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Three Major Google Algorithm Updates That You Should Know

what google updates i should look out for in singapore

Google usually updates its algorithm once or twice per month. Most of them have a significant impact on search engine results, and so it is imperative for Singapore SEO companies and online marketers to keep tabs of these updates to continue making sales.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda update is designed to assess the quality of content on web pages. Sites that are considered to have thin, spammy, or low-quality content are down-ranked automatically. Initially, Panda was a just way of filtering content, but in January 2016, Google officially announced it would incorporate it into the main website ranking algorithm.

Google Penguin Update

Backlinks are used to determine authority, ranking, and relevance of website. However, some webmasters use private blog networks to post links to their websites thereby cheating the algorithm and getting a high ranking. In a bid to curb this black hat SEO strategy, introduced Penguin algorithm that is tailored to identify sites that have an unnatural link profile. Sites that are deemed to be using such manipulative link tactics are down-ranked. Unlike other updates, Penguin is part of the Google main ranking algorithm and operates in real time. This means that site penalties take effect faster.

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Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon update is tailored to enhance the search engine’s ability to display high quality and relevant sites on SERPs. The search engine puts into consideration the location of the searcher when determining which sites to show on the search results page. It is recommended to create localized content to benefit from this update. Note that the same SEO factors are used to determine both non-local and local Google results.

Take your Singapore digital marketing campaign to the next level of success by adhering to the above Google algorithm updates.


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