The Importance of Website User Experience & Its Impacts 


Website user experience is a part of the web design process that you rarely hear unless something has gone wrong. However, it is an integral part of the design and development process right from the conceptualisation stage until when you get the final product. In this article, we look at the importance of website user experience and the impact it has on your conversion rate. 

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User Experience Primer

UX is how site visitors feel when interacting with your website and it encompasses several factors including:

  • Accessibility
  • Design and aesthetics
  • Usability
  • Utility
  • Performance

All these factors are influenced by website UX designers and developers and are closely tied to human interaction and digital marketing strategies. However, there is a stark difference between user experience and usability, despite being related. 

Experience refers to the emotion, experience, connection, and intuition a user feels when interacting with a site, product, or service. Usability, on the other hand, is inclined towards the effectiveness of the website UI design and how friendly it is to use. With that said, usability is a crucial part of the overall user experience. 

The Importance of Website User Experience

Your website’s user experience is equally as important as your site’s visual identity. It will not matter how aesthetically pleasing your website is if the users do not know how to interact with it and enjoy the process. 

Increase Traffic

Studies show that brands can improve their traffic by as much as 67% when they improve on their website UX design. Coupled with impeccable website UI design, you can get new site visitors to interact and engage with the content in a more immersive way. 

Good website user experience will entice users to look around the website and this will lower your bounce rates. The chances are that impressed users will share the website and its content, which will then lead to increased traffic. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

With all things considered, website user experience ought to enhance customer engagement. This is closely tied to the ease of navigation on the website, which makes it easy for the user to easily find their way to the content they are looking for and to explore other pages. 

The Zeigarnik Effect has been useful in engaging users by instilling curiosity and it makes them look forward to what you have to offer on other pages, leave alone the landing page. You can achieve this effect by giving a site map and showing a score of previous customers. 

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Gain Competitive Advantage

To excel in creating an irresistible website user experience, you ought to invest in a professional website designer and carry out a competitor analysis. You will be able to not the weaknesses of your competition’s websites and learn of the trends shaping the trends in website design in Singapore. 

One of the major weaknesses plaguing many brands in Singapore is that visitors have to zoom in to have a better view of the content, especially when viewing from mobile devices. This is a problem that a website UI designer can fix by making the site responsive. 

Increase Site Usability

Great website user experience allows the user to know that they are in the right place by placing the content in a strategic position. Moreover, providing options for the user allows them to find the content much easier and they can navigate to other pieces of content on the site. 

You can increase usability by leveraging information architecture. It works with how the user’s brain perceives and utilises information to organise content and data efficiently. This is where a website UX designer comes in.

Gain Credibility

Domain authority is one of Google’s ranking factors and it helps ease the user into the website. Credibility will directly impact your ability to generate leads and increase conversion rates. Moreover, gaining the trust of the user as a credible source of information is one of the ways of ensuring longevity in the market. 

Once you have earned your user’s trust, ensure that you use a professional website user experience designer in Singapore to maintain and improve your website UX. 

Introduce the Wow Factor

Unless you are a pioneer in your industry, the chances are that you have hundreds of competitors. This requires you to create and leverage a wow factor to stand out from the crowd. You can achieve this by having an aesthetically pleasing website. 

While you might want to do it yourself, we recommend that you hire a website UI designer for a professional and polished look. The problem today is that many brands are copying what has worked for their competitors and this has led to websites that look the same, and this leads to a stale website user experience. 

Impact of Website User Experience

As we have seen in the section above, website UX is as important as website UI and they work in tandem. Think about the websites and applications you use daily; you go back to it due to functionality, ease of use, and the reliability that they will offer them valuable information.

Using Information Architecture To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Singapore

Website user experience impacts the overall design and development process in a variety of ways.


Customers today are drawn to websites that offer them a personalised solution to their needs. Website user experience is already impacting how brands offer personalised experience by the use of natural language processing, augmented and virtual reality as well as chatbots. 

Mobile Experience

Brands are reporting that they are seeing increased use of mobile devices to access their digital platforms. It has also become common knowledge that users will not engage a company that offers a poor mobile experience.

Data from website user experience metrics have continued to shape website design in Singapore. More brands are investing in responsive website UI design to create mobile-friendly websites. However, it takes more than UI design to create these experiences. 

You must invest in optimising your images, video, and text to ensure that users can find answers to their queries as soon as they land on your website from Google. 

Conversion Rates

There is much work that goes into guiding a customer down the conversion funnel and to keeping them coming back. Website user experience is one of the factors that will increase your conversion rates. However, you will need to study and understand user behaviour to optimise the funnel.

However, this is easier said than done looking at the changing demographics. You will, therefore, need to understand how they behave when they land on your website. This includes studying your website’s heat map, eye-tracking data, and more. 

Overall Website Design

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Website UX has had an impeccable impact on how website design is done in Singapore. There is more collaboration between designers and developers with some professionals undertaking both tasks. This creates better symmetry in the functionality and website UI.


Website user experience is an integral part of digital marketing and website design in Singapore. Over the years, trends have changed significantly and you need the services of a webs design agency. This allows you to deliver value to your users, as well as to increase usability. 

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However, the bottom line is to make your website enjoyable to read. This will reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates leading to more sales. Contact us today for professional web design services in Singapore. Our support team is on hand to answer your queries 24/7 and offer a free and non-obligatory quote. 


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