Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot in the beautiful city of Singapore, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect bridal makeup studio to make your big day even more special. With the city’s bustling bridal scene, you’re in for a treat, as Singapore is home to some of the most talented makeup artists and studios that can transform you into a stunning bride.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a delightful journey through the top bridal makeup studios in Singapore. Whether you’re aiming for a natural and elegant look or a glamorous and bold one, we’ve got you covered.

From exquisite makeup techniques to personalized consultations, these studios are your go-to destinations for achieving the bridal look of your dreams. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the fantastic world of bridal beauty in Singapore!

Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

  1. My Dream Wedding – Singapore
  2. CYC Made to Measure @ Capitol Piazza
  3. Autelier Makeup
  4. Professional Bridal Makeup
  5. Sharon Ang (Singapore Makeup Artist)
  6. Esta Hsu Makeup
  7. Makeup Pros Sg
  8. Cynderella Pte Ltd
  9. Angel Chua Makeup And Hair
  10. Makeup Maestro
  11. Hanna – Korean Makeup Artist
  12. Joyce Yeo Makeup
  13. Zen Makeup Team
  14. Merry Fish Makeup & Hair
  15. Makeup.Nadie
  16. Beauty Matters Asia
  19. The Make Up Room
  20. Beauty Blush Makeup Artist
  21. Jennis Wong makeup



My dream Wedding Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

My Dream Wedding

Specialty Hey there, lovebirds! If you’re planning the most special day of your life in the heart of Singapore, you’ve got to know about My Dream Wedding. These folks are all about one thing: making your dream wedding a reality!

So, what exactly can you expect from My Dream Wedding? Well, they’ve got a whole bunch of incredible services that will make your journey to “I do” an unforgettable one. First off, there’s the personalized pre-wedding photography services that will capture those precious moments before the big day. They make sure your love story shines through every shot.

But that’s not all! My Dream Wedding also offers elegant wedding and evening gown rentals that’ll make you look and feel like a million bucks. Who doesn’t want to be the belle of the ball, right?

When your wedding day finally arrives, you can count on them to capture every magical moment. They’ve got top-notch wedding day photography services that will turn your special day into a picture-perfect memory.

Oh, and here’s something cool – My Dream Wedding isn’t just in Singapore. They’ve got branches in Malaysia, Macau, and even their head office in Hong Kong. So, no matter where your love story begins, they’re right there to add a touch of magic.

At My Dream Wedding, they’re all about making your wedding dreams come true. With a team of dedicated individuals who are as excited as you are about your big day, you can trust them to turn your wedding into a fairy tale. So, if you’re in Singapore and looking for the best in bridal makeup and wedding services, make My Dream Wedding your first stop.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 52 Tras St, #01-01, Singapore 078991
Telephone 6438 1237
Operating Hours Monday: Closed

Tuesday- Sunday: 12–9pm

Review 1 Had an awesome experience with Rachel and Samantha last night.

Needless to say, My Dream Wedding has some seriously nice pre-wedding shoot photos and quality make up.

The packages they offer are top notch as well, and we are very satisfied with the way Rachel keeps her clients’ in mind; she tried her best to tailor make the program to our needs and liking.

Clothes themselves are Korean/trendy style; if you want something old school, maybe you can try somewhere else. If you want something on trend and will wow your friends, definitely do consider this place. We found this AMAZING evening gown that suits our wedding theme perfectly.

Did I mention their customer service is top notch? – JinDao Zhou

Review 2 Yesterday we went for our photo selecting session. Thanks to Sherlin for her patience and opinions in assisting and guiding us to choose the best photos. Can’t wait to see the printed version. Thanks MDW for their excellent service again! – Andy Lam
Review 3 Gown consultant:Samantha
Makeup artist: Mico
Photographer: David
Tailor:JustinaIt has really been a fun and enjoying experience with My Dream Wedding! In the shop, the staff there were all very friendly and warm towards us and it made us feel comfortable as if we are at home.Both Rachel and Samantha were very patient with us as we had to change our plans several times due to COVID but nonetheless, it all went well in the end! 🙂 Samantha was very helpful and gave us good suggestions regarding the gowns and locations for photoshoot.Mico was very professional in doing the make-up and hairstyle and she kept us engaged throughout the photoshoot. She was very attentive to us, making us feel warm and well taken care of.David totally gave his all with his super super high energy to keep our mood high throughout the photoshoot and guided us patiently on the poses. He also never failed to make us laugh!Justina was very thoughtful to sew the awesome masks for us! :)Sherlin was helpful when we were choosing our photos and gave us good suggestions on how we can make the album nicer.Even after our photoshoot, we still think of both Mico and David as they are really very 热情 and nice to us throughout our photoshoot :)Glad that we chose MDW in the end, will definitely recommend it! – Ronny Lim



CYC Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Meanswear Tailor

CYC Made to Measure @ Capitol Piazza

Specialty When it comes to top bridal makeup in Singapore, you’ve got to know about CYC Made to Measure at Capitol Piazza. Now, you might be wondering, “Why is a tailor shop talking about makeup?” Well, stick around, because CYC has a lot more to offer than just suits and dresses.

CYC is more than just your ordinary tailor; they’re an award-winning tailor with a strong commitment to excellent quality and dedicated service. Whether you’re looking for the perfect suit for your wedding or any special occasion, CYC is here to make you look your best.

What sets CYC apart is their dedication to providing a personal and authentic service to every customer. Yes, you heard that right; they offer wedding services too. Not only can they dress you in the finest suits and dresses, but they can also help you look your absolute best with professional makeup services for your big day.

CYC doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. They source their materials from the finest fabric mills in the world, ensuring that you get nothing but the best. Their craftspeople are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece they create is a work of art.

Now, let’s talk about the services they offer. They specialize in made-to-measure tailoring, creating suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, vests, and even skirts tailored to your exact measurements. This means you’ll look sharp and stylish on your wedding day or any other special event.

But that’s not all. CYC also offers bespoke and made-to-measure dress shoes. So, you can get shoes that not only fit perfectly but also match your outfit flawlessly.

If you’re looking for something more immediate, they have standard size and ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Address (Flagship Store): 13 Stamford Rd, #01-12/13/14 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905

Address (Second Store): 1 Fullerton Square, #01-06, Singapore 049178

Telephone  (Flagship Store) : (65) 6336 3556

(Second Store): (65) 6538 0522

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 11am–8pm
Review 1 Experienced and dedicated staff. Trendy ideas. Good customer service. Kudos to Ruys and Jennifer throughout all these years with CYC. – Lao Chen
Review 2 Was served by Jenny. She is friendly and attentive to my needs. Would strongly recommend her services! – Wei Ming
Review 3
I am always assured of quality here and the service is fantastic. – Leonard Tan



Autelier Makeup Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

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Bridal Makeup Studio

Autelier Makeup

Specialty When it comes to transforming brides into the most radiant versions of themselves, Autelier Makeup is a name that shines brightly in the world of bridal beauty. Our journey began with a humble start, but today, we stand tall as one of the top bridal makeup companies in Singapore.

