Top Calligraphy Classes in Singapore

What is calligraphy?

Calligraphy is a visual art that is related to writing. Specifically, it is the design and execution of handwritten lettering with some sort of writing instrument which can be brush pens, watercolour brushes or even a simple pen and pencil can do the job. 

Different types of calligraphy

There are so many different types of calligraphy that exist in the world. Here are the more common types of calligraphy: 

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is known as the art form of writing Chinese characters, which combines visual art and the literary meaning interpretation. Chinese calligraphy is widely practised in China since ancient times and has been held in high esteem across East Asia generally. Chinese calligraphy is typically created using a Chinese brush pen, which is different from the modern brush pen we see today. 

Western calligraphy

Western calligraphy is significantly different from the Chinese calligraphy as it is the art of penmanship and writing using the Latin alphabet. There are different variations of western calligraphy, from fine art pieces to hand-lettered designs and inscriptions. The tools that are typically used for Western calligraphy are modern brush pens and fountain pens. 

Islamic calligraphy

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As Islamic calligraphy is based on Arabic letters, sometimes it may be referred to as “Arabic calligraphy”. Islamic calligraphy is associated with Arabesque, also known as geometric Islamic art which can be found on the ceilings and walls of mosques. Arguably, calligraphy has become the most respected Islamic art form as it provides a link between the Islam religion and the Muslims’ languages. 

Here are some calligraphy courses in Singapore to consider:

Dottieshop Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore



Speciality Brush Calligraphy and Loose Florals Watercolour
Pricing SGD 99 per person
Address Textile Centre #08-05, 200 Jalan Sultan Singapore 199018
Contact  +65 9011 1431

[email protected]

Operating Hours Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday: 12 PM to 5:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM


Dex Lettering Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Dex Lettering

Speciality Dip Pen Calligraphy
Pricing SGD 105 per person
Address Itchy Fingers, 464A Geylang Road Singapore 389423
Contact +65 9364 9275

[email protected]

Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Sunday: Closed


Top Calligraphy Classes in Singapore 1


Leah Design

Speciality Styles Taught :

  • Copperplate Calligraphy
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Brush Pen Calligraphy


  • Calligraphy & Handlettering Workshops
  • Custom Lettering & Illustration
  • Wall Murals & Installations
  • Live Event Calligraphy & Lettering
  • Corporate Team-bonding Workshops
  • $750 (6-week in-person course)
  • $425 (6-week online course)
Address Classes are taught at Overjoyed Art Store: 2 Handy Road, B1-11 The Cathay, Singapore, 229233
Contact  Telephone: +65 91032622
Email: [email protected]
Review “I attended Leah’s Brush Lettering Course in Singapore in 2019. Her course exceeded my expectations. I am a 4-year calligraphy practitioner from the Philippines but still I learned a lot from her! Her class is loaded with topics. She is very detailed in terms of the explanations and demo. She was able to control the flow of the course, such that all topics were covered and we finished class on time. She is also keen on seeing our strong and weak points. With that, as a participant, I knew where I’m good at and which to work on more. I highly recommend Leah’s classes if you want a strong foundation for Brush Calligraphy.” – Coy Barredo, Professional Calligrapher & Workshop Instructor in Philippines


Nehohmee Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore



Speciality Brush Pen Calligraphy
Pricing Call to ask for pricing
Address 195 Pearl Hill Terrace #02-48 Singapore 168976
Contact  +65 9228 8322
Operating Hours NA
Review 1 “Naomi is very patient in teaching her students and would not shy from clarifying our doubts. She made sure that our foundation and techniques were correct and good! Love attending her classes and always looked forward to learning more from her!” – Crystal Zara Koh 
Review 2 “I attended Naomi’s calligraphy class last Saturday. She is a genuinely warm person and was very patient with the class even though we had overshot the timing allotted to us. She pays close attention to details and makes enough time for every student. ” – Jeremy Lim 
Review 3 “My first ever calligraphy class! Naomi was really patient and super encouraging. She was constantly checking everyone’s progress to make sure we are following the class and did her best to help us improve@ he also gave us a cute keychain, a calligraphy pen, and a workbook pad to practice on – a perfect starter kit. ” – Evanna 


