Top Artificial Intelligence Providers Singapore

Top Artificial Intelligence Providers Singapore

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to copy humans’ thought processes/consciousness and mimic their actions.

The term may also be applied to any automaton that displays traits associated with typical human cognitive reasoning, mental thought processes such as learning and problem-solving.

The outstanding feature of artificial intelligence is its ability to compute and perform tasks that have the best potential to achieve the desired end.

Comprehending Artificial Intelligence

When many individuals see the term artificial intelligence, the first thing they usually think of is robots.

That is because Hollywood blockbuster movies and novels depict narratives about anthropomorphic automatons that create chaos on Earth.

But this is possibly more dystopian than actual reality.

Artificial intelligence is based on the assumption that human intelligence can be abstracted in a way that a machine can easily simulate intelligence and execute tasks, from very basic to those that are increasingly complex, advanced.

The goals of artificial intelligence include learning, reasoning, and perception.

As technology advances, previous benchmarks that defined artificial intelligence become outmoded.

For example, machines that calculate basic functions or recognize text through optimal character recognition are no longer considered to exemplify artificial intelligence, since this function is now taken for granted as an implicit computer function.

AI is continuously evolving to profit many different industries.

Machines are wired using a cross-disciplinary approach rooted in mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and more.

Algorithms often play a highly important part in the composition of artificial intelligence, where simple algorithms are utilized in basic applications, while more complex algorithms aid in structuring artificial intelligence.


cogzinant Top Artificial Intelligence Providers Singapore

AI Provider

Cognizant Artificial Intelligence

Specialty Cognizant Evolutionary AI™ technologies are making it possible to discover entirely new objects and behaviors to maximize a given objective and yield solutions that do not yet exist. Cognizant’s powerful Learning Evolutionary Algorithm Framework (LEAF) system begins by generating—and then comparing—diverse candidate agents (genes) to compute, solve problems.
Services: Evolutionary AI, conversational AI, causality, deep learning, data modernization
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Changi Business Park Crescent Plaza 8@CBP, Tower A, Level 7 Singapore 486025
Telephone +65 6812 4051
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm


Qavar Top Artificial Intelligence Providers Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty The team with a results-driven approach to growing your business using artificial intelligence. Have a bottleneck or having trouble scaling your business? Find out how machine learning, or automation can help you. You may invite Qavar to become your technology partner, security partner leveraging strengths, competence, knowledge to automate businesses.
Services: Application development, chatbot development, AI search engine marketing, mobile apps, web apps
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 75 Ayer Rajah Crescent #03-18 Singapore 139953
Telephone  +65-6612 5602
Operating Hours 10 am to 6 pm


SqreemTech Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty They have turned the process of identifying, targeting, engaging, and converting over three billion consumers across the world into a science that is fully automated. They have built an AI platform able to grasp behavior, context, and logic, at levels of scale and complexity vastly beyond human capability, optimizing profitability.
Services: Predicting consumer behavior, algorithm programming, marketing search engine optimization, healthcare automation programming, surveillance technology
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 133 Cecil Street, #15-03 Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535
Telephone Request a quotation:
Operating Hours 10 am to 6 pm


SenseTime Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty SenseTime is a leading global company focused on developing AI technologies that advance the world’s economies, society, and humanity for a better tomorrow. It is also one of the world’s most-funded AI pure-plays with the highest valuation. They made several technological breakthroughs, including precise, impressive, expansive surveillance technology, AI research.
Services: Facial, body analysis, AI Supercomputing platform, autonomous driving, robot sensing and control, 3D Vision
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 182 Cecil Street, #36-02 Frasers Tower Singapore 069547
Telephone +4009005986
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm


Pega Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider

PEGA Systems

Specialty Pegasystems is the leader in software for digital transformation. Pegasystems revolutionizes how leading organizations optimize customer experience and automate operations. Pega is a publicly held company, symbol PEGA (NASDAQ). They seek to change the way the world builds software. From real-time AI to end-to-end automation, their innovation drives their enterprise.
Services: Business process management, real time AI, omni-channel experiences, live data, scalable data
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address #32-04 Millenia Tower One Temasek Avenue Singapore 039192
Telephone +800 852 3032
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm


Avanade Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty They transform businesses for the digital era. Their vision is to be the leading digital innovator, creating great experiences as they realize results for their clients and their customers through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem. Through thousands of projects, they have transformed businesses for the digital world.
Services: AI, business analytics, predictive search algorithms, data visualizations, data warehousing.
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 250 North Bridge Road #30-03 Raffles City Tower Singapore 179101
+65-6592 2133
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm


Quilt AI Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty At Quilt.AI, they understand that each of these digital fragments is meaningless without human context. Anthropologists, semioticians, designers work together with engineers, data scientists and mathematicians. They research the internet as a dynamic reflection of the world. It allows them to understand people and culture at a massive, rapid scale.
Services: AI analytics, AI demographics, AI predictive consumer behaviours, branding trends, market research
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 18 Robinson Road Singapore, Singapore 048547
Email contact
Operating Hours 24/7