At the heart of Autelier Makeup is our brilliant team of artists, each of whom brings a unique touch of magic to their craft. We’re not just makeup artists; we’re visionaries who understand the power of makeup and hairstyling in creating bridal masterpieces. Our journey has been led by the immensely talented Cherry Au, our acclaimed makeup principal artist. Cherry’s passion and artistry have been the guiding light, shaping Autelier Makeup into the company it is today.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We believe that every bride deserves nothing but the best on her special day. That’s why we partner with the finest names in the industry, from renowned photographers to top-notch gown designers and wedding planners. We orchestrate a symphony of talent and creativity to ensure that our brides experience a seamless blend of service and quality.

At Autelier Makeup, we don’t just create makeup looks; we craft dreams. Our artists pour their hearts into each stroke of the brush and every twist of the curling iron, making your bridal look as unique as your love story. Our goal is to make you feel not just beautiful but also confident and happy as you walk down the aisle.

So, if you’re looking for bridal makeup that’s not just makeup, but artistry, passion, and a touch of magic, Autelier Makeup is the name you can trust. We’re here to make your bridal journey a joyous and unforgettable one, ensuring you feel like the most radiant bride in Singapore.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 160 Paya Lebar Rd, #06-07, Orion@PayaLebar 409022
Telephone 8186 4688
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Review 1 I engaged Anastasia for my pre-wedding shoot and all i could say was, she is a great make up artist. She would follow up with me time to time and would even ask me what kind of hairstyle and make up that i like. She is attentive to my needs and requests and she also teach me some tricks for my second hairdo. Really appreciate her help today. – Carol Ho
Review 2 I engaged Patrina to do my PWS makeup. She is very professional, meticulous and friendly from the time we met for consultation to the day I had my PWS. She had a wide range of good quality makeup. The makeup and hairdo held up really well even though I did a full outdoor shoot! You won’t have anything to worry about if you engage her. – Sylvia And
Review 3

I engaged Patrina for my PWS. Her skills & engagement went above & beyond expectations. She was very thoughtful. She listens to the concerns I have, and the style that I wanted. Her suggestions really sharpened the whole outlook.

I appreciate that she does not only focus just on the hair & make up. She will understand the style that you want, the gown that you are going to wear, and then make a recommendation of what may suit you best. It was very helpful since I have no prior experience with regards to make up and hairdo. 🙂

I believe with these skills she has, it comes with much practice & perseverance. The behind the scene that we don’t see her do, is what makes the on screen so perfect. 10/10 would recommend. – Madeline Tng



Yvonne Bridal Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Professional Bridal Makeup

Specialty Meet Yvonne, the creative force behind Professional Bridal Makeup in Singapore. With over a decade of experience as a freelance makeup artist, Yvonne has truly mastered the art of enhancing your beauty and confidence.

Yvonne’s journey in the world of makeup began in 2009 when she embarked on her career. She honed her skills and knowledge by earning a Diploma in Professional Makeup from the prestigious School of Makeup. But her quest for perfection didn’t stop there. Yvonne is committed to staying at the forefront of the bridal styling industry. She holds a coveted Hoolala Wedding Production Certificate for Advanced Bridal Styling, a testament to her dedication to the art of bridal makeup.

Yvonne’s expertise is not limited to bridal weddings. She has an impressive portfolio that includes Company Dinner & Dance events, Halloween Night extravaganzas, Prom nights, Pre-Wedding Photoshoots, Bridesmaid makeovers, and even model photoshoots. Her versatile talent shines through in every event she’s a part of.

What truly sets Yvonne apart is her signature makeup style – the Natural Look and Korean Fashion Look. If you’re someone who appreciates the beauty of a natural appearance, Yvonne is the makeup artist for you. She has the skill and finesse to bring out your natural beauty, ensuring that you look and feel your best on your special day.

Yvonne’s dedication to her craft doesn’t end with her skill and talent. She understands that the tools of her trade are just as crucial as her expertise. Her makeup kit boasts only the highest quality and most reliable products from reputable brands like Lancome, Bobbi Brown, and Inglot. This ensures that every stroke of her brush and every dab of her makeup product enhances your beauty without compromise.

At Professional Bridal Makeup, hygiene is of paramount importance. Yvonne follows strict sanitization routines to keep her tools and products in pristine condition. You can trust that your safety and well-being are a top priority for her.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 336C Yishun Street 31, Singapore 761336
Telephone 9665 6848
Review 1 Positive: 5 stars. – சகோ டிவி


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Sharon ANg Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Sharon Ang (Singapore Makeup Artist)

Specialty Hey there, lovely brides-to-be! If you’re in Singapore and on the hunt for that perfect bridal makeup artist who can transform you into a natural yet elegant beauty on your big day, look no further than Sharon Ang. 🌟

Sharon is not your ordinary makeup artist; she’s a true gem in the world of bridal beauty. With a stellar portfolio that includes working with top artists like Kit Chan, Jeanette Aw, Irene Ang, and Olinda Choo, you can trust that she’s got the skills and expertise to make you shine.

What sets Sharon Ang apart is her unique approach to makeup. She’s all about enhancing your natural beauty, so you’ll still look like yourself but with an added touch of elegance and radiance. No over-the-top transformations here – just the best version of you.

When it comes to your special day, Sharon’s got you covered. Whether it’s your wedding, engagement, or any other significant event, she offers makeup and hairstyling services that will make you feel like a true princess. Your bridal look is in the best hands.

So, if you’re looking for that picture-perfect bridal makeup in Singapore, Sharon Ang is the name you need to remember. Get in touch with her, and let her make your wedding day even more magical with her exceptional skills and warm personality. Your journey to bridal beauty starts here!

Pricing Click here to enquire

9100 7253

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 9am – 10pm
Review 1 Positive: 5 stars. – Clarence Ong
Review 2 Positive: 5 stars. – Charlotte Ang



Esta Hsu Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

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Bridal Makeup Studio

Esta Hsu Makeup

Specialty ESTA HSU’s journey into the world of bridal makeup is a story of passion, friendship, and an unwavering commitment to perfect beauty. In her university days, Esta had a unique talent that set her apart – a knack for noticing the subtle imperfections and areas for improvement on her friends’ faces during their most important life events. She always believed her friends deserved to shine even brighter on their special days, and she was determined to make it happen.

It was during these moments that her lifelong quest for perfect beauty began. Esta’s friends quickly realized that she possessed a special talent, an eye for detail that was unparalleled. They not only saw her potential but also had unwavering confidence in her ability to transform them into their most beautiful selves.

