Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024]

Top Attractions in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore in 2024, where a fusion of modern sophistication and cultural richness defines the city’s top attractions. Begin your journey at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, a symbol of luxury and innovation. Immerse yourself in Southeast Asian art at the National Gallery Singapore and experience the vibrant island getaway of Sentosa. Nature beckons at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Pulau Ubin, while wildlife enthusiasts can explore the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari.

Soar above the city with the Singapore Flyer, uncover centuries of history at Fort Canning Park, and witness the magic of the world’s first nocturnal wildlife adventure at Night Safari. From architectural wonders to lush green escapes, Singapore’s top attractions in 2024 promise an unforgettable blend of cultural immersion and modern marvels.

Three Reasons Why Singapore’s Top Attractions  Are Worth a Visit In 2024

Here are three top reasons why Singapore’s attractions are worth a visit, without focusing on food:

  1. Cultural Fusion and Diversity: Singapore’s attractions showcase a harmonious blend of diverse cultures, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to explore neighbourhoods like Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam. From historical sites to vibrant street markets, Singapore’s cultural tapestry offers a rich and immersive experience.
  2. Architectural Marvels and Modern Landmarks: The city’s skyline features iconic structures like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and the Singapore Flyer. These architectural marvels exhibit innovative design and contribute to Singapore’s modern and futuristic aesthetic, offering breathtaking views and unique experiences for visitors.
  3. Innovative and Unique Attractions: Singapore is known for introducing innovative attractions that redefine entertainment. The Night Safari, River Safari, and ArtScience Museum exemplify the city’s commitment to providing unique and immersive experiences. From wildlife encounters to cutting-edge art and science exhibitions, these attractions showcase Singapore’s dedication to offering diverse and engaging activities for visitors.

Top Singapore Attractions in 2024

Discover the allure of Singapore through its top attractions, where a harmonious blend of modern wonders, cultural gems, and natural beauty beckons visitors on an unforgettable journey.

Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 1


Universal Studios Singapore 

About Embark on a captivating journey at Universal Studios Singapore, where entertainment meets adventure. Nestled within the heart of Singapore, our world-class theme park seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with the magic of storytelling, promising an immersive experience like no other.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Step into a realm where storytelling comes alive, creating an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary theme park visit.
  • Technological Marvels: From state-of-the-art attractions to groundbreaking technology, our commitment to innovation ensures a visit filled with awe-inspiring moments.
  • Cultural Fusion: Set against the vibrant backdrop of Singapore, our park celebrates a harmonious fusion of global entertainment and local culture, providing a unique and inclusive experience.
  • Thematic Excellence: Our specialities lie in crafting thematic experiences that transport visitors to fantastical worlds, creating memories that last a lifetime.
  • Iconic Attractions: Explore a roster of iconic attractions, each a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled entertainment and excitement.
  • Interactive Adventures: Dive into interactive adventures that engage all senses, ensuring a dynamic and participatory experience for visitors of all ages.
  • Culinary Delights: Beyond thrills, savour a diverse array of culinary delights, curated to enhance the overall sensory experience within the park.
Address 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Telephone 6577 8888
Operating Hours Daily from 10:00am – 7:00pm
Review 1 “An absolute marvel of entertainment! The immersive storytelling and cutting-edge tech make Universal Studios Singapore an unrivaled experience.”
Review 2 “The attention to detail in every attraction is mind-blowing. It’s not just a theme park; it’s a journey into extraordinary realms of adventure and fun.”
Review 3 “From the iconic attractions to the cultural infusion, Universal Studios Singapore truly lives up to its reputation. A must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable experience.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 2