Artsynib Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Artsy Nibs

Speciality Modern calligraphy
Pricing SGD 339 for 3 sessions
Address Stamping Ground Coffee House

87 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 455223


[email protected]

Operating Hours Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday: 8 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Review 1 “I enjoyed the beginner class so much that I enrolled myself to her intermediate class too. I now have so much confidence to pen and flourish with nibs! It’s really life-changing! I have been wanting to learn modern calligraphy for the longest time, and when I saw Artsynib’s opening for a beginner class, I jumped right in! Joyce, the founder of Artsynibs is the most patient and dedicated teacher. She explains the basics of calligraphy, how to write each stroke and alphabet very meticulously. She also took the time to go through all our practice one by one. this really helped me with consistency. Did I mention that she calligraphs so effortlessly?! I wish I can writer half like her! ” – Wei Lin
Review 2 “Due to the pandemic, the classes were held online and despite that, it was still a very intimate session with a  good teacher-student ration. She was able to explain the concepts well and give each of us individual time as well. I have always been a fan of Joyce’s work and style on Instagram for a while. When I found out she is conducting classes in Singapore I knew I had to attend and signed up for her intermediate class immediately. She gave great guidance on what to watch out for when flourishing and working, as well as to what to look out for when working on a piece of artwork. Thank you Joyce again for the wonderful class! ” – Ming 
Review 3 “Joyce helped me with my basics such as holding my pen, posture and gave me little tips that really really made a difference in my writing. I now totally enjoy my daily practice! I totally enjoyed the Modern Calligraphy Class for Beginners! I tried learning calligraphy through online classes but after a while, I felt stuck and couldn’t see any improvement. Thank you so much, Joyce for helping me get ‘unstuck’, and for hosting such a great lass that was the right size! ” – Becky 


Souldee Light Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore



Speciality Modern, traditional and brush calligraphy

Services: calligraphy and watercolour workshops, on-site illustrations, gift box, wedding stationery

Pricing SGD 180 for 2 sessions

Address 19B Hillview Ave, #05-04, Singapore 669555
Contact  Telephone: (65) 9102 5012
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 10:30 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: Closed

Review 1

“I have absolutely loved Dee’s workshops this summer – a real highlight of the year! Myself and my friends attended 5 sessions (so far) learning about calligraphy and use of watercolours. Dee is such an inspiring artist and also a kind and encouraging teacher. I have been really amazed by what we can achieve in a session with her expert guidance. I can strongly recommend Souldeelight and I will definitely be booking more sessions in the near future.” – Amy Partington 

Review 2

“I look forward to coming to every session with Dee. Not only do I learn something new, but I really felt relaxed and at home. Thanks for welcoming us to your home Dee (: Open more classes, please.” –Karen L

Review 3

“Attended 2 Calligraphy Sessions with Dee with my friend last month. And we really enjoyed every second of it. Dee is a really patient and amazing teacher. #highlyrecommended.” –Little Yarnfriends


Coffeemin Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore



Speciality Watercolour brush lettering workshop
Pricing SGD 150 per person
Address 277 Orchard Rd, #02-01, Singapore 238858
+65 6677 7631
Operating Hours Daily: 1:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Craft Varies Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Craft Varies

Speciality Wellness in writing calligraphy
Pricing SGD 560 per 8 sessions
Address Blk 4, Holland Close, Singapore 271004
Contact  +65 9873 7905

[email protected]

Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 2 PM to 8 PM
Saturday: 2 PM to 8 PM (By Appointment)
Closed on Sunday


Letter J Supply Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Letter J Supply

  Modern calligraphy workshop
Pricing Email to ask for pricing
Address NA
Contact [email protected]
Operating Hours NA
Review 1 “Attended a Brush Calligraphy workshop at Wild Olive Branch conducted by Joanne on 22nd June. Joanne is such a professional. Her materials were very thoughtful and the pace of the lesson was good. The class was very relaxed and she was very encouraging. Joanne was also very knowledgeable at what she was teaching. I had a great time there and looking forward to attending her other workshops.” –Cindy Tan 
Review 2 “Had a wonderful day learning calligraphy with friends from Joanne. It’s not easy to write beautifully but Joanne makes it look so effortless. She’s such an inspiration!” – Cheryl Goh 
Review 3 “Saturday 27th April attended the Modern Calligraphy workshop taken by Joanne at Bynd Artisan. The class was well organised and relaxed. Joanne was so kind and patient and it was a joy to learn calligraphy from her.” –Claire Parker 