Fueled by her growing passion and with the full support and encouragement of her friends, Esta Hsu decided to take the leap and become a professional bridal hair and makeup artist in Singapore. She recognized the power of enhancing a bride’s natural beauty, making her feel confident, and ensuring she looked radiant on her big day.

In the heart of Singapore, Esta Hsu Makeup was born, and it was built on a foundation of trust, friendship, and the desire to make every bride’s dream come true. With Esta’s artistic touch and attention to detail, she brings out the unique beauty in every bride, ensuring they look and feel their absolute best as they walk down the aisle.

Esta’s journey is not just about makeup; it’s about building a bond with her clients. She takes the time to understand their individual styles, personalities, and preferences. Esta believes that the key to achieving bridal beauty is a collaborative effort. It’s not just about applying makeup but creating a personalized and customized look that speaks to the bride’s inner essence.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 2 Jalan Lokam Kensington Square, 537846
9759 4574
Operating Hours Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Monday – Friday: 10:30am–7:30pm

Review 1 I’ve engaged Esta (Artemis eyebrow) for brow embroidery. I did 6D microblading brow embroidery and I really love the final result of my brows! Now I can leave the house without worrying my brows! She very nice and professional and give recommendation to how your brows suit you. Thank you Esta! I’m a happy customer from her service! – Annie Ngai
Review 2 Esta Makeup class is very affective who want to be makeup artist or want to learn new skill. Esta is very patient and i am very happy to get mentor like her. – Staffni Nan
Review 3 I knew Esta from insta, fell in love with her natural but perfect makeup looks for her brides. She’s friendly, sincere and passionate. I kept bothering her for my dress, hair, skincare even before the trial and she really gave me best advice. We became close friends on the trail day, she’s so adorable and you can’t resist her charms. She taught me how to maintain for better skin, DOs and DON’Ts for actual day.

I was very happy with my look on actual day. The look was so natural but it’s glowing and perfect. Everyone adored my look. Her masterpiece was lasted from 9am to 12midnight without touchup till I didn’t even want to wash my face because I felt so wasteful. She created me as a beautiful and happy bride with her professional skills. I am so glad to know her as my MUA and She’ll be my MUA forever. – Tha Zin



Makeup Pros Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Makeup Pros Sg

Specialty At Makeup Pros Sg, we’re not just a team of makeup artists and hairstylists; we’re a bunch of makeup enthusiasts who are head over heels in love with the magical world of cosmetics and beauty. We’re thrilled to be a part of your special moments, whether it’s your wedding day or that all-important dinner event.

So, what makes us stand out from the rest? It’s our commitment to ensuring that you look and feel like the best version of yourself. We understand that your makeup should be a reflection of your unique style and personality. That’s why we take the time to get to know you. We’re not just about brushes and powders; we’re all ears when it comes to understanding your preferences, likes, and dreams.

Our process is simple – we chat with you, we listen to you, and we take your requests seriously. We believe that every detail matters, from the way you want your hair styled to the shade of lipstick you adore. It’s all about the little things that add up to create that perfect look.

Our collaboration with you is what makes us different. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all beauty. Your look is a partnership between us, where we bring our expertise and your dreams together. Whether it’s the radiance for your wedding day or the confidence for a significant dinner function, we’ve got you covered.

At Makeup Pros Sg, we’re not just about makeup; we’re about creating moments, boosting confidence, and making you feel extraordinary. Your special day is our canvas, and you are the masterpiece. So, let’s embark on this beauty journey together, and get ready to shine!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 183 Jln Pelikat, #01-112 The Promenade @ Pelikat, Singapore 537643
Telephone 9695 2876
Review 1 Definitely recommend! Sophia comes highly recommended to me and I felt very safe leaving my eyebrows in her hands for my first virgin eye embroidery. She is very professional, friendly and open to communication! I’m super satisfied with my eyebrows for sure✌ – Charlene Go
Review 2 I have my eye lashes lifting done by sophia and was really amazed by her skills, it was beautifully done and the most amazing part is that my lash lifting last for more than a month. I have previously done lash lifting at 3 different places and all 3 only last me for 2 weeks. Sophia is very patience, professional and is well experience. Highly recommended. – Chan Stephy
Review 3 I was fortunate enough to get to know Sophia through my bridal package with Ted Wu! During my trial makeup, Sophia was very patient in helping me discover the makeup shades that suited my skin tone and the hairdos that suited my face shape. She was also very accommodating in listening to my preferences. She also managed to give me a super natural eye makeup with lashes that were just enough to add oomph yet not go overboard! This was not easy given that I have single eyelids!

I really enjoyed all the makeup sessions with her – from the trial, to the prewedding makeup, to the actual day & night – as she always manages to make me feel relaxed even when she is facing time pressure. Highly recommended! – Dora Chen

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Cynderella Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Cynderella Pte Ltd


At Cynderella Pte Ltd, we’re not just another bridal makeup company in Singapore; we’re a team of passionate makeup artists who bring your bridal dreams to life with a touch of magic and a dash of love.

Let me introduce you to the brilliant minds and talented hands behind our enchanting transformations. We have Cynthia, Mibe, and Jasmine – the dynamic trio that forms the heart and soul of Cynderella.

Cynthia, our radiant star, is an editorial trained fashion makeup artist who has spread her magic across Singapore and beyond. With training that spans the beauty hubs of Korea, Taiwan, and our own sunny Singapore, she’s a master of the art. Her specialty? Korean Style Natural Makeup. But that’s not all. Cynthia’s skills extend to the world of eyebrow makeup with her experience at Avant Microblading. She’s also an aficionado of romantic American style hairstyling.

Cynthia’s portfolio is nothing short of impressive. She’s been the creative genius behind editorials for various magazines and newspapers, gracing cover pages and pages in between. But what truly sets her apart is her work with local and foreign celebrities. From Hong Kong’s enchanting Bernice Liu to Taiwan’s sensational Sony Music Artiste, Eric Chou – Cynthia has left her mark on them all. Our local stars, including Michelle Chong, Jean Danker, Simone Heng, and Amy Cheng, have all had the privilege of experiencing Cynthia’s artistic touch.

But she’s not alone. Mibe and Jasmine, with their extensive experience and remarkable talents, complete the trio. Together, they’re the dream team that will make you feel like the princess you’ve always envisioned on your big day.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 87 McNair Rd, Singapore 328557
Telephone 9738 0974
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 12–6pm

Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Cynthia is very meticulous in her work and she’s really positive and has amazing attitude to her clients! – Melvin Lau
Review 2 Cynthia is super professional with great attention to details on her work. Excellent service and highly recommended. – JG



Angel Chua Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Angel Chua Makeup And Hair

Specialty Angel Chua Makeup And Hair is more than just a bridal makeup service in Singapore – it’s the embodiment of a passion that began over a decade ago. Angel, the woman behind the brand, has transformed her love for makeup and hair into an impressive journey that has touched the lives of many.