Mule Soft Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty Ross Mason created a short string of text that pioneered a simple, powerful idea: why crank out custom code over and over when it is faster and more efficient to assemble the right components? Today, over 175,000 developers and leading companies in almost every industry depend on their game-changing platform.
Services: Digital transformation, Machine based learning, Design APIs, Cloud platform, Automated security
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 5 Temasek Blvd, #13-01 Suntec Tower 5 Singapore 038985
Telephone +65- 6820 0955
Operating Hours 8.30 am to 6 pm
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Crayon Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty Crayon focuses on deploying deep data science and AI consulting capabilities to their clients to create true business value. Organizations can leverage advantages Crayon offers through their optimization of big data, application of best practices, AI-centric applications, and machine-learning solutions. Their AI Centers of Excellence enable them to share expertise.
Services: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data science, AI developers, data management
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 3 Fusionopolis Way, Symbiosis Tower, #11-21, Singapore 138633
Telephone +65 6521 7031
Operating Hours 8.30 am to 7 pm


Pand AI Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty Your bot is designed and built by a dedicated and highly qualified team of product designers, data scientists, software engineers and finance executives with extensive experiences across AI and financial services. Led by a former Head of Digital Banking and an award-winning data scientist, every chatbot is handcrafted for businesses.
Services: Multilingual AI, Multiplatform connection, Multidimensional search, Bot2Bot, Realtime data visualization
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 80 Robinson Rd #08-01 Singapore, Singapore 068898
Telephone +65-6228 6313
Operating Hours 8 am to 6 pm


BioMind Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty BioMind® is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) company providing machine intelligence solutions in medical imaging. As the world’s first company to obtain both European CE mark and Singapore HSA medical device certifications, they pride ourselves in empowering physicians through deep technology, employing many medical professionals, machine learning engineers, regulatory experts.
Services: Artificial intelligence, Medical image analysis, Diagnosis, medical treatment, Machine learning
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Hanalytics Pte Ltd 151 Lorong Chuan #03-01C, Lobby A, New Tech Park, Singapore 556741
Telephone +65 6821 1272
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm


UCare AI Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty UCARE.AI’s team of data scientists, technologists and domain experts came together with one mission; to unlock the impossible by creating the most advanced AI capable of making accurate predictions years into the future. Early detection of anomalies and prioritization of resources with AI. Continuous learning of lifetime risk with AI.
Services: Predictive AI, machine learning, risk prediction, cost prediction, demand forecasts
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 360 Orchard Road #10-07A, Singapore 238869
Telephone +65 9112 5837
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm


evvoLabs Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty They are experts at converging technologies at extremely competitive cost to build up your digital platform and have been extremely successful in helping startups, SMEs, blue-chip companies and even government agencies manage their digital transformation and data protection needs. They empower your business with the latest IT capabilities for performance.
Services: Artificial Intelligence, AI consulting, Machine learning, Algorithm development, customized applications
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Ang Mo Kio Street 65 #03-17 Techpoint Singapore 569059
Telephone +65-6258 4914
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm


NetSmartz Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty For IT solutions, Netsmartz is established. They began in 1999 with a small team. Today, they number over 1000, have 8 global locations, continue to be headquartered in Rochester, NY. Their services and solutions run the entire gamut of what a modern business could possibly need within the IT spectrum.
Services: AI consulting, prototyping, predictive analytics, AI for ecommerce, deep learning
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address DUO Tower, 3 Fraser Street Level 08-21 Singapore 189352
Telephone +65- 8444 8884
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm


SixSense Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty SixSense is a Singapore-based deep technology company for smarter manufacturing. They use cutting- edge technologies such as computer vision, deep learning, and IoT analytics, to detect and predict defects for the trillion-dollar manufacturing industry. They are backed by leading VC firms, SGInnovate, Entrepreneur First, and senior experts in the industry.
Services: Self-learning AI, AI error diagnostics, AI predictive analytics, data analytics, real time AI integration
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address WeWork 380 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209000
Telephone +65 94860203
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm


Appier Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty Appier is a technology company empowering businesses with Artificial Intelligence to grow and succeed based on data-driven decisions. Appier was established in 2012 by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data analysis, distributed systems, and marketing. They launched AI-driven Proactive Customer Engagement Platform AIQUA.
Services: AI customer engagement, AI predictive algorithms, AI customized marketing, AI data science platform, mobile applications
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 8 Marina View #14-11 Asia Square Tower 1 Singapore (018960)
Telephone +65-63209760
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm


6Estates Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty 6Estates is an AI FinTech company spun-off from NUS and Tsinghua University in China, focusing on business-level complex document understanding and domain-specific knowledge graph construction. They specialize in Multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge Graph (KG) and Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) technologies, providing AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing solutions, optimizing profitability.
Services: Multilingual language processing, deep learning, predictive AI, machine reading, AI computing
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-07/08 Block 79, Singapore 139955
Telephone +65- 6777 2757
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm


