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Want to learn about SEO and how to apply it to your business?

Well, learn it from one of the top SEO consultants in Singapore.

Reading their publications and blog posts is a good start – and so is following them closely on social media and any other platform that they’re active on.

And don’t just stop there — SEO, as we know it, is a giving community. It’s a community that’s built on sharing whatever little knowledge one has. We share tactics, strategies, ideas, tools, data, tips, and so much more.

We share them in conferences, as well as in research, articles, and blog posts. If you’re passionate about SEO, there’ll always be something new to learn about SEO every day.

SEO consultants even go the extra mile by making themselves available for one-on-one SEO discussions. You can always reach out to one for advice or whenever you’re stuck.

Why do you need an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is a person you deploy all your SEO concerns to, in the hopes that they’ll help you meet all your business targets. You value the trust that they can consolidate into your brand and trust that they’ll help you stay ahead of your competition.

When you’re looking to up your SEO game, you can’t completely rely on blog posts and random sources that you stumble across online. You may learn something from them, but there’ll come a time when you’ll want to learn from a reputable SEO specialist, with real experience.

So how do you distinguish an SEO specialist from someone who’s all talk – zero action? An SEO consultant earns the title because they have in-depth experience in advanced SEO. They understand SEO to the bone and have managed to leverage it in almost all the complementary areas of digital marketing (pretty much all the areas).

So while an SEO beginner, still grappling with the fact that they managed to rank for a series of long-tail keywords with low competition, would write a lengthy post about their little achievement (which they’ll of course never update). Both their expertise and experience don’t qualify them as consultants.

But depending on how they conduct themselves after that, they may dig deeper and advance their skills well enough in the future to earn a spot in a list like this.

An SEO specialist understands SEO on a much deeper scale. They’ve dug through the trenches and now know how to navigate the murky world of SEO and rank in super-competitive keywords.

SEO specialists have experience working with advanced SEO tools. They can tailor their SEO needs for ecommerce, analyse different types of data, and even fine-tune their websites and codes for SEO.

In other words, it takes a whole lot more than having some great copywriting skills and sprinkling a few random keywords in your articles to qualify as an SEO consultant. Search engines are easy to impress. All it takes to be on the safe side of Google and other search engines is the ability to churn out great content.

But then again the majority of your competitors can do pretty much the same. So how do you make yourself standout and beat all the competitions that you have?

Many of these SEO consultants also run successful online businesses and have even helped countless businesses in the country drive more search results. Some of them have been in the business long enough and watched as SEO evolved over the years.

What Are the Responsibility of an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant isn’t a title of ranks, but a title earned based on the virtue of what you can do. With it comes the responsibility of doing certain things.

At the core, SEO consultant is an all-encompassing title for people that advise and guide developers, web owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and all the other stakes holders on the best SEO practises.

The strength lies in:

  • Auditing websites for SEO.
  • Finding SEO issues at the code level.
  • Giving our solutions on these issues and how to recover from them if they resulted in a penalty or something of the sort.
  • Suggesting relevant keywords and how they should be implemented.
  • Coming up with a strategic plan that’s tested on how beat your competition.
  • Ensuring that both the tracker and the tracking code are in their most appropriate places.
  • Identify all the key areas of your website that need improvement.
  • Run a technical SEO analysis of your website.
  • Help business develop and implement tested link building strategies.
  • Come up with business strategies that build both the trust and reputation of your brand.
  • Monitor changes as they come.
  • Performance tracking and goal setting.
  • Monitor KPIs, click rates, redirects, and bounce rates, among other things.
  • Preparing a detailed SEO report
  • Running PPC campaigns
  • Writing effective SEO content
  • Staying updated on both blackhat and whitehat SEO strategies, and helping businesses stay within Google’s and other search engine’s standards and guidelines.
  • Compiling SEO guidelines and presenting them to businesses and other stakeholders.

In other words, there’s no limit as to what an SEO consultant can do for your business. Their knowledge and expertise are all over the place. They can see through the nooks and crannies of your marketing strategies and advise you accordingly.

How necessary is hiring an SEO consultant?

You could have the best website or blog in the whole of Singapore, but what’s the purpose of it if you’re still struggling to get heard? You need SEO to rank and gain online visibility, but how much you achieve that can be attributed to your strategy and execution plan.

An SEO consultant is your guide in all this. It’s their job to look at your marketing strategy and execution plan and poke holes to it on what you’re doing wrong. And it doesn’t just end there – it’s their job to offer you solutions and even suggest the improvements to make.