In 2006, Angel took her first step into the world of makeup as a freelance artist. She fondly remembers her debut at a makeup art competition, and to her astonishment, she clinched the first Runner-Up and best artist award. That early recognition set the stage for her remarkable career.

With 14 years of experience under her belt, Angel has become a seasoned expert in the beauty industry. Her clients not only include brides but also renowned actors and actresses. Initially, working with celebrities might have seemed daunting, but Angel welcomed the opportunity with open arms. And, what’s even more heartwarming is that her talent didn’t go unnoticed; she received compliments for her exceptional work.

Angel doesn’t just wait for clients to come to her; she takes her expertise directly to them. Offering on-site makeup services for weddings and other special events, she ensures that her clients look and feel their best on their big day.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Text Whatsapp Only. No call, Singapore 180261
Telephone 9656 9231
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 24/7
Review 1 Best place for hairdo and makeup. Professional makeup artists & really cooperative. – Sneha Thomas
Review 2 Positive: 5 stars. – thecharredj



Makeup Maestro Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Makeup Maestro

Specialty Makeup Maestro, the name that sparkles in the world of bridal makeup right here in the heart of Singapore! We’re not just a makeup service, we’re a team of passionate makeup artists who are dedicated to making your special day even more extraordinary. ✨

At Makeup Maestro, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life. You want to look your best, and that’s where we come in. We’re not just makeup artists; we’re maestros of beauty, bringing out your inner radiance and enhancing your natural beauty.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with the fastest and easiest way to find the perfect makeup artist for your big day. We take the stress out of searching, contacting, and hiring makeup artists, so you can focus on the joy of your wedding preparations.

Our team at Makeup Maestro is not just about applying makeup; we’re about creating art. We understand that every bride is unique, and so are her dreams and desires for her bridal look. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences. Whether you want a classic, timeless look or something bold and contemporary, our makeup artists have the expertise to make your dreams a reality.

We take pride in our ability to blend creativity with professionalism. Our artists are skilled in the latest makeup techniques and use high-quality products to ensure your makeup lasts throughout your special day, from the ceremony to the dance floor. You can trust us to have you looking flawless and feeling confident.

But it’s not just about the makeup; it’s about the experience. We believe that getting your makeup done should be a moment of pampering and relaxation, and we create a soothing atmosphere to make your bridal journey even more delightful.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 36 Sago St, Singapore 059027
Telephone 9111 7539
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 11am–6pm

Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Mu En is extremely skilful and professional and I absolutely loved the hair and makeup she did for me on my actual wedding day! She is super kind and friendly too and was very accommodating to all my requests. She was also very attentive to my wedding theme and did exceptionally well in ensuring that my make up and hair suited the theme. She also gave really helpful tips on skincare so that my skin would be at its best condition on my wedding day! Would highly highly recommend engaging her as your makeup and hair artist for any occasion! – Eunice Wong
Review 2 Chin Sien from Makeup Maestro is really good at doing natural makeup and making braids for hairdo. She came 15min earlier at around 3.55am to set-up her stuff, and she is really quite well-prepared with her own mirror and lighting and range of makeup. The ampoule that was applied to my face was good and the makeup didn’t really smudge despite the drizzle, and me crying.. I received many compliments regarding my makeup and hairdo from friends and relatives. Thank you Chin Sien! – Lim Yan Ping
Review 3 Engaged Mu En for my actual wedding day hair and makeup and it was one of the best wedding decisions made. She is very professional, meticulous and friendly from the time we met at the trial to the whole prep on actual day. She was able to achieve what I wanted, natural & classic and she also managed to even out my uneven eyelids and jawline to make me look my best. Highly recommend! – Jia Rui Chua



Hanna Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Hanna – Korean Makeup Artist

Specialty Meet Hanna, your friendly neighborhood Korean makeup artist with a passion for making you look and feel your best. Hanna’s journey in the world of makeup started in Icheon, a charming city nestled an hour south of the bustling metropolis of Seoul, Korea. In this quaint town, known for its luscious peaches, exquisite ceramics, and delicious rice, Hanna discovered her knack for bringing out the beauty in people.

As an avid traveler, Hanna’s adventures took her to various corners of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. It was during her time in these diverse places that she found her true calling – using her artistic talents to enhance beauty, create emotions, and set new trends in makeup and style.

Hanna’s approach to makeup is all about capturing your unique essence and personality. She believes that makeup isn’t just about covering imperfections; it’s a form of self-expression that can elevate your confidence and beauty. With her skillful hands and an eye for the latest trends, Hanna is here to make you feel like the star you are.

Whether you’re preparing for your big day, a special event, or simply want to pamper yourself, Hanna – Korean Makeup Artist, is your go-to makeup guru. Her warm and welcoming style ensures that you not only look your best but also feel comfortable and happy throughout the entire experience.

So, if you’re in Singapore and looking for top-notch bridal makeup that’s not only professional but also delivered with a touch of Korean charm, Hanna is the artist you’ve been searching for. Get ready to transform into the best version of yourself with Hanna’s magical touch. Let’s make your beauty shine, inside and out!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 61 Lor G Telok Kurau, Singapore 426327
Telephone 8553 8874
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 7am–11pm
Review 1 Positive: 5 stars. – thecharredj




Joyce Yeo Makeup

Bridal Makeup Studio

Joyce Yeo Makeup

Specialty In 2014, Joyce took a leap of faith and left her corporate job to follow her heart and her passion for makeup and hairstyling. Little did she know that this brave decision would lead her on a remarkable journey through the world of beauty and glamour.

From the moment she started, Joyce found herself immersed in a variety of exciting makeup projects. Her work ranged from corporate photo shoots to Mediacorp program sets, and she even lent her artistry to local short film productions. Joyce’s talent and dedication quickly became evident, earning her a special place in the hearts of those who worked with her.

In 2015, an incredible opportunity presented itself when Joyce joined Malena Bridal Haute Couture as their Resident Stylist. Her role was to craft enchanting hair and makeup looks for brides, and the results spoke for themselves. With glowing reviews pouring in from every direction, it was clear that Joyce was a rising star in the bridal makeup world.

What sets Joyce apart is her versatility. She is a master of soft, elegant bridal looks, influenced by the beauty traditions of Korea and Japan. But she’s not limited to just that; Joyce’s talent extends to bold and striking makeup suitable for runway and fashion photoshoots. Her experience as a dance performer has given her a unique perspective on stage hair and makeup, allowing her to create looks that truly stand out.

Joyce’s exceptional work hasn’t gone unnoticed. She’s been featured in prestigious publications like and prominent wedding blogs. In 2016, she made it to the list of ’16 Top Wedding Makeup Artists For Every Budget’ in Singapore, a testament to her ability to cater to brides from all walks of life. She’s also earned a spot in Singapore Brides’ list of ’70+ Makeup Artists Singapore Brides will Love’ in May 2019, further solidifying her reputation as a beloved makeup artist.

