Top 20 Graphic Design Companies In Singapore

Top 20 Graphic Design Companies In Singapore

What’s Graphic Design?

Graphics design is the practise of planning and projecting experiences and ideas with textual and visual content.

It’s a way of communicating certain messages or ideas visually.

Graphic design is an essential part of marketing, and that’s because graphic has a way of capturing our attention and attracting us towards a product or brand.

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design enhances communication. It helps you convey your ideas effectively and beautifully.

Here are 5 undeniable reasons graphic design is important:

A Positive First Impression

Good design has a visual appeal. Remember, you only have a few seconds to impress your visitors and influence their decision. And a professionally designed, aesthetically pleasing graphic design has a way of making your customers form positive opinions about your brand, services, or products.

It Sets Your Business Apart

You’re not the only choice on the table. You have your competitors to beat. How you represent your brand will influence your customers’ decisions, whether positively or negatively. A great design can influence customer choices, both subconsciously and deliberately. It’s human nature to be associated with beautiful things.

It conveys Professionalism and Credibility

Presentation matters in business. You’re more likely to be perceived as someone trustworthy when your graphics are professionally done. Customers don’t just trust businesses. They’re always looking for something to inspire that trust, and professionalism is a good way to go about it.

A good Way to Summarise Ideas

Graphic design is a good way to summarise all your ideas and present them to the public in an appealing way. Not every single one of your customers or visitors enjoys digging through huge chunks of texts. You can, however, compress all that information in a single text and still achieve the same results.

Persuasive Power

Graphic design can persuade customers to think in a certain way. A nicely-designed brochure, for example, could make your customers feel like they’re more connected to your brand.

What Benefits Does Graphic Design Have to Businesses?

Enhance Sales

A thoughtfully done graphic design piece can boost sales by drawing more customers towards your products or services. Customers have a way of associating the quality of your design or packaging to the quality of your products and services. If the design appeals to them, they’ll be quick to conclude your products will too.

Establish Company name

Your logo is the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about your brand. It’s the first thing people associate your brand with. The same translates to your website, ads, business cards, and all the designs you see. These designs serve customers with fresh memories of your brand. The more stunning they are, the more your customers think positively about your brand.

A Good Way to Earn Goodwill and Establish Trust in the Market

Good aesthetics inspire confidence in your customers. The more your design elements appeal to their senses, the more they trust your services or products. Focus on developing nice visuals of everything you do, and your customers will eventually learn to be more loyal to your brand.

Convey a Brand Message

Graphics convey messages better than text. You can play around with different colour hues and typefaces to evoke emotions. These emotions are enough to convey a brand message in a way that’s both clear and easy to understand.

Unites Employees

The biggest asset your company can ever have is a cohesive team working towards the common good of your business. Graphic design is a good way to foster this unity and strengthen the bond that exists between them.

Your web pages, logo, publications, uniform, stationary, brochures and many other company-related designs create a common front that your company’s employees can identify themselves with.

Enhances Content Readability

You can make your content more readable through graphic design. It’s also a good way of getting your readers hooked in. Ask your graphic designer to choose appropriate, images, typefaces, colour, etc. and most importantly, focus on making your text more readable.

People Love Graphics


Head on to Google and enter a search query of your choice. Now try opening any of the results that show up at the top.

Call us liars if the top result features no image, meme, GIF, or any other form of graphic.

Top Graphic Design Books to Read in 2020

Your bookshelf shouldn’t miss a book on graphic design. Your options are wide open when selecting a graphic design book to read in 2020.

We, however, decided to stick with the best five, and the result was the list below:

How to Be a Graphic Designer (By Adrian Shaughnessy)


The title is a little misleading. This book is an excellent resource for both aspiring graphic designers and veteran ones. It opens your eyes to what the design industry expects from you, in addition to providing you with a lot of practical information on how to grow your graphic design skills and gain more experience.

Studio Culture (By Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy)


Imagine learning about graphic design from some of the best graphic designers that ever walked the face of the universe. In this book, you have some of the world’s best graphic designers sharing their stories and their journey in the field of graphic design. It’s a book to inspire you and give you a different angle from which to look at things.

Make Enemies and Gain fans (by Snask)


engaging the top social media agency in singapore

Snask are the rockstars of graphic design. In this book, Magnus Berg and Fredrik talk about their experiences when they first met and what motivated them to start Snask. They talk about their design studio, and how they’ve managed to achieve global domination. This book will motivate you to start your own graphic design studio.

