Top Career Coaches in Singapore

Top Career Coaches in Singapore

Who are career coaches? 

Career coaches have expertise in skills such as resume building, interviewing, career planning and negotiation, and it is safe to say they are experts in their field. These professionals are up-to-date with current hiring practices, and they are always on the lookout for new information and ways to help job seekers land their dream job or mid-career individuals to make a successful career switch. 

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What do career coaches do? 

Career coaches assist and inform individuals who are in need of career advice by using a solution-oriented approach. Career coaches help individuals achieve their work-related goals and professional objectives by defining and redefining them. 

What do career coaches specialise in? 

While you may think that all career coaches are the same, and there isn’t a need to compare them, there are some differences when it comes to the areas of the specialty of career coaches. Some career coaches are experts in negotiating pay raises and employee benefits; others are better off with landing your interviews for your dream job. 

Here are some career coaches to consider:

Aventis Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Aventis Learning Group

Speciality Corporate Career Coaching
Address 100 Orchard Road, #04-100 Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Contact  Tel: +65 6720 3333


Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Avodah solution Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Avodah People Solutions

Speciality One on one coaching
Address 193 Jln Besar, #02-01, Singapore 208883
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10am-6pm
Review 1

Kudos to Career Coach Gerald Tan and Avodah. My career journey has been made more meaningful by Gerald’s wise counsel and practical, actionable insights. Along the way, he exercised the warmth and care of a guide who is genuinely interested in helping me bring clarity to where am I, who am I and how to move forward in my career. The More Than Work programme helped sharpen the focus for me by equipping me with the Career Tools and Career Direction in living a life of purpose and meaning.

If you are seeking answers on how to reenergise your career, look no further than Avodah.

By Geraldine Tan
Review 2 Beyond the professionalism of the training and coaching, Avodah added immense value to my process of self-discovery and sense making of my career paths. I invited my best friend along to the workshop on Career Clarity and we were both surprised that we could still learn something new about each other’s career values, after 20 years of friendship. That was the trigger needed to answer some tough but necessary questions at our life stage.

The team at Avodah makes it a point to consistently build and affirm the strengths in others and that is invaluable in itself. Their mission to guide and equip individuals with self-directed action and ownership is well placed across the diverse learner demographics. Thank you for staying the course and keeping your mission alive.

By Dawn Foo

Review 3 Amazing service! The course was conducted very well. Would recommend it especially if you are looking for your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and how to apply that to your craft. Really insightful information that helped me understand myself better and improve my career. Any person looking to change careers, break through their ‘plateau’, or work better with others should talk to Avodah. Thank you once again for a fun and useful time at the course.

By Christiane Mikaela


Happy Mondays Top Career Coaches in Singapore


The Happy Mondays Co

Speciality The Happy Mondays Co is known for bringing a holistic approach to career coaching, by providing the space to discover and celebrate ones uniquenesses, and nurture the competencies, emotional resilience and skills to help you build sustainable Happy Mondays. They offer highly personalised 1:1 career development & wellbeing programmes, to meet you where you are and accompany you to your unique definition of Happy Mondays.
Since they started in 2016, they have empowered several hundreds of people to reach their true potential spreading Happy Mondays across the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and America.
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 am to 7:30 pm
Review 1 It was an absolute pleasure working with THMC. The entire process was an eye opener, and very useful whether you’re looking to switch career direction or even just rebrand your professional self. THMC’s passion and genuine desire to help clients find the right career path is evident from the first meeting and continues throughout each session. I’m also a huge fan of the refreshing direct approach to tackling issues and cutting straight to the chase. I’ll happily recommend THMC to everyone (and return for further sessions where needed!).

By Amod Pandya, Senior Product Manager NOD

Review 2 I’ve done just over a year at my happy job now, and I’m having an absolute blast. Work is so busy, but it’s really energising, not draining. I’m in a supportive environment, where work-life-balance is honoured, and my opinion is sought and valued. I wanted to say thank you again for the work we did. I wouldn’t have found this place without your process – as I tell everyone, you didn’t let me get away with anything but made me look hard at what I wanted. The result is better than I could have hoped for. Thank you, thank you!

By Liz D. Practice Director, Consulting Industry.

