Top Art Classes in Singapore

Mathematics, English, Chinese, Science…tired of the same old boring subjects? Pick up a new skill this 2021 and sign up for art classes now!

Our Local Art Scene

In a recent survey done by The Sunday Times, artists were ranked as the top 5 non-essential jobs. Meanwhile, a 2017 report showed that more than 70% of our School of The Arts (SOTA) students do not pursue a career in art. These statistics show what looks like a dying art scene in Singapore, where creativity is snuffed out or overlooked. We are here to convince you that art classes remain important, to which you might be wondering why. Read on to find out more!

Why enroll in Art Class?

Previously, art training was regarded as superfluous, unnecessary, non-essential, hence arts classes were reduced to a minimum. Presently, evidence has substantially demonstrated that arts training does create more innovative, creative learners and leaders. 

Years of teaching show why arts education is important:

  • Arts training helps students to develop creative problem-solving capacities
  • Arts supplemented classes enable visualization of abstract concepts, easing comprehension.
  • Arts training inculcates motor skills, linguistic skills, interactive skills, making choices, being adventurous.
  • Visual arts training educates learners about colour, design, lay-out, perception, and composition: these techniques are essential in aesthetics (visual, digital) of academic study.
  • Blending art across disciplines engages students who are usually apathetic to arts, aesthetics.
  • Arts training enhances critical thinking, challenging students to examine the assumptions behind their world views.
  • Arts training rigorously engages learners of all ages.
  • Art training students imparts culture appreciation and exposes students to diverse cultures.
  • A study on Arts training in America reported that young people who engage on regular terms in visual arts training (three hours a day on three days each week through one full year) are 4 times more likely excel in academics, excel in science experimentation and calculus, to excel in creative expression. 

Visual Arts Education: A History

A study of American schools found that arts training led to enhanced discipline, improved attendance, higher completion rates, and better grades.

Art is not merely confined to creative expression, which was the prevailing theme of arts training for most of the twentieth century. Expression may be essential, but researchers have found correlations between learning in the visual arts and absorbing knowledge and skills across disciplines. From a 1993 Arts Education Partnership Working Group study, possible advantages, gains from visual arts learning include heightened student motivation in learning, improved school attendance, higher graduation rates, enhanced multicultural engagement, as well as the development of higher-order thought processes, creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capacities.

Art education is based in drawing, and including curriculum in reading, writing, singing, and playing an instrument made up the foundational children’s school curriculum from the Renaissance. Drawing remained core curriculum throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when teachers understood that drawing was as intellectual as nature study, geography, and other subjects. Art education later expanded to include painting, design, graphic arts, and the “plastic arts”(e.g., sculpture and ceramics), although art continued to be appraised in utilitarian terms.

In the twentieth century, with the dawn of modernism, art education in the United States veered away from a utilitarian approach to one of creative expression, or aesthetics for self-improvement. Art was still appreciated as important, although less regularly as a core discipline, during the early segments of the century and then declined in significance with the launch of World War II. In the post-war period, particularly after the launch of Sputnik in 1957, core-subject focus shifted heavily to mathematics and science. Art education declined substantially in 1970s, when dwindling school attendance (the graduating baby boomer generation) and a severe USA energy emergency brought about multiple school closures and program shutdowns. Art programs were widely reduced or minimized.

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But the 1970s also heralded a period of hard work by art educators to reignite an interest in the arts. At the Getty Centre for Education in the Arts, for example, work began on the implementation of a radical theory: discipline-based art education (DBAE). This theory proposed that art making (or “studio art”)–the driving force of creative expression–needed to be broadened and underpinned by observation of the supplementary fields of art history, aesthetics, and art criticism, even when teaching the youngest pupils. DBAE theory, most observers now agree, has been essential in reviving art education and revolutionizing arts education methodology.

More twentieth century developments are significant. First, constructivism replaced behaviourism as foundational pedagogical theory, drawing on work by psychological studies scholars, such as Jerome Bruner (1960), Jean Piaget (1974), and Lev S. Vygotsky (1978). Constructivism claims that learners play crucial roles in “constructing” their learning.  Where behaviourism views the teacher the imparter of knowledge, constructivism views educators more as facilitators who help students learn facts, skills, practical application.