Heart room Gallery Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Heart Room Gallery

Speciality Brush pen and modern calligraphy workshops
Pricing Call to ask for pricing
Address Blk 41 Cambridge Road #01-17 Singapore 210041
Contact  +65 6816 1190

[email protected]

Operating Hours Monday and Wednesday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Tuesday: Closed

Thursday- Sunday: 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Review 1 “Great for distress, timeout, and Mei is a wonderful teacher! ” – Florence Tee
Review 2 “One striking trait is that the place exudes a very cosy ambience and there were no distractions at all. Enjoyed chatting with the owner and her encouragements are inspiring. Hope to come by again the next time. ” –Jonathan Paul Liau 
Review 3 “Great environment, atmosphere and also very humble and lovely owner! We were very inspired by her sharing of how the place came upon! Had a great time there!” –Rachel Chew 


The Workroom Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


The Workroom

Speciality Modern calligraphy workshop
Pricing SGD 150 per person
Address 25 Lorong Kilat #02-04 Singapore 598126
Contact  Whatsapp +65 8752 0672(text only)

[email protected]

Operating Hours NA
Review 1 “Having some spare time whilst in Singapore, After a quick google – I found The Workroom. More importantly, a beautiful young lady who opened her studio, hours to suit me. Ruth was very relaxed and most helpful having some Watercolour paints & brushes etc ready for me to use/take home, alongside some very professional worksheets to use.
Having introduced myself, explained my situation/experience with Watercolour – she certainly went out of her way to pass knowledge and skills with genuine care and attention. Encouraging and positive feedback. Also, regular photos of work as it progressed.
I must admit I would like to think we had a lot in common after our days together chatting and learning.
Nothing was too hard and Ruth was very accommodating, warm and welcoming.I would recommend visiting Ruth at The Workroom for any introduction to / upskilling art. She is a very clever, talented artist & calligrapher. Delightful friendly teacher surpassed my expectations and can’t say enough.I look forward to my next visit to Singapore and The Workroom, hopefully seeing Ruth again for more instructions and guidance.” – Rose Henry
Review 2 “I really enjoyed my Calligraphy for beginners class. Parking was very convenient. I was taught all the necessary basics by Ruth, she was very patient with us. I learned a lot from her, she even gave us a lot of tips which was very very helpful. The class was very enjoyable and accommodating. And I am looking forward to my next class – Watercolour for beginners next week. I think this place is worth it. You learned all the necessary things for beginners even with no basics.” –Sabrina Jahari 


Type Sundry Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Type + Sundry

Speciality Modern calligraphy workshop
Pricing SGD 120 per person
Address NA
Contact  +65 9093 4244 (Whatsapp only)

[email protected]

Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: Closed


Eterate Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Eterate Calligraphy

Speciality Brush pen copperplate calligraphy workshop
Pricing SGD 130 per person
Address NA
Contact [email protected]
Operating Hours NA


Splash Runway Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Splashrunway Designs

Speciality Brush lettering and watercolour lettering courses
Pricing SGD 100 per person
Address NA
Contact [email protected]
Operating Hours NA
Review 1 “The brush lettering class was fun! It was easy to follow with the customised booklet and Alyssa’s clear instruction. Love that she pointed out my areas for improvement and how I could do better. Great workshop for kickstarting my brush lettering journey.” – Vanessa Choo
Review 2 “Thank you so much! So glad I attended your class. I’ll be sure to recommend you to other people who’d like to learn florals… It was a really good class. You will get undivided attention and guidance. Highly recommend for people in Singapore to attend.” – Karthiga 
Review 3 “Alyssa’s instructions were clear and concise with appropriate hands-on demonstrations. She is also very helpful with giving guidance as and when needed. The pace of the lesson is also good.” – Christine Lim 


Natalie Studio Top Calligraphy Courses in Singapore


Natalie Studio

Speciality Brush and watercolour calligraphy
Pricing Call to ask for pricing

195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #02-30 Singapore, Singapore 168976

Telephone  [email protected]
Operating Hours NA

Why learn calligraphy? 