S.E.A. Aquarium 

About Dive into the wonders of marine life at S.E.A. Aquarium, where cutting-edge exhibits and immersive experiences showcase the beauty and diversity of the ocean.
  • Immersive Oceanic Journey: Embark on an immersive journey through the depths of the ocean, where each exhibit tells a unique and captivating story.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: With state-of-the-art technology, S.E.A. Aquarium brings marine life to life, creating an educational and awe-inspiring experience for visitors.
  • Conservation Commitment: Beyond entertainment, our commitment to marine conservation shines through various initiatives, fostering awareness and understanding.
  • Oceanic Biodiversity Showcase: Specializing in showcasing the incredible biodiversity of the world’s oceans, each exhibit is a testament to the wonders beneath the surface.
  • Interactive Learning Experiences: Our specialties include interactive and educational experiences, allowing visitors to engage with marine life and understand the importance of conservation.
  • Underwater Spectacles: From mesmerizing underwater tunnels to breathtaking exhibits, our specialties create a sensory-rich experience, making every visit memorable.
  • Live Demonstrations and Feeding Sessions: Delve into the specialties of live demonstrations and feeding sessions, offering a unique insight into the daily lives of marine creatures.
Address 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Operating Hours Daily from 9:00am – 5:00pm
Contact 6577 8888
Review 1 “A mesmerizing journey into the depths of the ocean. The interactive exhibits and commitment to marine conservation make it a must-visit destination.”
Review 2 “S.E.A. Aquarium is a technological marvel, bringing the magic of the ocean to life. The educational aspect and dedication to conservation impressed me beyond expectations.”
Review 3 “The underwater tunnels and live demonstrations are truly captivating. S.E.A. Aquarium offers a unique and immersive experience that stands out among other attractions.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 3


Jewel Changi Airport 

About Jewel Changi Airport is a world-class destination offering a unique blend of nature and retail. With the stunning Rain Vortex and diverse shopping and dining options, it’s an unparalleled experience.
  • Nature and Retail Fusion: Jewel seamlessly combines a lush oasis with world-class retail, providing visitors with an extraordinary blend of natural beauty and shopping indulgence.
  • Stunning Rain Vortex: The iconic Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, serves as the centerpiece, creating a mesmerizing and immersive atmosphere for all.
  • Diverse Shopping and Dining: With a plethora of shopping and dining options, Jewel caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a delightful and indulgent experience for every visitor.
  • Indoor Waterfall Spectacle: Our specialties include the breathtaking Rain Vortex, a spectacle that offers a unique and awe-inspiring backdrop to your shopping and dining experience.
  • Botanical Garden Experience: Jewel’s specialties extend to its lush indoor gardens, providing a harmonious environment that adds a touch of nature to your airport visit.
  • Culinary Extravaganza: Indulge in our specialties with a diverse array of culinary delights, making Jewel Changi Airport a food lover’s paradise within an architectural marvel.
  • World-Class Retail: Our specialties also include world-class retail options, ensuring a unique shopping experience with a mix of international and local brands.
Address Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard
Telephone +65 6595 6868 (24 hours daily)
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 “Jewel Changi Airport is a true gem! The Rain Vortex and indoor gardens create a serene atmosphere, making it more than just an airport – it’s an experience.”
Review 2 “The blend of nature and retail is unparalleled. Jewel’s diverse offerings, from shopping to dining, make it a must-visit destination for both travelers and locals.”
Review 3 “The Rain Vortex is simply breathtaking! Jewel Changi Airport has redefined the airport experience, offering a perfect mix of luxury, nature, and convenience.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 4


