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social media monitoring tools

Are you looking for the best social media monitoring tools in Singapore? This article will help you make the right choice. The key to get the most results from social media marketing in Singapore is by listening to what your target customers are saying about your brand, your competitors, and the market in general.

The best social media listening tools will help you gather this data and undertake analysis to get a better understanding of your customers. The analysis will also be instrumental in improving your Singapore marketing strategy.

Here are the top 14 social media monitoring tools that you can use for social monitoring.

1: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best social monitoring tools that are free and ideal for a wide array of businesses. It covers most of the popular social networks in Singapore such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Foursquare.

One of the highlights that give it a higher cutting edge is the many social media marketing functions that if offers. You can generate weekly reports to understand how social media users are responding to your ads. It also comes with a team management facility that you can use to send private messages and assign task to members of your social media marketing team.

social media monitoring tools

You can also use Hootsuite to keep track of specific search terms that are relevant to your niche and brand in real time. This feature will come in handy when monitoring mentions of specific products, target keywords, and brands.

2: TweetReach

social media monitoring tools

TweetReach is an ideal media monitoring tool if you are interested in now the number of people who see and interact with your tweets. This tool is designed to measure the impact and implications of social media discussions. For example, you can use it to identify your most influential followers and segments of potential customers you should target when doing online promotions through Twitter.

3: If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTT is not specifically tailored to function as a social media monitoring tool, but you can use it for that purposes. It has a feature that you can leverage to connect different services that you offer so that if something happens to one, a response is triggered in another.  For example, you can set it to send you an automated email or SMS whenever your brand is mentioned.

social media monitoring tools

Concisely, this tool can help you keep an eye on social media activity thanks to its range of integrated mobile apps and customisability.

4: Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch analytics is listed as one of the best social media monitoring tools by hundreds of sites and digital marketers. The wide array of applications and features give it an upper hand. You can use it to monitor your channels, hashtags, as well as specific keywords and phrases that you want to rank for online.

social media monitoring tools

The customisable query builder makes it easy to track specific and broad topics without breaking a sweat. The data presented in the report is fetched from not only Twitter but also Reddit and other authority forums and blogs. Another aspect that gives this social monitoring tool an upper hand is that it allows users to come up with custom views, dashboards, and analytical components.

For example, you can set it to presented data based on target audience emotions, sentiment, and demographics.

5: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo has proven itself to be more than just a social media monitoring tool. Hundreds if not thousands of online marketers in Singapore use it to carry out deep content research. You can use it to monitor and analyse Facebook pages as well as to know the metrics of each post you publish on your website.

social media monitoring tools

That is, it will help you to know the number of likes and shares a particular article has garnered overtime. It also goes an extra mile to reveal the best day of the week to post, preferred length of the posts, and which type of content works best. Monthly statistics will help you to know if your Singapore content marketing strategy is working and the areas that need to be tweaked.

6: Twazzup

social media monitoring tools

If you just starting to do social media marketing in Singapore, Twazzup is an ideal choice especially if you are fond of Twitter. This social media monitoring tool is user-friendly and intuitive – all you need to do is enter the name you want to track in the search tab. It will give you real-time updates that include top 10 keywords related to your query, most retweeted links and photos, and the most active influencers.

7: Boardreader

 More often than not, we forget about messaging boards and forums when doing social media monitoring. Boardreader is designed to fill this gap by giving you the ability to search for specific words and phrases that are related to your brand or industry on a wide array of forums. By using it, you will get insights on what people are discussing on all the monitored platforms.

social media monitoring tools

You can also generate charts to identify trends and compare terms to know which ones you should use more in your content pieces. Another aspect that makes one of the best social media monitoring tools is its ability to help users locate conversations about their brand with high precision.

8: HowSociable

When doing social media marketing in Singapore, it is imperative to keep track of what your competitors are doing in this space. HowSociable is a social media monitoring tool that is tailored to help you gauge a competitor’s presence on social media.

social media monitoring tools

You can test it by registering for the free account that allows one to track 12 social media networks including WordPress and Tumblr. The premium accounts tracks 24 more sites and generates reports that are more comprehensive.

One of the aspects that give it different from the other social media monitoring tools is that it assigns a score to each social networking site. This score make it easy to know which platform is ideal for the brand thereby cushion you from spending more time and money on platforms that do not deliver substantial results.

9: TweetDeck

social media monitoring tools

If you are conversant with Twitter, adding TweetDeck to your list of social media monitoring tools is recommended. You can use it to schedule tweets, monitor interactions with the target audience, track hashtags, and manage multiple accounts. The developers have also gone an extra mile to create an application that you can use to get reports on the website, chrome browser, and Mac.

10: Mention

Mention is another power social media monitoring tool that sources for data from millions of sources online in more than 40 different languages. Its wide coverage helps brands to know the number of times their names are mentioned on social network platforms, blogs, news sites, forums, and virtually any other platform online.

social media monitoring tools

The tool also has a feature that allows one social media marketing managers to monitor their team’s actions, assign tasks, and share alerts seamlessly. Exporting mentions and generating reports can assist you get a snapshot of your brand mentions by language or source over a given period of time. Leverage the 14-day free trial to know if it works for your business in Singapore.

11: Twitonomy

Twitonomy social media monitoring tool offers a wide range of metrics for free. There are also premium features that you can pay for. To use it, all you need to do is sign up using your Twitter account details. You can also Twitonomy to monitor your competitors by adding their Twitter handles to your account.

social media monitoring tools

It will also give you information about your Twitter followings, followers, list, engagement statistics, most popular Tweets, and much more. For example, you can track conversations on Twitter based on users, lists, and hashtags. The data is presented in a graph and the data is easy to interpret.

12: Followerwonk

Followerwonk focuses solely on Twitter and since Singapore has more than half a million active users on this platform, rest assured you will get plenty of data that will help improve your social media marketing strategy. It is perfect for planning outreaching campaigns as it allows digital marketers to connect with fans and influencers. You can further categorise the influencers based on geographic location, number of followers they have, authority, or any other metric that you want.

social media monitoring tools

Another interesting feature that Followerwonk offers is the ability to compare and contrast your social graph to industry leaders, competitors, and friends. The comparison will give you a clearer perspective of your performance on Twitter.

13: SumAll

SumAll is designed to help small and medium businesses in Singapore leverage social media marketing. You can use to understand the correlation between multiple social channels. Well the user interface is not the easiest to navigate compared to the other social media monitoring tools we have covered in this article, but the many metrics available will come in handy when creating your next social media campaign.

Daily email updates will give you a clear overview of your performance compared to the previous week. The stats will help you respond to urgent issues in a timely manner.

social media monitoring tools

14: Social Mention

Social Mention is a simple but powerful search engine that you can use to find mentions of your brand or any other term that is related to what you do. You can specify the platforms you want it to search to avoid wasting time analysing data from platforms that you do not use.

The data includes top keywords, top users, sentiment details, and frequency of brand mentions. All this data can be exported in a spreadsheet.

Closing Remarks

These are 14 best social media monitoring tools that you can use to monitor your social marketing campaigns continuously. Choose one that best suits your brand and the objectives of your marketing campaigns. Do not shy away from reaching out to the respective customer care team if you encounter any challenges to get utmost value from your preferred tool.

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