Review 3 Upon transitioning to a new role at my company, I connected with THMC to re-align my values and find purpose both in life and at work. THMC team is a master at making one put words into action; my journey with them left me with a clear, actionable insight on both my life and career ahead of me. Appreciate THMCs professionalism and non-bias approach toward coaching. By Jason F. Sales Manager, Sports Fashion Industry.
THMC are not only terrific Career Coaches but also inspiring people. Experiencing their quick and sharp mind setting career achievements with you is a must-have experience, and actually what got me working with them. So impressive! -Estelle P. Content Manager, Fintech Industry.


Petadiri Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Petadiri Leadership

Speciality In bahasa, a common language of many countries in Southeast Asia, and the national language of Singapore:
PETA means “map”. DIRI means “self”.PETADIRI to represents the core belief that everyone can have the opportunity to map and live their best lives.The PETADIRI LIGHTHOUSE Program is specially designed to help individuals navigate the complexities of their careers and get them to where they want to be. Individuals can own their career trajectory with confidence. The coach will partner them every step of their way.Not easy.Just liberating!Services:
  • Career & Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Performance Coaching
  • High Potential Acceleration Programs
  • From Manager to Leader Programs
  • Customised Leadership Program to fit your needs.
Address Virtual Online Platform. Coaching are done over Online at the convenience of our clients. Coaching ethics and confidentiality are strictly adhered.
Contact  Email:
Review 1 Wendy is my coach from a peer coaching programme. Knowing Wendy’s years of experience in leadership position from global enterprises, I look to her as my sounding board for both business and personal development related issues. As her coachee and a fellow coach, I must say that Wendy is definitely one of the finest coaches I have ever come across. There is an incredible calming quality about Wendy, which I believe comes from her inscrutable ability to listen deeply, so deeply she is able get you grounded instead of fluttering about. And from there, she would draw out key insights and perspectives that many coaches would have overlooked. Wendy is definitely a rising star and a force to be reckoned with in the coaching world. I would recommend Wendy anytime.

By Janet L. Business Director of IO Resources

Review 2 Wendy Wong is an excellent coach. In the subtlest way she drove me to look at myself retrospectively, to tap on my strengths to see if it matches what I am actually seeking for. She guided me towards creating a matrix that would address my needs and desires against my strengths, traits and capability. She also ushered me into a reality check which made lots of sense to me in making my career choices. A coach like her can make a meaningful difference in helping you make the right choices for yourself!”
S. Periasamy, General Manager o MCEF
” Wendy’s executive coaching focuses on effective ways to communicate individual values and the contribution to leadership. Through the process one can no longer be apolitical. Wendy creates and nurtures the confidence with others in the organization to solve long and short range challenges. If you ever wondered why you are not receiving due recognition for your work and value to the company, reach out to Wendy. I have nothing but admiration for her sincere work and achievements.”Dr Thanaletchumi Sathasivam EBM CTC, HOD Productivity & Prog Mgt, Oil & Gas Industry
Review 3 I worked with Wendy during my time in Mars. She was one of a few of my wonderful managers. She was strict, but caring to me. I learned from her a lot, from her working style to her leadership. The experience from that period of my life is really precious on my career development. If I have a chance to work with her again, I definitely will take it.

By Tran T.H. Finance Director in Vietnam


Aureus Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Aureus Consulting Pte. Ltd

Speciality Academic and Professional Consulting
Address 61 Stamford Road, Stamford Court, #01-01, Singapore 178892
Contact Tel: +65 6337 8807


Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm

Review 1 The Consultants were super helpful and friendly throughout my entire application process! Did well in my interviews with their help and guidance 🙂

By Praba Rajkumar

Review 2 Aureus Consulting was very helpful in assisting and guiding me towards my master application.

By Henry Kusuma Salim

Review 3 In-depth and personalised service that helped my son get into Imperial. Very satisfied.