Marina Bay Sands 

About Marina Bay Sands stands as an iconic landmark, combining luxury accommodations, a world-class casino, and the stunning SkyPark with panoramic views.
  • Integrated Luxury Destination: Marina Bay Sands is more than a hotel; it’s an integrated resort offering unparalleled luxury, entertainment, and leisure in the heart of Singapore.
  • SkyPark Panoramas: The SkyPark, perched atop three towers, provides panoramic views of the city skyline and the Marina Bay, making it a truly unique and captivating experience.
  • World-Class Casino: The resort houses a world-class casino, offering an exciting gaming experience in a sophisticated and luxurious setting.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: Our specialties include luxurious accommodations with a blend of modern design, comfort, and sophistication, ensuring an unforgettable stay.
  • SkyPark Oasis: Specializing in the SkyPark experience, where guests can unwind in the infinity pool, enjoy fine dining, and take in breathtaking views high above the city.
  • Entertainment Extravaganza: Marina Bay Sands specializes in providing world-class entertainment, from live performances to nightlife options, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.
  • Exclusive Dining Experiences: Indulge in our specialties with a range of exclusive dining options, offering a diverse culinary journey curated by renowned chefs.
Address 10 Bayfront Ave
Telephone 6688 8868
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 “Marina Bay Sands is synonymous with luxury. The SkyPark’s views are unparalleled, and the overall experience, from the casino to the accommodations, is simply exceptional.”
Review 2 “Staying at Marina Bay Sands feels like entering a world of opulence. The SkyPark is a highlight, offering a stunning oasis above the city. Truly a destination in itself.”
Review 3 “The combination of luxury, entertainment, and the iconic SkyPark sets Marina Bay Sands apart. A stay here is an experience that surpasses all expectations.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 5

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About Sentosa, the island of fun, beckons with golden beaches, thrilling attractions, and a myriad of entertainment options. Plan your visit to Sentosa for a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.
  • Island Oasis: Sentosa is more than an island; it’s a tropical paradise offering an escape from the city’s hustle, with pristine beaches and lush landscapes.
  • Thrilling Attractions: Sentosa is home to a myriad of attractions, from world-class theme parks and adventure activities to captivating wildlife encounters.
  • Diverse Entertainment: The island boasts a vibrant entertainment scene, with live shows, events, and festivals that cater to all interests and ages.
Speciality • Adventure Central: Sentosa specializes in adventure, featuring attractions like zip lines, cable cars, and water sports, making it an ideal destination for thrill-seekers.
• Family-Friendly Fun: Specialties extend to family-friendly experiences, including theme parks, aquariums, and interactive exhibits, ensuring a memorable time for all.
Beachside Bliss: Sentosa specializes in beachside relaxation, with pristine beaches and upscale resorts offering a perfect blend of tranquility and luxury.
• Gastronomic Delights: Explore specialties in gastronomy, with a diverse range of dining options, from beachside cafes to fine dining establishments.
Telephone 1800-SENTOSA (736 8672)
Operating Hours Varies depending on the location within Sentosa
Reviews “Sentosa is a tropical haven, offering a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. The variety of attractions and beautiful beaches make it a must-visit destination.”

“From thrilling rides to serene beaches, Sentosa has it all. The family-friendly atmosphere and diverse entertainment options create a truly magical experience.”

“Sentosa exceeded our expectations. The adventure activities, stunning scenery, and vibrant entertainment scene make it the ideal destination for a memorable vacation.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 6


National Gallery Singapore

About Immerse yourself in Singapore’s artistic heritage at the National Gallery. Housing a remarkable collection of Southeast Asian art, it’s a cultural haven for art enthusiasts.
Cultural Hub: The National Gallery is not just a museum; it’s a cultural hub celebrating the rich artistic tapestry of Southeast Asia, offering a profound connection to the region’s heritage.
Architectural Marvel: Housed in two iconic buildings, the Gallery seamlessly blends modern architecture with historical significance, providing a captivating setting for art appreciation.
Dynamic Exhibitions: The Gallery hosts dynamic exhibitions that go beyond static displays, providing a platform for diverse artists and art forms to engage and inspire.
Speciality Southeast Asian Art Showcase: Our specialties lie in showcasing the diverse and rich tapestry of Southeast Asian art, spanning different periods and styles.
Interactive Art Experiences: Specializing in interactive art experiences, the Gallery encourages visitors to engage with the exhibits, fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistic process.
Educational Programs: The National Gallery specializes in educational programs, offering workshops, talks, and events to inspire a new generation of art enthusiasts and creators.
Cultural Events Hub: Specialties extend to being a hub for cultural events, from film screenings and performances to discussions, creating a vibrant space for artistic expression.
Address 1 St Andrew’s Road
6271 7000
Operating Hours Daily from 10:00am – 7:00pm
Reviews “National Gallery Singapore is a gem for art lovers. The seamless blend of historical architecture and contemporary art creates a unique and enriching experience.”