Joyce Yeo Makeup is more than just a name; it’s a promise of beauty, creativity, and unmatched talent. With Joyce at the helm, you can trust that your bridal makeup and hairstyling needs will be met with a level of expertise and artistry that’s truly exceptional.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 1 Yishun Industrial St 1, A’Posh Bizhub #08-06A Singapore 768160
Telephone 9067 9807
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 24/7
Review 1 Joyce is really skilled in her make-up and especially her hairstyling! I’ve engaged her twice already. Many of my friends and family complimented on the hairdo. She has never failed to disappoint me! – Sheral Leo
Review 2 I truly enjoyed my 1-1 makeup class with Joyce. Time zoomed by really fast! Joyce guided me step by step from skincare to makeup application, gave easy to pick up tips and was very patient. Highly recommended if you are looking to get started on make up or would like to go back to basics. – Michelle Wong
Review 3 I just had my one-to-one online makeup class with Joyce. My makeup looks more intact than ever. It was a hands-on lesson with Joyce guiding me along the way. She customised the lesson according to my facial features and makeup concerns. She shared great tips and guided me patiently even if it meant going beyond the designated class hour. Thank you Joyce! Highly recommend the class to anyone who has always wanted to learn to do their own makeup! – JY



Zen Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Zen Makeup Team

Specialty Based in the stunning city of Singapore, Zen Makeup Team is your go-to destination for all things bridal makeup and beyond. If you’re looking for makeup artistry that’s not only top-notch but also delivered with a dash of professionalism, you’re in the right place.

Our passionate team is led by the incredibly talented Zennie Cassan, who brings two decades of makeup artistry experience to the table. With Zennie at the helm, you can trust that you’re in the hands of a true makeup maestro.

At Zen Makeup Team, we offer a wide range of services to cater to your every beauty need. Whether it’s your big day or a special event, we’ve got you covered. Our services include bridal and fashion makeup, face and body painting, special effects makeup, and even hair and wig styling. We understand that every occasion is unique, so our packages can be personalized to fit your specific requirements, ensuring that you look and feel your absolute best.

From transforming brides into radiant visions of beauty to creating captivating looks for fashion shoots, our team is dedicated to making you feel like a star. We’re not just in the business of makeup; we’re in the business of enhancing your natural beauty and helping you shine in every spotlight.

So, whether it’s your wedding day, a glamorous photo shoot, or any other special occasion, Zen Makeup Team is here to make you look and feel absolutely fabulous. It’s not just makeup; it’s an experience. Join us on this beautiful journey, and let’s create some makeup magic together!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Singapore 760729
Telephone 9139 0422
Operating Hours Tuesday to Sunday: 24/7

Monday: Closed

Review 1 Positive: 5 stars. – Shermen Sim



Merry Fish Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Merry Fish Makeup & Hair

Specialty Are you searching for that perfect bridal makeup and hair styling that’ll make you look effortlessly beautiful on your special day? Look no further because Merry Fish Makeup & Hair has got you covered!

Meet our talented founder, Emily, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your bridal beauty journey. Emily’s professional training has taken her from Taiwan to Hong Kong and back to Singapore, ensuring she’s well-versed in the latest trends and techniques. You can trust that you’re in excellent hands with her.

Emily’s remarkable talents and top-notch services have earned her recognition in the beauty world. In 2017, she was featured in the Oriental Daily News in Hong Kong, a testament to her skills and dedication. She’s also proudly listed as one of the best bridal makeup artists in Singapore by Daily Vanity, further confirming her status as a go-to expert for brides-to-be.

At Merry Fish Makeup & Hair, we understand the significance of your big day, and our goal is to help you achieve a natural, radiant look that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Whether you’re dreaming of a subtle, romantic look or a more dramatic style, we can customize your makeup and hair to match your vision.

Our team is passionate about making your wedding day as special as possible, and we believe that the right makeup and hair can truly enhance your natural beauty. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your look is tailored to your unique style and preferences.

So, if you’re in search of a bridal makeup and hair expert in Singapore who can make you look and feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, look no further than Merry Fish Makeup & Hair. We’re excited to be a part of your journey to becoming a radiant bride. Get in touch with us, and let’s make your dream bridal look a reality!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 520 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329853
Telephone 9638 2732
Review 1 Make up artist is very friendly, and excellent skills. Thumb up for merry fish. – 吴思琦
Review 2 Exceptional. Highly recommended. – Stan
Review 3 Very friendly makeup artist. – Phoi Yee Chong



Makeup Nadie Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio


Specialty Nadie Othman, the creative force behind Makeup.Nadie, is not just your typical makeup artist. With an Advanced Diploma in Makeup Artistry from The School Of Makeup Singapore, she’s honed her craft to perfection over the past 4 years.

Nadie’s journey in the world of makeup has been nothing short of fascinating. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned channels in Singapore, where her skills as a freelancer have graced drama series and documentaries. But it doesn’t stop there. Nadie’s expertise extends even into the world of special effects makeup, as she played a pivotal role as the makeup artist for the spine-tingling telemovie, “Damia.” This collaborative effort brought together actors and actresses from both Singapore and Malaysia, making it a remarkable chapter in her career.

Beyond her work on the big screen, Nadie also cherishes the one-on-one connections she forms with her clients. Personal hair and makeup sessions are her specialty, ensuring that you look your absolute best for your special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday celebration, or a significant life event, Makeup.Nadie is here to make you shine.

What sets Makeup.Nadie apart is its commitment to excellence. Nadie collaborates with other talented makeup artists who serve as her dedicated assistants, ensuring that every moment of your life that she’s a part of is nothing short of extraordinary. Together, they’re here to groom and pamper you, ensuring that you step out looking absolutely flawless for your big day.

So, if you’re in search of a makeup artist who’s not just skilled but also brings a personal touch to the table, Makeup.Nadie is your go-to choice in Singapore. Make your special event even more extraordinary with the magic of makeup, and let Nadie and her team be a part of this exciting chapter in your life. It’s all about celebrating you and making you feel fabulous!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Hougang Ave 8, #03-296 Block 621, Singapore 530621
Telephone 9018 8267
Review 1 Engaged makeup nadie for wedding. Mua was professional and arrives earlier. – Danial H



Beauty Matters Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Beauty Matters Asia

Specialty If you’re looking for the perfect bridal makeup experience in Singapore, you’ve just stumbled upon the right place – Beauty Matters Asia!

At Beauty Matters, we’re not just a bridal makeup salon; we’re your partners in turning your special day into an unforgettable memory. We’ve been in the beauty business since 2013, and from day one, our mission has been crystal clear – to put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Why do we do what we do? Well, it’s simple – your satisfaction is our top priority. We firmly believe that your big day should be nothing short of amazing, and your bridal makeup plays a pivotal role in that. That’s where we come in!

