The Roadmap to Better Content Personality in 2017

The Roadmap to Better Content Personality in 2017


Is your content going untold or unshared? Is your content marketing tactics missing the point? With the many different types of contents that you can use to tell your business story and the tremendous potential for distribution, it is vital to give your content a personality that resonates with the target audience needs and preferences.

Incorporate Photos

The photos can be either unaltered or modified to complement the type of content that you will be posting online. Since most smartphones today have stellar cameras and there are hundreds of image enhancement applications online, your personnel can quickly take a photo and edit it in a minute or less. Once the photos are ready for sharing, post them on your social media platforms such as Instagram.


Recent studies have proven that more people are watching and sharing videos using mobile devices than before. This means that you periodically use them to pass information about your products and services to the customers. However, from a corporate perspective, video quality is paramount. From Expand your offerings by using high quality and expertly prepared videos will influence your business positively. Videos of a live product launch can transform a live event into a ready-made asset that you can use to market your business. How-to videos are also effective in showing prospects how to use a product especially if its functionalism is too complicated for the ordinary user.


Infographics are combinations of text and images. They simplify core concepts, and this is one of the main reasons why B2B organizations love using them. Don’t be left behind, use them to grasp consumer attention and simplify complex information such as instructions and warnings. Get maximum utility from them by picking data and topics that your clients are more interested in and make sure that you come up with a title that will motivate the audience to click on the infographic.

Finally, simplified drawings that contain cartoons and text can help you discuss issues clearly. Cartoons are highly shareable as they are funny and easy to understand than a bunch of text. Giving your content a personality will surely have a positive impact on your search engine optimisation in 2017.



November 26, 2016

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