Top Childcare Centres in Singapore

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If you’re a parent in Singapore, finding the right childcare centre for your child can be a daunting task.

With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top childcare centres in Singapore, to help you make an informed decision about your child’s care.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing information about each of the top childcare centres, including their facilities, programs, and fees. We understand that every family’s needs are different, so we’ve included a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a centre with a strong academic focus, a bilingual environment, or one that provides ample opportunities for outdoor play, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive in and explore the top childcare centres in Singapore!

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Parents, we hear you.

It’s one colossal task to balance out your career and family goals at the same time.

While the responsibility of bringing up your kids is on you, childcare centres can work hand-in-hand with you to give your little angels a fulfilling childhood.

The first 7 years are the most crucial to a person’s development   

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” – Aristotle

According to research from Harvard, the initial years of your kid’s lives (basically everyone’s as well) is where his/her brain develops rapidly. In the first year, the cerebellum will cause a child’s brain to double in size.

Over the next few years, parts of the brain, such as the limbic structure and visual cortex, will contribute more than 1 million neural connections each second! In simple terms, whatever your child is exposed to now will contribute to his/her long term memory!

Hence, it’s vital to give your child the best growing up environment he/she needs. I’m sure you want to see them blossom into happy adults who can live their fullest potential, don’t you?

A childcare centre provides the necessary setting for your kids to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual and social capacity.

Tips for choosing the right childcare centre 

If you’re reading up to here, you’re probably very interested in jumping right in to sign your kids up at a childcare centre.

Here are some considerations that you may need to factor in your childcare centre quest.


I’ll start with the most vital, but pretty apparent criteria; the childcare centre must have an existing childcare license from the regulatory authority, Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

The tenure of the license is also a crucial factor. Check with ECDA to find out whether the childcare centre is issued with a 6-months, 12-months or a 2-years license. The latter license is only rewarded to centres which have fulfilled the safety requirements and regulations. A 6 or 12-months licensed centre is either newly opened or needs improvement before being awarded the coveted 2-years license.

If you need extra peace of mind, find out if the centre has a SPARK (Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework) accreditation. This certification is an endorsement of the school’s programme quality.

Select a centre that has a similar philosophy to your family’s values

It would be ideal for your kid to grow up with the principles you wish to pass onto them. This can save you lots of energy and effort to teach them over again after an exhausting day of work.

Your “teaching” time can be an opportunity to bond and have fun with them instead.

Most importantly, you’ll be pleased to see them carrying on your family’s code of conduct proudly.

If your family is religious, there are also several religious-based childcare centres for your kids.

Don’t just look at their mission statement. Call or walk-in to ask them:

  • How does the school handle bullying?
  • How does the school handle disciplinary problems?
  • How often does the school report your child’s progress to you?
  • Will the teacher be staying with them for the entire academic year? Or there is a possibility that they can conveniently hand in their 2-weeks’ notice and disappear for good?

Is the childcare centre near to your home or work?

Convenience is a highly underrated priority here. Driving or commuting through one big detour will add a strain onto your energy and expenses.

Besides, it would be much easier on your shoulders in the case of an emergency.

Childcare curricula and facilities

Well-designed curricula and facilities can help develop your kid’s cognitive and social abilities.

While there are no shortages of good curricula and facilities, you have to ask yourself, are those best for my child? This question boils back to your family values. What is vital to your loved ones? What are the skillsets and mindsets you wish to see in them over the next 5 to 10 years?

There are several childcare centres with interesting niches. For example, St. Joseph’s Home houses Singapore’s first intergenerational playground for kids and the elderly. There are several activities your kids and the elderly can do together, such as music and games. If you want your kids to develop compassion and respect for the elderly, this is one centre you can consider.

Despite having Buddhist viewpoints in its philosophy, My Little Gems Preschool offers a secular curriculum and also accepts non-Buddhist children into their programme.

They provide daily mindfulness and meditation classes for kids. Contrary to popular beliefs, meditation is secular as well. Many schools in the west have introduced mindfulness and meditations as part of their curriculum. This introduction has resulted in improvement in behaviours and academic performances for many students.

The benefits of meditation have also been recorded in several pieces of university research.

According to Stanford University psychologist and author of The Willpower Instinct, Kelly McGonigal, meditation can help to increase grey matter in the prefrontal cortex. With the presence of more grey matter, a person’s ability to have better self-control and discipline also increases.

Knowing what the centre offers isn’t enough. Drop by the school to observe how the teachers execute its curriculum. Observe the teacher’s way of handling the lessons and students. Take note whether the students are happily engaged.