Over the years, we’ve made it our goal to go above and beyond to meet and even exceed your expectations. We don’t just promise results; we deliver striking results. Whether it’s a natural, elegant look or a glamorous, bold style you’re dreaming of, our talented team has got you covered.

What sets us apart is our dedication to personalization. We understand that every bride is unique, and so are your beauty needs. That’s why our friendly and skilled staff is here to give you the individual attention and care you deserve. We’re all about making you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your big day.

So, what are you waiting for? Beauty Matters Asia is the go-to place for all your bridal makeup dreams. We’re ready to make your special day even more special. Swing by and let’s work our magic together!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 214 Bedok North Street 1, #01-183, Singapore 460214
Telephone 9227 0086
Operating Hours Monday- Saturday : 10am–8pm

Sunday: 11am–6pm

Review 1 It is my first preference for Indian parlours in Singapore. Best in quality, reasonable prices.
All the staff people are very polite and go extra mile to provide best service possible. Highly recommended. – latika ahuja
Review 2 Amazing beauty salon for ladies. – Mida Haron
Review 3 My facial experience was fantastic , I went for them for normal facial , but Ms Mona advised me to take Casmara facial as according to my skin condition . It was super relaxing and I can feel the result immediate after treatment . The price for Casmara Facial is only $ 98 which is affordable in cheapest in the market I feel . I will return back to beauty matters and refer my friend also definitely . – Preeti Singhania



Gayathri menon Top Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Studio


Specialty Meet the driving force behind this fabulous venture – Gayatri, an artist with a passion for making brides feel their absolute best on their big day. She’s not just your everyday makeup artist; she’s a jet-setter, globetrotter, and an expert in the world of destination weddings, photoshoots, workshops, and all things wedding glam!

Gayatri’s talents have even graced the pages of a UK-based wedding magazine, where she earned the prestigious title of the go-to makeup artist in Singapore for destination weddings and romantic honeymoons abroad. Talk about making waves in the world of bridal beauty!

Now, let’s talk services because GAYATHRI is more than just a name; it’s your one-stop-shop for all your bridal beauty needs. Here’s what they bring to the table:

  1. Bridal Makeovers: Whether you’re a classic bride, a modern trendsetter, or somewhere in between, GAYATHRI will work their magic to ensure you look and feel like the radiant bride you’ve always dreamed of being.
  2. Wedding Party: Your bridesmaids, family, and friends deserve to shine too! GAYATHRI specializes in creating stunning looks for your entire wedding party, making sure everyone’s feeling their best on your special day.
  3. Personal Makeovers: It’s not just about weddings; GAYATHRI can help you look your best for any occasion. Whether it’s an anniversary dinner, a date night, or just a little self-pampering, they’ve got you covered.
  4. Photoshoot Makeovers: Capture those picture-perfect moments with confidence. GAYATHRI’s expertise in photoshoot makeovers ensures that you’re ready for your close-up, making memories that will last a lifetime.
  5. Workshops 1-1 and Group: Looking to learn the art of makeup or enhance your skills? GAYATHRI offers one-on-one and group workshops, sharing their expertise to help you master the art of looking fabulous.

At GAYATHRI, it’s not just about makeup; it’s about creating an experience that leaves you feeling like the most beautiful and confident version of yourself. So, whether you’re walking down the aisle, striking a pose in front of the camera, or simply want to learn the secrets of beauty, GAYATHRI is here to make it all happen with a sprinkle of happiness and a dash of style. Let’s make your bridal journey as enchanting as you’ve always imagined it to be!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 760 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #12-13 Block N, Singapore 479245
Telephone 9108 1014
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 24/7
Review 1 Gayathri Menon has the skill and experience to cater to your requirements and needs. She also has great suggestions for your look based on your outfit and venue. You can safely trust your big day to her. – G.Vilasni Naidu
Review 2 Gayatri was my MUA on my wedding ceremony and needless to say she did an amazing job. It will always
Remain one of my best looks. From draping to styling it was stunning, and the makeup was flawless. She understands her customer’s needs and use her expertise and skills to make an amazing look. Thank you so much. – Rashi Tripathi
Review 3 I was truly impressed by Gayathri’s services. I contacted her for make- up services. I only gave her 12 hrs for a response. Yes, she WhatsApp me within 12 hrs and confirmed the appt. She was professional and did a great job within a limited time span. Her make- up looked natural and made the day special. She was meticulous with the hair-do. It looked contemporary and gorgeous. I will engage her again for future events. Thanks Gayathri for all you have done for us. – Premarani Kannusamy
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Zbeauty Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Specialty When it comes to your big day, choosing the perfect bridal makeup and hairstyle is a decision many brides ponder. The question often arises: should you opt for Western, Japanese, or Korean bridal styles? But what if none of these predefined styles truly resonate with you, or what if you’re unsure whether they’ll bring out your best self?

At, we understand the dilemmas brides face when selecting the ideal bridal look. We recognize that many makeup artists in Singapore specialize in specific styles, which may not align with your unique vision. That’s where we stand out from the crowd. We firmly believe that bridal makeup and hairstyle should be tailored to enhance your natural features and bring out the best version of you.

We acknowledge that most women don’t wear heavy makeup in their daily lives, and many brides may not feel comfortable with the idea of sporting heavy makeup and voluminous cosmetic eyelashes for extended hours on their wedding day. As a dedicated wedding makeup artist in Singapore, we’re here to listen to your desires and understand your vision of the perfect bridal look.

Our commitment is to craft a bespoke style exclusively for you on your special day. We want you to feel confident and radiant, allowing your true self to shine on your wedding day. At, it’s all about embracing your unique beauty and helping you look and feel your best. So, let’s make your bridal dreams come true, and together, we’ll create a look that’s as special as you are.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 9 Jln Arnap, Singapore 249315
Telephone 9820 7201
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 24/7
Review 1 Zynn is so amazing! All her reviews was so right! She make me feel and look so gorgeous on my big day. Even before I met her, through all my WhatsApp exchanges with her, she was so professional and so nice in listens to your request respectfully! I HIGHLY recommend her! Love Zynn! – Cynthia Arwen
Review 2 I engaged Zynn on my big day to style my hair for my 2nd march in and she did an amazing job! I received lots of compliments for the beautiful hair do. she came early and waited patiently until i’m done with my 1st march in. she transformed my hair within a short period of time due to my tight schedule. Very talented, professional and dedicated. She was very kind to help with the changing up and to touch up my make up. I’ m very happy that i chose Zbeauty.Will definitely engage her again and recommend her to everyone. – Yoges Wari
Review 3 I’ve engaged Zynn for both my PWS and Actual day. She is very patient, and takes time to listen to the style I prefer. She has an extensive portfolio, and is able to recommend accordingly. On the actual day, Zynn was very punctual. Even though time was tight, she was able to deliver the hairstyles and makeup, exceeding my expectations. She’s very outgoing and that makes every session with her very enjoyable. I’ll definitely recommend her to the people I know. Thank you very much Zynn! – Erica Ang



The Make up room Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

The Make Up Room

Specialty The Make Up Room is not just your ordinary bridal makeup studio – it’s a place where beauty meets a touch of magic! Established in 2004, we’ve been adding that special sparkle to brides for the past two decades. Yes, you heard that right, we’ve been making brides look and feel fabulous for 20 wonderful years!