Impress Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty Launched in January 2017, helps recruiters at every stage of the talent acquisition process – from screening, to interviewing, and shortlisting candidates at scale. Every applicant gets a chance to impress the recruiter through their chatbot. With the power of AI, they want to transform hiring practices for posterity.
Services: AI human resource, AI recruitment, AI talent management, AI hiring assistance, AI talent acquisition
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address #08-01,80 Robinson Rd Singapore, Singapore 068898
Telephone +65-8750 2045
Operating Hours 9.30 am to 6.30 pm


Advance AI Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty A leading big data and AI company in Asia, helping to solve digital transformation, fraud prevention and process automation for enterprise clients. They serve over 1000 clients in sectors like banking, fintech, retail and e-commerce. With the power of machine learning and AI-driven automation, ADVANCE.AI automates identity verification, efficiently, seamlessly.
Services: AI identity verification, AI face recognition, AI identity scanning, AI video identification, AI joint modelling
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 80 Robinson Rd, #09-01, Singapore 068898
Email contact
Operating Hours 9 am to 7 pm
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Visenze Top Artificial Intelligence providers in Singapore

AI Provider


Specialty ViSenze helps retailers to meet today’s shopper expectations and grow revenues, they do so by transforming the customer journey and experience in a visual world with powerful intelligent search, personalization, and product recommendation solutions. The prowess of their technology is borne of and continues to be guided by their values.
Services: AI SEO optimization, smart recommendation, cross device experience, digital business transformation, AI ecommerce customer engagement
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent #07-11 Singapore, Singapore 139950
Telephone +65- 9692 2509
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm


Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The potential applications for artificial intelligence are boundless.

The technology may be utilized across many different sectors and industries.

AI is being tested and utilized in the healthcare industry for feeding drugs and various prescriptions for patients, and for surgical procedures in the operating theatre.

Other examples of machines with artificial intelligence include computers that play chess and self-driving cars.

Each of these machines must weigh the consequences of any action they take, as each action will affect the outcome.

In chess, the goal is winning the game.

For self-driving cars, the computer system must integrate, receive all external data and compute it to drive in a way that prevents traffic accidents.

Artificial intelligence also has applications in the financial industry, where it is used to detect and flag activity in banking and finance such as unusual debit card usage and large account deposits—all of which help a bank’s fraud detection.

Applications for AI are also being used to help streamline and make trading easier.

This is done by making supply, demand, and pricing of securities easier to calculate.

Why use AI?

Artificial intelligence refers to simulation of human intelligence in automatons.

The ends of artificial intelligence include learning, reasoning, and perception.

AI is being used across various industries including finance and healthcare.

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Weak AI tends to be basic and mono-task oriented, while strong AI carries on tasks that are more complex and anthropomorphic.

Categorization of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be categorized into two separate categories: weak and strong.

Weak artificial intelligence embodies a system designed to carry out one job.

Weak AI systems include video games such as the chess example from above and personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

You pose the assistant a question, it delivers responses to you.

Strong artificial intelligence systems are systems that physically execute the tasks considered to be anthropomorphic.

These tend to be more complex and intricately constructed.

They are programmed to handle situations in which they may be required to solve complications, issues without  having any human direction at hand.

These kinds of systems can be found in applications like self-driving cars or in medical operating theatres.

Exceptional factors to consider

Since its inception, artificial intelligence has come under scrutiny from scientists and the public alike.

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One prevailing idea is that machines will progress so rapidly,  become so sophisticated that humans will not be able compete independently and they will develop independent cognition, dwarfing humans, making humans redundant, evolving at an exponential rate.

Another is that machines may intrude into people’s privacy, possibly turn hostile to humans and eliminate mankind.

Other arguments debate ethics of artificial intelligence and whether intelligent systems such as robots should be treated with equal privileges as humans.

Self-driving cars have been controversial as their machines tend to be constructed for the lowest possible risk and minimal casualties.

If faced with a scenario of crashing into one person or another simultaneously, these self-directed cars would compute and heed the option that would minimize injury.

Another controversial issue that many people have with artificial intelligence is its potential adverse effects on human employment.

With many industries looking to automate certain jobs using AI directed automation, there are concerns that people would made obsolete from labor opportunities completely.

Self-driving cars may remove the need for taxis and car-sharing schemes, while manufacturers may easily replace human labor with machines, making humans increasingly redundant, obsolete.

Using AI and Data responsibly

As Singapore advances its digital economy, a trusted ecosystem is integral— one where organizations can benefit from tech innovations while consumers are confident to adopt and use AI.

In the global discourse on AI ethics and governance issue, Singapore believes that its balanced approach can facilitate innovation, safeguard consumer interests, and serve as a common international reference model.

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Model AI Governance Framework of Singapore’s Government

In 2019, Singapore released its first edition of the Model AI Governance Framework (“Model Framework”) for broader consultation, adoption, and feedback.

The framework provides detailed and instantly implementable guidance to private sector organizations to address key ethical and governance issues when deploying AI solutions.

By articulating how AI systems function, constructing good data accountability practices, and creating open and transparent channels, the framework aims to promote public understanding and faith in technologies.

The second edition of the Model Framework, released in 2020, continues to take a sector- and technology-agnostic approach that can supplement sector-specific regulations and laws, using data responsibly.

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