By Kathy Jones


Andrew the Executive Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Andrew The Executive Coach

Speciality Pod Coaching


Career Agility Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Career Agility

Speciality Holistic approach career programmes
Address 24, Raffles Place, #26-06B, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Contact  Tel: +65 6909 0931


Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday to Sunday: Closed


Career Navigators Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Career Navigators SG

Speciality Female talents training


e2i Top Career Coaches in Singapore



Speciality Online Coaching
Address 80 Jurong East St 21, Level 2 Singapore 609607

490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #07-11 (Lift Lobby 1) Singapore 310490

Contact  Jurong East : +65 6474 0606

Toa Payoh :+65 6474 0606

Operating Hours Both locations

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday and PH: Closed

Review 1
Review 2
Review 3


Gary & Pearl Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Gary & Pearl

Speciality Affordable Services
Address 102 Potong Pasir Avenue 1, #10-342, Singapore 350102
Contact  +65 6894-4371
Operating Hours 10am-10pm daily, excluding public holidays. Sessions are by appointment only.
Review 1 Most people might think that career counselling is only about preparing you to answer interview questions, and that does not even begin to scratch the surface of my experience with Vinod and Roberta. What is really unique about their counselling is that they take all factors into consideration, be they environmental, situational or part of your personality. This has given me a fresh perspective on things and I could not be more amazed.

Vinod and Roberta have been professional and non-judgemental every step of the way, and I cannot think of any others who truly have the heart for their clients. Although I may not have found all the answers yet, I am glad to have found counsellors who will journey with me and support me throughout the decisions I have made. Big thank you to you guys!

By Marisa Low

Review 2 Their service is unique, I think. There’s actual one-to-one time with the career counsellor who helped me understand my intentions. I now am able to see things clearer. A suggestion to others is, don’t waste your time psychometrics, as they don’t work when you’re stuck. These guys really help.

By Gee M


Global Lumen Hr Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Global Lumen HR

Speciality Career Coaching and Recruitment Services
Address 800 Thomson Road, Singapore 298189
Contact  Tel: +65 8133 4881



Jobs Me Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Jobs-ME Pte Ltd

Speciality One-to-one coaching and job search strategy with accountability
Review 1 I met Shubhangi after being out of work for 1.5 years due to retrenchment when my company moved the position outside of Singapore. She spoke to me about how I can approach the companies and what methods I can use in my job search. Even she didn’t realize how much she had helped me and I was able to get my current role with that advice. Definitely recommend her to any job seekers – a lot of times we don’t know what we are lacking. Shubhangi understands Singapore recruitment well to guide through the process.

By Subbiah Lakshmanan, Operations Director for a Media Company

Review 2 I met Shubhangi while changing jobs after working for the same company for about 12 years. She guided me throughout the process and helped me secure a job very fast after our initial meeting. With her expertise, she even managed to position my experience to get a higher package than I was expecting. Shubhangi has very good understanding of the local recruitment scenario and I’ll recommend her to job seekers who need guidance in their job search in a heartbeat.

By Tang Jiunn Shyong, Business Leader – Accounting and Reporting, Mastercard


Lifework Global Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Lifework Global

Speciality Services:
  • Complimentary 30-min Discovery Session
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, PCC
Address 331 North Bridge Road, Level 22, Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720
Contact  Tel: +65 9663 3051


Review 1

I have to admit that normally when I read sky high praisings I am always a bit suspicious, suspecting a friends favour. But then, I don‘t know anything else to say but this : If you ever struggle in your professional life, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Sam. She is very sensitive, warm hearted and easy to talk to. She untangled the chaos in my head and guided me to a change in my life I did not expect but which I am very happy with.

Review 2 Sam’s coaching style was a blend: she used powerful questions that helped me figure out challenges I had been facing. She was supportive of my thoughts, frustrations, and attempted endeavors. She provided feedback and clarification for me too. She’s a solid, focused, and knowledgeable coach. She asked powerful questions that enabled me to clarify my thoughts, and also encouraged me to write her between sessions. Her coaching energized me and I was able to move through challenges and came up with deeper meaning due to working with her. I learned what is is like to be supported by a gentle, strong, powerful coach. She listened well to me, and I felt heard by her. I ended up understanding my motivations better and have more clarity around significant issues I was facing. I was able to keep moving forward despite some unexpected challenges and to juggle several projects simultaneously. I felt supported through the entire coaching round – and felt stronger and had more momentum to keep going and follow through. And, I felt more content. I also ended up having more clients and work, one of my goals.

By Peggy Linden, Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Healer from Washington D.C. USA

Review 3

I’ll never forget Sam’s first words to me – “You need self-care.” It was a wake up call, but not what I had expected to hear when I felt that I was at a point in my life feeling stuck and overwhelmed, juggling work and being a mum to two preschoolers. The coaching sessions have given me a fresh perspective on my career and motherhood, and ideas on managing the balance, but I believe what I got most out of it was the confidence and assurance that I was doing alright and I always have access to resources and support when I’m ready, to go even further. Thanks, Sam, for your support, and getting me started on this journey.