Thinking with Type (By Ellen Lupton)


This book takes you through the basics of graphic design. It’s a book you want to read if you’re an aspiring graphic designer. You want to make sure your foundation is in order. The book covers almost everything you’ll need to know about typography – from choosing the right typography sizes, pairing them right, creating harmony, and so forth.

Making & Breaking the Grid (By Timothy Samara)


Design work isn’t limited to one particular field or medium. However, each medium has its own set of design rules that sets it parsec part from other media. One thing you’re required to master while starting out as a graphic designer is using the right layout. This book takes you through different layout concepts so you can learn to design like a real professional and not an amateur.

Thoughts on Design (By Paul Rand)


This is the mother and nanny of all design books. The book was derived from his 1994 essay and first published in 1970. Rand is the brain behind many of the logos that rocked in the 70s, including Westinghouse, Morningstar, ABC, and NeXT. Many designers recognise him as a legend in this field.

Interaction of Colours (By Josef Albers)


Your ultimate guide to understanding the magic behind colour in design. The book was written to act as a teaching aid and practical handbook for students that want to delve deeper into colour theory principles. It’s a common book in educational institutions, written with college students in mind.

Top Graphic Design Courses in Singapore

If you’re looking to get into graphic design as a career, here’s a list of top graphic design courses to enrol for in Singapore:

First Media Design School: Diploma in Media and Graphic Design

Course LINK:

First Media offers a range of courses on various design disciplines. They have courses on branding, animation, and a long list of other design-related courses.

It’s a 2-year diploma course that takes graphic design students through a marathon run, providing extensive knowledge in drawing techniques, design software, and drafting.

Course Duration: 18 months

Lasalle College: Graphic Design Fundamentals

Course Link:

Lasalle College is a globally known art and design school that was first established in 1984. Today, the institution has grown and now offers more than 30 different design courses that you can enrol for, including a master’s degree.

Anyone with interest in graphic design should consider signing up for this course.

Course Duration: eight classes for each course (7 to 10 pm, bi-weekly – Tuesday and Thursday).

Course Fees: S$540 per unit

Singapore University of Social Sciences: Graphic Design Essentials

Graphic Design Essentials by SUSS is a good foundation course for students pursuing a course in Fine Arts. The course seeks to equip students with a design thinking approach. Students are also taught about proposal writing, and a long list of other graphic design works.

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fees: Not confirmed

Marketing, Art, and Design School (MAD): Diploma in Communication Design

Course LINK:

MAD was established in 2013, and is one of the most competitive marketing, art, and design institutions in the country.

All the courses offered by the MAD school are accredited with CPE (Committee for Private Education).

Course Duration: 22 months for full-time students. 30 months for part-time students.

Course Fees: $18, 100 for full-time students, $15, 800 for part-time students.

Nanyang Academy: Diploma in Graphic Design

Course URL:

Nanyang has been around since 1938. It’s one of the oldest education institutions in the country, currently operating three different schools. Their courses are offered in partnership with well-reputed universities in the UK.

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This Graphic design diploma course seeks to equip students with critical thinking and creativity skills while also helping them build a rich portfolio.

Course Duration: 3 Years

Course Fees: $4,600 for Singapore Students. $9,900 for Foreign Students.

Singapore Institute of Technology: BA in Communication Designs

This is a two-year course, internationally recognised and validated by one of the leading universities in Scotland, Glasgow School of Art. It bears mentioning that Glasgow is ranked 8th as one of the world’s largest universities.

This course is offered as one of their concentrations. Also, the faculty is known for putting a lot of emphasis on research. They sometimes also bring respected designers from the UK to supplement some of the lessons.

Course Duration: 2 Years

Course Fees: $10, 400 for Singaporean students. $27, 300 for international students.

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2020 and Far Beyond

Graphic design is continuously evolving. Some of the designs that rocked a few years back no longer possess the wow factor. They’re just another common design with nothing major to excite you.

As a graphic design, you have to figure out how to stay ahead of the game – and one way to go about it is by wrapping your head around the latest graphic design trends.

Here are the top graphic design trends in 2020:

Muted Colour Palettes

The use of bold colours in graphic design has been a trend for the past few years. You’ve probably encountered so many designs dipped in electric yellow, bright blues, and exotic green colour patterns.

But all this is about to change in 2020 as designers take a step back and start digging into muted colour palettes. Muted colours are less shouting, and more desaturated with white, black, any other complementary colour.

Colour Gradients

Colour gradients became a popular trend three years ago, and it’s like this trend will be with us for longer.

What has changed is that designer have come up with new ways to integrate gradients into their designs.