Second, postmodernism succeeded modernism. First acknowledged in architecture by Charles Jencks (1977), the grounding feature of postmodern theory is the lack of cultural imperialism. In art education this spurred greater emphasis on multiculturalism and extension of the classical canon’s borders.

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Thirdly, the multiple intelligences theory, posited by Howard Gardner (1983), demonstrated that children reason and engage learning based on personal intellectual gifts. Gardner acknowledged seven intelligences–musical, bodily-kinaesthetic, logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal–and later added others. Art education, particularly as filtered through perspectives of DBAE theory, utilizes intelligences that are atypical and more creative, left-brained, intuitive, innovative.

Through planning, enforcing arts programs based on these principles, most arts pedagogues assume that “students can arrive at their own knowledge, beliefs, and values for making personal and artistic decisions. In other terms, they can arrive at a broad-based, well-grounded understanding of nature, value, and meaning of arts as a part of their own humanity” (Consortium of National Arts Education Associations, pp. 18–19).

Why Are Art Classes in Singapore Important? 

Art is an integral part of society as it allows us to express ourselves freely and art classes help to keep the creative spark alive in children and adults alike. Art has many benefits, to name a few, it: 

  1. Stimulates creativity and enhances the imagination
  2. Makes one more observant and detail-oriented
  3. Cultivates problem-solving skills to think outside the box
  4. Boosts self-esteem and confidence, gives a sense of accomplishment
  5. Outlet for cathartic expression, helping in stress relief

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the top art classes in Singapore:

The Workroom Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

The Workroom

  • Workshops offered include watercoloring, digital lettering, pattern making, stamp carving, modern calligraphy and brush lettering
  • Hire for weddings, talks, workshop sessions
Pricing Rates differ from class to class. Find out more here. (
Address 25, #02-04 Lor Kilat, 598126
Contact Tel: +65 8752 0672

Mobile: +65 90487718 (text only)


Operating Hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-1pm

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10am-5pm

Closed on Sundays

Review 1 Having some spare time whilst in Singapore, After a quick google – I found The Workroom. More importantly a beautiful young lady whom opened her studio, hours to suit me. Ruth was very relaxed and most helpful having some Watercolour paints & brushes etc ready for me to use / take home , alongside some very professional worksheets to use.
Having introduced myself , explained my situation / experience with Watercolour – she certainly went out her way to pass knowledge and skills with genuine care and attention. Encouraging and positive feedback .Also, regular photos of work as it progressed.
I must admit I would like to think we had a lot in common after our days together chatting and learning.
Nothing was too hard and Ruth was very accommodating , warm and welcoming.I would recommend visiting Ruth at The Workroom for any introduction to / upskilling art. She is a very clever ,talented artist & calligrapher. Delightful friendly teacher surpassed my expectations and can’t say enough .I look forward to my next visit to Singapore and The Workroom , hopefully seeing Ruth again for more instructions and guidance.
Review 2 I really enjoyed my Calligraphy for beginners class. Parking was very convenient. I was taught all the necessary basics by Ruth, she was very patient with us. I learned alot from her, she even gave us alot of tips which was very-very helpful. Class was very enjoyable and accommodating. And I am looking forward for my next class – Watercolour for beginners next week. I think this place is worth it. You learned all the necessary things for beginners even with no basics.


Heartroom Gallery Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

Heartroom Gallery

  • Classes: folk art painting, watercoloring, manga drawing, Chinese brush painting, acrylic art
  • 2 to 2.5 hours per class
  • Art Jamming: for individuals, parties and team building events
  • Art Jamming: 2.5 hours of painting at $38 per session
  • Folk art painting, acrylic painting
  • Manga drawing: $200 for 4 lessons at 2 hours each
  • Watercolour class: $250 for 4 lessons, 2 hours per class
  • Chinese brush painting: $250 for 4 lessons at 2 hours each
Address Blk 41 Cambridge Rd, #01-17, Singapore 210041
Contact Tel: +65 9672 7849


Operating Hours Contact them to find out more.
Review 1
Truly glad to find Heartroom gallery where I can once again enjoy painting. Owner & teacher Mei’s is patient and attentive to her students. And she definitely has superb painting skills and her art works are fabulous! I’m looking forward to more learning with her.
Review 2
This place is different from other art school. It more on teaching drawing than doing business. Give more freedom to students in thier art. Lessons is 2hours, student really can forcus on learning well better than only 45mins lesson.