Safety and hygiene 

This department doesn’t need further introduction. During your visit, enquire from the principal on the following:

  • How does the centre ensure the kids are safely indoors? What security measures have the school implemented to prevent kids from wandering around unsupervised?
  • Are the centre’s facilities and toys kid-safe? Do they have sharp edges or features which might jeopardise the child’s safety?
  • Does the school implement a handwashing policy before meals?
  • How often do the school implement temperature and health checks?
  • What’s the cleaning and sanitising frequency of the centre? Do they have a schedule? Does the cleaning extend to sanitisation of the toys and other facilities?

*Please note that the following childcare centres are not ranked in order.

Top Childcare Centres in Singapore

Emile Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Emilie Preschool

About the Centre Founded by NUS (National University of Singapore) and former NTU (Nanyang Technological University) professors, this centre is perfect for kickstarting your kid’s for the long academic journey ahead. Through research-proven discoveries and learning materials from the US and UK, Japan and Germany, your child will be exposed to quality, holistic education.

Other signature programmes include:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child Care
  • Bilingual Education (English and Mandarin)
  • Organic Meals
  • Brain Enrichment Programme
Pricing $1488 (Full day) | $1288 (Half day) per month
Address 12 New Industrial Road, #01-02, Singapore 536202
Telephone +65 6584 3668
Operating Hours 7.00 AM — 7.00 PM (Mon — Fri)
Review “Our kids go to Emile and it has been a great journey! Love all the books and high quality toys and teaching tools. Teachers are encouraged to cocreate with children and learn together through experiments. The stem program is quite strong and kids love it.” – Mengmeng CUI
Review “My daughter become genius thanks to this kindergarten. Thank you” – Miko Tachibana


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Josiah Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Josiah Montessori Centre

About the Centre  Founded upon the principles of Montessori, this centre has evolved its original values to The Josiah Way, which focuses on helping your child discover his/her uniqueness and individuality.

The school is designed in a way that kids are able to be independent to do simple tasks safely, thus also encouraging them to develop a sense of responsibility.

The teachers provide a superior standard of attention to each and every child so that they can reach their fullest potential. Additionally, through the support of Montessori material, they are also taught to be self-directed learners.

Being an independent and resourceful individual isn’t enough. This childcare centre also helps children to develop their Emotional Quotient (EQ) through teaching your kids caring, sharing, respect, patience and empathy for others.

Some of their signature programmes include Musical Arts Programme (MAP).

Pricing Click here for contact information of the individual centres to find out more about their pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 63366906
Operating Hours Contact +65 63366906 for operating hours of each centre.
Client Review Click here for a list of parent’s testimonials.


Our Children House Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Our Children’s House

About the Centre Our Children’s House has a welcoming environment for your kids to learn and grow. They aim to:

S – Scaffold the children to greater heights in their overall development.
E – Encourage the children to persist When facing challenges.
E – Empower the children in their learning through self-direction, manipulation of concrete materials and exploration.
L – Love and care for each child as a Unique Individual.

Their Core Values include:

C – Compassion for others.
O – Optimism in life.
R – Resilience in adversity.
E – Equality for everyone.

Some of their achievements include:

  • Wow! Learning collaborated with MOE to pioneer the Program for Active Learning (PAL) Visual Art Programme in 2009.
  • Wow! Learning collaborated with participating schools to attain 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 13 Bronze in the Bi-Annual Singapore Youth Festival Award 2009 and 2011 collectively.

Some of their signature programmes include:

  • ARTec Preschool Robotics S.T.E.M Programme
  • JoyWaltz Studio Little Pianist Course
  • Soccajoeys from Australia

Additionally, Our Children’s House has also partnered up with Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay (ISADD) and Therapy Together (Speech and Occupational Therapy) to offer a series of Special Inclusive and Integration Programme. These programmes help children to improve their communication and social skills so that they are able to learn well and integrate into the mainstream setting.

Pricing Contact +65 66357668 or +65 93840528 for pricing information.
Address 106, Paya Lebar Crescent, Singapore 536186
  • +65 66357668
  • +65 93840528
Operating Hours Contact +65 66357668 or +65 93840528 for operating hours.
Review 1 “Our Children’s House is truly an enriching and warm school for the kids! All the teachers have been so patient, caring and loving to my boys which help them to settle so well and providing a family-like environment. Special thanks to Teacher Dora who has always been so assuring and engaging to my kids! Thumbs up!!”

