Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Did you know that there are more than 2,000 architects on the register of architects in Singapore? For a small and densely-populated country like Singapore, that is certain quite a number of architects. And perhaps for a good reason.

Who are architects?

Architects are broadly defined as an individual who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings or structures on a public or private landscape. They typically focus on both the aesthetics and technical aspects of the building’s or structure’s design.

Understanding the architecture scene in Singapore

Given that Singapore is a small country with lack of land space, one has to be creative and innovative when designing buildings and infrastructures in our sunny island. It is therefore not surprising to find some of the region’s talented architects here in Singapore.

Singapore’s lack of land means that most residential spaces have to be built upwards – think of our HDB flats and Build-To-Order (BTOs). However, Singapore is also home to some of the region’s most dazzling bungalows, also commonly known as Good Class Bungalows.

Numerous talented and award-winning architects here on our sunny island

Despite being a land-scarce country, Singapore is home to some of the region’s award winning architecture firms. Every firm boosts its own unique selling point and speciality – be it experience in designing for Good Class Bungalows, or sustainable architectural works. 

Here are the top 20 architecture firms in Singapore:

Aamer Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Aamer Architects

Speciality In the world of current architectural designs, AAMER reinvents tropical houses, restaurants, offices, medical clinics, homes for elderly care, condotels, hotels, larger commercial high-rise projects and so on — with contemporary forms that are unique and relevant to today’s lifestyle expectations.

Services: Architecture, Conservation, Interior Design, Masterplanning


Instagram: @aamerarchitects

Address No 2 Leng Kee Road, #04-01a Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086
Contact 65 6258 2838


MIng Architects Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Ming Architects

Speciality Ming architects is a design-focused architectural firm in Singapore known for creating well-crafted contemporary homes suited for modern living. The practice was established by Tan Cher Ming, who graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2007. Having worked at several renowned architecture firms in Singapore before starting his practice, Cher Ming has had extensive experience in both the architecture and interior design of residential landed houses and specialises exclusively in contemporary luxury homes.

  • Specialises in architecture for landed houses in Singapore
Address 399A Jalan Besar, Singapore 209008
Contact 65 6513 2625
Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Hyla Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Hyla Architects

  • Hyla Architects is primarily known for its minimalist yet highly urbanized architecture designs
  • It firmly believes that simple and basic designs are much better than highly intricate ones
  • Focuses on Residential and Commercial Spaces
Address 47 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069720
Contact 65 6324 2488
Opening Hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Aedas Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm


  • Specialises in Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Art, and Leisure
  • Indulge in researching new techniques and methods while creating new structures
  • 11 North Buona Vista Drive, #12-07 The Metropolis Tower 2, Singapore 138589, Singapore (Architecture)
  • 11 North Buona Vista Drive, #08-08 The Metropolis Tower 2, Singapore 138589, Singapore (Interiors)
Contact 65 6734 4733
Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Formworks Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Formwekz Architects

  • Have experience working on residential and commercial projects
  • Some of the buildings it has worked on are Armadillo House, Grotto House, Aperture House, Jingmen Sales Gallery, Hailing Sales Gallery
Address 200 Turf Club Rd, #07-01, Singapore 287994
Contact 65 6440 0551

Opening Hours Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM


Topos Design Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Topos Architects

  • An international award-winning architectural firm that provides the following spatial design solutions
  • Create a simple and spacious design so the residents of the property can be able to maximize the space of the area
Address 531 UPPER CROSS STREET #03 – 29, SINGAPORE 050531
Contact 65 6736 0804

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


BH Architects Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

B+H Architects

  • Offers a multicultural team represents over ten nationalities that each brings about their own unique insights and experience
Address #01-01 Connection One 168 Jalan Bukit Merah 150168 Singapore
Contact /
Opening Hours Contact for appointment


DCA Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

DCA Architects

  • Experiments with the materials, forms and scale of the structure, to deliver the best results
  • Focuses on Residential, Commercial, Leisure
Address 1 HarbourFront Avenue, #07-01, Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632
Contact 65 6225 5366
Opening Hours Contact for appointment


AR43 Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

AR43 Architects

  • Extensive experience in designing Good Class Bungalows in Singapore
  • Strongly committed in the philosophy of responsible design
Address 15A Purvis Street, Singapore 188594
Contact 65 6333 4248

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


RTNQ Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

RT+Q Architects

  • Award-winning architect firm with experience designing Singapore’s Good Class Bungalows
  • Experience in residential and coomercial properties
Address 32A Mosque Street Singapore 059510
Contact 6221 1366

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


DPA Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

DP Architects

  • Creating architecture of excellence that enriches the human experience and spirit
  • Headquarters in Singapore houses the specialist companies and 10 typology research teams that perform as a consolidated resource for their designers around the world
  • Their designers approach each project as the continuation of an ongoing exploration in shaping the public domain
Address 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-249 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Contact 65 6338 3988

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Wallflower Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm


