The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Small Business

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Limited resources and tight budgets are the biggest issues small business face while doing offline marketing. However, online Marketing Guide is a whole different territory where business without big bucks but with smart strategies can excel. Let’s talk about some of the most effective small business marketing tactics.


If you have room for only one task, they go for great contents as blogs and articles single-handedly could be used as a marketing strategy. Interestingly, it is not that hard to bring juicy contents to the table; you can either write them yourself or if you don’t have time on your hand you can get someone else to write it for the website. Great contents can help you bring more traffic to the website that ultimately leads to more sales.

Social Networking

The idea of using social media as a marketing tool is not relatively newer but businesses just have started realizing the importance of social websites to connect with their target customers as well as with other businesses. There are many social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google + that can help you reach to your audience. Social networks like LinkedIn provide a platform where you can connect with other businesses. Based on your products or services, you can also use Instagram and Flickr.


Although infographics fall in the category of contents but they have become so famous lately, that we decided to emphasize their importance and effectiveness. Infographics offer some amazing features that no other type of media does; they are easily digestible and easy to understand that means they can target a much larger audience. People love sharing infographics and with some expertise and time you can make amazing infographics to boost your traffic.

Email Subscriptions

The goal here is to get more and more people to sign up for your newsletter; this seems like an easy task but a surprisingly low number of people actually sign up for that. In order to get people in your email marketing list, you need to offer them something in return. It could be a discount, coupon, special deal or even free contents like eBook. After curating a reasonably long list of people who have subscribed to your newsletter, you need to send them regular emails with contents without adopting a sale tone.

Evaluate and Adopt

This tip is for all the tips mentioned above; marketing is an on-going process where you need to learn new things every second and every day so you and your business can keep up the pace with others and do not fall behind. If a particular strategy is not working, leave it and move on. If your contents are failing continuously to get more traffic then you definitely need a change in that department. You need to learn and adopt new things as soon as possible.

June 26, 2016

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