– Jane Teo

Review 2 “Its truly been a delight and I’m feeling very emotional having my daughter leave you guys. Lots of luck to Our Children’s House and if we return back to Singapore we will definitely come back to OCH. Really appreciate everyone’s love especially teachers, their love and support helped my daughter in starting her school journey.” – Pianca Jain Rajpurohit


Alphabet Play house Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Alphabet Playhouse

About the Centre For over 20 years, Alphabet Playhouse has created a haven for kids, also referred to as “Young Explorers”, to go beyond book learning and develop their potential in fun and engaging ways.

Signature programmes include:

  • The World Is My Stage – Music and Dance Programme
  • My Little Chef – Cooking Programme to help kids unleash their Inner Master Chef
  • Expressing Through Crafts – Craftwork Programme
  • Numeracy Tactics – A series of Math-based Programmes that include Abacus.
  • 3rd Language By Native Teachers – Japanese language Programme
  • Motor Skills Development Programme – Includes Cycling, Sand Play, Water Play and Soccer
Pricing Contact +65 6653 5618 for pricing information
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone  +65 6653 5618
Operating Hours Contact +65 6653 5618 for operating hours.
Reviews Click here for a list of parent’s testimonials.


Mahata Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Mahota Preschool

About the Centre For over 20 years, Mahota Preschool is a first of its kind, pioneering a nature-based curriculum for kids. Through its curriculum, the school aims to develop your child to be eco-consciousness and eco-literate.

It offers niche programmes such as farming, cooking, as well as nature walks. Being a health and wellness conscious school, Mahota also offers daily health checkups upon arrival, exercise sessions, and healthy organic meals.

Besides its eco-themed curriculum, the school also offers programmes to develop your child physically, mentally and emotionally. One such example is the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programme. Through hands-on learning, your kids will develop a passion for learning such subjects.

Pricing $1,800 (full day) per month

Blk 808 French Road #03-01, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200808

Telephone +65 62911915
Operating Hours Contact +65 62911915 for operating hours.
Review  “Very nice, attentive Teachers. I particularly like their weekly nature walks/ field trips. I highly recommend Mahota. My 2-year-old loves going to school.”


Pats Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Pat’s Schoolhouse 

About the Centre A household name in the realm of childcare, Pat’s Schoolhouse aims to develop kids to be bold, vivacious and inspiring individuals.

Some of their signature programmes include:

  • Immersive Bilingual Curriculum (English, Mandarin)
  • Inquiry-embedded play approach
  • Enhanced Music-Integrated Curriculum
Pricing $1,979.50 (full day) per month
Address Click here for a list of locations
Telephone  +65 67812288
Operating Hours Contact  +65 67812288 for operating hours
Review 1 “The 30th year music fest was really well organised. Besides the myriad of activities, I appreciate the care and warmth of all the pats teachers that was evident at every stage. From the teacher at the gift redemption booth who guided my little one through a man-made maze game to pick her prize to the Super enthused ones cheering her on to make music using crockery. I like how the Teachers at Pat’s schoolhouse focus on stretching the kids. It’s never about what they know, it’s allowing them to discover what they don’t. Well done!”
Review 2 “I love how the class size is just the right size that the teachers are able to cater well to each and every student. Firstly, the teachers are really patient, nice and understanding. I have not heard any negative comments about any of the teachers and the students really love them all. And the curriculum suits my 5-year-old needs. They value academics as much as extracurricular works so there is a perfect balance of studies and play. I feel secured and at peace every time I bring my son there because I know that he is not only learning and having fun but also looked after well.” – Esther


Cherie Hearts Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Cherie Hearts

About the Centre Inspired by the New London Group academic theory of “Pedagogy of Multi-Literacies” which addresses literacy in a wide variety of topics, Cherie Hearts’ SPIRAL curriculum helps children to be more holistically developed so that they are ready for the ever-evolving world around them.

The SPIRAL Literacies programmes include:

  • Critical Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Civic and Social Literacy

Additionally, Cherie Hearts has also won numerous awards, including the “Healthy Eating in Childcare Centres Award”, presented by the Ministry of Health’s Health Promotion Board.

Pricing Contact +65 66974357 for pricing information
Address Click here for a list of locations
Telephone +65 66974357
Operating Hours Contact +65 66974357 for operating hours
Review 1 “My daughter is in Cherie Hearts, Grange road. In my opinion, they have good teachers and branch directors. Nice place and environment for my ger to study. She loves it there. This is by far the 3rd school she has attended and I can see vast improvement in her language and behaviour too.”
Review 2 “Dedicated team of teachers with the very hands-on director of the school.” – Wendy


Kiddie Winkie Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Kiddiewinkie Schoolhouse

About the Centre Since opening its door in 2003, Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse has been providing an inquiry-based approach towards early childhood education, with a focus on experimental learning through outdoor play.

