Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

top boutique hotels in singapore

Ever caught yourself impatiently counting down to your next annual vacation, which is like 8-months away? How about taking a quick getaway without squandering off your annual leave instead?

Fortunately, there’s an oasis where you can escape from it all and treat yourself to some well-deserved indulgence. You’ll leave the place feeling rejuvenated, and possibly culturally-enriched! Yes, you won’t need your passports, and you can definitely do it within a weekend! 

Introducing the world of boutique hotel staycations!

Are Boutique Hotels Worth Spending On?

Boutique Hotels vs Chain Hotels 

Let’s get into some whimsical imagination! 

If chain hotels manifest itself as a school student, he would be the popular kid. Excellent in sports and studies and popular with the opposite gender.

Boutique hotels, on the other hand, is the quirky-looking kid in hipster outfit. He doesn’t try hard to be in the centre of attention. Yet, once you’ve met his acquaintance, you’d feel like you’ve known him for a very long time! He may not have all the glamour and connections to the big leagues in life, but he’s the one with enchanting stories to share. His quirkiness leaves you with lots of everlasting memories which you’ll live to tell your kids! 

Chain hotels are like Steven Spielberg films. They’re bigger-budgeted and have lots of box office draws. Curate your Instagram account with images of chain hotels, and you’ll look like a wealthy tycoon in no time. 

Boutique hotels are like Wes Anderson films. They pay great attention to their aesthetics’ nuances to immerse you into their colourful heritage. The cosy environment takes away the busyness in your mind. Not unlike Anderson’s famous slow-mo tracking shots, time slows down for you, leaving you space for self-reflection.

With these illustrations in mind, you probably get that boutique hotels and chain hotels offer a different experience. Both hotels can’t be compared. Instead, they have their own charms and can serve your needs on different occasions.

Chain Hotels are Best Suited for Large-Scale Gathering and Events 

Chain hotels are usually larger in hotel size and operations. They typically have their own stand-alone-buildings, thus may generally be more spacious. This means that they can provide more facilities, such as meeting rooms, swimming pools, gyms and halls for large-scale events. Hotels are great if you are organising a mass company gathering, a bachelor/bachelorette party or a wedding! It makes sense as there’re also ample rooms for you to house your group of people. 

Yes, you can still have your staycation in chain hotels, but they may not have the personalised touch as boutique hotels. Unless it’s an exclusive suite, rooms in a chain hotel may generally look alike. The stand-alone buildings of hotels may also make it harder for you to connect with the neighbourhood you’re in. You may have to walk a little to enjoy the vibe of the vicinity.  

With that being said, hotel chains are starting to develop boutique hotels to entice millennials and families for their staycation needs. Some examples include Parkroyal @ Pickering and The Quincy Hotel

Boutique Hotels are Best Suited for Smaller Groups Who Wants a More Intimate and Personalised Experience

Boutique hotels, on the other hand, may not have their own stand-alone-buildings. They appear in many forms; in the middle of a shophouse row, or even in a former government building! This gives the hotel lots of character. However, this also means that they may have a smaller operation, for a particular purpose – Personalisation.

Here are some examples of how a boutique hotel personalises their experience for you:

  • Decor

Boutique hotels are generally design-led. Each room may come with a different design to suit your staycation “mood”. These hoteliers have put in lots of effort in ornating the entire place with vintage furniture, in the case of The Great Madras, and pop-up art, in the case of Wanderlust Hotel’s Mono Deluxe Room

At some hotels, such as Amoy, you’ll even get to enjoy a historical trip back to the 19th Century, where the first Chinese immigrants arrived. Besides fusing traditional Chinese architecture with modern amenities, you can even pay a visit to the adjacent Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Some boutique hotel aims to blend in with the neighbourhood’s heritage. Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong is one such example, sitting in a historically Peranakan enclave. With its hand-illustrated murals and Peranakan designs on its pillows and tiles in your room, complete with its in-house bistro, Baba Chews, you’ll have the fortune of enjoying a colonial-era, Straits-Chinese experience!  

Boutique hotels also understand your needs to snuggle up and get intimate. Extra attention may also be placed on the lighting design and the texture of the upholstery to provide guests with an unforgettable night! 

  • Activities

Boutique hotels may also be defined by their character and want to share a slice of it with you. The Vagabond Club, which hosts resident artists, also offers a complimentary art tour around the hotel. 

Quincy Hotel understands the needs of their demographic and offers couple activities, such as art jamming sessions, baking classes and movie nights. 

  • Service

Aside from its aesthetics, personalised experience in some boutique hotels may even extend to knowing each customer by name, thanks to its small set up! 