By Camille E, banking professional from Singapore


Mind Transformations Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Mind Transformations

Speciality Neuro-linguistic programming training and coaching
Address 60 Paya Lebar Road, #13-40 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Contact  Tel: +65 8186 7508


Review 1 This is just a group of amazing people. They’re the ones who are professional yet personal. It is a delight joining their courses as they really put their heart to your growth, paying attention to every aspect of your development during your developing journey. More than that, they also create a group that has such strong camaraderie, that it is simply impossible to fall. Brilliant guys and well done team Mind Transformation!

By Neville Loh

Review 2 A wonderful platform to learn with hands on experience. You are in a safe environment where you can expose your vulnerability. In the process you learn more about yourself and walk out stronger.

You will learn not only from the mentor himself, but also from the supporting ecosystem from the staff and participants too who came from all walks of life.

Indeed a life changing experience for me in embarking this learning journey. Thank you Mind Transformation.

By Antony Lou

Review 3 My journey with Mind Transformations had set a solid foundation for my personal growth and development. The quality of learning is consistently top-notched. The team really lives up to the name “Mind Transformations”, and in fact, they don’t just transform mind, but more importantly, LIFE. The trainers and everyone in the team will never hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver value and experience which would literally transform the students’ lives. The graduate community that the team cultivated is even more amazing. With Mind Transformations, we have a safe learning environment with supportive and encouraging coaches, facilitators and fellow students from all walks of life.

By Wilson Low


Sandbox Advisors Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Sandbox Advisors

Speciality Career Counselling


My Golf Coach Top Career Coaches in Singapore


My Golf Coach – John Yu

Speciality Customized Golf Lessons and 9-Hole On-Course Lessons
Address Mandai Executive Golf Course, Upper Seletar Reservoir, Mandai Road Track 7, Singapore 779384
Contact  Telephone: +65 9270 8622
Review 1 “A total amateur like me needs to gain every edge that we can to improve our skills as beginners. Mr John Yu has given us a foundation to work on those skills.
The knowledge that he provides benefits our learning. He has made an enormous impact on my development as a beginner golfer because of his positive attitude during our lessons – he has always tried to work on our strokes and positioning with a big smile even though we may not have played as well as we hoped. Because of his positive reinforcement to our learning, I have enrolled my child to participate in his class and also recommended him to friends who are also keen to learn golf! Mr. Yu understands that each of us is at different levels and he will tailor his lessons based on our capabilities. For me, that makes him the best kind of coach to have!”By Jessie Maher (35, home maker)
Review 2 “John, really appreciate for your teaching. Before the lesson, I couldn’t enjoy golf much. Rather, it gave more stress and frustration. But the lesson with you changes everything.
Although my handy is still high, now I can feel true fun from golf and enjoy it.
I owe you John, and thank you very much!”By Haeman Jang (34, Professional)
Review 3 “Hi John,
I wanted to send you a thank you for helping me improve my golf game and make playing golf enjoyable. As I mentioned when we met
I’ve never had a lesson but played when I was young well enough to get around a course but was never really satisfied with my play. So, I decided to take lessons and found your site on the internet. Found out my grip was wrong, my stance was wrong, my swing was wrong, pretty much everything was wrong.
After spending time with you and taking advantage of your program, I now enjoy the game so much more. My grip feels comfortable, I understand the mechanics of what I need to do, Stance is getting better, and my tempo is improving.
I just need to get that “muscle memory” and improve what is already a 100% improvement. Your teaching style is top notch, your knowledge and skills are totally professional.. It was a pleasure learning from you.
I’m looking forward to contacting you in the near future and play another round and show you how I’ve improved on an already great foundation.”
All the best, Jim..”By Jim Hope (64, Engineer)