“The Gallery’s dedication to showcasing Southeast Asian art is commendable. The dynamic exhibitions and interactive experiences make it more than just a museum – it’s a cultural journey.”

“Educational programs and a commitment to cultural events set National Gallery Singapore apart. A visit here is not just about seeing art; it’s about experiencing and learning about the region’s rich cultural heritage.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 7


ArtScience Museum 

About The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is a captivating institution, seamlessly blending art and science. With innovative exhibits, it offers a journey of discovery.
  • Intersection of Art and Science: ArtScience Museum is a pioneering space that converges art and science seamlessly, fostering a unique environment for creativity, exploration, and learning.
  • Architectural Marvel: Nestled within the iconic lotus-shaped structure, the museum itself is an architectural marvel, setting the stage for immersive and thought-provoking exhibits.
  • Innovative Exhibitions: The museum curates innovative exhibitions that transcend traditional boundaries, encouraging visitors to explore the intersections between art, science, and technology.
  • Interdisciplinary Exhibits: Our specialties lie in hosting interdisciplinary exhibits that challenge perceptions, offering a fresh perspective on the connections between art and science.
  • Interactive Installations: The ArtScience Museum specializes in interactive installations, allowing visitors to engage with exhibits on a sensory level, fostering a deeper understanding.
  • Educational Initiatives: The museum highlights educational initiatives, making art and science accessible and engaging for visitors of all ages, contributing to a broader understanding of the world.
Address 10 Bayfront Avenue
Telephone 6688 8888
Operating Hours Daily from 10:00am – 7:00pm
Reviews “ArtScience Museum is a visionary space where creativity knows no bounds. The innovative exhibits and the architectural brilliance of the lotus-shaped structure create an unforgettable experience.”

“The museum’s commitment to exploring the intersections of art and science is truly commendable. Every exhibit is a journey of discovery, making it a must-visit for those seeking inspiration.”

“ArtScience Museum goes beyond traditional museums, offering a unique blend of interactive exhibits and thought-provoking events. A visit here is an enriching experience that stimulates both mind and imagination.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 8


Esplanade — Theaters on the Bay 

About Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is Singapore’s premier performing arts venue, offering a diverse range of shows and events. Nestled by the bay, it’s a cultural hub that captivates the senses.
  • Icon of Performing Arts: Esplanade is an iconic symbol of Singapore’s commitment to the arts, housing state-of-the-art theaters that showcase a wide spectrum of performances.
  • Breathtaking Waterfront Setting: Situated by the bay, the venue provides a stunning backdrop, creating a unique ambiance that enhances the overall theatrical experience.
  • Multifaceted Cultural Hub: Beyond theaters, Esplanade is a multifaceted cultural hub, hosting festivals, workshops, and events that celebrate the diversity of performing arts.
  • Diverse Performances: Hosting diverse performances, from classical concerts and theater productions to contemporary dance and experimental shows.
  • Architectural Grandeur: Esplanade specializes in architectural grandeur, with its distinctive twin shells, providing a visual feast and a symbol of Singapore’s dedication to the arts.
  • Cultural Festivals: Organizing cultural festivals, creating a platform for local and international artists to showcase their talent and cultural richness.
  • Educational Initiatives: Specializes in educational initiatives, offering programs that promote arts education and engagement, nurturing the next generation of artists and art enthusiasts.
Address 1 Esplanade Drive
Telephone 6828 8377
Operating Hours Daily from 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Reviews “The diverse performances, breathtaking setting, and commitment to arts education make it an invaluable asset to Singapore’s cultural scene.”

“The architectural brilliance of Esplanade is matched by the quality and diversity of performances. It’s a dynamic space that brings the magic of the arts to life.”