My Arts Space Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

My Art Space

  • Art jam, outdoor art adventure, art appreciation
  • Classes for adults and kids (aged 4-12) alike
  • Services: team bonding, corporate training, venue rental
Pricing Contact them for the different rates.
Address Istana Park, 31 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238888
Contact Tel: +65 9012 9717


Operating Hours Contact them for more information.
Review 1 One feels a sense of tranquility and peace in a space as beautiful and bright as this location. Despite it being right in the center of a busy shopping area, My Art Space feels the complete opposite; it exudes a sense of peace and serenity. Surrounded by greenery with a beautiful view, the location is easily accessible. The introductory lesson was a mixture of theory and practical, interweaving philosophical views on painting which were useful when you come to paint. For example, when usual thoughts of doubt and self critical thoughts creep into the mind, the initial advice from the instructor would come in, reminding oneself to be patient and see with kindness one’s own painting. It was an overall lovely experience and I’m excited to start the 8 week workshop!
Review 2 My Art Space is a great place for art jamming and corporate team bonding. My team was deciding on a team bonding activity – Escape Room, paintball activity and this. We unanimously decided on My Art Space and it was the best decision. Not only did we bring the inner self on our creativity, but we got to bring home our own art pieces!


Little Artists Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

Little Artists Art Studio

  • special art programmes: photography, portfolio preparation, digital art and art for special needs
  • certificate programmes and short courses for adults: portraiture, still life, landscapes, sketching, digital art, photography, learning techniques, experimental and conceptual, stylisation and solo shows
  • 6 lessons fee for 2 hours: $290

Contact them for more information.

Address 15 Siglap Rd, #01-07 The Mandarin Gardens, Singapore 448912
Contact Tel: +65 6449 0960
Operating Hours Monday-Thursday: 9am-730pm

Saturday-Sunday: 930am-530pm

Closed on Fridays.

Review 1 Little Artist has helped me build my portfolio in the past for my future Universities and Excel in my arts. It has thought me various skills, medium usage and platform for my arts. The teachers at loving and wonderful as the help the students by giving them undivided attention and help. The platforms they provide are wonderful as it makes the students feel as if they are an actual artist.
Moreover, they help past students to become an intern/part-time teacher here and let them understand the industry.
Review 2 My daughter attended classes at Little Artists for 4 years and she had a wonderful experience while learning and experimenting with art. The environment was very encouraging and inspiring. So much so, that an interest in pursuing art as a career became her first choice. She spent the last 2 years as a Portfolio student and this was really a turning point as she has successfully secured a scholarship in her undergraduate course of choice in a well known university overseas. Thank you Little Artists!


Draw Paint Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

Classical Realism SG 

  • Drawing, painting and portfolio preparation
  • Only for students 13 years and older
  • Skylight in studio to paint natural lighting
  • Introductory lessons – $50
  • 1 session, 3 hours each – $55 (group)
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours each – $200 (group)
  • Duet class, 2 hours each – $300 (2 pax)
  • Private lessons, 2 hours each – $200
Address 20 Dublin Rd, Floor 2, Singapore 239809
Contact Tel: +65 9731 4874
Operating Hours Contact for more information.
Review 1 My daughter, 15 years old, finds the Art school extremely helpful. She has started her fine arts course as a begginer making a big progress in last year.
We believe that the explaining the techniques is very important. That what brings confidence and motivation to young people. Also, the flexibility, being able to fit the student and help into already busy schedule. Thank you
Review 2 Clayton’s art studio is located in a nice shophouse in downtown Singapore, and it is a very artistic space by itself, one that induces the flow of artistic energy and creativity, and is very pleasing to be in.

I have been to art classes that focuses on teaching techniques, and everyone would just practice the same thing, more or less like a factory producing homogeneous commodities. I am glad in Clayton’s studio we can choose what we want to draw and what medium to use.

