Top 2 SEO Predictions for 2017

Top 2 SEO Predictions for 2017

SEO practices are always changing to ensure that the search engines succeed in providing the most accurate search results to users. Most of the SEO strategies such as link buying and keyword stuffing that were considered the best practices a few years ago would spell doom on any website today. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand the current trends and employ the right SEO agency in Singapore that can do the job.

Here are top two SEO predictions that all businesses need to look out for in 2017.

Local SEO

Well, local SEO has been around for a while, and experts predict that it will become more important to businesses striving to create a local clientele base in 2017 and beyond. The recent Google Pigeon update has further demonstrated Google’s zeal to this aspect. One of the best ways of optimizing your website for this trend is by creating listings on local directories, making sure that your Google Map information is accurate, and optimizing your web content for local keywords.

Including business information in your mobile apps will also enhance your ability to connect with the local clients. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you create SEO optimized content for your local audience.

With the right SEO agency Singapore companies can really realise their true potential of being recognised and get leads regardless of their true size and history.

Voice Search

A recent study that was conducted by Northstar Research showed that 55% of youths use voice search to look for information online on a daily basis. The results also showed that 56% of adults love using voice search, as it enables them to keep tabs with the young tech savvy generation. Based on the fact that speaking is easier that typing words in a browser, voice search will become more prominence in 2017.

It is important to redefine your website properties to resonate with this growing trend. For example, someone looking for a Chinese restaurant would type a query along the lines of “Chinese restaurant New York”. However, when using voice search they would more likely be a query like “Where is the nearest Chinese restaurant in New York”. The bottom line is: you need to prepare your website content for such queries to appear on top of search results.

Finally, a professional Singapore web design service provider can help you to come up with a user-friendly website that will not confuse potential clients when they land on the site.

August 20, 2016

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