Its curriculum is based on the 3 principles of constructivism, ecological systems theory and neuroscience.

Some of their programmes include:

  • Inquiry Mind
  • Exploration and Reflection
  • Language Arts
  • Character Development
  • FIITercise
  • Dancing Toes
  • Artsy Fingers
Pricing Contact +65 64633465 for pricing information
Address Visit their website for a list of locations
Telephone +65 64633465
Operating Hours Contact +65 64633465 for operating hours
Client Review Visit their website for a list of parent’s testimonials


White Lodge Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


White Lodge

About the Centre A multi-national setting awaits your child in this cosy centre. The spaces are arranged to accommodate the movement of children, hence encouraging a play-centric learning. Some of the centre’s facilities include:
  • Child-Safe Climbing Frames
  • Trampolines
  • Sand Pits

Inspired by the theories of High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Howard Gardner, its holistic programmes include:

  • Arts & Craft
  • Sensory Activities
  • Drama
  • Music and Movement
  • Gross and Fine Motor Activities
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Science

*Updated on May 2020. White Lodge students may receive direct admission to Invictus International School. Terms and conditions may apply. Check with the school directly for more information. 

  • From $1,986.03 (Full day)
  • From $1,490.40 (Half day) for 2 sessions a week, per term (East Coast branch)
Address Click here for a list of locations
Telephone +65 62554230
Operating Hours 7 am – 7 pm
Client Reviews  Click here for a list of parent’s testimonials


Carpe Diem Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Carpe Diem 

About the Centre Since 2002, Carpe Diem has been providing children with a positive environment, where they learn to embrace life with zest and enthusiasm.

Their signature Multiple Intelligence-Based Learning environments include:

  • Picasso – Kids learn to produce and appreciate art
  • Shakespeare – Kids learn to read and communicate
  • Michaelangelo – Kids learn to exercise their spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and muscle control abilities
  • Darwin – Kids learn about different plants, animals and weather
  • Beethoven – Kids learn to develop their musical abilities
  • Hercules – Kids learn to develop their physical abilities
  • Einstein – Kids learn how to reason in the world of logic, maths and science
  • Chaplin – Kids learn to develop their social and emotional aspects through performance arts and play
Pricing Click here for a list of contact details to enquire on pricing
Address Click here for a list of locations
Telephone Click here for the contact numbers of each individual location
Operating Hours Click here to contact them for their opening hours
Review  “The school has a huge garden on its own whereby the kids can run freely during their daily outdoor play as well as water play and sand play. they are also able to get closer to nature by planting own flowers and watch them bloom! Teachers are all very nice and patient to the kids.. what I like most is for the years my kid is there, Teachers are still the same except for 1 or 2 who resigned.” – Ellyn


Maple Bear Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Maple Bear 

About the Centre With 447 schools worldwide, Maple Bear’s curriculum is based on the intensive research done by The University of Winnipeg.

This rigorous Canadian education is refined with local sensibilities under the directions of childcare education expert, Mrs Patricia Koh, founder of Pat’s Schoolhouse. Hence, children are able to exercise their creativity and independence in a safe space.

Additionally, Maple Bear’s signature Bilingual Immersion Methodology encourages children to speak, read and write in both English and Chinese in a progressive manner.

Maple Bear was awarded the “Best in Early Years Education Programme” in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 consecutively.

Pricing Contact them directly for pricing details through this link.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone Click here for the contact number of each individual location.
Operating Hours Click here to contact them for their operating hours.
Review 1 “I would like to recommend Maple bear Kovan. it is a new branch and the MD n principal and teachers are all very nice n warm. so far so good. the curriculum is good too.”
Review 2 “Very good school. My girl enjoys very much.”


My First Skool Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


NTUC My First School

About the Centre For over 40 years, the pre-school arm of NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) has been shaping and transforming young lives around Singapore. With over 140 centres around Singapore, this ubiquitous school can be found in many neighbourhoods, making it convenient for people living in the heartlands.

Some of its programmes include:

  • STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)-based Learning Programme
  • Holistic Education through the ARTS (heARTS)
  • Bilingualism and Cultural Intelligence Programme
  • Character Building
  • Nature Learning
  • Learning Malay through Heritage
Pricing Contact +65 65097887 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 65097887
Operating Hours Click here for operating hours.
Client Reviews Visit their website for a list of parents’ testimonials.


