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Top Benefits of Digital Marketing

benefits of digital marketing

If you post your ad on a TV station or a billboard, it may not reach many people as if you could have used social media platforms. There is a shift in marketing trends from the traditional marketing methods to digital techniques such as SEO and email tracking. The major question is, “why the shift to digital marketing?”

Measurable outcome

If you put up a billboard or put your advertisement on the newspaper, will you know how many people read it? Results from traditional advertising methods are immeasurable. As for digital marketing, you can tell the number of individuals who received your message by the number of likes, comments, and many others.

Low barrier to entry

Traditional marketing activities are quite costly. Getting your advertisement on TV, radio or billboards requires you to be stable. As for digital marketing, products range from small to large sizes thus many businesses can manage to use these platforms.

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Traditional marketing methods offer generic products, unlike digital marketing that offers customized and personalized products. Thus, you can tailor your advertisements to meet your client’s needs and tastes. In the end, you are bound to sell more goods and services.

Easy to optimize

Now that the outcome of digital marketing can be noted quickly, it is easy to observe the aspects that are not performing well and change them. You can try different technique sand choose the one that works best.

Reach larger options

Today, most people own a smartphone and have access to the internet. Having an email account is an essential need. Thus, anything you advertise on digital platforms is bound to reach a broad global audience. Unlike traditional market where you are limited to people from a particular geographical location, digital marketing allows Singapore companies to render their services to the world market.


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