  • Founded by Tan Chai Chong Robin and Cecil Chee, bringing together a combined experience of commercial projects and residential developments
  • Have received numerous awards for excellence in design, having been also widely featured in local and international publications
Address  7500A Beach Rd, #15-303, Singapore 199591
Contact 65 6297 6883

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Ehka Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

EHKA Studio

  • Experience in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Institutional
  • The firm provides a solution based on clients need, budget and ideology
Address 891B Bukit Timah Road Singapore 589638
Contact 65 69092798

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Guz Architects Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Guz Architects

  • Their projects focus largely on Sustainability, Green Architecture
  • Their designs are inspired by nature
Address 3 Jalan Kelabu Asap, Singapore 278199
Contact 65 6476 6110

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


HB Design Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

HB Design

  • The firm has a diverse and award winning portfolio that spans high rise residential, commercial and mixed use projects with many projects exceeding 2 million square feet built up area
  • Gives exceptional results to the clients while fulfilling their requirements
  • Focuses on Residential, Commercial, Hospitality
Address 380 Jalan Besar, #16-01 Arc 380, Singapore 209000
Contact 65 3138 1746
Opening Hours Contact for appointment


JAD Architects Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

JAD Architects

  • Their design goal is to create efficient, flexible, functional and cost-effective design solutions
  • Main projects are Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure
Address 113 Eunos Ave 3 #06-11 Gordon Ind Bldg Singapore 409838
Contact T: +65 6293 9392
Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Kites Studio Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Kite Studio Architecture

  • Detail- driven, Dynamic and Interactive Architecture
  • Believe that every project is a fresh discovery of design senses
Address 930A E Coast Rd, second floor, Singapore 459118
Contact 6243 5197

Opening Hours Mon – Fr: 9am – 6pm


Lekker Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Lekker Architects

  • The firm believes in deep research before starting any new project, they focus more on providing healthy and friendly environment to children and elder people
  • They take on projects with big ambitions: buildings that promote inclusion, neighborhoods that encourage walking and socializing, retail experiences that are dreamlike and exciting and transformative
Address 82 Tiong Poh Road #01-25, Singapore 160082

+65 6223 4481

Opening Hours Contact for appointment


Liu Wo Top Architecture Firms in Singapore

Architecture Firm

Liu & Wo Architects

  • Offer comprehensive consultancy services in master planning, architectural design, interior design, feasibility studies and project management
  • Their practice aims in construction of well- balanced aesthetic form that it cost effective and interactive with the user
Address 35 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089613

65 6226 2766

Opening Hours Contact for appointment

What are the various branches of architecture?

Most people have this misconception that architects work on any projects that they take on. However, similar to a university degree where you may focus on a particular field or specialisation, the same apply for architects as well.

Here are some of the common branches of architecture in the architecture world:


Residential architects specialise in designing or procuring homes or home extensions. They typically work closely with private clients or real estate developers to curate stylish yet functional homes for homeowners. These architects often manage the end-to-end spectrum of the architectural service, from development of the design brief and home’s blueprint through to management of the construction works.

Given that residential architectural projects tend to be quite huge in scope, a lot of time investment is required in terms of managing the client’s expectations. While residential architects typically have more freeplay when it comes to the design and concept of the home or structure, their designs may sometimes be constrained by local building laws and neighbourhood restrictions.


A commercial architect is someone that is skilled in designing and working on non-residential buildings, such as shopping malls, art galleries, offices, or hotels. These architects are usually skilled in designing buildings that are functional and practical, with its “success” determined by how the public uses and interacts with it. 

Besides having exceptional design skills, commercial architects will also need to have a comprehensive understanding of commercial building codes as well as safety regulations or even surrounding road traffic.

Green / Sustainable Design

Buildings, whether it is residential or commercial, are huge contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally. With the increased focus on how these buildings and structures are negatively impacting the environment, sustainable architecture is rapidly gaining traction today.

Sustainable design architects specialise in creating and delivering environmental-friendly as well as energy efficient buildings. They are well versed in the best sustainable products and green building methods and have to be innovative in terms of weaving in these green features into a functional yet visually appealing building. These architects often have to work closely with the various stakeholders including procurement and construction works to ensure that the materials and components used are deemed environmentally friendly.


Urban architects are those that have a keen interest in town or city planning. They typically focus on a whole area instead of an individual building or structure. These architects can either focus on improving an existing town, or develop completely new cities or towns. Urban architects have to use their expertise to decide how the town should be planned out depending on the needs and characteristics of the community – looking at commercial and residential sectors, public areas, and overall infrastructure.


Industrial architects focus on designing facilities or buildings where functionality and process are of utmost importance. They are the ones that design facilities such as warehouses, factories, power plants, transport hubs and more. Hence, industrial architects need to have a thorough understanding of what the building’s inputs and outputs are in order to design and develop an appropriate facility that is specifically intended for its particular purpose. They need to have a comprehensive understanding of how various processes, machinery, equipment, or other requirements translate into the building’s design.


