Top 4 Interlinking Practices To Boost Your SEO In Singapore

Top 4 Interlinking Practices To Boost Your SEO In Singapore

Having a content marketing initiative with no robust internal linking strategy in place hinders the spread of link authority in your website. Renowned SEO in Singapore experts all agree that auditing your internal linking structure will boost on-site SEO by making sure that all pages and blog posts that you publish are crawled and indexed by search engines as well as receive link juice.  

It is also important to note that content published on a website and is not well-interlinked risk not realizing its inherent organic ranking potential and may be easily discovered by the target users.  

Here are four best interlinking practices that you should start obeying today. 

Content Links 

Placing internal links for indexation in content helps to improve site user experience. The link acts as a source of additional materials that target audience can use gather additional facts related to the post. 

Make sure that the links stand out from the other content. Motivate readers to click on them by highlighting them in a different color or bolding them. Relevancy is of paramount importance – the links should direct readers to related articles that are relevant. Otherwise, irrelevant links will result in a high bounce rate and disrupt the user experience.  

In addition, the website pages should not have any broken links. If you realize there are such links, redirect them to the relevant web pages. Also, make sure that the pages load fast to continue delivering a positive user experience and prevent bounces. The page you link to should have a call-to-action to boost the site’s overall conversion rate. 

Nofollow Links 

If for one reason or another you do not want the search engine to put into consideration the link juice flowing to a particular page on your site, place a rel=“nofollow” attribute in the linking tag. This tag is commonly used in user-generated content such as comments to cushion the site from spam penalties.  

The downside of using this tag is that it can reduce the authority flowing through the other website pages to the linked page. Google advises webmasters to avoid attaching the nofollow attribute to internal links.  

Link Relevancy 

All internal links need to be relevant to succeed in boosting your site on-site SEO and overall ranking. You can achieve this aim by making sure that all anchor text is in line with the topic or title of the landing page that you are targeting.  

Using the same anchor text can result in spam penalties such as keyword cannibalization. You can avoid such issues by using keyword variations in the anchor text structure. During the internal link audit, you will be able to identify ideal places for placing internal links. The number of links will depend on the word count.  

Finally, make sure that your CTA is properly optimized to boost conversion rates. The CTA button should be visually appealing to the target audience and should be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Make sure that you place it above the fold and include it on every page to ensure that the target audience is always 1-2 clicks away from converting regardless of the page they access. QuickSprout is one of the sites that leverage a slide-in CTA to get conversions. 

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