He will not push you towards certain directions, rather he will overwatch each student’s progress and gives advice only when its necessary. But if anyone decides to go down with anything, he is always glad to share what he knows, whether its technique or just casual discussion, he will share very solid comments and recommendations, all to help the student grow and expand in art.

I like how his class is at a balance between teaching hardcore skills and being loose and free. Inside this space one can retreat for some time from the fast paced living in the city and from those overly commercialised art in its overly commercialised setting…. and to really embrace and enjoy art and at the same time to see the possibilities within oneself.


Visual Arts Centre Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

Art Courses Singapore Visual Arts Centre 视觉艺术中心

  • Professional Acrylic Painting, Drawing & Sketching, Watercolour Painting, Oil Painting VAC Studio
  • Services: team building, venue hire, exhibitions, workshops
  • Trial session, acrylic/ drawing/ oil- $42
  • 8 sessions, acrylic/ drawing/ oil – $320
  • 12 sessions, art immersion – $500
  • 24 + 2 (free) sessions, art immersion – $960
  • 48 +4 (free) sessions, art immersion – $1880
Address #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, 10 Penang Rd, Singapore 238469
Contact Tel: +65 6255 0711


Operating Hours Friday-Monday: 11am – 8pm

Wednesday: 11am – 8pm

Thursday: 11am – 830pm

Closed on Tuesdays.

Review 1 I have a great experience with a sketching short course here. From just a person who have interest in art now I can create an art-work myself.
My teacher, Ms Wu Xiaoqing is really a talented artist and teach me alot to improve my skill.
Everyone there is friendly and very open to new idea of art. With their help I am now got accepted in Nafa with a scholarship. I have never been more proud of myself. I really appreciate everything I learn and achieved from there.
They are not just a art centre but you can really consider them as your second family.
You can get the experience by your own and I am sure you will not regret to take any course there.
Review 2 Dropped by for an exhibition last week at Visual Arts Centre, I loved the ceramic exhibition and the gallery is beautiful. With movable panels, the artist are given free will to arrange their settings as they like. I loved the idea of that as just like art, nothing is fixed. After checking out the session, I notice that Visual Arts offers art lessons too! Their studio environment looks cosy and feels calming. Perfect for the calming session of art and painting. The staff here are all on the younger range, allowing easy conversation and you won’t feel pressured into buying anything you dislike. Lastly, I notice that there are a huge amount of canvas lying around the studio, after checking, Visual Arts Centre allows you to keep you drawing and painting in their studio for free! Looking forward to visit this place again!


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Muzart Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

MuzArt Learning Centre Singapore

About Muzart Singapore offers quality art enrichment programs to children 3 years and up, since 2016. Muzart Singapore has a total of 13 centers currently, providing many convenient locations for parents all over Singapore.

MuzArt Singapore offer holistic art enrichment program to parents in Singapore, that not only teaches children how to paint and draw in a nurturing environment through our heuristic teaching method, but also helps inculcate invaluable skills like focus, problem-solving, self-expression, perseverance and much more in the children.

  • Strictly for those aged 2-18 years old: Junior, Foundation, Intermediate, Advance Art
  • Silhouette, Anthropomorphic painting, Zentangle Technique, origami skills , painting scratching, essay writing, Water Colour Techniques, finger painting, comic action figures, pastel effects and many more
  • A holistic platform that encourages creative thinking and imaginative productivity
Pricing Contact them for more information.
Address 135 Jurong Gateway Rd, #04-329, Singapore 600135
Contact Tel: +65 6909 0760


Operating Hours Contact them for more information.
Review 1 As a play therapist, I really enjoyed my self-care sessions in MuzArt! I love to explore different ways of painting and thank you MuzArt for giving me such a great platform to play around with. I have painted on canvas, egg cartons, totebags, played with fluid art and marbling art etc. I had such great fun, highly recommended for adults who want to release their inner child and have fun!
Review 2 Awesome clay art modelling experience with MuzArt!

Amazed at what the kiddos made under the patient guidance of Teacher Tomato (I later learnt every teacher here has a cute nickname which makes it easier for the children to remember, and how cute, right?) — a froggie each, a penguin with a hat and a colourful caterpillar.

