12 Best Tools To Track And Analyse Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)


SERP analysis is a process of analysing the topmost websites and blogs that rank for a given term or subject. This data can be used by SEO and business experts to assess the difficulty level of rankings for just a Google Search engine.

In order to analyse ranking difficulties, SERP analysis helps to evaluate how a rival obtained their Google score and ranking.  This will provide significant knowledge to your marketing or SEO staff, helping them to move your company up the ranks.

Whenever visitors search for specific keywords, one of the objectives of SEO would be to have your business shown on top among the search engine results. If you market jeans in Singapore for instance, you’ll want to be on the first page of Google by anyone looking for ‘Jeans in Singapore.’

If you enter your searches into the search engine query, you may be frustrated to see that your brand or product business does not appear on the first page of google searching.

“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success”

~ Bo Bennett

Google has also created additional SERP capabilities in order to show useful data to web searches. These are some examples:

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are short fragments from a website that appear at the top of the search page to instantly answer the query without requiring the Google search engine to engage on any of the relevant ranking topics.

Featured snippets are typically structured in the below methods:

  • Interpretations
  • Sentences
  • List
  • Dropdowns for “Others Have Asked”
  • Procedure
  • Charts

Knowledge Panels

Whenever you look for names, locations, companies, or products, a data panel displays as a data box.

It instantly generates data via multiple domains and often contains photos, descriptions, and connections.

Information panels would only show what the Googlebot has deemed to be factual from a reliable resource, and are intended to provide an overview of the query topic based on whatever the algorithms discover.

Video Carousel Adds

In the SERP, a video carousel ad shall display as a scroll ranking search, which smartphone viewers can scroll between.

Every choice on the page will be formatted as a window containing a thumbnail of the content, a caption, the creator, and the vids storing the website.


Diagrams will appear on the SERPs for keywords involving places, services, or relevant SEO keywords.

The diagram appears on the right edge of the page on pc layouts and as the first feature on mobile devices, and it includes a diagram of the place or zones, opinions, related links, geospatial data, and localisation details.

Image Collections

An image collection in the SERP, similar to a video carousel, will appear if search Google deems that graphical data is the optimum method to meet a keyword search.

These photos will usually appear in a line at the top of the front page or as a column amongst the search listings, and they will usually provide a link to the Google Image search tab.

How Do You Begin With SERP Analysis?

Below are 12 tools that will provide your business with anything it needs to go to page one, where it deserves.

Now let’s analyse ten trackers to see which one is ideal for your business.

  1. SE Ranking

This Ukrainian tech company provides a SERP toolset at a reasonable price. If you only need 250 words and don’t mind constant adjustments, you can get SE Ranking for as little as $23.40 a month. But what does this have to offer?

Well, quite a bit.

Together with the rank track, you receive a slew of other features, such as website analysis, hyperlink tracking, and verification, and it even generates a business strategy for you. One tool I enjoy is that, in addition to Google rankings, you could also monitor YouTube ranks, as well as Bing and Yahoo. They profess to have 300,000 clients, creating them one of the most popular SEO tools available.

Who is it designed for?

Freelance writers and micro businesses looking for a new low-cost tool that does much more than merely track SERP rankings. It’s one of the most effective rank tracker programmes available.

  1. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is a Danish company that promises to be the best, fast, and highly precise rank tracker in the world. And yet what exactly does it mean? AccuRanker allows you to remotely seek an update of your ranking info anytime you want. And also, the upgrade happens relatively quickly! This now includes Google and Youtube.

You could also construct sections and refine for certain SERP features, as well as export the dataset. AccuRanker, like every rank tracker mentioned in this post, displays the query rates for each term. This also enables you to deliver automated ranking results with your own branding if you engage with customers.

Who is it intended for? 

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Businesses, retail chains, and organisations are in need of trustworthy and timely ranking data, rivalry tracking, and other features such as past data and API accessibility.

