Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore

Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapor

What is breast cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs when cells in breasts grow out of control. There are different types of breast cancers, and the type of breast cancer will depend on which cell in the breast turn into cancerous cells. 

Any part of the breast can develop into breast cancer. A breast is made up of three main parts: the lobules, ducts, and connective tissue. Most breast cancers begin in the lobules or ducts. The lobules are the glands that milk production occurs. The ducts are the tubes that transport milk to the nipple. The connective tissue consisting of fibrous and fatty tissue surrounds and holds the breast together. 

Breast cancer can also spread outside of the breast through lymph and blood vessels. When breast cancer spreads to other parts of the body, it is known as being metastasised. 


Esther Chuwa Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Esther Chuwa Breastcare

Services Breast Cancer Screening, Breast Cancer Evaluation, and Breast Cancer Surgery
Address #10-03 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Napier Road, Singapore 258499
Telephone +65 6479 2110
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Review 1 Dr. Esther Chuwa is a meticulous and responsible medical professional and I had a very positive experience going to her for the past 2 years. She picked up on an issue that previously went undetected in a routine health check-up done at a private hospital. I am grateful for that.

She is extremely patient during her consults, and is always clear in her explanations, making sure to always address my questions and concerns. Because of her detailed consults, there might be a bit of a wait at times (not unbearably so), but she awards the same level of care and concern to every patient, so I have no complaints. I trust her and would not hesitate to recommend her.

By Li Yan Yeo

Review 2 Good doctors will always have to wait time at their clinics. Having managed my expectations on that front, I am so happy to have chosen Dr Chuwa for my needs. She is so warm and caring, and I felt really at ease in her capable hands. Am recommending her to all my friends!

By Sheralyn Aw


Maven Surgery Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Maven Surgery

Services Breast Cancer Screening
Address 38 Irrawaddy Road #07-49 Singapore 329563

319 Joo Chiat Place #02-05 Singapore 427989

Telephone (+65) 66904160
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Review 1 Very skilled and experience Dr.
Lucky my lump is removed immediately as advised to, even tho ultrasound results seems normal.
Clinic assistant Sharon is very friendly and caring too. Always reply to my message even on weekends, when im on my lowest and most helpless point of my life. Greatly recommended.By Nana Tan
Review 2 Dr. Chong was very patient and clarified all the doubts that I had. He is a very meticulous doctor asking about my detailed health history and I’m really satisfied with his professional advice. I would highly recommend him!

By Agnes Decham

Review 3 Excellent service. The staff are lovely, caring and accommodating.

By Claire T


Georgette Chan Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Dr. Georgette Chan

Services Breast Cancer Screening, Breast Ultrasound, Mammogram, Management of Benign Disorders, Breast Concerns during Pregnancy,  Surgical Treatments, and Post-Cancer Counselling
Address 11-09 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore
Telephone (65) 6836 5167 |  (65) 6836 5165
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Mammo Care Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore

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Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Services Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, Surgery, Remodelling, and Post-Cancer Rehabilitation
Address 38 Irrawaddy Road, #06-21 Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Singapore 329563
Telephone (65) 6694 1706
Operating Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Review 1 I appreciated Dr Mona Tan for her frankness. She was able to share options with me and explained with facts and data. She may not be the doctor that shows overflowing empathy, her honesty, forthrightness and confidence made up for this.

By Reena Ng


Melanie Seah Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Dr. Melanie Seah

Address 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Farrer Park Medical Centre 12-07, Connexion, 217562
+65 6244 2668
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM

Sunday: Closed


SG Cancer Society Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


The Singapore Cancer Society

Address 15 Enggor Street #04-01, Realty Centre, Singapore 079716
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 5 PM