They were all smiles when I dropped them off at the cozy secured centre with friendly teachers. Even prouder smiles when I picked them up with their self made creations. Clean environment with all materials provided, nurturing and patient teachers, MuzArt is really a conducive place for any kind of art creation (yes, check out the full range of activities they cover!)!

This school really believes that everyone can be creative, and encourages anyone who enter this school to be!


Foundation Oil Painting Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

Foundation Oil Painting Class

  • Oil painting for beginners
  • 10-13 students per class
  • For adults only aged 18-70, with or without art background
  • $220 for 4 lessons per month
  • 4180 for 3 lessons per month
  • $70 per lesson (Figure Drawing)
  • One set of material: $300
  • One canvas: $10
  • 2.5 hours per lesson
  • Not refundable and no replacement class
Address Kewalram House #02-02, 8 Jalan Kilang Timor, Singapore 159305
Contact Tel: +65 9726 2028
Operating Hours Schedule will be updated every 6 months and can be found here.

Review 1 Mr Wee is a dedicated and very experienced teacher who is good at explaining the techniques and processes of oil painting to beginners, in both English and Mandarin. Each student is taught based on her/his proficiency and style preference, which means you’ll get to see vastly different paintings in each class although the objects being painted are the same. Very interesting and thought provoking. I have learned more from Mr Wee in a few months than elsewhere in a year.

His studio, although located in an industrial building, is well set up, spacious and meditative. It is also near to good food places.

Review 2 Mr. Wee is a accomplished painter and teacher. Providing foundational grounding and his perspective on the project you work on – giving you the opportunity to work on your canvas in a well laid out studio. You will enjoy the learning!


Art Haus Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class


  • Adult courses: art workshops, fundamentals, jamming, short courses, portfolio presentation
  • Children: portfolio preparation, holiday programmes, fine arts courses, art jamming
Pricing Adults:
  • Adult Art workshops: $375-395 per term
  • Adult Art Fundamentals: $770-790 per term
  • Art jamming session: $70 per session
  • 3 day art courses: $260 per course
  • Portfolio preparation: $395 per course


  • Aged 5-7: $205-235 per term
  • Portfolio preparation for personalised course: $255 per course
  • Holiday programs for kids: $68 -315 / course
  • Fine Arts Based Course; $205-235 per term
  • Art Jamming session: $68 per session
Address 901A Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 589619
Contact Tel: +65 9023 0458
Operating Hours Contact them for more information.
Review 1 Brought my gf to try out art jamming with Arthaus for her birthday activity. Even though it was supposed to be guided, I would say the amount of guidance was definitely much less than expected. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, I guess there must be some form of freedom and exploration when it comes to art. But what do I know, I am an art idiot! Nonetheless, staff at Arthaus was very very friendly. Thanks for helping me touch up my terrible painting so it can be slightly more presentable and also for encouraging me by saying that it looks like modern art? Hahaha, I know it was just consolation but thanks. Would highly recommend Arthaus to anyone and definitely would promote it strongly to my friends and family. No scenic view from the premise but surrounded by art pieces that I look on with envy. No shortage of art tools as well.
Review 2 (Translated by Google) Very beautiful and very personal charm

Sangat indah dan asa pesona pribadi ya


School of Clay Arts Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

School of Clay Arts

  • Specials: pottery for beginners, handcrafted ceramics, pottery workshops
  • Customized private or group classes for gatherings, birthday parties, bridal showers etc., corporate team building, community projects, events, training for education partners
  • Studio Membership: $450 for 10 sessions, $250 for 5 sessions
  • Courses: pottery fundamentals, introduction to the potter’s wheel – $290 for 4 sessions

For group booking and other inquiries, contact them for more information.

Address 10 Ubi Cres, Ubi Techpark (Lobby B) Unit 07-33, 408564
Contact Tel: +65 9177 5764


Operating Hours Saturday 1030am-5pm

Tuesday 1030am-130pm

Wednesday 1030am-430pm

Closed on Monday, Thursday and Fridays.

Review 1 It was our first time doing any sort of pottery work and it was amazing. Hats off to Elizabeth and Kai Feng for being so friendl, patient and helpful, answering all our questions too. It was a great experience! Thank you!
Review 2 I signed up for and attended the <Intro to Handbuilding> workshop over a course of 4 weeks.

