The Best WordPress Landing Page Templates for Singapore Websites

WordPress landing page templates

The best way of creating a stunning and effective landing page is by using WordPress templates and themes for design. The design of a website has a direct correlation with the success it achieves. Most people use the quality of a website’s design to determine the credibility of a business. If your site has an unappealing design, users are likely to leave for another website.

The Best WordPress Landing Page Templates in 2019

The WordPress template library has many options, but here are the best landing page templates of 2019.

  • Landkit
  • Landing
  • BeOnePage Lite
  • Foton
  • Jevelin
  • Launchkit
  • The Gem
  • Kallyas
  • Softbox
  • Fusion
  • Leadinjection

If you want a landing page that converts, you need a beautiful design. The quickest way of getting an attractive landing page is using WordPress templates. WordPress is the most used CMS platform in the world. This trend looks set to continue, with 500 new sites launching in the platform every day.

The Top 11 WordPress Landing Page Templates

These are the 11 best WordPress landing page templates.


Landkit is a high-performance landing page template that is incredibly user-friendly. It has a hybrid composer page builder that allows you to design your site without any coding experience.


It is ideal for websites that receive high traffic, as it does not require vast server resources to run. Most importantly, Landkit ensures that your WordPress landing pages have an attractive design.

Also, Landkit is useful in designing other pages in your site other than landing pages. The template helps develop the following pages.

  • Contest details
  • Coupons
  • Crowdfunding
  • E-book downloads
  • Free trial page
  • Mobile app showcase
  • Online services

There are many other webpages that you can design using the Landkit template. You can easily customise the template to match the colour scheme of your website. If you are using WordPress to run an e-commerce website, you will be happy to know that Landkit works seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin.

Additionally, Landkit has over 70 design elements that allow you to customise landing pages. You have to pay to use this template.



Landing is a WordPress landing page template that is popular for its versatility. It has a drag and drop feature that allows you to customise webpages to suit your preferences. You can choose from over 25 layouts depending on the type of page you wish to design.

The vast collection of layouts has specialised options for products, marketers, mobile apps, weddings and personal pages, and so on. Besides, this template has a responsive design, meaning that it adapts to the size of the user’s screen. It also has exciting features related to headers, such as:

  • Default header
  • Transparent
  • Transparent with text
  • Transparent without logo
  • No header

The features mentioned above are critical for designers who want users to notice the background images and call-to-action buttons on their WordPress landing pages. It is also compatible with MailChimp, meaning that it is useful to your email marketing campaign.

The Landing template is available in two paid plans, Standard and Developers. The latter is more expensive.

BeOnePage Lite

BeOnePage Lite

BeOnePage Lite has an interactive and futuristic user interface. You can customise the template to add more colour. It has a full-screen layout that displays elements such as images, icons, videos and other forms of visual content.

Another advantage of BeOnePage Lite is that it is compatible with an array of media file formats. It also has a parallax effect, which ensures that the visitors on your site have a seamless scrolling experience.

Furthermore, this template has a responsive design and numerous customisation options. The most exciting aspect about BeOnePage Lite is that it is free of charge, making it a popular choice for businesses on a limited budget.



The primary target of the Foton template is landing pages that promote software and mobile apps. If your website deals these products, this WordPress landing page template should be your top priority.

Importing this template onto your website is a straightforward process. It also has an easy to use drag and drop page builder.

You do not need to know programming to use Foton. The template is responsive and easy to customise. It also has a WooCommerce integration for users who have e-commerce websites.

Foton has an SEO-friendly design and comes with free plugins. Other exciting features include a smooth transition from page to page, customisable icons and fonts, and shortcodes for call-to-actions and videos.



Jevelin is yet another multi-faceted WordPress landing page template. Its standout features are;

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • One-click installation
  • WooCommerce integration
  • SEO-friendly
  • Contact form 7
  • RTL optimisation
  • Over 40 customisable shortcodes

The template comes with a video installation guide to assist beginners with the installation. It also has an impressive WordPress form plugin. Judging by the reviews given by previous clients, Jevelin is an excellent WordPress landing page tablet.

Jevelin consists of features such as drag and drop builder, custom widgets, social network sharing, e-commerce support and mega menus.



Launchkit is a template that is effective for all kinds of WordPress landing pages. The tool allows you to customise headers and supports all media file formats. It is also responsive, meaning that it renders content correctly across all platforms.

The most notable features of Launchkit include;

  • Three header layouts
  • Custom logos
  • Multiple footer layouts
  • One-click data installer
  • Gravity forms
  • Multilingual support
  • Contact form 7

Besides, Launchkit has a vast library of fonts you can use to design your website.

The Gem

The Gem

The Gem is a WordPress landing page template that is useful for all types of website. It is optimised to yield high-performance and comes with over 70 inbuilt layouts. These layouts are suitable for sites dealing with:

  • Agencies
  • Blogs
  • Business and finance
  • Non-profits
  • Real estate

The options listed above are a few of the many that can benefit from The Gem. The template is responsive, making sure that your landing page loads correctly on smaller devices. For businesses that have e-commerce shops, The Gem is compatible with WooCommerce

The visual editor allows you to add elements to your landing page design using the drag and drop functionality. The Gem has an inbuilt premium slider and is compatible with most WordPress plugins.



