Superb Tips for Designing a Homepage To Reduce Bounce Rate

designing a homepage


Website design teams often spend a lot of time and effort in designing a homepage. This is because the homepage is typically consideres the most important page on the site. This claim makes sense as it is the first page that viewers will see when the site loads and thus designing a homepage that immediately captures the attention of your visitors is vital.

An excellent site homepage puts you in a unique position to achieve your site objectives. The objectives of your site can be to increase awareness, generate more leads, generate more sales, or to increase content consumption. You need to make an exceptional first impression regardless of the site objectives.

There are several homepage design tips you can use to impress your site visitors and motivate them to do business with you. 

Effective Tips Every Website Should Use When Designing a Homepage

Use a Clear and Captivating Headline

The headline on your site is the text that tells visitors what your site is all about. It is usually 6 to 12 words and in large font to make it more visible. Some studies  have shown that up to 80% of people browse the next pages on your site based on how interesting the headline was.

A fantastic headline is one that is not vague and tells the visitors what the site promises within a few seconds.

Test the Homepage Design on Mobile

91% of Singaporeans use smartphones to access the internet. This is a crucial statistic to keep in mind when designing a homepage because the homepage of a site looks different on a desktop and a smartphone due to the differences in the size of the screen.

Your site should be optimized for mobile to ensure that the images come out clear and the texts legible.

Embrace Whitespace

Whitespace makes your homepage appear less cluttered and improves the readability of the text. As a result, your site visitors will be able to find the information they are searching for quickly.

This directly benefits your search engine optimization efforts as it reduces the bounce rate.

designing a homepage

Include the Search Function

A lot of site owners create content every day. This makes finding a specific piece of content on the site difficult.

A search function enables users to search for products/content that they want quickly. Potential clients expect to find the search function on the top right-hand corner of your site.

Navigation Bar and Visual Cues

Your site visitors need your help exploring the other areas of your site. An identifiable navigation bar enables them to do this. Placing the navigation bar on the top left corner makes it easier to find as this is where users expect it to be.

Using arrows as visual cues to point to essential steps users should take to explore other pages of the site is also vital.

Add social proof

According to hashmeta, social media penetration in Singapore stands at 85%. The most popular social network is WhatsApp closely followed by YouTube and Facebook. Instagram is fourth.

Having a presence on these sites is critical because it shows that you care about the platforms your clients spend most of their time on and you are willing to join the platforms to serve them better.

Displaying this proof on your homepage passes the message that you are on the various social media sites. However, social media icons should be placed at the bottom of your homepage.

Use Original Photos

The days of getting away with using stock photos when designing a homepage are long gone. Nowadays, clients expect original images. Original photos enhance the brand image by showing that you value authenticity.

Schedule a photo shoot to get original photos to use on your site. This is even more critical if you intend to use a picture of a product. The product a client sees on your Singapore website should be the same product he/she receives after making an order. The website design team should make sure that this requirement is met before the site goes live.

Use a Balanced Colour Scheme

Singaporeans view colours differently. Men are drawn to black as it indicates power and luxury while women are fascinated by pink and purple as they communicate femininity, class, and beauty. Age also affects the colour choice as people are more likely to change their preference with age.

Therefore, a business that caters to a specific age or gender needs to research the colour that will have the most impact.

Make the Call-to-Action Compelling and Conspicuous

Increasing the visibility of your call-to-action is a good business practice. You can do this by contrasting the colour of your call-to-action button with the background colour.

Red is typically used on the call-to-action button as it communicates a sense of urgency. Orange can also be used as it denotes enthusiasm.

Font Type

The font type is a superb attention arsenal and the most subtle way of showing your company culture. A traditional font communicates a conservative company culture while a modern font can indicate a relaxed company culture.

If both categories of fonts are utilized well, they will draw the attention of the visitor and lead them to the other site pages.

Feature a Video

Many website designers typically tell site owners not to include videos on their sites as it can significantly reduce the loading speed. While this is true, you can optimize the videos when designing a homepage to make your loading speed fast.

You can optimize videos by using data compression tools, streaming directly from the server, specifying the video size, and using a content delivery network (CDN).

Remember that Singaporeans watch an average of 2 hours of online video per day and that there are 4 million YouTube users in Singapore. These two facts coupled with high internet speeds – the highest fixed broadband speed in the world – make video content ideal for your site.

Constantly Update

A visually appealing and useful homepage today may not have the same effect in a few months; client’s taste and preferences change with time. Updating your design often ensures that the old designs are binned to make way for fresh designs.

Final Word

Your homepage is the front door of your website. A welcoming front door will see many people troop in to view the content on the inside. The above tips should be used when designing a homepage to guarantee a superb front door. Consider hiring a pro web design agency to do it for you to save time and get the best results. 

Avoid chasing away customers to your competitors websites by hiring us to design a custom homepage for your website. Our web designers in Singapore are professionals with years of experience and will leave nothing to chance. 



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