The Value of a CTA in your Blog Post and Where to Place It

The Value of a CTA in your Blog Post and Where to Place It

Apart from digital marketing, creating a blog using one of the CMS such as WordPress and posting content on it can help you reach out to the target audience. If you intend to use the blog to market your products and services, it is imperative to create a smart CTA Here are facts about the value of a CTA in your blog.


Increase Web Traffic

Websites that get high traffic rank high in search engines. This in turn, makes the site more accessible to the online community. Including a link to the main website in the CTA will greatly help to channel traffic from your blog to the website thereby enhancing the success of your digital marketing company campaigns and increasing your popularity in the market.


Get Reader to Read More Content

One of the best ways of converting traffic into sales is by coming up with quality content that will make the reader stay on your website longer. Based on this fact, adding a call to action to your blog posts will lure the readers to read your other posts. All you have to do is link to related topics using keywords. For instance, the keyword “online marketing” can be linked to other articles/posts that provide additional information on how companies can market their products through the internet.


Increase Chances of the Post Been Shared on Social Media

There are over two billion active social media users in the world today. You can use these social media platforms to market your products and services. Posting links to blog posts on your social media pages is not enough to generate traffic and market your products; you need to go a step further and include a CTA and place social sharing buttons at the end of the posts. By doing so, readers will be able to share the posts easily with their friends by just clicking on these buttons.


Subscribing to a Mailing List

Email marketing is another powerful marketing strategy that you can use to generate sales. However, you will need to have emails of your prospective clients at hand. A quality CAT can get your readers to subscribe to your weekly, monthly, or yearly newsletter. One of the best ways of luring readers to subscribe to your email lists is by giving offers such as discounts or access to more premium content. For example, if your blog posts focus on affiliate marketing, you could decide to offer a free eBook that gives more tips about affiliate marketing to readers who provide their email address.


Finally, the CAT should be action-oriented, brief, clear, and easy to locate. Readers should be able to see it from a distance, but it should not be too large as to detract their attention from the main content. More importantly, it should be located in an easy-to-find spot that follows the original flow of the site layout. It is also recommended to seek the services of a reputable web design agency to design and optimize the blog.



July 23, 2016

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