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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Looking an Internet Marketing Singapore Course


Internet marketing is an important aspect of marketing. Unfortunately, these courses are not offered as part of most marketing diploma and degree courses in Singapore universities. If you want to become content marketing Singapore specialist, you have to apply for internet marketing courses. Internet marketing agencies offer these courses.

Before you sign up for any internet marketing Singapore course, consider the following factors;

  1. Reputation of the company offering the course

The reputation of a company or trainer is a representation of its credibility. Internet marketing involves Google AdWords. Google awards certifications for the successful completion of AdWords certification exams. A company cannot claim to offer the best course without these certifications.

Also, a company that is a Google Partner is likely to be more credible than one that is not. You can check if a company is a Google partner using this link.

Another way of checking the reputation of a company is searching for the reviews of the course they offer. Here, you are looking for positive, unbiased reviews. You can also check the company’s website for student testimonials. The testimonials should be updated. Here, a red flag is if the last student testimonial dates more than two years ago.

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  1. The course breakdown

The next thing you should check is how the company has broken down the course. Some companies offer internet marketing courses in stages such as basic, expert, and advanced. The purpose of taking an internet marketing course is to rank better in search engine results. So, you need to ask yourself, “Will I improve SEO ranking if I take the basic course?”

Also, compare the theory part of the course to the practical approach of the course. If theory lessons cover most of the course, it is not worth it. The internet is flooded with internet marketing information. The purpose of an internet marketing class is a hands-on approach.

  1. SEO ranking of the company offering the course

A company cannot purport to be providing a course to improve SEO if it ranks poorly in SEO. In all honesty, the keywords such companies rank for, such as SEO Singapore and internet marketing Singapore, are quite competitive. Nonetheless, the company you choose for your course should at least appear on the first page of search results.

  1. Certification and after-course support

An added advantage of attending any class is the certification after completion of the course. Certification from a reputable company, or marketing school, boosts your confidence when approaching potential employers.

A good internet marketing trainer will not abandon you after the completion of the course. They will regularly update you on any changes in Google algorithms, and other new developments in the world of digital marketing.

Take your time to do some background check on content marketing Singapore trainers. You only want to hire the best agency so that after the course you will be able to launch effective inbound marketing strategies and improve SEO rankings.


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