legal Solutions: Employs aggressive tactics and personalized defense strategies tailored to each client’s unique situation.
  • Criminal Law: Offers robust defense strategies, early stage charge clearing, and strong representation at trial.
  • Preparation for Police Interviews: Provides comprehensive preparation for clients facing police interviews, ensuring their rights are protected.
  • Investigation Guidance: Offers professional advice during the investigation phase to evaluate the case’s strength and potential outcomes.
  • Bail Negotiations and Travel Restrictions: Assists with bail negotiations and travel arrangements if needed.
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Address 6A Shenton Way #04-01 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Telephone 6690 2482
Review 1 “After interning at the firm, I can confidently say that the lawyers are very professional and always puts their clients best interests first, doing their best to achieve favourable results for their clients. Additionally, the work environment is very positive and supportive.”
Review 2 “Nicholas is a Professional, Experienced and Sincere lawyer who put client’s interest first. You will enjoy the conversation with him as his knowledge is vast. A very wise person. Communication was clear and easy to understand. My spouse and I had a fruitful consultation with him. He has cleared our doubts and we can proceed on with our plan. Money well spent. Highly recommended if you are looking for a lawyer.”
Review 3 “I had a great experience working with Nicolas at Farallon Law Corporation. Nicolas is a lawyer who genuinely has his clients’ best interest at heart. What I appreciated the most in him as a lawyer was that he did not just blindly follow my instructions; instead, he never hesitated to point out my blind spots. By doing so, he helped me see the big picture and what was really in my best interest. That was exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Nicolas.”


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