  1. Nightwatch

The main point you’ll notice about their webpage is it’s all black. They appear to enjoy the dark themes, which is also enabled by design on their web service. Despite the fact that some enjoy it, some may swiftly turn it off. The reason behind this is that the UI is quite crowded, and the fonts are somewhat petite. All is white on black, which makes it difficult to read.

Who is it made for? 

Businesses that require timely and reliable ranking information for their customers at a reasonable price.

  1. Wincher

Here’s yet another Scandinavian option. Wincher is a Swedish product that celebrates simplicity. The positive thing is that the fees are undoubtedly affordable. 500 words with regular improvements will set you back €29 (roughly $34) per month.

They currently only monitor Google, so if you are looking for other browsers, you should seek another. The rating lists are well-organized and include all relevant data. Sections can also be substantially personalised. It also displays which SERP elements are related to your term and whether your website appears in any of them.

Who is it designed for? 

Small businesses and organisations need affordable search trackers.

  1. Serpwatch.io

Serpwatch bills itself as the “World’s Most Intelligent Rank Tracker for Marketing and Agencies.”  Among some of the functionalities are user administration, local rating tools, and a summary maker. There is a 15-day free trial, and monthly subscriptions start at $49/month.

Who is it made for? 

Businesses that require timely and reliable ranking information for their customers.

  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is also another Ukrainian option. Over 150,000 active members conduct tasks such as rank monitoring, AdWords, backlink analytics, and website auditing. They were undergoing a financial shift, which included the removal of the low-cost $19 package for 200 phrases. The best price now will cost $69 for 500 phrases, making it a pricey rank tracking tool. To be fair, Serpstat has evolved into a mini-Ahrefs that’s doing far more than just monitoring and tracking.

Who is it intended for? 

Developers of websites and eCommerce sites who require all-in-one SEO tools with a plethora of functions.

  1. SERPWatcher by Mangools

The Slovakian corporation provides a full array of offerings, including rank tracking. SERPWatcher is its title, and it’s a relatively basic tool. At $49 for 200 phrases, it’s perhaps a little pricey for all it is. Much yet, it solely tracks Google results.

  1. Morningscore

Morningscore is another northern European challenger. The fledgling company is presenting itself as an all-in-one SEO solution for newbies.  Their main goal is to assign an economic benefit to your rankings. They measure it on the sum of money you’d usually have to spend for visitors through Google Adsense, which is stuff that other programmes do as well.

It has an excellent wellness check analysis that analyses issues like broken Alt-tags, faulty URLs, and anything else which is impeding a number one position. The search rankings are changed on a regular basis, and pricing begins at $49 for 100 phrases. 

Morningscore currently solely analyses Google Desktop ranks and appears to receive its info from various SEO tools.

Who is it aimed for? 

Entrepreneurs and professionals require a straightforward SEO solution that does not overload them with information.

  1. ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker price at $25 for 200 keywords, the Israeli business provides a fair price. It includes SERP trackers for Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, and Amazon! We haven’t found another tracking programme that offers Amazon tracking; thus, this is quite special. 

Who is it targeted for?

Amazon sellers who are searching for trackers.

  1. Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ keyword explorer is billed as “the best comprehensive tool and services in the marketplace.” You can simply assess your business with its 14-day free trials.  You may input more than a single keyword at once and observe how the visitors are handled. It will generate a plethora of recommendations and alternatives to improve your SEO data evaluation.

This application provides a superb mixture of speed, convenience, and capability for analysing terms and creating worthwhile recommendations.

Who is it targeted for?

Developers who require all-in-one SEO tools with a plethora of functions.

  1. Overlay for SEOQuake SERPs

SEOQuake is a web toolset, making it an extremely valuable resource for your SEO or sales campaign. However, if consumers are not expressly undertaking SERP research, it can supply them with relevant information. Your business will not skip a beat whenever it came to keeping forward of the game with a tool like this.