It started with designers using gradients for the background to enhance their visual appeal. Then came last year, and they became the focal point of many designers.

And now designers are using them to accentuate design elements and elevate their graphics.

Abstract and Dreamy Illustrations

Dreamy illustrations are a new trend that’s fast picking shape. Companies are adopting them for the simple fact that they’re hard to copy. Competitors can’t jack up your style and run with it.

And once you go dreamy, there’s no turning back.

Dreamy illustrations were unique when they started, but many people jumped on them, and now they’re losing their unique factor. To use them effectively in 2020, you have to be more abstract, imaginative, and dreamy.

Simple but Heavy Fonts

Minimalist and handwritten fonts haven’t been so popular with brands in the past few years.

But all this is about to change in 2020. This will be the year when designers will start embracing bold fonts.

Heavily weighted fonts will become popular, appearing on almost any website you come across online.

Heavy fonts range from bold to extra-bold. They have a heavy appearance, and generally appear modern and more contemporary.

Heavy fonts also tend to work well with headers or with short bits of texts. They’re also perfect for creating contrast when used with regular fonts.

Flowing Lines and Shapes

2020 will be the year when graphic designers try new limits. The once so popular overly dramatic rigid shape will hit the wall, paving the way for flowing lines, patterns, and shapes.

This new shift appears to be fast-tracked by the heightened use of muted colour palettes and abstract illustrations.

Muted colours tend to feel more natural, and so are flowing shapes and lines. One reason is that there aren’t so many perfect shapes or right angles in existence.

Designers use flowing shapes when they want to make their designs appear more down to earth, authentic, and earth-ish.

Singapore has an abundance of graphic design companies. Choosing the right one out of this lot can pose quite a challenge.

Graphic design is a crucial element to the success of any modern-day business. With compelling visuals, a company can significantly boost the success of its marketing campaign. 

Here are the top 20 graphic design companies in Singapore that can help you get a firm footing in the country.


MediaOne is an award-winning graphic design company.  The firm was established in Singapore in 2008 and has since grown massively. MediaOne currently serves 16 different countries, offering services such as branding, web design, graphic design, logo design, mobile app development, social media marketing, internet marketing, and copywriting.

MediaOne implements unique design and branding strategies that grab the attention of your target market.  The company’s clientele include WWF, Capitaland, P&G, Sports Hub, National Galleries, SingTel, and hundreds more.

Besides design and marketing, MediaOne is also committed to helping the community locally and internationally through various fund raising and volunteer programmes.

Awebstar Technologies

Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based web design and development company that works to ensure that client websites stand out in the competitive business sector. The company has an innovative and experienced team that aims to grow your profits and increase the overall productivity of your business venture. Over the past 12 years, Awebstar has designed an array of websites, including company sites, personal blogs, and e-commerce platforms.

The services offered by Awebstar include web and graphic design, SEO services Singapore, website consultation, mobile app development, and internet marketing. Some of their previous clients include DHL, KPMG, Singapore Polytechnic, ministry of transport, and many more. 

The Equinox Showcase

The Equinox Showcase emphasizes on simplicity and ease of use when designing projects for their clients. As a well-respected entity in the graphic design business, this company offers services such as web design, website development, branding, marketing, hosting, and photography. The company is also planning to launch an app development service soon.

The Equinox Showcase has worked with notable clients in the past, such as the Singapore Sports Council, The Young Men’s Christian Association, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and many more.


Evodia Creative

Evodia Creative is a branding & design house who keeps pushing boundaries for better ideas to help you grow your mind share, heart share, market share & voice share. To Evodia, a good design is a mix of Feel, Function & Strategy. They pride themselves for being highly creative, committed & marketing-savvy. They have a strong foothold in F&B industry. Having said that, they are equally capable, experienced & sought-after in the other trade industries too. Some of the Services they offer are Logo Design, Advertising & Promotions, Food Menu,Photography. For more info, you can visit them at 14 Robinson Road, #08-01A Far East Finance Building. You can also reach them via Telephone at 64004900 / 96744108 or Email them at


psg digital marketing

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Fastartup is a Singaporean graphic design studio that is dedicated to producing amazing experiences for their clients. Although they primarily deal with logo design and branding, this company also provides services such as social media marketing, web design and development, lead generation, and WordPress maintenance.

With more than 15 years of service in the creative designs industry, Fastartup has been delivering business solutions to many companies across various sectors, including travel, real estate, trading and distribution, education and retail. Their past clients include the Citi Group, Singapore Management University, SME Centre, and so forth.