What to Consider Before Booking Your Boutique Hotel Staycation  

  • Plan 

Firstly, you have to decide if you’re going with your spouse and kids, with your partner or just alone. Different boutique hotels will cater to different experiences. Check out their amenities and pictures. Look through the reviews. There’s certainly at least one boutique hotel out there that will cater to your needs! 

Plan out your itinerary. Research on the hotel’s vicinity and find out where you can visit. Don’t be surprised you may end up viewing Singapore with a brand new pair of eyes! 

Check out what special events or activities do the hotel offer. This could also help enrich your stay. 

On the other hand, if you’re goal is just to chill or have a personal retreat, choose a room with visuals that’s easy on your eyes and facilitates relaxation. 

  • Budget 

Unfortunately, boutique hotels may not be necessarily cheaper than chain hotels. Some boutique hotels may start at $300++, which is comparable to 5-star hotels. 

Nevertheless, boutique hotels may generally offer a staycation package. Find out if there’re on-going any exclusive deals.

Check through the rates and their amenities. Some hotels may appear “cheaper”, as they may not have certain perks, such as complimentary breakfast. A number of boutique hotels in Singapore do not have an in-house restaurant or bistro. 

This brings me to the next point. 

  • Meals or No Meals 

Many boutique hotels do not have in-house eatery. However, that may usually mean that they’re located in a location with lots of good food! 

Yet, you may just want to enjoy a relaxed morning, and would rather have breakfast downstairs, instead of taking a walk. Choose a boutique hotel which offers complimentary breakfast instead! 

If complimentary meals are essential to you, choose a hotel that offers that. Many boutique hotels also house amazing restaurants that offer elevated local and international cuisines, to take your senses for an adventure! 

Lloyd's SG Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Llyod’s Inn

Speciality Garden Deck & Dipping Pool
Rooftop Terrace
Outdoor Pantry
Pricing From $110/night
Address 2 Lloyd Rd, Singapore 239091
Telephone (65) 6737 7309
Review  “Well designed place, really liked the choice of colour and architecture. Tucked away in a quiet yet accessible location, a sanctuary in town.
Service was impeccable too, special thanks to Voon for accommodating to my requests to make the surprise a memorable one.”


HOtel G Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Hotel G Singapore

  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
Pricing From $123/night
Address 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980
Contact (65) 6809 7988

Telephone: (65) 6809 7988

Review  “Modern hotel…Great location. Friendly staff Convenient bar and restaurant on the ground floor. Great selection for breakfast as well.”


The Great Madras Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

The Great Madras

  • Shopping
  • Cultural Heritage Sites
Pricing From $138/night
Address 28 Madras St, Singapore 208422
Telephone (65) 6914 1515
Review  “The architecture is gorgeous, the interior design works well with the heritage. The furniture is a nice touch.”


Amoy Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel


Speciality Fine Dining
Pricing From $288/night
Address 45 Pekin St, K1 Heritage Lane, Far East Square, Singapore 048775
Telephone (65)  6496 7699
Review  “If you always wanted to stay in a Heritage house/old temple in the midst of a bustling metropolis, Amoy is for you. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in this little gem situated in a nicely renovated old city house. Staff was professional and welcoming. Breakfast is served at a nearby Deli, which was perfect to start off my day-tours. Great and unique experience. Highly recommended”


Ann Siang Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Ann Siang House

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Landmarks of Singapore
  • Local Delights
Pricing From $162/night
Address 28 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069708
Telephone (65) 6202 9377
Review  “ASH is located at Chinatown, a place full of restaurants and bars. Rooms are exquisite, with special details in the bathrooms. Bar terrace is now only terrace for guests, bringing silence in the afternoons. A top boutique hotel.”


SO Singapore Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

So Sofitel

  • Wine & Dine
  • Luxury Suites
Pricing From $300/night
Address  35 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068876
Telephone (65) 6701 6800
Review  “Amazing concierges! Great location and lovely decor. Staff always greeted us by ours names and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended!”


Raffles Hotel Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Hotel Raffles Singapore

Speciality  Luxury Hotel
Pricing From $809/night
Address 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673
Telephone (65) 6337 1886
Review  “Elegance redefined. I really felt like I was somewhere special walking around this iconic establishment. Our “Original” Singapore Slings at the Long Bar and high tea in the lobby were wonderful, memorable experiences.”


Fullerton Bay Hotel Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Fullerton Bay Hotel

  • Luxury Hotel
  • Culinary Experiences
Pricing From $800/night
Address  80 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049326
Telephone (65) 6333 8388
Review “I like the view from our room, it was refreshing. Room was comfortable, clean and well organized. Bathroom was good enough. Will definitely be back!”


Capella Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Capella Singapore

Speciality Beachfront Oasis
Pricing From $776/night
Address 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island,Singapore 098297
Telephone (65 6377 8888
  • 2018 Top 5 City Hotels in Singapore.
  • 2019 #1 Top Hotel in Singapore
  • 2019 Five Star Hotel & Five Star Spa
Review “The overall experience is great ! Wonderful place to stay and there are all sorts of beautiful decorations. It looks nice and elegant ! I would recommend my friends for visiting this again.”