Calligraphy is a great skill to pick up during leisure time as it trains your patience among all other things. It takes a huge amount of time and dedication to learn a skill, let alone to perfect that skill. 

Is learning calligraphy worth it?

Well, it is up to you to decide if you want to acquire a new skill. Most of the time, it is useful to learn a new skill because you never know when the skill will come in handy. However, what you have to be mentally prepared is the amount of time that is going to be spent on practising the new skill such as calligraphy. Once you have gotten past the initial stage of learning, you will most probably feel that it is worth the effort when you see the progress you have made thus far. 

Who can learn calligraphy?

Any ordinary people like you and me can learn calligraphy. You do not need to be a talented individual to learn calligraphy. As long as you have a heart and desire to learn, you can learn calligraphy. 

How long does it take to learn calligraphy?

It is recommended to give yourself as much time as you need since everyone is different and the learning progress will differ for different individuals. Calligraphy is not only a skill, but an art to master. The general advice is to practice every day for the quickest results and improvement, and most people are able to see significant results after 2 months. 

What you need to get started with calligraphy

Hand-lettering templates

Hand-lettering templates are a great way to start practising calligraphy as a complete beginner as all you need to do is to trace the letter according to the template. It is that simple to get your calligraphy journey started. 

There are plenty of hand-lettering templates you can find over the internet and the best part? Most of them are absolutely free-of-charge! While some websites do charge a small fee for their hand-lettering template, a free template will work just as well as any other paid template.   


You need to set aside a good amount of time to practise on your calligraphy if you want to master the skill and art. Especially at the beginning, your lettering is going to look ugly, and it might bring your self-esteem down. However, suppose you are willing to allocate a huge amount of time to practise on your calligraphy. In that case, it is almost guaranteed that you will see a significant improvement in your lettering. 

Brush pen/pen/pencil

To be honest, you don’t need any fancy brush pens to start learning calligraphy. When you are just starting out, you will be most likely focusing your practice on the strokes rather than the letters. While a brush pen is definitely the ideal tool, you can use a pen or pencil to outline the letters and fill them in. 


Mastering the art of calligraphy is not going to be an easy journey. Are you up for the challenge? It takes a lot of time and effort even to reach an intermediate level in the world of calligraphy. Nonetheless, it is possible to master the skill if you put your heart and soul and time into practising the skill. 

Types of tools for calligraphy

Brush pens 

The classic brush pen calligraphy is created using brush pens. Brush pen calligraphy is one of the most common calligraphy styles on the internet and also super popular among beginners. 


Did you know that you can create calligraphy using highlighters? While highlighters are not the best tools to use, it is worth the shot if you are feeling adventurous and want to experiment with different calligraphy styles and tools. Highlighters such as the mildliners and stablios are great for highlighter calligraphy. 

Pencil and pen 

While the pencil and pen calligraphy are not truly considered calligraphy because they are simply filling in the letters to imitate brush pen calligraphy, it is great for beginners especially if you are not comfortable using a brush pen yet. 

Watercolour brushes

Watercolour calligraphy is becoming increasingly popular among beginners are the thought of mixing different colours to create an art piece is fascinating. Among the different types of calligraphy, watercolour calligraphy is considered the most difficult to master due to the soft nature of watercolour brushes which are naturally more difficult to control. 

Conclusion: calligraphy courses vs self-learn 

Why spend the money attending calligraphy courses when there are so many free resources out there on the internet like video tutorials on Youtube and free lettering templates on Google? Well, it all depends on individuals’ learning style and preference. If you prefer to be coached one-on-one and get feedback immediately or you are feeling stuck and not making any progress in your calligraphy journey, attending calligraphy courses may be one of the best choices you have ever made. 

Editor’s Note:

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If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at [email protected]. There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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