Emunah Coaching and Training

Speciality Services:
  • Career Coaching (clients in their mid-30s – 40s)
  • DISC assessment Coaching
  • Strengths Profile Coaching
  • Premarital Coaching
  • Career Workshop for Youth
Address 445B Fernvale Road, Singapore 792445
Contact  Telephone: (65) 9761 2702
Review 1 Ben has been of great help after I decided to leave my previous industry. Through the use of practical and concise exercises, as well as meaningful discussions, I have him to thank you for helping me find my path again. I would seek his counsel again should any career-related hurdles arise in the future. Would and have already recommended Him!
Review 2 I went through 2 months, 5 sessions personal growth session with my career coach, Ben. This was during the period of the covid-19 lockdown,

where I was in the middle of a job switch. As we conversed, Ben looked into issues that I had struggled with and were causing problems in my relationships with people. He was patient in listening and prompted essential questions at the right time. Like a skilled surgeon, he carefully separated important information from the non-important ones, and extracted key information, guiding me to question and to understand the motives behind my behaviors. Finally, we worked on practical areas of improvement that I can start on. After each session, I feel pumped and ready to face life’s challenges again! Having a better understanding of myself has led me to feel less frustrated with the decisions that I make allowed me lots of room for improvement!

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WSG Top Career Coaching


WSG’s Careers Connect

Speciality Services:
  • Career Matching and Coaching
Address 1 Paya Lebar Link, #08-08 PLQ 2 Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 408533
Contact  Telephone: 6883 588


Wavezlink Top Career Coaches in Singapore

engaging the top social media agency in singapore



  • All Levels Learn-to-swim Swimming Programme such as Swimsafer 2.0 Syllabus,
  • All Levels Competitive Swimming programme such as SSPA and High Performance
  • Competitive Swimming,
  • All Levels SLSS Lifesaving Programme,
  • All Levels Badminton Programme such as Private class and School projects,
  • Organise and Coordinate Outdoor Team Building Programme such as Local and Oversea
Address 470B, Fernvale Link, #24-432, Singapore 792470
Contact  Telephone: (65)8720 7874

Email :


Trainium Top Career Coaches in Singapore


Trainium Academy

Speciality Keynote speaker for event/conference

Eugene Seah is one of Singapore’s most engaging, entertaining and effective trainers specialising in personal branding, influential leadership, consultative sales and effective team communications.

Engage Eugene to inspire your audience

Trainer/Coach to upskill people in organizations in
1.Becoming a Synergistic and Growing Team
2.Managing, Motivating and Leading a Winning Team
3.Supercharging Your Sales through the Power of NLP
4.Design Thinking Leadership
5.Strategic Thinking for Leaders in the VUCA World
6.Building a Synergistic & Resilience Culture with Positive Communication
7.Superbrand Me: Gaining An Unfair Advantage Through The Power Of Personal Branding
8.Cross Cultural Business Negotiation Skills

Address 51 Scotts Rd, #03-08, Singapore 228241
Contact  Telephone: (65)9179 1401

Email :


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Why do you need to hire career coaches? 

Career coaches can be helpful if you: 

  • Are feeling unfulfilled in your current role 
  • Want to switch to a different industry 
  • Wonder if you are on the right career path 
  • Applied for multiple jobs and still unable to score an interview

Engaging with a career coach may be the solution for you. Career coaches can guide you along your journey to finding the best career for you while providing new perspectives and offer solutions to your current situation. 

How can you benefit from a career coach?  

A career coach can assist you in figuring out what kind of job you are looking for and they can also help you create a new career path. A career coach can also advise you on your current work situation regardless of the type of work you do (freelancers, employees and even executives), guiding you to improve or develop your leadership, interpersonal, stress-management and conflict-management skills, and also building up on your self-confidence. 

Advantages from Career Coaching

  1. Develop new skills needed in current career climate.

Current career climate changes extremely fast, also to get ahead for your placement search, you need to get a grip of many skills which could improve chances for your progress. In capacity of recruiter, the career coach holds rich cumulative experience locating possible hires and could take positive steps to provide you some assistance for making good progress.

  1. Develop poise or outline your likely contributions.

We keep fully committed for job duties so typically, upon seeking to shift for transfers, you may find it tough to objectively review or see how your history or training may now lead to landing the career that you apply for. In tandem with your career coach, you may find your positive value, tell employers about contributions you could make positively, or emerge ahead of the crowd.

  1. Develop a rich and compelling resume.

Merely editing a current CV or mailing it far towards many hirers and vacancies are seldom fruitful. Rather, the career coach may let you develop a resume which reveals your fit for any role that you could make application to suiting demands of the outfit. Showing how the training, history you have may fit, suiting, matching the job vacancies may help to show distinction from massive resume stacks.

