Top Business Consultants in Singapore


What is a business consultant?

A business consultant, also known as a business advisor, provides professional advice, analysis, and solutions to their clients. 

Here are some business consultants to consider:




Management Consultancy

Address 5001 Beach Road #08-08, Golden Mile Complex, 199588
Telephone +65  6346 5225
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed





IMC Group

Address 25-03, GB Building, 143 Cecil St, Singapore 069542
Telephone +65 9234 0891
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 9:30 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Excellent service. Very prompt, greatly appreciate the good work

By Sameer Taneja

Review 2 Best Consultant to set up a company in Singapore. Excellent team of People. Perfectly oriented and guided by team. Best in the country as well as business.

By Karan Patel

Review 3 IMC Singapore is one of the best Consultants to set up a company in Singapore, they have an excellent team of People who guide you right from the beginning to start up a new company in Singapore. We were guided in a proper way and all the work was done in a very professional way, they also helped us in opening up a company bank account just in two days time.

By Saket Brijendra





Bizsquare Management Consultant

Address Block 61, Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub, 1 #02-19, Singapore 408732
Contact Tel: +65 9183 4413


Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 I knew Bizsquare through social media and have worked with them since Aug 2020. Melvin has assisted my business in loan financing and business strategy and honestly, without his help, I don’t think my business will be able to survive through COVID. I highly recommend Bizsquare to fellow business owners!

By Hui Wen Vio L

Review 2 Bizsquare is providing us with professional advice to help us grow our business. Managed to obtain business loans from banks and advised us how to leverage the money to scale our business.

Exceeded my expectations!

By Mattherns Media

Review 3 Melvin and his team are very efficient and professional in delivering their work. They have imparted relevant and useful feedback and suggestions that can better prepare my company to enter the workforce in the future.

By King Yuqi



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Richmond Business Consultants

Address 16 Raffles Quay, #41-01 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
Telephone +65 6423 0777
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Efficient, no fuss and get the job done – recommend!

By Duncan Scott





Nicholas Tung

Address 10 Ubi Crescent, Lobby B #05-32, Tech Park, 408564
Telephone +65 8668 4687
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 Nicholas is an unorthodox consultant with current but new and bold ideas that captures the imagination of the market. He has been able to work in tandem with the internal processes of the company and external market conditions. One of the most experienced but yet down-to-earth consultants I’ve met and will continue working with.

By Dillon Hon

Review 2 I appreciate the rigour and depth of thought Nicholas brought to me. It stretched me personally and professionally. He is a great communicator who was able to motivate me effectively. He has a tremendous capacity to quickly observe my areas that needed improvement.

By Wong SY

Review 3 We have engaged Nicholas and his consultancy for a while now and he does not stop to amaze us with his meticulousness and his efficiency with regards to work. In addition, he has helped our business to explore ways we have not thought of before and due to that, our company is able to expand and operations are improved. A big thank you to Nicholas and his team!

By Tan Hui Xian





Strat Bright Business Consulting

Address 10 Anson Rd, #10-11 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
+65 8323 6995
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 9 PM

Saturday: 11 AM to 3 PM

Sunday: Closed

Review 1 We are an SME & approached the Strat Bright team for a Treasury solution to automate our liquidity management & IFRS16 compliance. We had a very positive experience. The team is highly professional & experienced. They also helped with Project resources to avoid any impact on Business during the implementation.

By Daniel Chellappa





I & R Business Consultancy

Address 50 Chin Swee Road #06-03 Thong Chai Building, 169874
Telephone +65 8823 9283
Operating Hours Daily: 9 AM to 7 PM
Review 1 Were serve by ivy and her team. Very professional and service is tip top. Ivy is very experienced and understands what my team is facing and would give good suggestions.

By Eazy Printz

Review 2 Am a responsive, reliable firm and have given all the relevant, helpful advice thus far. Great services and very professional, highly recommended.

By Eric Yeo

Review 3 Professional, concise, attentive, trustworthy. Thank you.

By Gin & Garfield





Healy Consultants

Address 491B River Valley Rd, Singapore 248373
Telephone +65 6735 0120
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9 am–6 pm
Review 1 I have used the Healy Consultants Group multiple times for the appointment of a resident non-executive director in Australia. Their process is thorough, fast, and comprehensive. The fees for their services are the best I’ve found for the great quality service and responsiveness to clients. I would recommend their services in full confidence.