Your SEO strategy is only good when it’s target-oriented. You’re not just targeting random people online, but targeting the prospects that are most relevant to your line of business.

Plus, SEO is a long term strategy. You can’t be sure if you’re doing the right thing until you’re well-versed with the various analytical tools.

An SEO consultant will benefit your business in so many ways. Here are a few:

By offering you technical assistance

SEO is super-complex. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing when you’re badly off.

It goes beyond what you know – to the use of special kinds of tools for executing mythologies that only a professional is well aware of. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend online. There are secret tools of the SEO trade that people hardly talk about, and which could mean the different between running an effective SEO campaign and wasting your time.

Some SEO techniques need to be executed correctly. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time doing something that won’t pay off at the end of the day.

You need the advice of an SEO consultant to know if you’re doing the right thing. In most cases, an SEO consultant will have thorough knowledge that may help you with the execution process for excellent results.

Notwithstanding, SEO itself is incredibly dynamic. It’s marred with ranking criteria and formulas that are always changing. For all we know, you might be implementing an outdated tactic, one that’s likely to do your business more harm than good.

That means your SEO methodology and execution plan needs to be modified from time to time. And it pays to hire an experienced SEO consultant to help you out with that.

Helping Your Business See Great Results

You need the services of a competent SEO consultant to drive traffic and maintain your site at the top of the SERPs. You need someone who understands SEO to the bone to beat your competitors and gain the much-needed exposure online.

The more your site ranks in the SERPs, the more it’s able to reach a bigger audience and earn your business more exposure. An SEO expert should able to review your keywords and figure out which ones are most relevant to your business and more deserving of the bulk of your SEO effort.

In other words, they must ensure that you’re able to compete effectively among other marketers and business owners.

Once you’ve succeeded in implementing SEO more correctly, you can go slow on the other marketing methods and still stand tall over your competitors.

Helping you Focus on Your Primary Business

SEO is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time, perseverance, and energy to pull it off. As a business person, you could be losing a huge chunk of your time trying to optimise your site for search engines when there are other (even more important) aspects of your business you should be focusing on.

Outsourcing this part of the job to an SEO expert can help you save a huge chunk of your valuable time. It allows you to direct undivided attention to your primary business. So if not for anything, you might want to hire an SEO consultant to free yourself from stressing over your site and how it’s doing. Let someone take care of SEO as you focus on the management bit of your business.

Helping generate more money: stretch out your profit margin

If your business relies on your website for business, then you wouldn’t want to take any chance with how you handle the SEO bit of it.

You need to start by figuring out how you’ll be optimising your site for SEO so you can start generating more income.

The more prospects search and find your business, the more money you make. So why not hire the services of the most qualified person you can find to help you out with that.

And where you prefer doing your SEO, you can always reach out for the best SEO consultant around you to help point out some new opportunities to capitalise on.

Overall, running an effective SEO campaign will help you crank up the number of sales that you’re able to make – and the effect of that like we all know is more money for you.

Additional Services

An SEO consultant will not only help you with SEO but other parts of your business, as well. After all, all these platforms are connected in one way or another.

SEO also comes as a package, touching other forms of online marketing as well. Meaning, if your SEO consultant is as competent as they’re trying to make it appear, their services must come with lots of other additional services.

How to Find a Good SEO Consultant

The easiest way to find a good SEO consultant is by vetting them right. Dig out for a list of the top SEO consultants within your locality, and do your own due diligence. Find out more about them and what they do — and where possible, make a point to reach out to them and ask them a series of questions.

The advice given by an SEO consultant can range from something simple like advising you to start writing HTML tags to tackling complex structural issues preventing search engine bots from crawling your site and indexing it correctly. Their advice could also touch on the quality of backlinks and so on.

That being said, what are the qualities of a good SEO consultant?

Years of Experience

Google started emphasising on the importance of domain strength and page ranking, and suddenly there was an explosion of self-proclaimed SEO experts and consultants. The problem is that only a small section of these ‘experts’ know what they’re doing.

With Google churning our hundreds of updates to their algorithms daily, there’s a fair chance these experts have no clue about what they’re saying or if it’s still working.

Experience keeps you in a position where you can tell what’s happened or even predict future changes in the algorithm more accurately.

Plus, there are no one-size-fits-all SEO tactics. A strategy might work with one particular company, but that doesn’t necessary mean it’s bound to also work with you.

An experienced SEO agency understands all the nuances of a great SEO campaign. They understand that the first step of running an effective SEO campaign is studying your site and understanding it to the finest detail before they can go ahead and implement any SEO strategy.