Closed on Saturday, Sunday, PH


Health Clinic Group Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


The Health Advisory Clinic


1 Raffles place #04-49, Singapore, 048616
(Above Raffles Place MRT)

Telephone (+65) 6226 6442
Operating Hours

Mon – Fri : 0900 – 1800
Saturday : 0900 – 1400
Sunday & PH : Closed

Review 1 Was looking for a place to do my health checkup and a friend recommended this clinic near her work place. Took up their health screening package.
The whole experience redefined my perspective of how health screening were done. They were patient and took the time to explain the results to me. The ambiance was clean and comfortable which really helps a lot. I fully appreciate the Dr for the time taken to explain the results to me and advise on some change to lifestyle…eg eating the proper food etc.By Stephen Yeo
Review 2 Great experience here. Definitely worth a 5-star rate with their good service.
Reasonable and affordable price for health screening. Will not simply recommend for unnecessary screening package. Highly recommended.By Li Min Tan
Review 3 5 stars for the services! Dr Tay has changed my perspective of a GP visit. She patiently explained to me and answered any queries. Although my consultation was long, I never feel the rush at all, unlike the norm. The staff were polite and welcoming. Thanks and I hope the clinic will keep up the good service!

By Junz Lim


HSIG Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Somerset Imaging Centre

Address 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, Units 03-21 to 03-24, Singapore 238164
Telephone +65 9423 7319
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 6pm
Saturdays: 8.30am – 1pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Review 1
I was happy when I found this place… the staff and doctor are very accomodating, KUDOS to MRI staff… his very kind… I will surely recommend this Somerset Imaging Center… thanks to all staff…
By Krys Caiga


Gleneagle Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Glenaeagles Hospital

Address 6A Napier Rd, Singapore 258500
Telephone +65 6575 7575
Operating Hours Open 24 hours


BCF Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


Breast Cancer Foundation

Address 5 Stadium Walk, Leisure Park Kallang, #04-03/08, Singapore 397693
Telephone (65) 6352 6560
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 Appreciate and thanks to Caroline during my first visit to the office. She was caring, helpful, patient and understanding. Thank you so much.

By Khoo Serene

Review 2 Good place for breast cancer survivors support groups and caregivers support group.

By Win Tai

Review 3 Nothing but good things to say about this group of tireless folks.

By Gregory Zhou


Homage Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore

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Address 12 Kallang Avenue, #03-19/20, Singapore 339511
Telephone +65 6100 0055
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Review 1 First time using homage, it’s easy to find what I need. Professional services and would recommend to anyone else who needs help!

By Liping W

Review 2 Homage really delivers on its mission to deliver care where you are, exceptional! Highly recommend to all who are looking for help to care for their loved ones.

By Clinton Teh

Review 3 Homage is a very good Home Care Service provider, it really suitable for people like us, will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives.

By Ang Say Woon


DB Medical Top Breast Cancer Screening Services in Singapore


DB Clinic

Address 290 Orchard Road #14-10 Paragon Medical Centre
Telephone (+65) 6733 7122
Operating Hours Mon – Fri : 0900 – 1800
Saturday: 0900 – 1300
Sunday & PH: Closed
Review 1 The clinic has a very warm and welcoming ambience. Dr Khoo, Ms Penny and the nurse were all nice and patient. I was initially a bit nervous but seeing Dr Khoo’s warm smile made me become more comfortable with the health check procedures.

By Roxanne Alteza

Review 2 First time visiting DB medical. I received their responses for appointment booking on the same day. Dr. Khoo is very friendly and professional, she explained my medical report to me from A to Z which I really appreciate. Their assistant, Penny also very nice and helpful when I asking to change my appointment. The entire experience was good! Highly recommend! Will visit again!

By Emelone Ling

Review 3 Went for breast cancer screening. I had some questions about my personal health issues during consultation with Dr. khoo. She was very nice and kind. Thank you so much for advice even though it is out of topic.

By Goh Ziqi


Types of breast cancer

Invasive ductal carcinoma 

Invasive ductal carcinoma starts from the ducts, and the cancer cells grow into other parts of the breast tissue. These invasive cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body. 

Invasive lobular carcinoma

Invasive lobular carcinoma starts from the lobules and spread to the breast tissue that is of proximity. These invasive cancer cells can also spread to other parts of the body. 