But we’re not your run-of-the-mill makeup artists. For us, it’s not just about the makeup, it’s about the journey. We’re here to make you look like the stunning bride you’ve always dreamed of, and we do it with all our heart and soul.

Our journey isn’t just about beautifying brides; it’s about our own growth too. We constantly strive to perfect our craft, pushing our boundaries, and evolving to make your special day even more remarkable. We believe that by improving ourselves, we can enhance your experience. It’s a win-win situation!

At The Make Up Room, we’re all about imagination, execution, and exceptional service. Our studio is a place where creativity knows no bounds, and our team is dedicated to turning your bridal dreams into reality.

But it’s not just about makeup and hairstyling. We’re on a mission to uplift spirits, spread joy, and make every bride’s day unforgettable. Our passion is deeply rooted in making the world a more beautiful place, one bride at a time. We believe that every act of kindness, every brushstroke, and every smile shared adds a bit more beauty, appreciation, and love to this world.

So, if you’re looking for a bridal makeup experience that’s not just about looking fabulous but feeling fabulous too, then The Make Up Room is the place to be. Let’s make your special day absolutely magical!

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address River Valley Rd, 236A, Singapore 238294
Telephone 9231 2703
Operating Hours Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Monday to Friday: 10am–6pm



Beauty Blush Top Bridal Makeup Studios in Singapore

Bridal Makeup Studio

Beauty Blush Makeup Artist


If you’re in search of the perfect bridal makeup in Singapore, look no further than Beauty Blush Makeup Artist! With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, we take pride in making brides-to-be feel and look their absolute best on their special day.

Our journey in the world of beauty began over 10 years ago, and since then, we’ve been honored with prestigious accolades such as the Kimarie International Image Makeup Artist award, the New York International Diploma in 2004, and the Specialist Advance Special Effect Makeup recognition in 2009. These awards are a testament to our commitment to excellence in the field of makeup artistry.

We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you deserve nothing but the best. At Beauty Blush Makeup Artist, we go above and beyond to ensure that our services are truly remarkable and exceptional. Our team of talented makeup artists is dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty and creating a look that’s uniquely yours.

So, if you’re a bride-to-be in Singapore, trust Beauty Blush Makeup Artist to make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your big day. We’re here to make your wedding day even more special and memorable with our professional makeup services. Let us be a part of your journey to bridal beauty, and together, we’ll create a look that will leave you feeling radiant and confident as you walk down the aisle.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Telephone 8316 1030
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 24/7
Review 1 Wonderful experience with Eileen. She is punctual in fact she came way early. Had engaged her to do makeup for my family. Very friendly and approachable. Makeup artist. Very good service rendered! – Xiaoyin Goh
Review 2 I Facebook searched for makeup artist and found Beauty Blush which offered the best market price for dinner and dance makeup cum hairdo at our doorstep…. Eileen answered all my inquiries. Payment wise is no hassle! Eileen is most willing to listen to your likes / dislikes…. Eileen was never ever late in my # years with her. Eileen is not alone, she has a number of people working with her thus not much of a worry if your booking isn’t too last minute! – Cynthia Cleopatra Loh
Review 3 Get to know Eileen through Google search. I will strongly recommend her as she is very professional and know what I needed. She is punctual in her appointment and very patient. – Claira Aw



Jennis Wong Makeup

Bridal Makeup Studio

Jennis Wong Makeup

Specialty At Jennis Wong Makeup, we believe that every bride deserves to look and feel like a true princess on her special day. With a passion for beauty that knows no bounds, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making dreams come true, one bride at a time.

Our journey began with a simple dream – to bring out the inner radiance of every bride through the art of makeup. With years of experience in the beauty industry and a flair for creativity, Jennis Wong embarked on a mission to create enchanting bridal looks that leave a lasting impression.

What sets us apart? It’s not just our skillful hands and keen eye for detail. It’s our dedication to understanding the unique beauty of each bride and enhancing it with our makeup artistry. We don’t just apply makeup; we craft beauty stories that unfold with each brushstroke.

Every bride is special, and so is her love story. We take the time to get to know you, to understand your personality, style, and vision for your big day. Whether you’re looking for a classic and timeless look or something bold and contemporary, we’ve got you covered. Your vision becomes our inspiration, and together, we create a look that’s as unique as your love story.

We’re more than just makeup artists; we’re your confidantes, your cheerleaders, and your partners in making your wedding day unforgettable. We’ll be there with you every step of the way, ensuring you feel at ease and utterly fabulous. Your happiness is our success, and we’re committed to making you shine on your wedding day.

At Jennis Wong Makeup, we’re not just a bridal makeup company; we’re a family that celebrates love, beauty, and happiness. Your journey with us starts with a consultation, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll be by your side, making sure you’re the most beautiful and confident version of yourself when you walk down the aisle.

Address 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre, 058357
Telephone +65 94674670
Review 1 I engaged Jennis for my bridal make up on my wedding day after reading up about her that she has been featured as one of Singapore’s best make up artist.

She is very dedicated to the art of makeup and very experienced, able to work with my thick difficult hair. On the trial make up session she give me helpful suggestions on hairstyling colours and understood my preferences which elevated the final look

I love the natural dewy look that Jennis gave me and the hair style was what I was wanted, elegant and classy, receiving many praises from the guests on the wedding day. Thank you for making me the most radiant and confident bride and making my day extraordinary. Highly recommended!

Services: Hairstyling, Photography makeup, Bridal makeup – Win Xing Hui
Review 2 The key for a happy you, good photos and sparkling events is a good makeup artist. I love Jennis 🤗 for doing my hair and makeup for my MBA Graduation ceremony. I absolutely loved her work! She made me look stunning for my graduation and the look was natural like I wanted. Definitely worth it. She’s Very sweet and accommodating, so professional and highly recommended. She made me feel beautiful and confident.
Service: Special occasion makeup – Farah Jane
Review 3 Jennis has excellent taste and design. She was very friendly, professional and was able to incorporate my own accessories in a tasteful manner for my wedding. She did my hair and makeup at 6 am and it was able to last till 10 pm with only very slight touch ups. Friends said I still looked radiant as the day came to a close. She’s very responsive in communication.
Services: Hairstyling, Bridal makeup – Julieene Tan



Bridal Makeup Studios 

Bridal makeup should make you look like the most beautiful, confident, radiant and glowing bride during the wedding. Professional bridal studios provide makeup services for newly brides-to-be. Light makeup can even bring you the most perfect look – many brides mistakenly think they need more. However, a little definition on the eyes, a pair of well groomed eyebrows, a glowing skin, a slightly deeper lip colour and more blush is good more than enough. You may also require a small touch-up kit to make the look glamorous and last all day and night.