Krome is a digital creative agency based in Singapore. Since 2009, the company has worked with clients to create a powerful and consistent brand identity online and on print media.

The services offered by Krome include web design, responsive web design, HTML5, content management system, cloud technology, and localization. Some of the noteworthy clients are Canon, Adidas, Yamaha, Lenovo, Asia Pacific, and the Singapore Media Academy.

Notion Age

Notion Age is among the top graphic designers in Singapore. The company strives to offer high-quality yet affordable services to its clients. Furthermore, Notion Age takes time to understand the unique needs of each customer and uses that information to create a personalized solution.

Since its launch in 2001, the company has proven its proficiency in several areas, including web design, SEO, SEM, email marketing, web app development, social media marketing, content management systems, online marketing solution. They have also worked with established companies such as Microsoft, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, Trend Micro, and 7-Eleven.

Web Design Singapore

Web Design Singapore Pte Ltd is a one-stop graphic design, web development, and digital market solution services provider. The company has worked with many local and international brands. Web Design Singapore is renowned for creating solutions that are easy to use, innovative and rich in content, intending to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, this company is recognized as one of the top graphic design firms in Singapore, having won the Singapore SME Prestige Award in 2014, featured severally as the Best Web Designer in Singapore and getting ranked as one of the top SEO providers by the Independent Authority on Search Vendors. Their client portfolio is as impressive as their collection of accolades. Previously, the firm has served distinguished institutions such as Singapore Airlines, Asia Pacific Post, the National University of Singapore and RMG Tours Private Limited.

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Breworks Design & Communications

Breworks Design & Communications Pte Ltd (BDC) is a design agency that profoundly believes in implementing innovative strategies to help their clients stand out in a highly competitive market. The company has significantly developed over the past 15 years into a vibrant creative design and digital marketing agency that approaches every project with passion.

The company focuses their specialties into two key areas; graphic design – which includes corporate branding and marketing materials, and digital marketing – which includes web development and Google AdWords. BDC has so far worked with hundreds of companies, with the most outstanding being Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore National Employers Federation, YMCA of Singapore, National Healthcare Group, and the Salvation Army.

Carbon Interactive

Carbon Interactive is an award-winning digital consultancy agency. In 2018, the company got Bronze in the Market Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards. Its team comprises of experienced creatives, consultants, marketers, and strategists with a passion for creating innovative solutions that will drive effective marketing campaigns.

Carbon Interactive offers services such as graphic design, digital strategies, and social media marketing. Some of their past clients include Disney Interactive, Changi Airport Singapore, Beko, National Environment Agency, Urban Development Authority, Singapore Institute of Technology and the Prime Minister’s Office.


EADC is a Singaporea web design company that focuses on creating innovative and functional solutions for business services. If you want to hire a graphic designer that caters for all business, this is your best bet. EADC works with both upcoming and established company.

Founded in 1999, this company has served hundreds of companies across different industries in Singapore. They offer their services as a whole package known as Website Management. This solution covers web design and development, e-commerce development, SEO, digital marketing collaterals, WordPress services, and logo design. EADC has a client base that includes government agencies, listed companies, SMEs, and global brands.


CreativEdge LLP is a print design and interactive solutions company based in Singapore. The company uses new strategies to ensure that a business’s brand reaches its target audience. Their services include logo and brand creation, print marketing collateral, signs billboards. Besides, they also provide all stages of web development, including domain name registration, hosting, layout design, SEO, content updates, and re-design.

With over ten years’ experience as a digital currency, CreativEdge LLP is well-equipped with the technical knowledge of solving challenges. Some of their past clients include Maserati, Lexus, Restaurant Association of Singapore, and the Soon Lee Coffee Shop.

Artnexus Design

Artnexus Design Pte Ltd (ANX) is a digital agency that seeks to implement creative ideas in their designs.  The ANX team consists of passionate and friendly individuals who regularly communicate with clients to ensure that the final product is perfect.

The company offers a solution under three broad categories – creative, branding, and digital. The creative class covers publication design, photography, graphic design, and copywriting. Branding involves environmental branding and corporate and brand identity. The digital category comprises web development, digital publishing, video production, and digital display advertisement.

Global Dot Com

Global Dot Com Pte Ltd uses a combination of compelling graphic design and effective branding and marketing strategies to empower businesses to reach greater heights. Their primary objective is to transform ordinary products and services into well-known and profitable brands.

Services offered by this company include graphic design and printing, search engine marketing, SEO, mobile app development, and website design. The solutions are available to all business, regardless of their stature; whether you are a startup, an SME, or a large international corporation, this company will attend to your needs.