By Gina Lento

Review 2 We are business partners of Healy Consultants for the last couple of years, I can only say the best things about them and their services. A simple review on Google like this won’t justify the professionalism and result they bring to the table. I strongly suggest people in need contact them directly to see this by themselves.

By Linh Tran Duy

Review 3 Healy Consultants helped me register my company in Africa and open a corporate bank account. Their services were very professional and completely adapted to my needs. What I liked most is how they presented every step of the engagement right from the beginning and followed these steps through the end adapting to my timeline and availability, with no unexpected problems or hidden fees. They provided a lot of information on legislation, banking, and administrative considerations in the country I was interested in. I am very glad about the final realization of my project and highly recommend anyone in need of professional service contact them.

By Julien Voisey





Sandhurst Consultancy

Address 77 High St, Singapore 179433
Telephone +65 6338 4202
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 I can recommend Sandhurst Consultancy to everyone who needs to open a business in Singapore. Mr. Singh and Ms. Maribel are very kind and could answer every question I had for them when I first planned to get started with my business. The whole process seemed to be so simple and easy having them assist me. It’s been a couple of years since I started my business with their help and I can tell that every time I need something and I contact them, they always manage to get back to me very quickly and resolve any kind of problem very efficiently… I think I was actually lucky to get to know them when I first went to Singapore and I am more than happy about their service.
I can personally recommend Sandhurst Consultancy…
Hope my review will be helpful to anyone who plans to start a business in SG…By Paolo Rossi
Review 2 Sandhurst Consultancy has been very helpful and friendly.
They will go out of their way to understand your needs and ensure your objectives are met. They certainly provide a great comprehensive service and offer good value for money. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to establish a presence in Singapore.By Ketan Kotecha
Review 3 We have engaged Sandhurst Consultancy for Branch Office registration in Singapore. Ms. Maribel had patiently discussed the requirements, steps, and fees for setting up a branch. They have also given us some advice on corporate tax, goods and services tax, Singapore employment (even if it is not asked)- thanks to you Mr. Sukhbir Singh. Generally, we are happy with the services provided by Sandhurst. High recommended!

By Gabrielle R





Boston Consulting Group

Address 50 Raffles Place, #44-02/03 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
Telephone +65 6429 2500
Review 1 Shirley from BCG had been very helpful in my search, she is very professional and tried her very best to match my requirements while maintaining very objectivity to both sides. Thank you!

By Dawn Tan

Review 2 Natalie, from BCG, had really helped me a lot in getting this job really. I would still be found for a job if it wasn’t for her. it was the best experience ever. I am very thankful to her 🙂

By Nabiha Nabiha





Global Link Asia Consulting

Address 133 New Bridge Road, #10 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413

470 North Bridge Rd, #05-12 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735

Telephone (+65) 3163 4102
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 I had a chance to cooperate with Global-Link Asia Consulting Pte. in June 2018 to register a company in Singapore. Besides, they also helped me applied for Employment Pass due to my plan to stay and work in Singapore, which is so helpful and effective. It’s an outstanding service that I experienced. Highly appreciate your support.

By Lucien Phuong

Review 2 It’s a great experience to work with the GLA consultant team. The service of company incorporation in Singapore is professional and effective that makes me satisfied. Especially, it takes only 1 day for registration and only 5 – 6 working days to get bank accounts as my desire. Many thanks to Global Link Asia Consulting.

By Sam D





SBS Consulting

Address 1, #18-03 North Bridge Rd, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Telephone (+65) 6536 0036
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 I got value for money on all counts. Recently, I contacted SBS Consulting for a new company set up in Singapore. They are a registered filing agent and offer under-the-one-roof corporate services. It went really smoothly. Now, I am the proud owner of a new business

By roshan mantri

Review 2 I have high regard for your team. They made it look simple. I had my doubts about company incorporation in Singapore. But Vishal and his team offered great advice whenever I asked for it. I think it is their professional attitude and expertise that made the job look like a breeze.

By Kiran Wale

Review 3 I engaged SBS Consulting for my company’s incorporation in Singapore. And I am done with it. It was a smooth and pacey experience. The team I interacted with was experienced. Guys, it was easy working with you. I really appreciate your help!

By Archana Pillai


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Website k
Address 10 Marina Boulevard
Level 39 Marina Bay Financial Center
Singapore 018983
Telephone +65 6818 5757
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed





Martech ISO

Address 190 Middle Road
#19-05 Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979
Telephone +65 9797 5406
Operating Hours Daily: 8 AM to 10 PM


What does a business consultant do?

