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Top 7 Mistakes in SEO for Mobile Pages in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best website developers across the globe. However, they fall victim to certain mistakes that affect optimisation of mobile pages. This, in turn, affects the quality and the user experience of the mobile pages. This article addresses these concerns and helps you produce quality mobile pages for your site.

1. Using the Wrong Keywords

The subject of the perfect keywords is challenging. It is best solved from the potential client’s perspective. You may have keywords that offer a clear description of your product. However, do the words match what potential clients are looking for? Before developing keywords, investigate the words used to search for products similar to yours. This will give you a picture of what clients are searching for. It will also be pivotal in crafting keywords that match your products to client searches. The best approach for mobile keyword optimisation is to focus more on questions and conversational phrases.

2. Use of Wrong Fonts In Mobile Pages

The user experience on your site improves your mobile SEO. Appearance is one critical component of the user experience. Settle for eligible fonts and font sizes. The font sizes on your desktop site do not necessarily work for mobile pages. You should, therefore, customise the fonts to suit the user’s experience on your mobile pages. This makes it easier for visitors to consume your content.

3. Slow Page Speeds

29 percent of mobile users will abandon your site if it is unresponsive. Your content may be unrivaled, but visitors may not wait to find that out. Large files and images play a significant role in slowing pages down. Consider utilising tools and services that help optimise your page speeds. Improving on your web hosting is equally important.

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Top 7 Mistakes in SEO for Mobile Pages in Singapore 1

4. Unresolved 404 Errors

There is nothing more annoying than a 404 error. It is quite common on mobile pages. The errors appear when the wrong URL is typed in when there is a broken link to your site or a missing webpage. Such issues are sure to impact your mobile SEO negatively. Ensure you develop mobile versions of your site’s web pages. At the very least, redirect users to desktop versions of the web pages.

Top 7 Mistakes in SEO for Mobile Pages in Singapore 2

5. Wrong Use of Interstitials

Popup use has proven to be effective especially when making a call-to-action. That being said, they can be annoying to a user if they;


  1. Constantly appear on the screen after the user has closed them.


  1. Fill the entire screen.


If your mobile pages have such interstitials, they can be easily flagged by users as intrusive. Ensure your interstitials are responsive and occupy a smaller section of the screen.

6. Desktop-Only Content

Your desktop site should match your mobile pages. However, certain aspects on the desktop site may have to be dropped on the mobile site. Elements such as videos that cannot be played on the phone, or larger files, may negatively affect the mobile user’s experience. The most common solution to this is creating popups that direct visitors to your desktop site. In some instances, users may find this frustrating. You could reduce the number of redirects or take down the videos and files that cannot be accessed on the mobile pages.

7. No Optimisation for Local Searches

Research shows that mobile users focus more on local content than when using their desktop devices. Mobile searches are transactional. As such, you stand to increase traffic to your mobile pages. Your business stands to gain more by optimising the local keywords.

Be sure to spend time improving your mobile pages. Utilise tools readily available to help work on your pages. You will then enjoy the benefits of SEO on mobile pages.


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