“Attending performances at Esplanade is a cultural journey. The waterfront setting and the range of shows make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. A truly enriching experience.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 9

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National Museum of Singapore

About Step into the rich tapestry of Singapore’s history at the National Museum. With engaging exhibits and immersive storytelling, it’s a journey through time.
  • Custodian of Heritage: The National Museum serves as the custodian of Singapore’s heritage, preserving and presenting the nation’s history through captivating exhibits and artifacts.
  • Architectural Splendor: Housed in a beautiful colonial-era building, the museum itself is an architectural gem, creating a fitting backdrop for the exploration of Singapore’s past.
  • Interactive Storytelling: The museum goes beyond static displays, employing interactive storytelling techniques to engage visitors and make history come alive.
  • Multifaceted Historical Exhibits: Presenting multifaceted historical exhibits, offering a comprehensive view of Singapore’s evolution from its early days to the present.
  • Heritage Preservation: Specializing in heritage preservation, the museum showcases artifacts, documents, and stories that contribute to a deeper understanding of Singapore’s cultural roots.
  • Thematic Exhibitions: Hosting thematic exhibitions that delve into specific aspects of Singapore’s history, fostering a nuanced appreciation of the nation’s diverse heritage.
  • Community Engagement Programs: The National Museum specializes in community engagement, offering educational programs, workshops, and events that involve visitors in the ongoing narrative of Singapore’s history.
Address 93 Stamford Road
Telephone 6332 3659
Operating Hours Daily from 10:00am – 7:00pm
Reviews “The National Museum is a treasure trove of Singapore’s past. The exhibits are thoughtfully curated, and the interactive storytelling makes history engaging for visitors of all ages.”

“The museum’s commitment to heritage preservation is evident in its exhibits. It’s a journey through time that allows visitors to connect with Singapore’s rich and diverse history.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 10


Singapore Botanic Gardens 

About The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a lush oasis in the heart of the city, showcasing tropical flora and providing a serene escape. Explore the beauty at Singapore Botanic Gardens.
  • Green Sanctuary: The Botanic Gardens is a green haven, offering a peaceful retreat from the urban bustle, featuring themed gardens and expansive landscapes.
  • Heritage and Conservation: As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Gardens play a vital role in the conservation of plant species, combining botanical research with a commitment to heritage.
  • Biodiversity Showcases: With themed gardens like the National Orchid Garden, the Gardens serve as a living showcase of Singapore’s and the region’s rich biodiversity.
  • National Orchid Garden: Visitors can marvel at a stunning collection of orchids, including hybrid varieties named after dignitaries.
  • Research and Conservation: Specializing in botanical research and conservation, the Gardens contribute significantly to the understanding and preservation of plant species.
  • Educational Programs: Specialties extend to educational programs, offering guided tours and workshops to enhance visitors’ understanding of the diverse plant life within the Gardens.
  • Cultural Events: Hosting cultural events, from outdoor concerts to art installations, creating a space where nature and culture harmoniously converge.
Address 1 Cluny Road
Telephone 6471 7138
Operating Hours Daily from 5:00am – 12:00am
Reviews “The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a gem in the city. The lush greenery, themed gardens, and the National Orchid Garden make it a tranquil escape and a feast for the senses.

“As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Gardens go beyond beauty, contributing to global plant conservation efforts. It’s a testament to Singapore’s commitment to preserving biodiversity.”