  1. Take good planning strategies to push your career forward.

Yes, shifting to another sales position from a craft beer outlet seems highly surreal, idyllic, however does this step help, or impede you in attaining the short- and long-term job projections? The career coach could make you comprehend the rise of job scene or make the right moves to reach ends.

  1. Fix projections or start strategizing plans to meet goals.

Results projecting is needed to move forward with your goals. Your career coach may get you to see the overall direction or take steps to reach goals.

  1. Network recruiters.

With the learning, training from career coaching help, guidance, you attain entry to the big links from career coach networks, so you may leverage from industry managers or experience to access a reserve of openings.

  1. Learn positive job training.

The Career Coaches on hand may seek to train you in prospects or reserves to move forward fast, your job prospects engaged can get the leverage to profit your value profile as you move forward jobwise.

  1. Start a job within a fresh industry.

Leverage from the career coaching for getting placement in traineeship or careers through searching or training at simultaneous engagements. Upon Career Coach training, divided formally into two sets, class time or individual career coaching time. The blend lets you train formally or practice formally, thus in case you seek to get traineeship or career on hand, this is just a step to take.

  1. Rehearse for interviews along with seasoned recruiter.

Career interviews might seem scary, so rehearsal helps. Remove the jitters, fears of the interview experience by rehearsing with the career coach, with many years of cumulative recruiting advice to aid your progress.

  1. Slowly shape the resume to land your desired career.

How does your present position in accounts link up to the launch of positions from the beer scene? The career coach might review and identify the worth in your past work to shape a narrative that lends credibility to your progress. Shaping your distinctive branding lets you emerge well or enhances your appeal to recruiters.

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When to hire a career coach

Contrary to popular belief, a career coach does not only help with submitting job applications to land your dream job but can also benefit you when you are in mid-career and want a career switch completely. You should hire a career coach to discuss your career plans if you are planning to leave your current job and switch careers before it is too late. Getting another perspective from a professional can be extremely useful. 

How to find a career coach? 

The most recommended way to find career coaches is through referrals from family and friends and word of mouth. Otherwise, there is always Google and Google reviews to help you through your search for a career coach. A career coach can make or break your career path, so be sure to choose carefully and wisely before deciding on the one to leave your professional wellbeing to their hands. 

How much do career coaches charge? 

There is no exact answer to this but typically career coaches can charge anywhere from SGD 100 to SGD 300 for a 2-hour face-to-face session. Face-to-face sessions are usually more expensive as compared to digital career coaching. However, while price does play an important role when deciding on which service to go for, you should also consider personal preferences and which type of service will suit your needs better. 

What to prepare before a coaching session 

After you have done your research and decided which career coach is right for you, ask them if there is anything you should prepare before the session. Every career coach is different, so you can’t assume that they would want the same things. Some coaches would want you to prepare your resume, while others want you to attend the session empty-handed. 

After you have found what you think is the best career coach for you, check with them on what is required of you before having a session with them. Every career coach has their own style of conducting a session. Some want you to prepare questions beforehand, while others want you to bring tangible materials, such as a list of your career goals or your resume. 

Who can become a career coach? 

Anyone can become a career coach because there isn’t a need for career coaches to hold a particular qualification before becoming a certified career coach. While there are a variety of courses offering career counselling certification programmes, such certificates are not indicative of a career coach’s quality. Career coaches’ relevant working experience, resume, and reviews are much more reliable tools to measure their quality than simply a piece of paper. 

Career coach vs guidance counsellor 

While both roles seem to be pretty similar in terms of their job scope and the nature of the job they do, a career coach is not to be confused with a guidance counsellor. Guidance counsellors deal with students specifically, and they usually assist students with their academic paths rather than their career paths. As for career coaches, they typically advise individuals on their career path and is not limited to assisting students only. 

Money vs passion 

Should you choose money over passion? This question is subjective as it all comes down to what you want and value to most when it comes to choosing a career. While it is possible to hold a job that satisfies both money and passion, not everyone gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. More often than not, we have to choose between the two. If you are having difficulty deciding on the right career for you, hiring a career coach is the best solution.   


To sum up, a career coach can be extremely helpful if you are having difficulty making decisions regarding your career path or you are planning to switch careers or industries entirely mid-career. Do bear in mind that sometimes, a new perspective is what you need to make the right decision for you. Don’t wait until it is too late, start seeking help from your local career coaches, and it might be the best decision you have ever made. 

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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