They Understand the Different Levels of SEO

SEO occurs in three levels, and unless you understand these levels and how they affect your site, there’s a fair chance you might not be doing things right.

These levels include:

  • Technical SEO: This covers your website’s structure. It’s what determines how search bots view your site and if they have an easy or hard time crawling and indexing your web content.
  • On-page: This one covers keyword optimisation and HTML tags, and how different content and web pages are linked to one another on your site. It’s what your readers use to find relevant content on your site.
  • Off-page Optimisation: This is where you build links from other sites other than your own. It’s what directs traffic from other sites to your own. It bears mentioning that search engines have it as one of their ranking elements.

A successful SEO strategy must include all three facets of SEO. That means any SEO consultant that fails to weave the three into their SEO advice might not be competent enough to do your business any justice.

A Track Record

A good SEO doesn’t just talk, they show.

SEO is all about action. It’s about testing what you know and presenting the results for the whole world or interested parties to see.

The last thing you want to do is hiring someone who will be reading blogs and applying whatever they’ve read to your site.

Before you can go ahead and hire an SEO consultant, take your time to go through their portfolio or read through their case studies. Is there anything impressive about them?

If not, you know what to do.

Sassy about SEO

SEO isn’t some nerdy field, but a fun experience to those who understand it well enough. There’s the content bit of it, which should be basically about educating your readers in a fun way.

It’s not just about writing web copies but making them interesting enough for your users to want to read it all through. The content must make your target audience see value in your offerings and even consider making a purchase.

Understanding the psychology behind marketing and your users is just as important as handling the technical aspect of SEO or repairing some of the technicalities on your site.

Search engine marketing is all about making sure that your site is everything your users were looking for the moment they ran a query into search engines. If the content isn’t right and not interesting to read, chances are your users will hop to the next site that also caught their eyes.

In quick highlight, here are the qualities that make a great SEO consultant:

  • Understands your Goals: A good SEO consultant wouldn’t just jump at the first opportunity to offer you advice. They’ll first invest their time in trying to understand your business and the goals that you have.
  • What Tools do they Use: Good SEO is, for the most part, dependent on the tools you use. These tools are meant to help you find how well you rank in the SERPs, what keywords do you rank for, and which keywords do you rank better. They include tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, Google Analytics, Long Tail Pro, and Moz, to name a few.
  • Can the SEO consultant work with your team? Find out more about their personality and whether they’re a team person. What’s their level of organisation and integrity? If there’s anything questionable about their character, that’s enough reason to jilt them for someone else.
  • Good Communication skills: By having great communication skills that mean they can express their thoughts more clearly and get understood more easily.

Top SEO Consultants in Singapore

As one industry pioneers, we love promoting other professionals in the industry. Today, we’ll be highlighting the top SEO professionals at the forefront of SEO development, voice search trends, and search semantics in Singapore.

This is just a small section of the SEO professionals we were able to find. So if you feel like we’re missing out on anyone important, feel free to reach out with your recommendation, and we’ll be glad to research about them and include them on the list.

Now let’s get down to the list:

Tom Koh

Sales and Marketing consultant Tom Koh from MediaOne Marketing, one of the leading digital marketing firms in Singapore, has more than two decades of SEO and online marketing experience under his belt. He’s one of the pioneers of digital marketing services in the country, and who’s grown to be an industry leader and one of the most authoritative voices in the digital space.

His level of experience and accomplishments say it all. From a casual glance, it’s easy to tell Tom Koh understands the ins-and-outs of SEO to a Tee. As the current CEO of MediaOne Marketing, Tom prides himself in having one of the most productive and dedicated teams of marketers whose passion lies with helping businesses in Singapore steer the marketing ship in the right direction.

Follow him on LinkedIn

Michael Leong

Michael Leong is one of the most successful SEO consultants in Singapore. Besides helping businesses optimise their sites for search engines, Michael has also managed to secure a prime ranking for his digital marketing agency (

With his agency, Michael Leong has been helping different brands and businesses revamp their digital experiences to align with that of a 21st-century consumer. Suffice it to say, the results realised have been nothing short of spectacular, which earns him a spot with top-of-the-shelves SEO consultants in the country.

Phone: 6655 4744

Jon Ng

As the co-founder of Novatise Pte Ltd, Jon Ng embodies digitalisation in itself. He uses his experience and expertise in SEO to help businesses maximise their sales and profits.