Over time, buildings and structures are subjected to wear and tear due to the external environmental elements. This is where restoration architects come in, supporting in the repairing, maintaining, and restoring of protected and historic buildings. They often work with buildings such as museums or residential properties that hold historical interest such as the Istana.


Housing architects are similar to residential architects, in which they both focus on building homes. However, housing architects often focus on delivering residential schemes of several houses instead of designing and conceptualise one individual residential property. They are often responsible for developing the master plan of a residential site as well as the individual plan layout of each home. This is fairly common in Singapore, where HDB-flats are fairly common given the lack of land space.

In coming up with the mast plan for the residential site, housing architects need to be familiar with the area’s accessibility, public space, infrastructure and the mix of surrounding housing types.

Interior Design

Not to be focused with interior designers, interior architects are involved in both the decor of the interior space as well as the structural components of how the design will take shape. Most residential and commercial properties typically offer empty shell spaces for homeowners and tenants. Hence, this is where interior architects come in – to convert a blank space into a habitable and functional environment.

Why Architecture Firms is Important?

Architecture firms play a crucial role in shaping the built environment and have a significant impact on society, economy, and culture.

They are essential entities that bring together skilled professionals to design, plan, and execute architectural projects.

In this essay, we will explore the importance of architecture firms from various perspectives, including their contributions to the urban landscape, sustainable development, cultural preservation, economic growth, and the advancement of architectural innovation.

Shaping the Urban Landscape: Architecture firms are instrumental in shaping the urban landscape of cities and towns. They design structures that define the city’s character, provide functionality, and create spaces for human interaction. By envisioning and implementing aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable buildings, architecture firms contribute to the overall livability and attractiveness of urban environments.

The design of iconic landmarks, public buildings, and urban infrastructure can become symbols of a city’s identity and culture. Think of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House, or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. These structures often become iconic symbols that represent the spirit and progress of a place.

Sustainable Development: In recent years, the importance of sustainable development has grown significantly. Architecture firms are at the forefront of incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their designs. They focus on energy efficiency, the use of renewable materials, waste reduction, and green technologies to create environmentally responsible buildings.

Through sustainable architecture, these firms contribute to reducing carbon footprints, conserving natural resources, and mitigating the impact of climate change. This emphasis on sustainability also helps create healthier and more comfortable living and working spaces for occupants.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Architecture firms play a crucial role in preserving cultural heritage and historical significance. They are involved in the restoration and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, ensuring that the architectural treasures of the past are conserved for future generations.

Preserving cultural landmarks not only maintains a sense of identity and continuity but also attracts tourists, generating economic benefits for the region. Additionally, adaptive reuse projects can breathe new life into old structures, revitalizing neighborhoods and fostering a sense of community.

Economic Growth and Employment: Architecture firms contribute significantly to the economy by generating employment opportunities and stimulating related industries. The construction sector relies on architectural designs for new projects, providing jobs for skilled laborers, contractors, and suppliers.

Moreover, the construction of architectural projects often involves the collaboration of various professionals, such as engineers, interior designers, urban planners, and landscape architects, further contributing to job creation and economic growth.

Advancement of Architectural Innovation: Architectural firms are essential hubs of innovation and creativity within the field. They encourage their teams to explore novel design concepts, experiment with new materials, and adopt cutting-edge technologies.

Advancements in architecture have a wide-reaching impact, from improving building performance and energy efficiency to enhancing the user experience. Innovation in architecture also extends to the development of smart cities, where technology and connectivity are integrated into the urban fabric to enhance the quality of life for residents.

Social Impact: Architecture firms are conscious of their social responsibility and the impact their designs have on communities. They strive to create inclusive spaces that accommodate diverse populations, considering accessibility for people with disabilities and incorporating social spaces that foster interaction and community engagement.

Designing public spaces, recreational areas, and cultural centers contributes to the well-being and social cohesion of society. Architecture firms are increasingly engaging with the concept of “human-centric design,” which prioritizes the needs and experiences of the people who will use and inhabit the spaces they create.

Problem Solvers and Visionaries: Architectural projects often present complex challenges that require innovative solutions. Architecture firms act as problem solvers, combining creativity and technical expertise to address various design constraints effectively.

They also serve as visionaries, imagining possibilities for the future and creating designs that push boundaries. Through their visionary projects, architecture firms inspire the public and challenge the status quo, encouraging others to think creatively and ambitiously about the potential of architecture in shaping the world.

In conclusion, architecture firms are of paramount importance in shaping our world, from designing skylines that define cities to contributing to sustainability and preserving cultural heritage. They are crucial drivers of economic growth, employment, and innovation. As society continues to evolve, the significance of architecture firms will only increase, as they play a central role in creating a sustainable, functional, and culturally rich environment for future generations.

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