The studio has a cosy and calm feel to it, and the instructors, Elizabeth and Kai Feng are friendly, patient and always sharing interesting nuggets of information to provide a larger context to our understanding of ceramics and clay. I liked how they were always willing to provide some guidance, but also often encouraged us to try and find our styles, with a focus not just on the outcome but also on our understanding of the techniques as well as our learning/progress.
They would often take time to explain and share their knowledge on pottery in other cultures, or other inspirational potters with different styles. I now look at the ceramics around me differently, wondering how they are crafted.

Personally, I also like their studio glazes / style which has a calm and clean feel to them. Would recommend for beginners to ceramics who are interested in understanding and improving their techniques, as well as the background behind pottery.


Chalk n Pencils Top Art Classes in Singapore

Art Class

Chalk and Pencils

  • painting, printing, 3D art-form, observational drawing skills, charcoal and pastels drawing, art with chalk and pencils, oil painting, acrylic painting and water-colour painting
  • hosts events, venue hiring services and holiday camps (only for 18 year old and above)
Pricing Contact them for more information.
Address 387 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-04, Singapore 427623
Contact Tel: +65 9839 0979
Operating Hours Contact them for more information.
Review 1 Perfect place to host a cosy and intimate event. Miss Kheng and her team expertly handled a group of 12 very excited kids on their individual canvas design with amazing results and all loving every moment there. I appreciate the one-stop party planning advice and help end to end. Thank you!
Review 2 We had a great art birthday party for my 5 year old daughter. The team from chalk and pencils were very responsive and helpful.


Art Class

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

  • Drawing, painting, 3D art, mixed media, printmaking, Chinese Painting, Art Appreciation, Design, Still Life, Figure Sketching, Mixed Media, Thematic Expression, Digital Art media
  • Offers Vacation Courses that range from craft-making, canvas painting, clay modelling, printmaking and photography to fashion-drawing
  • Registration Fee: $32.10
  • Kinder Art and Children’s Art: $520/semester
  • Lower Secondary Art: $320/term
  • Upper Secondary Art: $460/term
  • Vacation Course: $250-330 for existing NAFA students
Address 80 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189655
Contact Tel: 6512 4159

Operating Hours Contact for more information.
Review 1 One of the (If not it is) the oldest art institute in the South East Asian region which started in 1938. Recognized for its pioneer art known as “Nanyang Arts”. Many Singaporean renown artist are alumnus of NAFA.

Regularly, NAFA organize many exhibition and it is worth a visit to their galleries.

Review 2 There’s a very wide range of programmes available here to develop the Picasso or Leonardo or Fonteyn in you…


Art Class

Artz Graine Studio Of Kreative Artz

About Services:
  • Art classes for 5-18 Years old
  • Adult class
  • Direct School Admission Application
  • O-level Art and Portfolio
Address Blk 4 Queen’s Road #02-107 S(260004)
Contact Tel: +65 6906 5320


Review 1 Testimonial from student – “Cheyanne joined Artz Graine on recommendation from a friend as we felt she was not progressing enough from another school. During her time at Artz Graine, her technique improved tremendously and she started to learn to work with different media. Besides learning how to do the art pieces, she also learned how to write and research about the pieces allowing her to develop further in her art learning journey. The staff was very encouraging and often gave her pointers on how to approach the art pieces. There were also regular sessions with us (parents) to ensure we are aware of her progress. She enjoyed herself during the lessons and the teachers were very friendly and helpful.”