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Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 11


Gardens by the Bay 

About Nestled in the heart of urban beauty, Gardens by the Bay is a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and innovation. Since its inception, our organization has been a steward of breathtaking landscapes, cultivating a haven where lush greenery meets cutting-edge technology.
  • Urban Oasis: Gardens by the Bay is an urban sanctuary, seamlessly integrating nature and technology to create an enchanting haven within the bustling city.
  • Supertree Grove Spectacle: The iconic Supertrees stand tall as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable beauty, intertwining nature and art in a spectacular display.
  • Horticultural Wonders: Our organization boasts a world-class team of horticulturists, curating a diverse array of plant life that captivates visitors with its sheer beauty and ecological significance.
  • Floral Fantasy: Immerse yourself in the enchanting Floral Fantasy, where whimsical gardens and vibrant blooms transport visitors to a realm of natural wonder.
  • Innovative Sustainability: Beyond aesthetics, Gardens by the Bay is a pioneer in sustainable practices, integrating eco-friendly initiatives seamlessly into the fabric of our gardens.
  • Botanical Marvels: Explore our specialty in curating rare and exotic plant collections, showcasing the incredible diversity of flora from around the globe.
  • Smart Garden Solutions: Embracing technology, our specialties extend to creating smart garden solutions, incorporating innovations that enhance the overall visitor experience.
  • Event Elegance: Our gardens specialize in hosting events amidst stunning greenery, providing a unique and unforgettable backdrop for gatherings of all kinds.
  • Education and Conservation: Gardens by the Bay is dedicated to educating and inspiring visitors about the importance of biodiversity and conservation, with specialized programs that engage and enlighten.
  • Eco-Friendly Architecture: We specialize in the integration of sustainable architecture within the gardens, harmonizing human-made structures with the natural environment.
Address 18 Marina Gardens Drive 
Telephone 6420 6848
Operating Hours Daily from 9:00am – 9:00pm
Reviews “A mesmerizing blend of nature and technology. Gardens by the Bay is a true masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark on Singapore’s landscape.”

“The horticultural expertise on display is awe-inspiring. The attention to detail in creating a sustainable urban oasis is commendable.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 12


Pulau Ubin 

About Pulau Ubin, a serene island off the coast of Singapore, preserves the charm of a bygone era. Its rustic landscapes and traditional villages offer a unique glimpse into Singapore’s heritage.
  • Rustic Island Retreat: Pulau Ubin is a rustic haven, providing an authentic escape from modernity with its traditional villages, lush forests, and laid-back atmosphere.
  • Cultural Heritage: The island retains its cultural heritage, with kampong-style houses, vibrant temples, and a way of life that reflects Singapore’s past.
  • Natural Reserves: Pulau Ubin is home to diverse ecosystems, including wetlands and mangroves, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility.
  • Chek Jawa Wetlands: Our specialties include the Chek Jawa Wetlands, a unique natural area showcasing a variety of marine life, mangrove forests, and coastal habitats.
  • Kampong Living Experience: Pulau Ubin specializes in providing a living experience of traditional kampong life, offering visitors a glimpse into a simpler, more communal way of living.
  • Cycling Trails: Our specialties extend to cycling trails that traverse the island, providing an eco-friendly and immersive way to explore the diverse landscapes of Pulau Ubin.
  • Heritage Tours: Pulau Ubin specializes in heritage tours, led by knowledgeable guides, offering insights into the island’s history, flora, and fauna.
Address  42 Pulau Ubin Singapore 508293
Telephone +65 1800 471 7300
Operating Hours Daily 6am to 11pm
Reviews “Pulau Ubin is a step back in time. The Chek Jawa Wetlands and the kampong living experience make it a unique and refreshing escape from the urban hustle.”

“Cycling through Pulau Ubin’s trails is a magical experience. The island’s natural beauty and preserved cultural heritage create an atmosphere unlike any other.”

“Pulau Ubin is a hidden gem. The heritage tours offer fascinating insights, and the island’s untouched beauty provides a sense of peace that is rare in our fast-paced world.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 13


Singapore Zoo 


Singapore Zoo is a world-renowned wildlife haven, providing a captivating and immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom at Singapore Zoo.