Lorna Whiston Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Lorna Whiston

About the Centre Since its inception in 1980, Lorna Whiston has been delivering high-quality education and teaching excellence in Singapore and Malaysia. The school is also renowned for its English Enrichment and Speech & Drama programmes.

The teacher-student ratio is small, ensuring that every student is given the maximum attention for their learning.

Besides its signature Speech & Drama programmes, Lorna Whiston also offers:

  • Art & Craft
  • Let’s Play
  • Move It!
  • Happy Little Notes
  • Chinese Arts and Culture
  • Let’s Create
  • Art Studio
Pricing Contact +65 68718844 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 68718844
Operating Hours
  • 7 am to 1 pm (half-day)
  • 7 am to 7 pm (full-day)
Review 1 “The preschool at Winchester has a great environment – lots of classroom outdoor play area -, and wonderful teachers, principal and staff who take care of my child very well. My child learnt a lot at school and overcame many of his fears. The teachers are very encouraging while providing good feedback about the areas that he can work on. In our time here, I found that the school was very professionally run.”
Review 2 “My two kids go to this school from this term and they really love to go to Lorna Whiston. I think because of the atmosphere of class, teachers are very cheerful and do not let them get bored. so we just sign up for next term too without second thought!”


Mind Champs Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Mind Champs

About the Centre Mind Champs aims to help students develop a good headstart with academic learning in a conducive and stimulating environment. Its signature S.M.I.L.E.S.™ curriculum is based on the works of leading early child education specialists.

Using the 3-Mind Approach, Mind Champs aims to help children integrate the Champion Mind, Creative Mind and Learning Mind to unlock their fullest potential.

The centre is divided into 3 different schools, namely, Infant Care, Preschool and Chinese Preschool.

Pricing Contact +65 68282688 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 68282688
Operating Hours Contact +65 68282688 for operating hours.
Review 1 “My son looks forward to going to Mind Champs preschool every day. He really enjoys the program because it allows him to use his imagination to learn. I have also seen improvement in terms of his social skills, for example, taking turns – he’s now more patient and will wait for his turn to do things. I also love the clean and safe environment of the preschool and the teachers are very patient and caring.”
Review 2 ” My child attends one of the Mindchamps Preschool. She looks forward to going to school every weekday. I notice that most of the champs are more mature in many aspects generally compared to other children about the same age groups. Most strangers are surprised by my child’s speech and languages, proactive behaviour and friendly attitudes to strangers. She is only N1 but many thought she was N2 age. So I think both parents and teachers are important to guide these children cooperatively and develop them in a better way.”


Chiltern House Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Chiltern House

About the Centre Chiltern’s House education philosophy, EduDrama®, includes elements of play and drama, to help kids develop creatively, as well as an appetite for learning. This philosophy also emphasises a need for positive communication and discipline, so that kids can develop good social intelligence and self-confidence. 

Some of its programmes include:

  • Physical Education
  • Gardening
  • Cookery
  • Research
  • Speech & Drama
  • Music
  • Mindfulness
  • Mandarin
Pricing Click here to contact the individual centres for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations and contact details.
Telephone Click here for a list of locations and contact details.
Operating Hours Contact the centres directly for operating hours.


Eton House Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


Eton House

About the Centre Another household name in the Early Childhood domain, Eton House employs the Reggio Emilia approach, where children become self-directed learners. This approach helps children to develop the necessary skills and mindsets to flourish in the 21st Century.

Eton House has a unique Chinese Language Programme, where children are exposed to a single language environment for extended periods in the day. This helps them to integrate the use of the language into their daily lives, especially when they do not come from Mandarin-speaking families.

Pricing Contact +65 67463333 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 67463333
Operating Hours Click here to contact the specific locations for their operating hours.
Client Reviews Click here for a list of parents’ testimonials.


My Little Gems Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


My Little Gems 

About the Centre My Little Gems is a childcare centre that aims to develop kids intellectually, morally and socially.

Its curriculum is based on the 3 Cs – Character, Concentration and Competency. Each day starts with Mindful Morning sessions to help students develop excellent concentration skills.

Some of its programme include:

  • Little Shaolin Wushu Programme
  • Speech & Drama
  • Phoenics & Reading
  • Little Chinese Scholar
  • Little Picasso
  • Little Yogi

*The school provides a secular curriculum, though some of its philosophy is based on Buddhist principles. The school also admits non-Buddhist children. 