Most bridal makeup consists of natural, dewy and glowing foundations, with soft definition on the eyes and a natural lipstick colour – unless its a themed wedding, which means your makeup has to be customised. Some brides prefer Korean makeup; whilst others prefer American makeup.  Nothing will go wrong as long as the elements of the look mix well together. 

It’s important to have a good idea of your makeup look and feel of the wedding before you proceed to the ceremony. It will be wise to start early research on ideal wedding makeup looks so you have visual references for your makeup artist. In fact, a trial is necessary as it ensures that there are no last-minute changes on your big day. Most importantly, you should feel confident that your makeup artist can make you look your best for the wedding. Give yourself time on the day to be pampered by your makeup artist. And finally, you should tell your makeup artist about the theme, time and place of the wedding so they can adjust your final look to fit!

Services of Bridal Makeup Studios

There is a range of professional makeup services in local bridal studios for brides with different skin types. The service list includes makeup for blemished skin, healthy skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and oily skin.

1. Bridal Makeup for Blemished, Uneven Skin

Studios can arrange makeup artist to beautify brides with blemished skin conditions with almost similar application techniques as other skin types. The only difference is that it might give you a more natural look. Due to appearance of blemishes, the makeup will be applied to eliminate skin imperfections without making your face look imperfect when compared to a standard finish.

On your wedding day, you will be moving around constantly and getting your photographs taken. You might sweat and remove some makeup on your face. You definitely don’t want a finish that’ll make your skin’s imperfections appear after sweating. Thus, you need something that’ll last throughout the day. Professional makeup artists in the studio will equip good makeup materials that contain reflective particles to diffuse light and hide imperfections.

This kind of makeup is the go-to for most famous celebrities and professional makeup artists as it gives off a very natural, non-cakey, dewy, perfect and flawless look. It might look sheer while hiding flaws such as uneven skin tone, blemishes, pores and scars from acne. It’s the makeup that every bride dreams of – it feels flawless and hides imperfections. In fact, this is the most common form of makeup, especially when the final finish is light and natural rather than heavy and thick.

2. Bridal Makeup for Healthy Skin or Normal Skin 

This makeup technique does not use the typical kind of tools such as brushes, sponges and beauty blenders for application. As the skin is normal (neither oily or dry), the products are easily sprayed on to the face with the help of an air compressor or air gun. You could imagine the makeup sprayed through the air nozzle, creating a fine and natural look on your face. Moreover, this skin type is almost perfect for any kind of makeup. Since the products are sprayed on the face in thin layers, it easily adapts to the skin, covering some small pores and making you look perfect.

One of the best advantages of such makeup is that you will look fresh for almost 12 hours. Thus, this makeup technique is good for a bride who wants a flawless, long-lasting, waterproof and natural finish.

If you are worried about skin hygiene, this spraying makeup technique does not have any contact with the hands, brushes or sponges. Since you already have a healthy and normal skin, this can be a good option. It gives superb full coverage and clean finish.

3. Mineral Bridal Makeup for Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin types, brides can go for this mineral makeup look. This technique is perfect for people with sensitive skin who tend to break out easily. Minerals such as iron oxides, talc and zinc oxide are used in makeup materials to create a hydrated look. Mineral products are usually preservative-free, fragrance-free and contains SPF (good for outdoor wedding). It is definitely safer than other makeup products.

They generally do not contain emollient oil, alcohol, waxes, dyes, synthetic substance, fragrance, and preservative ingredients found in common formulations. These ingredients are extremely bad for the skin (might cause flare up) – especially for sensitive skin types. This makeup tends to create a natural glow because of the natural mineral elements. Mineral makeup is highly pigmented, long-lasting and flawless for brides with acne-prone and sensitive skin (flare up). It focuses on bringing out your features wherever required while keeping it minimal, neat and effortless. This look works best during the summer season.

4. Bridal Makeup for Clear, Dry Skin

This makeup technique makes the person look glossy and shiny. It is usually made of liquid products and tons of highlighter – to create glossy eyelids and glossy lips. This is often confused with dewy finish makeup look, which actually means ‘glass porcelain skin’ or ‘glowing’ skin. This look is achieved with minimal makeup products – slightly dewy-finish foundations, a minimum amount of highlighters and essential oils to achieve a glossy finish. Sometimes, gloss and glitter can be used to add the bling effects.

Don’t forget the SPF if it’s an outdoor wedding! This is a good advice for individuals with dry skin. You don’t want to look red two hours into the hall!

5. Matte Bridal Makeup for Oily skin

Matte makeup is the finish that the skin receives after makeup application. Matte makeup does not mean there is excess oil, shine and radiance on the skin. On the contrary, it has a more velvety finish that pulls light inward with a powdery and glowing texture.

The aim is to use mattifying, oil-absorbing products such as matte primers, foundations and blushes to create a velvety finish. Fortunately, it can hide the skin imperfections while creating a smooth and comfortable finish. Matte makeup is also the technique to achieve that perfect porcelain finish on your skin. Going matte can be attractive especially if you want your makeup to “pop” for a long time, even without repetitive touch-ups. In short, this makeup technique will make your skin look smooth and flawless for the day.

In summary, brides will usually prefer a natural makeup look which gives a strong illusion of perfect skin, even if you don’t have it. As the name suggests, any makeup looks that appear as close as natural skin tone is called natural makeup. It usually takes a lot of skill and time to use existing products to achieve such results. This natural makeup look uses the effects of mixing light and dark to create a pleasing look. It does not contain huge layers of makeup and enhances the facial features without going overboard with colours. Natural makeup is meant to enhance the person’s facial features without being too much. This is suitable for brides who want to look and feel natural without heavy makeup, while enhancing her current features.

Cost of Services in Bridal Makeup Studios

If you haven’t already, it’s important to research and discuss the price of your bridal makeup services. It usually costs a little bit more if you were looking for a well known makeup artist. In some circumstances, you can find out the price for your bridal party as well. To help you plan your budget for a bridal makeup artist, we can provide an estimated price rate for a full bridal makeup package which is around SGD400 to SGD1000 per project. Usually one session of makeup & hairstyling (whether it’s for ROM or a simple photo-shoot) costs about SGD400.

We have curated a directory of 75 makeup artists with strong experience in bridal makeup – some are even makeup artists to famous celebrities but are offering their services at an affordable rate! Keep scrolling to see their portfolio, rates, and contact details.

For brides-to-be who might be interested to search for top bridal makeup studios in Singapore, we have curated a comprehensive list for you. The studios consist of makeup artists with strong experience in bridal makeup – some of them even helped famous local celebrities or influencers but are offering their services at an affordable rate!


Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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