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Symptoms of breast cancer

Although the most common sign of breast cancer is a lump in the breast, there are instances that such lumps are not an indication of cancer. Most of these lumps are non-cancerous. 

Common causes of non-cancerous breast lumps 

  • breast infection
  • fibrocystic breast disease
  • fibroadenoma
  • fat necrosis

New painless lumps that occur in breasts are the most common symptom of breast cancer. If you feel a hard lump with irregular edges is more likely to be cancerous than other types of lumps. 

Early signs of breast cancer

A woman may notice a change in her breast when she goes for her frequent breast examination or checks up on minor abnormal pain in her breast. The early signs of breast cancer include: 

  • changes in the shape of the nipple
  • pain in the breast that continues even after your period 
  • a new lump that does not go away after your period 
  • nipple discharge from breasts that is either red, yellow, brown, or clear in colour 
  • redness, swelling, itchiness, rash on the breast that is not due to skin condition 
  • swelling or a lump around the collarbone or under the arm area

Later signs of breast cancer

  • inward turning or retraction of the nipple
  • enlargement of one breast 
  • an existing lump that increases in size
  • a skin texture that resembles an orange peel
  • vaginal pain 
  • dimpling of the breast surface 
  • unintentional weight loss 
  • enlarges lymph nodes under the arm area 
  • visible veins on the breast 

However, note that having one or more symptoms does not necessarily indicate that you have breast cancer. For example, nipple discharge can be due to an infection and nothing as serious as breast cancer. Ensure to check with your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms and arrange for a breast screening as soon as possible. 

Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer is typically not associated with men. However, on rare occasions, breast cancer can occur in men at any age, although more commonly found in older men. As men have breast tissues, too, there is a chance for them to develop breast cancer. However, as men’s breast tissues are much less developed than women’s breast cells, breast cancer in men is rare. The symptoms of breast cancer in men is more or less similar to the symptoms for women. Since men do not regularly check their breast tissue for signs of lumps, their breast cancer is usually diagnosed at a much later stage. 

Breast screening devices


A mammogram is one of the most widely available breast screening methods in Singapore. It is an X-ray of the breast, which detects cancerous lumps even before they can be felt with the hands. 

How often should I go for breast screening 

Regular breast screening examination at once a year is highly recommended for women between 40 to 49 years old. For women above 50 years old, screening every two years is recommended. And for women below 40 years old, it is not necessary to go for screening. 

Risk factors of breast cancer


Age is one risk factor that you cannot change as it is a natural human process to grow older. However, the risk of breast cancer increases with age, with most breast cancers diagnosed after aged 50. 

Reproductive history 

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Women who have early menstrual periods before age 12 and starting menopause after age 55 are exposed to hormones longer and increasing their risk of getting breast cancer.

Dense breast 

Dense breasts have more connective tissue than fatty tissue, increasing the difficulty of detecting cancer cells using a mammogram.

Family history of breast or ovarian cancer

A woman’s risk for breast cancer increases if she has a mother, sister, or daughter who have had breast or ovarian cancer. Other members from the extended family, regardless male or female, who have breast or ovarian cancer can also increase the risk. 

Treatments with radiation therapy

Women younger than 30 years old who had radiation therapy to the chest area or breast have a higher chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer later in life. 

Personal history of breast cancer or non-cancerous breast diseases

Women who are survivors of breast cancer are more likely to get it for a second time. Some non-cancerous breast diseases such as atypical hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma increase the chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Alcohol intake 

The more alcohol a woman drinks, the higher chance she has of being diagnosed with breast cancer. 


Women who are pregnant and gives birth after age 30, who are not breastfeeding, and have not experienced a full-term pregnancy have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. 


Breast cancer is one of the most cancer among women in Singapore. Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle and consuming less alcohol can help to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. If you feel a lump in your breast, consult your doctor and arrange for a breast cancer screening examination as soon as possible. Early detection of breast cancer increases your chance of surviving and reduces the possibility of the cancer cells spreading to other parts of your body. 

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