Pricing Contact +65 67487483 for pricing details.
Address 38, Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419500
Operating Hours 7 am – 1 pm (half-day)

7 am – 7 pm (full-day)

Client Reviews  Click here for a list of testimonials from students and parents.


Iman Top Childcare Centres in Singapore



About the Centre Since 2002, Iman Kindergarten and Childcare has provided Muslim children with an opportunity to enjoy a researched-backed, holistic education experience.

Some of its programmes include:

  • Language
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • Music & Movement
  • Aesthetic
  • Motor Skills
  • Social & Emotional Development
Pricing Contact +65 62441829 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations and contact numbers.
Telephone Click here for a list of locations and contact numbers.
Operating Hours Click here for a list of locations and contact numbers.
Review  “It’s really nice to see updates of your child’s activity in school.”


St Josephs Home Top Childcare Centres in Singapore


St. Joseph’s Home

About the Centre A childcare centre located right in the heart of a nursing home. Children have plenty of opportunities to engage with the elderly in meaningful activities.

Some of its programmes include:

  • Bilingual Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Aesthetic and Creative Expression
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Character and Faith Formation

*Despite being a Catholic Welfare Service, this childcare centre accepts infants and children from all races and religions. 

  • $1605 inclusive of GST (infant)
  • $1070 inclusive of GST (childcare)

36, Jurong West Street 24, Singapore 648141.

Telephone +65 67619350
Operating Hours 7 am – 7 pm (Mon – Fri)
7 am – 1 pm (Saturdays)


Tots & Teddies Top Preschools in Singapore


Tots & Teddies

About the Centre Located in the midst of the bustling Central Business District, Tots & Teddies is an excellent choice for parents working around the vicinity.

Tots & Teddies has partnered with the award-winning Lekker Architects to design and custom build the centre. This is to ensure that the layout, such its semi-open classroom concept facilitates the interaction between children of different age groups. The centre also takes special care in creating a safe and healthy environment for children to learn.

The class sizes are small so that teachers can provide sufficient attention to each child’s learning and character development.


• Childcare: $2268 after basic subsidy and GST ($2400 before subsidy and GST)

• Infant Care: $2289 after basic subsidy and GST ($2700 before subsidy and GST)


  62 Cecil Street, #04-00 TPI Building, Singapore 049710

Telephone +65 8160001
Operating Hours 7 am – 7 pm
Review 1 “One of the best childcare that we have come across so far. Super good and clean environment. Thumbs up to all the staffs and teachers for the dedication.”
Review 2 “When my son was two, we decide to transfer him from Japanese school to English speaking school. I called, visited almost all of the school in Singapore actually. And tots and teddies was totally different from others. They give us the best impression.
When I step in to this school for the first time, I straight away feel that I wants to enrol my son here!
I can feel that tots and teddies really cares about all the kids, they wants to offer a good environment to the kids. In every details I can see there is a caring, even in the soup they use for kids hand wash!There is a chef who always cook healthy and delicious food and snacks which my son loves it. The classes room, kitchen, toilet for kids are all really well designed and looks really comfortable. I’m sure will make my son happy going to this school everyday!

The classes, they teach my son many things and do not just teach in a boarding way but they make sure the kids will be excited! My son have no intention that he is learning. He thought that he is playing but actually he is learning very high advance lesson. Now the lesson is about solar system and he could say all of the planets name in order and give me the information and details of each planet and it really amazed me, he is still 5 years old!!

We are very lucky to find this school and truly appreciate all of the staff in tots and teddies. I have no confidence to find better school than here.”

Review 3 “Totally no complaints about the school. Thank you, Oliver, for setting up the school and to all the staff for running it the way parents would want it to be. Active engagement of parents, transparent communication, superbly delicious and healthy food, receptive to feedback, a very warm and family-like environment. Many happy memories for us :)”



When did the quality of the childcare service become the service’s ability to survive?

The child care industry has come a long way over the years, with a significant shift in focus away from simply providing care to ensuring that children receive a high-quality education and support for their growth and development. This shift in focus has resulted in significant advancements in the industry.

As a direct consequence of this, the provision of high-quality childcare services has emerged as a critical component in determining the longevity of enterprises operating within this sector.

In the 1980s, research began to emerge that highlighted the significance of early childhood education and its influence on a child’s potential for future academic and social success.

As a result, a trend toward providing high-quality childcare services began about this time. Because of this, there has been an increase in demand for high-quality child care facilities that offer an environment that is both stimulating and supportive for children.