  • Open Concept Zoological Park: Singapore Zoo stands out with its open concept, offering visitors the chance to observe a diverse array of animals in environments closely resembling their natural habitats.
  • Conservation Leadership: The zoo is a leader in wildlife conservation, actively involved in breeding programs, research initiatives, and education to protect endangered species.
  • Interactive and Educational Exhibits: Beyond traditional exhibits, Singapore Zoo offers interactive and educational experiences, fostering a deep connection between visitors and the animal kingdom.
  • Animal Enrichment Programs: Our specialties include animal enrichment programs, ensuring the physical and mental well-being of residents through engaging activities.
  • Night Safari: Singapore Zoo specializes in the world-famous Night Safari, providing a unique opportunity to observe nocturnal animals in their naturalistic habitats.
  • Innovative Enclosures: Our specialties extend to innovative enclosures, designed to provide an immersive experience while prioritizing the welfare of the animals.
  • Conservation Education: Singapore Zoo specializes in conservation education, offering programs and events that raise awareness about wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability.
Address 80 Mandai Lake Road
Telephone 6269 3411
Operating Hours Every day from 8:30am – 6:00pm
Reviews “The Night Safari is a must-visit. Singapore Zoo’s dedication to conservation and education sets it apart, making it an enriching experience for families and nature lovers.”

“The innovative enclosures and animal enrichment programs showcase Singapore Zoo’s commitment to creating a space where both animals and visitors can thrive. A truly world-class destination.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 14


River Safari 

About River Safari, nestled in the heart of Singapore, is a unique and immersive wildlife park dedicated to showcasing the world’s river ecosystems. Explore the wonders of aquatic life at River Safari.
  • Aquatic Adventure: River Safari is an aquatic adventure that takes visitors on a journey through river habitats, featuring a diverse range of aquatic species from around the globe.
  • Conservation Focus: With a strong emphasis on conservation, the safari actively contributes to preserving aquatic biodiversity and educating visitors about the importance of river ecosystems.
  • Interactive and Educational Exhibits: The park features interactive and educational exhibits, combining entertainment with a mission to raise awareness about the fragility of river environments.
  • Amazon Rainforest Experience: Our specialties include the Amazon Rainforest exhibit, where visitors can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of this iconic ecosystem.
  • Panda Forest: River Safari specializes in the Panda Forest, home to adorable giant pandas, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts for these endangered species.
  • Cruise Adventures: Our specialties extend to river cruises, providing a unique perspective for visitors to observe and appreciate the natural behaviors of aquatic animals.
  • Conservation Initiatives: River Safari specializes in conservation initiatives, supporting breeding programs and research to contribute to the preservation of endangered river species.
Address 80 Mandai Lake Road
Telephone 6269 3411
Operating Hours Daily from 10:00am – 7:00pm
Reviews  “River Safari is a fascinating journey through the world’s rivers. The Amazon Rainforest exhibit and the Panda Forest add unique dimensions to the experience.”

“The river cruises are a highlight, offering a close-up view of aquatic life. River Safari’s dedication to education and conservation makes it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts of all ages.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 15


Singapore Flyer 

About The Singapore Flyer stands as an iconic testament to modern engineering, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline. Soar to new heights at Singapore Flyer.
  • Architectural Marvel: The Singapore Flyer is an architectural marvel, providing an exhilarating ride in one of the world’s largest observation wheels with stunning vistas of the city.
  • 360-Degree Panoramas: At its highest point, the Flyer offers 360-degree panoramic views, providing a unique perspective of Singapore’s landmarks, skyline, and the surrounding waters.
  • Day and Night Experiences: Whether day or night, the Flyer offers contrasting yet equally mesmerizing experiences, with city lights illuminating the skyline after sunset.
  • Sky Dining: Our specialties include Sky Dining experiences, allowing guests to savor a meal in the sky while enjoying the breathtaking views of the city.
  • Observation Deck: Singapore Flyer specializes in the Observation Deck, providing an unobstructed view of the city, and creating a picture-perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments.
  • Interactive Journey: Our specialties extend to an interactive journey inside the capsules, where guests can learn about the history and landmarks that dot Singapore’s skyline.
  • Event Spaces: Singapore Flyer specializes in event spaces, offering a unique venue for special occasions, corporate events, and celebrations with a stunning backdrop.
Address 30 Raffles Avenue, Marina Bay Street Circuit
Telephone 6333 3311
Operating Hours Thursday – Sunday: 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Reviews “The Singapore Flyer offers a bird’s-eye view of the city that is simply awe-inspiring. The Sky Dining experience and the beautifully lit skyline at night make it an unforgettable journey.”