It downloads in moments, operates on the go, and is engineered to do so without interfering with your browsing. However, this does not make it lite. Customers can conduct extensive inspections. It displays a plethora of data in a look, such as page optimisation, internal links, external links, and network statistics. This will make it very simple for customers to analyse the statistics of subdomains and links.

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When you conduct a Google search, SEOQuake gives important statistics alongside each search query. It will swiftly express a variety of facts, including the abundance, or lack of any web’s hyperlinks.

Who is it aimed for? 

Businesses require all-in-one SEO tools with a plethora of functions.

  1. SpyFu

You will notice that SpyFu is not a simple SERP engine. They offer accurate details about rank value, which can be defined as the cash value of annual visits.

SpyFu informs you that when it comes to phrase rank challenge, the topic intensity must be considered. For instance, the yet-to-be-created site ‘TailorinSingapore.com’ is anticipated to influence for the crucial words ‘Tailor in Singapore.’ 

This tool also shows you in which the top-ranked pages have placed their terms, expected clicks, and website stability.

Who is it designed for? 

Businesses that require all-in-one SEO tools with good accurate details and data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are SERP Ratings Determined?

While phrases and keywords are the prime rankings strategy for SERP results, a few aspects are also considered.

Maintaining all those other variables in view can aid you in your SERP research and assist you to identify additional aspects for improvement.

The following measures should be included in your assessment:

  • Page time spent.
  • The total number of links.
  • Validity of a website
  • Rate of Bounce.
  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate).
  • Webpage loading time.
  • Percentage of Conversions

How Does a SERP Analysis Work?

There are several approaches to SERP evaluation, each one must contain the following.

  1. Conducting Keyword Research

Until you can evaluate how your stuff compares to opponents for web searches, you must first determine what phrases you’re aiming for and where they still score.

Create a summary of your existent topics, as well as a note of the key phrases you don’t score for that you’d like to tackle.

Keep a watch out for buzzwords in your business that you may cover, as well as phrases that are linked to your goods and activities.

One must also maintain relevant keywords with your locality and brand in your website and Google My Business.

  1. Determining Search Query

Each keyword implies a searching goal, and the next stage in your SERP study is to determine what that objective is.

Examine your word listings and evaluate what data a searcher who uses a particular term is looking for.

After you’ve determined the reason behind a person’s searching, you can customise your article to address those queries in order to boost your SEO and conversions.

  1. Conducting a Competitor Analysis

A significant portion of your SERP research will involve assessing where and how you rank in relation to your rivals.

This can be challenging to have your web pages appear atop another if the rest of your respectable opponents are all attempting to score highly for particular search queries.

Look at where sites like Wiki and Quora rank, and check if experts in your field are also scoring well for the term you want to involve.

You may also examine what the best-displayed articles for the keyword covers and make absolutely sure your articles are even more comprehensive, tackling themes in an unorthodox idea.

  1. Identifying Opportunities for Ranking

To determine which way to go following your SERP evaluation, you must first grasp where your undiscovered possibilities are.

Search for ranking phrases that may go up the SERP site, as well as buzzwords that your rivals aren’t employing.

One tip is to consider a number of keywords.

When all short-tail phrases have substantial difficulty, look for lengthy, greater precise keywords that may not be as contested.

Not only are these keywords tending to be significantly contested, but they can also link to certain inquiries made into Google search by people.

  1. Content Optimisation 

Optimising your stuff to make it extra full and interesting will assist you to climb to the top and provide a stronger solution to people’s search engines.

You should also be assessing your data on a regular basis, providing fresh material, and updating your old sentences and pictures with SEO best standards and fresh phrases.

By regularly updating your data, google algorithms will constantly recognise your web pages, providing you opportunities to be on top of the game.

Final words

The top SEO tools on this table are worth trying.  They provide insights that otherwise take a very long time to develop. That being stated, you will have to put in the extra job to achieve the desired results. This includes creating SEO-optimized information, updating all of your merchandise details, and implementing what you’ve learned from all various SEO tools.

About the Author

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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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