Three Facts That You May Not Know About Rich Snippets

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Marking up your content using structured data is a plus for your online business. This action helps Google to get a clear perspective of its context for display in search results. In addition, using structured data will help you to achieve better distribution of your online content to various online platforms by making it eligible for inclusion in rich snippets.

Here are three facts about rich snippets that could be holding your business back from scaling up.


There is a Difference between Rich Snippets and Rich Cards

Unknown to most people is that there is a glaring difference between rich cards and rich snippets despite the fact that the two use markup data to improve SERPs. Concisely, both help to make sure that Google presents information to search users in a meaningful way.

Rich cards only appear in mobile search, movie, and recipe recipes results. Their primary role is to enhance mobile devices user’s search experience by displaying the top search results.

On the other hand, rich snippets apply to a broad range of content types and are often shown alongside the normal search results. They are very effective in increasing web traffic and making it more targeted or specific even if your site does not appear at the top of search results every time someone searches for your company.

how rich snippets can help improve your keyword rankings


Have No Direct Effect on Your Rankings

It has been hinted that structured markup will in the future be used as a factor in Google ranking algorithm, but Google has repeatedly stated that rich snippets have no direct impact on site rankings currently. Nonetheless, it is recommended to use structured data markup to make it easy for Google to index your web pages as well as enhance user engagement.

On-site behavioral data such as time on site click-through and bounce rate have an impact on your website rankings. It is also important to note that blogs, e-commerce sites, and entertainment websites can use rich snippets to improve the manner in which they serve their target audience.

Finally, in a press briefing, Google said that they periodically carry out manual quality and algorithmic checks to ensure that all web-structured data abide by the stipulated relevancy standards. They also have a legal right to disable rich snippets that do not meet these standards. Hence, make sure that you comply with the set standards to get positive results.



August 08, 2016

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