The Future Of SEO Agencies and Latest SEO Strategies

The Future Of SEO Agencies and Latest SEO Strategies MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd
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Google has been continuously and regularly changing and improving its search algorithm and SEO techniques are also in evolutionary phase. The day is not that far away when search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing would be able to judge contents better than human. Although this statement seems without any grounds but take a look back from where we have come and where we are standing now. The future of a Singapore SEO agency not only depends upon the search engines policies, but also depends on upon the audience, devices and many other things.

There are many things which are going to change overtime. And interestingly, some of them are already changing for the good. Let’s talk about these SEO factors and attributes.

Domain Authority and PageRank

Currently domain authority and PageRank play an important role in the ranking but this trend will eventually fade away because of the logical reasons behind it. If a particular website has higher PageRank, it doesn’t mean all of its contents are of high quality. Additionally, with the pace Google is improving its search algorithm and refining search results, soon the search engine would be able to treat individual links based on their contents instead of their parent website.

Also, it does not seem rational to give too much credit to particular websites which have higher domain authority. This might be a good way to judge contents in a limited sense, but it not 100% accurate or effective. The philosophy of Google is to offer unbiased search results based on its merit, that’s why the importance of PageRank and Domain Authority will decrease overtime.

Social Media Influence

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter play an important role in the search result as Google has given social too much importance than it deserves. As mentioned above, Google prefers unbiased contents because low quality contents can damage its reputation and authority. Social is not that hard to manipulate and it is difficult for search engines to differentiate between them.

It is not feasible for Google to develop its search algorithm around social networks considering some of them are direct competitors of the company. Google Plus disappointed the company at large but if Google Plus would have got success in the market, Google search algorithms would’ve been different today.

Domain Age

That’s no brainer; search engines prefer and prioritize websites which are older than their counterparts. Even older domain names sell for significantly higher price because of only the age factor. This situation is quite similar to PageRank and Domain Authority where websites are preferred based on factors which are not directly related to the contents and their quality.

Websites which acquired higher place among search results in early days are very hard to beat, even though if relatively newer website offers much better contents. This is like giving unfair advantage to particular websites which does not necessarily offer high quality contents. Hopefully this trend will change in the near future.

July 17, 2016

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