Global Dot Com has received recognition for its excellent contribution to the development of the Singaporean graphic design business.  Such include being named as the country’s most outstanding enterprise, as well as being a certified partner to Google AdWords.

Springworks Studio

Springworks Studio consists of internet-savvy designers and programmers who work to deliver exceptional branding solutions to clients. The company is always at the forefront of adopting the latest trends in design so that their customers can outshine the competition, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, they offer support from the inception to the implementation of the project, which explains their high client retention rates.

Global Dot Com offers a wide range of services, including web design, search engine marketing, corporate branding design, web hosting, web app development, website maintenance, content management systems, and marketing collateral. Their clientele includes the Singapore Management University, Singapore Police Force and DS BIOENERGY Pte Ltd.

Arts of Maya

Arts of Maya is one of the fastest growing graphic design companies in Singapore. The company has gained traction among local businesses, as they offer high-quality solutions at competitive rates. Another benefit of their excellent service delivery is the high number of referrals made by their previous customers.

The services offered by Arts of Maya include web design and development, graphic design, content management systems, marketing. SEO, web hosting, and copywriting. To top this, the company offers free quotes without any obligation.

Companies that have worked with Arts of Maya include Alpha Asia Alliance, First Limousine, North Park Residences, and Tea Mobile, and many more.

Our Little Company

Our Little Company is a user-friendly web design and digital marketing agency based in Singapore. It was established in 20111 by French associates and has since grown to become a force in the local and international markets. So far, the companies have worked with a remarkable 120 clients across various industries, offering services such as graphic design, SEO, digital marketing, and web development.

Some of the clients to work with Our Little Company include the French Premier League (Ligue 1), Inspired, Rolling Funds, Positive Design, and Aircraft Finance Germany, and many more.

360 & 5

360 & 5 is a branding and web design agency that leverages their expertise in design to improve the popularity of their clients. Their services include branding, packaging, and branding strategies, which fall under the brand category, and Shopify, e-commerce, web design, and web development, which fall under the digital category.

The 360 & 5 client base cuts across various industries and includes companies such as Nomi, Schaffen Watches, Toss &Turn, Squeezed, and AK+, and so on.

Flask MediaLab

Flask MediaLab is a renowned digital agency that emphasizes delivering quality products to their clients. The company has worked with several clients since its inception in 2002. Flask MediaLab helps clients in creating an exciting and engaging digital experience that inspires your audience by offering services like graphic design, web development, e-commerce, photography, communication, and research.

Several companies aver worked with Flask MediaLab over the years. Some include Black As Chocolate, Indestructible, Lotus on water, Viva Victoria, and Amazing: Celebrating 40 years of Success in Singapore.

Athena Media Singapore

Athena Media Singapore Pte Ltd fronts itself as a brand that commands attention and creates a strong online presence using proven strategies that maximize the success of clients’ businesses. The Athena team consists of few, but highly-focused professionals who are fuelled by passion and have uncompromising commitment to accomplish the task at hand.

Athena offers their services under two broad categories; design, which covers web development, corporate branding, re-branding, logo design, marketing collateral, and graphic design, and marketing, which encompasses SEO, SEM and Facebook advertising. The exceptional quality of their service delivery has earned this company recognition in the form of partnership with Google, Best WordPress Agencies on and the best digital marketing agency on IT Rate.

Graphic Masters

Graphic Masters is a creative agency driven by the passion for producing solutions that deliver a lasting impact and generates extraordinary success for their clients.  The company achieves this goal by understanding the goals of every client and leveraging the creativity of their team to create a unique solution in every project.

Services offered by Graphic Maters include corporate branding, infographics development, corporate gifts, publications, advertising and promotions, and illustration. The firm’s clientele comprises of government agencies, public organizations, and private companies both locally and overseas. Some of these institutions are Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, National Archives of Singapore, OSRAM Pte Ltd, SAF Yacht Club, Rasa Sentosa resort, and The Chevrons and many more.

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There you go – these are the top 20 graphic design companies in Singapore. Before settling on a particular choice, it is crucial to ensure that your pick is at least familiar with your niche.

The best way of doing this is by examining the portfolio of previous clients to see if any of the listed companies are related to your business. Having a graphic designer in Singapore who is accustomed to your industry guarantees the delivery of a custom website with a high potential of generating success.

Call us today for custom web design services in Singapore. Our SEO team will ensure every page is optimised and capable of converting onlookers into buying customers. 


What is good graphic design brings to your business?

– A Positive First Impression
– Influence your market audience
– Create credibility
– Persuade a buying factor

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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