Andaz Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Andaz Singapore

Speciality Contemporary architecture
Pricing Call to enquire
Address 5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354
Telephone (65) 6408 1234
Review  “We chose Andaz as our honeymoon stay and we were not disappointed. The room was well furnished with amenities and spotless. Staffs were very helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend this to both locals and tourists. You will not be disappointed. Bonus point, their breakfast menu consists of a wide variety of selections”


Rendezvous Hotel Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Rendezvous Hotel 

Speciality Arts & Culture
Pricing From $200/night
  • 1 Tanglin Road, Singapore 189559
  • 9 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189559
Telephone (65) 6737 1133
Review  “A really convenient location which is basically near everywhere. Highly recommended for its location.”


Wanderlust Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel


Speciality Experimental, heritage
Pricing Call to enquire
Address 2 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209494
Telephone (65)  6396 3322
Review  “Great place to stay. The staff are professional. My room is neat and tidy. Bathroom is clean. My stay here was smooth. Thank you!”


Kempenski Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

Speciality Heritage & Modern Luxury
Pricing From $288/night
Address  15 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178906
Telephone (65) 6368 8888
Review  “Perfect location in the middle of many beautiful places, very calm and relaxing atmosphere, incredible helpful personnel, sometimes they can find all what you desperately needed, one hundred smiles per day! Good continental breakfast, big choice of different food, deserts and juices, rooms are very clean and quiet (Good sound insulation). Special thanks to Angel!”


Kesa House Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Kesa House

Speciality Flexible Living
Pricing Call to enquire
Address 55 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089158
Telephone (65)  6958 1588
Review  “Hotel’s interior was so pretty and smelt so good. There was even a lounge area and kitchen on the second floor, amazing!”


Hotel Indigo Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Hotel Indigo Katong

Speciality Heritage
Pricing From $208/night
Address 86 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428788
Telephone (65) 6723 7001
Review  “Superb, comfortable hotel in a great location with very nice touches that help you get to know some of the local Singaporean customs, roots and traditions.
The staff were excellent, courteous and efficient and we were very impressed with the quality of the facilites and rooms.
The rooftop pool is lovely and the gym excellent with a free weights area and half a dozen quality machines.
Overall, a very comfortable stay and would definitely stay there again the next time we are in Singapore! Thank you”


HFC Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

 Hotel Fort Canning

  • Flora and Fauna
  • Luxury Boutique Hotel
Pricing From $297/night
Address 11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881
Telephone (65) 6559 6769
  • Her World Brides Venue Awards 2018-2019
  • Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice 2018-2019
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2019 Winner
Review “Beautiful hotel. Rooms are very peaceful and have a lovely view of greenery and the city. Bathtub included. I absolutely loved my stay here and would love to come back sometime! Beds are huge and extremely comfy. One of the best hotels in Singapore!”


Vagabond Hotel Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

The Vagabond Club, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel by Marriott

Speciality  Intimiate, luxury boutuique hotel with one of the worl’ds top whiskey bars
Pricing From $299/night
Address 39 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207630
Telephone (65) 6291 6677
Review  “It definitely ranked the top 3 boutique hotels for me in Singapore.
We super enjoyed the stay there.
Great location. The interior was amazing and arty. We felt we traveled to France. And the breakfast was good. Lastly, I must comment on your staff – Liana. She arranged the quiet room which I fell asleep easily.”


Villa Samadhi Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Villa Samadhi 

Speciality Colonial & Arts
Pricing From $306/night
Address 20 Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119193
Telephone (65) 6274 5674
Review “Cosy and nice place to stay. Room unique and come with antiques. Delicious food serve from Tamarind Hill.”


Naumi Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

Naumi Hotel

Speciality Modern luxury
Pricing From $694/night
Address 41 Seah St, Singapore 188396
Telephone (65) 6403 6000
Review  “Excellent location across the street from the Raffles Hotel. Rooms are on the small side but well appointed, and the entire building has a fun and quirky vibe. The rooftop pool has a fantastic view and wasn’t busy most days!”


The Scarlet Top Boutique Hotels in Singapore

Boutique Hotel

The Scarlet Singapore

Speciality  Heritage & Culture
Pricing From $188/night
Address 33 Erskine Rd, Singapore 069333
Telephone (65) 6511 3333
Review  “The Scarlet is our home away from home in Singapore. Right next to the Buddha’s tooth in the heart of Chinatown with wonderful food all walking distance. Comfortable king sized bed and very helpful staff make this place worth a little bit of extra money. Book and enjoy. They even have a gym.”


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