In response to this demand, the childcare industry began to evolve, with many providers investing in training for their staff, upgrading their facilities, and adopting best practices for early childhood education. This was all done in an effort to meet the needs of the growing number of families who required their services.

This shift toward quality childcare services was driven not only by parental demand but also by regulatory changes that set stricter standards for licensing and certification. Parents were a driving force behind this shift, but regulatory changes also played a role.

To ensure a company’s continued success in this sector of the economy, the provision of high-quality child care services is now among the most important factors to consider. Because there is now more competition, service providers need to deliver services of a higher quality to differentiate themselves and attract clients. Parents are willing to pay a premium for exceptional child care that provides their children with an atmosphere that is not just safe but also stimulating and caring.

Furthermore, the epidemic has further highlighted the significance of high-quality child care facilities, as a result of the fact that parents have been forced to rely on these services in order to combine their work responsibilities with their obligations to their families. Providers who have been able to survive the challenges brought on by the epidemic are those that have been able to adapt to the changing requirements of families while also maintaining high standards of care and safety.

The provision of high-quality child care services has emerged as a critical component in determining the longevity of enterprises operating in this sector. The 1980s saw the beginning of a transition toward quality childcare services, which has been driven by parental demand, changes in legislative framework, and higher levels of competition.

Today’s providers need to separate themselves from competitors by providing services of a high quality in order to attract consumers, and the pandemic has further highlighted the significance of high-quality childcare services in providing assistance for families.

Improve the Current Childcare Structure

Developing a more effective system for childcare is a difficult challenge that calls for an approach that considers a variety of factors.

The provision of a high-quality childcare program is an absolute necessity for working parents who are in need of a dependable and secure environment for their children while they are in the office. In addition, research has demonstrated that a child’s academic and social success in the future is significantly influenced by the quality of their early childhood education.

In order to improve the current system of child care, we need to focus on the following major areas:

Access and Affordability: One of the Major Obstacles Facing the Current Childcare System Availability and affordability pose one of the most significant obstacles. Many families have a difficult time locating affordable care of sufficient quality. We need to make investments in programs that broaden access to high-quality medical care for all families, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

Quality Assurance Measures

The success of an improved childcare system is directly proportional to the degree to which all childcare providers are held to high-quality standards. This includes making investments in the training of personnel, monitoring and enforcing criteria for licensing, and promoting best practices for early childhood education.


Parents who have jobs require a child care system that is flexible and can be molded to fit the requirements of their families. This includes alternatives for additional hours of care, care over the weekend, and care in the event of an emergency.

Parental Support

In addition, parents require support in order to successfully navigate the childcare system. This support can come in the form of access to information and resources, aid with locating and selecting quality care, as well as financial assistance.


The formation of partnerships between childcare providers, schools, and community organizations can contribute to the development of a childcare system that is more integrated and all-encompassing. This includes encouraging collaboration between the various service providers and sharing resources and information with one another.

A large investment of resources and a concerted effort by stakeholders operating at all levels are going to be necessary in order to construct an improved system for child care. It is essential for communities, corporations, and governments to collaborate in order to guarantee that all children have access to high-quality care that satisfies their requirements and encourages healthy growth.

In order to help working families and ensure the success of future generations, it is vital to improve the system of child care that is now in place. We are able to develop a childcare system that is more efficient and all-encompassing for the benefit of all parties involved if we focus on resolving major issues such as accessibility and cost, quality standards, flexibility, parental assistance, and partnerships.

What Sets Childcare Centers Different From Private Nannies and Babysitters

When it comes to child care, parents have access to a variety of options, such as childcare centers and private nannies, amongst others. Even though both choices can provide care for children, there are important distinctions between the two that parents need to take into account before choosing one over the other.

Outside of their parents’ homes, children can receive education and care from professionals working in institutions known as childcare centers.

They might be as tiny as centers run out of people’s homes or as large as structures built specifically for the purpose. The staff at childcare centers are often well-trained individuals who collaborate in order to give care and instruction to children in groups that are appropriate for their ages. They provide a setting that is organized, with a curriculum and daily routines that are predetermined.

A private nanny, on the other hand, is an individual who tends to children within the residence of the child for whom they are caring.

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They provide care on an individual basis and are able to pay more specialized attention to the requirements of each kid in their charge. Nannies working in private households typically have significant prior experience as well as relevant educational credentials. As a result, they are able to offer individualized educational and care services.

The amount of opportunities for socializing that are provided is one of the primary differentiating factors between childcare centers and private nannies. Children are able to engage in social interaction with others their own age in a setting that is both organized and supervised at childcare centers.