Kallyas is steadily growing in popularity, with over 35,000 websites currently using the service. It is unique in that it shows live demos of the best landing pages they had created in the past. These demos can be an excellent source of your landing page design.

The most significant advantages of Kallyas are:

  • Easy to set up
  • Free updates for a lifetime
  • Fast loading times
  • Reliable customer support.

Kallyas has a one-click installation feature that favours beginners. It also has over 100 design elements, meaning that you can customise your landing pagers



Softbox is the best choice if you want a clean and professional WordPress landing page. Choosing a layout is a straightforward process, and you can customise it using the many included design elements.

The platform is compatible with all devices and all web browsers. Softbox is easy to use, even for a beginner. If it is used correctly, it can significantly improve the traffic levels on your site.

The most notable advantage of Softbox is its affordability when compared the other tools.



The Fusion WordPress landing page template targets mobile apps and portfolio sites with its design. If your website deals with either of the two, you should consider installing this template.

Fusion has neat typography to ensure that the user has an easy time while reading your content. It also allows you to manage whitespaces and encourage users to read your content to the end.

You can easily build a shortcode and customise it to match the website. The template has a design elements library comprising of a revolution slider, contact form 7, an Ajax loading gallery, and so forth.



As the name suggests, the primary target of Leadinjection is to generate more leads for a business. The template has layouts that deal with the following services.

  • E-books
  • Mobile apps
  • Online courses
  • Services

The versatility of Leadinjection makes it useful for a variety of websites. Its unique feature is the Lead Modal plugin that displays a pop-up window to generate more leads. You can configure it to display based on timing, an intent to leave and the cause of leaving by a consumer.

Leadinjection provides a range of opt-in forms to include on your landing pages. You can quickly craft a call-to-action statement and add the relevant graphic in a short time.

Advantages of Landing Pages

If you are running a digital marketing campaign, you have to optimise your site’s best landing pages. Here are the benefits of doing that.

  • Increased conversions
  • Focused and targeted messaging
  • Simpler campaign measurement
  • Co-branding affiliate opportunities
  • Greater campaign accountability
  • Independent design

Increased Conversions

If you are using a landing page, your website traffic can significantly increase the conversion rate. For this reason, you should add it to your marketing strategies.

Landing pages increase conversion because they have a specific message. They also follow up on a lead after they show interest in your products.

Focused and Targeted Messaging

When your marketing focuses on a particular message, it becomes easier to make it compelling. The message on your landing page can contribute a lot to increasing your conversion rates.

A typical homepage has several messages that can confuse the consumer. A landing page, on the other hand, has a single headline, a unique selling proposition and one call-to-action. This eliminates the possibility of confusion and boosts the conversation rates.

Simpler Campaign Measurement

The primary objective of a landing page is increasing conversions. As such, these pages mostly have one possible action, which is clicking the call-to-action button. A visitor will either complete the action or not. This makes it easy to measure performance.

On the contrary, a homepage has an array of links. A visitor can perform many actions, which makes it challenging to track conversion analytics.

The diverse nature of the content posted on the homepage can hurt your conversion rate. Such pages usually have information from various departments in a company, and some of them might not be in line with your advertisement campaign.

Once you have optimised your standalone landing page, you can leave it unchanged with the assurance that it will serve its purpose.

Co-branded Affiliate Opportunities

If you are generating traffic for your landing page from an affiliate site, you should implement co-branding. This involves using the logos of both parties on the destination page. It convinces the visitor that your website recognises the offer made to them on the affiliate website.

In the case of your homepage or other webpages, it is challenging to implement co-branding. You need to adjust the code so that it recognises and display the third-party affiliate logo. A landing page offers more convenience since you do not have to alter any codes.

Greater Campaign Accountability

It is easier to assign responsibility when you separate your marketing campaigns from your business website. You can quickly know what is working on your landing page by looking at the metrics. On the contrary, if you were using a regular webpage, it would be more challenging to assign roles and track performance.

Independent Design

When you are designing a standalone landing page, you get more freedom. You do not have to follow the design format of your business website.

You will also have more freedom to experiment. This means that you can try out different versions of your landing page to see what likely to appeal to your audience.


If you are stuck in your efforts to make a landing page for website, the options listed above could be useful. You have probably noticed that some options are versatile, while others a suited for specific landing page content. It is crucial to consider this when making your selection.

Besides suitability, you should also consider the pricing of the WordPress landing page template. If you have a low budget, it is advisable to go for the free options. Otherwise, you can purchase the paid options. These usually have more features than their free counterparts.

You are losing out on many conversions if you are yet to create a dedicated landing page. The templates listed in this article are an excellent starting point for creating WordPress landing pages.

Get in touch with our professional web design Singapore team for custom landing pages. We won’t rest until you win. 



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