As far as search engine marketing goes, no one understands what your business needs better than Jon. Working with his marketing team at Novatise, Jon offers working SEO strategies and an execution plan that comes with a guarantee of working for your business.

Follow him on LinkedIn

Derick Ng

Derick Ng, the founder and current CEO of Clickr Media, is all about making his clients happy – his words. For more than ten years, Derick has been offering the much-needed clarity to businesses that wish to climb up the search engine ladder.

He’s worked with both small and high profile businesses, as well as agencies and marketing teams, and helped them increase their search traffic with all facets of SEO.

Follow him Linkedin:

Lily Chia

Lily Chia is the founder of Atomz, a creative design agency, and Carbon Interactive, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Before that, she worked as the senior manager of BizArts Creative, having served as the senior officer of the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Lily Chia has proved to be more than an SEO expert, but a leader who can consolidate a whole team of marketers and digital specialist with one common goal – steering your business to success.

Follow Lily Chia on Linkedin:

Sherwin Seow

Sherwin Seow has been helping businesses in Singapore build targeted audiences and traffic using sustainable SEO and social media marketing strategies. Through his agency, clickworkz solution, Sherwin is all about helping businesses leapfrog the search engine ladder and conjuring strategic plans to help them maintain their place at the top.

He’s currently serving as the director of sales at Clickworkz and the business development manager at Lins Advertising and Marketing Ltd.

Follow Sherwin Seow on Linkedin:

Jackie Lee:

Jackie Lee, CEO of ClickTrue media, boasts an upward of 12 years of experience in digital marketing. His passion lies with performance marketing, where he uses an unparalleled approach to get his clients to dominate the search engine landscape.

Jackie is known for testing every single one of his approaches to find out what works and what doesn’t before implementing them on anyone. Their first-hand digital marketing approach means businesses that work with him get industry-tested marketing strategies that are bound to work.

Follow Jackie Lee on Linkedin:

George Foo

George Foo, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at IH Digital, holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance, with an unrivalled passion for the internet. Ever since Foo realised about his passion, he’s been partnering with businesses from all across Singapore in helping them realise the value of digital marketing.

George Foo is an all-rounded digital marketer who, for the longest time; has been helping businesses understand SEO, internet marketing, web analytics, and the role of media in modern marketing.

Follow George Foo:

Charanjit Singh

Charanjit cofounded Construct Digital, alongside Alfred Lee (the current CTO of Our Better World). His goal at the time was to offer quality services to Singapore clients, at a time when marketers were busy involving themselves with blackhat marketing strategies.

Charanjit was employed at the time, and the pay was actually good, he admits. But being a perfectionist he is, he always felt like there was something missing – his input in the digital space. He would refocus everything by opting to tell the story of B2B brands through content marketing. That way, Construct Digital was born and has grown to be one of the leading digital marketing platforms in the country.

Follow Charanjit Singh on Linkedin:

Terrence NGU:

Terrence NGU is the brain behind Hashmeta, an inbound and social media marketing agency he founded.

He’s one of the marketers in the country whose strategies are well calculated and widely desired for their immediate results. Terrence’s interest lies with two things – inbound marketing and social media.

His mission in the marketing field is to help Singapore entrepreneurs start driving qualified traffic that’s easy to convert into sales.

Follow Terrence NGU on Twitter:

Nick Marret

Nick Marret, founder and former CEO of Arcade (a well known creative agency in Singapore), quit the company to start a new creative and innovative company called Bounce. With his new company, Nick has been branding himself as a creative consultant, well-versed with every aspect of online marketing.

Nick Marret has been quick to mention that he got tired of companies doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results. It’s then that he figured that he’d set a company that takes a unique approach in offering solutions that are completely off the wall – and that’s how Bounce was born.

Follow Nick on Linkedin:

Honourable Mentions:

This list can never be complete without a few honourable mentions:

  • Ryan Lim – Founder and Director of Blugrapes
  • Sandeep Bastikar – Founder and Managing Director of BrandNeu
  • Neeraj Sundarajoo – CEO of Comwerks Interactive
  • Redicka Subrammaniam – Founder and CEO of Interakt
  • Kevin Suryadi – managing director of Interuptive
  • Jimmy Tan – Founder of Manic Design

Final Thoughts

If you know of any SEO consultant that’s worth a slot on this list, let us know, and we’ll cover him or her. It bears repeating that this list is in no way exhaustive. Plus, your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed with us.

Kindly give us a call or better talk to the SEO  consultation team at MediaOne, and let’s talk about your business and how to make it successful.


Author Bio

Tom Koh

Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

October 11, 2019

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