A business consultant is responsible for helping their clients transform, improve, and support their business operations by providing business solutions. A business consultant is also required when necessary to take on projects and manage the projects on behalf of the client. 

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The job responsibilities of a business consultant include but are not limited to: 

  • Plan, organise, and manage business projects for clients 
  • Work on projects based on clients’ requirements
  • Communicate and conduct meetings with clients as needed
  • Perform assessments for clients before commencement of the project
  • Research and collect information on the client’s business 
  • Identify and strive to meet clients’ needs and wants 
  • Provide recommendations for improvement
  • Develop detailed business plans
  • Track the project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Why hire a business consultant 

If you are a small business owner, you may not have extra funds to hire a business consultant. However, investing in a decent business consultant can help your business tide through tough times when the time comes. 


A business consultant can provide you with the missing market information, advice, or strategies that your business lacks to solve the business issue. A business consultant works closely with you and your organisation on the planning, problem-solving, and strategy needed to help your business grow and improve. 

Meanwhile, you might need to learn how to design a better business model, create a new marketing plan and learn how to implement marketing techniques. 

New ideas

A business consultant can bring in new and fresh perspectives of your business from an outsider’s point of view. As a third party, they can see your business on a larger scale and determine the position of your business in the industry more accurately. The new insights can help direct the team to alternative ways of problem-solving. 

Types of business consultants

Strategy and management consultants

Strategy and management consultants have a deep understanding of your business’s specific industry and the best practices. These consultants can help you expand your current product offerings, reorganise your business to maximise efficiency and cost savings, and increase the capability of your business. 

Operations consultants

As the name suggests, operation consultants look into the operations of your business. Operation consultants are great when you need help analysing current business operations and want to improve quality and reduce operating costs. 

IT consultants 

With the rapid growth in technology, IT consultants are in high demand and growing quickly in the consulting industry. IT consultants can help improve the computer systems, security systems, upgrade servers for your business.

Human resource consultants 

Human resource consultants focus specifically on employees in a business. If you are looking to recruit talents, reduce turnover rate and determine employee salary, you can engage in human resource consultants to help you. Human resource consultants can also help your business in terms of employee leadership and communication development. 

Sales & marketing consultants

Sales and marketing consultants are experts when it comes to branding your business. They can help companies create marketing plans, work on branding, launch promotion campaigns, plan social media strategies, or even design coaching and sales training courses.  

Is hiring a business consultant worth the money

Owning a successful business is not without hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Many business owners struggle to keep their business afloat the first few months. Hiring a business consultant can help business owners keep a consistent strategy and effectively deal with the problems they face, especially during the early days of their business. 

Plan ahead

Hiring a business consultant can help you plan ahead for the future of your business. A strategic plan can be drafted for your company to help prevent nasty surprises. The strategic plan also helps you stay focused on your organisational goals and have a clear idea of what you want your business to achieve in the long run. 

New opportunities 

Hiring a business consultant can help land new clients and identify new business opportunities suitable for your business. A business consultant can assist you in optimising your current marketing strategy to be more attractive to potential clients. 

Things to consider before hiring a business consultant 

Address your questions 

Before deciding which business consultant to hire, prepare a list of questions beforehand and try to get clear answers for every question. The quality of the answers of the business consultant will help you determine if they are suitable for your business. 

Know your business inside out

It is important to know your own business better than the business consultant. A business consultant is hired to provide their point of view as a third party, so if they know more about your business than you do, their opinions are more likely to be subjective. 

Look beyond the price 

If you are on a tight budget, it may be tempting to choose the cheapest business consultant available on the market. However, the most affordable business consultant may not provide the premium quality service and advice your business needs. These business consultants are also less likely to take responsibility if something goes wrong after the consultation. While expensive business consultants may not necessarily guarantee better results, most of them do have warranties. If something goes wrong with your business after the consultation, you are more likely to get refunds or request additional consultations at no extra cost. 


While hiring a business consultant can bring in new insights for your business and improve your business in general, it is still up to the company to implement and follow through with the strategies. Not all business consultants will go the extra mile to check up with their clients on the progress of the strategy. Hiring a business consultant is not a guarantee that there will be visible improvements for all businesses, but it is much-needed guidance for success for others. 

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