“Soaring above Singapore on the Flyer is a must-do experience. The Observation Deck provides breathtaking views, and the interactive journey adds an informative touch to the ride.”

“Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Singapore Flyer offers a magical experience. The event spaces and unique perspectives make it a versatile and memorable destination for any occasion.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 16


Fort Canning Park

About Fort Canning Park, a historical oasis in the heart of Singapore, weaves together centuries of history, lush greenery, and cultural significance. Immerse yourself in the past at Fort Canning Park.
  • Historical Heritage: Fort Canning Park is steeped in historical significance, with relics dating back to ancient times, colonial-era structures, and World War II memorials.
  • Green Retreat: The park offers a serene escape with its lush landscapes, tranquil gardens, and elevated vantage points that provide stunning views of the city.
  • Cultural Venue: Beyond its historical importance, Fort Canning Park serves as a cultural venue, hosting events, performances, and festivals throughout the year.
  • Ancient Artefacts: Our specialties include ancient artefacts and archaeological sites within the park, offering a glimpse into Singapore’s early history.
  • Battlebox Experience: Fort Canning Park specializes in the Battlebox experience, a guided tour of the underground command center used during World War II.
  • Outdoor Performances: Our specialties extend to hosting outdoor performances and events, transforming the park into a vibrant cultural hub for locals and visitors alike.
  • Botanical Gardens: Fort Canning Park specializes in botanical gardens, showcasing a diverse range of plant species, adding to the park’s allure as a green sanctuary.
Address River Valley Road
Telephone 1800 471 7300
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Reviews  “Fort Canning Park is a gem for history enthusiasts. The ancient artefacts, the Battlebox experience, and the tranquil gardens make it a multifaceted destination.”

“Stepping into Fort Canning Park feels like a journey through time. The lush greenery, historical relics, and cultural events create a harmonious blend that appeals to all.”


Top Attractions in Singapore [Updated 2024] 17


Night Safari

About Night Safari Singapore is a one-of-a-kind nocturnal wildlife adventure, allowing visitors to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom after sunset. Immerse yourself in the magic at Night Safari.
  • Nocturnal Exploration: Night Safari offers a unique opportunity to observe and appreciate the behaviors of nocturnal animals in a naturalistic and carefully designed environment.
  • Wildlife Conservation: Beyond the captivating experience, the safari is actively involved in wildlife conservation, contributing to the protection of endangered species and their habitats.
  • Immersive Atmosphere: The park creates an immersive atmosphere with dim lighting, enhancing the natural ambiance and allowing visitors to witness the animals in their nocturnal habitats.
  • Rides: Our specialties include tram rides that take visitors on a guided journey through different habitats, providing up-close encounters with a variety of nocturnal wildlife.
  • Creatures of the Night Show: Night Safari specializes in the Creatures of the Night Show, a captivating performance showcasing the skills and behaviors of various nocturnal animals.
  • Walking Trails: Our specialties extend to walking trails, allowing adventurous visitors to explore the park on foot and encounter a diverse range of creatures in a more intimate setting.
  • Conservation Initiatives: Night Safari specializes in conservation initiatives, actively contributing to breeding programs and research to safeguard the future of nocturnal wildlife.
Address 80 Mandai Lake Rd
Telephone 6269 3411
Operating Hours Daily from 7:15pm to 12am
Reviews “Night Safari is a mesmerizing experience. The tram rides, Creatures of the Night Show, and the immersive atmosphere make it a unique and unforgettable adventure.”

“The walking trails provide an intimate experience with nocturnal animals, and the park’s dedication to preserving wildlife is evident. Night Safari is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.”


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