Art Class

Artlette Art Studio

About Services:
  • Kids Art Program:
  • Portfolio management
  • Acrylic / Watercolour / Sketching classes
  • Workshops / School Holiday program
  • Events & Parties
Address 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #03-18, Singapore 574408 
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Jubilee Square, #02-05, Singapore 569814 6
Contact Tel: +65 8128 5643 (Thomson Plaza)/ +65 8128 5643 (Jubilee Square)


Review 1 KRIS WANG – Watercolour, Acrylic & Sketching hobbyist. Pleasant and friendly environment. Able to get hold of the technique with teacher guidance. Patience teacher. You be able to complete a good art piece at the end of the day without worrying of ruining it.
Review 2 LINDA JUDITH TEOH – Acrylic hobbyist. Thank you for 15 excellent lessons! I have gone from zero to being able to have painted 16 acrylic paintings!
Review 3 LYNNETTE SEET – Watercolour hobbyist, Kids Adventurer & Kids Explorer II
We all enjoyed our lessons at Artlette! The kids have made good progress and even the school teachers commented the improvement in drawing for Emma. We will be back again next time. 🙂 Also, the teachers are very patience, nice and dedicated!
I would like to give thanks to teacher Charlotte and Vinky who are so patient with us and so willing to share the knowledge.


Art Class

Artisan8 Studio

About Services:
  • Metalworking workshops
  • Silver jewellery making
  • Hot Enamelling.
Address 150 Orchard Road #03-06 Orchard Plaza Singapore 238841
Contact Telephone: (65) 94747252
Review  This was such a fun experience!!! Shan was so patient and super nice. She was very thorough with every step and really cared that we have a good product at the end. I strongly recommend to anyone who’s looking to make their own rings!!!!!


Arts and Crafts Supplies in Singapore

Now that you are ready to sign up for art classes, here are some places you might want to consider when looking for art supplies: 

  1. Krafers’ Paradise 
  2. Sagacity Art and Crafts
  3. Art Friend
  4. Junior De Artist
  5. Overjoyed

Learn Art Online!

To further help you enhance your artistic skills, do check out these YouTube channels that offer great tutorials on arts and crafts:

  1. Proko.
  2. Draw with Jazza.
  3. Aaron Blaise.
  4. Sarah Tepes.
  5. Mark Crilley.
  6. Bayley Jae.
  7. Bobby Chiu
  8. Emmy Kalia
  9. Sophie Chan
  10. ImagineFX

Government Efforts

Precisely because art is often overlooked, Singapore is now trying to actively make it a part of our lives, here are some initiatives the government has put in place for art.


  • 1996: Singapore Art Museum (SAM), 
  • 2002: STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery 
  • 2011: Art Stage Singapore
  • 2012: Gillman Barracks 
  • 2015: National Gallery Singapore (the Gallery)


  • 2013: Nanyang Technological University Centre for Contemporary Art (NTU CCA)
  • Early 2000s: 
  • LASALLE College of the Arts
  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)


  • Singapore Biennale 
  • Singapore Art Show
  • Singapore Art Week 


  • Land Transport Authority’s Art in Transit Programme
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Public Sculpture Masterplan
  • URA’s Art Incentive Scheme
  • National Heritage Board’s Tax Incentive Scheme

Tertiary course fees for Arts Education in Singapore:

Course fees indicated here apply to students entering NAFA in the academic year of 2021, with studies commencing on 2 August 2021. 

Academic Year 2021

Programmes Subsidised Fees S$ with Tuition Grant (Per Annum)  Non-Subsidised FeesS$ (Per Annum)
Singapore Citizens Singapore Permanent Citizens International  Students
3D Design $4,700 $7,250 $10,000 $19,400
Design and Media $4,700 $7,250 $10,000 $19,400
Fine Art $4,700 $7,250 $10,000 $19,400
Fashion Studies $5,150 $7,700 $10,500 $19,900
Arts Management $4,700 $7,250 $10,000 $19,400
Dance $5,650 $7,400 $10,250 $20,400
Theatre $5,650 $7,400 $10,250 $20,400
Music $5,650 $7,400 $10,250 $20,400
Teaching Courses
Art Teaching $5,850 $7,400 N.A. $19,400
Music Teaching $7,750 $9,750 N.A. $20,400 $20,400

Informal Arts Classes:

At Boulevart, art jams are priced at $35 per session for 2 hours, with free reign over supplies and tools.

Heartroom Gallery is also a painting space, classroom for amateurs. 2.5-hour art jams are $38 per session.


In summary, the art scene in Singapore can be very much alive if you know where to look. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for some art classes and jamming sessions at any of these top art classes. Grab your loved ones, close friends, or even fly solo and get ready to learn a new skill this 2020!


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Top Lamination Service Providers in Singapore

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