Because of this, a child can learn how to speak with other children and build friendships with them, which can be good to the child’s social and emotional development.

On the other hand, private nannies provide care on an individual basis, which may be preferable for children who are reserved or who have trouble adjusting to different situations. In addition, private nannies can give a higher level of individualized care and education for the child, which is based on the child’s specific requirements and areas of interest.

The cost of daycare is a crucial factor that differentiates childcare centers and private nannies from one another. The costs charged by childcare centers are normally predetermined and cover the expenses incurred by the center in terms of its personnel, facilities, and resources. On the other hand, private nannies receive a salary, which might make their services more expensive than the costs that are offered by daycare centers.

Childcare centers and private nannies both provide care and education for children; nevertheless, there are considerable differences between the two in terms of the chances for socializing, the level of customized care, and the cost.

When selecting a choice, parents ought to give considerable thought to the various possibilities available to them and assess the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative. In the end, the decision will be determined by the wants and needs of the child as well as the preferences of the family.

Should You Consider Placing Your Child(ren) in Child Care Centers in the Year 2023?

When it comes to operating a successful daycare center, having a budget in place is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Childcare facilities have a dual responsibility: to the children in their care, they must provide excellent care and education; and to the businesses that employ them, they must properly manage their financial resources. When planning a financial strategy for a childcare facility, there are a number of important factors to take into account.

To begin, it is absolutely necessary to have a solid understanding of the expenses that are associated with operating a daycare center. These expenditures may include salary for employees, payments for rent or a mortgage, payments for utilities, payments for insurance, purchases of equipment and supplies, as well as regular maintenance and repairs.

It is essential to have a thorough comprehension of these expenditures and to plan in accordance with that comprehension.

The cost of personnel represents one of the most significant expenses for a childcare center. It is vital to make investments in employees of a high quality in order to secure the very best outcomes for the children who are under the care of the childcare center. The staff is the center of any childcare facility.

While developing a budget for staffing, it is critical to take into account a variety of aspects, including salary, benefits, and the costs of training.

While developing a budget for a daycare center, enrollment is another important issue to take into consideration. A daycare center’s capacity to be financially viable can be considerably influenced by the number of children enrolled there. It is essential to have a crystal clear idea of how many children can be cared for at the center, as well as to strike a balance between this number and the expenditures associated with operating the facility.

In addition to enrollment, it is essential to give thought to other potential avenues of financial support for the center. This may take the form of grants, subsidies, or fundraising initiatives from the government.

These potential avenues of financial support have the potential to reduce the overall operational expenses of the center and so make it more commercially viable.

In conclusion, it is essential to perform consistent monitoring and evaluation of the budget in order to guarantee that the center is running within its financial limits. In order to ensure the long-term financial viability of the center, this may require making adjustments to the number of employees, the number of students enrolled, or any number of other areas of the budget.

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Should You Consider Taking Your Kid to Child Care Centers in the Year 2023?

As we get closer to the year 2023, it’s probable that parents are thinking about their available alternatives for daycare, including whether or not they will enroll their child in a childcare center. When it comes to making this choice, there are a number of considerations to take into account, despite the fact that the choice ultimately depends on the requirements and inclinations of each family.

To begin, childcare centers provide a setting that is organized in such a way that children can learn and grow via both educational activities and play. The curriculum is adapted to fit the requirements of children of varying ages, and professional staff members ensure that children are cared for in a setting that is both secure and encouraging. Childcare centers can provide a sense of relief to working parents by assuring them that their children are in the capable hands of qualified caregivers while they are away at work.

Second, childcare facilities offer youngsters the chance to interact with others in a group setting. Children get the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age, which is important for the children’s psychological and social growth. They gain skills that can assist children in later life, such as learning to share, communicate, and build friendships.

Yet, it is necessary to take into consideration the potential negatives of sending your child to a daycare center in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to do so.

For instance, some parents might be worried about the increased likelihood of their child becoming unwell or injured in a setting with other people. Also, it may be challenging for some children to adjust to the routine of a daycare center, particularly if they are accustomed to being at home with a caretaker. This is especially the case if the childcare center has a strict schedule.

It is vital to emphasize that the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has provided an additional layer of concern for parents who are assessing their alternatives for daycare in light of the fact that the disease is still circulating.

Childcare centers have developed safety measures to limit the risk of infection, including as routine cleaning and disinfecting, the use of masks, and social separation from infected individuals. Nonetheless, parents may still be worried about the well-being of their children while they are in the company of other children.

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