Top 4 SEO Tips to Help You Optimise your Videos for Search Engines

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Video SEO is the process of optimizing a video to be indexed and ranked on the Search Engines results pages for appropriate keyword searches. With technological advancement in the video industry, it has become more difficult to rank in the universal search results. Gaining rank with your video on global search is dependent on the authority of your site, how it appears for video-related searches, and how video-focused it is.

Here is a list of 4 SEO tips on how a Singapore online business can optimise videos for Search Engines.

Select the appropriate video hosting platform

You need to consider why you want your videos to rank when choosing a hosting platform. YouTube and Vimeo are ideal if you are focused on brand awareness rather than driving traffic to your website. Conversely, if you are interested in gaining traffic on your site then inserting SEO metadata will increase your likelihood of being indexed.

Develop a Video Transcript

A video transcript is a text that accompanies your video. It makes your videos accessible to a large audience and scrapable by search bots because there is additional text on the page. Transcripts allow you to rank for more queries on a search engine.

Create an engaging thumbnail image

A video thumbnail is what the searcher sees when your video is indexed, and it plays a vital role in what people click. The thumbnail should be relevant, compelling, and comprehensively beautiful. Custom human thumbnails make a video to be played 30% more times than those lacking it. In video SEO, the thumbnails are more important than the title as it influences whether people click or not. The thumbnail should be relevant to your video to attract traffic.

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Optimize the page for SEO

Optimizing your video is insufficient to be indexed on the search engine results page. You should create quality content that factors in the technical SEO components to receive a good ranking. The video should also be relevant to the page you are embedding it on. The chances of ranking are low if the video does not relate to the content of the page.

Since SEO is very volatile, Singapore SEO marketers should invest in paid video marketing to get more clicks and views. The title and description of the video also influence the ranking.



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